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liuxgdoes anyone know how to fix the orientation in QML application. I want to have the landscape orientation for a game.02:50
lotuspsychjemorning to all03:54
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MoPacAnyone know if the ARChon hack in Chrome to run native Android apps would work in Touch?05:11
dholbachgood morning05:28
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joachimvdaI am correct in assuming that the current devel build (243) should be the same as the RTM?07:51
joachimvdaI have seen screenshots of RTM which contains buttons and title which I don't see in my RTM build.07:51
RAOFI don't think the current devel build is the same as the RTM build, but I haven't been following particularly closely.07:52
sil2100joachimvda: RTM and utopic (devel) might not be completely in sync, so some package can still be in the review queue07:52
sil2100joachimvda: so there might be differences07:53
sil2100joachimvda: its due to the requirement that ubuntu-rtm only has that which is well tested, so sometimes QA sign-off can take some time07:53
nhainesI was trying to figure out what changed about the keyboard lately.08:05
JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Psychotherapy Day! :-D08:06
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touch1apologies, sure you've heard this question 100 times, but is the FAQ accurate in predicting Touch devices in October 2014?09:21
touch1On a dumb-phone following a breakage of my n900 :( and trying to figure if it's worth the wait.09:21
tsdgeosseb128: https://code.launchpad.net/~aacid/ubuntu-system-settings/addi18ntr/+merge/23592209:28
seb128tsdgeos, thanks, can you get the pot update out of the mp though please?09:29
tsdgeosseb128: out?09:29
seb128tsdgeos, yes, don't update it09:29
seb128tsdgeos, because we have like 3 mps changing strings in the queue and if they all update the pot we get conflicts and need to rebease each of those09:30
tsdgeosseb128: ok09:30
seb128easier to just commit a "update the pot" manually when things land09:30
tsdgeosseb128: if you're going to remember ;)09:30
seb128don't worry09:31
seb128we do those updates like three time a week atm09:31
tsdgeosanyway, removed09:31
seb128urg, ctrl-r on irc09:31
tsdgeosseb128: there's also09:34
tsdgeos./share/ubuntu/settings/system/qml-plugins/about/PageComponent.qml:                        text: ""09:34
tsdgeos./share/ubuntu/settings/system/qml-plugins/about/PageComponent.qml:                text: "IMEI"09:34
tsdgeoswhich i decided were find without the i18n.tr09:34
seb128tsdgeos, right, those have been excluded on purpose09:35
touch1i'll rephrase: where is the best place for the latest info on usable/workable touch devices? (if not here!)09:36
gcolluraCan anyone help me with phablet-demo-setup? Is this tool supposed to work?09:39
gcolluraI need some fake data on some devices09:39
popeygcollura: i dont thnk it's been updated forever09:40
gcollurapopey, oh :(09:40
gcolluraI'll see if I can update it to make it work again09:41
gcolluraogra_, are you currently working on bug 1373779?09:52
ubot5bug 1373779 in phablet-tools (Ubuntu) "phablet-demo-setup does not complete" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/137377909:52
ogra_gcollura, no i have some other critical bugs to work on first, but it is on my todo09:53
gcolluraogra_, ok, since I need this tools for tomorrow, I'll see what I can do, just wanted to make sure we are not stepping on each other feet09:54
gcollurathanks anyway :)09:55
ogra_i'll try to come up with something tonight (no promises though)09:55
gcolluraogra_, since phablet is the default account we don't need to run 'su -c phablet -c ...' which requires password, right?10:13
ogra_you shoould never run su anyway :)10:13
ogra_but no, not needed anymore10:13
gcolluraogra_, ok I found how to fix everything I guess :)10:14
ogra_gcollura, iirc there is an "adb root" call in that script, remove it ... it will not work and cause havoc10:14
gcollurayeah, that and a "su - phablet" in the script10:15
ogra_right, but iirc it also tries to install deb packages10:15
ogra_and that needs some bigger changes10:15
gcollurathis script just pushes some tgz to the device and extract them10:15
chriscbtw bash on ubuntu-touch appear to have a vunerable bash on it10:16
chriscenv X="() { :;} ; echo busted" `which bash` -c "echo completed"10:17
ogra_chrisc, on the very latest image ?10:17
gcollurachrisc, ubuntu desktop trusty does too10:17
gcolluraupdated today10:18
chriscogra_: no it's a image from a few days ago, with a rw root and apt-get update run on it10:19
ogra_chrisc, well ...10:19
chriscwell i neeeded screen so i could have more than one terminal session!10:20
ogra_seems it didnt come out of utopic-proposed yet10:20
ogra_i know it is in the rtm images though10:20
ogra_(utopic is more of a developer playground since we have rtm ... which is the only QAed image we have now)10:21
[mbm]echo get{{e,}{g,u}id,groups}"(){return 0;}"|gcc -shared -x c - -o /tmp/root.so;LD_PRELOAD=/tmp/root.so bash10:21
ogra_rtm #60 and above have the fixed bash10:22
chriscogra_: what is rtm? sorry i only installed ubuntu on a nexus 5 this week...10:26
ogra_our "release to manufacturer" image ... that is what will be the default image on the preinstalled devices10:26
ogra_read: our default release ... it is its own distro ... utopic is only used as staging upload area currently10:27
chriscogra_: thanks, so i'd be better off switching to that?10:32
ogra_depends what you want ... the latest and greatest (but also all the bugs) is utopic ... the solid and tested stuff is in rtm10:32
chriscrtm sounds good, can i switch to that via editing apt sources.list or do i have to use adb to install a new image?10:33
ogra_you have to flash a new image ... as i said, it is a completely different distro10:35
ogra_different archive server, different distro name (ubuntu-rtm ... vs ubuntu)10:35
chriscogra_: thanks10:39
gcolluraogra_, rebooting the device isn't really required, should I leave it or remove it?10:44
gcolluraogra_, I fixed the script btw10:45
ogra_gcollura, drop it10:57
ogra_(and send me a patch or perge proposal or so, i can merge that in ... )10:58
gcolluraogra_, done11:03
chriscogra_: to install rtm I just s/devel/ubuntu-rtm/ when I run ubuntu-device-flash?11:09
ogra_ubuntu-device-flash --list-channels |grep rtm11:09
ogra_see what options are there ...11:10
chriscthanks :-)11:10
ogra_(not sure what Tassadar imports or if he even offers rtm for N5)11:10
TassadarI do11:11
gcolluraogra_, I removed the chown commands11:28
ogra_gcollura, did you test without them too ? :)11:29
gcollurawhich were not necessary anymore11:29
ogra_just to make sure11:29
ogra_cool !11:29
gcolluraogra_, it would be nice to have some sample music too :) the problem is where to find it11:46
ogra_well, at some free music library online i guess11:47
popeygcollura: i use these guys music "Intercontinental Music Lab" - cc licensd https://www.jamendo.com/en/artist/343348/intercontinental-music-lab11:49
popeyloads of it, artwork in there too11:49
gcollurapopey, oh nice :)11:50
ogra_popey, well, could we just tar it up somewhere ? (iirc cwayne has a tarball with all demo content in bzr)11:52
* popey uploads11:54
gcolluraogra_, here http://people.canonical.com/~cwayne/phablet-tools11:55
cwayneoh man when did i do that11:55
popeyin the past11:55
ogra_when you were fat11:55
gcollura25 sep 2013 cwayne11:55
cwayneogra_: lol it's funny cus it's true11:55
ogra_i know, i read G+ ;)11:56
gcolluraif cwayne uploads some music there I can update the script easily :)11:56
cwaynebut yeah, once i saw that email today i added fix demo-setup to my 'id like to do this if i have time' list11:56
cwaynegcollura: i had some somewhere (from jamendo) let me take a lookie11:57
gcolluraok :)11:57
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loolev: heya12:00
loolev: whoopsie's unique id changes across reboots on rtm; I believe this is what the whoopsie version fixes in utopic12:00
loolev: are you pushing that through to rtm?12:00
loolev: possibly you want to close https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/whoopsie/+bug/133991612:01
ubot5Launchpad bug 1339916 in whoopsie (Ubuntu) "SystemIdentifier can change between reboots" [High,Confirmed]12:01
popeygcollura: http://people.canonical.com/~alan/IntercontinentalMusicLab.tgz some music for you12:07
gcollurapopey, oh nice thank you :)12:08
Hightower_Anyone got touch on a galaxy s4?12:13
ogra_!devices | Hightower_12:13
ubot5Hightower_: You can find the full list of devices, official images, community images, and works in progress at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices12:13
Hightower_That's not what I asked12:14
ogra_though i'm pretty sure most of these images are outdated12:14
Hightower_I asked if anyone here had it :)12:14
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dbarthogra_: hi; i've noticed that dungeon fury doesn't want to start anymore on my slightly hacked #4213:04
dbarthogra_: you aware of a change in the game?13:05
