ahoneybunyay the bash is fixed!01:24
Akiva-Thinkpadahoneybun, bash?01:28
Akiva-Thinkpadthe bug01:28
ahoneybunAkiva-Thinkpad, yep the update was pushed to utopuc01:48
Akiva-Thinkpadah very nice01:53
Akiva-Thinkpadgood feature to have there01:53
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mihirmorning all :)06:34
dholbachgood morning07:03
mihirdpm, i have made the changes :)08:00
dpmcool, thanks :)08:04
justCarakaso/ morning all08:12
dpmhi justCarakas08:13
mihirhey justCarakas08:14
mihirdpm, devel-proposed has all the latest image is that correct ?08:14
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nerochiarodpm: oSoMoN: good morning. does any of you know why this MR is approved for merging but hasn't been merged yet ?  https://code.launchpad.net/~phablet-team/notes-app/inline-desktop-i18n/+merge/23578508:29
dpmmorning nerochiaro, I don't know exactly how landings for system apps work, sorry08:30
JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Monday, and happy International Coffee Day! :-D08:30
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oSoMoNnerochiaro, I mentioned it to Bill last week, he said he’d take care of it, ping him again when he gets online08:35
nerochiarooSoMoN: will do. thanks08:35
brendandJamesTait, every day is coffee day!08:38
davidcalleMorning all08:44
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mzanettipopey: heh... just got my first auto-approved app08:47
mzanettiso... what are you doing now? just slacking off?08:48
JamesTaitbrendand, of course, but today is a special celebration of... oh, right.08:53
popeymzanetti: lolz ☻08:58
* mihir has upgraded to utopic :D 09:04
mihirhey popey09:06
popeyhey mihir09:07
mihirpopey, did you get chance to talk to rento for the list i have provided to you ?09:08
popeyyeah, but i think he's a bit busy. will ask bill if we can get some of his time, when he's online later.09:09
popeyI doubt we'll get some of it for rtm, maybe after09:09
mihirHmmm okay, because most of them are really imp to make calendar stable.  (like syncing , timezone issues)09:10
mihirpopey, it would be great if we can get one or two for RTM.to make it more usable09:14
mihirdpm, any inputs for bug , https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-calendar-app/+bug/137043109:15
mihirdpm, it is related to translators to add plural form for times,09:15
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1370431 in Ubuntu Calendar App ""%1 ; %2 times" needs plural forms for %2" [Medium,Confirmed]09:15
vitimitiI'm having this issue with the Ubuntu SDK: http://paste.ubuntu.com/8453964/ <- it basically makes the Ubuntu.Components 1.1 is highlighted in red and some autocomplete functions (like the one for objectName) don't work. Can any body with me a hand with that?09:18
vitimitis/1.1 is/1.1 be/09:19
mihirvitimiti, but it should run your application I believe.09:23
vitimitimihir, it does run my application, but it's annoying not having all the functions. For examplo, UbuntuShape isn't even recognized by the SDK highlighter and is shown as normal text (black)09:24
vitimitiAnd, of course, no autocompletion09:24
mihirvitimiti, you on utopic or trusty ?09:25
vitimitimihir, Utopic, just tried an update, too (0 packages to upgrade)09:26
mihirvitimiti, yeah it does show red line on Ubuntu.Components 1.109:26
vitimitimihir, on Trusty this error does not appear09:26
vitimitiWell, I can cope with it, just wondering if it had a solution, thanks anyway09:27
dpmmihir, I already reported it a while ago, it's a valid bug. What kind of input do you need?09:33
mihirdpm, i mean is it okay to write two things, like if there only 1 time  else 2 times.09:39
dpmmihir, no that message should use plural forms: e.g. i18n.tr("%1 time", "%1 times", count).arg(count)09:41
mihirdpm, okay so if we define that way , it will be take care of what to display when..correct?09:42
mihirokay got it :) thanks.09:43
dpmnp, thank you :)09:45
mihirpopey, when you get time , can you update screen shots on store ?09:57
popeymihir: good call! yes.09:57
