OptimizedCoderAll of a sudden, my ethernet wired connection interface doesn't show up at all02:50
OptimizedCoderWhhhy'd this happen?02:50
OptimizedCoderhow the hell is this possible02:53
OptimizedCodermy /etc/network/interfaces fiel has been overwritten!02:53
OptimizedCoderto have only these02:53
OptimizedCoder# interfaces(5) file used by ifup(8) and ifdown(8) auto lo iface lo inet loopback02:53
lordievaderGood morning.06:22
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ArunCHi, will plasma 5 be the default desktop on Kubuntu Utopic?07:00
lordievaderArunC: No, 15.x might be the first to be considered.07:01
tekkbuzzhey guys, I just got a major problem. I tried to run a game and it come up the same on both my displays. Then when I got out of it now I have only the same display on both my screens, I rebooted and got the same thing. I went to System Settings > Display Config. and now it only show one monitor, Any suggestions.07:51
hateballtekkbuzz: I see you're crossposting both here and #ubuntu, so which DE are you actually using?07:52
tekkbuzzhateball: u got any suggestions?07:53
hateballtekkbuzz: Details such as GPU chipset and what driver you're using will help07:55
tekkbuzzdefault driver, nothing proprietary. AMD HD 7770 card using Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS07:56
hateballThen I will sit this one out, I know nothing about AMD gpus I am afraid07:57
valorieubottu doesn't either....07:57
hateball!ati | I guess07:57
ubottuI guess: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto07:57
hateballthat should probably be aliased07:58
tekkbuzzthanks I'll read that, something got changed cause it work with the default installation.07:58
* valorie just asked about aliasing that....07:59
tekkbuzzIf I click on the Identify Outputs in Display Configuration, I can see DVI-1 but faintly blinks the other HDMI-0 for a micro second.08:11
tekkbuzzthat's the display i need to get back.08:11
tekkbuzzI don't have any xorg.conf file.08:13
valorieyou may have to create one08:13
valoriexorg.conf is no longer created by default08:14
tekkbuzzI never had one and it worked fine till about an hour ago.08:14
tekkbuzzstupid game I started, (which I don't really play games) mucked it all up.08:15
tekkbuzzDoes anyone know if the xorg.conf file take priority over the kde settings?08:20
valorieI believe it does if it exists08:20
valoriehowever, the help page should be correct, whatever it says08:20
tekkbuzzI'm reading that now, I'm probably going to have to write a xorg.conf, I have a little experience doing that I had to do it for my RedHat system couple of years ago.08:22
valorieI've never had to do it08:23
valorieyears ago I had to edit it, but now it all Just Works08:23
* valorie knocks on wood08:23
tekkbuzzIt's still a bummer though, cause everything "was" working fine.08:23
tekkbuzzI wonder if I upgrade to the proprietary driver, if the 2nd display would come back, I may give that a try.08:26
tekkbuzzwow, I think I found it, both displays were stacked perfectly on top of each other in the Display Configuation, I got 2 displays, now I have to reboot.08:30
tekkbuzzAnyone know how to "Not" save kde settings when rebooting ie: normally it saves your open apps and screen position and stuff? If I do, it will stay mucked up, and I'll have to reset up my widgets and crap.08:35
hateballtekkbuzz: alt+f2 -> "session"08:37
tekkbuzzhateball: thanks08:37
hateballtekkbuzz: set it to blank session or whatever you prefer08:37
tekkbuzzhateball: Perrrfect, thanks08:38
movaI have installed kubuntu testing, is it possible to go back to stable by just updating the sources list file?09:21
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BluesKajHIya folks10:54
stack___hi, I am getting 404 error not found on sudo apt-get update and also with dist-upgrade, suggestions?11:22
lordievaderstack___: What version of Kubuntu are you running?11:24
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Fritigernstack___: Open Konsole and run sudo software-properties-kde, then on the first tab, under "Download from" choose "other" and click "select best server"11:25
FritigernWhat will happen is that software-properties-kde  will start looking for the server with the fastest connection and download speeds, and offers you toset it as the default server for your updates.11:26
stack___any other alternatives? it is not helping out .. :-|11:40
hateballstack___: you never answered what version you're running11:42
ubottuEnd-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades11:42
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Josh_hi just installed kubuntu 14.04, And every time I try assign a Static IP (Using eth0) it kills my internet connection, any ideas?15:26
lordievaderJosh_: How did you assign it?15:28
Josh_By editing /etc/network/interfaces as followed from a guide15:28
lordievaderJosh_: Could you pastebin that file?15:29
lordievader!paste | Josh_15:29
ubottuJosh_: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.15:29
Josh_Will do that now, Thanks15:29
Josh_here you go lordievader http://paste.ubuntu.com/8459390/15:31
lordievader"ifae eth0 inet static" <-- there is your error15:31
Josh_still kills internet when fixed ifae to iface15:33
Josh_I was thinking it had something to do with it being a netbook (no ethernet port)15:33
lordievaderJosh_: You might want to add a 'broadcast' and 'network' line. Also can you ping your gateway?15:34
Josh_what would broadcast and network be set as? And Yes I can ping my gateway (I even have internet) Just wanting to set a static ip from command line15:35
lordievaderJosh_: Then likely is your dns broken.15:36
Josh_is there a program I can install? something that will let me run apache with multiple ips? (as well as a static one)15:37
