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Mirv@pilot in04:28
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pittiGood morning06:07
pittizul: here now, I was on holiday on Fri06:19
Mirvgood morning06:19
thopre01Hi there. Is it possible to create a backport for an unsupported release of Ubuntu (say 11.04 for instance)06:26
TheMusothopre01: It may be technically possible, but it wouldn't be done for an unsupported release.06:28
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thopre01TheMuso: Ok, that was my question06:39
thopre01Backports can be done for LTS right?06:40
Mirvthopre01: LTS or any normal release. at the moment only 12.04 LTS and 14.04 LTS are supported as 14.10 is not out yet.06:43
thopre01Mirv: Sure. That's what I thought. Thanks both of you06:47
dholbachgood morning07:03
Mirvmorning dholbach07:11
dholbachhi Mirv07:11
* Mirv happy to be able to do more during patch pilot as a MOTU07:11
* dholbach hugs Mirv07:15
Laney@pilot in08:08
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pittiLaney: hey08:09
pittiLaney: I did a few syncs already, currently looking at the libgweather updates, and I'll take the three langpack-locales ones08:10
Mirvpitti: so hmm, syncing new micro releases don't need FFe?08:16
pittibug fixes only -> no new features08:16
Mirvright, so if the new micro release is sufficiently bug fixes only08:17
MirvI could have done a couple of those then08:17
pittiMirv: MP status> ah, I see "merged" and "rejected" too, must be a matter of being an uploader for that package or not?08:18
Mirvthe minitube for example does seem a bit more than just bug fixes (adding some unity & gnome 3 action)08:18
pittiMirv: I set https://code.launchpad.net/~filip-sohajek/ubuntu/utopic/silversearcher-ag/fix/+merge/232369 to rejected now, to avoid confusion08:18
Mirvpitti: well I'm MOTU now so I should have been a possible uploader for that08:19
Mirvpitti: maybe it's still something core-dev vs. motu that gives you those extra options, even in a case of universe package08:20
pittiMirv: yeah, maybe08:20
Mirvthat might be a bug, though08:20
pittiLaney: looking at libchamplain sync now, then I'll stop08:31
Laneypitti: okay, I'm distracted by an upgrade failure anyway08:31
MirvI'll look at grace08:32
Mirvdholbach: there seems to be multiple active piloters today, possibly reshuffling calendar could make sense08:33
Mirvat least I can be freely moved around08:33
dholbachMirv, there's always different piloters scheduled on a day08:33
Mirvdholbach: sure, I just think on some days there are less active ones (no-one does @ pilot in etc)08:34
LaneyMirv: just assign yourself to a bug when you take it for sponsoring08:35
Mirvthat makes sense08:40
dholbachMirv, yes, that's right, but it's a bit hard to anticipate who might be active and who isn't08:45
Laneyalso I've been slacking08:45
Laneylemme come back in 10 minutes :)08:45
Laney@pilot out08:45
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dholbachMirv, if you have a look at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/CodeReviews?action=raw you can see a table that's commented out, which I use as a basis for the schedule08:45
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arainfinity, hi! when you are around, could you please have a look to these pending packages on the precise queue, please? https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/precise/+queue?queue_state=1&queue_text=fglrx08:54
arainfinity, they fix an important bug and they have been in the queue for 3 weeks now08:55
arainfinity, thanks!08:55
Laney@pilot in08:55
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Mirvdholbach: oh, interesting, so Lane_y just happens to patch pilot today, not by schedule. cool.08:57
LaneyI always move myself around08:58
Laneyand try to keep the PP calendar entry accurate08:58
MirvI've been also slacking waiting for the MOTU application to be handled, so I should probably do some extra shifts08:58
pittismoser, infinity: wolfe-0[3456] seem AWOL; any idea what's going on?09:31
pittior is that due to lamont's VPN reorg?09:32
mlankhorstpitti: https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/utopic-adt-qtcreator-plugin-ubuntu/ARCH=amd64,label=adt/267/console how is that test spawned?09:32
