dholbachgood morning07:03
czajkowskidholbach: ola07:31
dholbachhey czajkowski07:43
dholbachhola ara07:43
arahey dholbach :)07:43
dholbachhola dpm07:45
dpmhey dholbach, morning07:45
popeyMorning guys and gals!08:41
popeyczajkowski: thanks so much for the lend of your clicker, it helped immensely08:41
* dholbach_ relocates, brb11:43
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popeyhappy birthday pleia217:06
pleia2thank you :)17:08
elfy21 again ...17:08
elfyhippy burpday pleia217:08
balloons_wow elfy17:39
dpmhave a fantastic birthday pleia2!17:45
elfyballoons_: what's up17:45
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bkerensaHappy Birthday pleia2 !23:25

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