allyaihey there02:33
ahoneybunhey allyai02:38
allyaiI'm dual booting android kitkat and ubuntu touch on my nexus 4. in ubuntu touch, the data doesnt work but i can still text and stuff. how do i get the data to work?02:40
allyaifigured it was an apn thing02:40
=== chihchun_afk is now known as chihchun
allyaibut there arent apn settings in ubuntu touch02:40
nhainesEdit the files manually.02:41
nhainesWho's your carrier?02:41
allyaiwalmart family mobile but it uses t-mobiles apn02:42
nhainesT-Mobile US, then?02:42
allyaiim new to ubuntu, for the most part02:42
nhainesSo in that case the problem is that it defaults to an IPv6 APN but ofono (which does the data stuff) doesn't support IPv6.02:42
allyaiahh so change to the ipv4?02:42
nhainesSo what you want to do is activate Developer Mode, stop ofono, edit the config file, and then start ofono and you're all set.02:43
nhainesThere's no APN editor *yet*, so let me find a link.02:43
allyaiany way you could walk me through that?02:43
allyaiokay, great02:43
nhainesGrr, can't find it.  Okay.  So first of all, what channel are you using?02:46
allyaichannel as in?02:46
nhainesAs in where you got the image from.02:47
allyaithe ubuntu touch image?02:48
allyaiused an app that auto did it. multiroot app02:48
nhainesMultiROM Manager?02:48
nhainesGreat.  And when you had a list of 6 channels and a dropdown for revisions, which channel did you choose?  :)02:49
allyaii feel dumb now xD02:49
nhainesActually, we can do better.  In Ubuntu, go to System Settings and choose About this phone and tell me what OS version it says.  :)02:49
allyaii think i chose stable and revision 232 i think02:49
nhainesOkay, that's devel-proposed.02:50
nhainesThanks.  :)02:50
allyaimmhmm :D02:50
nhainesOkay, so go to the bottom of that screen and it'll say Developer Mode.02:51
allyaiOkay, enable that then?02:51
nhainesYou'll need to set a PIN or password to turn it on, but you can do that from there too.02:51
nhainesOh, are you running Ubuntu on your computer?02:51
allyaion my laptop, yeah02:51
allyaiim on my desktop atm02:51
nhainesOkay, well, we can do it on the phone through the Terminal app too.02:52
allyaienabled it02:52
nhainesOkay.  Open the Terminal, and type "sudo -i", no quotes.  For your password you'll put in the security code you just set.02:53
allyaiok, did so02:53
nhainesOkay.  So type in 'cd /var/lib/ofono', no quotes, and hit Enter, and then 'ls' and Enter.02:55
nhainesYou'll see two directories.  You want the one without a -# at the end.  So you'll type 'cd ' and the first number, then double-tap the screen and it'll fill in the rest for you.  Press Enter.02:55
nhainesOkay, so now we'll stop ofono.  Run 'service stop ofono'02:57
nhainesNext, we'll change the configuration.  type 'nano gprs' and hit enter.02:58
allyaiso run service stop ofono or service stop ofono?02:58
nhaines'service stop ofono'02:58
allyaistop - unrecognized service02:59
nhainesErr, try 'service ofono stop'02:59
allyaithere it is02:59
nhainesPerfect.  Now 'nano gprs'02:59
allyaioh nice03:00
allyaithen input the apn?03:00
nhainesYou'll see a line that says "Protocol=ipv6".  You're going to use the arrow keys to go down and change "ipv6" to "ip"03:00
nhainesShould already be set up.03:00
nhainesBut yes, if you need to make changes, this is where you do it.03:00
allyaiarrow keys?03:00
allyaifound it xD03:01
nhainesPress the menu icon in the toolbar at the top right corner of the screen and choose "Arrow keys"03:01
nhainesYeah.  :D03:01
allyaiok, at ip03:02
nhainesOkay.  Bring up the function keys and choose Ctrl+X.03:02
nhainesThen type "y" when it asks if you want to save.03:02
nhainesJust Enter when it asks for a filename.03:03
allyainot asking me to save03:03
nhainesWhat happened instead?03:03
allyainothing. pressed ctrl+x and it didnt do anything03:04
nhainesHmm.  That'll be a problem.03:04
nhainesCan you get your laptop?03:04
allyaiyeah, one sec03:04
mysticdemonsorry, wifi stopped working on laptop for some reason so i have to be wired03:07
=== mysticdemon is now known as allyai_
nhainesWelcome back.03:08
nhainesLaptop is running 14.04?03:08
allyai_Thanks. Yeah, thats another issue im having now xD getting my wifi on my laptop working again. first time ive encountered any issues with it03:08
allyai_yeah, 14.0403:08
nhainesGreat.  Install phablet-tools then.  'sudo apt install phablet-tools'03:08
nhainesWhoops, that's in a termian.03:09
allyai_right xD03:09
nhainesThe good news is that you've already done all the steps.  You just get to do it faster and easier now that you have a keyboard.  :)03:09
allyai_yeah xD03:09
nhainesConnect your phone to your laptop via USB for this.03:09
allyai_its installing03:10
allyai_id like to get better with ubuntu and terminal and stuff xD03:10
nhainesIt's all pretty simple.  You just have to learn it step by step.  :)  (I'm writing a book :P)03:11
allyai_Very nice. Yeah, i assumed so.03:11
allyai_Just dont know where to start03:11
nhainesWell, there's plenty of Linuxy stuff to learn from the GUI.  The command line is just a much more direct way to tell your computer to do things.03:12
allyai_right right03:13
nhainesActually, you can join this rather expensive course for free: https://courses.edx.org/courses/LinuxFoundationX/LFS101x/2T2014/03:13
nhainesSelf-paced.  :)03:13
allyai_oh, thanks :D03:13
nhainesOkay, so once everything's installed and your phone is attached, run 'phablet-shell'.  You might have to run it twice.03:14
allyai_okay, it's done03:14
nhainesOkay, so now you're controlling your phone just like you did with the Terminal ap.03:14
nhainesSo , 'sudo -i', then 'cd /var/lib/ofono', then 'ls'03:15
allyai_phablet-shell command not found03:15
nhainestype 'apt-cache policy phablet-tools' and let me know what "installed version" says.03:16
allyai_phablet-tools:   Installed: 1.0+14.04.20140416-0ubuntu1   Candidate: 1.0+14.04.20140416-0ubuntu1   Version table:  *** 1.0+14.04.20140416-0ubuntu1 0         500 http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ trusty/universe amd64 Packages         100 /var/lib/dpkg/status03:17
nhainesCould have sworn that had phablet-shell in it.  Type 'phablet-' and press Tab twice and see if there's anything similar there.03:18
nhaines(Tab autocompletes things from what you type.  It's one secret to looking cool and fast when you're using the command line.)03:18
allyai_phablet-bootchart         phablet-demo-setup        phablet-network phablet-click-test-setup  phablet-dev-bootstrap     phablet-screenshot phablet-config            phablet-flash             phablet-test-run03:19
nhainesIn that case, run 'sudo add-apt-repository ppa:phablet-team/ppa'03:21