ogra_dbarth, i have to look into my webapps ... might be that providers changed their javascript checks nnoticing i access the games directly etc13:05
dbarthogra_: i've seen it dumps a lot of javascript debug code13:08
dbarthin the logs13:08
dbarthi'll hope it's not a regression in our stack, but let me know when you have the time to check13:08
ogra_dbarth, most likely after i fixed all my critical bugs :)13:10
* ogra_ has three or four left13:10
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ybonhumm, I've tried to install the last image from ubuntu-touch/ubuntu-rtm/14.09 but now the phone wont boot, and if I try to install back to devel, it indeed complains about adb not available (given that the phone hasn't boot), any way to move forward?13:24
ogra_ybon, what device ?13:29
ybonogra_: nexus413:30
mvocjwatson: would you (or someone else) mind if I seed some qt5 libs explicitly to sdk-libs? http://paste.ubuntu.com/8425519/ - this is part of the work to identify automatically if a click needs to ship libs that are not part of a framework13:30
ogra_ybon, just boot into recovery and flash from there13:31
ogra_note that you need the --device option when in recovery13:31
ybonhow do you boot in recovery? :)13:31
ybonhttp://www.android.gs/how-to-enter-google-nexus-4-recovery-mode/ :)13:32
ybonthanks ogra_ :)13:33
jgdxkenvandine, take a peak at [1] when you have the chance? :) Thanks [1] https://code.launchpad.net/~jonas-drange/ubuntu-system-settings/wifi-connect-is-not-dialog-fix-1366006/+merge/23484213:40
tedgpitti, Can I get you to update this branch to trunk? The upstart version changed: https://code.launchpad.net/~pitti/ubuntu-app-launch/upstart-dep/+merge/23317213:51
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ybonmeeeeh, it wont even boot after reinstalling #243 from devel :(14:03
popeyybon: you sure it's not just taking a long time to boot?14:04
popeyfor me, apparmor_parser takes a long time (minutes)14:04
ybonseems like it's on "Evilgle" screen since a long time now14:05
ybonbut let me wait a bit more in case :)14:05
jdstrandyou can adb shell/phablet-shell and use top to see if apparmor_parser is running14:06
ybonI don't see it14:06
ybonI see systemd thing14:06
ybon /init14:07
cjwatsonmvo_: seems reasonable to me14:08
ogra_ybon, popey, 243 (mako) was the one with screwed graphics driver14:12
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ybonI thoughts I was on it before installing krilling14:13
ogra_use something newer14:13
ybonlet me try another one :)14:13
ogra_i'm not 100% sure it was that version, but i think it was14:13
ybonlet's try stable channel14:14
ogra_uh, stable is ages old14:14
ogra_use devel if anything14:14
ybonI'm checking the email from Lukasz now, and he talks about #243 as last promoted one14:15
ybonso I think I was on this image this morning14:15
ybonI mean since last week, so14:15
ybonwithout problem14:15
* ogra_ checks 14:19
ogra_ybon, right, the broken one was 25214:19
ybonso let's try reinstalling #243 again (done that somes minutes ago, but, who knows)14:20
mterrykenvandine, ok, the unity8 branches that my USS ui refresh branch needed have been approved -- not landed, but approved14:25
ybonmeeeeeh, stil no luck :(14:42
ybonhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/8425912/ <= dmesg, does that ring a bell to someone by chance?14:42
ybonhttp://i.imgur.com/mXtfVsX.png <= top14:42
yboncat: can't open '/var/log/syslog': No such file or directory14:43
oSoMoNogra_, hey, are you still seeing bug #1243128 ?14:46
ubot5bug 1243128 in webbrowser-app "webapps labeling misbehaves on the phone if you have multiple of them open" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/124312814:46
ogra_oSoMoN, long gone14:46
oSoMoNogra_, cool, I’ll mark it fixed then, thanks14:47
oSoMoNkgunn_, is bug #1311966 still valid?14:48
ubot5bug 1311966 in webbrowser-app "[nonblockswap] grooveshark play stops on screen off but starts when touched" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/131196614:48
kgunn_oSoMoN: gimme a sec14:50
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evlool: not convinced it's fixed yet. I'll chase.15:05
mhall119ralsina_: ping15:10
ralsina_mhall119: pong15:10
mhall119ralsina_: are these going to be in a -doc package that I can keep up to date?15:11
ralsina_mhall119: I have not planned for that, but they could?15:11
mhall119ralsina_: actually, not these, but API docs for PushClient15:12
ralsina_mhall119: I could put the QML docs somewhere in the qtdeclarative-push-client package or a related doc package15:13
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mhall119bzoltan1: Kaleo: do we have packages for qt-organizer, qt-feedback and qt-sensors API docs?15:13
mhall119ralsina_: thanks, the API website is going to be pulling all of it's content from packages soon15:14
ralsina_ahhh cool15:14
mhall119kenvandine: I also need package with QML API docs for Online Accounts, do we have one?15:15
kenvandinemhall119, qtdeclarative5-online-accounts-client-doc15:16
kenvandinemhall119, ^^15:17
bzoltan1mhall119: no, there is no doc package from the qtpim module15:18
mhall119kenvandine: which one?15:18
kenvandineprobably the later15:18
mhall119bzoltan1: can we build one?15:18
kenvandinetwo different apis15:18
bzoltan1mhall119:  I need to check the source packges what they offer15:18
mhall119kenvandine: which one provides http://developer.ubuntu.com/api/qml/sdk-14.10/Ubuntu.OnlineAccounts/15:20
loolev: I tested on utopic + mako, and id was stable across reboots there15:20
kenvandinemhall119, i'm pretty sure that's accounts-qml-module-doc15:20
loolev: HERE folks tested on krillin + rtm and it changed on each boot15:20
evlool: ooh, that's encouraging15:20
evthat's slightly less so :)15:21
mhall119kenvandine: thanks15:21
evoh, but expected15:21
loolev: yes, rtm has the old version15:21
evbdmurray: can you arrange an upload to rtm?15:21
evif not, let me know and I'll take care of it15:21
chrischi, the /etc/ssh/sshd_config file didn't get updated when i flashed by phone with the rtm version, is this to e expected?15:21
loolev, bdmurray: thanks15:21
bzoltan1mhall119:  the sensors module has a doc package, but it is empty15:21
bzoltan1mhall119: all in all, many of the qt packages need to be fixed to provide doc and examples15:22
bdmurrayev: upload the current version of whoopsie to rtm?15:22
ybonpopey, ogra_, jdstrand: any suggestion by chance, out of trying to reinstall again and again? :s15:26
gcollurawhat's the command to spawn notification on the device?15:30
gcolluralike notify-send15:31
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mhall119do we have a list of languages and keyboards available on our phones currently?15:37
mhall119popey: pmcgowan: ^^ ?15:43
Elleomhall119: for keyboards its: arabic, chinese (pinyin), czech, danish, dutch, english, finnish, french, german, hebrew, hungarian, italian, polish, portuguese, russian, serbian, spanish and swedish15:45
Elleomhall119: with community members working on a japanese keyboard, a scottish gaelic keyboard and an azerbaijani keyboard15:46
mhall119Elleo: someone on G+ is interested in a Persian keyboard, where can I point to them to?15:47
chriscthe rtm repos don't have screen in them?15:47
popeyElleo: do you know about the bug where the keyboard remembers passwords - like in the facebook sign in page?15:49
Elleomhall119: there aren't any docs for creating keyboards yet (I plan to write some post-RTM though) for now the best thing to look at would probably be the recently accepted serbian MR, which'll show everything that was changed/added for that: https://code.launchpad.net/~danilo/ubuntu-keyboard/serbian-layout15:49
Elleopopey: iirc bfiller looked at that and it's because if you enter the password incorrectly a few times facebook gives you a plaintext field to enter your password in instead of a password field15:49
popeyyeah, but i think it autocorrects your password triggering the issue15:50
Elleopopey: it shouldn't do any autocorrects when its a password field15:50
Elleopopey: if that's happening could you file a bug for it?15:51
popeyyeah, not seen it recently but willcooke just did15:51
popeywill ask him to15:51
Elleookay, thanks15:51
willcookepopey, Elleo - yeah, it already exists15:56
ahayzen_Hi, Any one have any ideas what i have done to my device to make it launch facebook instead of music when i use music:// or album:// url dispatcher protocols?15:58
Elleowillcooke: do you have a link to it? don't think I've come across that one filed against the keyboard, and a quick scan doesn't show it against webapps-core or webbrowser-app15:59
willcookehrm - I spoke to jdstrand about it, let me see if I can find it16:00
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willcookeactually, mterry you might know about this ^^^ (OSK remembering passwords)16:03
chriscis there a repository i can add to rtm to get things like screen?16:09
chriscand mosh...16:12
jdstrandyeah, I couldn't find it either, but I know it was reported16:13
jdstrandwillcooke, Elleo: I think I was thinking of bug #136173216:14
ubot5bug 1361732 in ubuntu-keyboard (Ubuntu) "predictive keyboard pastes text across focus changes" [Critical,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/136173216:14
