SerraphynAdditional Drivers System Testing Software and updates?00:00
eeeeadditional drivers00:00
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TeneCan anyone tell me how to persuade apt-get to install the packages that actually are available when one listed package is not, instead of refusing to do anything?  --ignore-missing does not work.00:01
Serraphyneeee: its searching for available drivers00:01
Guest86008都是 英文的啊00:01
eeee!cn | Guest8600800:01
ubottuGuest86008: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw00:01
shibbolethTene: you could download the package with -d and force-install it with dpkg?00:02
Teneshibboleth: That would be rather worse.  Clearly I can make it work when doing this by hand, but I'm trying to make our automation degrade more gracefully when there's a problem.00:02
eeeeTene: what do you mean are actually available? if you do apt-cache search <package> does it show up?00:02
Guest86008ubuntu very good00:02
Serraphyneeee: it just finished and says using X.org X Server - AMD/ATI display driver wrapper from xserver-xorg-video-ati(open source, tested)00:03
eeeeSerraphyn: ok, open a terminal and type sudo apt-get install --reinstall xserver-xorg-video-ati00:03
Teneeeee: Yes, we're having a problem when imaging new machines and trying to install the initial package set, *no* packages get installed if *any* package is not available, which happens occasionally due to staging repository problems, typos, etc.00:03
Ben64Guest86008: do you have an ubuntu support question? if not, you're not in the correct channel00:04
FlannelTene: So, you're looking to install everything except the affected packages (and the packages that depend on them, obviously)00:04
Serraphyneeee: thats done, reboot time?00:05
TeneFlannel: Yes, exactly.  I could change our automation to run 'apt-get install foo' separately for each package rather than listing all of them on one command invocation, but that would be rather slower.00:05
TeneFlannel: According to the man page, --ignore-missing should do what I want, but it does nothing.00:05
balsaqanyone know why i am getting n "error trying to remove the trash" when trying to empty my trash in ubuntu 1404?00:05
balsaqand how to fix it?00:05
eeeebalsaq: what's the error?00:06
Serraphyneeee: I didn't say it but there are 2 other options on the Additional Drivers page from fglrx and fglrx-updates00:06
balsaqjust told u00:06
eeeeSerraphyn: it's ok00:06
camtronNautilus is super slow on my computer (Ubuntu 12.04, Nautilus 3.4.2). It takes 10 seconds just for the file manager to open after clicking the launcher icon, and often takes a long time to display all of the items in a folder. How can I find out what's slowing it down and fix it?00:06
Serraphyneeee: That command completed, what would you like me to do now?00:06
eeeebalsaq:  ls -la ~/.local/share/Trash/files00:07
balsaq"failed to delete item from the trash"00:07
balsaqwth is that00:07
eeeebalsaq: are there any files that don't belong to you?00:07
balsaqhaha um no i own evertything00:07
camtronAnd I'm not installing 14.04 because I tried it and it's unusably slow.00:07
eeeebalsaq: did you run the command?00:07
balsaqwhat command00:07
eeeebalsaq:  ls -la ~/.local/share/Trash/files00:07
balsaqok ill try that00:07
Serraphyneeee: since I changed the video driver stuff do I need to reboot?00:08
balsaqok i ran it so now what00:08
eeeeSerraphyn: wouldn't hurt00:08
Serraphyneeee: okay rebooting it00:08
shibbolethAnyone else experiencing issues using 3rd-party gnome-shell extensions on 14.04?00:08
Serraphynbalsaq: I think the point was to see if any files in that ls -la where not owned by your login00:09
eeeebalsaq: are any files owned by root or any user other than yours?00:09
balsaqi dont know what u mean i downloading these stupid OS files and now i wanna remove them so i should own it00:09
Guest86008can you communicate with chinese?00:10
balsaqthey are simply linux OS files i want rid of00:10
balsaqiv e never been told i cant empty my trash00:10
balsaqbuntu@ubuntu:~$ ls -la ~/.local/share/Trash/files00:10
balsaqtotal 800:10
balsaqdrwx------ 2 buntu buntu 4096 Sep  7 23:14 .00:10
balsaqdrwx------ 5 buntu buntu 4096 Sep  2 02:35 ..00:10
eeeedon't paste here00:11
balsaqomg no fix for this?00:11
eeeethe owner is buntu, do any files have another user?00:11
balsaqim the onloy user00:11
balsaqand thats my log name00:11
SerraphynGuest86008: I'm pretty sure this is an english ONLY channel00:12
balsaqis there a power command to empty trash?00:12
eeeecd to the folder00:12
eeeehold on00:12
balsaqwhats that mean00:12
balsaqok its gone00:13
balsaqi know what now00:13
Serraphyneeee: when I was looking for drivers, I found a System Testing application I'm gonna run too00:13
balsaqi had to remove theflash drive for some reason00:13
balsaqthanks eeee00:13
SchitZen665Just an update. I renamed .backrc.save to .backrc.save.bak removed all files in deja-dup from the first attempt and ran default backup again.. still got same error00:14
eeeeSerraphyn: ok, did you try the dash?00:15
Serraphyneeee: it seemed the same speed, Im going through this testing app that came with ubuntu and I'll let you know00:17
eeeeSerraphyn: ok00:19
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eeeeSerraphyn: also, try to update the system, sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade00:20
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Serraphyneeee: okay but I thought after I installe 14.04 I was upgraded to latest00:21
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litropyHow do I update /lib/i386-linux-gnu/libcrypto.so.1.0.0 ?00:22
eeeeSerraphyn: wouldn't hurt, this only updates the packages and kernel and such stuff, the ubuntu release will remain 14.04.100:22
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litropyOr, more generally, if apt-get doesn't recognize, for instance, libcrypto, how do I find out the package I need to update?00:23
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Serraphyneeee: okay it ran the command you stated, only upgraded a few things00:25
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Serraphynbtw I installed htop to monitor system resources and it says I have 948/9362MB of memory used, so it sees it all I think00:25
Serraphyneeee: do you think that this computer just can't handle linux?00:27
eeeei don't know, i had an old pc and it ran linux better than windows00:27
eeeei don't think ubuntu would put more of a load on it00:28
eeeethan windows would00:28
Serraphynmemory wise its using like 1/3 what windows does just sitting there00:28
Serraphynand idling I see only like 3% on each processor core00:29
SerraphynThats why I was thinking it was a driver issue, like it doesn't see the SATA chipset correctly or something00:30
Ben64Serraphyn: what problem are you encountering00:30
SerraphynBen64: everything seems very slow, like when I click on the menu button(Dashboard I think) it takes 2 - 4 seconds to load, can be(not always) very slow like 1 - 3 seconds per typed character for them to show up.00:31
Ben64when its installed or in the live cd00:31
SerraphynBen64: Also my wifi signal strength is about 50% where as in windows it was 95%00:31
SerraphynBen64: This is a fully installed (yesterday) and updated system(5 minutes ago fully updated)00:32
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SerraphynThe system is an AMD A6-5400 2.0GHz with 10GB of Ram, 1TB hdd and a 8400 Radeon HD Card(via HDMI)00:33
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Serraphynoops, wrong stat, AMD A6-520000:33
litropySerraphyn, perhaps your issue is driver-oriented for both your symptoms. I'd consider switching to the open-source driver for your GPU. Furthermore, it's possible that Windows reports a higher signal than your true signal. Unless you're seeing the actual dB measurement.00:34
wdoii can't su - myuser00:34
wdoii still getting root00:34
litropyOtherwise, that's almost certainly a drive rissue as well.00:34
Ben64wdoi: what are you trying to accomplish00:34
wdoiroot@debianserver:~# su - mumble-server root@debianserver:~#00:34
litropyIf apt-get doesn't recognize, for instance, libcrypto, how do I find out the package I need to update?00:34
wdoiroot@debianserver:~# su - mumble-server00:34
Serraphynlitropy: open source driver? If you mean in additional drivers eeee already took me there and I am using open source drivers for video00:35
wdoistill in root00:35
Ben64wdoi: debian?00:35
cfhowlett!debian | wdoi,00:35
ubottuwdoi,: Ubuntu and Debian are closely related. Ubuntu builds on the foundations of Debian architecture and infrastructure, with a different community and release process. See https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/installation-guide/i386/what-is-debian.html - Remember, !repositories meant for Debian should NOT be used on Ubuntu!00:35
Ben64this is #ubuntu00:35
wdoisorry Ben6400:35
wdoi#debian is full00:35
wdoii really need access this user00:35
cfhowlettwdoi, #debian is your channel.00:35
Serraphynlitropy: maybe I should try one of the other 2 drivers available, like the fglrx one?00:36
wdoicfhowlett: Ben64 told me to come00:36
cfhowlettwdoi, ben64 also advised you that you should be asking #debian about debian issues00:36
eeeeSerraphyn: usually the open source drivers work best, but give it a shot00:37
litropySerraphyn, yes, you may try that. Be sure to back up any information you want to keep --- video driver switching is sometimes gnarly if you don't know what you're doing. But many times, it's very easy.00:37
Serraphyneeee: just changing options took 3 seconds(clicking the button next to Using Video Driver00:37
Serraphynnothing on this pc yet since its so pokey00:37
litropySerraphyn, but yeah. I'd go open source with vid.00:37
eeeeSerraphyn: it should download the driver, takes a bit00:38
eeeeSerraphyn: did you close on close?00:38
eeee*click on close00:38
Serraphyneeee: I clicked apply am waiting for it to finish then close00:39
Serraphyneeee: rebooting it now00:41
eeeeSerraphyn: ok00:42
SerraphynI used ubuntu back when 12.04 first came out on a laptop and it seemed 10x faster then this is00:42
eeeeSerraphyn: something is wrong, 14.04 is quicker than 12.0400:43
Serraphynumm it was the video driver00:43
Serraphynits crazy fast now00:44
SerraphynDashboard loads in less then 1 second00:45
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SerraphynDo you guys have recommendations on security and maybe utilities for things like a graphic version of htop?00:47
eeeeSerraphyn: system monitor is pretty good,00:47
eeeedash > system monitor00:47
SchrodingersScatscreenlets? that's as gui as i can think of00:48
Serraphynscreenlets? is that like apps(for windows?)00:48
evan2645hi people. quick and easy question. how is dhclient invoked during boot on 14.04?? can't find init script or upstart configuration for neither dhclient or network-manager00:49
sexyboyyeah, conky is good00:50
Serraphynhow do I install conky?00:51
Serraphynwhen I search in dashboard nothing comes up00:52
SchrodingersScat!info screenlets | Serraphyn: possible, it's been so long since i've used one of those.00:52
ubottuSerraphyn: possible, it's been so long since i've used one of those.: screenlets (source: screenlets): Widget-like mini-applications for GNOME. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.1.6-0ubuntu2 (trusty), package size 396 kB, installed size 1948 kB00:52
SerraphynSchrodingersScat: that is sorta helpful, but its not super clear on how to install them00:54
OerHeks1001+ conky examples http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=28186500:54
eeeeSerraphyn: sudo apt-get install conky-all , iirc00:54
eeeeSerraphyn: you can use the terminal to search and install software, or software center00:55
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eeeeSerraphyn: you also need to enable the universe repository, dash > software & updates > click on the universe repository00:55
Serraphyneeee: thats already checked00:57
evan2645i guess my question wasn't so easy after all...00:57
SerraphynOerHeks: to view the jpgs I have to register for the forums?00:57
OerHeksSerraphyn, yes, i guess so too, but that is also free.00:59
SerraphynOerHeks: just trying to find the actual signup link is a bit of work00:59
eeeeevan2645: what are you trying to achieve?00:59
OerHekshttps://login.ubuntu.com/+login and right top corner login/create account01:00
eeeeevan2645: if you want something to run before dhclient, put it in the dispatcher.d in /etc/NetworkManager01:01
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evan2645@eeee i'm trying to reload the service after having modified it's configuration01:04
eeeeevan2645: reload network-manager?01:04
SerraphynWow this conky thing looks complicated but cool01:04
eeeeevan2645: sudo service network-manager restart01:04
evan2645[sudo] password for evan:01:05
evan2645network-manager: unrecognized service01:05
evan2645i'm running ubuntu server w/ the minimal meta-package01:05
evan2645i couldn't find network-manager init scripts/configuration anywhere either01:05
SerraphynOh wow the last Conky thing I see running looks like my Mac ... wow it really rebrands things?01:06
evan2645so something else must be invoking it01:06
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OerHeksSerraphyn, maybe this page is any help, though i'd like to write my own conky > http://www.webupd8.org/2014/06/conky-manager-gets-revamped-ui-new.html01:07
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eeeeevan2645: initctl restart network-manager01:07
eeeetry that01:07
Bashing-omevan2645: server install eill not have network-manager, but not sure how networking is contolled. maybe like -> ifconfig eth0 up <- .01:07
eeeeevan2645: initctl --system restart network-manager01:07
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eeeeevan2645:  /etc/init.d/networking restart , maybe?01:09
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Bashing-omevan2645: for reference:  dpkg -l network-manager >> un  network-manage <none>       <none>       (no description available) , on my system.01:10
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spearheadeeee, Bashing-om, for reference apparently dhclient is run by ifup whenever it sees an interface configured with the dhcp method in /etc/network/interfaces01:20
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blackangelprhola felipe , hi there01:25
felipe__what's up?01:25
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Bashing-omspearhead: Perhaps so in c aconventional desk top. I do not have dhclient or dhcp-client installed, My network interface is controlled from "/etc/network/interfaces" -> auto eth1 , iface eth1 inet dhcp. (??).01:30
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melio_in the file browser in 14.04.1 .. how the hell do you see hidden files and folders?01:30
eeeemelio_: ctrl+h01:30
melio_oh thanks01:31
melio_why isnt there a checkbox or something somewhere i can set without using a keyboard shortcut01:31
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melio_context menu01:31
eeeemelio_: view > show hidden folders01:31
melio_can i add that to context menu?01:31
melio_what view?01:31
eeeein the global menu01:31
eeeepress alt+v , :P01:31
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melio_oh. only when it's fully screen01:31
melio_it's not there when it's not full screen ..01:32
eeeeno, it's always there, you just have to put the mouse over it01:32
eeeeno, it's always there, you just have to put the mouse over it01:32
melio_ppl need to stop coping macos01:32
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melio_i'm new to ubuntu01:32
melio_i'll keep that in mind01:32
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Melioi put a movie on my sons tablet and he's impossible to distract from it01:35
daftykinssupport only in here thanks01:35
blackangelpranyway to hide the connect and disconnect  messages ? (@_@) ?01:37
eeeein your irc client?01:37
spearheadblackangelpr, what irc client are you using?01:37
blackangelpri am using Xchat01:37
eeeeblackangelpr: try to right click the channel name > settings > hide join/part01:38
blackangelpreeee, my hero :) thanks so many people ask this before in here and no one knew XD thanks bro01:39
eeeenp :)01:40
snuggyfooI just installed Ubuntu Server 14.04 and when the install finished it rebooted to a "GRUB" prompt. Pressing return enters the boot menu, but I'd like it to just go straight to the menu automatically (running headless)01:50
snuggyfooAny suggestions to make that happen? I've never dealt with this happening01:50
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blackangelprsnuggyfoo, this shows you how to hide grub   http://www.scrollstory.com/linux/hide-grub-boot-menu-ubuntu-14-04/1315/01:53
blackangelprneed to work now see you all have a nice day01:54
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litropyIf a packege is in both the standard repo, and also in a ppa I added, how do I tell apt-get to use the ppa?02:03
cfhowlett!addppa | litropy,02:03
litropySerraphyn, glad you worked it out.02:05
litropycfhowlett, I mean, I already did this: deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/surfernsk/internet-software/ubuntu precise main02:06
cfhowlettlitropy, I misunderstood the question.  You want BOTH versions or to prioritize the PPA?02:07
litropycfhowlett, the latter02:07
eeeelitropy: you can simulate an apt-get install, sudo apt-get -s install <package>02:09
eeeeit should say which one it'll download02:10
eeeeif you want to specify a package version you could do sudo apt-get install <package>=<version> , i think02:10
eeeei'm sure there's a better way though02:10
litropyeeee, yah it's dl'ing the wrong one02:11
bmsatierfHi! I need to create a VirtualBox image with Ubuntu, to share this image with some students, so I can teach some basics of Python to them. I'm about to start the creation process, but I'm wondering what would be the minimum disk size. VirtualBox suggests 8GB, but maybe I could decrease it a bit.02:11
bmsatierfAny idea what would be the minimal disk space for a Ubuntu 14.04 install?02:11
eeeebmsatierf: just use a dynamically allocated drive02:12
eeeeit'll grow as required02:12
cfhowlettbmsatierf, if you are concerned over space, try lubuntu or xubuntu instead.  default install will run about 7 Gb02:12
bmsatierfeeee: hm that makes sense02:12
bmsatierfcfhowlett: I'll check it out, thanks02:12
litropybmsatierf, +1 eeee02:13
cfhowlett!lubuntu | bmsatierf,02:13
litropythat works, too.02:13
bmsatierfAwesome, thank you!02:14
litropyHm. It's not even finding my ppa. Weird.02:15
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krismaguireGood evening lubuntu02:16
litropyOh. that's why. deb-src command not found?02:17
eeeelitropy: what did you mean by you did deb ..... earlier?02:19
litropyOmg. It really has been that long. I know what to do ...02:19
litropyI was uh ...02:19
* litropy coughs02:19
litropyputting the deb lines in Terminal02:20
* litropy puts on his dunce hat02:21
litropyNOpe, it's still not seeing the version from the ppa02:27
zipci'm booting the old kernel because i got some errors on the new kernel saying 'attempt to read or write outside of disk hd0'02:28
eeeelitropy: deb-src doesn't matter, it's for downloading the source02:28
eeee(if you request downloading the source)02:28
litropyeeee, I hear ya02:28
eeeelitropy: you should have a ppa added in /etc/apt/sources.list.d02:29
litropyeeee, I do.02:29
eeeedid you sudo apt-get update afterwards?02:30
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litropyeeee, I spoke too soon. Weird, it's not there02:30
zipceeee: whats the cause of this error? 'attempt to read or write outside of disk hd0'02:31
litropyI did apt-get update02:31
eeeedo echo "deb ......" | sudo tee <ppa name>.list02:34
eeeezipc: no idea sorry02:36
Quanitbilityhttp://pastebin.com/tWhGiiGi SYSLOG http://pastebin.com/29sSzySF Dmesg http://pastebin.com/WJPhJ8Y2 boot.log Xubuntu stalls at boot,02:36
Quanitbilityplease help 4 days02:37
Ben64Quanitbility: check ram and filesystem02:40
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sydneySo,i want to change my splashscreen. Can i just install a new one from ubuntu software center?02:46
sydneyOr do i have to remove the old one first?02:46
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cfhowlettsydney, http://askubuntu.com/questions/173329/what-alternatives-are-available-to-replace-the-purple-boot-splash-screen02:49
cryptomonk_how do you have a bash script restart something upon exit02:54
cryptomonk_basically a do loop02:54
eeeenot sure what you're asking02:55
eeeewhat are you trying to achieve?02:55
litropyMan. This is refusing to work. It's definitely in the sources now, because when I gksu sources.list, add it, and then add it, it tells me it found a duplicate source in /var/lib/apt/lists (which it is there). YET! it can't find the version within that ppa.02:56
litropy-and then add it02:56
QuanitbilityBen64 how?02:58
Flannellitropy: What package are you looking for?02:58
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SchrodingersScatcryptomonk_: do loop?02:58
litropyFlannel, libtorrent-rasterbar6=0.16.16-0ubuntu1~precise02:58
litropyFlannel, https://launchpad.net/~surfernsk/+archive/ubuntu/internet-software02:59
borisI have a problem i have no keyboard when coming out of suspend mode02:59
SchrodingersScatjshriver: there's 'while' 'until' 'for'02:59
Flannellitropy: what version of OS? amd64? i386?02:59
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borisdoes any one know a fix for this :)03:00
litropyFlannel, i38603:00
Flannellitropy: libtorrent-rasterbar6 doesn't exist in that PPA.03:00
litropyFlannel, I should say apt-get can't find that version. it keeps trying to install from another source03:00
Bashing-omlitropy: tail -v -n +1 /etc/apt/sources.list.d/* ??03:00
Jeffrey_fboris: USB or PS2 (does anyone even have a PS2 kb anymore??)03:00
Flannellitropy: On top of that, the depends in there seem to want libtorrent-rasterbar7 (which also doesn't seem to exist in that PPA)03:01
borisi use a laptop03:01
SchrodingersScatjshriver: http://mywiki.wooledge.org/BashGuide/TestsAndConditionals?highlight=%28loop%2903:01
litropyFlannel, ^^03:01
boriswith ubuntu 14.0403:01
Jeffrey_fboris: neither then....ok.03:01
Flannellitropy: Right, that's where I'm looking.03:01
Flannellitropy: "libtorrent-rasterbar6" doesn't exist (as text) anywhere in that file.03:02
borisi have heard of trying ctrl+alt+f1 and then ctrl+alt+F703:03
litropyFlannel, hm. I see. Maybe I'm okay with 7, then03:03
ladroneI had a boyfriend named Ubuntu once.  He would "play the bongos" on my ass.03:03
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Flannellitropy: Everything in that PPA depends on 7, which exists in the regular repos.03:04
Jeffrey_fboris: http://askubuntu.com/questions/483416/keyboard-and-mouse-unresponsive-after-suspend03:05
ldiamondAnyone know a good way to find out what's taking so much ram? https://gist.github.com/lewisdiamond/4fa8eacb58240dbf945203:05
litropyldiamond, htop03:05
ldiamondSomehow 7GB used by applications, Xchat, 1 terminal and Chrome03:05
ldiamondlitropy, yea it doesn't really add up. Do you know if the kernel keeps all the shared libs loaded outside of buffers and caches?03:06