mlankhorstjust running qtcreator-launch directly works for me..09:32
pittimlankhorst: check in its debian/tests/<testname>; but the current versions do succeed, so apparently this got fixed in the meantime?09:34
mlankhorstit happens because of mesa09:35
mlankhorstwhich is weird.. there is no GLX there..09:35
pittimlankhorst: xvfb does support it if you use 24 bit depth09:35
pitti(with llvmpipe)09:35
mlankhorstwhat's the default depth?09:36
pitti8 with xvfb-run09:37
pitti(so you have to explicitly add a -screen)09:37
mlankhorsthm weird it does run it with 1024x768x2409:38
mlankhorstqemu: terminating on signal 15 from pid 5934709:39
pittimlankhorst: as I said, the recent test runs did succeed; #267 is likely from an older version?09:39
mlankhorstpitti: no the newer mesa is deleted from the archive09:39
mlankhorstI want to reproduce the failure so I can investigate it09:39
pittiah, or that09:39
pittimlankhorst: http://d-jenkins.ubuntu-ci:8080/job/utopic-adt-qtcreator-plugin-ubuntu/278/ ran two days ago, was a newer mesa removed over the weekend?09:40
pittimlankhorst: I can re-run the test manually if it helps09:40
pitti(still not sure what you are trying to do)09:40
mlankhorstpitti: I want to debug why glx creation was failing with mesa 10.309:47
mlankhorstbut I see the test is run with qemu, how is it invoked?09:49
pittimlankhorst: http://packaging.ubuntu.com/html/auto-pkg-test.html#executing-the-test describes how we run tests in CI09:50
pittimlankhorst: but if you have the deps installed, merely running debian/tests/qtcreator-launch shoudl actually reproduce that as well09:51
pittimlankhorst: perhaps what happesn in that test is that it doesn't wait for Xvfb to sufficiently start up09:51
pittiit's not using xvfb-run, but Xvfb directly09:51
mlankhorstwell that oculd be possible09:52
mlankhorstbut it was working before, so unless it changes the timing..09:52
mlankhorstit looks more like some kind of interaction with llvmpipe or something09:53
mlankhorstoh there we go, can reproduce it with those instructions, thanks :)10:07
mlankhorstadt-run -s --setup-commands 'apt-get install -y python-software-properties; apt-add-repository -y ppa:canonical-x/x-staging; apt-get update' qtcreator-plugin-ubuntu --- qemu adt-utopic-amd64-cloud.img10:08
pittimlankhorst: ah, nice! note you can add -s to get a shell after the test failure10:20
pittimlankhorst: then you can ssh into the VM (it prints the commands for that) and investigate10:20
lamontpitti: I added another net to the vpn, but legacy or new should work the same..10:22
lamontpitti: still an issue?10:23
mlankhorstok got something, goodie :)10:23
mlankhorstname of display: :10010:23
mlankhorstError: couldn't find RGB GLX visual or fbconfig10:23
pittilamont: yes, it is; but it might very well be that the host (wolfe-XX) itself is down10:24
pittilamont: I can't reach it from home (through batuan), nor can the CI lab talk to it10:24
mlankhorstweird.. same test in my chroot works..10:24
pittilamont: so I'll wait for smoser/infinity to have a look at the wolfe host10:24
lamontpitti: ok.  I'm not actually here until 2.5 hrs from now -- there shouldn't be anything about the vpn, other than several batuan vpns were restarted friday -- reconnect would recover if needed10:25
pittilamont: I'm not using VPN there, I just use batuan as a ProxyCommand (as advised back then)10:25
pitti(for ssh)10:25
lamontyeah - legacy is 100% unaffected, other than me restarting most of the vpns on batuan10:26
pittilamont: ack, thanks for the heads-up10:26
lamontfwiw, I believe that the new vpn should get you to everywhere you can go legacy -- if not, scream soon10:26
lamont(unrelated to the restarts, but I had a productive weekend)10:27
Mirvpitti: I wonder if you could bookmark yuning's https://code.launchpad.net/~yuningdodo/ubuntu/trusty/usb-creator/usb-creator.lp1361474+lp1300361-recreate-udisks-client/+merge/232852 for evaluation at some point?10:29
MirvI can do some testing if wanted with various combos, but I can't upload it anyway10:30
pittiMirv: is that actually a backport to trusty, or does that need fixing in utopic, too?10:33