mihirpopey, thanks , they are too old :|09:57
mihirnik90, when i try to run calendar on emulator it gives me following error , any idea http://paste.ubuntu.com/8454162/10:00
dpmmihir, looks like the app crashed for some reason?10:03
mihirdpm, hmm , but it works without errors on desktop10:11
mihirdpm, i changed app name in manifest.json as well10:12
mihirdpm, here is full log http://paste.ubuntu.com/8454223/10:12
dpmmihir, I don't know what it might be, perhaps zbenjamin can help you with the log: http://paste.ubuntu.com/8454223/10:13
mihir_dim,  okay I will talk to him10:14
mihirdpm: is there anything to do with manifest.json ?10:18
dpmmihir, not that I know of, I wouldn't expect to have to change the manifest to run the app10:28
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mihirzbenjamin: let me know when you get time10:56
zbenjaminmihir: do you have a branch you are working with?10:57
mihirzbenjamin: i am trying with the trunk10:57
mihirzbenjamin: here is the error log , http://paste.ubuntu.com/8454223/10:58
nik90mihir: yeah I have had that error as well occasionally10:58
zbenjaminmihir: i'm hacking on a different problem atm, but i can take a look later10:58
mihirzbenjamin: no issues, let me know whenever you get time :) thanks for your help10:59
nik90mihir: I ended up installing the click package manually10:59
zbenjaminmihir: sometimes that happens if the manifest.json FW amd the apparmor policy are not compatible for example10:59
zbenjaminmihir: what you can do is, go to the publish page and validate the package.10:59
mihirzbenjamin: okay i'll try that10:59
zbenjaminmihir: if you get errors they can be a pointer to why its not working10:59
mihirnik90: it does create click package , and also install on emulator but it says it crashes10:59
mihirnik90: you push to emulator using adb push ?11:00
nik90mihir: yes11:00
mihirnik90: okay i need to try that, i was doing it from qt creator11:00
nik90zbenjamin: Hi, have you seen this error before? http://paste.ubuntu.com/8454512/11:02
nik90zbenjamin: qtc shows that the app is running, but I don't see the app both on the device and emulator (running rtm devel-proposed)11:02
nik90zbenjamin: as a result I am stuck11:03
zbenjaminnik90: are you on the devel ppa?11:03
zbenjaminnik90: or is this from the release ppa?11:03
nik90zbenjamin: yes11:03
nik90zbenjamin: devel ppa11:03
zbenjaminnik90: weird, i fixed that bug ..., it happens when you have no login shell on the phone11:04
nik90zbenjamin: http://ppa.launchpad.net/ubuntu-sdk-team/tools-development/ubuntu is the PPA I have for the sdk tools.11:05
* nik90 updates11:05
nik90zbenjamin: may be it wasn't backported to trusty?11:06
zbenjaminnik90: probably , that was my branch https://code.launchpad.net/~zeller-benjamin/qtcreator-plugin-ubuntu/runconfig11:07
nik90bzoltan: can you update the sdk tools devel ppa with the above branch ^^?11:10
nik90bzoltan: it is blocking testing apps on emulator and device (running rtm devel-proposed)11:10
zbenjaminnik90: can you check on the phone with "ps aux | grep com.ubuntu.clock.devel"  how the command line looks like?11:15
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nik90zbenjamin: phablet  14335  0.0  0.0   4836   668 pts/36   S+   13:15   0:00 grep --color=auto com.ubuntu.clock.devel11:15
zbenjaminnik90: of course when you run the app ;)11:16
nik90zbenjamin: :) ... when it is being run by qtc, phablet  14349  0.0  0.0   4836   668 pts/36   S+   13:16   0:00 grep --color=auto com.ubuntu.clock.devel11:17
nik90not much of a difference11:17
zbenjaminnik90: or try to grep for qtc_device_applaunch11:17
zbenjaminnik90: if nothing is there it already exited11:17
zbenjaminnik90: on the phone btw11:18
nik90zbenjamin: would just "grep qtc_device_applaunch" be enough?11:18
bzoltanzbenjamin: nik90: I have pushed the trunk to the tools devel PPA right now. In few ten minutes you will enjoy the update.11:19
nik90bzoltan: cool, thnx11:19
nik90zbenjamin: btw no output, although in qtc, it shows the red button indication app is still running..I will wait for the update11:20