litropyldiamond, that's beyond me. But it doesn't sound likely.03:07
litropyFinally got it working. Thx eeee, Flannel, all.03:09
litropythat sudo apt-get [package]=[version] really got me on the right track.03:09
eeeeglad it worked out03:10
spearheadldiamond, you can use top to view running processes but htop (not installed by default) is better and you can organize by percent used ram03:11
GeoIf I drop a file in /etc/cron.d , do I need to reload anything to get it to run, or does cron automatically monitor that dir?03:11
ldiamondspearhead, yea I've been looking at those, but it doesn't add up03:11
eeeeGeo: use crontab -e , it's better03:11
Geothanks, but not what I'm asking here :)03:11
spearheadldiamond, if you run htop hit F6 and select MEM% then post a screenshot03:12
eeeeGeo: well, someone tried that, and it wouldn't run, something to do with anacron or something03:12
eeeeGeo: just a heads up :)03:12
buuHey, I'm on more or less the latest ubuntu and I've somehowgot a program that popups when I insert a dvd, I thought it was called totem but I can't find a totem package installed, is there anyway to verify03:14
Name141-Is there a way to disable a NIC ?03:15
Name141-one you aren't using, like the internal one03:16
GeoName141-: ifconfig to figure out the interface name for that NIC, then ifconfig <interface> down03:16
spearheadName141-, or ifdown <interface>03:16
Name141-Geo: Each boot ?03:16
Geoyou didnt ask that :P03:16
spearheadName141-, but keep the loopback interface up, it is needed by several internal processes03:17
Geooh, if by internal you mean lo , you definitely want that up03:17
Quanitbilitythis saddens me,03:18
spearheadName141-, the interfaces that are brought up at boot are defined by the /etc/network/interfaces file read about it by running man interfaces03:18
GeoName141-, I dont mess with the GUI stuff, but you'd have to edit /etc/network/interfaces and make sure your desired interface is added there, and your non-desired one is removed.03:18
Quanitbilityi really think i should go back to windows though i may go to jail..03:18
ldiamondspearhead, 1 sec.03:18
Name141-the /etc/network/interfaces only shows: auto lo03:19
Name141-iface lo intet loopback03:19
spearheadName141-, yeah, leave that one alone03:19
Jeffrey_fQuanitbility: Going back to windows IS JAIL.  Just sayin03:19
buuSo anyway, dvd program.. how to find it..?03:20
GeoIf I drop a file in /etc/cron.d , do I need to reload anything to get it to run, or does cron automatically monitor that dir?03:21
Name141-It's weird. eth0 has all the nessessary information, but the machine is acting offline.03:21
sydneyHow do i set a root password?03:21
cfhowlett!root | sydney03:21
spearheadName141-, if that is all that is in there then you will probably have to edit them in the GUI, I think you right click on the network icon in the notification panel and select Edit Connections...03:21
spearheadcfhowlett, ubbotu is on the other side of the netsplit03:22
cfhowlettspearhead, ah, is THAT mess happening?  Thanks.03:22
sydneyhm :003:22
Jeffrey_fsomeone unplugged ubottu03:23
Name141-spearhead: I don't understand it .  I can't get to the modem's page of either.03:23
Name141-spearhead: but eth0 is filled in right03:23
spearheadsydney, Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.…y/RootSudo03:23
spearheadThere is what it would ahve responded though03:24
sydneyyes,i used to have a root password for those time someone broke the system03:24
sydneyoh well,nevermind then ;)03:25
spearheadName141-, are you sure it is what is your ip address?03:25
eeeesydney: you can still get root easily if you get locked out03:25
sydneya tty?03:25
spearheadsydney, you can set/change/remove the root password with sudo passwd root03:25
Name141-spearhead: Yeah, that's the ViaSat modem page03:25
eeeeno, add init=/bin/bash to the cmdline and execute it03:26
spearheadread the man page for passwd03:26
sydneyoh,ok. i was just curious. ;)03:26
eeee( in grub )03:26
OerHeks!dvd > buu03:26
ldiamondspearhead, I just found out that there was tens or even hundred of a python process coming from a lib I use for dev. Killed all of those and got my memory back!03:26
spearheadldiamond, awesome :) yeah that is why htop is so great03:26
eeeeyou'll get a root shell, remount as rw, and then you can edit as usual03:27
cfhowlettOerHeks, ubottu seems to be held for ransom via netsplit03:27
spearheadOerHeks, ubottu is still down due to netsplit03:27
Name141-spearhead: inet addr is what it should be , Bcast is from the ISP too , mask is
Name141-on eth003:27
Name141-Is there somethig I'm missing here?03:27
spearheadOerHeks, buu, Here is the !dvd response "Ubuntu's default installation and repositories do not include packages needed to play commercial DVDs for legal reasons. For information on adding them, see https://help.ubuntu.…layingDVDs | For information on the legalities involved, see the "DVD" section of https://help.ubuntu.…reeFormats"03:28
spearheadunfortuantely the hyperlinks don't work03:28
spearheadName141-, networks are almost impossible to troubleshoot remotely...03:29
buuspearhead: Um. Ok, but something is playing them and I want to make it die03:33
buuSuggestions on figuring that out?03:33
buuI could have sworn it was totem03:33
eeeebuu: try top03:33
buuIt was parole03:35
buuProblem solved.03:35
Name141-spearhead: now it works.. weird.03:39
Name141-maybe something with the modem and linux?03:39
RahulANhii all03:46
RahulANWhich is the light weight WM for Desktops?03:47
sexyboyRahulAN: there is many of light wms03:49
sexyboyRahulAN: you can tell all of the wms are lightweight03:49
RahulANsexyboy, what about xfce?03:49
sexyboyRahulAN: it's a de03:49
RahulANOhkk So i need desktop environment03:50
=== Guest83826 is now known as parduse
cfhowlettRahulAN, lxde and xfce4 are both very light03:50
RahulANI will try xfce03:50
=== parduse is now known as Guest27157
=== tgm4883__ is now known as tgm4883
rantsneed dlna help upnp enabled in windows i maped drive found my external  copy and pasted to desktop then i could just go through it add and delete what i wanted04:08
rantsany sugestions?04:08
rantsubuntu studio 14.04.somthing04:09
=== dodie|off is now known as dodie
=== dodie is now known as Guest47125
slbtchey guys I'm new to ubuntu. I'm trying to dual boot debian with windows 8.1 and I'm stuck it requires me to go into ubuntu and there's a part where you're suppose to update/download sources.list and there's an IP address to go to but it doesn't exist or work for me how do I get sources.list updated?04:12
slbtchere's the instructions I'm following: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DLlOd-a2wG0&html5=104:13
=== Consuela_ is now known as Consuela
slbtcI'm near the end where I'm required to update sources-list and reinstall grub then edit grub sources.list04:13
=== solid is now known as Guest65829
slbtcin other words for me to get debian to work along side of windows 8.1 I had to go into ubuntu desktop which I'm in now and reinstall grub and change settings. so if that clears things up as to what I need that involves help. also the website that was used is says page not found04:15
=== beisner- is now known as beisner
slbtcis there an alternative to to get sources.list directory?04:24
SabelDoes anyone here have experience or knowledge in installing ubuntu on a chromebook? i already have it installed im just having trouble setting up a dual boot..also having trouble getting it to boot into ubuntu sense i've restarted it. I'm pretty new and was just following some guides. i think im just having trouble setting the ubuntu partition or w04:25
Sabelhatever its called im not sure to be the first in line to boot?04:25
FailFarmhello everyone04:25
=== SDr__ is now known as Sdr
=== Sdr is now known as SDr
SabelI've tried using this helpfull guide here http://askubuntu.com/questions/407167/how-do-i-access-ubuntu-on-acer-chromebook-after-installation but my partitions..(sorry if that's the wrong term i come from windows and like i said i'm new) arent named like "normal" as im told by a friend who already tried to help a bit.04:26
SabelDoes anyone here have experience or knowledge in installing ubuntu on a chromebook? i already have it installed im just having trouble setting up a dual boot..also having trouble getting it to boot into ubuntu sense i've restarted it. I'm pretty new and was just following some guides. i think im just having trouble setting the ubuntu partition or w04:30
Sabelhatever its called im not sure to be the first in line to boot? I've tried using this helpfull guide here http://askubuntu.com/questions/407167/how-do-i-access-ubuntu-on-acer-chromebook-after-installation but my partitions..(sorry if that's the wrong term i come from windows and like i said i'm new) arent named like "normal" as im told by a friend04:30
Sabelwho already tried to help a bit.04:30
=== digifiv5e is now known as Guest8622
slbtcSabel: I'm not getting any answer for my question either :/04:31
slbtcSabel: would you happen to know anything about what happened to the IP address for sources list directory?04:32
slbtchttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DLlOd-a2wG0&html5=1 I'm following these instructions and I'm stuck towards the end..04:33
Ben64slbtc: why are you talking about ??? 10.* is non routable04:34
slbtcwell it worked for the guy doing the tutorial04:35
slbtcBen64: I'm trying to dual boot with windows 8.1 I need sources.list package to help me reinstall grub and configure it04:36
Ben64slbtc: highly unlikely, anyway that video is titled "Install Debian..." so you should probably head to the debian channel, since this is for ubuntu support only04:36
Sabelsorry. i'm basically no help04:37
slbtcBen64: but it says you have to use ubuntu's desktop04:37
Code|Tealso I am googling this and asking in grub and figured that I would ask in here just in case...04:37
Code|Tealjust installed ubuntu server on this machien and boots into grub rescue with "unknown extent" error04:37
Code|TealI can ls into dirs, but if I try to ls /boot, it kicks that unknown extent error at me04:38
Ben64slbtc: i don't see how installing debian with windows 8.1 relates to ubuntu support at all. if you like to follow youtube tutorials, you're on your own. get support for debian in #debian04:38
=== ferule is now known as CrazyEddy
slbtcBen64: Ok.. I'm on debian's IRC channel also.04:40
bigboppercrgGo Chiefs!04:41
ashadiqihi everyone, is it okay to remove ubuntu software center after installing appgrid?04:47
mjrosenbok, what is a reason that getty would not be started on my serial console?04:50
phunyguyashadiqi: then be more patient. You asked 5 minutes ago.04:53
phunyguymeant that for -offtopic, but I guess here works too04:54
mjrosenbok, /sbin/getty -8 115299 ttyO2, does that know to look at /dev/ttyO2?04:54
blackyboyAlways i have to do a upgrade using sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade how can i set this automatically to update once a day in ubuntu 14.04 ?04:56
mjrosenbcorrespondingly, does /sbin/getty -8 115200 /dev/ttyO2 know to /not/ prepend /dev?04:56
mjrosenbblackyboy: sounds like you want a cron job.04:57
blackyboymjrosenb: with out cronjob any way there ?04:57
Mr_Queueblackyboy: apt-get install unattended-upgrades -y ; dpkg -plow unattended-upgrades04:57
dw1anyone know any tools to detect duplicate frames in videos?04:57
mjrosenbdw1: you could use ffmpeg/mplayer to dump them to a series of images, then compare successive images.04:58
Mr_Queuedw1: That's not for a distro, but there are perl scripts out there that would be able to do it.04:58
blackyboyoh not flood04:58
blackyboyoh no04:58
mjrosenbdw1: although you probably only need to look at keyframes? if two consecutive keyframes are different, the chances of sub-frames being different is low.04:59
* dw1 loves irssi sb levelclear to clean it all up :)04:59
Mr_QueueThat nick flooder in here? I don't see any of it.04:59
dw1mjrosenb: k04:59
=== aguslr is now known as Guest55368
* mjrosenb never understood why people cleared their history.05:00
dw1i just clear joins and stuff sometimes on busy channels :)05:00
Mr_QueueI don't see anything that a human didn't type..05:00
Mr_QueueDon't give a shit about the rest.05:00
=== sins-_h is now known as sins-
dw1Mr_Queue: ill try to find some05:01
mdevwhy does chmod -R 700 /home/user succcesfully prevent my sudo user from visiting that directory, yet I can sudo nano /home/user/testfile05:01
Mr_Queuedw1: No, don't bother, I don't care.05:01
dw1Mr_Queue: i meant perl video scripts05:02
mdevonly owner shold be able to do that05:02
mdevmakes no sense05:02
Mr_Queuedw1: ok.05:02
blackyboyMr_Queue: tried this sudo apt-get install unattended-upgrades -y  its say already package was installed, but every time i have to do the manual command for update my system.05:02
xangua!language | Mr_Queue05:02
mdevls -l shows all files belong to non-sudo users as owner, as they should05:02
mdevso I don't get why it blocks sudo user correctly from changing to that directory, but not opening a file in there05:02
Mr_Queueblackyboy: Read the man page, by default it will only apply security upgrades, nothing else.05:02
warsoulcan i install ubuntu using virtualbox in my mac?05:02
Mr_Queueblackyboy: Which means it has a config file you will need to tune.05:03
* Mr_Queue exec's /ignore xangua05:03
blackyboyMr_Queue: ok let me go through man page thanks05:04
Mr_Queueblackyboy: only taking security updates by default is a good way to go.05:04
=== lilstevie is now known as lilstevei
=== lilstevei is now known as lilstevie
Mr_Queuewarsoul: Yep, have fun!05:07
warsoulbut i could keep using my osx normally05:07
Mr_QueueYes, and you should head over to VB's channel.05:08
warsoulwithout erasing nothing05:08
warsouldo you know any?05:08
mjrosenbdoes anyone know of a tool to edit extended attributes, particularly one with kde/dolphin integration?05:08
Mr_QueueI know everything. I'm actually a symlink to google and every project ever created on the internet.05:08
warsouli wont lose my files05:09
warsouland could use my osx normally?05:09
bentinataSorry, what's off-topic channel is?05:10
mjrosenbok, and completely unrelated05:11
mjrosenbis there a way to set my mac address asap?05:11
=== Hexeon|2 is now known as hexeon
Mr_QueueAnd before you ask...05:11
Mr_QueueIt comes with a manual.05:11
warsoulMr_Queue thanks05:13
bentinataMr_Queue, macchanger isn't available for default, though.05:13
Mr_QueueThat doesn't matter at all.05:13
mjrosenbMr_Queue: wait, there isn't a way in the default distribution?05:13
* mjrosenb was expecting to stick a couple of lines into /etc somewhere.05:13
Mr_QueueYou can.05:13
Mr_QueueStart with macchanger, and then go from there.05:14
bentinataAnyone have Oneplus One? :(05:14
bentinataI want it.05:14
warsoulMr_queue whats the difference between ubuntu redhat opensuse freebsd debian etc...05:15
Mr_QueueThe difference between ubuntu redhat opensuse freebsd debian etc is where the money went.05:17
bentinatawarsoul, Kernel, default packages, etc...05:17
Mr_Queuemjrosenb: http://paste.debian.net/120649/05:18
Mr_QueueKey there it the homepage URL.05:18
warsoulfor you witch is the best distro and most stable05:19
mjrosenbMr_Queue: yes, I found it, I just would prefer to not use it.05:19
bentinatawarsoul, Slackware.05:19
Mr_Queuewarsoul: The one that keeps my bills paid.05:19
Mr_Queuemjrosenb: Well, every now and then someone builds a better wheel.05:19
warsoulhelp me out dont be mean lol05:20
Mr_QueueIt's a perfect answer warsoul.05:20
Code|Tealso I fat-fingered my login during install.. There a way to fix this?05:20
warsoulbentinata you use slackware?05:21
BQ14.04: after I added another language via language settings, IME is not shown. Also the language settings is gone.05:21
Mr_QueueCode|Teal: Yep.05:21
Code|Tealoff to the google I go05:21
Mr_QueueCode|Teal: There are probably a dozen ways to do it.05:22
Code|Tealhaha, got the thing to boot finally and my login is wrong05:22
Mr_QueueJust reinstall it.05:22
Code|Tealwas going for a quicker route05:22
BQhow do I get back the language setting?05:22
Mr_QueueThere are ways to fix the running system, but you won't finish finding the answer on google in the race of the reinstall.05:22
Mr_QueueCode|Teal: And the answer isn't just a simple oneliner to get you going.05:23
Code|TealI figured as much05:23
Mr_QueueSave all that reading for a day on your working system.05:23
* mjrosenb wonders how his recent user-shenanigans have affected unity05:25
HideMeAnyone know how to enable digital output (s/pdif) 5.1 channel audio?05:28
bentinatawarsoul, not currently.05:30
=== zestybaby is now known as Zesty_
teaearlgraycoldSo I just put Ubuntu 14.04.1 on my server and run apt-get update/upgrade. Now it's stuck on updating the kernal (I think) update-intramfs something something. ^C causes no response. What do?05:41
TJ-teaearlgraycold: "update-initramfs" can take some time to complete05:42
teaearlgraycoldIt's been like... 10 minutes05:42
TJ-teaearlgraycold: That's a bit ... excessive!05:42
TJ-teaearlgraycold: Are you able to open another shell, or console, to check what processes are running05:43
teaearlgraycoldI can either try to figure out its DHCP address or do the Ctrl+Alt+F3 thing.05:43
mjrosenbMr_Queue: ok, got it working by adding one line to /etc, without installing that dumb utility :-)05:44
TJ-teaearlgraycold: if you're in front of it, Ctrl+Alt+F2 through F6 will give you another VT05:44
teaearlgraycoldI'm not in front of it. It's in the basement.05:44
teaearlgraycoldSo I'll try to sweep through the lower bit of the subnet05:45
TJ-teaearlgraycold: Did you run 'screen' or 'tmux' on the shell that you're currently accessing?05:45
teaearlgraycoldI literally just installed the OS05:45
teaearlgraycoldAnd then ran the commands sudo apt-get update05:45
teaearlgraycoldAnd apt-get upgrade05:46
mjrosenbteaearlgraycold: you can also pause that command, then run ifconfig to figure out the ip address.05:46
teaearlgraycoldHow would I pause it?05:46
TJ-teaearlgraycold: You could try suspending the process Ctrl+Z05:46
teaearlgraycoldOkay, bbl05:46
Mr_Queuemjrosenb: Cool. Told you.05:47
teaearlgraycoldTJ-, okay I have SSH open05:48
teaearlgraycoldCtrl+Z did nothing05:48
TJ-teaearlgraycold: find out the command-line that update-initramfs is using: "ps -efly | grep initramfs"05:48
lotuspsychjeis there a way to log the booting text (F1) to see whats happening?05:50
bentinatamjrosenb, how?05:50
Mr_Queuelotuspsychje: yes, google that. You can turn it on and it will get logged to /var05:50
teaearlgraycoldTJ-, http://i.imgur.com/A28TEQw.png05:50
mjrosenblotuspsychje: most of it is available via dmesg.05:50
Mr_Queueactually /var/log/05:50
mjrosenbbentinata: how what?05:50
Mr_Queueteaearlgraycold: strace the PID and see what it's doing.05:51
lotuspsychjemjrosenb: i want to see the exact text it says at boot05:51
TJ-teaearlgraycold: Well, the update-initramfs process appears to have completed05:51
teaearlgraycoldMr_Queue, not sure which number is the PID05:51
lotuspsychjemjrosenb: not only the dmesq errors05:51
TJ-teaearlgraycold: "pastebinit < <(ps -efly)" please05:51
Mr_Queueteaearlgraycold: ps will get it for you05:51
bentinatamjrosenb, change mac address without macchanger?05:52
teaearlgraycoldMr_Queue, it's listed it but I'm not sure which one it is05:52
mjrosenbmjrosenb@panda:~$ cat /etc/udev/rules.d/99-mac-address.rules05:52
mjrosenbSUBSYSTEM=="net", KERNEL=="eth0", RUN+="/sbin/ifconfig %k hw ether 2e:60:76:1f:4e:01"05:52
Mr_Queuebentinata: Let's just wait for the end result on that one.05:52
HideMeAnyone know how to enable digital output (s/pdif) 5.1 channel audio?05:53
Mr_Queueteaearlgraycold: it's the one holding the billboard saying update-initramfs05:53
teaearlgraycoldTJ-, this what you want? http://pastebin.com/NkF9r83Q05:53
bentinatamjrosenb, saved. Thanks. :305:53
TJ-teaearlgraycold: perfect :)05:53
mjrosenbhuh, ubuntu's package-detection messages don't seem to realize I'm not running an ubuntu-supplied kernel c.c05:54
teaearlgraycoldShould I just force a restart?05:55
TJ-teaearlgraycold: apt-get upgrade seems to be the culprit; try killing it: "sudo kill -KILL 1118"05:55
teaearlgraycoldTJ-, that seemed to work. Now I see this: http://pastebin.com/hCFTcGnK05:57
bencchow can I find which package gives me intrin.h ?05:57
mjrosenbbencc: dpkg -S intrin.h05:57
TJ-teaearlgraycold: OK, let's first get some protection for this network connection: "screen" either it isn't installed and you'll be shown the command to install it, or it'll start and you'll press Space or Enter after reading the intro info05:59
gorelativeanyone gotten spacewalk to work with ubuntu?05:59
teaearlgraycoldTJ-, I use tmux typically05:59
TJ-bencc: If the package isn't already installed you'll need "apt-file search intrin.h"05:59
teaearlgraycoldBetter splitting05:59
TJ-teaearlgraycold: Go for it then05:59
TJ-teaearlgraycold: just so there's a fallback if the command gets stuck06:00
teaearlgraycoldTJ-, but my SSH sessions aren't in tmux by default though06:00
TJ-teaearlgraycold: Start it now; same as you would screen. Then you're protected06:00
teaearlgraycoldTJ-, so I should have one continuous SSH session using tmux?06:01
TJ-teaearlgraycold: Once you've got a shell you can do "sudo apt-get dist-upgrade"06:01
teaearlgraycoldIsn't 14.04.1 the most recent though?06:02
TJ-teaearlgraycold: it'll be SSH > tmux > multiple windows as needed06:02
=== hemant is now known as Guest76123
Mr_Queueteaearlgraycold: just use screen.....06:02
Mr_Queueinstall it if you don't have it.06:02
teaearlgraycoldMr_Queue, but muh horizontal splits06:02
TJ-teaearlgraycold: "dist-upgrade" installs new versions of existing packages, in this case it wants to install the latest kernel images06:02
Mr_QueueYou can do that too.06:02
Mr_Queuescreen comes with a manual by the way.06:02
TJ-teaearlgraycold: With 'screen' it's :split and :vsplit (horizontal and virtical, respectively)06:03
teaearlgraycoldI used screen for years but IIRC I stopped because it was no longer maintained and someone on IRC told me that Tmux was better and up to date06:04
Mr_QueueThat can't be true.06:04
teaearlgraycoldOkay dist-upgrade worked06:04
teaearlgraycoldOr maybe that was irssi and weechat...06:04
teaearlgraycoldI can't remember why I switched06:04
teaearlgraycoldWeechat's pretty cool06:05
Mr_QueueIs the way of the dodo.. Not screen or anything else you mentioned.06:05
teaearlgraycoldSo why should I use screen?06:05
TJ-teaearlgraycold: screen or tmux; when a command might lock up, it helps to run it under a multiplexer so you can quickly open an additional shell and fix it06:06
Mr_QueueI don't even know where to start on why to use screen..06:07
teaearlgraycoldI understand that. I want to know why Mr_Queue wants me to use screen over tmux06:07
Mr_QueueLets say you're connected to omg.server.com06:07
Mr_Queueand working.06:07
=== akurilin2 is now known as akurilin
Mr_QueueBut your connection to omg.server.com is killed...06:07
Mr_QueueNo problem, when you reconnect you just attach back to your screen and everything is still there.06:08
gorelativei wish landscape wasnt so much money o.O06:08
teaearlgraycoldYes, but how is that any different from tmux?06:08
Mr_QueueGoogle will help you there..06:08
Paradiseehello o/06:09