Mirvpitti: it's a backport of 0.2.62/utopic and one line from 0.2.60/utopic10:35
Mirvtwo lines, that is10:35
pittiMirv: ah good, thanks10:35
Laneymitya57: do you know what happened to https://code.launchpad.net/~saiarcot895/ubuntu/trusty/openscenegraph/armhf-support/+merge/230835 ?11:02
LaneyI see it in trusty/rejected11:03
rbasakLaney: I think it was intentionally rejected so the contributor could add a fix for bug 1339264 as well, which I think he's now done and updated the MP.11:05
ubottubug 1339264 in openscenegraph (Ubuntu) "Missing FreeType support in 14.04 LTS package" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/133926411:06
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Laneyrbasak: ta11:17
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pittijodh: hey James! FYI, you can apt-get install systemd-sysv now, all tasks in bug 1351306 are done now12:30
ubottubug 1351306 in upstart (Ubuntu) "Cannot uninstall upstart and install systemd-sysv" [Low,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/135130612:30
jodhpitti: nice - thanks!12:32
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Mirv@pilot out12:50
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smoserpitti, whats up?13:11
pittismoser: wolfe-0[3456] are unreachable13:11
pittismoser: is the VM host down, or just the VMs themselves, or is it a networking problem?13:12
smoseri'll check13:12
pittismoser: unreachable from both my home as well as the QA lab (jenkins)13:12
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smoserpitti, ok. wolfe (host) is down. i will get it back up today. i'd like to update firmware while its down though (even though that is unplanned)13:14
smoserunless you want to insist otherwise.13:14
pittismoser: nah, I don't meddle with how you manage this machine :) (and I don't have any idea about that hw anyway :) )13:14
pittismoser: thanks!13:14
smoserpitti, no. i was just asking if you wanted it up immediately13:15
pittismoser: nah, it's not that urgent13:15
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camakopitti, is the new umockdev (0.8.8-1) going to be released on rtm and trusty also?14:21
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pitticamako: I can copy it to RTM if you need; we don't normally put new upstream releases into stable Ubuntu releases, so for trusty we'd rather do an SRU with some fixes14:56
pitticamako: but at the same time nothing in trusty needs the new umockdev?14:57
camakopitti, ack about the rtm... As for trusty, Mir, as it stands, can work under trusty, and we 'd like  to keep it this way, if possible. So when the (Mir) MP requiring this umockdev fix lands, some of our unit tests will be failing on trusty.15:00
pitticamako: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu-rtm/+source/umockdev/0.8.8-115:02
camakopitti, thanks... So do I need to do anything to get the binaries incorporated on my end or will this do it?15:04
pitticamako: that'll do for RTM; for trusty, if you want this, you can negotiate with the SRU team if they'd accept a backport in trusty-updates15:05
pitticamako: or, if you only need a single fix (or two) from 0.8.8, we can backport that15:05
camakopitti, ok will do.. thanks for your help15:05
camakopitti, I only need the fix abt O_TMPFILE that I sent a few weeks ago..15:06
tkamppeterpitti, hi15:06
pitticamako: ah, because there were a lot more Mir triggered changes15:07
tkamppeterpitti, bug 1355136 seems to be stuck. Should it not get fixed any time soon?15:07
ubottubug 1355136 in xubuntu-meta (Ubuntu) "Add recommends printer-driver-brlaser package in -desktop installations" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/135513615:07
pittitkamppeter: wow, quite incredible that ubuntu-meta has not been uploaded *a single time* in utopic15:08
tkamppeterpitti, this would mean that every new package introduction on the way from Trusty to Utopic was handled by dependencies in regular packages.15:11
pittitkamppeter: or that any seed change hasn't become active15:11
pittitkamppeter: I'm rebuilding it now, let's see what the fallout is15:12
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pittitkamppeter: uploaded15:14