nhainesNo, belay that.03:21
allyai_okay xD03:22
nhainesIf 'adb shell' doesn't work, I'll find something03:23
allyai_* daemon not running. starting it now on port 5037 * * daemon started successfully * error: device not found03:24
allyai_im plugged in03:24
nhainesOkay.  Try this.03:27
nhaines'sudo add-apt-repository ppa:phablet-team/tools'03:27
nhainesThen 'sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade'03:28
nhaines(This runs 'sudo apt update', and then only if there are no errors it runs 'sudo apt upgrade')03:28
allyai_oh thats nice03:29
nhainesYeah, you can separate commands with ';' but && is nice when you don't want to keep going if there's a problem.03:30
allyai_That's really convenient03:30
allyai_alright it's done03:31
nhainesGreat.  Now we try 'phablet-shell'03:31
allyai_waiting for it to do something03:32
nhainesOkay, let me know if if gives an error.03:33
allyai_still not doing anything03:34
nhainesOkay.  Ctrl+C will cancel the command.03:35
nhainesrun 'sudo adb kill-server' and we'll restart adb.03:35
nhainesThen run 'adb devices'03:36
allyai_i know from flashing android on windows that should show me device03:38
allyai_it's not03:38
allyai_my device isnt even showing as being plugged in, but it's charging03:38
allyai_gimme a sec, let me grab another cable03:39
nhainesGood idea.  :)03:39
nhainesIf not, at this point if you have adb set up on your Windows computer we'll move back.03:39
allyai_now it's showing03:40
allyai_try the phablet-shell again>03:40
nhainesThat's "yay" with my hands in the air.03:40
allyai_yeah xD03:40
allyai_been on irc since 2007 ^_^03:40
nhaineshaha  XD03:40
nhainesDidn't realize the "?" was a typo correction.  :)03:41
nhainesAny luck now?03:41
allyai_ssh-keygen: /home/myname/.ssh/known_hosts: No such file or directory03:42
nhainesThat's just fine.  It should set all that up for you.03:42
nhainesRun it again.  :)03:42
allyai_same error03:42
nhainesStrange.  Try 'adb shell' now.03:43
allyai_changes to phablet@ubuntu-phablet \o/03:43
allyai_instead of the other directory03:43
nhainesOkay, from now on you're controlling your phone.03:44
nhainesSo: 'sudo -i' then 'cd /var/lib/ofono' and then 'ls'03:44
nhainesThen 'cd [first number of the directory]', hit Tab, and then enter.03:45
nhainesOkay.  'service ofono stop'03:45
nhaines'nano gprs'03:46
nhainesChange "ipv6" to "ip", then Ctrl+O to save, and Ctrl+X to exit.03:46
nhainesThat's Ctrl-O as in "Write _O_ut your changes to disk."03:47
allyai_asks file name to save as03:47
nhainesSame, so just press Enter.03:47
allyai_file name to write03:47
allyai_enter wont do anything :/03:48
nhainesCtrl+X to cancel and Ctrl+X to exit.  Make sure the prompt says root@ubuntu-phablet03:48
allyai_yeah, it says that03:50
nhainesAnd 'service ofono stop' said service stopped/waiting right?03:51
nhainesWell, try again.  :)  'nano gprs'03:52
nhainesGreat. :)  Try it again, and just a thought, 'O' should be lowercase.03:52
nhainesAlthough I don't think that matters.03:52
nhainesNot once you get to the filename prompt anyway.03:53
allyai_yeah enter still wont work03:53
nhainesOkay, watch this.  Change it to 'gprs.new'03:53
allyai_when  i go to save it?03:54
allyai_still doesnt do anything03:54
nhainesPressing Enter next to ' and not Enter on the number pad?03:54
nhainesExit nano with Ctrl+x03:55
nhainesThen run 'cp gprs gprs.new' and then try 'nano gprs.new'03:55
nhainesThat makes a copy and then we'll open the new one.  Make the changes and try to save.03:56
allyai_still wont do it03:56
nhainesOkay.  Exit nano, run ls -l gprs' and paste in just the one line with the filename in it.03:57
allyai_-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 229 Sep 28 23:46 gprs03:58
nhainesJust what it should say.03:59
nhainesWell... try 'sudo nano gprs'03:59
allyai_still wont save04:01
allyai_whats append and prepend?04:01
nhainesappend adds on to the end a file, prepend adds on to the beginning of a file.04:02
nhainesI have to say, I'm stumped.  :)04:02
nhainesI've been fixing the file for a month on both the devel-proposed and rtm branches.04:03
nhainesThe bad news is that we haven't made any changes to the phone, so it will all work again once you run 'service ofono start'04:04
nhainesBut the bad news is we didn't make any changes to the phone.  :)04:04
nhainesIf you want to try to reflash, 'rtm/ubuntu-14.09' is probably the best release to play with if you're not a developer.  :)04:04
nhaines('rtm/ubuntu-14.09-proposed' would be the developer side... they're built daily and super well tested ones get moved to the first channel.)04:05
allyai_okay so use multirom manager and add that one instead?04:05
allyai_actually one sec04:06
nhainesYup.  Delete this one (for space purposes), so be sure to pull any pictures you've taken.04:06
allyai_let me do that04:07
nhainesSure thing.04:07
nhainesIf I fall asleep spontaneously, basically the only thing you do after you save the gprs file changes is either reboot or run 'service ofono start'.  And then if that doesn't work reboot.04:08
allyai_boot android and use the app to delete the rom?04:08
allyai_while im waiting for this, registered on edX04:09
nhainesGreat!  It's a really nice course, and it's prepared by the Linux Foundation.04:09
allyai_but i cant register for that course04:10
allyai_when i click register it takes me to an all courses page xD04:10
nhainesThat's super bizzare.04:11
allyai_idk haha04:11
allyai_how do i delete these "partitions"04:11
nhainesOn the phone?  Shouldn't be any.04:12
nhainesRun MultiROM Manager, swipe the tray in from the left, choose "Manage ROMs"04:12
nhainesThen click the trash can to delete the Ubuntu ROM.04:12
allyai_i feel so dumb hahaha04:12
nhainesIt's really easy to do the second time.  :)04:13
allyai_it's like midnight and im tired. my excuse xD04:13
nhainesIt's okay.  It's only 9pm here and I'm already falling asleep, heh.04:13
allyai_and im installing ubuntu-rtm/14.09?04:14
nhainesHere's the edX link again: https://www.edx.org/course/linuxfoundationx/linuxfoundationx-lfs101x-introduction-162104:14
nhainesIt lags behind in features but functionality doesn't break occasionally like it does in -proposed where they're testing the new stuff.04:14
allyai_ahh there we go. now i can add it04:14
allyai_alright, installing now04:15
nhainesOnce they have something nice and solid, they "promote" an image to 'ubuntu-rtm/14.09' and then you'll see it in the system updates.  :)04:15
allyai_well, actually, whats the difference in that and the -customized one?04:15
nhainesThe -customized one is broken.04:15