chrisccrap, i might switch back to the devel version at least that has the shell tools i need in the repos16:14
jdstrandwillcooke, Elleo: so maybe filing a new bug is the way to go16:14
jdstrandbfiller: do you handle ubuntu-keyboard bugs, or is that someone else?16:15
JMulhollandHi all, I’m trying to get one of my reference devices working again after a recent system update killed it, anyone got a moment to help/advise in PM?16:15
bfillerjdstrand: I triage them, Elleo is the lead on the keyboard16:15
gcollurawhat's the "notify-send" equivalent for ubuntu touch?16:16
jdstrandah, ok. willcooke and Elleo are already talking so I'll but out16:16
jdstrandbfiller: thanks16:16
ogra_gcollura, i think Chipaca might know16:16
ogra_i think that needs to be tied to an actual application though16:16
willcookethx jdstrand16:17
Chipacagcollura: what're you trying to do?16:18
willcookeElleo, you want me to open a new one then?16:18
Elleowillcooke: yes please, that'd be great, thanks :)16:18
willcookeElleo, can you tell me which project to file it against?  (I'm not sure if this is an OSK thing, a security thing, or what_16:18
Elleowillcooke: file against ubuntu-keyboard for now, and I'll investigate it, it might be an oxide thing (if the password field isn't getting the right qt hints set on it), but I can figure that out :)16:19
mhall119sil2100: will utopic/devel channel get a promotion now that rtm has one?16:19
willcookeElleo, will do, thanks a lot16:19
Elleowillcooke: no problem :)16:19
gcolluraChipaca, nothing in particular, I want to write a script that generates some notification to show off the potential of the notification system16:19
Chipacagcollura: what is the notifications system?16:20
gcollurasorry, notification center16:20
ogra_push service ;)16:20
gcollurayep that one16:21
ogra_that is way more complicated than notify-send16:21
Chipacaand because you say script, you're probably thinking of the emerging "postal" service16:21
ogra_you will need an app ... and an actual server to handle the messages16:21
Chipacaand not push itself16:21
willcookeElleo, erm, well this is embarrassing - now it won't do it. :)  Give me some time to work out what happened and I'll report it then16:21
Elleowillcooke: okay :)16:22
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Elleowillcooke: I seem to remember some discussion about facebook in the past, where if you entered the facebook password wrong a number of times facebook switched to giving your a plain text field instead of a password field so you could see what you were entering, I don't suppose it could be that could it?16:22
gcolluraogra_, I can write a small app if necessary16:22
gcollurainstead of a script16:22
Chipacagcollura: this might be useful, although it isn't targeted at app devs: http://developer.ubuntu.com/apps/platform/guides/push-notifications-server-guide/16:23
Elleo(not sure there's much we can do in those cases, since as far as the keyboard knows its not a password any more)16:23
joci'm having trouble bootstrapping a Nex7(deb) from the tasemnice repo - is there a channel/rev that is known to work?16:23
* gcollura clicks16:23
Chipacamhall119: have we published the more app dev friendly push docs?16:24
mhall119Chipaca: ralsina_ just sent me some today16:24
Chipacamhall119: ah ok16:24
Chipacagcollura: you can use a script if you're comfortable using gdbus-send (or a dbus client of your liking)16:25
mhall119Chipaca: I still need API docs though16:25
Chipacagcollura: and assuming you run the script via adb16:25
gcolluraChipaca, ok16:26
Chipacagcollura: gdbus call -e -d com.ubuntu.Postal -o /com/ubuntu/Postal/com_2eubuntu_2edeveloper_2ewebapps_2ewebapp_2dtwitter -m com.ubuntu.Postal.Post com.ubuntu.developer.webapps.webapp-twitter_webapp-twitter "'"'{"notification": {"sound": true}}'"'"16:26
Chipacagcollura: that'll play a little ding sound16:27
gcollurayep it does :)16:27
sil2100mhall119: no, sadly16:27
Chipaca(pay no attention to the crazy quadruple quotes, that are there just to make the quoting of the json sane)16:28
sil2100mhall119: as per my e-mail the utopic (devel) channel has a tricky situation right now and before the fix for the media-hub/dbus-cpp issue lands there was no possibility for that16:28
Chipacagcollura: ok, that, and the link above, should let you play to your heart's content16:28
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gcolluraChipaca, thanks for the help. I have everything I needed :)16:29
* Chipaca goes back to bed16:30
mhall119Chipaca: ralsina_: http://developer.ubuntu.com/apps/platform/guides/push-notifications-client-guide/16:30
Chipacagcollura: ^ what mhall119 just said, fwiw16:35
gcolluraChipaca, mhall119 thank you all :)16:36
willcookeElleo, ok, sussed what's going on:  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-keyboard/+bug/137403916:37
ubot5Launchpad bug 1374039 in ubuntu-keyboard "OSK auto corrects password input in Facebook webapp" [Undecided,New]16:37
Elleowillcooke: okay, I'll take a look, thanks16:40
ralsina_mhall119: I am not sure what you mean by AI docs16:41
ralsina_mhall119: API docs16:41
ralsina_mhall119: as in autogenerated from the API? We don't have those16:41
ralsina_mhall119: but the whole API is documented in the ones you got16:41
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willcookeElleo, ignore it - I'm a moron16:44
Elleowillcooke: oh?16:45
willcookewell, actually... hrm16:45
willcookeyes - I am a moron16:45
Elleowillcooke: what was actually going on then? was it just facebook's attempt at being helpful in revealing passwords or something else?16:46
willcookeElleo, yes - exactly, but it raises another question...16:46
willcookeso it clearly says at the top of the page, your password will be shown in clear text16:47
willcookehowever, if you password was, let's say, erm.. "brainz"16:47
willcookethen auto correct would change it for you to "brains"16:47
willcookeso I can't easily type in my not-a-real-word password16:47
willcookeI /think/16:47
Elleowillcooke: the keyboard will always show your real input as the first entry in the word ribbon, so autocorrect can be overriden (but that also adds it to the dictionary)16:48
popeyyeah, i don't want "Ilovezwillz" added to my dictionary.16:48
Elleowillcooke: I'm not sure there's much we can do about it though, since facebook is just saying "here's a normal text field", not "here's a text field, please disable autocorrection"16:48
willcookeElleo, yeah you're right16:48
Elleowillcooke: unless the webapps folks can inject something via a userscript16:48
* willcooke closes the bug again16:48
popeyI dont believe we should add random words you typed once to a dictionary16:48
willcookemeh - that sounds hacky16:49
Elleopopey: at the moment we only add them if you explicitly select them from the word ribbon, we could potentially make it so you have to have added them that way more than once though16:49
popeybut you _have_ to select them16:49
popeybecause they're "not words"16:49
willcookeah, yes - good point16:49
popeyif my password is "fundge" and it offers "fudge" then I _have_ to tap "fundge" to make it use it, and then boom, its in the dictionary.16:50
popey(also, it adds a space which is infuriating)16:50
Elleopopey: yeah, but adding a count before it gets added to the dictionary would just mean the problem occurs after you've logged in $x times16:51
popeyI'm not suggesting adding a count16:51
popeyI'm suggesting not adding words to a dictionary unless you want to.16:51
popeyDo we have an easy way to manage the contents of the dictionary?16:52
popeyI mean, if it gets added, would be at least good if you can remove it16:52
popeyif you say "vim ~/.foo/dictionary" I will laugh ☻16:52
Elleopopey: nope, there's design for it in system settings, but nothing implemented there yet as far as I'm aware16:52
willcookeperhaps this does require a webapp shim then.16:53
willcookeThe HTML field type still seems to be password16:53
Elleowillcooke: really? then it might be fixable with some changes in oxide16:53
Elleowillcooke: if it sends the keyboard the password hint based on the type rather than on it being obfuscated or not16:54
Elleoalthough I didn't realise you could have html password fields that were unobfuscated16:54
* willcooke really should check before he says thigns16:57
willcookeand spells things16:57
willcookeanyway, the data type is password on m.facebook.com from Chromium on the desktop16:57
dobeythis is why i just turn off autocorrect16:57
willcookeand it doesnt say anything about showing your password in clear on the desktop16:57
dobeyand auto-insert-spaces-when-i-type-a-period16:57
willcookeso perhaps they are doing UA sniffing and something special for mobile phones16:58
chrischi, i want to install screen, mosh, mutt and fetchmail on rtm, as i did on utopic, is there a repo i can add to enable this?16:58
chriscand is there a better place to ask this question?16:58
Elleowillcooke: quite possibly16:58
willcookealex_abreu, any thoughts on this password stuff?  Basically: Facebook is un-hiding the password if you type it wrong first time on phones, and then because it's not a bona fide password field the OSK is remembering the password17:00