teaearlgraycoldSo you don't know?06:09
Mr_QueueOne is a server solution, the other is for a workstation.06:09
teaearlgraycoldThey both exhibit the persistance I'm looking for06:09
Paradiseei was trying to upgrade with "apt-get upgrade" but it says that the swap isn't big enough, how can i resize it?06:09
Paradiseeor probably was the boot, i don't remember...06:09
Mr_Queueteaearlgraycold: I've been doing this for a bunch of years now.06:10
Mr_QueueYou'll never find tmux on the servers, you will find screen sessions everywhere.06:10
Mr_QueueWe can even share screen sessions.06:10
teaearlgraycoldThe issue here is that I am the only person who will SSH into the machine. And I will only use tmux to keep my IRC client/rtorrent open 24/7.06:11
Mr_QueueSounds cool, good luck.06:11
teaearlgraycoldOkay. It's how I had it before, there's just no reason to change for me.06:12
bentinataSo, no one got 1+ One?06:14
Adieis there a way to get my computer to show a custom welcome message upon ssh connect?06:16
AdieI need a cheat sheet of commands ~_~06:16
izarryHi guys ^_^ im new here and im new in ubuntu :D06:17
TJ-Adie: motd06:17
sexyboyAdie: /etc/motd06:17
wsemitrahello sir06:19
mjrosenbiirc, ssh is also capable of printing out its own message, independent of motd.06:19
izarryguys where can i see my drivers?06:20
sexyboyizarry: lsmod06:20
sexyboyizarry: that's for kernel modules, the "drivers"06:21
TJ-mjrosenb: Adie Yes, "Banner" which is shown before login06:21
izarrysexyboy : should i type that on terminal?06:21
izarrysexyboy : thanks :D sorry im new here hehe06:21
mjrosenbizarry: they're usually sitting at the front of the bus06:21
mjrosenbizarry: but if you're stopped for a break, they may be outside stretching their legs :-p06:21
TJ-izarry: To see the drivers for PCI devices: "lspci -knn"06:21
sexyboyizarry: there are also xorg drivers and maybe something i don't know about06:22
izarryis my nvidia driver automatically installed when i install ubuntu?06:22
izarrymjrosenb : hehe06:22
sexyboyizarry: afaik you need to use the software center to add the nvidia blob up, it uses neuveau (the free driver) by default06:23
Mr_QueueMy head is going to explode.06:23
utopianHi how do I remove a file!06:23
Mr_QueueMy head is going to explode.06:23
izarrysexyboy: hehe okay2x06:23
Caramoanhow to fix a internet drop connection in ubuntu 14.0406:24
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lotuspsychjeive installed bootlogd but not sure where to find the logs now06:28
lotuspsychje!info bootlogd06:28
teaearlgraycoldHow can I figure out what package a command is from?06:30
lotuspsychjeteaearlgraycold: wich command?06:30
teaearlgraycoldWell it's htdigest but I just figured out it's from apache2-utils. I'm looking for a general way.06:31
benccTJ-: I get many files that are not intrin.h06:31
lotuspsychjeteaearlgraycold: maybe this: dpkg -S $(which free)06:32
teaearlgraycoldOkay, thanks06:33
lotuspsychjeteaearlgraycold: ah and apt-cache search htdigest also finds right package06:33
teaearlgraycoldyeah - I'd forgotten about apt-cache search06:34
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=== derk0pf|NA is now known as derk0pf
lotuspsychje!info bootlogd06:36
lotuspsychjerww: you here?06:36
Caramoanhow to make mozilla fast browser?06:41
lotuspsychjeCaramoan: last update of firefox should be faster06:41
lotuspsychjeCaramoan: version 32 if i can recall06:42
Caramoanlotuspsychje, how to identify if my version is 32?06:43
teaearlgraycoldSo I need /usr/bin/ar. Is that in gcc or g++ or something?06:43
lotuspsychjeCaramoan: open firefox help/about06:43
Caramoanlotuspsychje, yah.. version 32 is my mozilla, damn do you think its my proider?06:44
lotuspsychjeCaramoan: you can speedtest online to make sure if its your provider..06:45
ruby_on_tailsi am on linux mint and skype doesnt turn on after some upgrade they did06:45
ruby_on_tailsanyone got a clue?06:45
lotuspsychjeCaramoan: you can also try chromium-browser for fast browsing06:45
Caramoanlotuspsychje, in speedtest.net?06:45
ruby_on_tailslotuspsychje: is it faster than chrome?06:46
teaearlgraycoldruby_on_tails, you try reinstalling skype?06:46
lotuspsychjeruby_on_tails: mint is not supported here mate06:46
lotuspsychjeCaramoan: sure06:46
ruby_on_tailsteaearlgraycold: yes tried, even tried an older version didnt work06:46
ruby_on_tailslotuspsychje: is there a separate channel for mint?06:46
lotuspsychjeruby_on_tails: yes06:46
teaearlgraycoldWell as lotuspsychje implied you should go to mint's channel06:46
ruby_on_tails#mint doesnt work06:46
ruby_on_tails#linux-mint doesnt work either06:47
lotuspsychjeruby_on_tails: think its on other network, but bot is down06:47
Caramoanlotuspsychje, ok thanks man..06:47
ruby_on_tailsk its #linuxmint thanks06:47
teaearlgraycold"Linux Mint uses the Spotchat IRC network"06:47
ruby_on_tailsanother question06:47
ruby_on_tailshow can i improve the quality of my screencast? what i see on the monitor is different from what i see on the screencast in terms of quality06:48
lotuspsychjeruby_on_tails: we suggest you install ubuntu, then we can help your issues06:48
ruby_on_tailslotuspsychje: this one is about ubuntu06:49
nOTewARe2how does audacity work?06:49
Caramoanlotuspsychje, when i try the speedtest.net and click the test server it appear timeout..06:50
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teaearlgraycoldJust deleted libxml2... turns out that was more important than I thought...06:52
teaearlgraycoldGuess I'm rage quitting this for now. I'll reinstall tomorrow06:53
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andlabsHi. I'm trying to build aisleriot from source, and I get the error spew listed here: https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=736454 I've confirmed this only happens on Ubuntu - anyone know what's up? Thanks.07:06
Blue1!paste | blue107:08
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kuby64currently running Ubuntu 14.04 in MacBuntu theme installed07:17
kuby64with MacBuntu theme installed*07:17
izarrydonno what's wrong but this just pop up "System program problem detected" , and what is the problem o.O07:19
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=== Guest88841 is now known as romtamcloud
Code|TealOK, I am at a loss... second time in a row.. Installed ubuntu and at first boot, password that was typed is incorrect07:26
Code|TealI know for a fact that it is what I typed07:27
aumohmegaCode|Teal:  ctrl alt f2 ;)07:27
aumohmegaor sudo passwd root07:28
Code|TealI can't change the password if I cant log in07:29
aumohmegawhich pass? the drive encrypt or the user/admin shell?07:29
Code|Tealuser password07:29
Code|TealI can not log into the machine07:29
ryu13212um..user passwd?07:29
ryu13212can you sudo or su -?07:30
Code|Tealjoke right?07:30
aumohmegau need to boot into root shell and force passwd with higher priveledge then chang ur pass and log back in...07:30
Code|Tealso let me get this right... I need to log in and change the password07:31
ryu13212do you know admin password?07:31
=== Sneak is now known as Guest64407
aumohmegano u cant log in! but u can log-out as in do a crash into your root shell and change it there, then log in with new pass07:32
Code|TealI just installed it... this is the first boot... the password that I set at install is not working... second time this happened07:32
aumohmegaryu he cant even get into a terminal he stuck at user login screen.. i think?07:33
aumohmegahow much weed u been soking code?07:33
Code|TealI am sitting at a terminal right now07:33
mjrosenbCode|Teal: did you use the default keyboard during setup (and are you still using it)?07:33
Code|Tealmjrosenb, chose default and have not changed it07:34
Code|Tealryu13212, aumohmega I am sitting at a terminal login right now... you tell me how to "crash" that07:35
mjrosenbCode|Teal: and capslock isn't on or anything stupid, like that?07:35
Code|Tealmjrosenb, first thing that I checked07:35
Code|Tealmjrosenb, I thought that I just fat-fingered the username the first time07:35
aumohmegaok and what is the terminal saying? root@icantlogin or what?07:36
kostkonCode|Teal, last resort would be to reset the password  http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/resetpassword07:36
Code|Tealaumohmega, it is saying "drakonic login:" but thanks for trying to be funny when someone needs a hand07:37
Code|Tealaumohmega, I must have been confusing when I said that I was sitting at a terminal login07:37
ryu13212input "root" and input root password07:37
aumohmegawell i programmed my linux to insult me when i get my pass wrong, so cant be all that bad ;)07:38
Code|Tealryu13212, and let me know what the root password is07:38
Code|Tealbecause the only password that I set during install was the user password and that does not seem to be working07:38
aumohmegamake sudo insult you: ,insult07:38
aumohmegawell that means u havent set a root pass either..07:39
Code|Tealsecond clean install and second time at this07:39
aumohmegawhat about trying to add user?07:39
Code|Tealare you serious?!07:39
mjrosenbCode|Teal: I'd recommend following kostkon's link.07:39
kostkonCode|Teal, in the login screen click on the keyboard language selector. see if you have more than one available keyboards to select from. try all of them07:39
Code|Tealyeah let me add a user!07:39
aumohmegaadd new user shell login then try and sort your user pass out and your root pass..07:40
Code|Tealaumohmega, walk me through adding a user from a login prompt please07:40
aumohmegaso just add new user then change the new user to have higher priveledge then unmount the original user directory and mount the new one as main user...07:41
Code|Tealoh ok07:41
Code|Tealtell me how to add a new user07:41
Code|Tealcfhowlett, that works from a login prompt?07:41
aumohmegalul cfhowlett07:41
cfhowlettwait 1 let me check my facts07:41
aumohmegaterminal is terminal bro.. doesnt matter if your at boot or at crash same thing ;)07:41
Code|Tealbecause last I checked all you could do from a login prompt was login07:42
Code|Tealnot at a bloody crash07:42
kostkonCode|Teal, what kind of crash07:42
aumohmegaor anywhere in between...07:42
mjrosenbaumohmega: he is at a getty prompting him for a username to let him log in, he has not logged in yet.07:42
Code|Tealaumohmega, I CAN NOT LOG IN07:42
aumohmegastock market crash kostkon07:42
Code|Tealnot logged in07:42
mjrosenbCode|Teal: koston's link before will let you reset your password without logging in.07:43
kostkonCode|Teal, if this is a fresh install, personally I would redownload the iso, then do a fresh install07:43
mjrosenbCode|Teal: it'll also let you find out what your username acutally is.07:43
Code|Tealmjrosenb, looking at that now07:43
Code|TealI don't understand why this is so confusing07:43
aumohmegadid u try ctrl alt F2?07:44
aumohmegaohh at getty..07:44
aumohmegahmmm well sounds to me like u fugged ur pass x 2 bro...07:45
mjrosenbCode|Teal: I'm like 99% sure I understand what your issue is and am not attempting to be an asshole.07:45
=== GPenguin_ is now known as GPenguin
aumohmegaso re'install with a funny pass like *press spacebar once* then wait for install then log in by pressing spacebar and then once u in change ur pass to somethign more forgetfull :P07:46
Code|Tealmjrosenb, no you are fine07:47
Code|Tealmjrosenb, yeah it just booted to a login and password I input was not working07:50
Code|Tealturns out that the user was not created during the install07:50
=== rotzbub_ is now known as rotzbub
Code|Tealkostkon, thanks for that link07:51
kostkonCode|Teal, np07:51
* mjrosenb did not realize that ubuntu was that insecure by default. I was going to suggest doing the same thing via livecd :-/07:52
ultioHey guys, is it okay to ask for help on here or should I go to the forums for that?07:53
cfhowlettultio, or both!07:53
cfhowlettultio, ask your ubuntu questions07:53
Code|Tealkostkon, fixed the issue perfectly... had to add the user... odd that it was not created during the install07:53
kostkonCode|Teal, very odd yes.07:54
mjrosenbCode|Teal: so /home was empty, and you weren't in /etc/passwd? or did it do some parts of the user adding, but not others?07:55
ultioThanks, basically I am having more of a general problem with my display drivers. I am running a notebook with an Intel onboard GPU and and AMD dedicated GPU. I just got one of these fancy 34" LG monitors, unfortunately its only displaying 30 Hertz via HDMI. I googled around and found out that this is because intel's graphics chipset does not support a higher refresh rate at this resolution, so I was trying to switch to the AMD gpu at a07:55
ultio(This monitor will be used with a different machine and display port in the future, so it's just a temporary solution to go with 50 Hertz, but 30 Hz is quite horrible to my eyes)07:56
cfhowlett!xrandr | ultio07:56
kostkonultio, is it 4k? because that would explain the 30khz07:56
Code|Tealdid not even look07:56
ultio30 kilo hertz would be great :D07:56
kostkonoops. Hz*07:56
ultioBut yes, its 3440x144007:56
ultioHowever, HDMI supports up to 50 Hertz at this resolution07:57
Code|Tealit booted to a cli login and that was it... when I followed that link, I tried to change the user password and it said that was not a user07:57
ultioIt's a limitation by the Intel GPU07:57
Code|Tealso I created it lol07:57
kostkonultio, oh right. only dvi has currently that limitation07:57
ultioso I was trying to switch to the AMD GPU, but I cannot get it to work07:57
mjrosenbultio: fwiw, the first thing you said got cut off after "AMD gpu at a"07:58
kostkon"at 50hz" probably07:58
ultioAMD gpu at all times to at least get 50 Hz07:58
=== Maras_ is now known as Marasgeon
mjrosenbkostkon: yeah, I was able to figure out what he wanted to say, but next time it may not be as obvious.08:00
mjrosenbultio: can you disable the intel chip in the bios?08:00
mjrosenbultio: that is probably the most surefire way of getting it working.08:00
ultioHm, I cant remember seeing that setting08:02
ultiois there a way to see the currently used adapter?08:02
ultioNvm, I can google08:03
ubuntuuserguys. Ubiquity crashes when I try to install Kubuntu 14.04.108:03
cfhowlett!md5sum | ubuntuuser, 1.  verify the .iso        2. verify the USB08:03
samthewildoneI'm trying to setup a shortcut for gedit but, its not running.08:08
samthewildoneCtrl + Alt + G08:08
samthewildoneIn keyboard shortcut it sets it but, does not open gedit.08:08
[L]ightsamthewildone: works for me.08:11
samthewildone[L]ight, this is weird08:11
[L]ightsamthewildone: is it alrdy used for anything else?08:11
samthewildonehow can I check ?08:11
=== enygma is now known as Guest74253
[L]ightsamthewildone: by default ctrl alt G isn't used08:12
samthewildonethat's what I though08:12
[L]ightsamthewildone: are you on 13.10?08:12
mjrosenbsamthewildone: and you change the global keybinding, not a keybinding within a particular program?08:13
* samthewildone gulps08:14
samthewildoneI've got many programs but, never heard of a program that uses that macro08:14
=== Varazir_ is now known as Varazir
mjrosenbsamthewildone: I meant did you set the new binding within a program rather than for the window manager.08:14
samthewildoneNot that I know of08:15
[L]ightsamthewildone: haven't heard of this before. It happened for 13.10 but you just have to log in and back.08:15
samthewildonei'll try08:16
samthewildoneI call bs on this one boys !08:17
samthewildoneit works08:17
[L]ightsamthewildone: There!08:17
samthewildonethis is gonna come so freaking handy !08:17
samthewildonecoding on the fly08:18
[L]ightsamthewilone: what languages?08:18
[L]ightsamthewildone*: what languages?08:18
Robchewhi guys :)08:18
samthewildoneC++ mostly08:18
samthewildonealthough I was dabbling with BASH earlier08:19
mjrosenbsamthewildone: you use gedit to edit c++? :-(08:19
samthewildone[L]ight, http://pastebin.com/XiaJzKcS08:19
samthewildonemjrosenb, for practices08:19
[L]ightsamthewildone: IDEs :)08:19
hmsimhaso I really goofed earlier tonight.. did `sudo service dbus restart` out of curiosity. Everything stopped working except chrome (which I brought into focus immediately after I issued the command). Is it possible to revert to a working desktop environment after restarting dbus?08:19
samthewildoneI use Qt Creator08:19
samthewildonegedit is quick for small TINY applications08:19
Robchewafter having no luck with installing arch linux on my macbookpro, and seeing some guides explaining installing ubuntu on mackbook as easy, I am considering installing08:20
samthewildoneI would use vi || vim but, no patience08:20
RobchewI basically want to only have i3 installed, and strip down ubuntu if possible08:20
Robchewis that possible to do for a beginner?08:20
cfhowlett!mac |Robchew,08:20
sgo11hi, I got a data dvd from my friend. when I insert the dvd to my ubuntu, it shows blank dvd. how can I mount it properly in ubuntu?08:21
mjrosenbRobchew: probably easier to install ubuntu server, and add things to it, rather than stripping things out of ubuntu desktop.08:21
cfhowlettermm, ubottu you awake?08:21
Robchewcfhowlett: are those some bot commands I can use for info? !mac08:21
cfhowlettRobchew, yes but the ubottu seems to be offline at the moment.08:21
Robchewmjosenb: thanks. is it possible to install ubuntu server a quick and easy way - like with a live cd with install wizard?08:22
mjrosenbRobchew: iirc, yes, but the install wizard is an ncurses-like interface?08:22
[L]ightRobChew: instal l wizard?08:22
mjrosenb(I have not installed ubuntu via a cd in 7+ years)08:23
cfhowlettRobchew, server install IS quick and easy - and text based.  more info in #ubuntu-server08:23
Robchew[L]ight: yes08:23
[L]ightRobchew: Server installs are cli based08:24
Robchewcfhowlett: thanks. what command would I use in #ubuntu-server to get started?08:24
=== aaaas is now known as aaas
txthinkingi want make dnsmasq into a containter,  but occur error: Failed to get D-Bus connection: Unknown error -1?08:24
cfhowlettRobchew, /join #ubuntuserver08:24
=== alduin- is now known as alduin
cfhowlettRobchew, /join #ubuntu-server08:24
samthewildonethen they all come back08:25
Robchew[L]ight: ok. I'll look for some macbook pro specific guides08:25
[L]ightRobchew: Server doesn't come with GUI by default. You can choose to install it though, if you want.08:25
Robchewcfhowlett: thanks, but I thought you meant there was some !mac or something to use in #ubuntuserver08:25
Robchewcyberalex4life: hello08:26
Robchewthanks all, I'll head over to #ubuntuserver08:26
zubairahmedubuntu-server Robchew08:26
Robchewzubairahmed: thanks just noticed hehe08:26
cyberalex4lifeI have a small problem on an Asus K55VD laptop. I can't use Fn camera combination to start guvcview and some othe 2 combinations to start gnome-system-monitor and unity-control-center08:27
cyberalex4lifeDoes anyone know anything about this? It used to work no problem in ubuntu-gnome08:27
=== moondog is now known as Guest10742
=== gorelative is now known as Guest60646
[L]ight.join #html08:30
=== icetea is now known as Guest35362
[L]ightJust playing around, don't mind08:30
cyberalex4lifeok, I think I found out why it doesn't work: If in dconf-editor the keybinding is shown in bold (so not default) the Fn combination doesn't work08:36
cyberalex4lifethis meaning any Fn Combination08:37
mintnewbeehello, i am installing on a dell studio 1555, it has a Broadcom chip for wifi. wifi doesnt work on the live cd, will it work when installed?08:41
mintnewbeenon-free is selected in sources list for cdrom08:41
spinchdip_mine did Mint08:45
Caramoanguys how many years support of ubuntu 14.04 in security?08:46
cfhowlettCaramoan, 5years Long Term Support08:47
cfhowlettmintnewbee, it'll probably need help but should work08:47
Caramoancfhowlett, ah.. ok thanks08:47
nusrhi i uninstalled enthought canopy on ubuntu and am using the default ide, where do i save my pythong scripts if i want to run them?08:47
=== x_ is now known as DF3D2
mintnewbeecfhowlett: i think i have to install broadcom-sta package, but i used usb to install the system. how can i add usb to sources.list so i can use it?08:48
mintnewbeesince i dont have internet now08:49
=== dark is now known as asher1
izarryguys please help me , how can i fully uninstall steam on terminal?08:55
izarryguys please help me , how can i fully uninstall steam on terminal? im on 14.0 version08:56
BQwhat is sda2 for?08:56
BQwhat is /etc/sda2 for?08:56
cfhowlettmintnewbee, first:  plug in an ethernet cable and run "additional drivers" utility. it might detect and set itself08:57
cfhowlettforums: what am I missing here?  I want to create an account.  enter my password and it prompts for password via ubuntuone which is discontinued.  can't create password, can't get an account.  wha???08:58
izarryguys where can i find this ?  "~/.local/share/Steam/ " should i type that in terminal?08:59
cfhowlettizarry, that's a hidden in your /home09:00
Flannelcfhowlett: you probably want #ubuntuforums, but if it wants an "ubuntuone" account, that's just outdated terminology.  The forums /do/ use the ubuntu single-sign-on thing.09:01
cfhowlettFlannel, OK.  thanks.09:01
izarrycfhowlett, i find at ubuntu forums i need to delete the contents of the steam located at "~/.local/share/Steam/" but when i open /home nothings there  :/09:02
cfhowlettizarry, wait.09:02
izarryokay thanks cfhowlett09:03
cfhowlettizarry, in a terminal:         cd ~/.local/share/Steam/09:03
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HiddenCloudsoftware center crashes everytime I open it and when I try to reinstall I get this error09:04
HiddenCloudList directory /var/lib/apt/lists/partial is missing. - Acquire (17: File exists)09:04
izarrycfhowlett okay thank you ^_^09:04
HiddenCloudI tried looking online and followed the steps there, but it involves making that directory and when I try to it says the directory already exists09:04
cfhowlettizarry, happy2help09:05
mintnewbeecfhowlett: the problem is, i dont have an ethernet cable, can i somehow load it from the usb stick (installation medium)?09:05
HiddenCloudcan anyone help09:05
cfhowlettmintnewbee, download it, read the README and follow the directions.  easy.09:06
mintnewbeei already installed the system cfhowlett09:06
mintnewbeecfhowlett: i would like to know if i can use the usb stick as an apt source to now install the broadcom drivers09:07
cfhowlettmintnewbee, understood.  download the driver to your usb, copy to your system and install.09:07
zubairahmedHiddenCloud https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/apt/+question/19462009:07
cfhowlettmintnewbee, NOT as an apt source because you need to compile it.09:07
cfhowlettmintnewbee, thus "read the README"09:08
HiddenCloudalright, I'll go try it shukran zubairahmed09:08
mintnewbeebut i think they are available as a package09:08
mintnewbeewhen looking it aptitude i find "broadcom-sta"09:08
=== cups is now known as doge
izarryguys how would i know that i already installed nvidia graphics card09:13
izarryis there a way i can see it?09:14
mjrosenbizarry: card, or driver?09:14
=== mk3548208_ is now known as mk3548208
izarrymjrosenb : driver09:15
=== Sneak is now known as Guest37304
mjrosenbizarry: lsmod | grep nv; grep nv /var/log/Xorg.0.log09:16
newarchwhen I try to install package_b, apt says that package_a will be removed, how can i prevent package_a from removal?09:16
