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cargillhi, a person has left our company and we don't really have a way of contacting them, but their old email is still subscribed to a couple of teams and bugs, is there a way to unlink the email from their account if we control the email?09:46
maxbI can't think of any self-service way to do that (well, short of stealing the account entirely), so you'll probably want to ask at https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+addquestion10:28
Anoiacargill: surely if it's a company email you control, you can jsut do it on their behalf?10:37
cargillyes, we own the email but if it is not the only email linked to their account, we cannot (or at least should not) trigger password reset10:39
Anoiaahh, I see10:40
Anoiadidn;t realise it was multiple emails on one account10:40
cargillI've posted a question on the launchpad project, hopefully that can help resolve that10:42
tsdgeoshi guys, i've been told this is the place i ask for arm to be added to my ppa11:14
tsdgeosis it?11:14
tsdgeos :D11:14
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cjwatsontsdgeos: https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad11:26
tsdgeoscjwatson: so i post there? or ask william grant?11:27
tsdgeoswgrant: hi ho11:27
cjwatsontsdgeos: you post there11:27
cjwatsonasking an individual deters others from helping :)11:28
tsdgeoson the other hand asking a comitte is the way to get things never done :)11:30
tsdgeosone can use popular sayings for everything11:30
tsdgeosthere's too many of them11:30
tsdgeosi'm pretty sure i spelt comitte wrong11:30
mapreritsdgeos: "committee" :) yes, too many doubles ^^11:39
cjwatsontsdgeos: This is an administrative ticket queue.  Please use it.11:39
cjwatsonAh you did.11:39
cjwatsonAnd now I remember that I'm only in the self-admins team and can't enable armhf for other people :-)11:40
maprericargill: if someone in your company is bug supervisor for the projects the bugs belong to, and is admin of the team you want him out you can kick him without his intervention.11:42
cargillmapreri: he was the admin in a couple of them, noone else in our company is, so we can't do it this way11:50
tsdgeoswgrant: cjwatson: so now that i have that do i need to reupload the packages? i can't see how to trigger an arm build11:50
cjwatsontsdgeos: After ARM support is enabled and your ticket is answered, you'll need to reupload.11:51
tsdgeosok :/11:52
tsdgeoscjwatson: now i don't have premission to upload to my ppa13:00
tsdgeosshall i open another question?13:00
tsdgeoswgrant: ↑13:01
cjwatsontsdgeos: That's not an upload to your PPA.  That's an attempt to upload directly to Ubuntu.13:04
tsdgeosstupid me13:05
tsdgeoswhat's why i shouldn't be doing this ppa thing :D13:05
tsdgeossorry for the noise13:05
maprerithere was clearly written13:07
tsdgeosit's all clearly written when you know what to read13:08
tsimpsontsdgeos: it looks like you attempted to upload to the ubuntu or debian archive and not your PPA, what dput command did you use?13:14
tsdgeostsimpson: the wrong one sorry13:14
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