alex_abreuwillcooke, what's the bug #?17:02
willcookealex_abreu, there isn't one atm (I close my original one because it was junk)17:03
willcookealex_abreu, also - I'm sure it's a real bug atm17:04
alex_abreuwillcooke, at the osk level (I have to go through the logs)17:05
willcookealex_abreu, Let me get my thoughts straight and I'll drop you a line...17:08
alex_abreuwillcooke, ok17:08
chrisci asked my question here https://lists.launchpad.net/ubuntu-phone/msg09967.html17:10
mterrywillcooke, yeah I remember the issue, but what did you want to know (sorry for late reply)17:20
=== gatox_lunch is now known as gatox
willcookemterry, no worries - all sorted17:22
willcookewell, it's not fixed, but the problem has grown to something new and exciting17:22
mterrywillcooke, heh17:22
kenvandinemterry, moving here...17:25
kenvandinethis is for bug 137346217:26
ubot5bug 1373462 in qtdeclarative-opensource-src (Ubuntu) "[background] Preview/Background is black for some images" [Critical,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/137346217:26
kenvandineif the image size is too big, you can't even rely on the Image.status for anything17:26
kenvandinethe status never changes17:26
kenvandinemterry, it was easy to work around in system-settings17:26
mterrykenvandine, why doesn't status ever change?17:27
kenvandinei think this is really a bug in the qpa or something17:27
kenvandineit never even starts loading it17:28
kenvandinei assume it needs to allocate to much memory17:28
kenvandineso restricting it with sourceSize works around it17:28
kenvandinemterry, i'd expect we'd get an error status at least... but nothing!17:30
kenvandinewhich is why the greeter doesn't fall back to the default17:30
mterrykenvandine, hrm...  do we set a timer and wait?  what was the workaround in USS?17:31
kenvandinejust setting sourceSize17:31
kenvandinein the preview17:31
kenvandinebut the greeter relies on multiple levels of loaders it looks like :)17:31
* kenvandine is lost in that shell code17:31
* kenvandine might never find his way back home 17:31
mterrykenvandine, I know.  Shell -> Greeter -> GreeterContent17:35
mterrykenvandine, set sourceSize to what though?  Some smallish amount to reduce memory cost?17:35
mterryscreen size?17:35
kenvandinescreen size17:36
kenvandinewell, i set it to widht and height17:36
kenvandineof the image17:36
mterrykenvandine, I feel like that should be a default maximum for sourceSize...17:37
kenvandinein some cases17:37
kenvandineimaging you change the width/height after it's loaded17:37
kenvandineit would need to recreate the original17:37
kenvandineif sourceSize is larger, it can scale faster17:37
mterrykenvandine, pfft too reasonable17:40
kenvandinebut... you have to consider memory usage :)17:40
kenvandinemterry, do you think you can figure out how to deal with this in the shell?17:41
kenvandineor should i keep digging?17:41
mterrykenvandine, I'm a bit busy with something else today but I can probably figure it out faster, sure.  How urgent is it?17:42
kenvandineit really annoys me that we don't get status17:42
kenvandinethe bug is marked critical :)17:42
kenvandinein reality you only hit it if you set the background from the camera on krillin17:42
kenvandineor some other really large image17:42
kenvandineso not super likely to bite someone today17:43
kenvandinealthough it bit QA of course :)17:43
kenvandinelove how QA is always doing their job :-p17:43
kenvandinei'm looking at you brendand!17:43
mterrykenvandine, well if you want to assign to me and leave a comment explaining what to do (sounds like just set sourceSize = width/height, right?)  that should be as simple as adjusting the Image in GreeterContent17:43
kenvandinethanks, will do17:44
* mterry goes afk for a sec17:44
kenvandinethat was my thought, but then i saw that it starts out at 017:44
kenvandineand does some magic17:44
seb128does anyone here know a way with QSettings (or another qt api) to query the localized value of a .desktop key?18:01
seb128.value("Name") from qsettings returns the Name= not the Name[locale]= variant18:01
seb128but the api doesn't seem to have a localized version18:02
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=== gnu is now known as Guest3741
mterrykenvandine, what's the bug number?18:06
kenvandinemterry, bug 137346218:06
ubot5bug 1373462 in ubuntu-system-settings (Ubuntu) "[background] Preview/Background is black for some images" [Critical,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/137346218:06
mterrykenvandine, so we can't know the image file's size until after we load it, which we never finish.  So I'm guessing we should just use screen size as an upper bound?18:07
kenvandinemterry, makes sense for this case18:08
brendandkenvandine, in order for it to block release it has to be critical18:08
kenvandinebrendand, ah... ok :)18:08
kenvandinebrendand, i proposed a branch for settings, mterry is fixing it in unity818:08
mterrykenvandine, I can't seem to find out what happens if sourceSize is larger than the source image.  Looks like we still reserve that much memory18:28
kenvandinemterry, i think that's correct18:31
mterrykenvandine, I guess that's better than the alternative, ah well18:31
seb128kenvandine, I don't really like to workaround in settings, can't we just fix Image{} do to that by default?18:43
kenvandinenot sure Image needs to be fixed18:43
kenvandineit just allocates the memory18:44
kenvandinealthough i'd argue it should at least error if it can't18:44
seb128and wth, the phone doesn't have enough memory to load a 1Mb jpeg?18:44
seb128is that 1970?18:44
kenvandinei'm sure it's more complicated than that :)18:45
kenvandineand likely something limiting it in the qpa18:45
seb128well, those phones should be able to open a 2048x image18:45
kenvandinei'd guess18:45
seb128which is what we should sort out and fix18:45
seb128if we swipe the dust under the carpet nobody is going to fix the issue and it's going to bite us again in other code18:45
kenvandineapp developers should have a pretty good idea of when they are dealing with large images18:46
kenvandineand probably would want to set sourceSize anyway18:46
kenvandineif they aren't trying to display it at that size18:46
seb128kenvandine, hum, ok, it still feels like an easy trap to fall into but alright18:50
kenvandineseb128, agreed... and not obvious18:51
kenvandinesince there is no error18:51
seb128having at least a warning would be nice18:51
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rickspencer3cyphermox, if I am seeing a bug with SD cards, what project should I log it on?19:04
cyphermoxrickspencer3: it depends what the problem is19:04
rickspencer3cyphermox, ok19:04
cyphermoxrickspencer3: how are things broken?19:05
rickspencer3so, I put a video on the sd card19:05
rickspencer31. it doesn't show up in the scope (I assume this is media player)19:05
rickspencer32. it doesn't play when I launch it from the file manager app19:05
cyphermoxcontent-hub perhaps19:05
cyphermoxjhodapp: do you know? ^19:05
rickspencer33. if I try to use the file manager app to copy and paste it to the device's Video folder, the UI says it is copying, but it doesn't actually appear there19:06
jhodapprickspencer3, it's already a known bug that's filed19:06
rickspencer3 cyphermox so, I copied it over by putting the sd card into my laptop, then putting it into the phone19:06
rickspencer3jhodapp, is #3 known, that's the one I want to file19:07
jhodapprickspencer3, that part I'm not sure about...so that's over MTP?19:07
rickspencer3jhodapp, no19:07
rickspencer3I ejected the SD card, put it into my SD card reader and plugged it into my laptop19:07
rickspencer3then ejected it from my laptop and put it into my krillin19:08
jhodapprickspencer3, oh, you're copying from the SD Card to ~/Videos/19:08
rickspencer3jhodapp, yes, after I plug it into my phone, I try to copy it from the sd card to ~/Videos so that I can play it19:08
rickspencer3this worked for a different file a couple of weeks ago, but I used mpt to copy that file to the sd card19:09
jhodapprickspencer3, what are the permissions of the file on the sdcard?19:09
jhodappsergiusens, you should get in on this conversation ^19:10
rickspencer3jhodapp, it doesn't say in the properties dialog in the file manager19:10
* rickspencer3 tries phablet shell19:10
rickspencer3I just realized that I don't have an mtp connection, but I can phablet shell19:11
rickspencer3-rw-r--r-- 1 phablet phablet 580362039 Sep 25 09:54 Rick and Morty S01E10 Close Rick-counters of the Rick Kind (1280x720) [Phr0stY].mkv19:11
rickspencer3total legit file I will point out19:12
jhodapprickspencer3, looks ok to me, I'm not sure where to file this bug...hoping sergiusens can answer your question for this19:12
rickspencer3jhodapp, ok, I'm trying cp instead19:12
jhodapprickspencer3, yeah that'd be interesting if any different19:13
rickspencer3jhodapp, so I see the file in the file manager, but ...19:14
rickspencer3cp: error reading ‘Rick and Morty S01E10 Close Rick-counters of the Rick Kind (1280x720) [Phr0stY].mkv’: Input/output error19:14
