veebersthomi: you have a moment?02:00
thomiwhat's up?02:00
veebersthomi: Do you agree that this test does what we described the other day (WRT the datetime + tz tests)? http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~veebers/autopilot/adding_timezone_timestamp_tests/revision/51402:01
veebersthomi: this is against trunk and passes, it fails when used on the datetime changes of balloons (that I'm taking over)02:02
thomiveebers: no, that's not right02:03
thomiI don't think02:03
veebersthomi: my thought process:02:03
veebersgiven a known timestamp, create a qml datetime object and compare what we get back down the line against a locally created datetime w/ the same timestamp02:04
thomiveebers: ok, a few things.02:04
thomifirst, I'm not convinced that setting 'TZ' does what you expect - maybe it does, but I'd like to see a test proving that first.02:05
thomiSecond, that's not how users will ever compare the times in their autopilot tests, so it's not a great representation of what we're trying to fix02:05
thomiThird, this doesn't mention times outside the 32 biut boundary - shoul dit?02:05
thomi*should it02:05
thomithat's all I have right now :D02:05
veebersthomi: Right, I did some manual testing for the TZ part (but nothing seen here) and it does what I expect. 2nd good point re: user comparison. 3rd No doesn't test outside the 32bit yet, but is intended to prove the correctness of the DateTime types (and thus soon to prove the >32bit datetime stuff)02:07
veebersI'll update it now02:07
veebersthanks thomi :-)02:07
thomihmm, yes02:08
thomiI think also we need to do some manual testing before we try and land this02:08
thomiget balloons to try it02:08
thomiand maybe others in different timezones02:08
veebersthomi: yeah sounds good.02:12
veebersthomi: if you have a moment, are these changes a step in the right direction (ignoring pt3 of yours at this stage); http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~veebers/autopilot/adding_timezone_timestamp_tests/revision/51503:20
thomiveebers: that looks to me like you're testing the incorrect behavior03:23
thomiveebers: if the qml property says:03:23
thomiproperty date testingTime: new Date('2014-01-15 12:34:52');03:24
thomithen in autopilot I should be able to do:03:24
thomidate_object.day == 1503:24
thomidate_object.hour == 1203:24
thomitht should *never* change03:24
veebersthomi: hmm, good point, will check that out03:24
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