T1960CTHello, booting lubuntu always takes a while on my computer cause it seems to do the Grub timeout even though there is no Grub to show cause it's the only OS on the laptop, I've tried tinkering with the Grub file and it doesnt really change much. I hit the enter key in what I suspect is the Grub and it gave me a weird blinking line at the top left o00:55
T1960CTf my screen then Lubuntu booted with a baby blue background. Any ideas on how to remove the approximately 10 second wait time before it actually boots?00:55
BuntuTechhi T1960CT01:01
T1960CTBuntuTech: would you be able to help me?01:04
BuntuTechi see someone asking a similar question in a ubuntu forum page i do not know if this will help you or not but while you are waiting you might want to read this01:04
BuntuTechbefore making changes you should wait for one of the better lubuntu support people - i am still learning01:05
T1960CTI'll give it a go anyway, I still have a bootable USB that I can use to repair anything that may get damaged :)01:06
BuntuTechare you all backed up?01:07
T1960CTNo but it's a pretty new install and there isn't much on it that I care about yet, I have all that on my Desktop01:08
BuntuTechim on lubuntu on a VM01:10
BuntuTechim really enjoying it01:10
T1960CTIt doesnt even seem to have a Grub menu at all though, after commenting out the GRUB_HIDDEN lines and pressing the arrow keys in the "grub" it shows me weird escape characters lol what the heck is going on01:11
ianorlinare you sure that isn't your bios?01:11
T1960CTI dont know what it could be in my BIOS that would do that01:11
T1960CTSomeone mentioned VT-d but my CPU doesnt support it01:12
ianorlinor it might be something that it hasn't finished loading01:12
BuntuTechwas that machine ever set up as a dual boot?01:12
T1960CTYeah but when I installed I told it to use the whole disk01:13
T1960CTBuntuTech: When I'm in my VM for it it doesnt do the 10 seconds01:20
BuntuTechwell when u installed in the VM you probably did a normal install01:20
BuntuTechit sounds like you did somethin a bit different here01:21
ianorlinI think it starts a terminal and stuff when booting and doesn't have a GUI yet01:21
ianorlinit is just that it doesn't fly by you01:22
T1960CTI doubt it ianorlin cause after that the boot screen comes up and I can "esc" to see that it is just starting01:22
T1960CTIt really feels like the Grub is there but not doing anything01:22
ianorlinyeah grub is sitll the bootloader and always there01:23
T1960CTI think I'll just wipe and reinstall but format the disk first just to see if it'll help01:25
ianorlingrub is always there01:26
T1960CTYeah no I know that but I had other OSs on there first and didnt properly format when installing Lubuntu so I think the bootloader is confused01:27
BuntuTechthats what i was thinking u did01:27
T1960CTSo how would I properly format it with Gparted in the LiveCD ?01:28
T1960CTJust delete all the partitions and format it?01:28
T1960CTSee booting from the USB didnt do the 10seconds, it just went right in01:29
BuntuTechas long as you remove all partitions rebuild them and formnat u should be fine with any tool or from the lubuntu installer01:29
T1960CTAlright, nothing special then01:30
BuntuTechi recenty exeprimented with dban and it was great01:30
BuntuTechbut i wont tell someone else to use it01:30
T1960CTHehe I like DBAM but it has given me problems before01:31
BuntuTechive heard it can01:31
T1960CTNuke not Muke lol01:31
BuntuTechi had done a number of installs on this one HDD and i used to purposely download serious malware and kill it01:31
BuntuTechso i nuked it and reinstalled one day01:32
T1960CTLol DBAN will seriously bomb everything, I bet there was no problems with any residue on your disk ;)01:32
BuntuTechno the install i did after went perfect but i must admit i was wondering if it would somehow harm the drive01:33
BuntuTechi just did the standard clean i think it was 7 passes or something01:34
holsteinnot want to do that these days.. malware can infect the bios01:34
BuntuTechyes  i know01:34
T1960CTYep, or the first sector of your drive01:34
holsteinT1960CT: have you ran smart tests on the drive? does a live CD boot and run as expected on the hardware?01:34