izarrymjrosenb : ok2x thanks09:16
mjrosenbnewarch: what are the two packages?09:16
newarchmjrosenb, thunderbird and hunspell09:17
Novice201yIs there graphical way to add PPA to Ubuntu?09:17
* mjrosenb wonders why those conflict09:17
mjrosenbnewarch: does it also want to install another spellchecker?09:17
newarchmjrosenb, no09:18
newarchmjrosenb, how can i lock any one of them?09:18
newarchmjrosenb, aptitude hold hunspell, not doing this09:18
newarchmjrosenb, may be 'hold' is not the proper thing to do here09:19
mjrosenbnewarch: yeah, I think hold prevents it from being upgraded?09:20
newarchmjrosenb, yes09:20
mjrosenbnewarch: see what apt-get install thunderbird hunspell says.09:22
=== 6JTAAF0H8 is now known as ogra_
OERIASA ton of bans.09:25
pompeiihello everyone, I granted google access to 'online accounts', and it shows me empathy now. I start empathy and see nothing about how i can post to google etc..what can I do with empathy?09:26
bong1how do i set the default browser to chrome? it says on chrome... Google Chrome cannot determine or set the default browser.09:28
newarchmjrosenb, surprisingly both installed09:28
pompeiibong1, if you mean chromium, there is that option in settings09:28
* mjrosenb was honestly not expecting that.09:29
pompeiiis there any plugin or similar missing at empathy maybe?09:29
=== gorelative is now known as Guest1416
vSquareBased on the output of this dmesg, would I be right in assuming the nouveau driver is being shitty with me and causing these cpu lockups??? http://paste.ee/p/eBcgx#F065hTZJo7t2prQ9P3s7FQQsCseVMQob09:31
bong1pompeii:  no i mean chrome and the settings says...  Google Chrome cannot determine or set the default browser.09:34
pompeiibong1, not familiar with chrome, sorry09:35
pompeiirephrasing the question; is it possible to post to one's certain inevitable social dagadagadingdongs via friends app?09:39
mjrosenbpompeii: I heard there are these things called web browsers which are getting pretty good at navigating the internet :-p09:43
pompeiimjrosenb, you might as well not have replied, you know that, right?09:43
mjrosenbpompeii: yeah, but it was quiet in here, and I'm waiting for stuff to happen.09:44
ikoniapompeii: the friends app ?09:44
pompeiireally, what is friends app for, if you cant post statuses to los sociales?09:45
pompeiiyes, ikonia, friends app.09:46
pompeiiwith 'the'09:46
=== milk__ is now known as Guest6683
ikoniapompeii: in ubuntu ?09:46
ikoniathat one ?09:47
mjrosenbikonia: it is returned by apt-cache search friends.09:47
=== mrmist is now known as mist
pompeiiikonia, yes, this one. or that one.09:48
ikoniapompeii: from reading it looks like it's a read only steam09:48
ikonianot sure if that's by design09:48
ikoniathe documentation on it seems a bit lacking09:49
pompeiiyes, indeed, it seems to be a steam, well-said, ikonia09:49
mjrosenbhowever, steam is anything-but read only.09:49
pompeiieven as read-only, there seems to be no status display09:49
pompeiiok, so maybe you'll need to import contacts09:50
ikoniamjrosenb: it was a typo "stream"09:50
ikoniapompeii: no status ?09:50
mjrosenbikonia: yes, I realized that, but pompeii also made fun of the typo.09:51
izarryhi what's wrong with this? E: Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (11: Resource temporarily unavailable)09:51
izarryE: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?09:51
pompeiino, I get an empathy window blank as dead sea09:51
mjrosenbizarry: that sounds like you are not root.09:51
ikoniapompeii: from the limited info on it, it appears to only display a stream from your associated accounts09:51
cfhowlettizarry, yes another process is using it09:51
izarryhmm so what should i do? :/09:51
MonkeyDust!backup > MonkeyDust09:51
pompeiiikonia, I associated accounts, and press, too, but no stream yet09:51
ikoniapompeii: it maybe worth logging a few bus against this as it actually an ubuntu application09:52
ikoniapompeii: I'd raise the query if it's meant to be read only as a bug09:52
ikoniapompeii: try to get an official response as the docs don't really offer clarify (certainly not ones I can find)09:52
cfhowlettizarry, http://www.namhuy.net/2243/how-to-fix-could-not-get-lock-error-in-ubuntu.html09:53
mjrosenbcfhowlett: bot's down :-(09:53
cfhowlettmjrosenb, so I see.09:53
izarrycfhowlett, thank you :)09:54
cfhowlettizarry, happy2help09:55
pompeiiikonia, I will try and see if I find out more, thank you09:56
ChinneyI got a Problelm setting up a dual boot for win8 and ubuntu. I tried a lot of suggestions listed on the community support. Nothing worked yet. Anyone can help me?09:57
MonkDAcezChinney : use a linux live cd and install grub09:58
Chinneyi got a problem with the usal legacy/uefi stuff09:59
MonkDAcezChinney : https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair09:59
Chinneyboot reapir just destroys my boot09:59
MonkDAcezwell if yoru using UEFI, i've no idea :(09:59
MonkDAcezboot-repairs did wonder for me on legacy10:00
MonkDAcezcan't help you there :(10:00
mjrosenbChinney: what is wrong?10:00
Chinneyi can only install ubuntu with secure boot enabled but if I enable it theres another option called "supported OS" which automatically switches to Windows 8 and is not adjustable.10:01
coxaLThello, is there ubuntu-server related irc channel?10:01
ikoniacoxaLT: #ubuntu-server10:01
Chinneyso with secure boot enabled it doesnt even recognizes win7 live cd and stuff. just win810:02
izarryguys should i always do sudo apt-get update on every software that i want to install?10:03
Chinneyso i basically cant install ubuntu under EFI mode only under legacy after doing that i tried to convert grub into EFI mode with grub-repait but now it just goes into grub rescue under lagecy and straight into win 8 under EFI10:04
ChinneyHELP PLZ! P.S. Why am I the only one walking?10:07
mjrosenbChinney: it is rather late in the US.10:08
izarryguys how can i create a folder in "/var/www/ " and when i save a file in there i can't save it :/10:10
=== root is now known as Guest42085
acerioHello really need help here, i want to tunnel all my traffic with SSH, but that SSH must connect to http proxy first. how can i do that?10:10
izarryguys how can i create a folder in "/var/www/ " and when i save a file in there i can't save it :/10:14
mjrosenbizarry: what is the error that you get?10:19
zubairahmedfolder permission error izarry10:20
izarrymjrosenb, i am a developer and i want to test my php , but when i save it  this error pops up "Unable to save /var/www/izarry/adsf.php10:20
izarryError: No such file or directory10:20
zubairahmedtry adding your user to www-data10:20
izarryzubairahmed, im new at ubuntu sorry how can i add user?10:21
mjrosenbizarry: how did you make /var/www/izarry?10:21
mjrosenbizarry: *not* adding a user.10:21
zubairahmedtry adding your user to www-data GROUP10:21
izarrymjrosenb, using sudo -h then mkdir10:22
izarrymjrosenb, using sudo -s then mkdir10:22
izarrymjrosenb, -s i mean10:22
zubairahmeddid you install apache?10:22
zubairahmeddid you install apache? izarry10:23
mjrosenbizarry: that will create a directory that you cannot write to10:23
izarryzubairahmed, yes sir .. i already installed it10:23
mjrosenbsudo chown izarry /var/www/izarry *should* fix it.10:23
izarrymjrosenb, wow thank you , and thanks also mr zubairahmed :)10:25
ashadiqiHi everyone10:25
ashadiqiI've asked this question earlier today, but nobody answered it yet and then i gotta go- so i ask this again,  is it save to remove ubuntu-software-center?10:29
kostkonashadiqi, probably not10:29
mjrosenbashadiqi: to play devil's advocate, try it and find out!10:32
mjrosenbwhat's the worst that can happen?10:32
huqinge,what is this10:32
=== ARMEN_ is now known as EREVAN
huqingwa ,this is a chat app10:32
ashadiqii've also installed appgrid and synaptic-package-manager, ubuntu-software-center often is not responding10:32
ashadiqii'm using 14.04 btw10:33
kostkonashadiqi, let it be. just ignore it10:33
Codicadamn. such a big chan, yet so quiet.10:34
ashadiqikostkon: i'll take your advice10:34
kostkonashadiqi, :)10:34
ashadiqimjrosenb: thank you, but i'm a noob in ubuntu, i don't wanna mess things up10:35
mjrosenbashadiqi: how will you get better without messing things up and fixing them?10:37
=== Paradisee_ is now known as Paradise
=== Paradise is now known as Paradisee
hegazyany body like 2 chat10:38
bekkshegazy: Only if you have a specific ubuntu support question.10:39
ashadiqimjrosenb: ahhh... you sir.... just tickled my curiosity10:40
=== olav_ is now known as oal_
mattiaciao List!10:42
kostkon!list | mattia10:42
kostkonoh.. right.10:42
mattiaciao List!10:43
mjrosenbmattia: bot's down.10:43
g0tchaheya guys, quick question, after adding a NEW port in iptables, do i need to run some command to restart it or just add the por and thats it?10:44
zubairahmedbetter restart g0tcha10:44
g0tchazubairahmed, restart network service?10:44
zubairahmedg0tcha, http://askubuntu.com/questions/91413/reloading-iptables10:46
bodgixhi. has anyone managed to setup 3-finger synaptics gestures on 14.04?10:47
CaramoanUbuntu 14.10 Utopic Unicorn Can't wait.. ;->10:47
=== TeamDoge_8481 is now known as Evotique
kostkonEvotique, hi10:54
Evotiqueokay i'm not english, i'm french and i search someone who can / want speak with me for get a best english level10:55
=== Hobbyboy is now known as Hobbyboy|Away
=== romtamcloud is now known as Guest80412
xroadscan some one give me a hand by posting their /etc/apache2/mods_enabled/php5.conf ? i accidentally ruined mine10:59
xroadswrong button..11:00
mjrosenbxroads: honestly, it is lost in the noise.11:00
mjrosenbxroads: your part+join11:01
abhishekStarting jboss-as: standard in must be a tty  I changed Defaults:jboss !requiretty but still same problem ? how can i fix this11:01
phasipSo, any opinions on what I should go for if I want a dedicated linux console emulator? I want to run multiple emulators and control the whole setup with two playstation 2 controllers.11:01
coxaLTHow would i associate command with directory script?11:02
MonkeyDustcoxaLT  with an alias11:03
coxaLTI would have '/usr/scripts/my_script.pl' , and i would like to execute it with eg, ssh command "myscript args..."11:03
=== Guest80412 is now known as romtamcloud
cfhowlett!fr | Evotique,11:09
EvotiqueWhat ?11:09
sexyboyEvotique: check your query11:09
mjrosenbdoes that trigger a different bot?11:10
sexyboyidk i'm kinda new here11:10
mjrosenb!fr | mjrosenb,11:10
cfhowlettEvotique, ask in #ubuntu-fr        for french language support11:10
sexyboydeduction tells me it does send a query message to an user about the french community11:10
Chinneymjrosenb: are you familiar with dual boots for ubuntu and win8?11:12
mjrosenbsexyboy: that is what it /should/ do, assuming the bot is responding.11:12
mjrosenbChinney: nope, sorry :-(11:12
logyyhi people, one question, if i burn linux to usb, can i make an aditional folder on usb and put some other data, will the installation work?11:13
Timoty<img src="apples.jpeg">11:13
TimotyHey everyone, can we transfer images on irc ?11:13
=== Screedo_ is now known as Screedo
MMukherjlTimoty: No.11:13
MMukherjlIt's ASCII...11:14
MMukherjlNot HTML11:14
Timotyoh okay11:14
ashadiqiloggy: afaik it's fine11:14
cfhowlett!paste | Timoty,11:14
cfhowlettTimoty, imgur will let you post images11:14
MMukherjlashadiqi: logyy*11:14
TimotyI am on a personal app for irc chat11:15
logyywhat means afaik?11:15
TimotyI can see the image I sent here.11:15
meethi. I have xubuntu installed and plan to replace it with ubuntu or lubuntu. but the last time I did something similar, the desktop sessions got messed up. At every startup i get a message like xfce not found. going to default session or something. I have a separate /home partition and /root. how do I avoid this messup of those config files? thanks.11:15
MMukherjlAs Far As I know.11:15
MonkeyDustlogyy  no, what you can do: create two partitions on the usb stick, burn ubunutu to one, keep the other for data11:15
Seveaslogyy: as far as i know.11:15
ashadiqilogyy: as far as i know11:15
logyyok thank you poeple :D11:15
MMukherjlTimoty: It's a sort of WebIRC, isn't it?11:16
g0tchazubairahmed, thanks for the link.. but unfortunately when i restart iptables using init.d, the port i added disapears11:16
MMukherjlOr it's impossible.11:16
MMukherjlYou can *NOT* post images in ASCII11:16
SkippersBossmeet: you first install ubuntu-desktop or whatever desktop you want after which you remove everything Xubuntu11:16
coxaLTi have question11:17
SkippersBossmeet: Sorry to see XUbuntu was not to your liking .11:17
MonkeyDustcoxaLT  let's hear it11:17
SeveasMMukherjl: well, there are image-to-ascii converters :)11:17
MMukherjlYes. There're.11:17
MMukherjlBut he wants to post .jpg images.........11:17
MMukherjlSeaves: ^11:18
Timotyso if I send a converted image what will it look likH11:18
TimotyI will check on that11:18
MMukherjlIf I do, that'll be a big spam.11:18
MMukherjlI can show you... but in PM11:18
Bobbo_Timoty: You'd get kicked/muted/banned for flooding if you done that in a channel.11:18
TimotyI can't PM11:18
TimotyI am  on a personal irc app11:18
coxaLTI try to running script, wich attempts start another program. For some reason it "stucks" and does'nt init properly, after i use CTRL+C i go on writing-mode in terminal, but then when i execute same command, program terminal stucks in another way11:19
MonkeyDustTimoty  try pasting in #test11:19
MMukherjlYou can.11:19
MMukherjlBy /query11:19
Timotyhow ?11:19
coxaLTMy question would be, what would be the way to terminate proccess started from first command execution?11:19
coxaLTso i could try again,11:19
SeveascoxaLT: the kill command11:19
MonkeyDustcoxaLT  better ask in #bash11:20
Timotyjust post it here11:20
Seveasfind the process id with ps aux and then use kill to kill it11:20
MMukherjlThe ADMINs'll kick me,11:20
MMukherjl... So I won't do it.,11:20
MMukherjl... So I won't do it.*11:20
MonkeyDustMMukherjl  spare the enter key, it's getting a headache11:20
AfarMM can we PM ?11:21
Timotywhat's that ?11:22
MatthiasMHello, I have a problem running apt-get or anything related to software/distribution update/upgrade on an LTS 12.04 with the following error "E: Das Paket linux-headers-3.2.0-60 muss neu installiert werden, es kann jedoch kein Archiv dafür gefunden werden"11:22
MatthiasMwhich translates to "the package  linux-headers-3.2.0-60 must be reinstalled, but no archive could be found"11:23
MMukherjlTimoty: See your PM11:23
meetSkippersBoss: I want to install a compltely different os. So how to remove the earlier files in /home. like the config files or the .local folder?11:23
Timotyapparently I receive your PM11:23
MMukherjl'k bb11:23
=== musca` is now known as musca
coxaLThow to return proccess id at the same time i start script, instead of looking on aux ps?11:25
SeveasMatthiasM: try purging the package with dpkg -P11:25
MatthiasMSeveas: the problem is that -60 is the currently running kernel11:25
TimotyNo worries about images. I will search another solution for my application11:25
muscacoxaLT:  echo $$11:26
SeveasMatthiasM: linux-headers-* packages aren't the kernel, they can be safely removed.11:27
SkippersBossmeet: If you use a life cd/stick for your installations you can choose to format your partitions11:27
MatthiasMohh ok, will try that11:27
=== SierraAR is now known as Sierra
SkippersBossyou should save anything that you want to keep to a different location though (Pictures/Music/Documents)11:31
=== mybit is now known as BitPomm
Malinuxanyone having any experiences with mac mini 2011 and Ubuntu 14.04 ?11:39
MalinuxI have graphic issues11:39
Malinuxhigest resolution is 1024x76811:39
Malinuxthe display is a 1920x1080 display11:39
Malinuxif I change to that resolution with xrandr it gives med vertical black bars, and I cant fill det the entire screen11:39
jj--hello usb modem disconnects on connect, here is syslog http://pastebin.com/sHLjzf2Q11:42
coxaLTI get fallowing:11:42
coxaLT_XSERVTransSocketOpenCOTSServer: Unable to open socket for inet611:42
jj--modesiwtch works ok and there is no pin code11:42
coxaLT_XSERVTransOpen: transport open failed for inet6/401402:211:42
coxaLT_XSERVTransMakeAllCOTSServerListeners: failed to open listener for inet611:42
jj--this is driving me nuts11:43
coxaLTwhat would be the problem>11:43
Guest4298Hi, I have been trying to install ubuntu on 3 laptops : Dell(Core i7, 8GB, AMD)11:45
MonkeyDustGuest4298  great, what went wrong11:47
Guest4298Hi, I have been trying to install ubuntu on 3 laptops : Dell(Core i7, 8GB, AMD), Asus(i3, 4GB, nVidia) and Acer(i3, 2GB, nVidia)......Works fine on dell but crashes on both acer and asus.....crashes on the next restart after installing "opencv". Can anyone help?11:48
=== Guest35362 is now known as icetea-
Guest4298opencv is a computer vision library. has a couple of dependencies like cmake, python-numpy, libgtk, etc11:49
Guest4298apart from the crash...while installing cmake, libgtk, and other dependencies, i opened ubuntu software centre and searched for their packages....interesting was that on dell i got all packages in search results but no results on asus and acer11:51
ythejIs there any software for downloading youtube videos for ubuntu?11:58
mjrosenbGuest4298: /what/ crashes?11:58
mjrosenbyeats_: youtube-dl, cclive11:58
cfhowlettythej, youtube-dl11:58
mjrosenbyeats_: probably others.11:58
ythejits not working11:59
=== yeats_ is now known as yeats
ythejits showing some error messages11:59
cfhowlettythej, just for fun, imagine that error messages are quite helpful in solving issues.  now ... wait for it ... cause this is crazy ... STATE the error messages!12:00
adamcunningtonWhen i modify a file, i still see a filename~ file in the dir12:02
adamcunningtonshouldn't this disappear almost instantly?12:02
ythejwarning:falling back to static signature algorithm12:03
mjrosenbadamcunnington: that is a backup, created by some editors, in case you want to undo something.12:03
ythejerror:HTTP error 40312:04
=== day- is now known as day
mirakdo I need to redo grub after reisze2fs ?12:04
MalinuxI solved the black bar problem after resetting display to factoy settings.12:04
MalinuxNow I need to know how to save the xrandr-settings12:05
Guest4298Hi, I have been trying to install ubuntu on 3 laptops : Dell(Core i7, 8GB, AMD), Asus(i3, 4GB, nVidia) and Acer(i3, 2GB, nVidia)......Works fine on dell but crashes on both acer and asus.....crashes on the next restart after installing "opencv". Can anyone help? opencv is a computer vision library. has a couple of dependencies like cmake, python-numpy, libgtk, etc. apart from the crash...while12:06
Guest4298installing cmake, libgtk, and other dependencies, i opened ubuntu software centre and searched for their packages....interesting was that on dell i got all packages in search results but no results on asus and acer......the crash error message : "SYSTEM HAS ENCOUNTERED AN ERROR" with a black background...2 buttons: Report problem and cancel....pressing either doesnt help...it makes the window12:06
Guest4298disappear but now i have a black screen....i opened another terminal ctrl+alt+f1 ....now i can log in but still no gui terminal....can anyone help???12:06
melio_i have minecraft.jar how do i put that sucker on the launcher or a lnk to it12:12
melio_i tried a few differnt ubuntu forum posts on this and none helped12:12
Meliotwo logins12:12
wesley9946fixed about the login or the minecraft thing12:14
Meliothe logins12:14
Meliothe minecraft link i can't figure out12:14
MelioI have to launch it from my downloads dir12:14
=== bosco89_ is now known as bosco89
kostkonMelio, what's the problem exactly?12:16
kostkonMelio, oh create a launcher for it12:16
MelioI tried what forums tell me to do.12:17
Meliobut it doesnt work12:17
Melioif anyone has a method of launching minecraft from the side launcher . please let me know how it's done to add it and modify the icon for it12:18
kostkonMelio, there are apps that allow you to create custom launchers. but here it is http://paste.ubuntu.com/8334307/12:20
=== Thor^^ is now known as thor
wesley9946put the .jar on the desktop, right click on it, go to the rights tab (the second one), tick Make this file executable, then go to the Open with tab, and from there select the OpenJDK Java 7 Runtime12:20
wesley9946then it should work12:20
=== thor is now known as Thor
Meliobut i dont want it on the desktop12:20
Melioi want it in the laucher12:20
kostkonMelio, save it as Minecraft.desktop     then right click on it, click on Properties, then  Permissions and enable the Allow to run it as applicatin option12:20
wesley9946ok, skip that part with the desktop12:20
kostkonMelio, then take that file and move it to ~/.local/share/applications12:21
MelioI think i foun a video that explains this12:21
kostkonMelio, where ~/ is your home folder that is12:21
=== pascal is now known as Guest29565
Meliohmm still not working12:30
Meliowonder if the icon is too ig12:30
matty_rAnybody had a problem where changing a video to fullscreen in a browser or even in VLC will make the fullscreen go to the background12:32
kostkonMelio, check that the paths are right12:32
Meliodoing tha now12:32
Meliosomething aint right12:33
Meliobecause it won't launch from the launcher12:33
kostkonMelio, icon shouldn't be more than 512x512. 256x256 will suffice12:33
Meliocould it be cause it's .jar12:33
Melioi could exec= and put in a java execute line12:33
Meliomaby start a script instead12:34
kostkonMelio, ?12:34
Meliofor the /usr/share/applications/mincraft...12:34
Melioin that file12:34
kostkonMelio, /usr/share/applications?12:34
kostkonMelio, wher is the minecraft folder located?12:36
matty_rI just noticed it's doing it when I press the super button also12:36
Melioi put the Minecraft.jar in /home/melio/.mc/Minecraft.jar12:36
Melioit's pathed directly to that12:36
Melioleme edit that12:37
kostkonMelio, is it really Minecraft.jar or minecraft.jar. remember, linux is case sensitive12:37
Melioit's not cased right12:37
MelioI know i just noticed that12:37
Meliook got the icon and graphic properly set on the launcher12:39
Meliobut it's not launching12:39
Meliocould it be an ownership issue?12:40
kostkonMelio, so the exec line is java -jar /home/melio/.mc/minecraft.jar12:40
Melioit shuold be...12:40
Meliolemme try12:40
Meliowith proper case12:40
kostkonMelio, and the desktop file is executable?12:40
MelioI don't know12:40
MelioI'll check it12:40
kostkonMelio, does the icon work now?12:41
Novice201yHello. How can I check producer's name of HDD in my computer under Ubuntu?12:41
Meliook adding java -jar fixed it12:41
Melioi figured i had to launch it with java12:41
kostkonMelio, jar files need the -jar option12:42
Meliothe desktop will launch it cause i has assoation, but the launcher ignores those12:42
kostkonMelio, yeah you need the -jar when you run it from the terminal12:42
Melioi assumed the launcher was using the association12:42
Meliothat thin grey line of terminal/console to desktop config files12:43
Meliono biggie. finally fixed it12:43
Meliothanks for help12:43
kostkonMelio, np12:43
=== ikanobori_ is now known as ikanobori
=== riot_ is now known as riot
Kill3rSo what is this whole thing about?12:54
Melioubuntu linux support here12:54
shuvojitanybody ?12:55