nhainesCanonical used it to test the OEM customization toolkit but it was internal-use-only.04:15
allyai_i like ubuntu more than windows04:16
nhainesBasically, the Ubuntu system image is one thing, all support (drivers and so on) for a specific device is another file, and then OEMs can customize color schemes, branding, and extra apps, and that's a completely different file.  So it shouldn't be fragmented like Android.04:16
nhainesI've been using Ubuntu only, other than work, since Ubuntu 6.10 in 2010.  And sometimes at work too.  ;)04:17
nhainesAlso by 2010 I mean 2006.04:17
allyai_oh nice04:18
allyai_ill probably keep windows for awhile for gaming stuff04:18
nhainesI mean, sometimes I boot into Windows because Skyrim.  But now between Steam and Kerbal Space Program...04:18
allyai_cant wait for more steam games to be linux supported04:18
allyai_tried using wine but i cant get terraria to play xD04:19
nhainesWhen Civ V came out nobody saw me for 2 days.  :)04:19
nhainesBetween steamlib and OpenGL, Linux support is quite easy.  So anything supporting SteamOS ought to just work on Ubuntu.04:19
allyai_i'd like terraria to work04:23
nhainesHmm, it's supposed to.04:25
nhainesThis might help you out: http://www.playonlinux.com/en/04:26
allyai_yeah im using playonlinux04:26
allyai_i installed steam with playonlinux to play final fantasy 804:27
nhainesI don't have that game, so that was all I had  :)04:27
allyai_not working for terraria though. says app is already running and whatnot04:27
nhainesThat's certainly odd.04:28
allyai_in steam it says that04:28
allyai_i could try doing terraria through playonlinux instead of through steam through playonlinux04:29
nhainesMight be worth a try.04:29
allyai_but im not sure how to xD04:29
nhainesPlayonlinux should walk you through it.  :)04:29
allyai_okay, phones working. shall we try this all again?04:32
allyai_lol enter still wont work xD04:36
nhainesI actually found that my phone (I have a Nexus 5) hadn't been updated either since I reflashed it.04:37
nhainesSo I did the steps in tandem.04:37
allyai_and yours worked?04:37
nhainesCan you copy everything you've done in the terminal from "phablet-shell" on, and paste it at http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/ ?04:38
nhainesYeah, worked fine.04:38
allyai_how do i copy everything after doing nano gprs?04:38
allyai_all i see is the edit part for that file04:39
allyai_not anything i had already done04:39
nhainesWhen you exit nano you should be able to see the rest.04:39
nhainesdrag the mouse up past the top of the window and it should scroll.04:39
nhainesIt sounds like you're doing everything right, so I want to see if I can find anything else wrong.04:39
allyai_not scrolling04:40
nhainesWhat if you drag the scrollbar?04:40
allyai_doesnt have one04:41
nhainesIn that case, if you wouldn't mind replicating your steps (stop before the nano step)...04:41
nhaines"exit" twice will bring you back to your computer.04:42
nhainesOr you can open a new terminal and go from there.  :)04:42
nhaines(The first exit logs out from root, the second from the phone.)04:42
allyai_did you get that?04:48
nhainesYeah, that's all the right stuffs.04:49
nhainesThe only thing you forgot was 'service stop ofono'04:50
nhainesBut that shouldn't keep you from saving, I don't think.04:50
nhainesofono will just overwrite it with the old version, but nano should still save.  :)04:51
=== chihchun is now known as chihchun_afk
nhainesOn the bright side, Ubuntu's data usage on the phone is kinda high?04:56
nhainesYou won't have to worry about excess data charges or reaching your bandwidth cap this way.  :)04:58
allyai_unlimited data amnyway :P04:59
nhainesMe too, but there's that time I was at SCALE and forgot I was tethered throw my phone and turned on Netflix.  Ate through 4.5GB of beautiful HD video in about an hour and a half.  The next two weeks were sad.  :P05:01
allyai_thats unfortunate xD05:02
nhainesAt least it lasted through the conference.  :)05:02
allyai_damn, i wish i could get this data working so i could get the most use out of this OS05:03
nhainesYeah, the phone really needs data to get anything done.05:03
allyai_ubuntu in general, from what ive gathered05:04
allyai_in my few weeks usingit05:04
nhainesI like Ubuntu because you can basically just sit down and get things done without fighting with it (T-Mobile's APN excluded).05:06
nhainesAnd then, of course, once you get your work done, if you *want* to sit down and tweak things there's nothing stopping you.  ;)05:06
nhainesWork *is* being done on an APN editor, btw.  I don't know what the delivery timeframe is but I should suspect some time in October.05:07
allyai_thats odd05:08
allyai_stop: unrecognized service05:08
allyai_when i do service ofono stop05:08
nhainesThat is odd.05:08
allyai_was gonna try it again from the phone itself05:08
nhainesOh, you have to run sudo first.05:09
nhainesNo, wait.  You have to reactivate developer mode.  :D05:09
allyai_i did :P05:09
nhainesBut once you have a shell, whether it's in your Terminal or on the computer, it's identical.05:09
allyai_first thing i did05:09
nhainesYou might be able to setup the APN here:  http://askubuntu.com/questions/413438/no-mobile-data-on-nexus-4-ubuntu-touch05:10
nhainesYou shouldn't have to create the context, just use deactivate-context and then list the parameters to find out how to change the protocol.05:10
allyai_mind walking me through that?05:11
nhainesSure, let me reboot my phone again.  :)05:12
allyai_thank you :D05:12
nhainesOkay, starting from phablet-shell05:15
nhainessudo -i05:17
nhainescd /usr/share/ofono/scripts/05:17
allyai_-bash: adb: command not found05:18
allyai_when i do adb shell05:18
nhainesYou're supposed to do phablet-shell  :)05:18
allyai_oh im still in root05:19
allyai_phablet-shell gave ssh-keygen: /home/randall/.ssh/known_hosts: No such file or directory05:19
allyai_but adb shell worked05:20
nhainesin that case, cd /usr/share/ofono/scripts/05:20
nhaines./set-context-property 0 Protocol ip05:20
nhainesAnd that should do it.05:20
allyai_do i need to reboot?05:24
nhainesNo, shouldn't.  You can toggle airplane mode once or twice.05:24
nhainesSuccess looks like this: http://imgur.com/mRH4OJm05:26
nhainesAh, looks like ofono isn't running again.05:27
nhaines'service ofono start'05:27
allyai_ohh am i missing that? xD05:28
nhaines./set-context-property 0 Protocol ip05:28
nhainesYou'll be all set.05:28
allyai_from the /scripts/ directory?05:28
nhainesWhen you type a command, it only runs from the system's path to commands.  That's what the './' means.  It means "in this directory"05:29
