ogra_hmm, no psivaa07:55
brendandogra_, sil2100 - was there a bug raised for the welcome screen stats?08:02
ogra_bug 137455308:02
ubot5bug 1374553 in livecd-rootfs (Ubuntu RTM) "In image rtm 69 infographics stopped functioning" [Critical,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/137455308:02
sil2100ogra_: it's fixed now, right? With the outlined fix?08:12
brendandogra_, do you know which package broke it?08:14
brendandogra_, i know it landed in #60 but i couldn't see anything obvious08:14
ogra_brendand, see the bug :P08:16
ogra_brendand, the switch to a hardcoded password DB gives us non-changing UIDs ... but it also prevents package postinst scripts from creating users ... and thus theor home dirs08:16
brendandogra_, it broke in this image: http://people.canonical.com/~ogra/touch-image-stats/rtm/60.changes08:17
ogra_sil2100, right, should be fixed since saturday in all images08:17
brendandogra_, i'm not sure which source package livecd-rootfs is in08:17
ogra_brendand, sure ... it broke when the buold system was changed08:18
brendandogra_, ah ok08:18
ogra_livecd-rootfs is the source package :)08:18
brendandogra_, so nothing that landed08:18
sil2100ogra_: it's not any package from the image :)08:18
sil2100ogra_: \o/08:18
sil2100brendand: how many hands do we have today from QA?08:18
sil2100Is it only you?08:18
ogra_psivaa, yo !08:18
sil2100(in this TZ)08:18
psivaaogra_: hello08:18
brendandsil2100, for what purpose? for silo testing we have 2 others08:18
sil2100brendand: since this was the primary RTM blocker, it would be nice to have someone doing promotion dogfooding of the latest RTM image on krillin08:19
ogra_psivaa, you might see that all app test fail ... https://code.launchpad.net/~ogra/phablet-tools/phablet-test-run-fix-broken-shell/+merge/236252 and silo 002 (ubuntu) have the fix for that08:19
ogra_psivaa, i would be very grateful if you could try a run with this08:20
psivaaogra_: ack, thanks for the info. i'll try and see if I can run that08:21
brendandsil2100, hmm ok08:21
ogra_psivaa, i think pauls concerns on the MP are moot, but i would like that proven first :)08:23
sil2100brendand: would you be able to do that?08:23
ogra_brendand, btw, i did a lot of AP testing on the weekend ... and i saw a lot black squares where icons should be doing that ...08:24
ogra_specifically header icons seemed to be missing08:25
ogra_sil2100, so what happened about that unity8-fake-env addition ? i dont see it dropped anywhere yet08:26
brendandogra_, did you check again if it happens manually?08:27
ogra_brendand, "manually" ?08:28
brendandogra_, outside of autopilot i mean08:28
ogra_i ran the tests manually with phablet-test-run08:28
ogra_well, the apps seems fine when i use them if you mean that08:28
brendandogra_, yeah that's what i mean08:28
sil2100ogra_: yeah, didn't seem to get resolved yet, we need to pick it up today as well08:28
ogra_brendand, hmpf ... that didnt strike me yet :P08:29
ogra_must be AP or the environment ... (and with my luck its the latter :( ... )08:29
psivaaogra_: http://dev-jenkins.ubuntu-ci:8080/job/utopic-touch_stable-krillin-smoke-daily/251/console is running with that patch08:32
* ogra_ hugs psivaa 08:32
sil2100ogra_: piing08:32
ogra_sil2100, no harps !!!!08:33
=== seb128_ is now known as seb128
brendandpopey, https://docs.google.com/a/canonical.com/spreadsheets/d/1Mw46QHRVqmaf_NSL2L-jNcEYNlQzbcsJyaXvhjSgSSY/edit?usp=sharing08:53
ogra_psivaa, i see a lot of "OK" scrolling by :)08:54
brendandpopey, ubuntu-touch/ubuntu-rtm/14.09-proposed08:55
brendandpopey, should be #7208:55
brendandpopey, or er, something different on mako08:55
psivaaogra_: yea :). will make a note and approve your MP08:55
ogra_i'll try to catch sergiusens or ricmm for top approval then08:56
ogra_so we can land this quickly08:56
sil2100brendand: no no, we want popey to test utopic09:00
sil2100brendand: you test 14.09 on krillin, I want popey to test utopic on mako, to see if we can promote for the devel channels as well09:00
popeygimmie a channel and an image number and I will ☻09:01
sil2100popey: ubuntu-touch/devel-proposed and image number 261 !09:02
brendandpopey, sorry - you're right09:03
brendandagghh, what's wrong with me this morning :/09:03
brendandsil2100, sorry - *you're right* :)09:03
ogra_you could indeed try #72 from ubuntu-touch/devel-proposed :)09:03
ogra_might come along a little old fashioned though09:04
sil2100Damn, I even checked my last 'we promoted an image!' e-mail and everything I wrote there is EXPLICIT about what we promoted to where09:04
sil2100I cannot be more explicit, as I was mentioning the series and the channel name all the time, not using even once the term 'RTM image'09:05
popeybrendand: also, need a spreadsheet09:08
brendandpopey, gave you a link, and made you a new tab09:08
popeyso you did!09:09
* popey hugs brendand 09:09
popeysorry, bit slow this morning. spent the weekend at a conference09:09
ogra_ricmm, are you around ?09:28
ogra_ricmm, i could need a top approval of https://code.launchpad.net/~ogra/phablet-tools/phablet-test-run-fix-broken-shell/+merge/23625209:28
ricmmogra_: done09:36
ogra_gracias !09:49
* ogra_ wonders if someone would be interested in such a phablet-shell feature: http://paste.ubuntu.com/8454250/ 10:17
ogra_(being able to run "phablet-shell <commmand>" and phablet-shell "sudo <command>")10:18
ogra_(the latter only interactively though)10:18
ogra_bzoltan, i'm, landing a change that makes phablet-test-run requite a password for "-p (package)" operations, i think you use that in your script ... please add "-r <password>" to these calls10:32
bzoltanogra_:  thank you10:32
ogra_zbenjamin, ^^^ does the SDK use phablet-test-run anywhere ?10:37