Melioshuvojit, what is the ?12:55
Meliowho makes your harddrive?12:55
shuvojitwut ?12:56
shuvojitsorry, was just testing if my mobile irc's working or not:)12:57
Melioshuvojit, >sudo lshw -class disk12:58
Kill3ris there any way i can bring my Apps on the desktop?12:58
Melioit should give you disks, cdroms ect. vendor line tells uo who makes it12:58
MelioKill3r, which ubuntu are you running12:58
Kill3r14.04 LTS12:58
Meliokill3r, I was just asking about how to add various things to the launcher12:59
Meliothe launcher is where the defualt applications launch from, you can change those items12:59
Meliohaving it it right on the desktop is possible. but not desired by design13:00
Melioyou can also add additional launchers like plank13:00
Kill3rOkay thanks !13:00
Meliowhich kinda looks like macos style launcher on the bottom or wherever you set it13:00
Kill3rI use one named Dockey or something13:01
Meliolearn how to add apps to it13:01
Kill3rYeah ,what is this whole app about again?13:02
Kill3rhow do i know if anyone is online?13:10
Meliokill3r depends on what you mean13:10
* cfhowlett misses ubottu13:12
MonkeyDustcfhowlett  sentimental romantic13:15
TurkerTunaliI've installed apache2 on ubuntu desktop 14 and I've changed DocumentRoot. But now I get "ForbiddenYou don't have permission to access /index.html on this server." error. What permissions do we need on folder?13:19
MonkeyDustTurkerTunali  is that a server? there's also #ubuntu-server13:22
TurkerTunalino I use Ubuntu Desktop13:24
cfhowlettTurkerTunali, sounds like a question the #apache channel13:24
TurkerTunaliThey don't respond but thanks anyway13:25
TurkerTunaliThere should be www-data group but I don't have it13:25
bekksTurkerTunali: Which permissions do you have on that folder then?13:26
bekksTurkerTunali: And how did you install apache2?13:26
TurkerTunaliEx DocumentRoot folder is 755 root, new DocumentRoot folder is 700 turker13:27
TurkerTunaliI've installed via sudo apt-get install lamp-server^13:28
bekks!info lamp-server13:28
ubottuPackage lamp-server does not exist in trusty13:28
bekksTurkerTunali: Uhm, why didnt you just installed apache2?13:28
TurkerTunaliI need php, mysql13:28
ashish979join #hackerrank13:28
bekksThen install mysql and php as well.13:28
TurkerTunaliI've installed them13:29
bekksTurkerTunali: you've installed lamp-server, which is some 3rd party software, since it isnt in the official repos.13:29
TurkerTunalibekks: ok, thank you13:30
Urchin[emacs]command line interface to php is in php5-cli13:33
=== rymate12- is now known as rymate1234
=== andrex|off is now known as andrex
zorkaHow do I define a command so I can just switch path to a certain dir with command13:40
zorkalike: "$shell> adts" and adts is replaced by cd ~/dev/android/tools/13:40
Bobbo_zorka: Set an alias.13:41
=== andrex is now known as andrex|off
=== dark is now known as asher1
Bobbo_zorka: If you have a .bashrc file in your home directory, you can set them in there.13:44
=== Joshua^Dunamis is now known as Joshua^Dunamis_i
epinkyanyone familiar with openldap? I have the ldif and a fresh install, I don't know how to restore the database, I tried "ldapadd -Y EXTERNAL -H ldapi:/// -f ldap_2014.ldif" but I get " additional info: no global superior knowledge" , could anyone help?13:48
zorkaBobbo_, i used to have one but it is gone13:53
Bobbo_zorka: cp /etc/skel/.basrc ~/.bashrc13:54
=== vemacs|ded is now known as vemacs
zorkain ~/ or ~/home?13:54
zorkaty btw13:55
Bobbo_~ is a shortcut for /home/$USER13:55
BluesKajHowdy folks13:55
=== epzil0n is now known as Guest23622
Bobbo_zorka: again, if you missed that from the netsplit stuff: ~ is a shortcut for /home/$USER13:57
zorkaty Bobbo14:04
zorkahow can I do this:14:04
zorka./emulator-x86 -avd emulator_name -qemu -m 2047 -enable-kvm14:04
zorkarun emulator_name14:04
Moony22zorka: type it into the terminal and click enter?14:05
holgerhi bezet14:05
zorkaMoony22, yes but instead of writing all that I want to write "run emulator_name" so it is replcaed by "./emulator-x86 -avd emulator_name -qemu -m 2047 -enable-kvm"14:05
Moony22zorka: ohhh14:06
Bobbo_zorka: in your .bashrc file you'll have some line like this: alias la='ls -A'14:06
=== sins-_h is now known as sins-
Bobbo_Just add it below like this: "alias emu='/home/$USER/emulator-x86 -adv ...'"14:07
zorkabut emulator_name is a variable14:07
Bobbo_I dunno not that bash savvy. P14:08
* Guest96071 Back14:11
=== Guest96071 is now known as RedDeath
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erik__todo bien=14:14
blackangelprSaludos erik__14:14
bekks!es | erik__14:14
ubottuerik__: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.14:14
erik__que onda, tienen siempre todos abierto este cliente de chat para ayudar a la gente?14:15
blackangelprnormalmente yup14:15
erik__se agradece!14:15
zorka    ~/dev/android/tools/adt-bundle-linux-x86_64-20140702/sdk/tools/.emulator-x86 -avd $1 -qemu -m 2047 -enable-kvm14:23
zorkaemulator-x86 is a program14:23
zorkawhere should the . be?14:23
=== zhengyi_ is now known as zhengyi
meerrik_How can I hide, the chat messeges?14:29
meerrik_I mean,  i just want to see de users messeges.14:30
eeeemeerrik_: right click on the channel name > settings > hide join/part14:30
eeee( most likely )14:30
meerrik_nope :(14:31
eeeemeerrik_: which irc client are you using?14:31
eeeeshould work..14:31
lblumeOne time out of two, after my Ubuntu GNOME session is locked, it is not possible to unlock it. Is there a way to kill the locking remotely?14:31
=== us is now known as Guest2507
meerrik_Yes, it works!14:32
zorka    ~/dev/android/tools/adt-bundle-linux-x86_64-20140702/sdk/tools/.emulator-x86 -avd $1 -qemu -m 2047 -enable-kvm14:32
zorkawhere should the . be?14:32
meerrik_Just my mistake jaja14:32
eeeenp :)14:32
meerrik_where are you from? you and the other users14:32
meerrik_Argentina, here.14:33
[ohjn]atlanta here14:33
zorkawhere should the '.' be?14:33
meerrik_Sorry zorka, i don't know :D14:33
meerrik_i'm 2114:33
meerrik_ajjaja 91? cool14:34
* cfhowlett thinks "hmm. How DOES one change the /nick password?"14:34
eeee /nickserv set password14:34
cfhowletteeee, thanks.14:34
=== gary is now known as Guest87258
BUSYi didn't get a chance to read that whole message where can i find the rest of it?14:35
t35t0ri installed the mozilla security ppa with sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-mozilla-security/ppa then did sudo apt-get update but why is it still saying that thunderbird 24 is the latest?14:35
t35t0rhow do i get the latest thunderbird and firefox?14:35
=== Setsu is now known as RedDeath
=== RedDeath is now known as Guest23941
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cfhowlettt35t0r, sudo apt-get install thunderbird firefox         will install the version in the repos14:37
=== zz_Guest23941 is now known as Setsu
=== Setsu is now known as RedDeath
t35t0rcfhowlett, right but it says i'm uptodate with v2414:38
t35t0rwhen v31.1.1 is the latest14:38
t35t0ris v31.1.1 in the mozilla security ppa?14:38
john_520hey all14:38
cfhowlettt35t0r, I don't know.  I don't mess with ppa's.14:38
see1any help with ubuntu 12.04 server? i need a tool like htop bit i get E: Unable to locate package htop14:38
t35t0rk what's the deb line for getting the latest mozilla packages?14:38
cfhowlettsee1, ask #ubuntu-server channel14:38
blackangelpryou must either add manually ppa or you installed something and did not notice that added that ppa14:38
t35t0rso add-apt-repo is broken?14:39
t35t0rthe ppa is showing v31.1.1 of thunderbird is the latest14:39
see1any help with ubuntu 12.04 server? i need a tool like htop bit i get E: Unable to locate package htop  //ubuntu 12.04 precise14:40
ikoniasee1: how are you trying to find it14:40
see1yep but dont found14:41
ikoniasee1: "how" are you trying to find it14:41
ikoniasee1: you do not install from that link14:42
ikoniasee1: please answer the question "how" are you trying to find it14:43
blackangelprthere is a button for apt install the htop there14:43
blackangelprnot software center14:43
blackangelprif you have a gui on your server14:43
ikoniado not use that button14:44
cfhowlettgui + server? HERESY!14:44
ikoniaif your system can't find it - there is a problem/missconfiuration of that system14:44
see1ikonia i try to find it via yahoo14:44
ikoniatrying to get around it will not help your problem system14:44
ikoniasee1: yahoo is not a search system for the ubuntu repos14:44
ikoniasee1: do you know how to use the apt commands ?14:44
see1not all commands for sure14:45
ikoniasee1: do you know how to search with apt-cache14:45
MonkeyDustsee1  in a terminal, type: sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-cache search htop14:45
ikoniasee1: ok - so thats the first thing you need to do14:45
octonapt-get install14:45
ikoniaguys - please think about the advice you are giving people14:46
ikoniahelp them to use the system not circumvent problems with dirty hacks14:46
loahow i can list what libraries application need?14:47
loai remember it was ld or something.14:47
ardan_wtf? i have to buy a new computer because i can't find a replacement fan?14:47
ikoniaardan_: thats nothing to do with ubuntu - please control your language also14:48
ikonialoa: ldd14:48
ardan_where am i?!14:48
ikoniaardan_: you're in #ubuntu14:48
ardan_ah. i can't say wtf?14:48
ikoniaardan_: no14:48
ikoniaso please don't14:48
cfhowlett!guidelines | ardan_, this is the ubuntu support channel. guidelines apply to all .. even you.14:48
ubottuardan_, this is the ubuntu support channel. guidelines apply to all .. even you.: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines14:48
SCHAAP137in #ubuntu-offtopic u might get away with it ardan_14:48
ikoniano you won't14:48
ikoniait is not acceptable in any of the ubuntu channels14:48
cfhowlettSCHAAP137, bad advice there.14:48
funchmore like #hardware or #defocus14:49
loawhat is chrome-sandbox?14:49
loawhy it have suid bit?14:49
* ardan_ hides.14:49
=== charity is now known as charr--
t35t0ranyone know how to get the latest firefox and thunderbird on ubuntu without a manual install ? using 13.1014:53
cfhowlettt35t0r, well FIRST you gotta install 14.04 as 13.10 is end of life = no longer supported14:54
kostkont35t0r, support has ended for 13.10 that's why you can't have the latest version of those apps14:54
killerHey , How can I contact ubuntu , I submitted 2 apps for software center but they are still "pending review " after 2 months14:54
locoguanoAlways want a .04... they have longer support14:54
kostkont35t0r, upgrade to 14.04 which has 5y of support14:54
t35t0ri already ran apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade14:55
CodicaBit out of place... but how do I divide X into Y random integers? (Their sum must be X.)14:55
cfhowlett!eolupgrade | t35t0r, nope.14:55
ubottut35t0r, nope.: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades14:55
blackangelprt35t0r,   using do-release-upgrade is recommended because it has the ability to handle system configuration changes sometimes needed between releases.14:56
cfhowlettCodica, ??? ask #algebra14:56
Codicacfhowlett algebra has 1 person in it >.<14:56
t35t0ryup running do-release-upgrade14:56
cfhowlettCodica, this is ubuntu - not algebra homework support.  sorry.14:57
MonkeyDustCodica  try ##defocus or so14:57
Codicaok :<14:57
LongCatTHany bash kungfu?14:59
LongCatTHI want to grep a line that ends with the same two characters...15:00
LongCatTH*all lines15:00
cfhowlettLongCatTH, ##bash15:00
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pompeiihello everyone, how does one make add-ons appear somewhere in chromium browser? I add it, and the only sign that something is done is that it shows me an icon to rate it, but the add-on is nowhere in the browser to be seen15:15
ausany suggestions on how to debug a DVD burner that recognizes as only a DVD-RAM (??) writer? Ubuntu Trusty http://pastie.org/9550836 The drive recognizes properly in Arch and Windows.15:15
pompeiiah, and the add-on is also shown on this page: chrome://apps/  but not on the browser itself15:16
acovrigI'm trying to follow http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2243570&p=13120364#post13120364 and can't find the vfiobind or vfio-bind commands anywhere (apt-cache, launchpad, google), where is the magical command?15:17
kyle__Is there a channel for 14.10 questions?15:19
=== RedDeath is now known as zz_RedDeath
BluesKajkyle__, #ubuntu+115:20
kyle__Thank you15:20
pompeiichat client was closed. it wasnt me, I swear15:21
pompeiithere used to be good old days where you'd see the add-on next to the address bar when you installed it15:21
=== sins-_h is now known as sins-
blackangelprpompeii, might ask on #chrome     ? :p15:23
=== houtens is now known as avruga
Nothing_MuchCan I use the Ubuntu pastebin for anything or does it have to be ubuntu related?15:24
blackangelprNothing_Much, http://pastebin.com/15:24
blackangelprjust in case15:25
blackangelprstill free15:25
Nothing_Muchgot it15:25
geirhaNothing_Much: anything, but it's a bit annoying for non-ubuntuers. It requires authentication to get to the raw paste. I recommend sprunge.us or ix.io in general15:25
Nothing_Muchtyvm blackangelpr15:25
Nothing_Muchah okay15:25
=== avruga is now known as houtens
zorkahow do I get time in seconds and milliseconds as well?15:27
acovrigdoes anyone know the package name that provides vfiobind or vfio-bind? I didn't see it in apt-cahce, but may need to add something to my sources for that to work...15:27
kyle__zorka: from the command line, or from a particular programming language?15:27
zorkakyle: shell15:28
darksiderhi all15:29
=== uber_ is now known as uber
kyle__zorka: date can display anything it has a format string for.  I think it has nanoseconds, but not microseconds.15:29
zorkado how do i call it?15:29
zorkagives hh:mm:ss15:29
kostkonzorka, man date15:29
darksiderat boot time, samba service appears two times, one after the other, first time [OK], second time [fail]15:29
kyle__zorka: formats are % then a symbol it understands.  So date +%s gives you the number of seconds since the epoch.15:30
kyle__zorka: This would give you the hour:minute:second.nanosecond15:30
kyle__date +%H:%M:%S.%N15:30
darksiderany ideas how to fix this?15:31
=== havingFun is now known as xrosnight
kyle__darksider: Probably your samba config is borked?15:31
darksiderkyle__: samba works fine. Just wondering why the system tries to load it two times15:32
kyle__darksider: as root, testparm -A will dump out what samba has as a configuration, including all the default values.15:32
kyle__darksider: So the service tries to start twice?15:33
darksiderthis is what it seems15:33
kyle__And no /etc/rc.local stuff to try and start it as well?15:33
darksiderkyle__: i get: Starting SMB/CIFS File and Active directory server [OK]. Next line - Starting SMB/CIFS File and Active directory server [fail].15:36
darksiderkyle__: nothing on rc.local15:37
kyle__darksider: It kindof sounds like it's just a minor issue with the whole sys-v/upstart->systemd debacle ubuntu is going through now.  It's a non-issue, and shouldn't hurt anything.15:38
kyle__They'll probably fix it sooner or later.15:38
kyle__Who knows, it could be something not samba related even, and just have the wrong string in there.15:38
darksiderkyle__: http://askubuntu.com/questions/455418/samba-started-twice-on-boot-up-after-upgrade-to-14-0415:39
darksiderseems im not the only one with this issue15:39
kyle__darksider: Yeah.  Considering samba is very resilliant (annoyingly so when you want to kill the processes sometimes), it's a non issue :)15:40
darksiderok then, ill wait for a patch15:40
* kyle__ sighs.15:42
darksiderkyle__: thanks15:42
kyle__Now, bluetooth showing up in dmesg but not in CLI or unity, __that's__ an annoying issue for me right now15:42
darksiderkyle__: sounds like a bigger problem than mine15:45
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Fr0ZnHello all16:02
=== RedDeath is now known as Alin`
LMNOP-LAPTOPhey NS2 is onsale for like 45 minutes more16:15
sydneyWhat is the code that i need to use to find programs related to the name of one. I am trying to find programs that have in their name 'sdl2'. How do i show them all?16:18
sydneyI have done it before,but cannot remember :-/16:18
daftykinsapt-cache search sdl16:18
daftykins(after running apt-get update)16:19
sydneyok :)16:19
sydneyHi :)16:21
HideMeAnyone know how to enable digital output (s/pdif) 5.1 channel audio?16:22
ActionParsnipHideMe: what is the output of: wget -O alsa-info.sh http://www.alsa-project.org/alsa-info.sh && chmod +x ./alsa-info.sh && ./alsa-info.sh --upload16:23
sydneyHideMe: Open your audio prefs.16:25
sydneyit should be in the output section16:25
=== Alin` is now known as RedDeath
HideMeActionParsnip, okay.... now what?16:28
HideMesydney,  In the "sound" config?16:28
ActionParsnipHideMe: what is the URL it generated please?16:28
sydneyit should be.16:28
BluesKajHideMe, another method is to open alsamixer in the terminal and make sure spdif and spdif1 are set to pcm and the spdif box shows 0016:33
nearsthello guy16:33
nearstguillaume_, do u play blood brother too ? lol16:34
guillaume_blood brother?16:34
HideMeBluesKaj, okay I'll check this.16:34
nearstguillaume_, mobage games, if not. nvm16:34
=== nearst is now known as nearzt
HideMeBluesKaj, PMC is 100<>100 and both  S/PDIF S/PDIF D are 0016:36
HideMeActionParsnip, Any suggestions?16:37
ActionParsnipHideMe: I'm no good at sound issues. Mine always just work as my sound setup is simple.16:38
eezi_can i ask something about the installation?16:38
theadmineezi_: Ask16:39
ActionParsnipeezi_: sure16:39
tozeneezi_: u can read about the installation as well... ;)16:39
ActionParsnipHideMe: that URL is useful though16:39
BluesKajHideMe, ok , make sure alsamixer doesn't show automute as enabled16:39
HideMeBluesKaj,  It is enabled.16:40
BudI am newby and trying to install xsane and gimp.  Have downloaded both packages, need libgimp and apt-get doesn't work\16:40
BluesKajHideMe, the disabled automute16:40
=== wolflarson_ is now known as WolfLarson
BluesKajerr disable16:41
=== RedDeath is now known as zz_RedDeath
* BluesKaj reaches for his glasses]16:41
nearztBud, how u install it ? sudo apt-get install xsane gimp ?16:41
kostkonBud, downloaded them from where16:41
eezi_thanks! I wanted to install ubuntu on my acer e360 (1gb ram 2ghz) and i cannot install it neither thru usb nor thru dvd...  it always gets stuck at the verifying dmi pool data screen... I already tried to google this problem but i am too noob maybe ;)16:41
tozenBud: pastebin issue of sudo apt-get update to pastebin.ubuntu.com please16:42
BudNo..I download .deb package and used dpkg16:42
tozenBud: send a link here16:42
kostkonBud, why?16:42
HideMeBluesKaj, Working. Now have sound on all 5.   Though in "sound" GUI there is no mode settings or option to test all 5.16:42
kostkonBud, install them either by using the software centre or apt-get16:43
tozenkostkon: he said apt-get is faulty, pal16:43
BudI uninstalled software center because it kept finding unavailable repository16:43
ActionParsnipeezi_: thats not an Ubuntu issue. You meed to pull allower from the system and take the cmos battery out. Leave it out for a good few hours then put back together16:43
BudSo now I have software center as deb package also.16:44
tozenBud: nice!!!16:44
ActionParsnipBud: that won't fix that.16:44
ikoniaBud: that sounds like the worst solution ever16:44
eezi_it's a desktop computer.. i tried to restore the bios settings but no luck16:44
=== Guest92949 is now known as CEnnis91
ikoniaeezi_: not an ubuntu issue16:45
ikoniaeezi_: try the guys in ##hardware16:45
BudHow do I isolate messages according to this thread from others showing up16:45
tozenBud: go to pastebin.com and paste an issue of <sudo apt-get update> from your terminal there. Then copy-paste new link here.16:45
kostkonBud, you can't. You can hide the joins and quits though16:46
ActionParsnipBud: what is the output of: sudo apt-get update , use a pastebin to host the output16:46
MonkeyDustBud  you mean the joins and parts? that depends on your irc client16:46
BudJoins and quits are a lot of the clutter.  I remind you of me being newbie...so I probably cannot answer many questions16:47
=== daniel is now known as Guest85602
MonkeyDustBud  what irc client are you using?16:47
eezi_thanks.... what's the irc channel of hardware?16:47
kostkon!quietirc | Bud16:48
ubottuBud: To ignore joins/parts/quits in your favorite IRC client, see http://wiki.xkcd.com/irc/Hide_join_part_messages16:48
ikoniaeezi_: ##hardware as I've just told you16:48
Bud# ubuntu freenode web IRC16:48
ActionParsnipeezi_: ##hardware , but I gave the fix :)16:48
nearztBud, u can hide them, depends on irc client16:48
ActionParsnipBud: options in the top left16:48
blackangelprif xchar righ click on ubuntu channel then settings and hide join etc16:48
=== Guest85602 is now known as danielr
reversibleanCan't find a way to fix "The following packages have unmet dependencies:  phoronix-test-suite : Depends: php5-cli but it is not installed ... E: Unmet dependencies. Try using -f."16:48
=== danielr is now known as daniel_r
ActionParsnipblackangelpr: web chat is being used by Bud16:48
=== daniel_r is now known as daniel-r
=== daniel-r is now known as lain_r
yeatsreversiblean: try 'sudo apt-get -f install'16:49
ActionParsnip!info phoronix-test-suite16:49
ubottuphoronix-test-suite (source: phoronix-test-suite): comprehensive testing and benchmarking platform. In component universe, is extra. Version 4.8.3-1 (trusty), package size 413 kB, installed size 2115 kB16:49
ActionParsnipreversiblean: as yeats says16:49
reversibleanyeats: tried that already. tried several solutions none of them work16:49
ActionParsnipreversiblean: what is the output of: cat /etc/issue16:50
reversibleanActionParsnip: The following packages have unmet dependencies:  phoronix-test-suite : Depends: php5-cli but it is not installed16:50
reversibleanreversiblean: sorry wrong paste. Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS \n \l16:50
BudOK..found options, turned off joins (nothing there about quits)16:50
ActionParsnipBud: run: sudo apt-get update16:50
nearztsudo apt-cache depends phoronix-test-suite16:50
ActionParsnipBud: pastebin the output16:51
tozenreversiblean: <sudo dpkg --configure -a> ??16:51
ActionParsnipreversiblean: sudo apt-get install php5-cli16:51
=== Gasseus is now known as Rallias
cxm_i had a major server error16:53
cxm_and had to restart my VM16:53
cxm_is there a log for that?16:53
BudOK  ran apt-get updates...whole bunch of stuff, but some not found like  Failed to fetch http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/raring-proposed/multiverse/binary-i386/Packages  404  Not Found [IP: 80]16:53
ActionParsnipcxm_: what OS is the VM server?16:53
=== vemacs is now known as vemacs|ded
reversibleantozen: ActionParsnip: Here's the output for dpkg --configure .. http://pastebin.com/GW06Adcy16:53
=== C13L0 is now known as Guest67935
ActionParsnipBud: if you run: cat /etc/issue , do you see "raring"?16:54
tozenreversiblean: php5-json phoronix-test-suite16:54
tozenreversiblean: d u need them?16:54
cxm_it is an Azure VM with a LAMP stack16:54
nearztBud, sudo lsb_release -a16:54
cxm_ubuntu 14.04.116:55
ActionParsnipnearzt: lsb_release doesnt need sudo16:55
