pietroalbiniHi. Some time ago I changed my launchpad nickname from pietro98-albini to pietroalbini. Can you edit the cloak? Thanks17:13
k1lseems like the IRCC is not available so far?18:56
Picipietroalbini: let me take a look18:57
Fuchs/ns vhost pietroalbini on ubuntu/member/pietroalbini,  black magic indeed  *nod*19:05
k1li still think Pici did change the cloak by looking at it ;p19:07
rwwPici confirmed for secret new freenode hire19:07
FuchsI am not going to destroy your fantasy world, then19:07
FuchsI imagine that ponyfairies did it19:08
Fuchsrww: well, he is male, not really young and cute anymore, but they are getting desperate.19:08
rwwnot .uk either, so it is a bit outside the usual recruitment procedure19:09
Fuchsrww: hey, I wasn't .uk either, neither were ... okay, not going to make a list, you know it19:09
PiciI've already met a few staffers too19:09
rwwPici: ah, that explains that bit19:09
FuchsPici: not me though, which needs to be fixed.19:09
rwwFuchs: yeah, but we only got in because of the insane #defocus plot19:09
Fuchsrww: you do recall correctly,19:09
Fuchsbut there are still non UK ones that were before us19:10
Fuchsthe jew, as an example.19:10
Fuchsor the angry German19:10
rww"jew" took me a while, I clearly haven't been paying enough attention to #freenode spam19:10
Fuchsor you haven't been to christelmas, which would have explained that one.19:10
Fuchsoh, or Marie, she is from NZ.  Anyway </offtopic>19:11

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