smoserharmw, you there?12:45
harmwnah, not realy12:45
harmwdaytime = worktime12:46
harmwsmoser: just give it a try and hope I'll reply :p12:46
smoserso on freebsd you said that blkid depends on e2fsproggs ?12:48
harmwyea, I had to install that first (from either pkg or ports)12:49
harmwit then drops a binary in /usr/local/sbin12:49
harmwhiren_: you can probably confirm this :) I'm not aware of something in BASE that does the same though, so perhaps there is a reasonable alternative we could/should use instead12:50
smoserwell, blkid is pretty much a dependency at the moment. 12:55
smoserif it depnds on e2fsprogrs (possibly for identifying / getting info  on extX partitions) then it seems like a bug if freebsd doesn't identify that dependency12:56
harmwin order to get that blkid binary, I must install that e2fsprogs pkg12:57
harmwbut its no problem12:57
harmwjust another dependency12:57
harmwdid my comments make sense btw?12:58
smosermostly, yeah. i have one fix there. and thank you for your work on that.12:59
smoserso freebsd doens't resolve dependencies in any way?12:59
smoserthe user has to explicitly know that ?12:59
smoser(that blkid depends on e2fsprogs?)12:59
harmwah no12:59
harmwperhaps i wasn't clear on it :) blkid isn't a package on its own13:00
harmwthe binary comes with the e2fsprogs package13:00
smoserso i think we need to add /usr/local/sbin to PATH in the sysvinit/freebsd ?13:03
smoserharmw, ok. that clears that up. thanks.13:04
harmwthat sounds quite reasonable, yes13:05
harmw(that's where all non-BASE binaries end up)13:05
smoseralright. well, take another look when you ahve a chance.13:10
smoserthe PATH stuff i just simply declared. and you're welcome to improve the static definition. another route is to do: PATH="$PATH:/usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin"13:11
harmwIll have a look tonight13:12
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harmwsmoser: I no longer have to hardcode any datasource in the config now, so thats another change you may apply17:28
hiren_harmw: hey!17:38
hiren_didn't get your que about blkid17:39
harmwoh it's nothing :)17:39
harmwthats just some binary that c-i needs17:39
hiren_ah. to understand blkid?17:39
harmwsomething like that17:39
harlowjahiren_ so we all safe from the bash stuff now :-P17:40
harlowjafor a few days??17:40
harlowjauntil the next crazy issue thats been existing for 20+ years, lol17:40
JayFblkid is great stuff17:40
harmwproofs once again opentsouce hasn't got anything to do with security :P17:40
hiren_yeah, bash: the gift that keeps on giving :-)17:41
smoserharmw, explain that ?17:42
harmwin the freebsd config file there is a line hardcoding the DS to use, currently thats openstack17:42
harmwI just ran it without that hackery, and it found the attached configdrive without issues17:43
harmwso whatever caused it not to find any DS earlier on is probably fixed17:43
smoserok. so i'll just drop that.17:43
harmwyea, ill run a test with DHCP enabled on this instance in a sec17:43
smoserwell, lets just add configdrive17:44
smoserto the list.17:44
smoserfor now.17:44
harmwcould go that route as well17:44
smoserrather than letting it go willy nilly17:44
harmwwilly nilly...17:44
smoseri'm sure there are other sources that have some issue. that are probably ignorable17:44
smoserbut will pointlessly put 'WARN' in your log17:44
harmwah yeas17:44
smoseryeah, for now lets do that.17:45
harmwhow can I test/read which DS has been used (in freebsd.py)?17:45
smoserwhihc has bee nused ?17:46
harmwyea, I want to set static networking when it's used configdrive17:46
harmwseemed legit17:46
smoserwell, config drive doesnt necessarily imply static networking17:46
smosercloud-init has a bunchy of networkign cleanups to do. really. an dfreebsd will have to come along.17:47
harmwif info.get('bootproto') == 'static':17:48
harmwI'm not realy getting that :P where is bootproto set/specified?17:48
smoseri'm not sure. there is a lot of growing that needs to occur here. 17:49
harmwaw crap, wasn't it some annoying feature in openstack that it would specify network setup in a configdrive?18:22
JayF<.< >.>18:23
harmwuhm, whre it would specifically NOT do that18:23
JayFharmw: right now, Openstack transmits network information to cloud-init by way of a debian-style /etc/network/interfaces file18:24
harmwand thats in a configdrive?18:24
JayFharmw: there's a spec up for K (that Rackspace implements /today/ in vendor_data.json) that represents the network information from neutron for parsing as json18:24
JayFharmw: yeah18:24
harmwso that should be something in /var/lib/cloud representing the ntwork settings18:25
JayFin my setup18:25
JayFit's a pointer to something in openstack/content/18:25
harmwobj.pkl has the netsetup18:25