BudActionP yes raring was in file names.16:55
nearzt<< noob16:55
ActionParsnipcxm_: did you upgrade directly from Raring to Trusty?16:55
tozennearzt: can be witout <sudo> ;)16:55
ActionParsnipcxm_: sorry, wrong nick16:55
cxm_lol i was like huh?16:56
ActionParsnipBud: did you upgrade direct from Raring to Trusty?16:56
nearztdidnt know that. always practice sudo16:56
yeatscxm_: /var/log/syslog should have messages related to what happened16:56
BudRelease:13.04 Codename:raring16:56
cxm_it just says nul16:56
yeatsBud: there's you're problem ;-)16:56
reversibleantozen: errors first appeared when I tried to install ubuntu-benchmark-tools16:56
tozenreversiblean: ??16:56
cxm_gives some normal process and then says nulnulnulnulnul16:56
yeats!13.04 | Bud16:57
ubottuBud: Ubuntu 13.04 (Raring Ringtail) was the 18th release of Ubuntu. Support ended on January 27, 2014. See !eol, !upgrade and http://ubottu.com/y/raring16:57
ActionParsnipcxm_: ahh so the host OS is Windows?16:57
yeats!eol | Bud16:57
ubottuBud: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades16:57
ActionParsnipBud: Raring is EOL and no longer supported.16:57
=== Guest89057 is now known as ePirat
cxm_azure so i believe maybe... Azure is it's own thing per se but yes windows nT i am sure16:57
nearztubuntu-distro-info --supported16:57
ActionParsnipBud: its like looking for updates for Windows 98, they dont exist16:57
seulHi guys! When I connect via ssh to my ubuntu comp back home (another country) and I download that file, is it completely encrypted so my ISP can't see what it is? Sorry if stupid question..16:58
cxm_so what is nul... is that all i have to go by?16:58
ActionParsnipcxm_: check in windows event logs. You also want to look in the logs in /var/log16:58
BudSo if raring is capute, do I have to upgrade to new release like 13.1 or 14.116:58
yeatscxm_: where are you seeing "nul"16:58
ponch_i'm having trouble trying to dual boot ubuntu on my computer i loaded it onto my flash drive but my BIOS screen isn't being very cooperative -- the usb will not show up as a boot option ... i turned off safe mode and CSM and neither helped... it showed up as a boot priority a few times but when i put it first and attempted to run it windows started instead .... can someone help16:58
yeatsBud: yes16:58
reversibleansame error when trying to purge/remove php5-json OR phoronix-test-suite16:58
Seveasseul: yes, all traffic going over the ssh connection is encrypted.16:58
ActionParsnipseul: download "that file", what is "that file"?16:59
cxm_the syslog16:59
BudSo I burn new CD and then install with live cd and replace old system, not install alongside16:59
kostkonBud, and judging from your adventures with apt-get remove i would suggest a cliean install16:59
tozenreversiblean: well. what we can do is reconfigure /var/lib/dpkg/status file. like a <sudo gksudo gedit /var/lib/dpgk/status>, so use Ctrl+F to find problematic packages and delete full blocks wich begins with <Package name:> then Ctrl+S and <sudo apr-get update>16:59
cxm_thank god it is load balanced... happened at like 6 this morning... boom crash... i just restarted the vm and it is working fine now16:59
ActionParsnipBud: 13.10 is dead too. I suggest you wipe Raring off and do a clean install of Trusty. You can restore user data from your backups17:00
seulActionParsnip:  Torrent is not allowed in the US, but is more Ok in Sweden. So I thought I would download (not illegal stuff, only linux dist) it in sweden on torrent and then download it in the Us here via ssh17:00
BudSo I burn new CD and then install with live cd and replace old system, not install alongside17:00
seulSeveas:  thanks, i feel safer now =)17:00
tozenreversiblean: <sudo apt-get autoclean> before <sudo apt-get uodate>17:00
yeatsBud: yes, probably the easiest method - back up first17:00
kostkonBud, correct. Assuming you have backed up your personal files17:00
ikoniatorrents are allowed in the USA17:00
ActionParsnipseul: yeah the traffic is encrypred with your key17:00
BudI think I'm getting the picture  and will logoff now and go burn a new CD...any recommendations on which one I should use17:01
ActionParsnipseul: and torrents are alloed in the US. People use it all the time to download Ubuntu for example17:01
reversibleantozen: tried both autoclean and clean17:01
BudI think I'm getting the picture  and will logoff now and go burn a new CD...any recommendations on which one I should use17:01
ActionParsnipBud: what spec is the system?17:01
cxm_any suggestions?17:01
kostkonBud, if you have a 64bit cpu, then get the 64bit iso17:01
BudI think I'm getting the picture  and will logoff now and go burn a new CD...any recommendations on which one I should use17:01
seulActionParsnip:  Oh I thought it was forbidden..17:02
ponch_kostkon: can you help me please17:02
yeatscxm_: do you see anything (besides "nul") when you do 'tail /var/log/syslog'?17:02
ActionParsnipcxm_: check logs in windows and in /var/log17:02
kostkonponch_, with what?17:02
BudI think I'm getting the picture  and will logoff now and go burn a new CD...any recommendations on which one I should use17:02
BUSYseul: torrents are perfectly legal in the US17:02
ponch_kostkon: i'm having trouble trying to dual boot ubuntu on my computer i loaded it onto my flash drive but my BIOS screen isn't being very cooperative -- the usb will not show up as a boot option ... i turned off safe mode and CSM and neither helped... it showed up as a boot priority a few times but when i put it first and attempted to run it windows started instead .... can someone help17:02
ActionParsnipseul: no, just piracy via torremts is illegal which is obvious17:02
BudI think I'm getting the picture  and will logoff now and go burn a new CD...any recommendations on which one I should use17:02
ponch_kostkon: i have been looking around to find a solution but nothing seems to work17:02
ActionParsnipBud: what spec is the sytem?17:02
seulActionParsnip:  yeah it?s illegal in Sweden too just that we have more privacy laws :P17:03
ActionParsnipBud: try reading what I write to you rather than blindly pasting the same thing and spamming the channel17:03
BudAny recommendations as to which version I should install new17:03
ActionParsnipBud: READ17:03
BudAny recommendations as to which version I should install new17:03
ActionParsnipBud: last chance, what spec is your sytem?17:04
wisekhMy location: null, Cambodia17:04
tozenreversiblean: read abowe about /var/lib/dpkg/status, please17:04
BudAny recommendations as to which version I should install new17:04
yeats!repeat | Bud17:04
ubottuBud: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/17:04
BudAny recommendations as to which version I should install new17:04
yeatsBud: not cool - we're helping you voluntarily17:04
ActionParsnipBud: im not helping you anymore, I've tried to be reasonable but you are too stupid to reply to my reasonable question.17:05
kostkonponch_, what have you done so far17:05
ponch_i turned off fast boot17:05
ponch_i turned csm to disabled17:05
ActionParsnipBud: I have better things to do than waste my time with the likes of you. I'll help someone cooperative.17:05
ponch_which made it visible but when i tried to boot off of the usb it opened windows instead17:06
reversibleantozen: ok, i'm checking there17:06
ponch_also if i turned csm to disabled instead of auto or enabled it loads the BIOS screen and tells me i need to turn on CSM17:06
ponch_kostkon: anything else?17:06
kostkonponch_, right17:08
seulIs transmission a good alternative for downloading torrent over ssh? I want to use magnet links. Is rtorrent better? dont need graphical interface17:09
kostkon!uefi | ponch_, you could start from here17:09
ubottuponch_, you could start from here: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI17:09
seullol sry17:09
ponch_kostkon: ill see what i can do17:10
=== rigved is now known as Guest73675
minion_how can i start developing ubuntu17:10
MonkeyDustminion_  read books, watch tutorials17:12
nearzt!development | minion_17:12
ubottuminion_: Interested in becoming an Ubuntu Developer? Get started here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment17:12
MonkeyDustminion_  full circle magazine has beginner's tutorials17:12
minion_suggest me some books and tutos17:12
nearztgoogle ?17:13
MonkeyDustminion_  any will do, to start17:13
cxm_is there logs for windows azure?17:14
cxm_how do i check those?17:14
reversibleantozen: there are two pkgs, that have the status "install ok unpacked", php5-json and phoronix-test-suite ; I'll try deleting both blocks as suggested.17:15
=== Guest10742 is now known as moondog
nusri'm trying to use python with ubuntu but am having some difficulty. i can't import modules. where do i keep the module? in the same folder as python3.4? i can't cut and paste the file there. how it i do it linux way17:16
=== gnu is now known as Guest51325
ikonianusr: try the #python channel, they may have recommended guides17:16
lebailhow to find mail adresses file in the .Thinderbird repertory17:17
nusrok thanks ikonia17:17
camtronIs there a way to make Ubuntu show a generic icon for .dll files,  instead of a square with the first 2 letters of the file? I know that disabling previews would do that, but I still want to see previews for images.17:17
IstalantarI am trying to delete all the files within a folder which are not ending on .exe or .cpp. I am about to use "find -type f . | grep -vE '\.(exe|cpp)$' | rm" ... will this work?17:18
ikoniaIstalantar: use the -exec option of find17:18
nusrpython channel requires registration17:18
bekksIstalantar: find . -type f -name "*.exe" -exec echo ...17:19
=== muhasturk_cloud_ is now known as muhasturk_cloud
Istalantarikonia: bekks: okay, i'll try17:21
Istalantarbekks: your solution will only find one file type won't it?17:25
bekksIstalantar: Thats why it is an example only :)17:25
=== Guest92015 is now known as Locke2002
hexafractionHi, I'm trying to create a tar archive of a list of files using the syntax tar -cvf outputfile.tar -T myFileList17:28
hexafractionHowever, I'm told, "tar: You may not specify more than one '-Acdtrux', '--delete' or  '--test-label' option"17:28
qwebirc7305how do i boot umbuntu in kernal when the computer is starting f1??17:28
hexafractionI don't appear to have more than one of these options, just -c17:28
ikoniahexafraction: -t is the file lis flag17:28
hexafractionThere are no aliases for tar in my shell.17:29
hexafractionikonia: -t is to output a file list17:29
hexafractionI want to pack a bunch of files, whose names are already in a given list (text file)17:29
ikoniaI'll hav eto check17:29
ikonia"have to" check17:29
ikoniaI thought -t was file list input17:30
eeeehexafraction: -T is for null-terminated filenames17:30
eeeeif you want to use it put it next to czvf or whateve17:30
ikonia-T, --files-from17:30
eeee(before the tar archive's name)17:30
ikonialooks like your right17:30
eeeeah nevermind17:30
hexafractioneeee: I don't see why if the file were in fact using \r\n instead, that it would keep tar from parsing the command line17:30
Istalantarthe regular expression '\.(exe|cpp)$' works with grep, why doesn't it with find -regex ?17:30
=== jpds_ is now known as jpds
qwebirc7305how do i boot in kernal??17:31
ikoniahexafraction: tar cvfT tarfile.tar listfile.txt17:32
hexafractionikonia: It seems that i get an empty tarfile.tar17:33
ikoniahexafraction: worked fine for me17:33
Novice201yHello. Is Unity8 with Mir faster on older machine than Unity7 with X?17:34
ikoniajust untared it to verify17:34
hexafractionikonia: I ran tar -cvfT repacked.tar fileList...17:34
qwebirc7305how can i boot in kernal what is the f key??17:34
hexafractionand it created a file called T that ended up being a valid tar file that contained fileList17:34
eeeehexafraction: are you putting a space between cvf and T ?17:35
ikoniahexafraction: dump the -17:35
hexafractionikonia: Dropping the  - causes the error that I cannot specify one or more of -Acdtrux, --delete,...17:35
hexafractioneeee: No space there17:36
ikoniahexafraction: show me the exact command you are running17:36
ikoniaand I do me eact17:36
Novice201yjoin #unity17:36
hexafractionikonia: tar -cvfT repacked.tar fileList17:36
ikoniahexafraction: a.) drop the - as I told you b.) is "fileList" a file containing valid full paths ?17:37
Istalantarbekks: the regular expression '\.(exe|cpp)$' works with grep, why doesn't it with find -regex ?17:37
hexafractionikonia: I stated before, dropping the  - causes the error that I cannot specify one or more of -Acdtrux17:37
hexafractionfileList contains relative paths.17:37
ikoniahexafraction: then your tar binary is screwed17:38
ikoniahexafraction: because it works just fine17:38
=== Pikachu is now known as Omicron
qwebirc7305what do i push when booting to start kernal?17:38
hexafractionikonia: I'll try to reinstall it from apt and try again17:38
=== Omicron is now known as Omicron____
eeeeqwebirc7305: what do you mean? you want grub to appear?17:39
ikoniahexafraction: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/8336298/17:39
ikoniahexafraction: that paste shows it taking the two files contained in testlist.txt and creating a tar file17:39
hexafractionDid testlist.txt contain absolute paths?17:40
ikoniahexafraction: yes,17:40
qwebirc7305which F key do i push to load kernal at boot?17:40
ikoniaqwebirc7305: you don't17:40
hexafractionikonia: Ah, that could be it.17:40
ikoniaqwebirc7305: the F keys have nothing to do with it17:40
qwebirc7305my computer is full and i need to delete files so it can boot17:40
hexafractionqwebirc7305: Then you want recovery mode.17:41
hexafractionThe kernel loads in all cases.17:41
hexafractionYou'd hold shift to see the grub menu if it is immediately bypassed by default17:41
ikoniaqwebirc7305: a ful file system should not stop it booting17:41
qwebirc7305recovery mode cannot load because the computer is 100% full17:41
qwebirc7305ok shifting now17:41
ikoniaqwebirc7305: %100 should not stop it booting17:41
ikoniaqwebirc7305: what is the error when it tries to boot17:41
qwebirc73051 sec17:42
qwebirc7305ok in recovery mode :))17:42
hexafractionikonia: Thanks for the help, it seems I was suffering from the XY problem. There was a far more straightforward way to do what I was trying to do/17:43
qwebirc7305i would want to go into root then -list then delete a file?17:43
ikoniaqwebirc7305: again - a full file system should not stop it booting, so what is the error when it tries to boot17:43
qwebirc7305how can i list files in root?17:44
daftykinsqwebirc7305: first of all, run "df -h" to see what the disk usage is. paste it to paste.ubuntu.com to share here17:45
ikoniaqwebirc7305: answer the question17:45
=== francisco is now known as Guest66680
ikoniabefore you do something that isn't related to the problem of your booting17:45
ikoniaa full disk should not stop it booting17:45
ikoniaactually - I don't care, I'm not begging for information17:45
ikoniadelete what you want17:45
qwebirc7305this has happen many times i know its because the disk is full17:46
qwebirc7305i just always forget how to list file and delete a specific file17:46
daftykinsprovide the information requests, to progress.17:46
eeeeqwebirc7305: type this df -h | grep /$17:48
eeeeand paste it here please17:48
slack64q honda17:48
qwebirc7305im in root but i cant remember the command to list files17:48
daftykinsqwebirc7305: respond to the requests that are being made of you17:49
DJonesqwebirc7305: You've been asked multiple times to post information, if you don't want help, please don't keep asking without replying to information requests17:49
Istalantarikonia: i can't find a way to delete my files with -exec of the find command, because -regex of find works somehow differently then with grep17:49
ikoniaIstalantar: run two finds then17:50
qwebirc7305i just dont see how posting data specs would help17:50
awaydf -h lists disk usage17:50
DJonesqwebirc7305: ok, please don't ask again as you're not interesting in providing information17:51
Istalantarikonia: how? the first find would delete the files i intend to retain17:52
qwebirc7305ok  first line /dev/sda1 side 293G used 278G avail 0 use% 100% mounted on /17:52
eeeeqwebirc7305: what's the % you get in that command?17:52
ikoniaIstalantar: oh, I see you're trying to do an exclude, not cpp/exe's17:53
daftykinsqwebirc7305: i said post it to paste.ubuntu.com17:53
qwebirc7305also the overflow is 100%17:53
ikoniaoverflow ?17:53
qwebirc7305i cant paste its on another computer17:53
qwebirc7305the compter thats it on cant boot17:53
eeeedid you leave something downloading or something?17:54
qwebirc7305ya 100% downloading gigs and gigs the computer has killabits free on it it does not have enough memory to boot if i can figure out how to list files on HD and delete a file it will boot this has happen before17:54
eeeemeaning would you like to search for specific files to delete ?17:55
daftykinsit still doesn't make sense, stopping booting due to a full disk17:55
daftykinsi disagree with your diagnosis of events17:55
Istalantarikonia: exactly ... this: find . -type f | grep -E '(\.exe|\.cpp)$'   finds all files i intend to delete, now i just dont know what command i should add at the end of the pipeline to delete all those files "| rm"  doesn't work.17:55
loahow i can run command from another user? without password... want something like sandboxing...17:56
eeeeok, well ls lists files, cd will change directories, and rm will remove them, rm -r will remove folders (it's recursive)17:56
ikoniaIstalantar: you could do it in an array rm -rf `ls -R | grep -E'(\.exe|\.cpp)$'`17:56
ikoniaIstalantar: quick idea without me being bothered to work out the correct find regex17:56
Istalantarikonia: okay, thanks17:57
qwebirc7305@eeee yes i would like to list files in root with the list files command17:57
eeeeqwebirc7305: use ls -lah to view file sizes17:57
=== coolsa_ is now known as coolsa
eeeeqwebirc7305: if you want to search for big files, use find / -size +<size><unit> , e.g find / -size +1G17:58
=== sdfr is now known as Guest30346
qwebirc7305@eeee ls doesnt seem to be listing ls -lah listed a small list is there a way to ls mp4 files?18:00
eeeeif you want to search for them all find / -iname "*.mp4"18:01
=== mariorz_ is now known as mariorz
qwebirc7305do i type find or just /18:01
eeeefind /18:02
yossarianukhi - why is deadline the default scheduler?   in a desktop isn't cfq a better choice (as long as you're not using SSD)18:02
ikoniayossarianuk: what's the problem with deadline18:03
akincerHave two different laptops with two different wireless chipsets both failing to connect over wifi. This seems like maybe a new bug with a recent kernel version. Anyone else seeing this? Fails to authenticated to the wireless router18:03
qwebirc7305find / -iname "*.mp4" did nothing18:03
yossarianukikonia: none as such - although apparantly baloo (KDE) works better18:04
yossarianuk in CFQ18:04
ikoniayossarianuk: kde isn't ubuntu18:04
qwebirc7305nvm there it goes!!!18:04
daftykinsakincer: not when you don't even state the chipsets18:04
qwebirc7305eeee thank you18:04
akincerUnderstand. Given vastly different chipsets, I figured others were seeing it. I'll get them, hang on18:04
eeeeqwebirc7305: np18:05
qwebirc7305now the remove command would be?? rm then file directory??18:05
eeeeif it's a directory, use rm -r <dir>18:05
eeeebe careful with that..18:06
qwebirc7305and if its on desktop i do not put /home/name/desktop i just wright destop/folder/file.mp4 right?18:07
geniieeee: With directories you need -f18:07
geirhanot really18:07
eeeegenii: no you don't18:07
akincerdaftykins: Qualcomm Atheros AR9485 Wireless Network Adapter (rev 01) / Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. RTL8188CE 802.11b/g/n WiFi Adapter (rev 01)18:07
qwebirc7305rm -r desktop/foler/file.mp418:07
=== qstrahl` is now known as qstrahl
geniieeee: If it's empty it will rm, if not you'll get prompted and needs the f18:08
geirhaqwebirc7305: Sure it's not Desktop? the filesystem is case sensitive18:09
eeeegenii: no, if it's empty rmdir will remove, rm -r will remove recursively18:09
eeeeyou don't need -f for that18:09
* genii tests18:09
geniieeee: Hm, yes, apologies.18:09
* genii makes a note18:10
=== cristiano is now known as Guest37652
=== root is now known as Guest51532
akincerBoth display this message: deauthenticated from <router MAC> (Reason: 2)18:10
qwebirc7305cannot remove no suck directory18:11
wosodohow do i change server18:11
eeeegenii: no worries :)18:11
eeeeqwebirc7305: you have to specify the complete path18:13
eeeeqwebirc7305: rm -r ~/Desktop/....18:13
eeeei forgot to tell you18:14
qwebirc7305ok the command im trying to do is "rm -r /Desktop/Untitled Folder/same-and-carly-exp.mp418:14
qwebirc7305there is a space in untitled folder is that a problem?18:14
eeeeyou need to add a ~ , ~/Desktop18:14
eeeeqwebirc7305: yes it is18:14
qwebirc7305oh ya ~ is user18:14
eeeeeither escape it using "\" like       Untitled\ Folder18:15
eeeeor i think quotes would work18:15
eeeerm "~/Desktop/Untitled Folder/same-and-carly-exp.mp4"18:15
eeeebtw no need for -r there, it's for directories18:15
qwebirc7305no such file or directory with "" one maybe ~Desktop/ instead18:18
awaynot ~Desktop, that would mean the home of the user named Desktop18:20
eeeeactually it'd just say /home/userDesktop18:20
geirhaqwebirc7305: rm ~/"Desktop/Untitled Folder/same-and-carly-exp.mp4"18:22
geirhathe important part is that ~/ at the start are outside the quotes18:22
ikoniait's not18:22
ikoniabecause he's root18:22
ikoniain the recovery shell18:22
ikoniaso ~ is /root18:23
ikoniawhich is not where his data is18:23
eeeeikonia: good catch18:23
kingdoomany body is here18:23
geirhaIn that case,  rm ~username/"Desktop/Untitled Folder/same-and-carly-exp.mp4"   where username is the user's username18:23
kingdoomi have complain18:23
qwebirc7305trying all these18:25
qwebirc7305thanks for the suggestions18:25
=== havingFun_ is now known as xrosnight
geirhakingdoom: There are many people here. Just ask your question18:25
DJoneskingdoom: Until you explain your ubuntu issue, there's not a lot anybody can do18:26
tozengeirha: there is no question he has an complain about money free OS :))18:26
kingdoomi want to report technical glitich in ubuntu  14.04 distro onwards18:27
DJones!bug | kingdoom This is how,18:27
ubottukingdoom This is how,: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.18:27
kingdoomplz any ubuntu personal here will be appriciate18:27
qwebirc7305cannot remove read only file well sudo should take care of that??18:27
DJoneskingdoom: See above18:28
tozenqwebirc7305: sudo -i ??18:28
ikoniayou are already root18:28
ikoniayou are in the recovery console - you are root18:28
kingdoomDJones : can't i report here18:28
tozenikonia: or file system is ro...18:29
DJoneskingdoom: Thats fine, because you're not being asked to report a bug here, see the bots info18:29
naturallywhat the most popular game engines that can do development on ubuntu?18:29
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest17304
kingdoomit is serious else it would fry ubuntu and its derivatives 14.04 onwards it was not till 13.1218:30
ikoniakingdoom: just explain the problem18:30
