tsdgeosMirv: how's https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/qtbase-opensource-src/+bug/1371472 going? Would you need help with it?07:30
ubot5Launchpad bug 1371472 in qtbase-opensource-src (Ubuntu) "Fix crash in QNetworkAccessCacheBackend::closeDownstreamChannel" [Undecided,In progress]07:30
tsdgeosit's pretty critical for us07:30
Mirvtsdgeos: there were a couple of slowdowns like one unit test failing suddenly failing with or without the patch, and gcc 4.9 rebuild requiring many rebuilds to get the symbols correct (without breaking -gles packages..). now I've been running AP tests and I'll hand it off to QA today.07:39
tsdgeosMirv: great, just shout to me if you need any help from us :)07:40
Mirvtsdgeos: but feel free to test and report success with https://launchpad.net/~ci-train-ppa-service/+archive/ubuntu-rtm/landing-020/07:40
tsdgeosi will07:40
MirvI need to do one more rebuild of the -gles package to fix version number, but that's not relevant to testing.07:40
tsdgeosdoes anyone know where the "Reply", "Send" buttons from indicator-message when you get an sms come from?07:57
seb128tsdgeos, unity8/qml/Panel/Indicators/MessageMenuItemFactory.qml I guess08:05
tsdgeosseb128: ubuntu-settings-components it seems08:06
tsdgeosa quick grep reveals a scary number of non i18n'ed strings08:06
seb128shrug, indeed08:06
tsdgeosi'll do a quick M08:06
Cimitsdgeos, there is indicator-polishing branch with several fixes08:07
tsdgeosCimi: i know, can't i18n strings that come from somewhere else though08:07
Cimitsdgeos, ubuntu settings components has an indicator-polishing branch too08:08
Cimitsdgeos, be sure to work with that as a base08:08
seb128base -> if that's ready to land08:09
seb128otherwise we might want to translate what we currently have08:09
tsdgeosseems to be approved08:10
tsdgeosCimi: mzanetti: do you know its status?08:10
Cimitsdgeos, I approved, but I am not doing landings08:10
mzanettiwhat status?08:11
tsdgeosthe thing doesn't have a pot08:13
tsdgeosCimi: how are translations for this thing done then?08:13
Cimidammit then08:13
Cimitsdgeos, I will ask dednick08:14
tsdgeosis the new image good or fails to boot like 252?08:14
tsdgeosMirv: i gave a quick try the ppa you mention and can not reproduce the crash anymore08:18
Mirvtsdgeos: ack, thanks for confirming08:22
* Mirv needs to get a webop increase the PPA size, since I can't upload the final -gles package anymore...08:22
mzanettiCimi: as you assigned yourself to that dash bug, you might want to take this similar one too: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity8/+bug/137381908:50
ubot5Launchpad bug 1373819 in unity8 (Ubuntu) "left edge swipe while in temporary scope causes scope contents to disappear" [Critical,New]08:50
Cimimzanetti, okey08:50
Cimimzanetti, or tsdgeos08:51
Cimitsdgeos, look at that bug ^08:51
Cimitsdgeos, will likely to be gone with new bottom edge_08:52
mzanettiI guess we'll still be able to open temporary scopes, now?08:52
tsdgeosthat's a duplicate08:53
tsdgeosof https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity8/+bug/137006408:53
ubot5Launchpad bug 1370064 in unity8 (Ubuntu) "Empty dash when pressing Ubuntu button in launcher while in the overview" [High,Triaged]08:53
tsdgeosmore or less08:53
tsdgeosassign it to me08:53
tsdgeosi'm 99% the cause is the same08:54
tsdgeosso fixing one will fix the other08:54
tsdgeosmzanetti: and no you can't open temp scopes from the new bottom edge08:54
tsdgeosthe new bottom edge has all the features gone and lots of new features in08:54
mzanettitsdgeos: will there still be a bottom edge?08:54
mzanettifrom what Cimi told me yesterday it'll be more like the old scopes scope08:55
tsdgeosstill on the bottom edge08:55
mzanettiah ok08:55
tsdgeosand anyway there's nothing new for rtm08:55
Cimimzanetti, bottom edge will open a list08:55
tsdgeoswe're going with dash overview for rtm08:55
tsdgeosso we have to fix it08:55
Cimitsdgeos, doing the new bottom edge list is so long?08:56