nhainesKeeps malicious archives from trying to take over a command.  :)05:29
allyai_still no 3g05:31
=== chihchun_afk is now known as chihchun
nhainesSend me the output from those commands again.  :)05:32
nhainesPunch airplane mode on and off from the network indicator, too.05:32
nhainesYup, looks good.  If airplane mode doesn't fix it, I'd just reboot the phone.05:34
allyai_gonna try that05:34
allyai_my volume keys dont do anything :(05:35
nhainesReally?  I'm almost certain mine do.05:35
nhainesCan confirm.05:36
allyai_on a side note: terraria's working05:36
allyai_lol now it says no sim xDDD05:37
nhainesToggle airplane mode.  :)05:38
allyai_still nothing05:39
allyai_but at least now 4g shows up under cellular data05:39
nhainesReally?  Because it never does for me.05:41
nhainesWhere exactly?  In System Settings or in the indicator?05:42
allyai_wish my 4g would work on my phone -_- damn turned off nexus 4 4g antenna05:42
allyai_under system settings05:42
nhainesI still only have off, 2G, and 2G/3G.05:43
nhainesMy connection icon in the indicator shows 4G though.05:43
allyai_yeah i have 4g next to 2g/3g now05:43
nhainesSo I've got that going for me, which is nice.05:43
allyai_says N/A for carrier now too05:44
nhainesWhat about in your indicator?05:44
allyai_indicator notification drop down thing?05:44
nhainesWell, the indicator icon, not inside the pulldown.05:44
allyai_ohhh it doesnt have anything05:45
allyai_just the time, sound, battery, notifications, wifi, location and transfer05:46
allyai_no bars and no 3g05:46
nhainesSo this is where I say reflash and wait for a new promotion and cross your fingers that the APN editor lands soon.  :)05:47
nhainesOr, if you're in here in the morning all the developers who actually work on this stuff show up.05:47
allyai_oh good05:47
nhaines(They're in here during European work hours.)05:47
allyai_i dont work till tomorrow evening05:47
nhainesThere you go then.05:47
allyai_thanks thoough, for all the help05:48
nhainesHa, thanks!  And I'm sorry we couldn't get it working.  I'm a little surprised it gave so much trouble.05:48
allyai_me too xD05:48
nhainesBut thanks for being so patient, and hopefully you learned a bit more about the Terminal.  It's not so scary.  :)05:49
allyai_yeah, quite a bit more05:49
=== chihchun is now known as chihchun_afk
alvaroi need to know  if someone know  if  i have  a tablet  with prebuild  usb port   is necesary   do  complete procedure for flashing  ubuntu  or  i can   boot tablet from usb  an its  working well ?06:54
nhainesNo one knows that.  It'd entirely depend on the tablet.06:55
alvaroi  try  to understand  if  native ubuntu 14.04  version    is  touch  availabe  or  ubuntu  exclusive  have a  pakage  for  tables and  touch  devices ?06:59
alvaroif anybody knows please  send an email  explain  to  gerencia@allix.co07:00
dholbachgood morning07:03
nhainesdholbach: good morning!07:04
dholbachhey nhaines07:04
nhainesHave a nice weekend?07:04
dholbacha bit busy, but yes - I was at xda:devcon in Manchester, and now on a brief visit in Berlin07:05
dholbachhow about you?07:05
nhainesNot too bad... I finally finished that first book chapter, so then I spent a little time on Saturday playing Kerbal Space Program and writing, and today I wasted my time looking at KSP mods instead of playing.  ;)07:11
_kaisoz_hi there!07:17
pittidpm: good morning; the next langpacks will ship libusermetrics, now that the template is approved/imported; I also updated some German translations in LP (i. e. the POT is now in LP)07:38
pittidbarth: oxide-qt translations are in current langpacks; however, it is utterly pointless, I just commented on the bug07:38
dpmpitti, ah, awesome. I saw your comment about pulling from trunk - to which project were you referring to? IIRC the libusermetrics upstream project does not have automatic exports enabled07:39
pittidpm: I meant libusermetrics07:39
pittidpm: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~unity-team/libusermetrics/trunk/changes looks like it does07:39
dpmpitti, oh, strange, I looked at it on Friday and they were disabled. But the bzr history says that they've been enabled for a while. Nm07:42
dbarthpitti: hi07:44
dbarthah ok07:44
nhainesHmm, web-browser won't even run now on trusty.07:44
nhainesI wonder if I should try to fight with utopic in a virtual machine.07:45
dbarthpitti: right, i knew about your reservations about not using $LANGUAGE; this was the initial implementation, but then oxide folks decided .mo was better07:45
dbarthpitti: i will ask them to comment07:45
pittidbarth: yeah, ok; just mentioning that this is rather an abuse of translations :)07:45
pittidbarth: but anyway, RTM's langpacks have them since yesterday07:46
dbarthok, so the bug will be fixed07:46
dbarthhow do we let translators know about that? ie no need to translate?07:46
dbarthjust a comment in the code/07:46
pittidbarth: I don't understand "no need to translate"? -- if you put it in a .pot, then translators do need to translate it07:48
pittidbarth: otherwise, add a /* TRANSLATORS: <explanation> */ comment right above to say details; i. e. this needs to have a strict format, and only known values, etc.07:49
pittiand is also ordering dependent, needs commas, no spaces, etc.07:49
pittitranslators will mess this up thoroughly at some point :)07:49
dbarthyes, i meant that type of special comments07:49
dbarthyeah, that's error-prone07:50
dpmpitti, dbarth, where's that string translatable?07:51
pittiit's still just plain wrong07:52
pittie. g. https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/utopic/+source/oxide-qt/+pots/oxide/de/+translate hardcodes de-DE,de,en07:52
pittibut what if I speak French or Portugese better than English, and told my system that?07:52
pittior the other way around, if I prefer to read web pages in English?07:52
dbarthright, this is not consistent07:54
dpmpitti, dbarth, I thought that was the default and that the languages would be configurable07:54
dpmso if I understand it correctly, this is now hardcoded07:54
dbarthi guess the idea was to have a configuration variable outside of the code itself. but the consequences are not good07:54
pittithese lists are fine as a default if $LANGUAGES is not set, right07:55
pittithey are still not quite ideal in PO files though (too easy to mess them up), but oh well, bikeshedding07:55
seb128would be better to have a gsettings key07:56
seb128schemas can have by locale defaults07:56
dpmone thing to also bear in mind is that gettext codes not always map to the browser's language format (which uses language tags)07:56
pittihow is that better? (aside from the fact that it's qt)07:56
