rick_h_morning huwshimi 01:43
huwshimirick_h_: Hey01:43
rick_h_woot! crossed 2k views! https://www.youtube.com/user/celebrateubuntu01:44
huwshimirick_h_: The release seems to have gone well :)01:46
rick_h_huwshimi: yea, so far. Kind of more quiet than I expected, but we'll see.01:46
rick_h_2k views but no comments and 5 thumbs up last time I looked heh01:46
rick_h_and no comments on any of the blog posts or reddit share 01:47
rick_h_heh, ugh AVERAGE VIEW DURATION 1:4201:50
rick_h_Makyo: has it beat AVERAGE VIEW DURATION 1:5501:51
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rick_h_morning 11:35
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lazyPowermorning rick_h_12:34
rick_h_morning lazyPower 12:41
mupBug #1375251: Juju gui malforms display with missing x/y coordinates on existing env w/ charm upgrade <juju-gui:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1375251>13:08
lazyPowerif there's any additional info you need feel free to ping me. This env is long-standing.13:08
jcsackettgood morning jujugui. can i get reviews on https://github.com/juju/juju-gui/pull/589 and https://github.com/juju/juju-gui/pull/588, please?13:15
kadams54jcsackett: taking a look13:17
jcsackettkadams54: thanks.13:18
jcsacketthatch: you're kill-mv branch bounced off the lander. :/14:05
jcsacketthatch: sauce is showing several failures that look valid, which is disturbing since it passed CI.14:07
rick_h_frankban: I've got the node entered and it's 'commissioning'14:09
rick_h_not sure how long this takes, will start to enter the second node and see how it goes14:10
frankbanrick_h_: yeah I see, great14:10
rick_h_frankban: it mentions 'a properly configured dhcp server' can you figure out how to check if the maas install set up dhcp correctly or if there's something else to do?14:10
frankbanrick_h_: there is a maas-dhcp-server upstart, but it says it's stopped14:12
frankbanrick_h_: service maas-dhcp-server status14:12
frankbanwill take a look14:12
hatchjcsackett: yeah they are all 'real' failures14:12
jcsacketthatch: whoo.14:12
jcsacketthatch: this flag is a real bear.14:12
hatchI'm going to have to go through the entire test suite and fix every instance of env creation14:13
jcsacketthatch: you, me, and rick_h_ should talk, b/c the env/go.js updates have a similar issue.14:13
hatchwell I would like to get this landed before any more go14:14
hatchit touches so many parts of the app14:14
frankbanrick_h_: also note that "apt-get upgrade" shows lots of maas related packages ready to be upgraded, including maas maas-cli maas-cluster-controller maas-common14:14
frankban  maas-dhcp maas-dns maas-region-controller maas-region-controller-min14:14
frankbannot sure we want to do that14:15
rick_h_frankban: oh yea probably should. This install is a bit old14:15
stokachurick_h_, http://paste.ubuntu.com/8458814/ line 108, have you or anyone else run into this issue before?14:16
jcsacketthatch: i'm happy to coodinate landings and block on you getting yours done, but i would still like to chat if you've got a moment?14:16
rick_h_stokachu: lookihng14:16
rick_h_stokachu: yes! we got that in one of our upgrades. We had to manually remove the directory I think. 14:16
jcsacketthatch: b/c i'm not entirely the best update for the env/go.js issue. :/14:17
rick_h_stokachu: are you in a position to destroy/reploy the services? Is this on an upgrade?14:17
jcsacketts/i'm not entirely/i'm not entirely sure of/14:17
stokachurick_h_, yea we could do that14:17
rick_h_stokachu: was this a charm upgrade? 14:18
rick_h_just to help us narrow down and make sure it's something like what we've seen before? Or an initial deploy?14:18
hatchjcsackett: yeah sure just 2 mins, can't get the camera to work14:19