tkamppeterpitti, thanks.15:15
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seb128could somebody from the SRU team copy the trusty/verified SRUs with > 1 week to -updates?15:30
seb128there are a  bunch of 10 to 12 days old verified items in there15:30
arainfinity, ping15:58
bdmurraysarnold: I've found a fair number of bugs w/ modified sbin/start-stop-daemon. What do you think is the next step?16:00
pittijodh: progress on bug 1374521 and a question to you16:22
ubottubug 1374521 in systemd (Ubuntu) "networking.service races with kernel interface detection, ifup@.service is not being triggered" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/137452116:22
cjwatsonbdmurray,sarnold: check installer logs; my guess is that many of these are due to installs that failed in the middle of the bit where start-stop-daemon is replaced with a dummy script, but which were perhaps far enough along for people to muddle along and use them as a real system16:23
jodhpitti: yeah, we'd thought of that, but stgraber has reservations about that approach16:24
pittijodh: btw, congrats -- you made the boot so fast to outperform the kernel :)16:25
bdmurraycjwatson: got it, thanks16:25
pittijodh: (honestly -- it's nice that this works so fast now!)16:25
jodhpitti: just don't tell lennart :)16:25
stgraberpitti: Ubuntu doesn't use allow-hotplug, starting to support it would require a lot of updates all over the place, so I really would rather not do that now16:26
pittistgraber: what do you mean with "ubuntu doesn't use"? Ubuntu's d-i on server?16:26
pitti(our ifupdown obviously supports and documents it)16:26
stgraberpitti: I mean none of our ifupdown scripts know use that ifupdown class16:27
stgrabers/use //16:27
pittistgraber: which scripts? (I'm learning a lot today :) )16:30
stgraberpitti: bridge-utils, vlan and ifenslave mostly16:30
stgraberpitti: all the scripts which ship udev hooks and have to figure out whether the thing that just showed up is the base for an interface defined somewhere in /e/n/i16:30
pittistgraber: ah, you mean these look for "auto" interfaces16:31
stgraberthey use ifquery and list auto interfaces16:31
pittiso I guess we need to also call ifup --allow=auto then and live with ifup being called twice16:31
pitti(or actually three times)16:31
stgraberthat's fine, it's actually what we already do today. The networking job which just does an ifup -a is a catch all in case the event bringup didn't happen.16:32
infinitypitti: Hey, did anyone have a poke at wolfe for you?16:32
infinitypitti: Without looking, I'm going to assume it's the same problem that host has always had.16:32
stgraberso in most cases ifup will already have been called at the time the device appeared, then again when hitting the catch all16:32
pittiinfinity: smoser was, and updating firmware and do other admin things while he's at it16:32
stgraberbut since ifupdown isn't entirely stupid, it knows it's already been brought up and doesn't actually do anything16:32
infinitypitti: Oh, shiny.  With any luck, one of those things might magically fix it.16:33
infinity(Not that I'm holding my breath)16:33
pittistgraber: right, it's not going to actually break anything, it's just some unnecessary calls16:33
smoserpitti, how important are the system syou had there?16:38
smoserhm.. pitti see private query16:39
pittismoser: well, we don't block on ppc64el test results, but it'd still be nice to get autopkgtest results for that platform16:39
pittismoser: I'm happy to move to other systems, of course16:39
pittijodh: ok, need to stop for today; I got the ifup@.service triggering fixed, I'll adjust it to also cover "auto" interfaces then16:41
pittistgraber: thanks for the heads-up16:41
pittijodh: i. e. I'll upload tomorrow morning, after proper testing16:42
jodhpitti: great, thanks. chat then.16:42
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RiddellLocutusOfBorg1: you did the cmake merge? was there any reason for that?17:45
bdmurraytinoco: on which release does the fix for bug 1316125 work for you?17:53
ubottubug 1316125 in autofs (Ubuntu Trusty) "Autofs leak file descriptors when reloaded (-HUP) and daemon may stop working on high # of shares/reloads" [Undecided,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/131612517:53