zbenjaminogra_: not that i know of10:37
ogra_thanks !10:47
ogra_psivaa, new phablet-tools should be in the PPA ... would likely make sense to have it upgraded and re-run todays tests11:03
popeyogra_: would you expect "adb devices" to work on #261 mako ? I see no devices listed with developer mode on.11:04
ogra_i would, yes11:05
ogra_try toggling it on/off in the UI and see11:05
ogra_popey, note that adbd nowadays starts after lightdm ... (since we need the dbus and upstart environemnt variables set before starting it)11:06
psivaaogra_: not yet there i suppose in the ppa, (Candidate: 1.1+14.10.20140923-0ubuntu1) will try in a bit11:07
ogra_ah, most likely one more publisher run needed then11:08
ogra_psivaa, argh ... seems it is sitting in uapproved in utopic ... so it isnt even up to date there11:11
psivaaogra_: ack, will wait for it then.11:12
sil2100brendand: hey, how's the dogfooding going?11:16
brendandsil2100, might have hit a snag11:17
brendandsil2100, the camera totally locked up11:17
sil2100Oh noes11:17
sil2100Any specific steps to reproduce? Is it reproducible?11:17
ogra_cameras are overrated ... lets ship a drawing program as fallback and promote ;)11:17
ogra_ah, wait, that would also need an image rebuild ...11:17
sil2100Let's put GIMP on the images!11:18
brendandsil2100, looks like rebooting helped11:18
sil2100It has a touch-friendly interface11:18
brendandogra_, you know what's definitely overrated?11:18
brendandogra_, infographics :P11:18
ogra_well, they work, dont they ?11:18
ogra_(or is there still anything missing)11:18
nik90brendand, sil2100: I have had that issue while dogfooding the latest rtm devel-proposed images that sometimes opening the camera app locks up everything...and I am forced to reboot the phone. I did not try to restart unity8, but the problem is there.11:28
nik90brendand, sil2100: this was during this weekend11:28
nik90on mako11:28
brendandnik90, yeah - but i have seen this in the past too, so not sure if it's new11:29
ahayzennik90, i had that as well .. saw some crash logs related to camera/location service around the time...but since i've cleared my crash logs and restarted a few times it appears to be working11:30
nik90ahayzen: when I reboot the phone (when camera locked up) and then relaunch camera it asks for location permission and then works as expected.11:31
nik90ahayzen: so yeah it could be related to the location service trust prompt'11:31
ahayzennik90, yeah thats what mine did the next time IIRC...and since then it has been 'ok'11:31
pstolowskiMirv, hey, could you please help me understand the state of row #52? (i'm unclear what the comment means in practice, and what to do next)11:34
popeyogra_: i get no adb on #261 at all, enabled dev mode and rebooted, and waited11:34
popeyogra_: mtp works, so not a broken cable/port11:35
sil2100nik90: did you see something similar previously?11:35
sil2100I saw people reporting it already in the past, so I would assume it was with the last 14.09 promoted image already11:35
nik90sil2100: not sure see I only started dogfooding this weekend...but I noticed it 2-3 images back.11:36
popeybrendand: i cant play videos on 261, but i can't adb in to figure out why11:38
Mirvpstolowski: I think that ended up needing consultation from sil2100 on how to proceed in the best way. sil2100: so if we'd like to rebuild that from sources for rtm, what would be the best way? one possible would be to remove the current package in the PPA and then sync with rebuild forced.11:42
Mirvie. the case where binary copy has already been done, but then it's noticed a build from source would be wanted instead11:42
sil2100Mirv, pstolowski: why a source rebuild is needed for that RTM silo? What's the problem there?11:42
Mirvsil2100: I think it was dependency problem because of other packages having the ~rtm version string11:43
Mirvand the utopic version depending on >= without ~11:43
sil2100Ah, ok, which packages versions are missing?11:43
sil2100The best way here is to simply add the packages that cannot be resolved to this sync and release them along with the rest of the silo, so that the ~rtm versions vanish11:44
Mirvsil2100: http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2014/09/26/%23ubuntu-ci-eng.html#t13:1311:44
sil2100Mirv: thanks!11:45
Mirvso, unity-scopes-api11:45
pstolowskisil2100, Mirv i haven't been following that landing, trying to catch up today as pete is on paternity leave11:45
sil2100Ok, let's try adding that to the sync11:45
Mirvok, so the plan is to get rid of ~rtm version strings while encountered11:45
Mirvsil2100: thanks!11:45
sil2100Since the ~rtm versions and the utopic *should* be practically the same by principle, testing of that component can be slightly neglated11:46
sil2100So it shouldn't introduce additional overhead :)11:46
sil2100And this way we'll clean out the archive state as well11:46
sil2100Mirv: yeah, I mean, they're ok when not causing trouble, but if they do the best way is to get rid of them11:46
sil2100Since we want to remove the need of source copies11:47
sil2100pstolowski: ok, unity-scopes-api is copying to the PPA - could you later check if the silo installs properly there?11:51
pstolowskisil2100, will do, thanks11:53
sil2100mzanetti: hey!12:03
mzanettihi sil210012:04
sil2100mzanetti: in some of the recent images last week we noticed something disturbing - it seems something in our images started pulling in unity8-fake-env12:04
mzanettisil2100: will investigate12:05
sil2100Most probably unity8-common pulls it in for unknown reasons?12:05
sil2100It's in ubuntu-rtm for sure, not sure about ubuntu12:05
mzanettiyeah... I'll sort it out. thanks for letting me know12:05