_kaisoz_I'm trying to build Touch according to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Building08:00
_kaisoz_concretely, I'm launching "lunch aosp_x86-userdebug" to use it with the emulator and get familiar08:01
_kaisoz_but I'm having problems building08:01
_kaisoz_ubuntu/platform-api/android/hybris/../default/default_ubuntu_application_ui.cpp:454:22: error: 'class ubuntu::application::ui::Surface' has no member named 'get_orientation'08:01
_kaisoz_and what I can see is that in ./ubuntu/platform-api/android/include/private/application/ui/surface.h there is no public "get_orientation" interface08:02
_kaisoz_does anybody know something about this?08:02
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JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Monday, and happy International Coffee Day! :-D08:30
=== chihchun_afk is now known as chihchun
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nhainesdholbach: you know, I have ancestors from Germany.09:02
nhainesProbably all from Neanderthal, unfortunately.  :)09:02
nhainesI regret that I was in Köln and didn't know that it was just a few kilometers away.  I would have gone for sure.  :)09:03
nhainesdholbach: but in a couple of years I want to go back.  12 years is far too long to be away, and I've never had Sauerbraten, and at the time I didn't drink beer!  So I plan to make up for lost opportunities.  ;)09:05
ogra_nhaines, you can just apt-get install suerbraten ;)09:06
ogra_the neanderthal is a beautiful place :)09:06
* ogra_ has lived around the corner for a while09:07
nhainesWell, sauerbraten would be fun but not so delicious I think.  ;)09:07
nhainesI think this was maybe the second beer I ever had, in Germany, haha: http://ic.pics.livejournal.com/nhaines/542249/6490/6490_original.jpg09:07
nhainesI wouldn't mind being that thin again.09:07
ogra_thats a shot !09:08
ogra_with foam09:08
nhainesYes, I stayed there with a friend and there was confusion because they hoped I wouldn't mind spaghetti bolognese and I'd never heard of such a thing... that was just how we always had it at home.09:09
nhainesSo I promised "ich werde alles mindestens ein mal probieren."09:10
nhainesSo while my friend's mom told the waiter I didn't know what kind of beer I liked and would he just bring a small glass (as you see in the photo, mission accomplished), she also ordered escargot, and I had to eat one.  :P09:10
nhainesSome friends, holding me to my word.  :D09:11
nhainesOh well, I'm overdue for sleep.  Tschüß  ;)09:13
seb128dbarth, mardy_; hey, on the current rtm image, on a new install if I do settings->account->facebook, the screen recommends me to get "facebook for android" in a yellow rectangle, is that a known issue/what component would be to blame?09:21
dbarthseb128: hi09:22
mardy_seb128: it's a known one, let me find it...09:22
dbarthseb128: yeah, those are annoying popups09:22
dbarthit's mostly because facebook doesn't yet make the difference with our UA string09:23
seb128similarly, when click on the "amazon" icon in the dash, the screen has a banner "view in the amazon application" and if you click on that you get the webbrowser displaying an error about market: url09:23
dbarthmardy_: actually, there is a script that removes it for certain sites, that could be a way to remove, or even advertise the webapp...09:23
seb128dbarth, well, "advertise the webapp", that's in the system settings, that doesn't seem required there09:24
dbarthbtw, anyone knows how i can force my phone to see a new sim?09:24
dbarthah, not in system settings, indeed09:24
mardy_seb128: I'd say that it's a variant of bug 123873609:25
dbarthso that's one extra trick: apply the script to remove popups everywhere; put our own (if we want to do that) only in browser itself09:25
ubot5bug 1238736 in Online Accounts setup for Ubuntu Touch "Facebook reports login from "Mobile Safari on iPhone"" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/123873609:25
seb128mardy_, thanks, not sure I agree with the "low" there though09:26
seb128dbarth, what would be the right project to report the amazon's webapp issue?09:27
seb128dbarth, mardy_:  hum, also isn't the webapp supposed to use the ussoa credentials?09:29
seb128I added my fb account09:29
seb128go to the dash, starts facebook and I'm asked for my login/password09:29
mardy_seb128: it's being worked on as we speak :-)09:33
seb128mardy_, great :-)09:34
dbarthseb128: webapps-core, put [amazon] in brackets09:41
dbarthseb128: it should already work for facebook: did you enable the webapp in USS>OA>FB ?09:41
seb128dbarth, yes, but I'm on rtm, maybe the fix didn't land there yet?09:43
seb128dbarth, oh, sorry, no I didn't enable the webapp ... it's not obvious that you need to go back in there to enable things09:43
dbarthseb128: hmm, it should09:43
seb128it also list an empty row09:43
seb128is that known?09:44
seb128one without icon/title09:44
dbarthseb128: agreed; but the next landing will have the account created automatically when you start the webapp, and have it enabled by default09:44
dbarthseb128: we are landing things gradually, one app at a time09:44
dbarthas they have quite different ways of dealing with cookies and multple account support09:44
dbarthseb128: ping? since it's slightly in system settings.... ;) do you know how to force a sim detection?10:07
seb128dbarth, no idea, sorry ... maybe try rebooting? ;-)10:08
dbarthoh i did already10:08
dbarthi guess i'll see with cyphermox or awe later today10:08
seb128dbarth, mardy_, the fb details have 3 rows, one without icon/label, the fb app and notifications ... is the first/empty row a known issue? if not what info would be useful in a bug report?10:09
dbarthseb128: i think that's the scope10:09
dbarthlet me check the bug #10:10
Ralph1hi, can somebody tell me the current status of using gps data on Nexus 4 ?10:19
ogra_should work with recent devel-proposed images10:20
Ralph1ok, gps_test is running fine. But if I use the SDK PositionSource I can't receeive any data.10:20
dbarthseb128: can't find it right now; mardy do you have that bug #? ^^ (i think knitzche created one)10:21
ogra_you cant access gps directly from the app ... needs to go through the framework and the trust store (your app wont just get access if the user didnt allow the trust store to access it)10:22
ogra_(now don't ask me how to do that ... the guys in #ubuntu-app-devel probably do though)10:23
Ralph1yes, thats right.10:23
Ralph1The  problem is that the PostionSource is only receiving data from LAN and cell data, but not from GPS10:24
ogra_ah ... probabl lool and tvoss know more then, they worked on the locatio bits the recent time10:25