jcsacketthatch: dig; i'm chilling in the standup chat.14:19
stokachurick_h_, this is a fresh deploy14:20
stokachunew bootstrap and everything14:20
rick_h_stokachu: oh, then no I've not seen it. 14:20
rick_h_stokachu: /me digs into that log more14:20
rick_h_hmm, same error though...what kind of race can there be there ugh. 14:21
rick_h_stokachu: will file a bug and start looking into it closer. Thanks for the traceback/log14:21
stokachurick_h_, thanks man really appreciate it14:22
stokachurick_h_, one thing that may help reproduce it is to run the deploy and let it sit for a few hours14:23
stokachuand then issue another service deploy to trigger that config-changed hook14:24
stokachusee if fails then14:24
rick_h_stokachu: so you've got juju deploy juju-gui and then another command later?14:25
stokachurick_h_, yea like a relation join that triggers this config-changed hook14:26
rick_h_stokachu: gotcha, ok thanks!14:26
rick_h_stokachu: have added notes to #1373875 and will update there when we can replicate/thing we have a fix. 14:26
stokachurick_h_, awesome thank you14:26
frankbanstokachu: did you pass any specific options to the GUI?14:26
stokachufrankban, just a plain juju deploy14:27
stokachuno constraints etc14:27
stokachurick_h_, that a private bug?14:28
frankbanstokachu: what triggered the config-changed hook at line 108?14:28
rick_h_stokachu: yes, it was started by IS when we hit the one upgrade snag14:28
stokachurick_h_, gotcha14:29
stokachufrankban, we think it was mysql doing a db-relation-changed against nova-cloud-controller14:29
stokachuand seemed that juju-gui randomly errored then14:29
rick_h_frankban: sometimes config-changed is run by juju and I think there's a missing safety check there or something14:32
stokachuyea i dont know the rules in which config-changed gets triggered but i seem to recall it gets trigger by a lot of events14:32
stokachurelated or not14:32
frankbanrick_h_: I see, I think we should just manually remove the symlink before re-creating it14:33
rick_h_frankban: rgr14:33
rick_h_frankban: probably easiest/safest 'always will work' hack14:34
jcsackettrick_h_: so, do you mind if maintenance is temporarily super saturated? we have *many* branches in play for kill-mv-flag and i'd rather not group them into the one card as we're closing in on done.14:34
jcsackettjujugui: can i get one more review on https://github.com/juju/juju-gui/pull/589 and https://github.com/juju/juju-gui/pull/588 ? both are relatively small and QA is already done (thanks kadams54!)14:37
rick_h_jcsackett: rgr, ok. As long as we can get it cleaned out during the day today14:38
jcsackettrick_h_: dig.14:41
jcsacketthatch: is notifier on IE a legit, or is that one that fails randomly? https://saucelabs.com/jobs/7fb5041fe9c44ec68b8636e981f659cc 14:48
hatchthat's spurious14:49
hatchnotifier tests are async in a synchronous world :)14:49
Makyojujugui call nowish.15:01
kadams54whoops, be there in a jiff15:01
hatchjujugui anyone know if you can buy sim cards in the airport in brussels?15:15
rick_h_hatch: so I saw a thing that there's a phone rental store in the airport for it15:15
bachatch: dunno.  i'm curious too15:15
rick_h_jujugui ^15:16
bachatch: spain and france are horrible for getting SIM cards.  :(15:16
hatchcool thanks15:17
hatchstepping out to grab a coffee bbiab15:21
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frankbanguihelp: I need reviews for https://codereview.appspot.com/147360043 . anyone available? thanks!15:50
rick_h_frankban: do you know much about debugging upstart scripts?15:51
hatchugh this branch is so frustrating15:51
frankbanrick_h_: I am not an upstart expert, but logs should go to /var/log/upstart/<name>.log15:52
rick_h_frankban: yea, they're not which is the fun part15:52