sil2100mzanetti: so, maybe there are some problems with resolving unity-application-impl now? I see the last upload bumped it to unity-application-impl-312:08
mzanettishould be 412:08
mzanettisoon will be 512:08
mzanettibut yeah, seems like its that12:08
mzanettisil2100: ok... yeah, will fix12:09
sil2100mzanetti: thanks!12:10
sil2100popey: hey! How's the mako utopic dogfooding so far?12:11
popeysil2100: done. see spreadsheet12:11
popeysil2100: two issues. 1) can't play video, 2) can't adb in12:11
ogra_popey, OTAing my mako ...12:11
popeyi can play video in browser, but cannot launch from the video scope12:12
popeyogra_: fwiw this was a clean / wipe install12:12
ogra_yeah, but i dont think that matters12:12
popeyjust data for you ☻12:14
ogra_popey, hmm, works fine here12:14
ogra_popey, cna you check if adbd is running from the terminal-app12:15
ogra_and also if "android-gadget-service status adb" reportis it running12:15
popeyit isnt12:15
popey"adb disabled"12:16
ogra_but the UI shows it enabled ?12:16
ogra_thats weird, i had fixed that12:16
* ogra_ notes that Laney seems ot have changed his developer mode code on top though ... 12:17
ogra_i wonder if that landed yet12:17
* ogra_ checks12:17
popeywell this is odd12:17
popeyit says developer mode disabled12:17
popeybut I _did_ enable it!12:17
ogra_did you change the password after you enabled it ?12:18
ogra_(that will disable it again)12:18
popeyset password in wizard12:18
ogra_hmm, yeah, Laney's changes landed on wed it seems ... so i would expect to heard earlier of issues if it would have caused any12:19
popeywonder why it disabled it12:20
ogra_me too12:20
popeymaybe i swiped across from right to switch apps and that got caught by the switch12:21
popeyand turned it off12:21
ogra_does it work now after you enabled it ?12:21
ogra_psivaa, i just got the updated phablet-tools from the trusty PPA ... seems ot be there now12:22
psivaaogra_: ack, will update12:26
sil2100popey: can you try getting the video problem confirmed by someone?12:27
popeyogra_: ^^ can you laucnh videos from the video scope?12:29
popey(local ones)12:29
ogra_let me copy one12:29
ogra_popey, nope, doesnt start12:31
ogra_popey, fyi, works fine on krillin RTM 7212:35
ogra_(phew, so it isnt my dbus changes like jhodapp claimed on friday :P )12:35
popeysil2100: ^^12:45
sil2100popey: thanks!13:01
sil2100So, it seems no promotion for utopic until that's fixed13:01
Mirvpsivaa: I'm kicking rtm 004 a bit for you, as the utopic already landed13:05
Mirvunping psivaa13:06
Mirvpstolowski not here, doh13:06
psivaaMirv: ack :)13:06
psivaaogra_: plars: http://dev-jenkins.ubuntu-ci:8080/job/utopic-touch_stable-krillin-smoke-daily/ is running the tests with the new phablet-tools13:09
psivaai;m going to pop out for  a brief lunch.13:09
ogra_psivaa, awesome, thanks !13:09
* ogra_ hopes this was really everything now 13:10
plarsogra_: sorry, didn't notice that the -r in that MP was only relevant if you were also calling -p13:10
ogra_plars, yeah ... np13:10
plarsogra_: as usual, you've thought of everything already :)13:10
ogra_heh, as usual i'm sure new issues will pop up :)13:11
ogra_(which i *didnt* think of indeed)13:11
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cjwatsonsil2100: Can I have a silo for 73 (click)?  I'd like it binary-synced to RTM too.14:14
sil2100cjwatson: ACK!14:14
pstolowskiMirv, sil2100 following our earlier conversation, when can i retry silo-18 (row #52)?14:20
sil2100pstolowski: hey! You can try it almost instantly, as it's a binary copy so the packages should be available instantly ;) Sorry for not mentioning that14:27
pstolowskisil2100, ah, thanks!14:27
Mirvpstolowski: it looks ok now. I also fixed/prepared rtm-004 for you.14:27
pstolowskiMirv, sil2100 thanks!14:27
sil2100brendand: hey!14:33
sil2100brendand: so, any final verdict on the RTM image?14:33
ogra_it is shiny :)14:33
brendandsil2100, i wanted to reserve judgement until the landing meeting14:33
om26erretoaded, do you know whats wrong with this build http://ci.ubuntu.com/smokeng/utopic/touch/mako/261:20140929:20140923.1/10738/ ?14:47
om26erlooks like most of the tests didn;t run14:47
retoadedom26er, I'll take a look14:47
retoadedom26er, It might be related to the move of the devices to a new host, I will need to check with plars14:50
om26erretoaded, thanks14:50
ogra_om26er, fixes are in14:50
ogra_om26er, see my mail to phablet@14:50
plarsom26er: there was some fix in phablet-tools that I think just got updated for us a bit ago this morning14:51
plarsyeah, that^ :)14:51
plarsI wasn't on the morning call so I don't have all the juicy details14:51
ogra_there was a "sudo -u phablet -i /bin/sh -c" wrapped around everything14:52
ogra_in the now properly functioning dev mode this does exactly what you tell it (unlike before) and drops the complete environment to whatever /bin/sh has by default14:52
ogra_(so you lose connection to dbus and upstart ...)14:53
=== plars changed the topic of #ubuntu-ci-eng to: Need a silo? Ping train support: trainguards | Need other help? Ping vanguard: plars | Train Dashboard: http://bit.ly/1mDv1FS | QA Signoffs: http://bit.ly/1qMAKYd | Known Issues: queuebot has gone crazy, temporarily disabled
sil2100mzanetti: hey, so you found the final reason why we pulled in -fake-env in the end?15:13
mzanettisil2100: no, not yet. testing silo 6 now hoping it disappeard (as we bumped those dependencies once again)15:14
sil2100mzanetti: ACK15:14
brendandmzanetti, which silo is splash screen stuff meant to be in?15:18
mzanettibrendand: rtm/1915:19
mzanettibrendand: not sure though why it says "can't build" now...15:20
mzanettiI tested this on friday15:20