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tinocobdmurray: precise18:05
bdmurraytinoco: its helpful to identify that in the bug so the SRU team knows which release can have the package released to -updates.18:06
tinocobdmurray: makes total sense, want me to update it with all releases tested ?18:06
bdmurraytinoco: yes, please18:06
tinocoi can provide output based on testcase (since it is straight forward)18:06
tinocobdmurray: will get back to you as soon as its ready18:07
tinocobdmurray: updating bug .. will finish precise and saucy in a bit18:27
tinocotrusty ready18:27
tinocobdmurray: tks!18:27
tinocobdmurray: done18:37
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hallynslangasek: hi - no hurry on this, but i've uploaded the new cgmanager release for jessie to https://mentors.debian.net/package/cgmanager - which has the listkeys which stgraber will eventually want.  not expecting it to hit utopic or anything so as i say no hurry, but if you get a chance to look+sponser that'd be great18:51
slangasekhallyn: as you prefaced this with "no hurry", probably best if you send me an email, otherwise it will surely fall off my radar :-)19:05
hallynslangasek: will do, thanks19:07
jtaylorbdmurray: I can't see the error report you are refering to in bug 1358870 whats it about?19:18
ubottubug 1358870 in python-numpy (Ubuntu Trusty) "update numpy to 1.8.2 in trusty" [Undecided,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/135887019:18
bdmurrayjtaylor: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/8460854/19:19
jtaylorbdmurray: thats harmless, there are no changes to f2py in numpy 1.8.219:21
jtaylorit just throws an exception if you give it invalid fortran19:21
jtaylorwhich triggers appoart apparently19:21
jtaylorI guess it needs a whitelist19:21
bdmurrayjtaylor: okay, thanks for looking19:22
jtaylorwhats https://errors.ubuntu.com/problem/5e17937e252e97cc744a4a8e89a0bc2ea8dace02 about?19:27
jhenke_hi, does anybody knows about problems with the de archive mirror (de.archive.ubuntu.com)? I got BADSIG errors and after clearing the lists in /var/lib/apt/lists now apt is complaining about hash mismatch (on 14.10)19:29
sarnoldjhenke_: the .de mirror was giving people some problems last week or two weeks back, so it's been checked recently and given a clean bill of health... could you remove all your /var/lib/apt/lists/* and then re-run apt-get update?19:30
bdmurrayjtaylor: package:python-numpy:1:1.8.1-1ubuntu1:subprocess new pre-removal script returned error exit status 12719:30
infinitysarnold: He said he did that.19:31
jhenke_sarnold just did that, now apt complains about hash mismatch19:31
sarnoldinfinity: gah. I so suck a reading.19:31
infinityjhenke_: A mismatch could just be bad timing on your part (started apt-get update in the middle of a mirror pulse)... Try again and see if it still hates you?19:31
sarnoldand writing apparently.19:31
sarnoldjhenke_: it seems a great many hash sum mismatches filed in launchpad come from dying hardware; check also your dmesg for errors from your drives19:32
infinityjhenke_: That mirror should be pulsed every 4h, but for a short window, there's a chance that you start your update with the old dists/ tree (and, thus, the old Releases file), and then dowload a new Packages file that doesn't match.19:32
jhenke_sarnold it is a VM so I rule out hardware malfunction (as the host OS is just running fine)19:32
infinityBut it's also possible the mirror is dying/slow, and needs another poke with a stick.19:33
jhenke_infinity just retried, same hash mismatch19:33
infinityjhenke_: Fun, kay.19:33
jhenke_W: Fehlschlag beim Holen von http://de.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/utopic/main/source/Sources  Hash-Summe stimmt nicht ├╝berein19:33
jhenke_(sorry got de lang pack installed)19:33
infinityjhenke_: Can you report it on #ubuntu-mirrors?  And, for now, I'd advise switching to gb.archive.ubuntu.com and see if that clears it up.19:33
jhenke_infinity will do, thanks19:34
infinityjtaylor: Only one report, and pretty much no info to go by, could be anything.19:35