DJoneskingdoom: You said you had a specific problem, either use the links already provided to report a bug, or explain how it affects ubuntu here18:31
EiriksUbuntuHello all, how do I get 14.04 to show text instead of a graph in the notifications for any system resources I decide to have shown up there?18:32
qwebirc7305cannot remove file read-only file system how do i force delete18:32
ikoniaqwebirc7305: it means you have a problem with your file system - which is why I kept asking you at the start "what the error was" before wasting 45 minutes teaching you to delete a file - when that isn't the problem18:33
EiriksUbuntuqwebirc7305 you have to do it sudo rm -r i think18:33
ikoniano he doesn't18:33
ikoniahe's alredy root because he's in the recovery shell18:33
kingdoomDJones  I used ubuntu i felt bug this is ubuntu  channel so it is in disk partitioning program in ubuntu between two partition suppose / and /home or swap it take unpartition free space this was not present in previous one is here anybody use 14.0 4 onwards if they solve this bug plz help18:33
EiriksUbuntuikonia sorry didn't see your response first18:34
EiriksUbuntuikonia is that how it would be done though?18:34
DJoneskingdoom: You'll have to give more details than that18:34
DJones!details | kingdoom18:34
ubottukingdoom: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)18:34
geirhaEiriksUbuntu: When the filesystem is mounted in readonly mode, not even root can add/modify/delete files in it.18:35
=== Guest30346 is now known as sdfr
EiriksUbuntugeirha how would you delete a read only file (say if I wanted to replace it with another?)18:36
ikoniait's not a read only file18:36
ikoniathe file system is read only18:36
EiriksUbuntuoh, that makes more sense18:36
=== zz_RedDeath is now known as RedDeath
EiriksUbuntuhow would I manage read only files?18:37
=== tcpman is now known as Guest59653
ikoniafor the last time - the files are not read only18:37
ikoniathe file system is read only18:37
geirhaAnd there's mainly three reasons for a filesystem to be mounted readonly. 1. It was mounted so intentionally to avoid any modifications   2. It's a readonly filesystem by nature, like iso9660,  3. The filesystem is corrupted somehow and the os decides it is unsafe to mount it in readwrite mode.18:38
EiriksUbuntui don't get it18:38
ikoniaEiriksUbuntu: then don't worry about it18:38
EiriksUbuntumy system has read only files on it right, does that make me in read only mode?18:39
ikoniaEiriksUbuntu: no it doens't18:39
ikoniaEiriksUbuntu: what files are "read only"18:39
EiriksUbuntuikonia some files I download are set to read only18:39
ikoniaEiriksUbuntu: I don't think they are18:39
ikoniaEiriksUbuntu: why do you think they are set to read only18:39
kingdoomany ubuntu admin i need help18:40
ikoniakingdoom: you've not explained your problem18:40
EiriksUbuntuikonia I had issues with installing some scripts because they had read only on them18:40
geirhaEiriksUbuntu: If you insert a data CD/DVD, can you modify any files on it? no, because the filesystem is readonly. It doesn't matter what permissions and ownershipt the files have, it is readonly, that means no modification possible for that filesystem.18:40
kingdoomikonia can i hav private chat so can i briefly make u under stand my problem18:41
=== RedDeath is now known as zz_RedDeath
ikoniaEiriksUbuntu: if you're going to be vague about it, it's impossible to discuss the issue18:41
ikoniakingdoom: just put the problem in the channel18:41
kingdoomikonia plz18:41
ikoniakingdoom: just put the issue in the channel18:41
DJones!pm | kingdoom18:41
ubottukingdoom: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice.18:41
EiriksUbuntuikonia I was trying to install a tts system for reading irc so I can listen to this and a couple other channels, while I found a script I couldn't install it because it said I don't have permission because the file is a read only file18:42
ikoniaEiriksUbuntu: that's not a read only file18:43
ikoniaEiriksUbuntu: that you don't have permissions to that file18:43
geirhaEiriksUbuntu: the exact error message would help18:43
qwebirc7305ok ok so what do i do with a read-only file system???18:44
ZerockWhere can I find the latest Ubuntu MATE iso?18:44
geirhasie joined, asked and left in less than a minute18:45
ikoniaqwebirc7305: that is the question we should have been discussing 45 minutes ago before you wasted peoples time18:45
EiriksUbuntuikonia it was a couple days ago, I have already gotten rid of the whole thing (worry wart about oddball stuff so I get rid of all traces and overwrite it 3 times18:45
OerHeksthere is an mate-desktop metapackage, https://ubuntu-mate.org/download/18:45
qwebirc7305well i thought i knew what was wrong my bad18:45
qwebirc7305i did learn commands so it was still helpful18:46
=== Guest1416 is now known as gorelative
EiriksUbuntunm I'm just bleh today I better get back to what I was doing before I jump in on a dummy mission again18:46
geirhaEiriksUbuntu: If you want to run scripts and run commands in the terminal, I recommend you learn about how ownership and permissions work. See http://mywiki.wooledge.org/Permissions18:46
EiriksUbuntusorry guys18:46
kingdoom i update from ubuntu 12.04 to 14.04 but when i partion ubuntu / and /home and swap unlocated free space took between this very partition if u use ubuntu 14.04 onwards this will you also face with not ubuntu but with its derivatives including linux mint i thing disk part partitioning tool is wrongly programmed plz help18:47
EiriksUbuntugeirha thanks bookmarked18:47
locoguanoAh, the Internet... land of no punctuation...18:47
kingdoomthis is glitch18:47
BluesKajlocoguano, that's due to the lack of grammar in elementary schools nowadays18:49
qwebirc7305ok so if the file system is read-only i have to remount it??18:50
=== elky is now known as Guest14324
locoguanoIs 14.10 stable enough to get now or just wait another month and a half?18:52
rwwlocoguano: if you have to ask, wait until it's out18:52
DJoneslocoguano: Probably best to ask the people that have been testing it in #ubuntu+118:52
locoguanoI just haven't been keeping up on this release...18:53
streulmaI want to install Ubuntu on my Macbook Pro 11.1. The native resolution 2560x1600 on a 13 inch is to tiny. What to have to do for good work?18:53
EiriksUbuntugeirha so -rw-r--[r--]<-- is how the guests sessions can occur?18:53
tozenqwebirc7305: reboot system holding Shift then choose advanced options -->> recovery mode -->> drop to root shell. after tipe in password and <mount -o remount,rw />18:54
geirhaqwebirc7305: If you didn't mount it readonly on purpose, that probably means it is corrupted and needs a filesystem check (fsck)18:54
xanguastreulma: you mean retina display?18:54
ikoniatozen: if you can't work a problem through - please don't blindly suggest things18:54
geirhaEiriksUbuntu: I don't follow...18:54
streulmaxangua: yes18:54
xanguastreulma: I just know you can scale the menus in unity18:55
EiriksUbuntugeirha: you gave me the link, I read the first part and wanted to confirm the understanding of what I read18:55
geirhaEiriksUbuntu: I don't grok the question; "how the guests sessions can occcur?" makes no sense to me18:56
EiriksUbuntuguests can only r--?18:56
ikoniayou've not read the links18:56
ikoniait has nothing to do with "guests"18:56
naturallywhat the most popular game engines that can do development on ubuntu?18:56
ikoniait's user/group/world18:56
streulmaxangua: yes that's an option, but then the mouse is to little. and all is not in proportion. For Firefox Chrome I have to scale all sites to 130%18:56
=== Exagone313_ is now known as Exagone313
=== elky_ is now known as elky
EiriksUbuntuI understand the user/group/world I was asking if guests can read only?18:57
ikoniaEiriksUbuntu: where are guests coming into this ?18:57
ikoniaguest is a "user"18:57
streulmamaybe ikonia knows the answer !18:57
qwebirc7305YES YES YES18:58
BluesKajlocoguano, stability on 14.10 seems to depend on which desktop one chooses. KDE on 14.10 with Plasma4 is quite stable for home users , not recommended for work machines as usual for prereleases18:58
EiriksUbuntuI assumed that guest users fall under this: "The last three characters show the permissions for all other users."18:58
qwebirc7305thanks you everyone !!18:58
ikoniaEiriksUbuntu: guest can be the owner18:59
ikoniaEiriksUbuntu: hence why it's an impossible question18:59
locoguanoI have stuck it out with Unity.18:59
EiriksUbuntuso if a guest wants to edit a file not within the permissions of the guest then the r-- on the end stops them?19:00
geirhaEiriksUbuntu: no ...19:00
EiriksUbuntugeirha: see it's good to check, because now I know I haven't understood that part and need to read more to see if I can move on or if I just have to keep working on that until it does make sense to me19:02
geirhaEiriksUbuntu: If the user is not the owner of the file, and the user is not a member of the group that owns the file, THEN and only then does the last three bits apply19:02
geirhaEiriksUbuntu: whether that user is named guest or not is completely irrelevant19:03
EiriksUbuntugeirha: I understand now, thank you19:03
LukePOLOJust installed ubuntu on a old windows 2003 server, and after finishing the install and what not, im unable to boot the the grub loader. Instead all i get is "Attempting Boot From Hard Drive (C:)", which leads me to believe somthing is messed up in the mbr , but im not sure. Any Ideas?19:03
EiriksUbuntuthank you for the patience19:04
=== paskl is now known as paskl^0ff
iiLezsoI need help with proxies19:05
BeldarLukePOLO, Is this a wubi install?19:08
LukePOLO@Beldar no, deleted the windows instances remade the raid's ect.19:09
=== Guest23622 is now known as epzil0n
faizani am new to linux and ubuntu19:12
faizani need some help19:12
kostkonfaizan, we are here to help you19:13
faizanthe day after tommorow there is my interview at a software house and they want a bigenner one who knows linux abit19:14
=== SchrodingersScat is now known as Guest64375
eeeelie through your teeth19:14
faizanwhat should i learn19:15
faizanplease help me19:15
kostkonfaizan, in 2 days? not much19:16
DJonesfaizan: This is the Ubuntu support channel, you need to ask specific Ubuntu support questions here19:16
capletonHi, does anyone know where i can find log info for a init.d script that's not working?19:16
OerHekscapleton, try  /var/log/syslog19:17
faizankostkon, i have installed ubuntu19:17
OerHeksor /var/log/boot.log19:18
eeeefaizan: what do you need to learn about linux?19:18
faizanand i need learn about command line and some more basics19:18
capletonthanks OerHeks, unfortunately i don't see any info there either19:19
capletondo init.d scripts even work on the most recent version?19:19
faizaneeee are you there...???19:19
xangua!terminal | faizan19:20
ubottufaizan: The linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome), K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE), or Menu -> Accessories -> LXTerminal (LXDE). Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal19:20
streulmawho wants to help me with Ubuntu on Retina screen? There is no one that will help me here :( I'm alone to solve out.19:20
capletonor has ubuntu already completely switched to systemd?19:20
streulmaI use Unity19:20
rwwcapleton: 14.04 does not use systemd, and 14.10 will not. systemd is slated for some time before 16.04, i believe19:20
eeeefaizan: if it's an interview, i think you should be well versed with linux, as in have a general idea19:20
capletonthanks rww19:20
capletonrww: any chance you know how to debug an init.d script that's not firing?19:21
streulmaI tried 1440x900 px nice, but Chrome and Firefox are a bit blurry19:21
rwwnope, i'm incompetent at upstart19:21
capletonha, me too it seems :P19:21
faizaneeee what shoud i versed any main topics...???19:21
=== L4bR4t is now known as luckyphuq
=== christopher is now known as Guest53838
capletonDoes anyone here have experience creating and troubleshooting init scripts?19:24
=== luckyphuq is now known as L4bR4t
sabelDoes anyone know anything about installing ubuntu onto a chromebook? im havving an issue getting it to actually boot into ubuntu. i think it's not set as the primary or somthing...sorry im really new.19:25
ivan_ciao a tutti19:26
eeeefaizan: read the wiki page about linux history, then read about commands in the terminal, and stuff like that19:26
eeeefaizan: you should learn to search and solve stuff on your own19:26
=== vemacs|ded is now known as vemacs
geirhafaizan: Learning bash is a good start, see http://mywiki.wooledge.org/BashGuide19:29
=== Guest64375 is now known as SchrodingersScat
ubottuThe linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome), K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE), or Menu -> Accessories -> LXTerminal (LXDE). Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal19:32
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots | Make a clone of me: /msg ubottu botclone19:33
ulrichardwhere do I have to set environment variables to have them available in firefox? If I set them in ~/.bashrc I don't seem to get them even when I launch it form the console.19:33
sabelDoes anyone know anything about installing ubuntu onto a chromebook? im havving an issue getting it to actually boot into ubuntu. i think it's not set as the primary or somthing...sorry im really new.19:39
naturallyubuntu backup all installed packages?19:40
bekksnaturally: Depends on which backup method you are using.19:40
ulrichardAfter gpg-agent stopped to work for ssh after some ubuntu upgrade a while back, I launch it and set the env variables in ~/.bashrc. Since then I have to launch evolution from the terminal to have gnupg correctly work with it. But even if I launch firefox from the terminal, it doesn't seem to get the settings for enigform. Where would be a better place for that. The gnupg docs suggest ~/.xsession. But that file doesn't exist on my machine,19:41
ulrichardand since unity is not based on X11 I don't know if that would still work.19:41
OerHeks!info mate-desktop19:42
ubottumate-desktop (source: mate-desktop): Library with common API for various MATE modules. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.6.2-1 (trusty), package size 17 kB, installed size 95 kB19:42
cristian_cOerHeks, thanks19:43
Guest42how do i apply this?: If you really need to use these commands with their normal names, you19:43
Guest42can add a "gnubin" directory to your PATH from your bashrc like:  PATH="/usr/local/opt/coreutils/libexec/gnubin:$PATH"19:43
AlanbitschDoes someone know a good game for Ubuntu?19:44
muscaAlanbitsch:  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Games19:48
bekksAlanbitsch: nethack19:49
mattpeneed help with dvd drives failing after fresh install of ubuntu 14.0419:49
bekksAlanbitsch: or atc19:49
mattpecan anyone help with dvd drive issues?19:52
bekksmattpe: How do they "fail" exactly?19:56
mattpecan't burn iso images19:57
mattpesame equip works fine in windows, but not new install of ubuntu 14.0419:57
mattpepauses about every 20% goes to 0 speed, then resumes until complete, but then the discs aren't readable19:58
bekksmattpe: How many drives did you test? And which burning speed do you use?19:58
=== romel is now known as Guest12559
mattpehave 2 identical drives in same machine19:59
mattpetested both19:59
mattpesame in both19:59
mattpeset speed to auto19:59
=== Guest12559 is now known as romelbacchus
bekksmattpe: Try setting them to a specific speed, and lower the speed if it still fails.20:00
mattpetried that using xfburn, k3b, and brasero20:00
zubuntuwhen will be the new ubuntu icons available?20:01
bekksmattpe: Which burning speeds did you try?20:01
zubuntuit seems not in 14.1020:01
bekksmattpe: Can you sett a lower speed than 4?20:03
mattpethats the lowest setting in the software20:03
ulrichardDoes anybody here have infos on a release date for ubuntu phone?20:03
mattpeI can burn at 32x in windows without issue20:03
ubottuInformation about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch . Support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch20:03
bekksmattpe: Did you already test your memory using memtest86+ ?20:04
mattpeyep...tested fine20:04
bekksmattpe: How long did you run the test?20:04
zubuntuhi ppl20:05
zubuntucan somebody inform me about new icons ?20:05
bekksmattpe: Which type of media are you using - "+" or "-"?20:06
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=== justinS_ is now known as jhsimpson
=== s0meone is now known as someone
naturallybekks, my goal is to save (and download, if necessary) all .debs that i've gopt currently installed, to a DVD20:15
naturallygopt = got20:15
bekksnaturally: Ah, I've never wanted that so far.20:15
naturallyyou should20:16
daftykinssounds like a waste of time (:20:17
naturallyit is20:17
bekksnaturally: Why would I waste time like that?20:17
bekksnaturally: I'm backing up my ubuntu installation, not the useless .deb packages.20:18
naturallymaybe you wouldnt, but i would20:18
daftykinsrsyncing them to flash drives or external hard disks would be far wiser20:18
daftykinsor better yet, a NAS20:18
naturallyIgoru > you20:19
sparlundhi guys. Im logged in to my ubuntu comp thorugh ssh and tab to finish file name doesnt work. Is that fixable?20:23
=== mrmist is now known as mist
daftykinswhat shell?20:24
daftykinsare you sure you didn't get the first character's case wrong?20:24
sparlunddaftykins:  talking to me? ssh, and yes20:25
daftykinsssh is not a shell20:25
sparlunddaftykins:  Ok, thought i mean secure shell something. Is it possible to get tab finish?20:26
daftykinsmake sure you're running bash to start with20:26
Bobbo_sparlund: It does mean secure shell, but it's not a shell. It's a way to connect to a remove shell. :P20:26
spectromashello. Was there a kernel update in the few days? My wife's machine now cannot connect to wifi (or show that it has any capability of it) and her touchpad has stopped working20:26
sparlundBobbo_:  Ok, thanks =)20:27
sparlunddaftykins:  Ok, could o20:27
daftykinsspectromas: boot to GRUB and pick an older kernel to confirm20:27
sparlunddaftykins:  Ok, could you send me a link on how to look it up or give me a hint?20:27
daftykinssparlund: no20:27
spectromasdaftykins: how to I get to grub? I don't use ubuntu and my machine gives me grub automatically20:28
daftykinsspectromas: hold left shift before the computer boots from the disk20:28
spectromasok thanks daftykins, I'll give that a go20:28
spectromasdaftykins: I booted in to a few different ones, the latest is 3.13.35 I think, I tried the earliest one and still the same thing20:34
daftykinsspectromas: must be other package updates then and not as simple as just the kernel, i've no thoughts on how to go any further i'm afraid20:34
spectromasok thanks anyway daftykins20:35
SirRiffsAlotHey guys, trying to install 14.04.1 here, having some trouble working out the partitions manually as I've never done this before. Should my swap be 16gb since I have 16gb RAM? Should it be ext3 or ext4? How many partitions will I need in total to set this up right?20:38
daftykinsswap should only equal RAM if you want to suspend or hibernate20:38
daftykinsi'd say doing so is a big waste of time20:39
bekksSirRiffsAlot: If you ever want to suspend your system, you need as much swap as yout RAM.20:39
daftykinsSirRiffsAlot: what disks do you have?20:39
SirRiffsAlotbekks: meaning?20:40
bekksSirRiffsAlot: meaning of what?20:41
SirRiffsAlotdaftykins: only have one disk, but partitioning it correctly is confusing me a bit20:41
daftykinsSirRiffsAlot: ok so how big is it?20:41
SirRiffsAlotdaftykins: the space designated in total for Ubuntu is 728gigs20:42
=== EugeneBandit is now known as eugenebot
daftykinsSirRiffsAlot: ok that's loads, i'd make 20GB for / ext4, 4GB swap and the rest as ext4 /home20:42
SirRiffsAlotdaftykins: any particular way of setting up that would be best-suited for Studio-use incidentally?20:43
bekksIf he ever wants to use suspend or hibernate, he'll need 16GB swap.20:43
SirRiffsAlotdaftykins: yeah, wondering still about the 16gb thing20:43
daftykinsSirRiffsAlot: there are lots of different kinds of studio20:43
daftykinsbekks: yeah we had that conversation already though20:43
daftykinsi'm the one the just got out of hospital and is forgetting things ;)20:43
SirRiffsAlotdaftykins: why ext4?20:43
bekksSirRiffsAlot: ext4 is the default filesystems on Ubuntu nowadays.20:44
SirRiffsAlotdaftykins: and I seem to remember being told to make another partition too, something about BIOS20:44
daftykinsSirRiffsAlot: perhaps you were told something about EFI20:44
SirRiffsAlotWas the install that prompted me that message by the way20:44
daftykinsSirRiffsAlot: what OS is on this disk already? are you in a live session right now preparing to install? you should show us the disk setup as is20:45
bekksSirRiffsAlot: Which message?20:45
SirRiffsAlotdaftykins: windows is on it already. gonna get you a screenshot in a minute20:46
Novice201yHello. How can I install LXDE to Ubuntu 14.04 - just DE without apps?20:46
daftykinsSirRiffsAlot: info from within a live session would be far more useful. open a terminal and run "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install pastebinit" then "sudo parted -l | pastebinit"20:47
=== scott is now known as Guest5424
SirRiffsAlotdaftykins: yeah, I'm in a  livesession, will do sec20:47
daftykinsSirRiffsAlot: windows 8 yes?20:48
SirRiffsAlotdaftykins: unfortunately yes20:48
SirRiffsAlotdaftykins: and now I'm getting duplicate sources.list erroes :(20:49
camtronIs it even possible to install Abiword 2.8.6 on Ubuntu 12.04?20:50
daftykinsissues in a live session already 0o20:50
SirRiffsAlotdaftykins: I'll reboot a fresh one, brb20:50
daftykins!find abiword precise20:50
_blkNovice201y, not quite sure what you mean by "without apps", but maybe you're looking for "apt-get install lxde-core"? (you might have to enable the universe package repository)20:50
ubottuFound: abiword, abiword-common, abiword-dbg, abiword-plugin-grammar, abiword-plugin-mathview20:50
camtronI tried compiling from source and got g++: error: unrecognized option '--no-undefined'!20:50
daftykins!info abiword precise20:51
ubottuabiword (source: abiword): efficient, featureful word processor with collaboration. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.9.2+svn20120213-1 (precise), package size 1548 kB, installed size 4323 kB20:51
daftykinscamtron: ^20:51
camtronI hear tons of complaints about 2.9.2 being unstable, so I want to install
daftykinscamtron: good luck then! :)20:52
=== guy is now known as Guest608
Guest608I'm gonna legally change my name to Guest60820:52
camtronand why would Ubuntu put a development version in the repositories, instead of the latest stable version?20:53
daftykinscamtron: i'd bet it's a lot more productive to contact the package maintainer for the program, rather than ask in a volunteer run channel on IRC (:20:54
=== eugenebot is now known as EugeneBandit
camtronI just found an updated source package that's supposed to have that issue fixed, so I'll try it.20:56
daftykinsvery well, but you're on your own with unofficial debs20:57
CorgiSquidmanWhy is xubuntu .torrent?20:59
SirRiffsAlotOk, fresh live session now20:59
killerHey , how can i contact ubuntu , I have sumitted apps for software center,since  2 months  but still status is "Pending Review" ?21:00