brendandmzanetti, yes i was about to say - it's not in our queue15:20
mzanettibrendand: a bit puzzled now. do you know what to do with this?15:22
ogra_sil2100, ^^15:24
=== Guest13468 is now known as balloons_
mzanettiI can't rebuild it because the qtmir package would get a new version and so the qtmir-gles package would need to be changed. but then this is rtm and not real branches attached afaiu15:26
mzanettibrendand: but afaics we could just test it and merge it... the packages in there are still valid I think15:26
mzanettibrendand: did I miss something to push it to your queue?15:27
brendandmzanetti, you didn't, but until citrain confirms that it needs QA signoff, it won't go to the queue15:28
brendandmzanetti, so sil2100 might be able to help you fix that15:28
sil2100mzanetti: let me take a look15:29
sil2100mzanetti: ok, so it seems it didn't sync up the qtubuntu-gles package15:31
mzanettidoes that have one too15:31
mzanettigotta jump to a meeting... back in a bit15:31
sil2100mzanetti: ok, let me sync up that one then15:32
sil2100mzanetti: ok, qtubuntu-gles syncing up15:37
brendandcjwatson, can you respond to balloons_ in https://code.launchpad.net/~nskaggs/phablet-tools/fix-1371241/+merge/23521315:43
brendandcjwatson, i think that issue is causing ci a lot of pain recently15:43
=== gatox is now known as gatox_lunch
sil2100brendand: hey! Meeting!16:02
cjwatsonbrendand: commented16:12
plarsfginther: mterry: I'm thinking we should probably merge that patch for unlock. It's really hard to test without bypassing a lot of things, and we don't have a reliable way to reproduce. fginther were you ever able to try anything with it?16:13
mterryplars, I filed an MP for it16:13
plarsmterry: oh awesome16:13
brendandcjwatson, i *think* you approve?16:14
cjwatsonbrendand: no, the second half makes sense now but I remain unconvinced by the first half16:14
cjwatsonsee the bit where I say "*not*"16:14
brendandcjwatson, so why do we care about a package already in the image?16:15
cjwatsonthat's the question I asked16:15
brendandcjwatson, we want to get the tarball of autopilot tests which match that version16:15
cjwatsonbrendand: That makes sense for get_source_package_tests.  What about get_python_binary_package?16:16
cjwatsonThere are two quite different functions being changed here.16:16
cjwatsonget_python_binary_package does not nominate a specific version, so there is clearly no version-matching going on.16:16
cjwatsonIt looks to me as though get_python_binary_package just wants basically the latest published thing that apt would give you.  If that's correct then removing these restrictions is wrong.16:17
fgintherplars, mterry, I hacked together a test case to use the updated version of the unlock logic. It worked in my very limited testing (on mako-04 I saw it retry the unlock multiple times and it worked on another device).16:18
brendandcjwatson, i wasn't expecting get_python_binary_package to be changed so i overlooked that16:19
cjwatson(Because it's possible for a newer version to be removed and then deleted; or for a version to be in -proposed that hasn't yet made it to the release pocket because it fails autopkgtests or something; or ...)16:19
brendandcjwatson, perhaps balloons_ can comment on that16:19
cjwatsonI'll copy and paste this into the MP to clarify16:19
ogra_given that our image is always built from existing packages i dont think you need to worry about -proposed (since the version is handed over, no ?)16:21
balloons_cjwatson, you are correct. get_python_binary_package needs the latest version as apt would give16:23
cjwatsonogra_: we certainly do for --depends16:23
ogra_oh, ok, didnt think of that16:24
cjwatsonSpecifically phablet-click-test-setup --depends foo should surely not take a version of foo from -proposed16:24
cjwatsonOr a deleted one16:24
cjwatson(In the former case, perhaps unless you specifically ask for it)16:24
balloons_cjwatson, I'll remove the change from get_python_binary_package.16:24
cjwatsonCool, thanks16:24
cjwatsonballoons_: I can imagine cases where you do want -proposed (though it would still need to be Published or maybe Pending), so a new switch might be appropriate16:25
cjwatson(I don't know this script well enough to pronounce on that)16:26
balloons_cjwatson, yea, the --depends is kind of a hack really as phablet-tools is not really reading depends from the manifest or trying to match a version16:29
balloons_cjwatson, so I think just pulling what's in apt should be anough. If for some reason you need --proposed, you can handle that manually16:29
cjwatsonballoons_: *nod*16:30
popeysil2100: brendand https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity8/+bug/137534916:31
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1375349 in unity8 (Ubuntu) "Can't launch videos on mako utopic #261" [Undecided,New]16:31
cjwatsonballoons_: (would approve but merge conflict)16:31
balloons_cjwatson, yea, I repulled and made the change against trunk, one sec16:31
balloons_cjwatson, new mp: https://code.launchpad.net/~nskaggs/phablet-tools/fix-1371241-try2/+merge/23638516:32
cjwatsonballoons_: *blink*, in general you don't need a new MP16:33
cjwatsonjust push over the top of the previous branch16:34
cjwatsonbut well, too late :)16:34
balloons_cjwatson, yea, that branch go diverged and I commited to it before pulling and merge from trunk.. perhaps I could have salvaged it16:35
balloons_for a 1 line change, I didn't try ;-)16:35
ogra_balloons_, sorry, did i land it pre-maturely ? the MP was signed off and tested16:37
* ogra_ assumes that was https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/utopic/+source/phablet-tools/1.1+14.10.20140918-0ubuntu116:38