T1960CTYep, everything runs smoothly when booting from USB and other distros work fine off HDD, I think the bootloader is just cluttered cause I had Deepin, Linux Mint 17 and Windows all in there at one point, then didnt format and installed Lubuntu on the whole drive01:36
holsteinT1960CT: check the boot loader01:36
holsteinor, just reinstall grub..01:36
T1960CTYeah I'm looking into that now to see01:36
T1960CTI'm actually just reinstalling cause I've been tampering with a lot to see what it does, I should mount it to "/" right?01:38
T1960CTfor the mount point in the installer01:38
holsteinT1960CT: i would just do the defaults. i would wipe, and do a default installation01:39
T1960CTYes but in the partition manager when creating a new partition the mount point would be "/" Right?01:40
holsteinT1960CT: just use the defaults.. let the installer do it all01:40
T1960CTI did that last time and it left clutter in the bootloader :P01:41
holsteinT1960CT: i dont think so01:41
holsteinT1960CT: if you wipe the drive, or tell the installer to use the entire drive, then you will have only the one OS for grub to find01:41
T1960CTIt still showed the options for the other 3 OS's in there01:42
T1960CTAlong with Lubuntu01:42
holsteinT1960CT: i mean, manually partition if you want or need, but, if you can, remove yourself from the euqation as well01:42
holsteinT1960CT: then, the disk wasnt clean, and you didnt tell the installer to use the entire disk.. or, you didnt install grub properly01:42
T1960CTIt was just to format the drive, I deleted all the partitions and formated it, but it needed a primary partition so that is what I did this time01:43
holsteinT1960CT: you shouldnt need to.. you should literally be ablt to start the installer, and let it install to the disk..01:43
holsteinT1960CT: i suggest you try that, so that you are not doing any fancy partitioning that may be causing your issue01:43
holsteinT1960CT: you, theoretically, should be able to insatll *buntu and not know anything about partitions or partitioning01:44
T1960CTI know, I've done it before, that is what I did last time and it left clutter, I dont know what else to tell you, that is what it did when I selected "Use whole disk"01:45
T1960CTIt just left junk in there01:45
holsteinT1960CT: i really dont think so.. *if* the drive was properly wiped, there would be no "clutter"01:46
holsteinyou could have had grub installed somewhere, and then tried to install somewhere else..01:46
T1960CTThat is what I'm saying, I didnt wipe the disk before using the installer, I just left it as it was and during the installation I told it to use the whole disk01:46
T1960CTI didnt format before that01:46
holsteinregardless, i would just wipe the drive. make sure its wiped.. test it while its wiped.. long tests that take over an hour.. make sure its good and wiped.. check it for grub.. then, fresh install and try and do that as default as possible01:47
holsteinif you have issue with the lubuntu installer.. try..01:47
ubottuThe Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want.  The installer is text based (rather than graphical as used on the Desktop DVD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD01:47
T1960CTIf it causes me problems after this install I'll check it out01:48
holsteincheck what out?01:48
holsteinor, just reinstall grub.. with the other link i gave..01:49
T1960CTOr that :301:49
holsteini would do that before re-installation, if i knew that the drive had been setup properly01:50
T1960CTI like that Lubuntu comes with Abiword and not Open Office, I prefer Abiword :)01:51
holsteinboth are in the default ubuntu repositories.. you can add or remove either or both from any *buntu01:51
holsteinlibreoffice is the one you are probably referencing..01:52
T1960CTYeah I know but out of the box is what I like, I have traded OO for Abi before on other distros but it's one less thing to do after installing :)01:52
T1960CTOh yeah Libre office, I never use it anymore lol01:52
T1960CTnot Open office01:52
holsteinyou probably want the mini, then.. then you can add what you want01:53
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BuntuTechi need to talk to rafael11:52
nmsmhi everyone11:56
nmsmdoes anyone experience any troubles creating a bootable stick fo the daily image?11:57
nmsmalready tried with dd and usb-creator-gtk11:57