frankbanrick_h_: which upstart job are you trying to debug?15:52
rick_h_frankban: the maas-dhcp-server is not starting15:52
rick_h_frankban: I found some cases of old ip addresses and worked past a couple of issues in the setup15:53
rick_h_frankban: and now stuck on that one, I've gotten it configured, and it should work from what I can tell, but no log output about why it's failing to start15:53
rick_h_frankban: and the upstart script will need to be picked apart a bit to manually run/process and try to figure out what it's unhappy about15:53
* rick_h_ goes to make up some lunch16:01
hatchkadams54: still need someone to look into this? I'm sending off another test run16:02
kadams54hatch: I'm spinning up an EC2 instance, I'll ping you once that's ready to go.16:03
hatchkadams54: wasn't the issue with sandbox?16:03
kadams54Yes, but I'm comparing sandbox with a real env to see where things go wrong16:04
kadams54Someplace fakebackend.js is failing to properly mimic the real env.16:04
hatchohh I thought you had said that was already solved16:04
jrwrenrick_h_: basic check: is there a line in the /etc/init/maas-dhcp-server file that says "log" ?16:09
jrwrenrick_h_: also, you could add a line which says "output" and it should output to console16:10
rick_h_jrwren: I don't see anything that says log16:12
jrwrenrick_h_: add it to make upstart log output to /var/log/upstart/<name>.log16:12
hatchrick_h_: mind if I hop on that search box bug?16:18
rick_h_hatch: not at all ty16:18
rick_h_hatch: seems like a state fall down in there16:18
hatchyeah this issue used to exist16:19
rick_h_hatch: did you and kadams54 sync up ok then?16:19
hatchwe fixed it, then apparently it's back16:19
rick_h_heh wheee16:19
hatchrick_h_: yeah I guess he is going to test some ec2 stuff first16:19
kadams54rick_h_, hatch: trying to get an EC2 env setup to compare real env vs. fakebackend.js and see where fakebackend.js is going off the rails.16:20
rick_h_ok cool16:20
kadams54rick_h_, hatch: unfortunately attempt #2 to set things up using quickstart just failed with a utf8 decoding stacktrace16:20
kadams54Any ideas?16:21
hatchdon't use quickstart?16:21
jrwrenfile a bug?16:21
hatcheat a sandwitch?16:21
hatchsandwich even16:22
kadams54I'm wondering if EC2 is wonky right now due to the Xen stuff that's hit the fan.16:22
frankbanrick_h_: it is possible that dhcpd is failing because no subnet is present in /etc/maas/dhcpd.conf ?16:23
hatchMakyo: the card you're working on is already done16:31
Makyo...well, bonus :D16:31
hatchyeah it's part of the commitStatus stuff16:32
MakyoIs it coupled in with other work?16:32
hatchit was required to do the uncommitted/waiting on ack/committed 16:32
hatchbut there may be some extra stuff that could be cleaned up I supopse16:32
MakyoI'll take a look to be sure.16:32
MakyoOtherwise, I'll just move it along.16:32
hatchhope I saved you a ton of work haha16:33
MakyoYeah, I'll certainly take it.16:33
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frankbanrick_h_: dhcpd is now running16:39
frankbanrick_h_: I restarted maas and now the conf file includes the subnet16:40
rick_h_frankban: rgr, rebooting the node here to see if it picks it up now16:40
rick_h_frankban: woot!16:40
rick_h_frankban: we have network booting16:40
frankbanrick_h_: really? yay!16:41
rick_h_frankban: yes, fetching archivese/etc16:41
frankbanrick_h_: it was not obvious at all16:41
rick_h_frankban: yea :/ thanks for hacking on that16:42
frankbanrick_h_: I'd assume maas would regenerate the conf file when saving the network configuration16:42
frankbanrick_h_: I think a celery job failed to update the dhcp conf16:42
frankbanrick_h_: nuc2 is ready16:43
rick_h_frankban: woot!16:43
* rick_h_ power cycles nuc116:43