balloons_ogra_, we were speaking about: https://code.launchpad.net/~nskaggs/phablet-tools/fix-1371241-try2/+merge/23638516:39
ogra_oh, ok16:39
balloons_the original mp got conflicted because phablet-tool changes landed; yes I believe it was your changes, but :-)16:39
ogra_well,  phablet-click-test-setup only had one change from you that i pulled in16:39
ogra_(because it was sitting for so long already and was tested and approved)16:40
ogra_balloons_, that was https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Testing in case you didnt catch it in the hangout16:46
balloons_ogra_, ack ty16:47
brendandsil2100, the issue with dialer-app is that the call button is disabled16:50
sil2100Uh, why?16:50
brendandsil2100, but this isn't the case outside the AP tests16:51
=== gatox_lunch is now known as gatox
brendandsil2100, could be to do with ofono-phonesim16:51
sil2100Ah, ok, so no possible issues from the user side16:51
brendandsil2100, i need to go for a bit, but i'll raise a bug about it later16:51
sil2100ogra_: can you promote #72 and all the related ones? :)16:51
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ogra_sil2100, will do (breakfas^Wdinner now)17:03
=== retoaded changed the topic of #ubuntu-ci-eng to: Need a silo? Ping train support: trainguards | Need other help? Ping vanguard: retoaded | Train Dashboard: http://bit.ly/1mDv1FS | QA Signoffs: http://bit.ly/1qMAKYd | Known Issues: queuebot has gone crazy, temporarily disabled
Ursinharobru: I think we can remove the queuebot issue from topic, unless it's crazy again17:10
robruUrsinha: oh right17:12
=== robru changed the topic of #ubuntu-ci-eng to: Need a silo? Ping train support: trainguards | Need other help? Ping vanguard: retoaded | Train Dashboard: http://bit.ly/1mDv1FS | QA Signoffs: http://bit.ly/1qMAKYd | Known Issues: -
sil2100ogra_: thanks! :)17:16
sergiusensrobru: can I have a silo for line 61?17:23
sergiusensrobru: err 7117:23
robrusergiusens: ok you got 2017:25
sil2100popey: thanks for the bug :)17:40
sil2100plars, ogra_: btw. since I either missed that or it wasn't moved, but what's up with utopic image results for mako?17:48
sil2100plars: btw.2 I guess we can bring back unity8 to the test results now ;)17:48
ogra_=== Image RTM #3 promoted ===17:49
sil2100ogra_: yaaay17:49
ogra_(this is: krillin 72, mako 63 and generic/_x86 59)17:49
ogra_sil2100, hmm so looking at rtm silo 009, do i have to copy-package lxc-android-config or will the build button do that automatically when i hit build (with the sync: line in the spreadsheet)17:52
ogra_(all my former silos simply had the package magicaally in them, did you then copy them in ?)17:52
sil2100ogra_: it will do it automatically :)17:52
ogra_s/silos/sync silos/17:53
ogra_oh, cool17:53
sil2100It will do a binary copy17:53
ogra_magic !17:53
* sil2100 is a mage17:54
cjwatsonIs the emulator known-broken today on devel-proposed?  Black screen for me.18:00
* ogra_ hasnt heard anything 18:01
cjwatsonunity8 not running18:05
ogra_hmm, did you genereate ir afresh ?18:05
ogra_or was that upgraded18:06
ogra_i wonder if the transition of the dbus file is actually dist-upgrade safe18:06
cjwatson"sudo ubuntu-emulator create --channel=ubuntu-touch/devel-proposed click"18:07
ogra_yeah, then i dont think that is related18:07
popeybrendand: do you know who is responsible for the change which caused bug 1374474 ?18:08
ubot5bug 1374474 in Ubuntu File Manager App "Files don't open in external applications due to url-dispatcher change" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/137447418:08
popey(a bug you filed last week)18:08
popeyaha, ted18:10
cjwatson"initctl: Event failed" in ~phablet/.cache/upstart/xsession-init.log18:10
ogra_why is that triggered at all ?18:10
racarrcan someone give me write access to the spreadsheet?18:12
cjwatson"start on startup"18:12
cjwatsonI don't think it really means X18:12
ogra_no, but it only gets executed if  [ "$SESSIONTYPE" = "gnome-session" ]18:12
ogra_sounds like something is wrong with lightdm ?18:13
cjwatsonNot true18:13
brendandpopey, i just landed that change in RTM too - it's completely intentional18:13
cjwatsonpre-start only bails out if [ -z "$DESKTOP_SESSION" ], and DESKTOP_SESSION=ubuntu-touch18:13
racarrrobru: Can you give me write access to the spreadsheet?18:14
popeybrendand: right, but it breaks apps...18:16
=== retoaded changed the topic of #ubuntu-ci-eng to: Need a silo? Ping train support: trainguards | Need other help? Ping vanguard: cihelp | Train Dashboard: http://bit.ly/1mDv1FS | QA Signoffs: http://bit.ly/1qMAKYd | Known Issues: -
popeyhow are we landing stuff which intentionally breaks apps and then telling the app authors _after_?18:16
popeythis seems broken18:16
brendandpopey, ted told them a while ago18:17
popeyaha, found it18:18
popeyyour bug is basically a dupe of bug 136621718:18
ubot5bug 1366217 in Ubuntu File Manager App "Filemanager sending out file:/// URLs" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/136621718:18
robrupopey: hey what was that bug reference for the mediascanner scope? i didn't see it18:20
popeybug 137534918:21
ubot5bug 1375349 in unity8 (Ubuntu) "Can't launch videos on mako utopic #261" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/137534918:21
brendandpopey, yeah essentially - i just wanted to make sure first18:21
robrupopey: thanks18:21
robruracarr: oh yeah, hang on18:22
racarrrobru: Yay, thanks18:25
robruracarr: you're welcome!18:26
racarrrobru: Ok now I actually need a silo! for row 80...18:31
racarrand I need to land it to RTM too...with a sync18:32
robruracarr: please mark column J as 'Yes'18:32
racarrrobru: :) done18:32