zbenjaminnik90: yes11:20
zbenjaminnik90: ps aux | grep qtc_device_applaunch11:20
nik90zbenjamin: phablet  14443  0.0  0.0   4836   664 pts/36   S+   13:21   0:00 grep --color=auto qtc_device_applaunch11:21
zbenjaminnik90: ...... lets hope the update helps you11:21
* zbenjamin reeeeeally hopes the phone did not change so this does not work anymore11:21
nik90zbenjamin: yup the update solved the issue11:48
nik90zbenjamin: I like the use of colors to differentiate app output from sdk output11:48
mzanettiDanChapman: hey. you around?11:57
DanChapmanmzanetti: heya11:57
mzanettiDanChapman: may I ask for a feature in Dekko?11:58
mzanettiDanChapman: the possibility to set myself as BCC for outgoing mails would be awesome11:58
mzanettireally helps with threaded views.11:59
DanChapmanmzanetti: sure :-), that's easy enough to do. I'll add it as an option in the Settings tabs somewhere, probably General Settings for now12:02
DanChapmanor do you only want to set it at compose time?12:02
mzanettiDanChapman: no, options is perfect12:03
mzanettiDanChapman: and obviously threaded mail on the phone would be awesome too :) But I guess that's not so easy12:03
DanChapmanmzanetti: ok great. I'll sort that for the next update12:04
mzanetticool :)12:04
DanChapmanmzanetti: well as it happens i have a working prototype for a threaded view, but only works for servers that support the THREAD capability extension. So dovecot, cyrus etc have great support for it but threading for services like gmail would probably be a way off, as they have there own implementations of threads12:08
mzanettipfff.. gmail12:09
mzanettithose people want to use webapps anyways :D12:09
mzanettiok... bbl. thanks so far DanChapman12:10
zbenjaminnik90: that comes from using ssh instead of adb. ssh does not merge the output but adb does12:25
nik90ah ok12:26
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zbenjaminmihir: could you figure something out?12:41
mihirzbenjamin: i didn't get time in office right now , will do that when i get home.12:42
mivoligomzanetti: hi12:42
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mzanettimivoligo: hi12:56
mivoligomzanetti: I've put two new images in the drive12:58
mzanettimivoligo: cool thanks. will look tonight12:58
mzanettior well, let me look at them now12:58
mivoligomzanetti: :D12:59
mzanettimivoligo: looks nice12:59
mzanettimivoligo: will implement tonight13:00
mivoligomzanetti: great, so I'll have to push these icons I guess13:00
mzanettimivoligo: I'll use whatever is available13:01
mivoligomzanetti: I'll make a text file with colors for specific stuff, like text, background etc13:03
mivoligomzanetti: ok, I'll catch you in the evening o/13:04
mzanetticool. yee you later13:05
popeydpm: does this look sane to you? https://code.launchpad.net/~aacid/ubuntu-filemanager-app/addi18ntr/+merge/23593413:16
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dpmpopey, yes, approved13:17
mihirdpm: did you get time to look at the MR https://code.launchpad.net/~mihirsoni/ubuntu-calendar-app/rewriteGetRecurrenceString/+merge/23601313:18
t1mpkalikiana, zsombi any ideas what I can do about this? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/+bug/134577513:20
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1345775 in Ubuntu UI Toolkit "Adding PropertyChanges to PageHeadState overwrites previous PropertyChanges" [Medium,Confirmed]13:20
t1mpwhenever I add PropertyChanges to a PageHeadState (inherits from State), it no longer affects the properties of the page header13:21
dpmmihir, I have, left some inline comments13:21
mihirahh , dpm  was thinking to put saperate MR for plural , is it okay to make change in same MR ?13:23
mihirdpm: btw, thanks for detail review, i'll take care of all these things :)13:23
dpmmihir, whichever way you prefer it's fine. I'd generally put it into a separate one, but as it's such a small change, I thought we might just fix it there.13:24
mihirdpm: okay will do it and push the change, again thanks for doing detailed review :)13:24