frankbanrick_h_: they are both ready16:46
rick_h_frankban: woot!16:46
* rick_h_ does a happy dance!16:46
frankbanrick_h_: should we start them, or is it juju work?16:47
rick_h_ok, so now the question, can we stop then and start them and stop then16:47
rick_h_frankban: going to try to stop them16:47
rick_h_ok, that didn't work, guess ready doesn't mean running16:47
rick_h_so trying to start them16:47
rick_h_hmmm, no luck there either16:48
frankbanrick_h_: what's the error?16:49
rick_h_frankban: The action "Start selected nodes" could not be performed on 2 nodes because their state does not allow that action.16:49
rick_h_frankban: had the same with stopping the node16:49
frankbanrick_h_: have you seen the popup that appears when you mouse over the start button in a node detail page?16:50
frankbanrick_h_: something about registering a ssh key16:50
rick_h_frankban: oh, nope didn't see that 16:50
frankbanrick_h_: but shoulds't be juju in charge of provisioning (i.e. starting) machines in maas?16:51
rick_h_frankban: maybe? outside of my docs reading to date on this now16:51
frankbanrick_h_: I very quickly try to do that (juju bootstrap -e maas)16:52
frankbanI can16:52
rick_h_frankban: rgr16:52
frankbanrick_h_: ok launched16:52
rick_h_https://code.launchpad.net/~jtv/maas/bug-986185-start-node-requires-ssh-key/+merge/103536 at least found the message :)16:55
frankbanrick_h_: did you allocated nuc1, or is it juju going?16:55
rick_h_frankban: didn't touch anything16:56
frankbanrick_h_: cool, this can be a good sign16:56
frankbanrick_h_: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/8460003/17:03
rick_h_frankban: ok, so ssh keys next17:03
frankbanrick_h_: it seems so17:03
rick_h_frankban: so there's some ssh key notes there, but it seemed like part of the virutal machine docs17:04
rick_h_frankban: worth a quick try?17:04
frankbanrick_h_: the popup says to add ssh keys from http://maas.jujugui.org/MAAS/account/prefs/17:05
rick_h_frankban: oh missed that sorry. 17:06
rick_h_too many convos at once17:06
rick_h_frankban: so reading https://maas.ubuntu.com/docs/juju-quick-start.html17:08
rick_h_frankban: it says "There is no need to explicitly add an SSH key to MAAS when using Juju; it will automatically put your public key on any hosts that it starts up."17:09
rick_h_frankban: that reads to me that the ssh key should match up with the juju one? can you add your public key on there and retry your test?17:09
frankbanrick_h_: heh, reading here it seems that my keys are "useful" but not strictly required: https://juju.ubuntu.com/docs/config-maas.html#edit-or-create-the-configuration17:10
frankbanrick_h_: but I can try17:10
rick_h_frankban: hmm ok, /me goes back to that paste to read that error more carefully17:10
hatchjujugui it appears that the BrowserSearchView class is not used anywhere in the app....can someone verify this? Just want to make sure my grepping didn't fail17:12
frankbanrick_h_: retrying with a public key in the envs.yaml17:13
rick_h_frankban: k17:13
rick_h_hatch: at first look search.js and charmbrowser.js are not used17:14
rick_h_hatch: we did update that and such, but surprised we never got around to removing the old code17:14
hatchyeah that's what I was thinking - I just didn't want to cut it out without a second eye on the grep :)17:14
rick_h_hatch: yea, git grep says the two classes there aren't used17:14
frankbanrick_h_: in that same page, one of the steps for juju is Adding an SSH key...17:16
rick_h_frankban: on which page, the juju one or the maas on?17:17
frankbanrick_h_: perhaps the meaning of the sentence you quoted is something like "there is no need to add your (as a juju user) ssh keys in order to access the nodes via ssh"17:17
frankbanrick_h_: https://maas.ubuntu.com/docs/juju-quick-start.html#adding-an-ssh-key17:17