loolRalph1: yes that's known10:25
ogra_not to me !10:26
loolRalph1: this is temporary while we fix the espoo + gps combination (AGPS)10:26
Ralph1lool:Good to know, thnaks10:27
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mardy_dbarth, seb128: bug 137400310:58
ubot5bug 1374003 in Online Accounts setup for Ubuntu Touch "unidentified ghost access requested for online accounts" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/137400310:59
nerochiarojhodapp: hi Jim, I updated the MR for fixing the EXIF tags https://code.launchpad.net/~phablet-team/qtubuntu-camera/fix-exif-timestamp/+merge/23569110:59
seb128mardy_, thanks11:01
lotuspsychjeare RTM bug fixes also fixed on devel?11:04
nerochiarojhodapp: if there are more tests you would like to see added let me know11:04
ogra_lotuspsychje, yes11:04
lotuspsychjeogra_: cool tnx11:04
ogra_things that get uploaded to RTM are required to land in utopic too11:04
lotuspsychjeogra_: so no reason to switch to RTM?11:05
ogra_lotuspsychje, well, it iis usually behind wrt changes ... but more stable11:05
lotuspsychjeogra_: ok11:06
chrisci switched back to devel after failing to find hot to install things like screen in rtm11:06
lotuspsychjechrisc: what you mean by screen11:07
ogra_yes, the rtm repository contains only whats needed for touch11:07
chriscscreen is a terminal application which allows you yo have more than one terminal session11:07
lotuspsychjedoesn RTM allow installing terminal programs?11:08
ogra_sure it does11:08
ogra_but it ises its oown package archive11:09
chriscthe repos don't have lots of things i use every day in them, like screen...11:09
lotuspsychjeno locked dir?11:09
ogra_same locking you know from ubuntu11:09
ogra_but rtm is its own distro and doesnt have a complete archive copy11:09
lotuspsychjei see11:09
chriscfwiw this is the email i sent about it https://lists.launchpad.net/ubuntu-phone/msg09967.html11:10
lotuspsychjewell ill stick to devel until devices get launched officially11:10
tsdgeosdoes anyone knwo who i ask to enable arm on my ppa?11:13
tsdgeosogra_: ↑ ?11:13
ogra_tsdgeos, #lanuchpad i think11:13
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mptseb128, do you remember a bug report about list items that do nothing (like the “Ringer:” label in System Settings “Sound”) still highlighting when it’s tapped? I’m sure it was reported but I can’t find it11:16
dbarthmardy_: ah right, thank you11:18
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seb128mpt, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/+bug/136230511:29
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1362305 in Ubuntu UI Toolkit "Listitems without actions shouldn't animate on click events" [Undecided,Confirmed]11:29
mptseb128, aha, I tried searching for “list item” and for “listitem”, but not for “listitems”. :-) Thanks!11:30
seb128mpt, yw!11:31
seb128mpt, launchpad not doing substring matching is annoying :/11:32
ahayzenmpt, is there a bug for when on the location page in system-settings it is not scrollable, so i cannot see all the apps that are trusted?11:33
mptahayzen, yes, bug 137401711:34
ahayzenoh that would be bug 137401711:34
ubot5bug 1374017 in ubuntu-system-settings (Ubuntu) "Cannot scroll down the list of apps that can access my location" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/137401711:34
ahayzenmpt, just wanted to check it existed.... ignore me then ;)11:35
seb128mpt, do you have an opinion about https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-system-settings/+bug/1372555 or is that something you need to think about?11:37
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1372555 in ubuntu-system-settings (Ubuntu) "[system-settings] Settings application should run only in portrait" [Wishlist,New]11:37
mptI have opinions about EVERYTHING11:37
mpt(not really)11:38
_kaisoz_hi there11:40
Z3Hi, when will appear first Ubuntu tablet?12:09
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popeyZ3: next year probably12:09
Z3popey thanks again :)12:10
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jhodappnerochiaro, cool, I'll take a look13:04
nerochiarojhodapp: thanks. could you do it today ?13:04
jhodappnerochiaro, yeah, doing right now13:05
tsdgeosrenatu: https://code.launchpad.net/~aacid/address-book-app/addi18ntr/+merge/235912 ?13:12
tsdgeospopey: https://code.launchpad.net/~aacid/ubuntu-rssreader-app/addi18ntr/+merge/235927 https://code.launchpad.net/~aacid/ubuntu-filemanager-app/addi18ntr/+merge/23593413:13
renatutsdgeos, nice, thanks, could you do it against the staging branch?13:13
=== tedg is now known as ted
tsdgeosrenatu: that0s something it would have been cool you told me last week13:14
tsdgeosrenatu: but sure13:14
popeythanks tsdgeos13:14
renatutsdgeos, sorry, I did not notice this branch until now13:14
Cyr1lhello there !13:16
Cyr1la couple of questions from a newbie regarding Ubuntu Touch :13:17
Cyr1ldo we agree that it comes as a "stand-alone" (and not like a VM as there was once for Androïd) ?13:18
tsdgeosit has never been a VM for Android13:18
ogra_the very very first iteration ran inside a chroot in an android installl13:19
tsdgeosyou may be thinking of Ubuntu for Android, that is not a VM either but well13:19
=== dandrader is now known as dandrader|afk
tsdgeosogra_: sure, still not a VM ;)13:19
ogra_but it was only like that for a month or so13:19
tuor-workhi, do someone know if the sony xperia z1 will be available soon to? The sony xperia z is more or less stable.13:19
Cyr1lI may have misused the term VM, but at the moment you don't need any form of Android to run it, right ?13:20
ogra_you do13:20
ogra_the graphics drivers, the radio firmware and drivers and most of the sensor and GPS drivers are binary blobs that need an android environment to work at all13:21
ogra_so we have a tiny lxc container in which this minimal android install runs (teh drivers and daemone the drivers need to work)13:22
Cyr1lso Touch comes as an additional layer on top of the Androïd OS ?13:22
popeynot all of android13:22
popeyonly the tiniest bit for hardware enablement13:22
popeyno dalvik13:22
tsdgeosrenatu: https://code.launchpad.net/~aacid/address-book-app/addi18ntr/+merge/23632513:22
ogra_the ubuntu install is natively on the device ... you boot into ti etc13:22
renatutsdgeos, approved. Thanks13:23
ogra_during the boot process it fires up an ~80MB big lxc container that provides the drivers from a completely cut down android13:23
tsdgeosrenatu: i also have https://code.launchpad.net/~aacid/dialer-app/addi18ntr/+merge/235920 that has a CI error but i don't see how it can be my fault, any input?13:24