lordievaderThe network specifies the network, for you that would be '' and the broadcast specifies the broadcast address ''.15:37
lordievaderJosh_: To fix your dns edit /etc/resolvconf/resolv.conf.d/head15:38
Josh_added network and broadcast, and got /etc/resolvconf/resolv.conf.d/head file ready15:40
lordievaderThen your static ip should work.15:40
lordievaderGiven the settings are correct ;)15:41
Josh_even if I don't have an ethernet (eth0) it will still work?15:41
lordievaderWhat do you mean?15:41
Josh_it's a dell inspiron duo flip, It's not got an ethernet port for it (so eth0 does not show up)15:42
lordievaderWhy are you then specifying eth0?15:42
Josh_because that's all the guides online show me how to get a static IP, By using eth0, Haven't found any other way (only interfaces I have are lo and wlan0)15:45
lordievaderJosh_: The settings reflect whatever interface is specified.15:46
lordievadereth0 is used in guides since that is the interface where people mostly want to use static ip's.15:47
Josh_how would I assign a static wlan0 address from /etc/network/interfaces?15:49
lordievaderSameway but replace eth0 with wlan0. However in most cases you want to use dhcp for wlan.15:49
Josh_http://paste.ubuntu.com/8459517/ like so?15:50
lordievaderJosh_: Yes that will make it a dhcp interface. However wifi is a bit tricky with that, for wifi I recommend using the network manager.15:51
rbergonce you add wpa and AP info its probably easier to configure static wlan with network manager15:51
lordievader^ setting static ethernet devices is very well done through /etc/network/interfaces15:52
lordievaderFor wireless devices not so much, there are some hoops you have to jump through to get /etc/network/interfaces working with wifi.15:53
Josh_Don't want to try ifdown/ifup the device however, as that killed my internet last time, so just scrap command line, and use network manager?15:53
lordievaderJosh_: For wifi,yes.15:54
Josh_with not having eth0 will this affect using apache2 on multiple IP? (as I use eth0 on raspberry pi to get more ip addresses up)15:54
* lordievader is starting to get confused...15:55
monckyjoin #puppet15:55
monckyI don't even have the excuse of using an unfamiliar keyboard layout :/15:56
lordievaderPoor slashes, they're allways forgotten.15:56
Josh_on Raspberry Pi (I can use eth0 to get multiple ip to use with apache, even though it uses wlan0) but on my netbook (i have no eth0 so not sure how I will get multiple ip addresses)15:56
Josh_sorry if I don't word it properly sometimes, I'm new to ubuntu lol15:56
lordievaderJosh_: Why do you want multiple ip's routing to the same host?15:57
Josh_it's on my netbook, and this will be my portable apache for testing things when I can't ssh to my pi15:58
monckyUnless you live in Glasgow, but thats a different sort of slash15:58
lordievaderJosh_: I don't see a reason to need multiple ips?15:58
Josh_it's just easier for me, rather than editing the hosts file, then rebooting for domains to work with apache, I can just use  example ifup etho:150 (for ip
lordievaderJosh_: What's wrong with an extra entry in the hostfile for example.com ->
lordievaderNo need to mess with anything else.16:02
Josh_lordievader Just having to reboot every time I add a host file that annoys me, And on the Pi, I don't even need to reboot16:03
lordievaderJosh_: You set it up once, reboot and done?16:03
Josh_That's only for one site? With ifup/ifdown, I can do as many as I need, and don't have to reboot16:04
Josh_http://krypted.com/unix/setting-up-multiple-ips-in-ubuntu/ But all guides show them using eth0 (or eth0:1)16:04
lordievaderJosh_: It's for as many sites as you want. Let apache handle the vhost stuff not your routing.16:05
Josh_how would I use apache2 with multiple IP? (is that possible instead)16:05
lordievaderWhy would you want to do that? Apache is capable of serving ~unlimited websites on a single ip.16:06
Josh_I know, But they are only view able from, which is why I was wanting the IP's16:07
lordievaderJosh_: Let it listen to your other interfaces too.16:08
Josh_by editing /etc/apache/ports.conf?16:08
lordievaderJosh_: Yes, http://httpd.apache.org/docs/2.4/bind.html16:10
Josh_Done that, Restarted apache and http://paste.ubuntu.com/8459662/16:11
lordievaderno listening sockets available, shutting down16:11
Josh_I have a Listen in ports.conf (and reloaded) not sure what's happening16:12
lordievaderJosh_: What is your current ip?16:13
yahyaa"The JDK is missing and is required to run some NetBeans modules" error message I keep getting on kubuntu, i am running netbeans 8.0.1,16:13
lordievaderJosh_: There is your problem you are trying to listen to a port with an ip address you do not have.16:14
Josh_yahyaa you could try sudo apt-get install openjdk-7-jdk to install java?16:14
Josh_is there a way to fix that vader?16:14
yahyaathanks let me try that!16:16
lordievaderJosh_: Let it listen to an IP you have.16:23
Josh_How can I let apache have more IP?16:24
* lordievader sigh16:25
lordievaderJosh_: You don't want that. Let apache sort out the vhost matters not your router.16:25
Josh_so just use hosts file?16:25
lordievaderIn combination with vhosts. Yes.16:26
Josh_is there not any other way to get multipl ip?16:27
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lordievader!ask | TheFakeazneD52520:04
ubottuTheFakeazneD525: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience20:04
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TheFakeazneD525lordievader: so, earlier I put a bouncy ball widget on my screen, then set gravity to 0, and autobounce to max, and it took me a while to delete it22:53
TheFakeazneD525lordievader: is there a file I can delete in the future to get rid of it?22:53
TheFakeazneD525or a command to run?22:53

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