tsdgeosCimi: seen "Fwd: Unity8 RTM big items estimate" from yesterday?08:56
tsdgeosCimi: are you taking care of https://code.launchpad.net/~unity-team/unity8/card-visual-tweaks/+merge/234332 ?10:21
Cimitsdgeos, I am patching it, yes10:33
tsdgeosCimi: coo10:33
Cimitsdgeos, if you want to review that one :)10:35
Cimitsdgeos, we need to clear up the queue10:35
Cimitsdgeos, we might still be able to do overview as list for RTM maybe10:35
tsdgeosCimi: are the design questions related to serach fixed?10:36
tsdgeosthen how are we going to do it?10:36
Cimitsdgeos, I am going to the office10:36
Cimitsdgeos, right now on the bus10:36
Cimitsdgeos, eveything is in the doc? I will chase for answers10:37
Cimitsdgeos, otherwise tell me here10:37
tsdgeosCimi: well we have the meeting at 3, no?10:37
Cimitsdgeos, as you wish10:38
Cimitsdgeos, letàì's do reviews in the meanwhile then :)10:38
tsdgeosCimi: i mean if you can chase answers better10:38
tsdgeosand i guess for you the meeting is at 410:38
tsdgeosi'm quite amazed people think Unsubscribe is easier to understand than Uninstall10:39
tsdgeosbut people is so weird i should not be amazed anymore :D10:39
Cimitsdgeos, I thought it was moved earlier10:40
tsdgeosCimi: it's 3pm for me10:40
Cimitsdgeos, unsubscribe works better for "content provider" / feed10:40
Cimitsdgeos, so is 2pm here10:40
tsdgeosCimi: ah that10:40
tsdgeosCimi: i disagree, giving that to "subscribe" i will have to go to the store and click the install button :D10:41
tsdgeosbut fine, the naming is the least of my concerns10:41
Cimitsdgeos, oh, you're right then10:41
Cimitsdgeos, if to install we have install, it doesn't make sense10:41
tsdgeosCimi: everything's on the doc afaik, yes10:42
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mterrymzanetti, replied to your passphrase-ui-tweaks comment -- that is a bug but not caused by something in u8 code I don't think.  A general SDK/font thing13:25
mzanettimterry: well, check out the pin lockscreen. you can reuse the dots from there13:26
mzanettimterry: it also has some logic to make sure it distributes the dots and doesn't overflow13:26
mterrymzanetti, the dots in the PIN lockscreen aren't associated with a TextInput.  I guess I could use an opacity=0 TextInput and float dots above it.  But I'd rather just eventually fix the font issue at its cause13:28
mzanettimterry: I don't see a text input :D13:29
mterrymzanetti, maybe this font issue is why the PIN scree just draws rounded rectangles instead of using the actual unicode13:29
mterrymzanetti, in PassphraseLockscreen, there's a TextInput13:29
mzanettimterry: yeah, I know... but not design-wise13:30
mterrymzanetti, right, but we need proper interaction with the OSK.  Is there a clever way of doing that without a TextInput?13:30
mzanettimterry: well, the pin lockscreen bubbles need to be distributed equally, you never could do that with just font13:30
mzanettioh, that's a good point13:30
mzanettihmm, that might be tricky I guess. except making it opacity: 0 and just mirroring the contents of the textfield to dots13:31
mterrymzanetti, right, like I said that's an option, but seems like going out of our way to workaround what seems to be a font bug13:31
mterrymzanetti, to be fair, the font bug won't be fixed shortly I imagine, so a workaround may be in order13:32
mterrymzanetti, just depends how much we hate this look13:32
mzanettimterry: well, I guess also this one should distribute the dots to fill space but not overflow13:32
mzanettiso doing it with a regular textfield would become quite tricky too13:32
mzanettimterry: make tryLockscreen, set max length to 20 and see13:33
mterrymzanetti, there is already minimal space in between dots, since passphrases tend to be longer.  But yes, we should probably adjust text size to be smaller if user enters a huge passphrase13:34
mterrymzanetti, but I was planning on re-using whatever solution we come up with for bug 1372515 for that13:34