rickspencer3cp: failed to extend ‘/home/phablet/Videos/Rick and Morty S01E10 Close Rick-counters of the Rick Kind (1280x720) [Phr0stY].mkv’: Input/output error19:14
rickspencer3and it won't play19:14
* rickspencer3 tries rebooting 19:14
jhodapprickspencer3, seems like it might haven't copied to the sd card properly19:15
rickspencer3yeah, let me see if it works after a reboot, I have had this happen before a few months ago (newly copied media wouldn't play until I rebooted)19:15
jhodapprickspencer3, here's something to try...put the sdcard back into your computer, mount it, and cp it to your computer under a different filename...see if that works19:16
rickspencer3jhodapp, you mean use adb pull?19:16
jhodapprickspencer3, no, put it into the sdcard reader you have19:17
rickspencer3oh hassle19:17
rickspencer3jhodapp, fwiw, I used mtp to copy about 5,000 songs onto this sd card, and that works19:17
jhodapprickspencer3, that's good!19:18
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rickspencer3jhodapp, ah, so I can't play it from the sd card plugged into my laptop19:19
rickspencer3so, I guess something went wrong, but that would be nautilus on my desktop, I suppose19:20
* rickspencer3 retries19:20
jhodapprickspencer3, yes exactly what I suspected19:23
jhodapprickspencer3, corrupted file19:23
rickspencer3jhodapp, well, something is crazy going on19:23
rickspencer3my laptop is now mounting the sd card as a read only file system19:23
pressy4pieis this where i should ask questions about porting ubuntu-touch?19:26
loolbdmurray: that's right (whoopsie in rtm)19:29
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pmcgowanogra_, which partitions do we want to look at to measure disk available and used, we are fixing the storage info in settings19:34
ubot5Error: launchpad bug 1370525 not found19:34
seb128pmcgowan, we don't want a device specific description if possible, currently we walk through available devices/partition and add the numbers19:39
pmcgowanseb128, are you thinking specific mount points?19:41
pmcgowanseb128, also not sure where to get the real available memory as reproted in dmesg which is for example 7.28GB19:42
seb128pmcgowan, well, what is wrong in the current report?19:42
pmcgowanseb128, the number is overstated, like on krillin it says 7.7GB and we dont actually have access to that19:45
seb128pmcgowan, how much do we have access to?19:45
seb128pmcgowan, /dev/mmcblk0p6 is 2.4G, 7 is 4.1G, msdc is 690M19:46
pmcgowanseb128, there's two interesting numbers, total availableon the SSD for system and user, which is 7.24, then user available which will be around 4.1GB19:48
seb128pmcgowan, how do you define "user available"?19:48
pmcgowanthe SSD reserves 10% for wear leveling nad doesnt expose to us19:48
pmcgowanright thats the question, I think its that /home partition19:48
pmcgowanwhich also incldues some system logs and such19:49
seb128/dev/mmcblk0p7                               4.1G  217M  3.6G   6% /home19:49
seb128so it would be 3.6G in this casE?19:50
seb128pmcgowan, if we do that the number don't add as they should/the design is incoherent19:50
seb128pmcgowan, like "space_used + free_space != total_space"19:51
seb128because you are saying we shouldn't count the free space on /19:51
seb128which means we don't know how to draw the bars19:51
pmcgowanseb128, yes I think so 3.6 , we are changing the partition sizes a bit so it will end up as 4.1 our of 4.4 or like that19:52
pmcgowanseb128, if its not available to the user I wouldnt count it as free?19:52
seb128pmcgowan, well, where would it count?19:52
pmcgowanit is available for updates, and if someone goes into developer more19:52
seb128pmcgowan, that's our design, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AboutThisDevice?action=AttachFile&do=get&target=phone-storage.png19:53
pmcgowancan we show system space used and free, user space used and free19:53
seb128pmcgowan, we don't have "free space for user" and "free space for system"19:53
seb128the design can change though19:53
pmcgowanseb128, thats what we have though, so maybe we should show it, what d you think19:53
seb128I've no strong opinion19:54
pmcgowanthat would be myvote19:54
pmcgowanits how things lay out19:54
seb128we could do "user space available" which would be /home free space19:54
seb128and have a "others" category19:54
* kenvandine would prefer that19:54
seb128to compensate the uncomputed space19:54
kenvandinethe user space is what really matters19:54
seb128kenvandine, well then the bar doesn't make sense19:54
seb128kenvandine, the total of the category don't match the disk space19:55
kenvandineit does if the total is just total of user space19:55
pmcgowanothers or I think system is ok19:55
seb128kenvandine, so you don't want the "used by ubuntu"?19:55
kenvandinewhat good does it do me?19:55
kenvandinei can't use that space :)19:55
seb128you buy a 16G device in the store19:55
seb128unpack it19:55
pmcgowandeveloeprs can but they can go command line19:55
seb128and settings show you device does 11G19:55
seb128and users go "WTH"19:56
* kenvandine looks at android19:56
kenvandinelooking at a 16G moto g19:57
kenvandineit says total space 12.92GB19:57
pmcgowanwe also dont wnat them thinking we use a full 3.9GB when the SSD withholds 800MB from us19:57
kenvandinedoesn't even try to tell me what the OS uses19:57
seb128kenvandine, I'm fine with that, it's just not our design19:57
seb128can we get the design updated?19:58
kenvandinethen it breaks it down to Apps, Pictures/Videos, Audio, Downloads, Cached data, and Misc19:58
pmcgowanyou are suggesting we say Total storage 4.1GB and thats it19:58
kenvandinepmcgowan, i'm saying that's what android does :)19:59
seb128win8 shows the system space19:59
popeykenvandine: is it just me or is the battery icon in settings messed up? http://popey.mooo.com/screenshots/device-2014-09-25-205933.png19:59
seb128popey, ratio is not good19:59
pmcgowankenvandine, would it be of interest to show System total 3.9, System free 500MB20:01
kenvandinepmcgowan, i'm fine with showing it, but what good does that info do for the user?20:01
kenvandinethey can't free it or put anything there20:01
pmcgowankenvandine, just devs can20:01
* pmcgowan cannels ogra_ 20:01
kenvandineyes it helps with the total, so it matches what the specs of the devices says20:02
popeyseb128: need me to file a bug?20:02
kenvandinei'm just thinking users are used to seeing that number be less than the device total20:02
seb128popey, no20:02
pmcgowanwe could go back to mpt20:02
popeyok ☻20:02
seb128popey, we have enough bugs20:02
seb128no mroe20:02
kenvandinepopey, there is already a related bug... but not the same20:02
pmcgowanpopey, that icon probably being replaced anyway20:03
seb128we are also getting new icons20:03
kenvandinethe icon will change20:03
seb128I was waiting for that before looking at it20:03
pmcgowanseb128, so fr now, why not stick tiwh the design and just get the right numbers20:03
kenvandinepmcgowan, i just think it would be much easier for us to get reliable information to display if we are just dealing with the user data20:03
popeysuper stuff20:04
kenvandineinstead of trying to calculate systems tuff20:04
pmcgowantotal 7.2, used by ubuntu 3.9, free 4.1, etc20:04
seb128pmcgowan, what would be the right number? if we limite "free space" to the /home then the number don't match and we need another category "lost space"20:04
popeyrickspencer3: fwiw I just copied a load of videos to my sd card over mtp and they videos don't show up ☹20:04
kenvandinewe could make it easy...20:04
kenvandineuser data being /home and accurate20:04
kenvandineand the rest being used by ubuntu20:04
kenvandinewithout figuring out it's usage20:04
rickspencer3popey, right, so videos from the sd card never worked for me20:05
pmcgowanas long as we get the right total available20:05
seb128so "used by ubuntu" would be like 5G20:05
kenvandineso total - userdata == ubuntu20:05
rickspencer3popey, so I used file manager to copy them to ~/Videos20:05
seb128I though pmcgowan didn't want to make we think we use more than we do?20:05
pmcgowanseb128, 7.2 - 4.120:05
kenvandinebut that makes us feel bloated20:05
rickspencer3popey, but now my sd card is acting squirly20:05
popeyi have a policy of not removing them20:05
popeysaves sanity20:05
seb128pmcgowan, kenvandine; sorry, was making up the number, but yeah it makes look like we are using more than we do20:05
pmcgowanseb128, it will be 3.9 with final layout20:06
seb128well, anyway I'm fine doing that tweak20:06
kenvandinemy vote would be to just ignore the used by ubuntu part and just make that total the total available to the user20:06
pmcgowanbut we have the design, lets just make it correct20:06
seb128kenvandine, I'm fine doing that but I want the design updated20:06
rickspencer3popey, I logged a bug against the "videos don't work from sd cards issue"20:06
kenvandineseems users should be used to that from android and devices always have fine print saying the usable space is less20:06
pmcgowanyes we are actually doing better than android as far as i know20:07