jcsackettjujugui: still looking for reviews on https://github.com/juju/juju-gui/pull/590 and https://github.com/juju/juju-gui/pull/591. the test failure on the first of those is spurious--a successful build is linked to from the comments.17:18
rick_h_frankban: k yea. I think we can try this out with your ssh public key side and see if it works. If it does, we should probably add a shared one for the team or something. Maybe it'll make sense to add a user account for each person on the team with their own public key17:19
hatchjujugui for those going to brussels https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2fw7ls-53RM :)17:19
kadams54jcsackett: I'll look at those as well.17:19
jcsackettkadams54: awesome, thanks. :)17:19
kadams54hatch: you mean I've been learning French for nothing?!?17:20
rogpeppehatch: dutch?17:20
hatchapparently it's bilingual 17:21
jcsackettit's like 80% french in brussels.17:21
kadams54Je suis une chaussure rouge17:21
hatchoh really?17:21
jcsackettso "parlez-vous anglais?" is a bit more useful. :p17:21
hatchwell damn you interent17:21
kadams54I'm all set.17:21
hatchkadams54: you're a red shoe?17:22
hatchwell if it's mostly french then yay17:22
hatchI know infinitely more French than Dutch lol17:22
kadams54Damn Canadians.17:22
jcsacketteh, there's still 20% dutch, hatch. :p17:22
hatchwell if they don't speak english then I'm sol no matter what language they choose17:23
hatchso...just making sure I can switch the language program to english :P17:23
kadams54Hablas español?17:23
hatchun poco17:24
jcsacketti wish i spoke spanish; would be very handy here.17:24
hatchkadams54: a tumar classes en Duolingo17:25
frankbanrick_h_: added a key to maas, and trying to bootstrap juju with another one17:25
rick_h_frankban: rgr17:25
kadams54Yeah, I'm hitting up Duolingo for the French right now.17:25
hatchwhich is probably wrong - I suck at the male/female parts of spanish17:25
hatchwhy can't languages be single sex17:26
Makyojujugui quick clean-up branch for reviews/qa: https://github.com/juju/juju-gui/pull/59217:27
hatchMakyo: on it17:28
frankbanrick_h_: what's the series running in the nucs?17:28
rick_h_frankban: I set it to trusty17:28
rick_h_frankban: in the maas ui17:28
frankbanrick_h_: cool17:28
rick_h_frankban: http://maas.jujugui.org/MAAS/nodes/node-149f5df2-47e2-11e4-9745-eca86bffcfed/edit/17:28
rick_h_I was confused as it seems like it should be juju determining that I guess, but :/17:28
jcsackettMakyo: i'm looking too.17:28
rick_h_Makyo: already gave a +1 :P17:29
jcsackettMakyo: nm, i'll let hatch do #2 then. :p17:29
hatchMakyo: commented on the pr - lemme know your thoughts17:32
hatchMakyo: actually....a machine is an object not a model....bleh17:33
hatchI'll delete that comment :)17:33
hatchwell it could go on the model list 17:34
hatchI suppose17:34
rick_h_hatch: it's not ideal but it's grep-able and usable and better than 'new'17:34
Makyohatch, yeah, though this method of always using .commitStatus gives us something to search for, as opposed to indexOf or regex on 'new'17:34
MakyoBleck, I don't like it.17:34
hatchoh no question it's better than regex on 'new' heh17:34
hatchalright, I'm ok with leaving it as is17:35
frankbanrick_h_: last attempt, same key.pub on the client and on the server17:37
rick_h_frankban: ok17:37
hatchthe latest installment in the saga that is Installing Fiber - they are now trenching my yard to run the conduit to the house17:39
hatchthis fiber better be a religious experience after all this headache lol 17:40
MakyoSorry :P17:43
hatchyeah I agree!!17:43
hatchI'm having no luck in tracking down what handles the autocomplete token clicks 17:54
rick_h_hatch: bwuahahahaha17:54