kenvandinerobru, i'm getting an exception trying to reconfigure a silo, utopic silo 218:32
kenvandinerobru, ^^18:33
robruoh I broke the spreadsheet18:33
robrukenvandine: ok try again18:35
plarssil2100: ok, I'll turn it back on18:35
robruracarr: your landing conflicts with silo 8, but that one's just about free so hang on18:35
robrudon't worry this is just temporary18:36
kenvandinerobru, thx, that looks better :)18:36
robrukenvandine: you're welcome18:36
kenvandinerobru, how do i reconfigure a silo which adds a package?18:37
racarrrobru: Ok. Thanks.18:37
kenvandineit failed for me... but i see no options to twiddle18:38
robrukenvandine: you need to use the prepare job, not the reconfigure job. click 'Prepare' in the dashboard18:38
robrukenvandine: "reconfigure" is the limited one that we let the plebs use18:38
kenvandinehaha :)18:38
robrucan't add packages. just for adding new MPs to same packages18:38
tedpopey, Back from lunch, did you get enough info?18:39
robrukenvandine: are you going to build a silo soon? let me know if anything explodes, I'm experimenting a bit (sorry)18:40
kenvandinebarry, building in silo 218:40
kenvandinerobru, i just clicked build :)18:40
barrykenvandine: excellent.  let's see if si builds the first time around :/18:40
robrukenvandine: hm, now I wonder if my changes landed in production in time for your build... ;-)18:40
robruracarr: bah! qtubuntu conflicts with silo 7. please coordinate with mzanetti, kgunn, greyback (can your landings be merged? who should go first? etc)18:42
racarrrobru: we just merged our landings :)18:46
robruracarr: excellent!18:46
robrui'll reconfig then18:46
racarrrobru: Thanks18:46
robruracarr: kgunn: so what happened? did you put all the MPs from line 55 into line 80? can you do it the other way around since line 55 is already assigned?18:47
racarrrobru: Oh...from line 55...18:48
racarrLol...there was already another landing18:48
racarrforming below mine18:48
racarrso thats the one we consolidated18:48
robrukgunn: what are you doing on line 55? you have a silo assigned and never build it18:49
kenvandinebarry, can you look at the failure in silo 2?18:49
kenvandinebarry, i think it's because you have a changelog entry ?18:49
kenvandinebarry, https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/ubuntu-landing-002-1-build/71/console18:49
robrukenvandine: barry: yeah if you guys touch debian/changelog in your MPs, then citrain can't mangle the changelog for you. you need to either revert your debian/changelog entries in your MPs or go all the way, doing debian/changelog in all of them18:50
kgunnrobru: ok, we'll use 5518:51
robruand it has to be UNRELEASED18:51
kenvandinerobru, yeah, thought so18:51
robrukgunn: ok let me know once you have all the MPs in line 55 the way you want18:51
kenvandinebarry please fix :)18:51
barryrobru: :(18:54
barryrobru: i want a changelog entry18:54
barryi can fix it to be UNRELEASED though18:55
kenvandinebarry, you'll get one automagically18:55
robrubarry: don't touch debian/changelog, just set the commit message on your MP and it gets created for you with the right versions and everything18:55
barryrobru: this way has worked so far, but maybe it's because i've always put si in its own silo18:56
kgunnrobru: thanks for the catch, mind a quick reconfig on utopic-silo 718:56
barryrobru, kenvandine re-pushed with UNRELEASED.  is that enough?18:57
kenvandinebarry, trying again18:57
kenvandinethe error message made it sound like UNRELEASED is enough18:58
robrui think so, been a while since i saw one of those though. we usually discourage touching debian/changelog by hand18:58
robrukgunn: ok silo 7 is go for build18:58
barryrobru: i'm trying to be different just to keep your life interesting18:58
brendandsil2100, you forgot to mention what we talked about in the meeting18:59
robrubarry: yeah that's what I need, life to be more interesting ;-)18:59
barryrobru: :)18:59
kenvandinerobru, great quote "My dreams of escaping bash have been dashed."19:00
sil2100brendand: there will be a separate e-mail for that19:00
sil2100brendand: it doesn't make sense to include it, as I'm afraid many people don't read that19:01
sil2100So there will be an announcement19:01
kenvandinesil2100, depends on how many replies19:01
sil2100kenvandine: ;)19:01
kenvandineif i don't catch the emails before it gets a few replies... i might skip it with the thought i'll come back when i have more time19:02
kenvandineand never do :)19:02
kenvandinerobru, there is no *escaping* bash :)19:02
robrukenvandine: lol19:04
robrukgunn: https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/ubuntu-landing-007-1-build/44/console looks like you got some messed up MPs, seems somebody is trying to merge gles into trunk?19:04
kgunnah hell19:04
kgunnrobru: ok, one more reconfig, sorry...going too fast19:07
robrukgunn: no worries19:08
robrukgunn: ok give it a shot19:10
sil2100robru: btw. will it break queuebot or the dashboard if I append something to the 'N/A' selection in the 'QA sign-off needed' column?19:12
sil2100robru: e.g. 'N/A (nickname)'? I hope you're not doing a compare of string equals anywhere for that, right?19:12
robrusil2100: uh19:12
robrusil2100: I think the compare only cares about 'Granted' or 'Required', the N/A isn't tested19:13
sil2100robru: ok, that's what I wanted to know19:13
ogra_rsalveti, the roll back of ubuntu-touch-meta is stuck in proposed due to some unity-scope-click adt failure19:23
ogra_ dpkg-source --after-build unity-scope-click-0.1.1+14.10.2014091519:25
ogra_dpkg-buildpackage: binary-only upload (no source included)19:25
ogra_tar: Unexpected EOF in archive19:25
ogra_tar: Unexpected EOF in archive19:25