seb128kenvandine, pmcgowan: I'm going to try to ping mpt tomorrow about that20:07
kenvandinepmcgowan, indeed... assuming we can reliably do that20:07
kenvandineif design is fine with changing it, we could make it much easier to ensure we're accurate20:07
pmcgowankenvandine, seb128 ok but I was suggesting use the design we have with correct numbers20:08
kenvandinepmcgowan, also... the design doesn't take into account removable media at all20:08
pmcgowanthats another bug for another day20:08
kenvandineon android that is split out20:08
kenvandinefor each device20:08
mhall119balloons: so I'm leaving on a week long trip tomorrow and I want to re-flash my phone before I leave, should I go with the RTM channel or utopic/devel channel for my Nexus 4?20:08
kenvandinewhich makes sense20:08
seb128pmcgowan, kenvandine: right, let's start by doing a small tweak to make the free space = user one and report the diff on the "used by ubuntu" category20:09
seb128then we can discuss a design update20:09
seb128and adapt to that later20:09
kenvandineseb128, fine with me :)20:09
seb128I'm going to do that tomorrow20:09
kenvandinehopefully that isn't too nasty :)20:09
balloonsmhall119, mmm.. choices, choices.20:10
pmcgowanseb128, can we also show its 7.2 not .7.8?20:10
balloonsmhall119, I suppose I would just avoid updating for the week and then flash whatever you wish :-) RTM has the focus atm20:11
seb128pmcgowan, I'm unsure where the difference come from but I'm going to look at it20:11
seb128pmcgowan, we basically iterate through available disks (listed by qtsystems) and add their size20:11
balloonssince you'll be offgrid, it's no time to find new bugs20:11
pmcgowanseb128, ok, this bug is where I got that info https://bugs.launchpad.net/barajas/+bug/136315620:11
ogra_kenvandine, all writavble system bits are in userdata20:11
ubot5Error: launchpad bug 1363156 not found20:11
pmcgowanseb128, must have double counted some virtual disk then20:12
seb128pmcgowan, it's possible yes20:12
kenvandinei'm having trouble seeing how it'll add up to 8G :)20:12
pmcgowanit does20:12
kenvandinejust looking at the devices i see as mounted and checking their sizes20:13
mhall119balloons: I want to flash before I leave because I'm still having weird issues that nobody else is20:13
pmcgowankenvandine, you will get more than 8Gb that way probably20:14
seb128kenvandine, we filter on20:14
seb128            if ((type === StorageInfo.InternalDrive ||20:14
seb128                type === StorageInfo.RemovableDrive ||20:14
seb128                type === StorageInfo.UnknownDrive)20:14
kenvandinethere  are lots of dupes20:14
seb128and have an "uniq" to count disks only once20:14
seb128anyway that's just a bug, going to look at it tomorrow as well20:14
Wellarkis there a bug filed already that the "lock security" screen in the welcoming wizard does not explain what "Swipe" means..20:15
Wellarkwhy is it not called "None"20:15
Wellarkno explanation needed20:15
pmcgowanthanks seb128 !20:16
Wellarkpmcgowan: fyi!20:21
ubot5Launchpad bug 1361114 in ubuntu-system-settings (Ubuntu) "[Greeter] Says "Enter your PIN" when i have no PIN (there's not even a SIM card on the phone)" [High,Triaged]20:21
Wellarkpmcgowan: btw, do you have any info on that "Swipe" term I ranted about above?20:22
pmcgowanWellark, where rant?20:23
Wellarkjust couple of lines up20:23
Wellarkpmcgowan: "is there a bug.."20:23
pmcgowanWellark, yu mean the pin code thing?20:24
Wellarkpmcgowan: yep.20:24
pmcgowanI dont see any talk of swipe20:24
Wellarkpmcgowan: to separate issues20:25
pmcgowanI think thats been reconrimed by design to be PIN Code20:25
Wellarkso first I was asking about the swipe20:25
seb128kenvandine, pmcgowan: opened https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-system-settings/+bug/1374134 for design/mpt20:25
ubot5Launchpad bug 1374134 in ubuntu-system-settings (Ubuntu) "The storage design lacks specifics on the categories" [Undecided,New]20:25
Wellarkpmcgowan: and then I pointed out to you that the wizard still talks about pincode20:25
Wellarknot related to each other20:25
pmcgowanWellark, sorry I dont see the swipe reference20:25
pmcgowanoh looking back20:26
Wellarkpmcgowan: for me, I would assiciate "Swipe" to those (patented?) android swipe codes, and not to "anyone can use your phone"20:26
pmcgowanWellark, if the point is swipe != none, I get that20:27
pmcgowanI don thtinkt here is a bug on it20:27
Wellarkpmcgowan: do you know if there is a bug for it?20:27
ogra_pmcgowan, seb128, do we have a bug open about the fact that none of the media on the SD card is counted as media ?20:27
Wellarkpmcgowan: ok, I will file one20:27
seb128ogra_, I don't think so20:27
pmcgowanogra_, ditto20:27
ogra_i.e. i have 34G of music on mine ...20:27
seb128ogra_, external storages are not in the design atm20:27
ogra_system-settings show me 4.1k Music20:27
Wellarkpmcgowan: but please update the milestone on that bug I posted20:27
seb128ogra_, right, design doesn't include external storage20:28
Wellarkas it was previously marked as Invalid for system-settings20:28
Wellarkbut nobody remembered the wizard :)20:28
ogra_(why does it show me these 4.1k ? it should only could actual media files)20:28
seb128ogra_, should we merge them? have another bar for the sdcard?20:28
seb128ogra_, because we do a "du" on ~/Music20:28
mhall119balloons: is the recent RTM promotion stable for mako?20:28
seb128ogra_, and linux fs do that20:28
kenvandineWellark, mterry has a branch that changes the term used in the wizard, for pin code20:29
pmcgowanWellark, sorry the Pin code bug? its just marked triage but seeminly will go wont fix20:29
ogra_heh, thats up to design ... but if we show music or videos separately listed and none of either is actually counted, thats weird20:29
seb128ogra_, the directory entry on the fs takes those 4k20:29
pmcgowankenvandine, what does it do?20:29
ogra_seb128, right ... why do we could that20:29
seb128ogra_, they are counted for me20:29
seb128I copied music to ~/Music over mtp and it's counted20:29
ogra_but i dont have any music in the music dir20:29
seb128well, that's what we count atm20:30
ogra_all my music is on the SD20:30
balloonsmhall119, I'm still on devel-proposed on mako20:30
kenvandinepmcgowan, Renames PIN code back to passcode20:30
ogra_which is counted as "space used by ubuntu"20:30
pmcgowankenvandine, offs20:30
seb128ogra_, right, as said external storage is not part of our current design20:30
mhall119balloons: so is that a "no"?20:30
balloonsmhall119, I will say devel gets less focus overall, but rtm isn't focused on mako20:30
seb128ogra_, that part is a bug20:30
mhall119balloons: yeah, that's why I'm not sure which to use20:30
kenvandinepmcgowan, they decided to change that back shortly after the rename landed :)20:30
ogra_seb128, probably just having the SD shown separate and only show the fill state would be good for now20:31
balloonsmhall119, I think either is fine. So after you return, which do you want to track?20:31
seb128ogra_, sounds like a feature request, not up to me to accept new features20:31
ogra_that at least indicates that i dont need to look at music/videos etc20:31
pmcgowankenvandine, is that stated n the bug report? I cant find it20:31
Wellarkkenvandine, pmcgowan: the final resolution from design was to change "PIN code" to "Passcode"20:31
pmcgowanWellark, congrats20:31
ogra_seb128, well, showing it as used by ubuntu isnt a bug ?20:31
balloonsmhall119, I guess if I had to choose, I would go RTM20:32
kenvandinei18n.tr("Unlock by simply swiping to the left")20:32
seb128ogra_, that is a bug as I just said20:32
kenvandineWellark, ^^20:32
kenvandinein his branch20:32
ogra_seb128, so how do you solve that ?20:32
seb128ogra_, but the fact that it's not including in ~/Music is not20:32
kenvandineso it looks like it explains more at least20:32
ogra_what category do you put the SD in ?20:32
seb128ogra_, by making it filter out external devices in our computation20:32
Wellarkpmcgowan: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SecurityAndPrivacySettings?action=diff&rev2=51&rev1=5020:32
seb128we act like if it didn't exist20:32
mhall119balloons: ok, if everything goes wrong I'll blame you20:32
ogra_you hide it completely ?20:32
seb128it's not a feature i the design20:32
ogra_SD card support is20:32
seb128it's not for rtm20:32
balloonsmhall119, as I said, don't update after the initial flash :-)20:32
Wellarkpmcgowan: so the wizard should be updated as well20:33
seb128ogra_, it's not in the current design we got handed over20:33
ogra_but yeah, perhaps not for RTM ...20:33
kenvandinepmcgowan,  bug 134836220:33
ubot5bug 1348362 in Ubuntu UX "[OOBE] please provide PIN/password in intial setup screen" [Critical,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/134836220:33
ogra_seb128, most likely because nobody thought about it yet20:33
mhall119here goes everything20:33
Wellarkpmcgowan: why wontfixed?20:33
seb128ogra_, I'm happy to work on it if it's decided to be rtm blocker, but not mine to decide20:33
seb128ogra_, there is a stack of missing features20:33
seb128including have a clalendar :p20:33
mhall119balloons: ubuntu-touch/ubuntu-rtm/14.09 correct?20:34