BuntuTechi have failed at that myself but i probably did it wrong13:41
BoscopHELP, why do i get this error? "bash: cannot create temp file for here-document: No space left on device." I have lots of free space18:29
holsteinBoscop: what are you trying to do?18:30
Boscopholstein, i'm pressing tab in the terminal to auto-complete18:31
holsteinBoscop: i mean, "big-picture" what you are trying to do18:32
ianorlinboscop does df -h show the disk is full?18:54
Boscopholstein, ianorlin: http://pastebin.com/DKFmM6Nc18:55
Boscopbut why? in system monitor it says there are still 489.1 MB free on /, but 0 available18:56
Boscophow can that be?18:56
testdrBoscop: this can be the minimum reserved for root/admin-usage on the root-filesystem.18:57
ianorlinsystem monitor might not be free but 489.1 MB isn't much free space18:57
Boscopit should be enough18:57
ianorlinyeah but it can fill up with kernel updates18:58
testdr500MB ist like nothing - some new kernel and big-packets updates and some more logs and it is gone18:59
Boscopso what should i delete?18:59
testdrBoscop: if you know what you are doing, you can change the reserved-blocks-count for the root-filesystem with the tool:  tune2fs   (check the manpage and dont cry if it may run full in some month and suddenly block your system)19:00
Boscopcan i resize the partition?19:00
ianorlinshould backup before doing that19:01
Boscopianorlin, yeah but will it work?19:01
ianorlinI haven't tried it but it should19:01
Boscopwith gparted?19:01
testdrBoscop: normaly not - and only from another system while the root-filesystem is not in use - except you have lvm (but you should know more about it)19:01
Boscopi have lvm19:02
Boscophow can i check which files use the most space? with baobab i can't select partitions, just folders19:02
testdrBoscop: if you have some updates in your system - normaly there are more than 2-3 older kernels - you can remove those with the paket-manager (like synaptic etc.).19:04
Boscoptestdr, i just installed 2 days ago19:06
Boscopbut i used the system as root the first few days and created / downloaded some files19:07
Boscopbut i don't remember which ones19:07
Boscophow can i check which files use the most space?19:07
testdrBoscop: only one example:  http://ask.xmodulo.com/find-biggest-files-directories-linux.html19:12
forthewinhi, my 256mb ram laptop couldnt handle xbmc it crashed and said not enough resources. Wishful thinking?19:13
Boscoptestdr, gparted says: linux unified key setup encryption is not yet supported. wtf?19:19
Jordan_UBoscop: Exactly that, GParted doesn't support LUKS, which you are apparently using for device level encryption.19:27
Boscopseems like i need a live cd: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ResizeEncryptedPartitions19:27
Boscoptestdr, Jordan_U: it seems /usr/share/doc takes up like 1GB. how can i disable all doc and man pages? (i never use them, i usually google)19:43
Boscoptexlive-latex-extra-doc is 400 MB alone19:44
Boscopcan i just delete the folder?19:44
Boscophow can i disable it for software that's installed in the future19:44
testdrBoscop: you should delete the packages -- use your favourite gui-tool or apt-get19:44
Boscophow to only remove the doc from everything?19:45
holsteinBoscop: sounds like you have some things misconfigured.. maybe larger log files. i would try and address the issue, or remove what you are not using20:01
Boscopholstein, locale is taking up 420 MB too. can i just delete its contents too?20:03
holsteinBoscop: what im suggest is, that you look into why that is so large.. what is causing that to get so large20:03
Boscopi only use english20:04
Boscopholstein, i did, using baobab20:04
Boscopdisk usage analyzer20:04
holsteinBoscop: ok.. so, what is causing it to get so large?20:04
holsteinnot, what did you use to determine what is so large..20:04
Boscop/usr is the largest folder with 6.1 GB20:04
Boscopin that, share is the largest20:05
Boscop3.5 gb20:05
holsteinBoscop: what is causing locale to be so large?20:05
Boscopall the strings20:05
Boscopfor different langs20:05
holsteinBoscop: what iso did you use to install? the stock lubuntu 32bit 14.04?20:05
Boscopin locale, the space usage is evenly distributed20:06
Boscopbetween all the langs20:06
Boscopbut i don't need those20:06

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