rick_h_hatch: it's the same event that catching clicks on the tokens in the sidebar17:54
hatchlol hey it's all your fault - you and your events :P17:54
rick_h_hatch: autocomplete tokens are...token17:54
rick_h_if I recall correctly17:55
hatchthat's what I thought too - but the handler for those aren't being called when I click on the category tokens17:55
* rick_h_ dusts off the old memory17:55
rick_h_hatch: looking17:56
hatchin charmbrowser.js there is a .token click hanlder17:57
hatchthat handler doesn't get called when you click on the category tokens17:57
rick_h_hatch: oh, but it's different because the AC widget has a selection made17:57
hatchohhhhhhh 17:58
frankbanrick_h_: now I have to go. I'll try again later, I see that one of the steps in the docs is juju sync-tools, executed it, but still no luck. this is the failing (repeated) command: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/8460289/17:58
frankbangood night!17:58
rick_h_frankban: ok, maybe tomorrow seeif you can catch any of the #maas guys to help out if possible17:58
hatchrick_h_: thanks you got me going again :)17:58
rick_h_frankban: if not, we'll look into it more tomorrow17:58
hatchcya frankban17:58
rick_h_hatch:       this.ac._onItemClick = function(ev) {17:59
frankbanrick_h_: I'll do17:59
hatchyup found it now thanks17:59
hatchtotally forgot that categories were actually a list item17:59
kadams54guihelp: Working sans quickstart… juju deploy --to 0 juju-gui && juju expose juju-gui18:01
rick_h_kadams54: correct18:01
kadams54juju status reports: public-address: ec2-54-69-157-181.us-west-2.compute.amazonaws.com18:01
rick_h_kadams54: and the services is listed as 'started'?18:01
kadams54But I'm not seeing anything when I pull that up in a browser18:01
rick_h_kadams54: or still 'pending'18:01
rick_h_kadams54: https://ec2-54-69-157-181.us-west-2.compute.amazonaws.com/18:02
rick_h_kadams54: works for me 18:02
kadams54Yeah… I just realized juju status was reporting exposed as false18:02
kadams54So I re-ran and that fixed. *sigh*18:02
hatchkadams54: also if you change the juju-gui-source it'll take a while but the status reports will always be green18:04
hatchso you will just have to keep trying every few mins18:04
kadams54Yeah, I watch the debug log for that18:04
rick_h_jujugui off to the doc, biab18:06
jrwrenI need some help with $(shell...) in make. The Makefile has APT_BASED := $(shell command -v apt-get ; echo $$?)  and later compares to zero, but this is always false because of the output from command -v18:10
jrwrenso I change to APT_BASED := $(shell command -v apt-get >/dev/null ; echo $$?)   and make just hangs18:10
jrwrenso I tried APT_BASED := $(shell { command -v apt-get ; echo $$?; }|tail -1)   and that also just hangs.18:12
jrwrenyet APT_BASED := $(shell { command -v apt-get ; echo $$?; }|head -1)   puts the value I expect into the APT_BASED variable (just not the value I want)18:13
jrwrenhrm. I should have asked before rick_h_ left. I know how much he loves make.18:13
hatchhaha yup 18:14
kadams54hatch: Ready when you are to chat on this card.18:29
kadams54guihelp: how are the various delta handler methods in handlers.js invoked?18:31
hatchkadams54: ok just eating lunch18:31
hatchso in a few18:31
hatchkadams54: from the delta 18:32
hatchit's all synchronous so you should be able to traceback18:32
hatchlook at the parse_delta methods18:32
hatchthere are many18:32
kadams54The deltas come back via WS?18:32
jrwrenfind the issue. it was not where I thought. Make kind of sucks somtimes.18:33
hatchjrwren: only sometimes? :)18:33
jrwrenhatch: :)   more often than not, I am a make fan.18:39
jrwrenhatch: I'm even crazy enough to tell the grunt/gulp crowd that make does all that, better.18:39