ubot5bug 1372515 in unity8 (Ubuntu) ""Sorry, incorrect passcode" doesn't fit in spanish translation" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/137251513:34
mzanettiI see13:34
mterrymzanetti, but using rectangle dots would be fine too13:34
mterrymzanetti, why don't I spend a few minutes on that and see what happens13:35
Mirvandyrock: https://code.launchpad.net/~andyrock/bamf/lp-1342609/+merge/234343 needs debian/changelog synced from archives (two changelog entries describing no-change rebuilds)13:53
Mirvbregma: ^13:53
bregmaoops, missed that13:53
bregmathis is one  of the problems with using upstream as a downstream13:54
mterrymzanetti, try now, feels alright to me13:55
mzanettimterry: perfect, thanks13:57
mterrymzanetti, I'll file a bug against...  ubuntu-ui-toolkit I guess...?  about the non-scaling password character issue13:58
mzanettimterry: hmm... I guess that might be a bug indeed... not sure if it would have worked in this case, but yeah, in other cases this probably is an issue indeed13:58
mzanettimterry: actually. I always had the impression the 4 dots for the fixed password in system settings looked too small13:59
mterrymzanetti, yeah we probably want to continue using these dots even if that gets fixed.  But someone else might hit it13:59
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darklight_ChrisTownsend, ping14:32
ChrisTownsenddarklight_: Hi14:33
darklight_ChrisTownsend, sorry to bother you but if I remember well you're maintaining unity 7 and tried to solve some issues with compiz right ?14:33
ChrisTownsenddarklight_: Yes, I'm one of a handful of folks who maintain Unity7 & Compiz.  What's up?14:34
darklight_ChrisTownsend, I think the issue with the hotcorners is still present, if set they go forgotten after a few reboots or logging in/out14:35
ChrisTownsenddarklight_: Oh, right, I remember looking at that.  I tried to reproduce, but the hot corners I set have never reset.  I also asked a colleague and he couldn't reproduce, so I'm really not sure why you are afflicted from that.14:38
mterrytsdgeos, what was that about pull to refresh?14:39
tsdgeospstolowski: so what JMulholland said for the pull to refresh was that it should just "reset to 0" that internal timer you guys already have, right?14:40
darklight_ChrisTownsend, mmm admiteddly I haven't tried in a while but googling I found people were still affected, I'll test today and check again and I'll let you know14:40
ChrisTownsenddarklight_: Ok, sorry I can't be much more help, but without being able to reproduce, I can't get too far in fixing it.14:41
darklight_ChrisTownsend, sure I'll check again and try to collect any info I can if I can reproduce it, if I can't you've done a great job :)14:42
ChrisTownsenddarklight_: lol, if you can't, then, well, um, yeah...14:43
tsdgeosmzanetti: so well, i think that yes, that's what we have to do, just set internal timer scopes already have to 0, pstolowski is your man for that14:44
pstolowskitsdgeos, well, technically you just need to call Scope::refresh()14:44
tsdgeospstolowski: and you handle that?14:44
* mzanetti tries to figure context14:44
pstolowskitsdgeos, no timers etc, he just confused things a bit14:44
darklight_ChrisTownsend, unrelated, is it likely that the unity shortcuts will stop being hardcoded in the future ?14:45
mzanettitsdgeos: could it be this was addressed to mterry?14:45
tsdgeosmzanetti: ah yeah sorry, mterry ↑↑↑↑14:45
ChrisTownsenddarklight_: I seriously doubt it for Unity7, but you never know.14:46
tsdgeoscpulimit -l 10 makes the test fail \o714:47
mterrymzanetti, pstolowski: yeah, I have the refresh() call working already, I'm just stuck with some UI stuff (I've never messed with scopes/dash code before).  Thanks for tip though!  refresh() is nice and simple from my side  :)14:49
mterrytsdgeos, ^14:49
mterrymzanetti, hah, got name wrong again!  :)14:49
mterrymzanetti, you *will* be a part of this conversation  :)14:49
pstolowskimterry, cool, yeah, should be simple for you14:50
mzanettiseems so14:51