dpmmihir, my pleasure, thanks for the contribution as usual ;)13:25
t1mpkalikiana, zsombi an option would be to deprecate PageHeadState so always the full state must be defined in the apps.. that's a bit of a hassle though13:25
mihirdpm: yeah, i am learning this , i just followed what was there in calendar , but now it is making more clear and follow the guidelines to make code more cleaner :)13:25
dpmmihir, also last night I tried to get the calendar running on the desktop (on utopic) for a quick test. I couldn't get it to start. Desktop is not the priority, but have you had any luck in getting the app running on a desktop?13:27
dpmI mean lately13:27
jdstranddholbach: hi!13:29
jdstranddholbach: so, does click-review work for you if you run it out of the branch?13:29
=== _salem is now known as salem_
jdstranddholbach: I'm seeing http://paste.ubuntu.com/8458347/13:29
dholbachjdstrand, http://paste.ubuntu.com/8458371/13:32
mihirdpm: i am on utopic and it works on desktop ?13:32
jdstranddholbach: actually, that was from with the bin/ directory. I get this in the toplevel dir of the branch: http://paste.ubuntu.com/8458373/13:32
mihirdpm: do you see any error console ?13:32
jdstranddholbach: do you have ./bin/clickreviews/modules.py ?13:32
jdstrandI do not13:33
dholbachhum, I do13:33
jdstrandwait a sec13:33
jdstrandno, I do, it is a symlink13:33
dpmmihir, not really, all I get is: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/8458389/ - but the app does not crash. It just fails to ever show the UI13:34
dholbachyep, same here - it's part of the branch:13:34
dholbachdaniel@daydream:~/bzr/click/click-reviewers-tools$ bzr inventory | grep bin/clickreviews13:34
mihirdpm: ahh , interesting it runs as expected , on my desktop.13:35
mihirdpm: it shows blank UI , or it never starts ?13:35
dpmmihir, it never starts13:35
zbenjaminmihir: it has to be related to that error: GLib-GIO-ERROR **: No GSettings schemas are installed on the system13:36
zbenjaminmihir: i cannot find any other cause13:36
dpmmzanetti, o/ - if you've got a minute, would you mind reviewing https://code.launchpad.net/~dpm/reminders-app/desktop-i18n/+merge/236244 ? It should be a relatively easy one to review13:36
mihirdpm: could you try installing all dependency from debian/control (Just a guess )13:37
mihirzbenjamin: do we need to install that in chroot?13:37
mihirzbenjamin: if yes , then what is package name ?13:37
zbenjaminmihir: it fails on the phone, not in the chroot13:37
mzanettidpm: ack13:37
zbenjaminmihir: did you change any dependencies lately?13:37
mihirzbenjamin: nope , afik13:38
zbenjaminmihir: probably something was dropped then13:38
mihirzbenjamin: Hmmm13:38
* mihir wonders what changed in dependency for calendar 13:39
zbenjaminmihir: strange the packages for the schemas are installed13:39
mihirzbenjamin: does it fails for you as well ?13:39
zbenjaminworks on desktop though13:40
mihirzbenjamin: hmmm :|13:40
mihirzbenjamin: yeah it works on desktop , fails on emulator13:40
zbenjaminmihir: bah, because of the confinement we can also not strace it13:41
mihirzbenjamin: I wonder, how does it works while doing manual push to using adb ? as nik90 doing it13:41
zbenjaminyes that i wonder as well, since that is doing the same its just automatic13:41
zbenjaminnik90: how did you install the click package in that case?13:42
mihirzbenjamin: i am logging off , commuting back to home will be online in next hour, let me know if you can find something13:45
zbenjaminmihir: sure13:46
james_whello, we are about to take part of the staging click store down for maintenance. You will be unable to upload/download click packages to staging for about 20 minutes.13:46
james_wapologies for any disruption13:46
jdstranddholbach: sigh, it is because I have an uncommitted new test file13:47
jdstrandthis is similar to that other bug I had13:48
jdstrandI'll see what I can do to make it clearer13:48
dholbachjdstrand, ok... let me take another look at it again - can you give me the test file?13:48
zsombit1mp: hmm... that's weird... why a PropertyChange woudl overrule teh previous declared ones?13:49