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infinityjtaylor: And probably not numpy's fault.19:35
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infinitybdmurray: Is there no way we can, at the very least, get the apt/dpkg terminal log for auto-submitted dpkg errors like that?19:36
infinitybdmurray: They're completely useless with no log.19:36
infinitybdmurray: (And I'd rather just drop them on the floor than have useless noise I can't debug)19:36
bdmurrayinfinity: we should be able to get the dpkg terminal log file19:39
infinitybdmurray: That would be hugely helpful.  In cases like the numpy one jtaylor pointed out, with a single submission, it's probably not a bug in the package at all, but a local issue.  But one can't really know without seeing the output.19:40
infinity(Well, one can't always know when seeing the output either, but it's a start)19:40
infinityThe part where it's saying it can't run the *new* prerm script is a hint that the system might just be fundamentally busted, since it only tries that after the *old* one fails somehow.19:41
bdmurrayslangasek: the fix for bug 1351137 should mean that crashes are reported by default because /var/lib/apport/autoreport is created correct?19:42
ubottubug 1351137 in apport (Ubuntu) "ubuntu-system-settings-wizard does not create /var/lib/apport/autoreport on first boot" [Critical,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/135113719:42
slangasekbdmurray: yes, that's what it /should/ mean19:50
bdmurrayslangasek: it works for me but the default whoopsie test is failing because /var/lib/apport/autoreport doesn't exist...19:53
nadrimajstorIs pattern [ x"$foo" != x"" ] still needed/in use ?20:00
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cjwatsonnadrimajstor: POSIX shell doesn't need the leading x and can manage just fine with [ "$foo" ], but some other shells need it in corner cases where the expansion of $foo might be a test operator; notably Solaris was really late to switch to a Korn-flavoured shell for /bin/sh rather than its very old traditional Bourne shell, and only did so in Solaris 11.  As a result the habit is still quite widespread among people who care about ...22:01
cjwatson... portability to other Unix systems.22:01
slangasekor those who cargo-culted from people who care about portability to other Unix systems ;)22:04
cjwatsonSome of us did both. :-)22:04
cjwatsonCertainly habits like this take a very long time to die out, if they ever do.22:05
infinityI gave up on that construct as a conscious protest against Solaris /bin/sh22:05
cjwatsonThe autoconf documentation is kept fairly well up to date with which workarounds are needed for which systems.22:05
cjwatsoninfinity: I only discovered literally just now while sanity-checking my draft answer to nadrimajstor that they'd finally fixed /bin/sh in Solaris 1122:06
infinitycjwatson: I wasn't aware that they finally got with the times in 11.  What do they ship as /bin/sh now?22:06
infinityHow modern.22:06
cjwatsonYou were expecting zsh?22:06
infinityI was expecting ash or bash.22:06
infinitySince they've shipped bash in /usr/xwhatever for eons.22:06
cjwatsonksh93 probably isn't an awful choice, at least.  Sure better than the Bourne thing.22:07
infinityAnything's better than their old shell.22:07
infinityI'd just taken it as a given that I couldn't write shell scripts that behaved on Solaris without the first snippet being -x /usr/whatever/bash && exec /path/to/bash $022:08
cjwatsonI think they already had ksh lying around somewhere too.22:08
* nadrimajstor Can I rephrase my question :)22:08
infinitynadrimajstor: Did you want a new answer? :)22:09
cjwatsonSure, maybe you didn't want a dissertation on archaic shells :)22:09
infinitynadrimajstor: The short answer to your question is "no, no one needs x$foo = x anymore"22:09
nadrimajstorinfinity: Thank you.22:09
cjwatsonI gave you the longer version because you said "/in use". :-)22:09
infinitytest -z "$foo" is much saner.22:09
* nadrimajstor also likes cjwatson answer22:10
cjwatsonTechnically, nadrimajstor was asking about [ x"$foo" != "" ], whose modern version is simply [ "$foo" ]22:10
