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AvagettoAnybody  can help me, and answer on my stupid questuions?)07:43
Avagettofor example mir was work on arm board with  mali t-760 gpu and rk3298 soc07:44
Avagettowhether to work with hardware decoding and 3D acceleration?07:46
anpok__i think we havent had a phone or tablet yet that used t760.. s07:56
anpok__so it might just work .. or fail.07:56
Avagettoi have board., android sdk . and was able to install ubuntu on it07:57
Avagettoit works but does not have hardware decoding. and i want to try  use mir display server to use android drivers07:58
anpok__so what happens if you instal hybris and the android graphics platform of mir?07:59
AvagettoI have not had time to install mir . decided to ask the experts is it possible?08:02
Avagettoor at this stage, mir can only work with a particular condition08:04
Avagettosorry for english.08:08
anpok__i doubt that it will work with a vanilla kernel08:09
anpok__Avagetto: best chances to get it woriking using the android drivers would be through: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Porting08:18
anpok__unless of course you have drm capable mali drivers that work with current linux kernels08:20
Avagettoi try to use.08:20
Avagettowhat is drm?08:23
anpok__direct rendering manager.. a linux kernel framework and (partly) generic interface for dealing with graphics resources and rendering control and outputs08:25
anpok__Avagetto: mir has currently two hardware accelerated platforms for rendering - one that relies on the android hwc and (hopefully obselete) fb interfaces, and another one that uses drm.08:27
anpok__all open source drivers (apart from lima) usually integrate and use drm08:28
anpok__all the others.. have there own way into kernel space08:29
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Avagettothank you very much. I'm just a novice in this. I will try to understand this in more detail. Sorry for wasting your time.08:47
anpok__you have not08:47
anpok__just now wondering where to get one of these08:47
anpok__i just saw a benchmark for rk3288 based board08:50
anpok__it seems to be quite powerful08:51
Avagettoyes it is wonderfull.08:51
Avagettoi try use this board08:52
anpok__Avagetto: http://lkml.iu.edu/hypermail/linux/kernel/1409.3/01550.html09:04
anpok__there is a not yet merged drm driver..09:04
anpok__so if they ship user space drivers too, you might have a good chance to run mir without the android parts09:05
anpok__if thats not the case you would only have kms-swrast runable09:06
Avagettoi found this09:13
Avagettothis can help me?09:14
anpok__driver looks good, at first sight prime support, page flipping... is available09:17
anpok__but those are only the kernel parts.. are there user space drivers available too? and in which form?09:20
Avagettono . i not see user space drivers=(09:20
anpok__https://github.com/linux-sunxi/sunxi-mali.git those seem to be older ones.. and that would only allow mir to run as a server09:21
Avagettoon android  we have ko09:21
anpok__to get mir clients run on top of that you need a to either hook into the egl implementation in some way or have an open source egl implementation09:22
Avagettoin android i have only bin (user space driver), if i not wrong he work as module of kernel09:52
Avagettoon linux - nothing09:52
anpok__then better go with ubuntu-touch porting for now09:54
Avagettook. are you ubuntu devoloper?09:56
anpok__yes working on mir - but usually dealing withe mesa/drm09:56
AvagettoI guess that's fine, interence to work for this company=)09:59
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lex_hello there18:17
lex_anyone from the devs here?18:18
anpokthere are some around18:20
lex_alright then18:32
lex_question to mir, license and ubuntu development in general18:33
lex_i am a former user of ubuntu18:33
lex_i was quite happy for some time18:33
lex_then later moved to different os and now thinking about coming back18:33
lex_BUT there are some things which hinder me:18:33
lex_1. Why does canonical lately not contribute so much in community projects? > mir > upstart18:34
lex_2. why does mir have such strange license. the critics i read where about restrict contributed code, making a business out of it etc.18:34
lex_3. why are ubuntu versions sometimes developed behind close doors? im not saying that the code is not free after all, but the development takes place behind doors sometimes.18:35
lex_these are things which are somehow bothering me and i would be happy to get some info and i am more than happy to be proven wrong with my opinions/feelings18:36
anpoklex_: 1) thats a very general complaint. on what do you base that on? canonical employee are contributing to a lot of projects.. submitting patches and play by the rules of the project involved..18:37
anpokor is that rather a complain that software developers develop software?18:37
anpok% typos..18:38
anpok2. i guess you dont mean gpl and lgpl?18:39
anpokback then when I worked for a closed source company we also disliked gpl software..18:39
anpok3. in case of mir... most discussions happen inside MPs on launchpad.. some of those discussion leak into IRC here..18:42
lex_1. well i was just reading some news sites and wikipedia etc. and was just wondering what the actually facts are18:46
lex_2. yes, thats what i mean. what are you trying to say when talking about disliking gpl in closed source company?18:47
lex_canoncial is not supposed to be one, is it?18:47
anpok2. no it is not.. and will not .. the source is out there. I just wanted to state that I can understand that complaint that gpl is stopping you if you are working on closed source software and you want to integrate gpl18:50
anpoks/gpl/that project18:50
lex_unlike upstart, mir will probably stay, right? together with unity 818:51
lex_are there any plans of dropping it?18:51
anpokwhy should there be any?18:56
lex_dont know19:01
lex_just askilng19:01
lex_i dont want to get back to a distro which will change a lot in the next 6 to 12 years, you know19:01
lex_i want something stable, but 14.04 will do it i guess19:01
lex_anyway ima try it19:01
anpokwhy do you dislike changes?19:01
lex_thx for the info19:01
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lex_I do not19:22
lex_I like unity in general19:22
lex_I like ubuntu overall design19:22
lex_I like many features19:22
lex_I like a lot about it19:22
lex_but I think its just strange that even distros like Xubuntu / Kubuntu / Lubuntu sort of turn their backs on Ubuntu19:23
lex_maybe its the childish community19:23
lex_or the direction Ubuntu is heading to19:23
lex_i dont know19:23
lex_however i am going to give them a try19:23
lex_havent in quite some time19:23

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