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apwstimpy_ (N,BFTL), indeed the scheduler is meant to be SMT aware and avoid that when appropriate07:50
apwlamont, i assume you'll be wanting two ipsets then :/08:08
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* hallyn shoulda started the kernel dbgsym download over the weekend i guess18:18
infinityhallyn: Don't worry, once the download's done, it'll take another week to unpack.18:27
hallyn70% d/led18:42
hallynstgraber: so what's been confusing me with the new-pivot-root-failing thing is there are at least two breakages :)  apparmor is returning -EPERM, but then even with apparmor disabled it returns -EINVAL later.  unofrtunately systemtap doesn't seem to want me to investigate static fns19:35
stgraberhallyn: that's what printk's for :)19:58
hallynstgraber: i'm trying to do this without waiting for kenrel compiles 19:58
hallynbut i think at this point i'll have to.  can't find a good way to get 'current' in a stap script20:02
hallynah there we go20:05
hallynhm, the mntns is null20:07
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hallynwell so kern_path is returning a path with mnt->mnt_ns 0x0.20:40
sbeattiesmb: okay, I committed a fix to QRT to cope with the setpcaps format change; get bjf or whoever to update the QRT scripts in jenkins.23:07
keesalright, now I'm stumped. Which package has the i386 asm/siginfo.h file when I'm building on amd64?23:29
keesfor native, it's in linux-libc-dev. For other archs, it's in linux-libc-dev-$ARCH-cross.23:30
keesbut there's no linux-libc-dev-i386-cross23:30
keesah! linux-libc-dev:i38623:32
lastprophet_hi there23:37
lastprophet_anyone know wich is the multitask source code? (kernel)23:38

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