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hatchjrwren: well since those are typically just a wrapper over shell commands :)18:57
hatchbut make is sure ugly.....like real ugly18:57
hatchkadams54: ok still need to chat?18:58
hatchjcsackett: holy crap that branch landed18:58
hatchjcsackett: https://github.com/juju/juju-gui/pull/587/files here is the final diff if you're curious18:59
jcsacketthatch: whoo!18:59
jcsacketthatch: just one more hell-branch to go. :p18:59
jcsacketthatch: that's a much smaller diff than i expected. nice.19:00
hatchyeah I just hope it doesn't block other peoples branches from landing with some wako new spurious falure19:02
hatchso I ran it a few times before landing19:02
hatchjust to be safe19:02
hatchhmm this search bug is a little bugger to fix19:11
hatchtechnically it's working as it should....19:12
hatchahh stupid #$%^&(*^(*& javascript19:15
hatchkadams54: just ping if you still need to chat19:20
hatchjujugui lf a review and qa on https://github.com/juju/juju-gui/pull/59319:58
jcsacketthatch: looking.20:07
hatchnow which card to pick20:08
rick_h_hatch: notifier20:15
rick_h_hatch: or the inspector cleanup of old code20:16
hatchoh that damn notifier20:16
hatchsure I'm up for a challenge20:16
rick_h_hatch: yea, those are the two big things for this cleanup week imo20:18
rick_h_hatch: especially as the new work on the sidebar will be all around the inspector code20:18
hatchjcsackett: if you don't mind https://github.com/juju/juju-gui/pull/594 here is one just removing old unused search code20:18
hatchrick_h_: ahh right20:19
hatchrick_h_: mind taking a quick glance at my branches in PR so I can land em?20:19
hatchthey are both small20:19
rick_h_hatch: in a mtg atm but can later tonight20:19
jcsacketthatch: i can look at that one too, sure.20:20
hatchrick_h_: is there a notifier card? Or am I blind?20:21
rick_h_hatch: not yet no20:21
hatchalright I'll create an investigate card20:22
rick_h_hatch: peek at it, get a plan, and let's pow wow later20:23
hatcha o k 20:23
hatchbrb taking dogs out20:56
hatchjrwren: make huge bank from the advert on your blog?21:25
hatchand your about page is incorrect :)21:26
kadams54jujugui: https://github.com/juju/juju-gui/pull/595 is ready for review and QA.21:31
hatchkadams54: made a request to review21:40
hatchin the *21:40
hatchrick_h_: you still pokin around?21:54
rick_h_hatch: kind of what's up?21:54
hatchjust wondering if you wanted to chat about this notifications business21:54
rick_h_hatch: cool if you're ready, let's do it fast21:54
rick_h_standup room?21:55
hatchMakyo: didn't you fix this? https://bugs.launchpad.net/juju-gui/+bug/136526022:54
mupBug #1365260: deployer bar commit button stays active after confirm <mv> <juju-gui:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1365260>22:54
hatchmorning huwshimi23:15
hatchenjoy your time off23:15
huwshimihatch: Hey, yeah, well I spent three of the four days painting :)23:15
huwshimihatch: But I moved into the new office room yesterday!23:15
hatchhaha awesome!23:16
huwshimihatch: After our trip I'll finish moving in here, build a new desk and bookshelves and make it all nice23:18
hatchgoing to get a standing desk?23:19
huwshimihatch: Probably not, I used to do that a bit, but I think I'm better off sitting down and then getting out for exercise23:24
rick_h_huwshimi: morning23:29
huwshimirick_h_: Hey23:29
rick_h_huwshimi: have a sec to chat?23:31
huwshimirick_h_: Sure23:31
rick_h_huwshimi: meet you in the standup room23:31
jrwrenhatch: how is it incorrect?  details man!23:49
jrwrenhatch: make zero bank for the ads. I should remove that.23:49
hatchyour new employer23:49
jrwrenhatch: huh?23:50
jrwrenhatch: oh! my ABOUT page. I can't read :)23:50

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