fisidroidGnome 3.14 is in Ubntu05:20
darkxsthey ricotz08:14
darkxstI have merges of g-s-d/g-c-c 3.14 ready to go, but they need shell/mutter 3.1408:15
darkxsthow did you get around systemd requirements in testing?08:16
ricotzdarkxst, hi08:19
ricotzthat is great!08:19
ricotzthere is no hard requirement for systemd and the old "libraries" still suffice08:20
darkxstI know there is no hard(-coded) requirement, but https://git.gnome.org/browse/mutter/commit/?id=dcf64ca1678a2950842708bee146f09a063ed82808:21
darkxstis that not true and actually that works with 208?08:21
ricotzdarkxst, there is another commit which makes the native-backend optional08:22
darkxstthe 3.14 merges were easy based of my 3.12 merges that should be landing in utopic today, those were not so easy!08:23
ricotzalthough replacing libsystemd with libsystemd-login pleases the requiremens08:23
ricotzmaybe i get to gnome-shell/mutter later08:25
darkxstdoes 208 logind have the fd stuff?08:27
darkxst(or does your build have the native backend disabled?)08:27
ricotzit does and it is enable, it won't properly work though08:29
ricotzwe dont install any wayland-sessions files anyway08:29
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ricotzi am pushing mutter/gnome-shell and rebuilds of your packages12:31
ricotzdarkxst, ^12:31
darkxstricotz, ok great12:32
LinDolhi all12:59
l3onricotz, I don't know if you have finished your "pushing-series" ...14:28
l3onbut .. this is what I get when try to update:14:28
ricotzl3on, should be finished now14:32
ricotzin case of libmutter0d you actually need dist-upgrade this time, but of course do checking with a simple upgrade first14:33
l3onok ricotz ... upgrading14:36
ricotzl3on, better reboot afterwards14:37
l3ona gdm restart is not enough ?14:37
ricotzmight be, if everything is shutting down properly14:38
ricotzto get e.g. glib-users and gvfs updated14:39
l3onok rebooting then ..14:48
l3onseems works fine.. testing.14:57
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darkxstNoskcaj, http://phillw.net/ubuntu-gnome/utopic314.html22:33

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