ogra_Cyr1l, you can boot without the android conntainer ... but wouldnt have radio, sensore or graphical output13:24
Cyr1lthat would be too bad :)13:25
ogra_thats why we have the container :)13:25
Cyr1lI get it13:26
Cyr1lso second question13:26
Cyr1lwhat smartphone would you recommend for a guy who's willing to test Touch and eventually developping on it ?13:26
Voidzoneso when will ubuntu phone on sale13:27
ogra_Cyr1l, nexus413:27
renatutsdgeos, boiko could you check that https://code.launchpad.net/~aacid/dialer-app/addi18ntr/+merge/2359213:27
ogra_Voidzone, before end of the year13:27
jgdxseb128, hi. How do I push directly to uss trunk? push :submit/:parent does not seem to work.13:27
Voidzonehow much13:27
Voidzonewhat hardware13:27
ogra_no idea, you have to wait til the dealers announce the prices :)13:28
ogra_Voidzone, google for "ubuntu on meizu and BQ phones"13:28
boikorenatu: I think the URL is incorrect, it is not found here13:28
tsdgeosboiko: https://code.launchpad.net/~aacid/dialer-app/addi18ntr/+merge/23592013:28
Voidzonei heard one china phone maker Meizu will produce it?13:28
boikotsdgeos: thanks13:28
Voidzonewhat apps will ubuntu touch support13:29
willcookeElleo, hey!  following up on my rambling keybaord/password issue from last week.  I'm going to log a bug against the OSK I think.  Can you tell me the project name in LP?13:29
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boikotsdgeos: nice one! can you just revert the .pot changes? I will commit the pot update directly to trunk after this MR lands (avoid conflicts)13:30
tsdgeosboiko: i can13:30
Voidzoneso that ubuntu finally makes money on phone ?13:31
tsdgeosboiko: there you go, done13:32
vitimitiI have a samsung galaxy trend plus, do you guys think any of the methods for galaxy phones supported by the community would be compatible with this one?13:33
boikotsdgeos: nice! thanks!13:33
jhodappnerochiaro, approved13:34
nerochiarojhodapp: excellent, thanks13:34
jhodappnp, nice work13:34
nerochiarojhodapp: ty13:35
seb128jgdx, bzr push lp:ubuntu-system-settings?13:36
seb128jgdx, but make sure you have current trunk with just the pot update commited on top of it13:37
seb128jgdx, but we got a recent update, http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~system-settings-touch/ubuntu-system-settings/trunk/revision/1091 ... does it include your strings?13:37
t1mphow do I remove a scope from favorites?13:53
t1mpohhhh nevermind13:53
t1mpI was trying to do that in the "manage scopes" view, not in the scope itself :)13:54
nerochiarojhodapp: when I play a video with the QML Video component, do you know what's the library that takes care of it behind the scene ?13:54
jgdxseb128, ack, thanks13:54
jhodappnerochiaro, at which level are you asking about? lowest level or directly under the QML component?13:55
=== dandrader|afk is now known as dandrader
nerochiarojhodapp: more like, what's the stack behind video playback. in some cases when a video reaches the end I get no end-of-media event and I want to dig to find out where the problem is13:56
kenvandinebarry, the addition of target_build_number worked for me, when do you think that'll land?13:56
jhodappnerochiaro, ok...so first place to start would be qtubuntu-media13:57
jhodappnerochiaro, put some debug in the end of stream callback to see if that's always getting called13:57
barrykenvandine: fantastic!  that's all i was waiting for.  i'll get 2.5-0ubuntu1 onto the train today13:58
kenvandinebarry, maybe we can put it in my silo with some fixes in the update plugin?13:59
kenvandineincluding my branch that uses your change :)13:59
barrykenvandine: that sounds like a plan.  don't use that branch though.  let me do a proper release.  i can put that up in the next 20 minutes or so after some local testing.  will that work for you?14:00
kenvandineseb128, mind reviewing https://code.launchpad.net/~ken-vandine/ubuntu-system-settings/update_notification_visibiltiy/+merge/23618814:00
nerochiarojhodapp: yeah, sounds like a good place. i'll go from there14:00
kenvandinebarry, sure... add your landing to line 1614:00
barrykenvandine: will do14:00
kenvandinebarry, then ping me, i'll reconfigure and rebuild14:01
barrykenvandine: +114:02
jgdxseb128, right, I thought I got an error14:02
jhodappnerochiaro, cool...qtubuntu-media is easy and quick to build yourself14:05
jhodappnerochiaro, let me know if you have further questions14:05
dpmseb128, pitti - do you know if dh_translations works well with content-hub? I cannot see any templates and the imports queue is empty on https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/utopic/+source/content-hub - while bug 1359166 seems to indicate that it's fixed14:06
ubot5bug 1359166 in Ubuntu Translations "content-hub is not configured for translations" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/135916614:06
_kaisoz_coul anybody help me with the touch building?14:11
_kaisoz_i followed the guide in touch/AndroidDevel and i'm stuck when building14:12
_kaisoz_i got the following error14:12
_kaisoz_ubuntu/platform-api/android/hybris/../default/default_ubuntu_application_ui.cpp:454:22: error: 'class ubuntu::application::ui::Surface' has no member named 'get_orientation'14:12
_kaisoz_I would like to ask berfore digging myself, since this has to be fixed14:12
mterryted, should indicators on the phone today work with switched profiles?14:12
tedmterry, I'm not sure what switched profiles are?14:13
mterryted, 'phone' vs 'phone_greeter'14:13
tedmterry, We're exporting both phone and phone_greeter today14:13
ogra_winter tires :)14:13
mterryted, ok14:13
rickspencer3is there a way for me to nuke a kit and regenerate it?14:13
nerochiarojhodapp: it seems you did this:         case media::Player::PlaybackStatus::stopped:14:14
nerochiaro            // FIXME: Disabled for now since this causes next/previous to not work in music-app14:14
nerochiaro            //m_mediaPlayerControl->setState(QMediaPlayer::StoppedState);14:14
rickspencer3in the sdk, I mean14:14
nerochiarojhodapp: however i need to dig some more because in some cases I do get that state change, so i'm not really sure what's up14:14
popeyrickspencer3: tools -> options -> ubuntu -> click delete button next to kit, then click "create click target" to create new one.14:14
* rickspencer3 tries14:15
jhodappnerochiaro, well end of media is different than stopped state14:15
rickspencer3popey, wow, that is a useful settings page! thanks!14:16
=== dandrader_ is now known as dandrader
nerochiarojhodapp: i get both EOM and stop at some point. then i stop getting them on subsequent playbacks14:17