harmwor atleast the address18:26
JayFThere's basically a template that nova uses to write network configuration out to the configdrive 18:26
JayFI guess it's possible for that to not be enabled18:26
harmwoh, but thats local-ipv4 I'm seeing - no gateway18:26
harmwok JayF 18:27
harmwthat shows how to inject the interfaces file with a networksetup inside, but thats just hackerish18:31
JayFthat's not the most awesome document I've ever seen18:33
JayFnova /does/ 99% of that for you iirc18:33
harmwwell I was hoping that it would do just that :P do you have a link to some more helpfull/updated docs?18:33
JayFI don't know much about generically operating Openstack18:34
JayFI *do* know about how we operate openstack18:34
JayFso I can show you what we do 18:34
harmwsure thing :)18:34
JayFharmw: injected_network_template= in nova.conf [DEFAULT] 18:35
harmwso JayF , that configitem is specific to configdrive?18:42
JayFI think so?18:42
JayFask me questions about Ironic if you want more certain responses :P18:43
harmw/etc/nova/nova.conf:injected_network_template = /usr/share/nova/interfaces.template18:44
harmwso, I'm already using that in my config18:44
JayFdoes that file exist and seem reasonably formatted?18:50
JayFwe had to make a custom one :)18:50
harmwoh that file exists, and looks reasonable18:50
harmwharlowja: how would c-i drop that file or the content in /var/lib/cloud?18:51
harlowjahmmm, maybe from http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~cloud-init-dev/cloud-init/trunk/view/head:/cloudinit/sources/DataSourceConfigDrive.py#L197 ?18:53
harmwI can see that's where it wants to apply it, yes18:56
harmwbut I'm to lazy to find out how openstack hands the network config (through configdrive) to c-i :p18:57
harlowjashould just be a file present on the config-drive19:00
harmwah so, well, I'm missing that content folder19:03
harlowjaharmw that would do it :-P19:15
harmwcould you give it back, please19:16
harlowjanope, ha19:18
harlowjau might want to ensure the following19:19
harlowjai think it needs to be 'always'19:19
harmwbut I don't want configdrive, only on specific instances... which is why I've got this 1 instance booted with --configdrive (or something)19:20
harlowjahmmm, i didn't think u could target it to specific instances19:20
harmwnova boot --configdrive 19:21
harlowjahmmm, guess that must be new19:21
harmwsince havana, I guess19:21
harmw(damn old, but hey)19:22
JayFYou absolutely can use --config-drive=true19:22
JayFin newer novaclient19:22
JayFyou should probably upgrade fwiw19:22
* JayF wishes everyone would use pip versions of openstack clients19:22
harmwuhm, I was just saying I *am* using --config-drive=true :)19:23
harlowjaya, for some reason u aren't getting into the code @ https://github.com/openstack/nova/blob/master/nova/virt/netutils.py#L6919:23
harlowjaor @ https://github.com/openstack/nova/blob/master/nova/api/metadata/base.py#L17019:23
harlowjahttps://github.com/openstack/nova/blob/master/nova/virt/netutils.py#L107 is a common cause afaik19:23
harlowjaprobably line 107 there thats stopping this19:24
harmwcould be, yea19:24
harlowjai belieeve if u can comment that crap out, a file will appear, ha19:25
harlowjaor somehow set your network to 'injected' 19:26
harmwand that would be on the controller's end, right?19:26
harlowjais this your own openstack, or someone elses :-P19:26
harmwso how is injected set in the first place  :p19:26
harmwmy own19:26
harlowjasomewhere when a network is setup i think19:27
harlowjasomething like that, ha19:27
harmwdon't you just love openstack at these moments19:27
harmwI know I do :>19:27
harlowjathat just scratches the surface ;)19:28
harlowjai've seen things man19:28
harlowjaseen horrible things19:28
harlowja3 trillion config options...19:28
harmwand a multitude of possible fuckups19:28
harlowjaopenstack is like a crossword puzzle with about 10k pieces19:28
harlowjaall sorta the same color to19:29
harmwluckily, I'm colorblind19:29
harmwhiren_: ping19:50
harmwok, so it's definately failing because there is no 'injected' meta20:03
harlowjathought so20:04
harmwcompute is logging 'meta': {'injected': False,20:09
harmwgod this is tiring20:09
harmwdamn you, openstack!20:09
harlowjahow did u setup your networks that nova is using?20:16
harmwwith neutron?20:16
harlowjahmmm, ya, got me then, ha20:19
harmwharlowja: Ive hacked out L108 and L107 and now I finally have content :> but it contains a litteral $bla on about every line20:26
harmwL108 and L117, oops20:26
harlowjahmmm, literal blah, must not be replacing stuff it needs from the thing u commented out, haha20:49
harlowjamy guess is https://github.com/openstack/nova/blob/master/nova/virt/netutils.py#L146 is empty20:50
harlowjaor missing20:50
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