ogra_tar: Error is not recoverable: exiting now19:25
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dobeyrobru: hey, i just saw sil2100's mail, and trying to change the field to "N/A (dobey)" but spreadsheet just changes it back to "N/A (nickname)" :(19:58
robruok, it's that cell validation, hang on19:58
robrudobey: ok should be good20:00
dobeyrobru: ok, thanks. and i see you already set it, thanks for that too :)20:01
robrudobey: you're welcome!20:03
robrucjwatson: hey do you have any time today to poke around a bit with copy2distro on snakefruit? https://code.launchpad.net/~robru/cupstream2distro/fix-copy2distro/+merge/236234 i have a branch that cleans up copy2distro and resurrects all the missing bits, should be good to go but needs a bit of babysitting to make sure it doesn't explode20:40
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bfillerfginther: is there a way to get the click package for this MR? not seeing the link.. https://code.launchpad.net/~renatofilho/ubuntu-calendar-app/fix-1373566/+merge/23603820:44
bfillerrobru: can I have RTM silos for lines 78+79 please20:45
robrubfiller: ok rtm 10 and 1120:47
bfillerrobru: thanks20:48
robrubfiller: you're welcome20:48
camakotrainsguards, can I get a silo for row 84 please?21:20
robrucamako: https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/prepare-silo/2417/console yeah you got some conflicts here21:22
camakorobru, ok yeah I'm aware of those landings.. We'll have to serialize at some point21:25
robrucamako: if you want the silo i can give it to you, but you have to be sure that the other ones get rebuilt after one of them lands21:27
camakorobru, yes sir.. that's well understood... Landings invalidate our tests and we restart..21:27
robrucamako: ok so did you still want it then?21:30
camakorobru, yes but I lemme double-check what this is "WARNING Project name (qtmir) doesn't align with the source package name (qtmir-gles)".. Will ping you back in a minute21:30
robrucamako: oh that's fine, it used to be a hard requirement that the lp:projectname match the source package name, but we loosened that restriction a while back and the -gles stuff is a mess anyway. ideally you guys would register lp:qtmir-gles but instead you're doing lp:qtmir/gles and it's not the worst thing in the world21:31
robrubut still there's a warning about it ;-)21:32
camakorobru, ok just wanted to make sure I didn't push to the wrong branch... Yes a silo 'd be nice please21:32
robrucamako: ok, rtm2021:34
camakorobru, thanks21:36
cjwatsonrobru: ok, new branch is in place21:37
cjwatson(old one is in ~ubuntu-archive/cu2d/cupstream2distro.rtm, should anyone need to move it back)21:37
cjwatsonrobru: but I'm not around for a whole lot longer, so if you have anything you can test it with sooner rather than later, that'd be nice21:39
robrucjwatson: hm i don't see anything ready to publish21:48
robrucjwatson: who has access to snakefruit if I need somebody to revert?21:48
cjwatsonrobru: ~ubuntu-archive intersect ~canonical21:51
cjwatsonrobru: or SMS my UK mobile number in the directory21:51
cjwatsonrobru: Steve L or Adam C would be reasonable contacts this time of day21:52
robrucjwatson: ok thanks21:53
robrucjwatson: and if I say something like "I need you to go into the citrain bits on snakefruit" they'll know where to find that stuff on snakefruit?21:54
cjwatsonrobru: copy and paste the thing I said above21:56
cjwatson22:37 <cjwatson> (old one is in ~ubuntu-archive/cu2d/cupstream2distro.rtm, should anyone need to move it back)21:56
cjwatsonit just needs to be pivoted with what's currently ~ubuntu-archive/cu2d/cupstream2distro21:56
cjwatsonthey should be able to work it out given that21:57
robrucjwatson: so ~ubuntu-archive/cu2d/cupstream2distro contains https://code.launchpad.net/~robru/cupstream2distro/fix-copy2distro and not trunk, right?21:59
cjwatsonrobru: Correct22:03
robrucjwatson: right, ok, thanks a bunch. if I see publishes succeeding over the next day I'll merge that branch to trunk.22:03
robrucjwatson: perfect22:03
cjwatsonAnd .../cupstream2distro.rtm has lp:~sil2100/cupstream2distro/cu2d-rtm r67622:03
robruoh, interesting.22:04
robrui'm surprised that wasn't trunk. we'll definitely want it to *be* trunk once we confirm trunk is fixed.22:04
cjwatsonrobru: Sure.  It wasn't trunk because we needed a branch for the RTM work, and nobody ever asked to have it switched back.22:30
robrucjwatson: ok no worries, thanks22:30
robruman, that landed-landings-become-new-landing-requests bug is getting worse22:31
ToyKeepermzanetti, greyback, kgunn: The rotation/splash screen silo looks good, but the test plan still needs to be updated with tests for the new behavior.22:37
camakorobru, do you know what this error is about? https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/ubuntu-rtm-landing-020-1-build/15/console22:38
camakorobru, do I just restart the build?22:38
robruhang on22:40
robrucamako: no don't rebuild, everything built fine, that's just a weird error, not sure what caused that22:42
camakorobru, ok22:43
robrucamako: I'll start on a fix for that right now...22:43
camakorobru, sounds good22:44
robrusergiusens: alright! you get to be the first guinea pig on the new publish logic ;-)22:46
sergiusensshould I be happy? :-P22:46
robrusergiusens: probably not ;-)22:46
robrusergiusens: just keep an eye on your landing. if it stays in "no known spacetime" for longer than usual it means I broke some stuff22:47
sergiusensrobru: what's new here?22:47
robrusergiusens: just some code refactoring and removing some vestigial stuff. it shouldn't really be any different at all, but there's always a risk I can make a typo and break everything22:47