jdstranddholbach: http://paste.ubuntu.com/8458549/ (note, it isn't supposed to work, I would just expect click-review to make it clear what is failing)13:50
dholbachjdstrand, I'll take a look13:51
t1mpzsombi: I don't know. State does something weird it seems (it is not an Item with regular children)13:51
t1mpzsombi: it seems you cannot add to its children, only replace them13:51
zsombit1mp: lemme check...13:52
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dholbachjdstrand, hum... I added it as clickreviews/tests/test_cr_tests_real.py - but running click-review still works for me13:54
jdstranddholbach: it is clickreviews/cr_tests_real.py13:55
dholbachah no, now ... yes :)13:55
jdstrandbeuno: hi! is there a way I can see the actual file contents of http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~click-reviewers/click-reviewers-tools/trunk/view/head:/data/apparmor-easyprof-ubuntu.json with a predictable url?13:56
jdstrandbeuno: right now the tools are pointing at that, but that is html. I could use this: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~click-reviewers/click-reviewers-tools/trunk/download/head:/apparmoreasyprofubun-20140711222314-oeohtxzvf9a58fa6-1/apparmor-easyprof-ubuntu.json, but guessing that url is going to change any time there is an update13:57
jdstrandbeuno: I guess I need a some sort of a web form for that too14:00
dpmpopey, I'll be 2 mins14:01
nik90zbenjamin: calendar app trunk opens for me in the emulator.14:03
nik90zbenjamin: are you facing any issue?14:03
zbenjaminnik90: yeah it seems i get a stack overflow on the device, i tried with strace and the log file contains a gazillions calls to mprotect followed by: --- SIGSEGV {si_signo=SIGSEGV, si_code=SEGV_ACCERR, si_addr=0xb6f12004} ---14:03
nik90zbenjamin: hmm strange, it works for me and not you :P..I am testing this on trusty host with an emulator running rtm-devel-proposed14:04
dholbachjdstrand, let me know if https://code.launchpad.net/~dholbach/click-reviewers-tools/clearer-error-message/+merge/236343 works for you14:06
zbenjaminnik90: probably i should upgrade my image. It might be a device image problem14:11
james_wthe staging click store is back14:20
james_wbut we hit a problem and couldn't complete the work14:20
james_wso we'll be trying again later14:20
zsombit1mp: so, State theoretically appends whatever you add, and does not overwrite the previous changes. perhaps there're other problems there14:20
nik90zbenjamin: true I think so14:24
jdstranddholbach: that works well. thanks! (approved)14:27
dholbachgreat :)14:27
t1mpzsombi: weird14:30
zsombit1mp: what if you put the State in an internal type?14:31
zsombit1mp: or try to declare the PropertyChange under changes: []14:32
t1mpzsombi: uhm.. can you still add a PageHeadState to the list of states of an Item then?14:34
zsombit1mp: well, not like that... but, try to add the PropertyChanges not as child, but as changes: [ PropertyChange{} ]14:35
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dholbachbeuno, how often is the c-r-t branch updated on the server?15:27
zbenjaminnik90: still not working with the newest image ...15:36
mihir_zbenjamin: you got any success ?15:41
mihir_nik90: if you do manual push to emulator does that still works ?15:42
zbenjaminmihir_: no, but i was invetigating a bit more and it _seems_ to be a stack overflow. http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/8459458/15:42
mihir_zbenjamin: hmmm..15:43
mihir_zbenjamin: is there any workaround for this  ?15:44
zbenjaminmihir_: i have no idea atm. But it seems to be caused by calendar because other apps do work15:44
mihir_zbenjamin: ohhh , i'll try to investigate.hope that is not because of some CMake15:45
zbenjaminmihir_: i doubt it15:46
zbenjaminmihir_: most projects use cmake15:46
zbenjaminmihir_: i just flashed my phone, wiped and bootstrapped it lets see if that helped15:47
* mihir_ hopes to get it fixed 15:47
mihir_zbenjamin: when i see the logs, the click packages are building successfully , it also upload app succesfully to emulator15:48
