ubottudalekusa called the ops in #ubuntu ()03:37
rwwnot an actual emergency ^03:39
valoriecan we get !amd aliased to !ati ?07:58
bazhangubottu, lag10:33
ubottuYou have lag, I don't have lag10:33
bazhang<Fuchs> last_staff: do not run graphical applications with sudo10:57
bazhangis that still operable?10:57
bazhangie gksu/gksudo etc10:57
DGJonesI don't think I've read anything to say its not still appropriate11:05
bazhangI recall reading it was deprecated11:05
DGJonesIf it has been depreciated, !gksudo may need deleting/amending11:10
bazhanggood point11:10
DGJonesJust doing a bit of digging, from what  can see, the advice still seems to be around, what did change was that gksudo was no longer installed by default from 12.04 (and gksudo was just a symlink to gksu)11:13
DGJonesbazhang: http://askubuntu.com/questions/284306/why-is-gksu-no-longer-installed-by-default11:14
DGJonesHowever gksu is not recommended any more and it may be removed entirely from future issues of Ubuntu. In general the development team would prefer us not to use GUI applications as root but to use sudo and the command line instead.11:15
DGJonesIn the long term pkexec is preferred however it's not very easy to use at the moment.11:15
bazhangthanks DGJones !11:30
bazhangaskubuntu has everything11:30
DGJonesStill not certain if thats what you were thinking of11:30
bazhangthose were from fuchs afaict k1l not some random source :)12:15
ubottuIn ubottu, Tm_T said:  testers-#kubuntu-devel is <sed> /mamarley/mamarley, alket/14:14
Tm_Tsilly bot14:14
ubottuThe operation succeeded.14:14
PiciTheres a <seD>?14:14
Tm_Talso silly paste from me14:15
Tm_TPici: there's sed-like editing of factoids, yes14:15
PiciTm_T: I know that.14:15
tsimpson<sed> and ~= and =~ all do the same thing14:19
Picitsimpson: neat. I wasn't aware that <sed> was valid.14:19
Jordan_UJuatDave in #ubuntu seems to be a bot linking to another channel/server. Did we sanction this?18:56
PiciI mean, yes, that seems to be the case, no it was not sanctioned18:56
k1lhttp://www.irc-wiki.org/Janus yep, was a bot18:59
rwwugh, Janus. I might realname ban it19:08
Piciikonia: he was just talking to me elsewhere, its pretty harmless.19:13
ikonianah, he's not19:13
ikoniahe's a network wide tool, normal hits the linux channels19:14
PiciOh, I know hes annoying.19:14
hoverboardthat was a harmless joke, could you please remove the ban19:17
hoverboardikonia, I would appreciate it19:18
ikoniahoverboard: sorry, I've not really got time for your silly jokes, you know the rules in the channel, you know the rules in all the other channels you fool around in, it's not starting here19:28
ikoniaif one of the other operators disagrees they are welcome to remove the ban, but I'm not really interested in your silly behaviour joining our channels as you do with other ones19:29
hoverboardyou're right19:30
hoverboardI apologize19:30
ikoniano problem19:30
hoverboardit was just a quick hello to pici, I realize now it may sway the moods of others19:30
ikoniahoverboard: it wasn't19:30
ikonialets be honest19:30
ikoniathis is your normal behaviour, and I'm just not interested in it starting up in #ubuntu19:31
hoverboardthanks for your time19:32
ikoniano problem19:33
PiciLots of people with old releases lately.19:34
ikoniathe bash problem seems to have raised a few people into a need for support situation19:35
k1lPici: well, seems like they dropped 13.04 last days. so the now see that they get errors when running the update, that was useless anyway19:38
rwwi saw an 8.10 one the other day, i was impressed19:48
k1lupdates? who needs that?19:48
rwwexactly. and when you point out they're EOL... "well, I don't have time to update this right now because it's a production server, can i just get the bash .deb from a supported version?"19:51
rww(not exact quote, paraphrased)19:51
ikoniathat is the most frustrating part19:51
k1lyep. more support questions like this than i expected, tbh19:52

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