sergiusensrobru: joys of python I don't miss :-)22:48
robrusergiusens: oh, other languages are immune to typos are they? :-P22:48
sergiusensrobru: at least the annoying ones in python ;-)22:49
imgbot=== trainguards: IMAGE 262 building (started: 20140929 22:50) ===22:49
rsalveti^ requested by me22:51
cjwatsonrobru: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/goget-ubuntu-touch/+publishinghistory looks good at least22:51
sergiusensrobru: so far so good22:52
robrusergiusens: excellent22:53
robrucjwatson: thanks for keeping an eye. I wanna see one more then I'll merge ;-)22:53
cjwatsonrobru: I want to see at least one in ubuntu-rtm22:54
cjwatsonJust in case22:54
robrucjwatson: good call22:57
robrucjwatson: everything's just waiting for qa22:57
robruhmmmm, that signoff is suspiciiously absent from the trello board23:04
robruToyKeeper: ^ ?23:04
ToyKeeperrobru: I was in the middle of doing that...  just needed to finish a message.23:04
ToyKeeperIt has test plan issues, but is getting passed before fixing those because it's kind of getting fast-tracked.23:05
robrubregma: you got utopic 823:06
bregmawow, speedy23:06
robrubregma: amazing hwat happens when silos are available and the bot is functioning ;-)23:06
bregmadoesn't make _me_ work any faster23:07
robrubregma: oh, in that case I can take the silo back... ;-)23:07
robrucjwatson: ok published rtm19, fingers crossed!23:08
ToyKeepertvoss, cyphermox_, lool: Got a test plan for silo rtm-012 (network-manager)?  If the silo's new behavior isn't saved into a published test plan somewhere, it's an automatic fail.23:09
cjwatsonrobru: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu-rtm/+source/platform-api/+publishinghistory and https://launchpad.net/ubuntu-rtm/+source/qtmir/+publishinghistory LGTM23:12
robrucjwatson: ^^ woop woop! looks good!23:12
cjwatsonToyKeeper: Uh, every landing has to update a test plan?23:14
ToyKeepercjwatson: Pretty much.  Any new behavior, bug fixes, etc, needs a test added to prevent future regressions.  Otherwise we get things breaking later and nobody notices.23:15
ToyKeeperThat's kind of the reason why QA is reviewing every rtm silo.23:15
cjwatsonToyKeeper: A test, fine, but requiring it in the test *plan* sounds like a recipe for unbounded growth of manual human (and thus unscalable) testing23:15
cjwatsonI'm not going to update my test plans to say "you must run the new versions of my automated tests" every time :-)23:15
ToyKeepercjwatson: It doesn't have to be in a manual test plan...  automated tests are preferred.  Just as long as some form of lasting check is created.23:16
cjwatsonOK, that's a relief, when people say "test plan" around here I assume they mean the TestPlan wiki pages23:16
ToyKeeperTest plan, autopilot test suite, unit test, whatever is most appropriate.23:16
ToyKeeperIt's often easiest to add a manual test first, then use the manual test plan as a list of things to automate.23:17
robrucamako: hey next time you run a build in your silo, please enable the DEBUG flag.23:19
robrucamako: that traceback really makes no sense. You must have triggered your build at the exact moment I was doing a deploy, so you got some inconsistent state happening or something. the only way that could get called that way would be if an environment variable is unset, but the build job clearly sets the environment variable. you must have had newer trunk23:24
robrucode which expects that variable just a moment before the build job was updated to set that variable or something. really weird23:24
robruI do have a fix for the "__init__() takes at least 2 arguments (1 given)" bit but that's not the main problem there really...23:25
cjwatsonrobru: So do you want me to flip to trunk now that your branch is merged?23:28
robrucjwatson: yes please!23:28
robrucjwatson: and you can delete that old .rtm one23:28
robrucjwatson: thanks!23:28
cjwatsonYeah I'm going to leave it around for a while just in case :-)23:28
cjwatsonDoes no harm23:29
cjwatsonDeployed code on snakefruit is now lp:~cupstream2distro-maintainers/cupstream2distro/trunk r76523:29
cjwatsonrobru: I wouldn't be totally opposed to auto-pulling this code in ~/cu2d/run.sh if you folks are happy with that23:30
cjwatsonMight make it easier to tell when problems happened23:30
robrucjwatson: I like it. it terrified me to know that ancient code was just sitting around there rotting23:32
robrucjwatson: I'll try to write some unit tests for that file one day.23:32
cjwatsonrobru: OK, that's done now too23:33
robrucjwatson: speaking of run.sh, you can drop that commented out block, and also drop the --no-filter arg from the active block, because that behavior is now the default23:33
cjwatson(Added 'bzr pull -q -d "$BINDIR"')23:33
robrucjwatson: sounds good, thanks a bunch23:34
cjwatsonrobru: Done.  I also dropped || true from copy2distro and the pointless cd - at the end23:34
cjwatsonAnd moved the shell flags from the #! to a separate 'set' command23:35
robrucjwatson: haha23:35
robrucjwatson: so is run.sh called from cron or something?23:35
cjwatson*/5 * * * *             ~/cu2d/run.sh > ~/public_html/cicopy.log 2>&123:35
robrucjwatson: oh sweet. where is that log published to?23:36
cjwatsonBut that's only the most recent run23:36
robrucjwatson: right. but if there's some kind of explosion that'll be helpful to have.23:36
robrucjwatson: now I wanna fill that with logging so we can see what's going on, will make it easier to maintain that code23:37
cjwatsonI should extend that and logrotate or something ...23:37
cjwatsonBut effort23:37
cjwatsonCertainly feel free to log more stuff23:37

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