nik90mihir_: did you try manually installing the click?15:48
mihir_nik90: not yet , i was figuring out to make this work if it helps15:49
nik90mihir_: it works for me :P...but doesn't for you and zbenjamin15:49
mihir_nik90: you mean from QTc ?15:49
mihir_nik90: ahhh , i have fresh install of utopic :|\15:51
zbenjaminnik90: i hate u right now ;)15:51
nik90zbenjamin: lol :D15:51
zbenjaminnik90: what phone image do you use?15:51
nik90zbenjamin: ubuntu-rtm devel-propose r63 (mako)15:52
zbenjaminnik90: ok i'm on devel-proposed r26115:53
zbenjaminmihir_: what about you? phone image?15:53
dholbachjdstrand, do you have an idea why https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/click-reviewers-tools/+bug/1375326 could happen? it happens to balloons_ but not for me15:53
mihir_zbenjamin: i am trying on emulator , and it is devel-proposed15:53
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1375326 in click-reviewers-tools (Ubuntu) "Reading apparmor policy json fails with ValueError: Expecting value: line 1 column 1 (char 0)" [Undecided,New]15:53
zbenjaminnik90: oh btw how do you like the new dialog that asks you if you want to override a existing app?15:54
dholbachjdstrand, could it be that he has a broken apparmor policy file?15:54
zbenjaminmihir_: oh so we have a pattern here, devel-proposed seems to have a problem with calendar15:54
nik90zbenjamin: erm I didnt get that...let me try again15:54
nik90zbenjamin: I did wonder though after looking at your MP15:54
zbenjaminnik90: yeah i was requested to do that, so now you can choose to just override the app if its installed15:55
zbenjaminnik90: and in the run settings you can set a switch so its not uninstalled15:55
nik90zbenjamin: awesome!15:55
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zbenjaminnik90: so you use that channel right? ubuntu-touch/ubuntu-rtm/14.09-proposed15:57
nik90zbenjamin: yes15:57
dpmhi fginther, if you've got a minute, could you give me a hand with bug 1324823 and help me figure out how the click package for sudoku is built behind the scenes in Jenkins? It seems the path where translations are installed needs to be changed by hand16:33
ubot5bug 1324823 in Sudoku App "Translations are not loaded on a device" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/132482316:33
zbenjaminmihir: ok i can confirm that the current rtm devel-proposed image works16:33
zbenjaminmihir: so its a problem with the current devel-proposed image16:34
zbenjaminmihir: probably they dropped something that is required for calendar-app to work16:34
zbenjaminmihir: only thing you can do is to go over your dependencies and check if they are on the phone16:34
fgintherdpm, sudoku is still using the old click-build.py method: http://paste.ubuntu.com/8459820/16:37
fgintherdpm, this should actually be retired16:37
dpmfginther, thanks. Other than migrating the app to cmake, what's required to retire this and use the current infrastructure in Jenkins instead?16:39
fgintherdpm, I'll need to modify the job that builds the clicks, but that can be done as soon as the changes are ready16:42
dpmcool, thanks fginther!16:42
mihir_zbenjamin: okay great16:43
mihir_i need to create flash emulator with rtm-proposed16:43
mihir_zbenjamin: that's the correct channel right ?16:43
zbenjaminmihir: i think so16:44
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dpmpopey, is bug 1326918 fixed? And if so, would you mind updating the status?16:56
ubot5bug 1326918 in Ubuntu Weather App "API key for geonames.org" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/132691816:56
popeydpm: I'll check.17:01
balloons_nik90, happy monday to you. How is the qml test writing doc?17:08
dpmthanks popey17:09
nik90balloons_: hi, sry I haven't made progress on it. I have been clearing my backlog which started of with a blog post about lxc and work flows.17:09
dpmnik90, is bug 1350891 something that needs to be fixed in the clock app, or somewhere else in the platform?17:09
nik90balloons_: its on my next todo item17:09