infinityAnd, indeed, the other workaround for Solaris, if you use full paths (don't), cause they had a /bin/test that wasn't as braindead as the sh builtin.22:10
infinitycjwatson: [ is test.22:10
infinity(You know this, mind you)22:10
cjwatson[ -n "$foo" ] (or test -n "$foo") works as well but is unnecessary22:11
cjwatsoninfinity: Yes, I was quibbling about -n vs. -z.22:11
infinityOh, sure, I got my test backward, cause I forgot the example.22:11
cjwatsonAnd the lack of necessity of -n. :-)22:11
infinityWait, when did [ and test move to /usr/bin?22:12
cjwatsonThe autoconf documentation is a fantastic catalogue of people clearly having had very bad days.22:12
cjwatson     Within a command22:12
cjwatson     substitution, 'echo 'string\c'' will mess up the internal state of22:12
cjwatson     ksh88 on AIX 6.1 so that it will print the first character 's'22:12
cjwatson     only, followed by a newline, and then entirely drop the output of22:12
cjwatson     the next echo in a command substitution.22:12
infinityFallout from Fedora's /usr merge, or has that been broken for years?22:12
cjwatson$ schroot -c lenny-i386 which test22:13
infinityYears it is.22:13
cjwatsonPresumably on the theory that in practice you can just use your shell's builtin.22:13
infinityNot that it matters, since we ship shells with sane builtins.22:13
infinityBut it still feels wrong.22:13
nadrimajstorCan anyone point me to some guidelines on providing default confs and symlinking to /etc ?22:17
nadrimajstorOh... Crucial part... I'm making a native 3.0 .deb without source.22:18
maxbnadrimajstor: I think you might need to explain "default confs and symlinking to /etc" a bit more22:21
* nadrimajstor is a bit confused about pre|post and inst|rm22:22
infinitynadrimajstor: Symlinking out of /etc is generally a sign you've done something wrong.  The two ways (excluding fancy things like ucf) that one provides a default config file are either to (a) ship it in /etc as a conffile, or (b) ship it in /usr/share/<package> and copy it to /etc on first install in the postinst (and never again).22:22
infinitynadrimajstor: The first is the preferred method for something whose default mostly works and only needs the occasional tweak by the admin, the second is probably better if your config file is more of a template that you expect people to heavily mangle and never look like yours again.22:23
ari-tczewcjwatson: ping on bug 1234612, any plans there?22:24
ubottubug 1234612 in memtest86+ (Ubuntu) "Please merge memtest86+ 5.0.1 release from Debian - memtest86 in Ubuntu 14.04 LTS is 2 years old (v4.2.0)!" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/123461222:24
nadrimajstorinfinity: I have a specific need to remove conf file upon package removal. :(22:28
cjwatsonari-tczew: I have no plans and don't think I should be the blocker, but it also seems like a change that should be made near the start of a release cycle rather than towards the end; it takes a while to shake out bugs there.22:28
infinitynadrimajstor: Right, so you do that in postrm, if you manually copied it there in postinst.22:29
infinitynadrimajstor: If it's a shipped conffile, it'll be removed automatically on package purge, if you manually place it in /etc, you need to manually remove it in posrtrm when $1 is "purge".22:29
* nadrimajstor off to use newly gained knowledge 22:31
cjwatsoninfinity: Coincidentally I just saw a link to http://www.in-ulm.de/~mascheck/various/shells/ ...22:33
infinitycjwatson: Dear god, http://www.in-ulm.de/~mascheck/various/shells/ksh_versions.html22:33
cjwatsonMore detail than anyone not already having an absolutely terrible day needs.22:34
* nadrimajstor will pretend that he did not see the content of that page22:34
infinitycjwatson: Thankfully, all my days are terrible, so this can't hurt.22:34
cjwatsonhttp://www.in-ulm.de/~mascheck/bourne/  search for 2014 ...22:35
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darkxsttracker autopkgtest failure looks like adt-run itself blew up, way before even getting to the tests23:32
cjwatsondarkxst: Yeah, I've seen a couple of those.  Retried, thanks23:39

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