SirRiffsAlotHonestly... duplicate sources.list again21:00
SirRiffsAlotThis is a 64-bit cd if that matters21:00
OerHeksCorgiSquidman, an .iso.torrent file is supposed to open in transmission to download the iso21:01
OerHeks*or other torrentclient21:01
SirRiffsAlotbekks: so what do I do now?21:02
daftykinsSirRiffsAlot: skip onto installing pastebinit instead as instructed21:03
Priscillia23 You can find funny videos here. http://tinyurl.com/ozfvxy321:05
camtronWhat is a .diff.gz file and a .dsc file?21:06
daftykinsmake sure nobody clicks the above link.21:06
=== paskl^0ff is now known as paskl
Poppabearquestion, is there away to get a % of eth0 activity with a simple 1 liner ?21:06
ikoniacamtron: you really shouldn't be doing it if you don't know/not prepared to check21:06
ikoniaPoppabear: % ?21:07
daftykinspercent utilisation i suspect Poppabear is after21:07
Poppabearsure :P21:07
ikoniathe network card end is never going to be %100 utilised, it's the recieving end that matters21:07
pyro__whats gonig on?21:10
ikoniapyro__: check the channels /topic21:10
SirRiffsAlotdaftykins: Setting up pastebinit (1.4-3) ... W: Duplicate sources.list entry.............21:10
=== zz_RedDeath is now known as RedDeath
daftykinsSirRiffsAlot: uh-huh, "sudo parted -l | pastebinit"21:11
SirRiffsAlotdaftykins: http://paste.ubuntu.com/8337686/21:12
SirRiffsAlotdaftykins: haven't formatted the 728 gig partition in case you're wondering21:13
daftykinsSirRiffsAlot: yeah, so you need to be sure that you've been booting Ubuntu in EFI mode21:13
daftykins!efi | SirRiffsAlot have a read here21:13
ubottuSirRiffsAlot have a read here: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI21:13
SirRiffsAlotdaftykins: hmm21:14
SirRiffsAlotdaftykins: well, supposing I do disable these things, won't I still get the same problems when I try to install ubuntu studio on my empty partition?21:16
daftykinsSirRiffsAlot: i wasn't intending for you to disable anything, just be sure you're booting in EFI mode. is this a 14.04 studio? i'm not familiar with that release21:19
SirRiffsAlotdaftykins: it is 14.04 yes21:19
SirRiffsAlotdaftykins: EFI-mode.. ok sec21:19
SirRiffsAlotdaftykins: nah, I see nothing of the kind when I boot this live-cd (which is 64-bit), I see only the usual ubuntu-studio equivalent of that second picture21:20
daftykinssecond pic?21:21
user1please sent me a reply about 5 seconds21:21
SirRiffsAlotdaftykins: is it necessary to make this machine EFI-mode?21:21
daftykinsSirRiffsAlot: it already is21:21
Morphiussup peeps21:22
daftykinsMorphius: please see the topic21:22
streulma_can I disable SubPixel rendering ?21:22
SirRiffsAlotdaftykins: I just told you it wasn't :-S21:22
SirRiffsAlotdaftykins: sorry, what am I missing here21:22
Morphiushow do i get to a more social area21:22
daftykinsSirRiffsAlot: the windows 8 install is EFI :)21:22
Morphiusnew to Linux21:23
SirRiffsAlotdaftykins: oh... yeah *cough*21:23
daftykinsMorphius: this channel is for support questions, general chat is in #ubuntu-offtopic21:23
SirRiffsAlotdaftykins: but... then that guide is not a solid once, because I was lead to think the opposite21:23
Morphiusnot that it matters but i found my way here21:23
SirRiffsAlotdaftykins: oh well, now what?21:23
streulma_daftykins: if I scale to 1440x900 then Firefox and Chrome are blurry on Retina Ubuntu21:23
=== paskl is now known as paskl^0ff
Morphiusthanks guys21:24
SirRiffsAlotMorphius: good luck!21:24
=== LinoSP_ is now known as LinoSP
daftykinsSirRiffsAlot: you see how in your pastebin it has an EFI boot partition? (#2) that means you have to make ubuntu install media boot in EFI mode so you can install in EFI mode beside windows 8, if you want to keep both21:25
=== sins-_h is now known as sins-
SirRiffsAlotdaftykins: right. Is that something I have to do when I choose to boot this livecd?21:26
daftykinsit should all be explained on that link about EFI21:27
=== jack is now known as Guest16949
SirRiffsAlotdaftykins: you got it, brb! :)21:27
pompeiihello everyone, do we have an alternative to this horrid imposition: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/install-flash-plugin-view-videos-animations-games ?21:35
pompeiiI wish to avoid flash, and a video on a site asks for flash plugin, is it possible to circumvent this?21:36
ikoniapompeii: that page is obsolete now21:36
SonikkuAmerica"Horrid imposition?" Sounds like a loaded question to me21:37
ikoniapompeii: no, you need a flash player to see flash content, and as flash is "dead" on linux, you hit problems21:37
daftykinsif a site needs flash, it needs flash21:37
OerHekspompeii, install ubuntu restricted metapackage for flashplugin, java codecs and more21:37
SonikkuAmericapompeii: You can use pepper-flashplugin-nonfree on Chromium21:37
SirRiffsAlotSo now I booted into UEFI-mode :)21:38
SirRiffsAlotShould it have been EFI specifically? UEFI-mode looked just like the guide mentioned21:38
SirRiffsAlotI'll try the install now, see what happens21:38
daftykinsSirRiffsAlot: good stuff, so install with 20GB / ext4, 4GB swap and the rest of the space as /home ext421:38
SirRiffsAlotdaftykins: so I need to partition these first anyway? Why 4gb swap :P21:39
daftykinsSirRiffsAlot: because i said so :)21:40
=== fego is now known as Guest42159
=== _Simon_ is now known as Guest81359
daftykinsSirRiffsAlot: just run the installer and when it asks to partition, select 'something else' and create them manually21:40
pompeiiSonikkuAmerica, so pepper flash is the substitute of flash for linux, as far as I gather21:40
daftykinspompeii: no. it's flash for chromium, as mentioned21:40
SirRiffsAlotdaftykins: ugh... was hoping to avoid that, but alright. Why was this UEFI even necessary then?21:41
daftykinsSirRiffsAlot: advancements in the industry, to put it simply.21:41
daftykinsdisks grew too big.21:41
SirRiffsAlotdaftykins: with all due respect, if I can utillise 16gb memory, I'd like to do that :/21:42
SirRiffsAlotCan you please explain why 4gb?21:42
ikoniaSirRiffsAlot: what makes you think you won't utilise your ram ?21:42
pompeiidaftykins, thought so as you said adobe flash is no more on linux, or at least no more a one-click thing21:42
daftykinsSirRiffsAlot: making your swap file bigger doesn't have anything to do with your RAM.21:42
=== Spec_ is now known as Spec
ikoniapompeii: adobe have dropped linux support for flash21:42
daftykinspompeii: i said nothing about adobe flash's status on Linux21:42
SirRiffsAlotikonia: silly mix-ups I guess..21:43
pompeiino, you didnt. I referred to ikonia's post21:43
pompeiidaftykins, no, you didnt. I referred to ikonia's post21:43
daftykinsSirRiffsAlot: using sleep or hibernate on a desktop is a big waste of time, that'd be the only reason to set swap to 16GB. 4GB is the sane maximum when not doing that.21:43
myndzii'm trying to upgrade from 12.04 to 13.04, but getting a 404 on a file 'quantal.tar.gz.gpg' -any ideas?21:43
=== AEM` is now known as aem`
myndzier well, 12.04 to 12.10 i suppose it is first21:43
daftykinsmyndzi: you can't, 13.04 and 13.10 are dead.21:43
ikoniamyndzi: 13.04 is dead21:43
SirRiffsAlotdaftykins: okay21:43
=== C13L0 is now known as Guest78350
myndziwell that's irritating21:44
daftykinsmyndzi: if you want to upgrade, you can upgrade direct from 12.04.5 -> 14.04.121:44
ikoniamyndzi: 14.04 shoul dbe your upgrade target21:44
daftykins(LTS to LTS)21:44
myndzii ran into some package that seems to be unavailable on 12, but i need a ppa that has nothing for 1421:44
myndziguess i get to compile from source. yay.21:44
daftykinsthems the brakes.21:45
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myndzii find it a little hard to believe that a whole distro release just disappeared off the net though, surely there's some way to accomplish this21:45
pompeiihere I found a few things on it: https://wiki.debian.org/PepperFlashPlayer21:45
ikoniamyndzi: it's  been moved to the archive server21:46
SirRiffsAlotdaftykins: hmm, so 20gb and 4gb in MB is what precisely? :D21:46
ikoniamyndzi: it's EOL so not supported21:46
myndzii don't want support21:46
daftykinsmyndzi: it would be idiotic to install a dead release.21:46
ikoniamyndzi: yet you're asking for support21:46
ikonia"how do I" = support21:46
myndzii'm not asking for support using 13.anything :)21:46
daftykinsSirRiffsAlot: *sigh* multiply by 1024 to get a rough value21:46
ikoniamyndzi: you are, "how can I use 13.04 when it's EOL" = support21:46
SirRiffsAlotdaftykins: sorry :P21:47
* myndzi sighs21:47
pompeiiinteresting, the debian package downloads chrome browser to install pepper21:47
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OerHekspompeii, don't use debian wiki's for ubuntu :-D21:48
SirRiffsAlotdaftykins: and device for boot loader installation should be where it's at now, /dev/sda ?21:49
pompeiiOerHeks, didnt expect them to have different packages, therefore referred to it. but one attributes ownership to adobe, and the other maintenance to google. two things haven21:53
pompeiitwo things have it in common to be nonfree21:54
OerHekspompeii, you can check here if you have the latest http://www.adobe.com/software/flash/about/ pepperflash + flashplugin21:56
minitrueits my first time here, i dont want to troubleshoot anything but i have some doubts, it would be ok if i ask?21:57
daftykinsSirRiffsAlot: yes21:57
daftykinsSirRiffsAlot: what kind of computer is this btw?21:57
SirRiffsAlotdaftykins: hehe, already started, figured it had to be. This is a HP envy dv7, why?21:57
pompeiiOerHeks, I didnt have flash at all, but found pepper in repos. installing now21:58
daftykinsSirRiffsAlot: curious to understand the next steps better. you may well find it only boots into windows 8 and doesn't even offer Ubuntu after install, but that can be resolved.21:58
SirRiffsAlotdaftykins: yeah, I know how to deal with that... I think21:58
=== zorka is now known as stojic
SirRiffsAlotdaftykins: the bootloaderfixthing, can't recall the name hehe21:58
=== stojic is now known as sqerk
SirRiffsAlotdaftykins: is this with HP's it tends to happen?21:59
daftykinsSirRiffsAlot: well, you change the boot entry inside the laptop's BIOS/EFI to be the hard disk instead of 'Windows boot manager'21:59
daftykinsSirRiffsAlot: no, standard fare21:59
SirRiffsAlotdaftykins: ah, that was new to me, thanks for saving me the googling-time :)21:59
SirRiffsAlotdaftykins: ok, installing *fingers crossed*22:00
pompeiithank you all for your help!22:03
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minitruei have a https connection from bamfdaemon, is this a normal thing?22:07
usercensoredTo anyone: I'm just a hobbyist, personal computer user. I made a sh script to run every hour to run a speedtest.net python script (speedtest-cli). I want to keep it from trying to run every hour. Where might I have made it do that? I forget...22:07
daftykinsusercensored: cron?22:08
usercensoredI looked at /etc/crontab and sudo /etc/crontab, there is nothing there. Where else? lol22:08
usercensoredAnd I know it ran today per-hour.22:08
usercensoredI knwo it was cron or something like cron, is there any other file like cron? with the time settings at the beginning followed by command?22:09
spearheadusercensored, have you tried running crontab -e and sudo crontab -e?22:09
usercensoredno, that sounds familiar, maybe that was it, let me see22:10
usercensoredthat was it, crontab -e. I didn't understnad that was different than /etc/crontab??22:11
usercensoredThanks so much22:11
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trijntje_I want to run a backup script during shutdown so I'm sure no user files are in use, what is the best way to do this?22:11
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wafflejocktrijntje_: is this just a laptop/desktop? typically I just use DejaDup through the built in backup utility (in gnome but think it's the same) this does daily backups of your files22:14
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wafflejocktrijntje_: for AWS or other cloud hosts I know there are scripts available to shutdown an instance then take a snapshot then start the instance back up but don't think you can easily automate such a thing on a laptop/desktop, you might be able to do it with rsync but not sure about hooking into the shutdown process22:15
usercensoredIs he asking how to backup? Or how to check that user files aren't being used when computer powers off?22:15
wafflejockthink the idea is let all the processes (mysql or whatever) shut down so there's no chance for pending changes then take a backup22:15
wafflejocknot sure22:15
trijntje_I already made a script using rsync to backup a users home, but now I want to automate running it while making sure that the account is not in use22:16
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trijntje_I'm worried that if I create a backup while the home dir is in use it could lead to a backup that is in a messed up state and cannot be recovered22:16
usercensoredI guess you could make it log out the user first, or check all logged in users before.22:16
SirRiffsAlotdaftykins: okay, installed now, gonna reboot into bios and see how it goes! Be back with feeback in a bit22:17
trijntje_I was hoping to hook it into the shutdown sequence somewhere so it doesn't bother the users22:17
wafflejocktrijntje_: perhaps this http://beginlinux.wordpress.com/2009/01/17/create-an-automatic-backup-when-you-logout/22:18
usercensoredYou could announce shutdown at like X hour, log everyone out, run script, then actually shutdown at +5min.22:19
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daftykinsthats not the use case22:19
trijntje_wafflejock: that looks nice, I'll have to experiment a bit to see if shutdown waits for that .bash_logout to exit before proceeding22:19
wafflejocktrijntje_: yeah haven't done such a thing myself but looks like it's what you want, let us know how it goes22:20
usercensoredDoes anyone know a good non-hackish way to send deja-dup/duplicity backups to google drive? does it exist yet?22:21
trijntje_wafflejock: its already late where I am, so I'm gonna try it in the moring. Thanks again, if it works its a lot simpler then I thought it would be22:21
usercensoredbye thanks for everyones eyeballs.22:22
wafflejockusercensored: not sure looks like S3 and rackspace are the only built in options unless you can somehow FTP or SSH or something into a GDrive account by pretty sure it requires using google auth22:22
=== Dragnslicer is now known as Dragnslcr
usercensoredk thanks. I think i'm gonna just have to make a "grive" (commandline" dropbox-style folder set it on my external drive, then backup to my drive and have it also sync to gdrive, and have local & offline copy. peace22:23
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minitrueso, i have this "indicator-messa" connecting to internet, anyone knows anything about that?22:25
josh_uashi everyone -anyone know of a channel for building your own pc - I have some questions around choosing a motherboard for your cpu22:26
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OerHeksjosh_uas, try ##hardware22:27
josh_uasOerHeks, thanks22:28
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SirRiffsAlotSo the install was successful, but setting things to legacy mode still boots me automatically into winblows, I can only boot into it if I go into boot-list and choose Ubuntu (there are two ubuntu-options, one "Ubuntu" and one "ubuntu", I guess like it shows up in GRUB)22:38
SirRiffsAlotHow I set it to not boot via OS... I can't work it out22:38
ikoniait's called "windows"22:39
SirRiffsAlotikonia: nah, I used that spelling consciously :P22:40
ikoniagood luck getting help then22:40
SirRiffsAlotikonia: ... have you no sense of humour? Questions still stands for those who do :)22:40
ikoniaSirRiffsAlot: I do, I just find it rude/stupid to call "Windows" - which YOU choose to have installed on your system "winblows"22:41
irgendwer4711hi, what are the ...bdw kernel modules for?22:41
SirRiffsAlotikonia: for now I am forced to, I'm merely hinting to the fact that I know it sucks, and I wish things were otherwise22:41
ikoniaSirRiffsAlot: it doesn't "suck" though22:41
ikoniaSirRiffsAlot: should I call you sirsucksalot because you seem to "suck" at configuring your system ?22:42
ikoniano, because it's rude22:42
SirRiffsAlotikonia: of course it does, that's why GNU/Linux exists hehe22:42
ikoniaso have a bit of respect for the products22:42
SirRiffsAlotI do suck at configuring my system, I never said otherwise22:42
SirRiffsAlotAnd I don't have respect for the product, it's vile and a disgrace :)22:42
SirRiffsAlotI am not however a computer-wizard, hence I came here22:42
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gueriLLaPunKwhat does the (!) mean in in the uptime portion of htop? (e.g. Uptime 104 days (!), 1:59:3422:45
ikoniagueriLLaPunK: I suspect it's something it can't calculate, what does the docs say ?22:46
gueriLLaPunKikonia, i havent checked the docs22:46
ikoniaperhaps checking what's expected there would be a good start22:46
gueriLLaPunKnothing on the htop website22:47
gueriLLaPunKand googling it doesnt give me any info22:47
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ikoniagueriLLaPunK: on the screenshots onthe website, what is there where you have (!)22:49
=== xar_ is now known as xar-
ikoniaI suspect it's just a pamameter thats not configured in your config so it shows (!) as it's unknown22:49
OerHeksgueriLLaPunK, " it is a bonus letting you know that your server has been up for a long time. Basically anything over 100 days of uptime will produce an exclamation mark next to the uptime reading."22:49
geniigueriLLaPunK: http://sourceforge.net/p/htop/mailman/htop-general/?viewmonth=20070722:50
OerHeksgood job22:50
=== icetea is now known as Guest22825
OerHekssource: http://www.question-defense.com/2011/01/04/htop-exclamation-mark-near-uptime-in-output-on-linux-server22:50
gueriLLaPunKthank you very much, OerHeks and genii22:50
MoleMananyone know if it's possible to disable a physical volume control in 14.04?22:51
OerHeksnow i want a ! too ..22:51
geniigueriLLaPunK: Basically if over 100 days it shows it22:51
gueriLLaPunKsweet :D22:51
MoleManthere's a reall annoying volume scroll on the front of my laptop that's really annoying22:51
gueriLLaPunKi wonder what happens after 200 days22:51
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MoleManwell there goes that server22:57
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jarloyz_can someone help me23:08
xarhow to change the icon of google drive displayed on the status bar, please ? I've recently changed my status bar's color to white but the google driver's icon stills white. Is it possible to set its color to black ?23:10
mdevwhere is cat located?23:12
mdevcan't seem to find in /usr/bin/ or /usr/sbin23:13
spearheadmdev, did you look in /bin23:13
xarhow to change the icon of google drive displayed on the status bar, please ? I've recently changed my status bar's color to white but the google driver's icon stills white. Is it possible to set its color to black ?23:13
mdevcool thnaks23:14
mdev!tip spearhead 20023:14
ubottumdev: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)23:14
mdeverr not in here ill do private23:14
wadSo the version of gcc that comes with 14.04.1 appears to be 4.8. I'm trying to work with some code that needs 4.6 instead. Is there a way to install that alongside? I googled, and tried some "update alternatives" stuff, but it didn't seem to be working.23:16
tewardwad: did you install gcc-4.6 ?23:17
wadI'm doing that step now, actually.23:17
wadI think I can just switch some symlinks....23:17
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tewardwad: yeah, but it's better to use `update-alternatives` i think23:17
wadroot@playa:/usr/bin# update-alternatives --config gcc23:18
wadupdate-alternatives: error: no alternatives for gcc23:18
wadWhat am I doing wrong?23:18
wadI've got both 4.6 and 4.8 installed now...23:18
xarhow to change the icon of google drive displayed on the status bar, please ? I've recently changed my status bar's color to white but the google driver's icon stills white. Is it possible to set its color to black ?23:19
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Nothing_MuchWhat was the IRC channel for 14.10 and subsequent development releases?23:21
Nothing_Much#ubuntu-next or something?23:21
jorge2https://mediacru.sh/ free and open source hosting site for video, audio and image uploads!23:22
daftykinsNothing_Much: +123:22
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Bashing-omwad: Not that it hels much, but; verify what is installed: -> sysop@1404mini:~$ apt-cache policy gcc >> Candidate: 4:4.8.2-1ubuntu6 <- I would expect version 4.8 to be a long way up the pipe line yet.23:25
Nothing_Muchdaftykins: Thank you23:25
wadYes, it's using 4.8 currently. apt-cache policy confirmed. So I can manually repoint the symlink in /usr/bin/gcc to the other version of gcc that I installed (4.6), and then the "gcc --version" shows that version, but there are probably other symlinks that need to be switched over also.23:28
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TimotyHello, can we force a higher screen resolution?23:41
daftykinsyou might want to explain the situation a bit more23:41
TimotyI want to try to see how a retina resolution looks lH23:42
daftykinsno, LCDs have a finite number of pixels - you can't draw on what isn't there23:42
Timotycan we set a resolution that's not listed in Ubuntu resolutiP23:42
Timotyoh oky23:43
Timotywhere is the xorg.conf please?23:43
daftykinsit's not used anymore, so you likely won't have one23:43
Gost_4015ok ok Ok oK Ok oK Ok oK23:43
Timotyit's not in /etc/X11/ ?23:43
daftykinshowever if it did exist, it would be stored in /etc/X11/23:43
Gost_4015Umirem Od Smehova23:43
Gost_4015KiDaM Se ZnAc123:43
unopasteGost_4015 you have been muted for 60 seconds as it looks like you are pasting lots of lines into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com and paste just the URL of your data here when you are unmuted23:44
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mickeyHello everyone! I would have liked to ask this question in the ubuntu-boot channel but it's empty.23:46
mickeySo here goes23:46
mickeyUbuntu 14.04 - I would like to update my GRUB2 set up so that the first option in the list is my Windows 723:47
=== stoned is now known as Guest9389
daftykinsmickey: look up setting the default entry23:48
mickeyFirst when I updated to to 14.04 I have to enter /usr/bin every time I type commands23:50
mickeyWhen I tried to find the /etc/default/grub file it was empty :/23:52
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camtronI have no idea what happened, but Ubuntu Software Center seems broken. No matter what I try to install, I get this: Not found. There isn't a software package called "file:" in your current software sources.23:56
=== hggdh_ is now known as hggdh
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xanguacamtron: are you trying to install "file"? Could you provide a little more information like what ubuntu release you use or the install output on a terminal?23:58
mateusjrque   er23:59

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