ubot5bug 1350891 in Ubuntu UX "[Dash] [design] Suru Background should scroll" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/135089117:09
nik90dpm: it needs to be handled by the respective projects individually. So for the clock app, I have been given assets to fix that in the clock app.17:10
nik90dpm: the assets doesnt seem to work, so I am trying to contact the visual designers about them.17:10
justcarakasin the explanation on the site about pagestack is this line: pageStack.push(Qt.resolvedUrl("MyCustomPage.qml")) can someone explain what it does ? I think it loads a new page from a file, but doe you need to have everything there aswel or will it just contain a Page element and show that ?17:10
DanChapmanballoons_: hey there :-) so I just tried your suggestion and it's now saying both -dev & -dev-tools are unmet :-/17:11
balloons_nik90, no worries, just wanted to touchbase. Since qml tests can be run in jenkins now (awesome work :-) ) I'd like to share the love17:11
balloons_DanChapman, howdy sir17:11
dpmthanks nik9017:11
nik90balloons_: true, the qml tests are freaking awesome :)17:13
mihirhey balloons17:20
mihirballoons whenever you get time could you push Mr which is lying on machine :d17:21
zygawhen I'm deploying my app from utopic I get this backtrace: http://paste.ubuntu.com/8460130/17:29
zygaSDK bug?17:29
balloons_mihir, yes, I plan to look at it in just a moment :-)17:31
mihirballoons_ no issues,  just poked you to put it in your today's radar17:33
balloons_mihir, yep, please do, I appreciate it :-)17:38
dakerzyga: pastebin your apparmor file17:56
zygadaker: I don't know where it is, my manifest.json perhaps?18:06
zygadaker: ?18:34
dakerzyga: yes18:35
zygadaker: where can I get the apparmor file from?18:35
dakerzyga: your manifest file18:38
dakerzyga: pastebin checkbox-touch.json18:40
dakerzyga: are your using utf8 ?18:42
zygadaker: well, yes18:43
zygadaker: I cannot see anything anywhere that wouldn't be UTF-818:43
zygadaker: though that exception is a clear SDK bug18:43
zygadaker: as open(fn, 'r').read() will open the file in ASCII mode18:44
zygadaker: as encoding is not specified18:44
zygadaker: and it's not infered from locale18:44
zygadaker: (it must always be specified explicitly)18:44
dakerzyga: I think you are right but the bug should against click review tools18:46
zygadaker: what's the lp project name?18:46
dakerzyga: https://launchpad.net/click-reviewers-tools18:48
ahoneybunhey vitimiti18:54
ahoneybunnope popey still the same errors19:17
popeyahoneybun: what version of click-reviewers-tools do you have installed?19:18
ahoneybunhow do I check?19:18
ahoneybunI tried --version19:18
popeyapt-cache policy click-reviewers-tools19:18
popeysame here.19:19
* popey tests19:19
popeyit barfs here too19:20
popeyjdstrand: http://paste.ubuntu.com/8460856/19:20
ahoneybunpopey, dechi in #ubuntu-touch has this http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/8460852/'19:20
jdstrandwhy are people hitting this all of a sudden?19:21
popeyno idea19:21
jdstrandpopey: if you update your tree, it will be fixed19:21
jdstranddholbach signed off. I'll get this fix uploaded19:22
popeyI'm using c-r-t from the archive19:22
* jdstrand nods19:22
jdstrand(hence me getting it uploaded)19:22
* popey hugs jdstrand 19:23
ahoneybunpopey, side note I am going to be at libreplanet 2015 and wanted to know if anyone from ubuntu wanted to get a booth there maybe?19:24
popeyis that in boston?19:27
popeyI would be willing to bet money they wouldn't want us there ☻19:27
ahoneybunyea I just wanted to check :)19:28
ahoneybunI was going to take a pack of pens from mhall119 but I forgot too19:29
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dpmjdstrand, when you've got a minute, do you think you could have a look at bug 1357211 too?19:36
ubot5bug 1357211 in Canonical Click Reviewers tools "Validation errors when adding an Online Account to a click package" [Undecided,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/135721119:37