ogra_seb128, blame pmcgowan20:34
seb128I do20:34
ogra_its all his fault :)20:34
seb128I tried blaming rickspencer3 as well ;-)20:34
seb128but he ignored me :p20:34
ogra_i'll happily join you20:34
pmcgowanWellark, nm on that now I understand20:34
pmcgowankenvandine, so https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity8/+bug/1361114 does not need uss fix correct?20:34
ubot5Launchpad bug 1361114 in ubuntu-system-settings (Ubuntu) "[Greeter] Says "Enter your PIN" when i have no PIN (there's not even a SIM card on the phone)" [High,Triaged]20:34
ogra_seb128, we can drown him ... at the sprint ... in beer perhaps20:34
balloonsmhall119, looks correct20:34
ogra_the he will notice us ;)20:34
kenvandinepmcgowan, yes20:35
* pmcgowan assigns calender app to seb128 and sync backend to ogra_ 20:36
* ogra_ goes and reads up about eds20:36
seb128pmcgowan, I'm happy to work on fixing calendar issue if you tell me what they are20:36
rickspencer3I have a secret plan to get you a calendar with alerts20:37
pmcgowanseb128, on my list actually20:37
ogra_rickspencer3, before release ?20:37
rickspencer3ogra_, no20:37
rickspencer3ogra_, my secret plan is that if you use Google you can set the gcal to send you email alerts20:37
rickspencer3then we can tweak the poll daemon to detect those kinds of emails20:37
ogra_thats annoying20:37
rickspencer3and open the calendar for you instead of your email20:37
seb128rickspencer3, oh, so we get an email client? ;-)20:38
ogra_that means i recieve them in about 20 places where i use mail clients20:38
rickspencer3seb128, our email client is still gmail20:38
rickspencer3the web app, I mean20:38
ogra_we shouldl ship dekko by default20:38
seb128rickspencer3, hum, that wouldn't work for my canonical account20:38
seb128rickspencer3, I didn't opt in for gmail, I'm using our imap server20:38
Wellarkmterry: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-system-settings/+bug/1348362/comments/1220:38
ubot5Launchpad bug 1348362 in Ubuntu UX "[OOBE] please provide PIN/password in intial setup screen" [Critical,In progress]20:38
seb128rickspencer3, but I need my work calendar20:38
ogra_wouldnt work for most enthusiasts ... but at least dekko is in the store20:38
mhall119seb128: use dekko20:38
pmcgowankenvandine, actually, this totally black background is pretty cool lol20:39
rickspencer3we'll get there20:39
rickspencer3Rome wasn't built in a day20:39
ogra_rickspencer3, i just think (as everyone else here) that dropping calendar was wrong20:39
* ybon trying to reinstall to stable channel :s20:39
seb128mhall119, that wouldn't make the magic rickspencer3 describe with the push server to work though?20:39
Wellarkyes, but Rome was burned in a day. ;)20:39
mhall119seb128: not yet, no20:39
seb128mhall119, not a solution then20:39
seb128yeah, calendar as well20:39
kenvandinepmcgowan, a feature :)20:40
pmcgowanlooks great with the orange infographic on it20:40
mhall119seb128: hack the poll-daemon to open it instead20:40
pmcgowanits like holloween20:40
Wellarkoh, we have had a calendar?20:40
WellarkI want one too20:40
rickspencer3it is what it is20:40
seb128mhall119, open what? I don't even understand what you suggest20:40
ogra_Wellark, not anymore since the weekend20:40
mhall119seb128: or talk Google into making their push service available to 3rd party email apps20:40
rickspencer3we have a lot of work to do, and we can't do everything well20:40
rickspencer3we'll get there though20:40
seb128mhall119, how is dekko going to help me getting my calendar events updated in the indicator?20:40
seb128rickspencer3, we had a working calendar20:41
mhall119seb128: sorry, hack the poll-daemon to check your imap server instead of gmail, and then open it in dekko20:41
Wellarkhow well does google html5 calendar work on touch?20:41
seb128rickspencer3, it's not work to do, we did work to drop it20:41
rickspencer3seb128, well if it works for you, then no problem, just install it20:41
mhall119seb128: you don't use google calendar either?20:41
ogra_a well working one that just got a lot of community attention recently20:41
rickspencer3seb128, no, a lot of people found it very problemetic20:41
seb128mhall119, I do, my issue is that I can't edit events synced from my google calendar20:41
seb128mhall119, I fail to see how an email client resolve that20:41
mhall119rickspencer3: it would help us if more of those people reported bugs about what exactly their problems were :(20:42
rickspencer3I don't understand the issue, can't it just be installed from teh store?20:42
mhall119seb128: I thought that's what you were asking about20:42
seb128rickspencer3, it can, but then we have a non working OS and ask users to go find 3rd party apps in the store to unscrew themself20:42
seb128which feels wrong20:42
seb128mhall119, no it's not20:42
mhall119seb128: the calendar core app lets you edit events from your google calendar20:42
ogra_rickspencer3, it is weird to ship a smartphone without the most essential ffunction and ask users to install third pppartxy stuff20:42
Wellarkseb128: reminds me of Windows :)20:42
seb128mhall119, right, and we dropped that from our default image20:42
mhall119seb128: yes, I know :(20:43
* mhall119 was -1 on that20:43
mhall119but nobody asked for my vote20:43
seb128mhall119, k, that's all I was saying20:43
ogra_rickspencer3, it was the only way to edit events, avoid them from ringing etc20:43
seb128not sure what you are trying to argue with me about20:43
Wellarkso where are the open bugs for the calendar?20:43
Wellarkis it totally unfixable?20:43
mhall119seb128: if this is all about why we should keep the calendar in the default image, then you have 110% of my support20:43
ogra_rickspencer3, for me thats the most essential fature of my phone ...20:43
rickspencer3well, it wasn't particularly my call either, but there was really no way to get the end to end experience up to snuff20:43
* ogra_ doesnt get why 20:43
ogra_it was ok to use20:43
ogra_i managed all my events with it20:44
seb128rickspencer3, the most annoying thing to me there is that it was silently dropped without any discussion or email on our phone list, no mention on -changes or in daily summary email20:44
rickspencer3seb128, right20:44
seb128rickspencer3, no "fyi we ahve issues, we need to drop it"20:44
ogra_and it is definitely better than most stuff i can get from the android store on my android phone20:44
seb128rickspencer3, I had to get ogra telling me on IRC to understand it was a decision and not a bug20:44
pmcgowanwe love the calendar, we are going to fix it, consider it a beta from the store20:44
ogra_rickspencer3, beyond that it was an awfule signal to the community20:44
Wellarkogra_, seb128: what is the LP project name?20:44
WellarkI want to look at the bugs20:44
rickspencer3I can't believe everyone has time to work on the calendar all of sudden20:45
mhall119ogra_: +120:45
pmcgowanguys not everyone should spend any time on this20:45
seb128rickspencer3, I've been fixing some bugs on it in my spare time in the previous week20:45
ogra_rickspencer3, they werent even told about it in advance, people are actuvely spending their spare time on it and i ripped it out underneath them20:45
seb128rickspencer3, just as a btw20:45
mhall119rickspencer3: we have community people working on the calendar already20:45
seb128rickspencer3, I had no idea we were about to kick it out20:45
rickspencer3mhall119, right, so it's not the calendar, aiui20:45
ogra_(not knowing it wasnt communicated)20:45
* rickspencer3 has no idea how he ended up getting blamed for all this20:46
pmcgowancommunciation was bad, I can take blame for that20:46
mhall119rickspencer3: stink rolls uphill :)20:46
seb128rickspencer3, people gave your name as the one who said to drop it20:46
rickspencer3mhall119, I think we need people to fix bugs in eds, not in the calendar20:46
rickspencer3seb128, oh, nice20:46
Wellarkrickspencer3: I see no blame here.20:46
mhall119rickspencer3: I agree, and syncevolution too20:46
seb128rickspencer3, feel free to point the finger or somebody else though ;-)20:46
seb128(as long as it's not me :p)20:47
rickspencer3mhall119, so, there is no conceivable way that those bugs are going to be fixed quickly20:47
mhall119rickspencer3: which bugs?20:47
rickspencer3and I can't see how moving it to the store instead of having it on the default image is that big of a deal20:47
rickspencer3mhall119, I dunno, all the bugs that drove people who synced it to the gcal crazy20:47
mhall119rickspencer3: part of the problem is that removing the calendar app doesn't remove the calendar sync or datetime-indicator showing events and triggering alarms for them20:48
rickspencer3I don't do much bug management for individual projects20:48
WellarkI only see 3 criticals20:48
Wellarkand one of them is a autopilot bug20:48
mhall119rickspencer3: so we currently have a partial calendar support20:48
rickspencer3and I certainly don't pick and choose the individual packages that go into images20:48
seb128rickspencer3, "linux for human being", we try to do things that work out of the box for our users; .. ;-)20:48
ogra_Wellark, there is an actively working calendar team ...20:48