dandradertsdgeos, are you getting all those failures as well? http://paste.ubuntu.com/8426050/15:07
dandradertsdgeos, I recall you were saying about getting the qmltests to pass on CI15:08
tsdgeosdandrader: first 3 are not failiures15:08
tsdgeoslast 2 are fixed in https://code.launchpad.net/~aacid/unity8/fix_gsv_test15:08
dandradertsdgeos, they're xfailures! (whatever that means)15:08
tsdgeostest_header_style(Logo+Background) Title image has the wrong source i am not getting15:08
tsdgeosdandrader: XFAIL is an expected failure15:08
tsdgeosi.e. a pass15:08
dandradertsdgeos, there 3 are proper failures there, not 215:09
tsdgeosthat's what i said15:09
tsdgeosthe last two are fixed by that branch i mention15:10
tsdgeosthe other one i have never seen15:10
dandradertsdgeos, ah15:10
dandradertsdgeos, you mean the test_header_style one?15:10
tsdgeos[17:08:46] <tsdgeos> test_header_style(Logo+Background) Title image has the wrong source i am not getting15:11
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racarrgreyback: Can you look at https://code.launchpad.net/~mir-team/platform-api/support-state-changing/+merge/235545 when you get a chance?17:27
greybackracarr: sure17:28
darklight_ChrisTownsend, I just tried, fresh install, I applied the updates, set up the hotcorners, rebooted, not working anymore17:43
ChrisTownsenddarklight_: Very, very strange.  I don't know why it stays working on two systems I've tried along with my colleagues system.17:44
darklight_ChrisTownsend, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/compiz/+bug/1305438 others are having the same issue17:45
ubot5Launchpad bug 1305438 in compiz (Ubuntu) "hot corners stop working time to time" [Medium,Confirmed]17:45
ChrisTownsenddarklight_: Yeah, I know others have the issue, but if I can't reproduce, I'm not sure how to debug.17:46
darklight_ChrisTownsend, yeah, let me know if there's some info I might give to help17:47
ChrisTownsenddarklight_: Are you enabling any other plugins?  Also, which hot corners are being set, ie, *exact* steps that gets you into the lost settings?17:48
darklight_ChrisTownsend, no other plugins, I set the left top and bottom corners to workspace overview and window spread, I tried with both compizconfig-settings-manager and unity-tweak-tool, it seems to go bad only after a reboot (or at least I haven't been able to trigger it today by logging in/out), disabling and enabling the hotcorners makes them work again for the session17:50
ChrisTownsenddarklight_: Also, does disabling "Show live preview in spread" have any effect for you?17:51
darklight_ChrisTownsend, that I haven't tried17:51
ChrisTownsenddarklight_: Ok, well, I thought from your original bug, that is what you set and that is what I did.  However, I haven't done a clean install so there may be some cruft that is keeping this from happening.  Unfortunately, I can't do a clean install at this time.17:52
darklight_ChrisTownsend, oh btw, it was in another bug report (can't find it right now) but people reported it in 14.10 too17:56
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ChrisTownsenddarklight_: Yeah, make sense since we haven't touched anything in that area for 14.10.18:06
darklight_ChrisTownsend, a dirty fix untill it's solved could be to just set a script to setup the hotcorners on login, but I have no clue what it could use18:09
darklight_ChrisTownsend, is there any way to pass compiz a setting?18:13
ChrisTownsenddarklight_: There is, just like CCSM does.  However, that API is, uh, how should I put it, not very straightforward.  I've looked it over, then just kind of dismissed it.  Also, there *might* be a way to do it via dbus command line.  Maybe Trevinho would know more about that.18:17
darklight_Trevinho, ping18:17
ChrisTownsenddarklight_: It's his evening time, so he may not be around.18:18
darklight_ChrisTownsend, oh ok, about the api where can I find it ?18:19
ChrisTownsenddarklight_: Basically looking at the ccsm code in lp:compiz.18:20
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