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bfillerpopey: you around? does jenkins make the click package available from an MR for Calendar? https://code.launchpad.net/~renatofilho/ubuntu-calendar-app/fix-1373566/+merge/23603820:44
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popeybfiller: i am20:50
popeybfiller: yeah, it does.. once the thing passes, which that didn't. let me re-trigger20:51
popeyah it's already building at
mivoligo1mzanetti: ping21:09
popeybfiller: http://s-jenkins.ubuntu-ci:8080/job/calendar-app-click/lastSuccessfulBuild/artifact/out/com.ubuntu.calendar_0.4.476_all.click21:12
Akiva-Thinkpadhey all21:20
Akiva-Thinkpadpopey, ping on Filemanager app- the fellow never got back to me on the patch to move the bottom bar to the header. Should I go ahead with it? The only reason I ask is because I know you have been slightly busy with redesign21:26
popeyhave you got a mock up of the new design?21:27
Akiva-Thinkpadpopey, Sort of; basically it is very simple; save all the space in the header for the directory.21:27
Akiva-Thinkpadthe feature to this is that it will remember child directories you last visited21:27
Akiva-Thinkpadand it will always display one parent directory.21:27
popeyscreenshots would be great if you have them?21:28
Akiva-Thinkpadpopey, sure, give me 1021:28
Akiva-Thinkpadpopey, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-filemanager-app/+bug/1373346/comments/1 -- Bottom of the post details it actually fairly good21:30
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1373346 in Ubuntu File Manager App "Filemanager should use top header instead of bottom toolbar" [Undecided,New]21:30
* popey looks21:31
popeyAkiva-Thinkpad: be good to see a mockup like I did for the terminal, or screenshots of phone/tablet/phone21:35
popeythis is quite an invasive change21:35
Akiva-Thinkpadpopey, yah sure.21:36
Akiva-ThinkpadPutting buttons at the top does not bother me, however I would like to give as much space as possible to the file directory.21:36
Akiva-Thinkpadand of course; i'll do whatever the design team wants. this was just my two cents.21:36
popeyAkiva-Thinkpad: you wont get input from the design team, they're madly busy right now.21:46
Akiva-Thinkpadpopey, oh no problem21:46
Akiva-Thinkpadonly question for me; is do you need me working on this, or is this me spinning my tires? I want to help with RTM; Anything beyond that can wait until after.21:47
popeyAkiva-Thinkpad: there's plenty of things to do. The Music app devs could do with some help implementing new designs if you're interested?21:53
Akiva-Thinkpadpopey, Anything else? The music app hasnt been working for me in qmlscene.21:54
* Akiva-Thinkpad tries again though21:54
popeyworks here21:54
popey14.04 or 14.1021:54
Akiva-Thinkpadah I think i'm missing a lib21:54
Akiva-Thinkpadanyways i'll show you a mockup, then go on to the music app21:55
popeyok, I need my sleep now...21:55
popeylets catch up tomorrow.21:55
Akiva-Thinkpadnighty night21:55
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ahoneybunjdstrand, is the fixed uploaded yet?22:45
bfillerpopey: awesome, thanks22:54
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* ahoneybun got a 3G icon to show up23:11
Akiva-Thinkpadahoneybun, congratulations.23:11
ahoneybunAkiva-Thinkpad, not yet23:11
ahoneybunI still have not loaded a site23:11
ahoneybunI rebooted23:11
ahoneybunso lets see23:11
ahoneybunit keeps the settings at least23:15
Akiva-Thinkpadtoo bad23:15
ahoneybunI added port= 808023:15
ahoneybunandroid needs that setting23:16
ahoneybunstill nothing23:17
* Akiva-Thinkpad wants some pringles23:17
ahoneybunI wrote a whole lot of extra stuff trying to get it to work23:20
Akiva-Thinkpadhmmmmm /me thinks he is going to copy the calendar app... to achieve something23:23
ahoneybunI would really be impressed if you can use a calendar app to hack someones wifi23:26
ahoneybunI has data!23:27
ahoneybunI changed ipv6 to ip23:29
* ahoneybun feels stupid23:32
ahayzenahoneybun, at least you have data now :)23:32

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