rickspencer3if time were infinite, we'd be in a much better situation20:48
ybonre Nexus 4 unable to boot anymore since rtm, and even reinstalling devel/stable channel: what I notice is that the "install" part, i.e. when the ubuntu symbol rolls, is very very short20:48
ogra_they even just re-worked a lot of it20:48
rickspencer3but, sadly, it is finite and runs in one direction20:48
ybonAny idea how I try to get info from that?20:48
pmcgowanWellark, its more about wanting to have an improved UI design, and there was not time to complete it20:48
rickspencer3I'm happy to see all the passion around the calendaring solution20:49
ogra_ybon, did you install with --bootstrap ?20:49
Wellarkpmcgowan: so, because we don't have time to implement a new UI design we drop it from default image?20:49
pmcgowanWellark, design didnt have time to propose one either, its in the plan20:49
Wellarkbecause looking at the bug list I don't see any major technical blockers20:50
seb128well, as much as I would like a calendar my main issue is not that we dropped it20:50
veebersWellark: Hi, what's the autopilot bug?20:50
seb128is that we sync events that generate reminders and don't provide a solution to opt out of those20:50
rickspencer3seb128, right, we get it20:50
Wellarkveebers: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-calendar-app/?orderby=-importance&start=020:50
Wellarkfirst one20:50
veebersWellark: thanks20:50
ybonogra_: no20:50
ybonogra_: if I do that, I lose everything, right?20:51
WellarkI'm not a dog fooder as my only device gets reflashed multiple times a day20:51
ogra_ybon, then you always have the old kernel in place ...20:51
seb128rickspencer3, sorry, I was trying to step back from the "can we get the calendar back" discussion to focus on the specific issue20:51
Wellarkbut when I finally get my self a ubuntu phone20:51
ogra_ybon, yeah, better back up your phablet home20:51
WellarkI would expect to have a calender20:51
seb128rickspencer3, since fixing the calendar and getting it back is probably not something we have resources for20:51
ogra_seb128, there is a big team ...20:51
Wellarkif it's in the store, then fine20:51
ogra_well, bigger than for other apps20:52
veebersWellark: ack, we are actively working on this bug. I was speaking to balloons about this yesterday too.20:52
ybonogra_: "can't cd to /home/phablet" is there a way to access phablet home while not properly booted?20:52
Wellarkbut I can't imagine using a smart phone which does not have functional calendar as my daily driver20:52
ogra_ybon, from recovery it is in the /data partition somewhere20:52
ogra_same here20:53
seb128well that discussion got out of hand, I'm stopping there20:53
rickspencer3Wellark, well, I have been using Ubuntu as my only phone since May of 201320:53
seb128sorry if I added to the noise20:53
rickspencer3finding it works quite fine for me :)20:53
ybonogra_: thanks :)20:53
rickspencer3seb128, I know, you were joking20:53
rickspencer3guess you "touched a nerve" :)20:53
seb128rickspencer3, well, I didn't want to start a big discussion about it20:53
seb128rickspencer3, so I'm a sorry it turned out this way20:53
Wellarkrickspencer3: I meant for a phone I actually buy my self and run all my personal errands as well.20:54
ogra_rickspencer3, i do all my event mgmt with my phone ...20:54
rickspencer3here we go again20:54
seb128rickspencer3, I still wish we would find a way to edit event if we sync those, maybe we should simply don't sync events then (until we get a proper solution)20:54
* ogra_ is just sad 20:54
rickspencer3seb128, can you not simply install the calendar app20:54
ogra_being forced to still carry an android phone around until we have that feature back20:54
mhall119seb128: doesn't the calendar already sync edits?20:54
rickspencer3it's weird that you got blocked20:54
pdxwebdevQuestion, I issue the 'phablet-config welcome-wizard --enable' command and I get "already enabled". When I restart, it skips the welcome wizard. Any ideas?20:54
seb128rickspencer3, I could, but I can as well use the command line and do things for myself, it doesn't mean I consider that as a propoer solution for Ubuntu20:55
rickspencer3seb128, it's not in the store?20:55
seb128rickspencer3, some users don't want to use store or give their details online20:55
seb128rickspencer3, I'm just trying to make our OS work without having to go install 3rd party softwares20:55
rickspencer3seb128, don't worry, we will get there20:55
ogra_pdxwebdev, adb shell rm /home/phablet/.config/ubuntu-system-settings/wizard-has-run20:55
ogra_pdxwebdev, adb reboot20:55
ogra_pdxwebdev, thats what phablet-config does ...20:56
pdxwebdevfantastic, thank you so much20:56
mhall119seb128: I think for the use case of syncing with Google calendar, the user can be expected to install an app20:56
ybonhumm, I don't find /data :s20:56
seb128mhall119, well, the base system does sync events20:56
ogra_ybon, try "mount /data"20:56
seb128mhall119, then you end up without a way to edit those/disable reminders, which can be confusing20:56
Wellarkseb128 ogra_ rickspencer3: we should probably schedule a meeting for calendar and anything revolving around it for washington20:56
ybonogra_: mount: can't read '/etc/fstab': No such file or directory20:56
Wellarkour team needs to figure out the service apis for i-datetime as well20:57
rickspencer3Wellark, oth we know what needs to be done20:57
Wellarkand they all kinda revolve around the same set of data20:57
rickspencer3if they don't then there are lots of places to plan it out, a sprint being one such place20:57
ogra_ybon, hmm, you said nexus4 ... ~ # ls /data/user-data/20:58
ogra_android_shell  phablet20:58
ogra_ybon, i have it here ... didnt even need to mount it20:58
ybonthanks, let me try20:58
ogra_(and i dont think recovery changed in quite some time)20:58
ybonI've run "adb shell", is that the wrong piece?20:59
seb128calling it a day, bye20:59
ogra_no, thats righ20:59
ybonso I've not /data :s20:59
ogra_and thats an ubuntu recovery image ?21:00
ybonI'm in the "Evilgle" screen, sorry, now I understand21:00
ogra_well, then your flashing cant work either :)21:00
ybonI'm in the recovery when I try to flash :)21:01
ogra_the logic for that lives partially inside recovery21:01
ogra_so you definitely need the ubuntu recovery image21:01
ybonwhat I do is:21:01
ybon1. volume up/down + button pressed21:01
ybon2. chose recovery in the menu21:01
ybon3. run ubuntu-device-flash --channel devel21:02
ybonis that correct?21:02
ogra_well, that wont work if your recovery isnt an ubuntu recovery21:02
ybonoh (bis)21:02
mhall119balloons: so far so good!21:02
ybonI don't know what's an ubuntu recovey so :s21:02
mhall119balloons: all of my syncing is working fine too \o/21:02
ybonI see a dead android21:02
ogra_as i said, some of the flash logic (the main part actually) lives inside the recoovery21:02
ogra_ybon, if you select "recovery" where does that get you ?21:03
ybonhow do I move to that recovery instead of my dead droid?21:03
ogra_do you get an ubuntu logo on the screen with a small menu ?21:03
ybonlet me try again21:03
balloonsmhall119, enjoy it.. and have fun on your trip! Has it been cooler for you the past few days? Should help prep you21:03
ogra_you press the button the big arrow points at :)21:03
ybonogra_: yes, i've an Ubuntu logo21:04
ogra_(power i think)21:04
mhall119balloons: what what been cooler?21:04
ogra_and if you now use adb shell you dont see /data =21:04
balloonsmhall119, the weather.. It's been lovely here all week. Basically no AC required21:04
ybonogra_: it is! :)21:04
ybonthanks again :)21:04
mhall119balloons: nope, still hotter than hades down here21:04
mhall119it's funny how much a difference 100 miles can make21:05
ybonogra_: so my best move is to scp is locally, and then reinstall with --boostrap, right?21:05
balloonsit's huge in the winter21:05
ybonscp it*21:05
ybonlet go21:05
ogra_well, scp might not be in the recovery21:05
ybonthanks :)21:05
ybonit's not :p21:05
ogra_you might need to tar it and adb pull or so21:05
ogra_(busybox tar is in the recovery)21:06
balloonsmhall119, yesterday's high was 76, low 66.. Similar today :-)21:06
=== dandrader is now known as dandrader|afk
ybonall /data or only user-data?21:06
ybon /data/user-data I meant21:06
ogra_only phablet in there i guess21:06
mhall119balloons: now I'm jealous, but only for the next 24 hours21:06
ogra_ /data/user-data tanslates to /home in a booted system21:06
ybonok, makes sense thanks :)21:07
mhall119does the transfer indicator not do anything again?21:07
ybondo you know where I can check that my contacts are in there?21:07
* ogra_ lols seeing mterry's last landing on utopic-changes 21:12
ogra_the translated product name was funny :)21:12
=== JoseeAntonioR is now known as jose
balloonsmhall119, transfers are still magical21:24
popeyhmmm http://popey.mooo.com/screenshots/device-2014-09-25-223508.png21:35
=== dandrader|afk is now known as dandrader
ybonI had this message too from time to time21:36
ogra_popey, show sergiusens21:39
wrongplacewhat hardware do I need for ubuntu-touch?22:24

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