_kaisoz_do you know where I could ask for this kind of support?14:18
ogra__kaisoz_, here is most likely the best place ...14:18
jhodappnerochiaro, can you see if you consistently get end of media in qtubuntu-media?14:18
ogra_(it is just that everyone is overly busy right before release atm)14:18
jhodappnerochiaro, if not, then there's a new bug14:18
_kaisoz_ahh perfect then, I was asking that cause I didn't want to bother... :)14:19
nerochiarojhodapp: so the problem is this: sometimes we don't get the playback_complete callback from the hub14:22
jhodappnerochiaro, ok, that'd be the next level to debug then...that callback originates from gstreamer14:23
jhodappnerochiaro, and media-hub is the one that calls/listens to gstreamer14:23
nerochiarojhodapp: ok, that seems tricky14:23
jhodappnerochiaro, how so?14:24
nerochiarojhodapp: never rebuit gst for the device14:24
jhodappnerochiaro, you don't need to build gst14:24
jhodappnerochiaro, just media-hub14:24
nerochiarojhodapp: for a start, at least14:24
jhodappnerochiaro, yeah, just take a look at the README for how to build/run it14:24
bzoltanrickspencer3:  hi, I have seen the bug report. Please just change the Exec line in the .desktop file ->  Exec=qmlscene $@ GetThereDC.qml14:28
rickspencer3bzoltan, ok, I'm reinstalling the kit, so I'll it right after14:29
rickspencer3bzoltan, can you please add that info the bug report?14:29
tedbzoltan, What is the "$@" there for?14:30
tedbzoltan, Nothing parses it...14:30
ogra_makes a nice decoration though14:31
bzoltanrickspencer3:  I have updated the bug report14:31
nerochiarobfiller: also this MR is stuck in "approved" state, can you push it forward please ? https://code.launchpad.net/~phablet-team/notes-app/inline-desktop-i18n/+merge/23578514:31
rickspencer3thanks bzoltan I'll let you know how it goes later14:33
* rickspencer3 waits for kit to install14:33
bfillernerochiaro: yes14:33
nerochiarojhodapp: i get this when trying to build mediahub: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/8459107/14:45
_kaisoz_which branch is the release one?14:45
_kaisoz_i mean14:45
_kaisoz_is it based on Android 4.4.2?14:45
jhodappnerochiaro, what branch are you trying to build with, utopic proposed or rtm?14:46
nerochiarojhodapp: i just branched lp:media-hub14:46
jhodappnerochiaro, no I mean where are you building this?14:47
nerochiarojhodapp: on the nexus414:50
ogra__kaisoz_, yes14:51
jhodappnerochiaro, yeah, rtm or utopic proposed?14:51
_kaisoz_thx, so the master branch is phablet-4.4.2_r1 right?14:51
nerochiarojhodapp: rtm-proposed14:53
nerochiarojhodapp: --channel=ubuntu-touch/ubuntu-rtm/14.09-proposed14:53
jhodappnerochiaro, ok...we're in a weird state right now where some things are reverted with media-hub because of a major regression introduced by the MPRIS support14:53
tedmterry, So is switching that an easy change?14:53
jhodappnerochiaro, can you try utopic-proposed?14:54
teddednick, Is there a bug somewhere that when the media player widget doesn't have meta data it should hide instead of show "unknown" ?14:54
dednickted: possibly in indicator-sound. There is no hiding of items in the indicator menu uis at least. i display what the backend gives.14:55
dednickted: but as for the "unknown", that is a bit of a bug to which there has been recent updates.14:56
teddednick, Sure the problem was that the backend sometimes doesn't give that data, and in the "don't show data on the greeter" case we're not giving it on purpose.14:56
dednickted: but i think it's landed already. should be no labels14:56
teddednick, Just want to make sure it looks good :-)14:57
teddednick, No labels, do you hide the dummy cover graphic as well?14:57
nerochiarojhodapp: ok, what's the channel ?14:58
dednickted: So with the media-hub, it always has an exported mpris interface, so we always get the player + control widgets. But if nothing has been played, then there used to be default values ("unknown") which i displayed for empty song/albumn/artist values.14:58
dednickted: i've got rid of those and just display what is really available.14:59
dednickted: but i display a default icon for the art/player if non is given14:59
seb128dpm, pitti, https://code.launchpad.net/~seb128/content-hub/x-ubuntu-use-langpack/+merge/23628614:59
seb128kenvandine, hey, ok14:59
mterryted, uh..  maybe14:59
mterryted, I'm looking at it now15:00
pittidpm: checking the build log, it does build a content-hub.pot15:00
teddednick, Oh, okay, that's probably fine. I haven't seen it. But was figuring it'd be nicer just to collapse.15:00
dednickted: there is missing work in the media-hub for album art. i think it's just giving a hardcoded "/usr/share/unity/icons/album_missing.png" or something like that now.15:00
teddednick, But if you and design are happy, I'm happy. The unknown was the only really bad part.15:01
dpmawesome, thanks seb128. pitti, seeing the MP ^, that's why it's not yet in LP15:03
seb128kenvandine, ^ that needs review ;-)15:04
pittidpm, seb128: actually, I thought hte x-u-use-langpack would only be for the export -- it shoudl still be translatable in LP (in the upstream project)?15:04
seb128pitti, it's translatable in the upstream project, but it would be better to let updated templates be imported from the ubuntu package no?15:06
pittiseb128: yes, sure15:06
seb128pitti, so that mp should be fine?15:06
dpmpitti, I always recommend to set up the translations upstream too, but I hadn't checked if they were enabled or not15:07
deiuWhich channel should I pick for a new install of ubuntu-touch?15:09
deiurtm-proposed? rtm-custom? etc15:09
deiuThe android dualboot installer doesn't provide any details on them.15:10
deiu(btw, awesome job guys!)15:10
bfilleranyone know where the logs are location for the location-service?15:11
allyai_could i get some help getting my data to work on rtm 14.09?15:13
allyai_ive tried going in to ofono and changing it to ip from ipv6 but it doesnt let me save the changes15:13
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cwayneallyai_: you need to 'sudo stop ofono' first15:17
cwaynethen edit, then restart it15:17
allyai_i did sudo stop ofono15:18
allyai_let me try it again15:18
allyai_well now it's not showing my device plugged in15:21
allyai_it's showing up as plugged it but wont let me control it in terminal15:22
cwayneallyai_: do you have developer mode enabled?15:23
allyai_oops. forgot to re enable it xD15:24
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allyai_file name to write: gprs15:26
allyai_wont let me hit enter to save15:26
=== kickinz1 is now known as kickinz1|afk
=== kickinz1|afk is now known as kickinz1
nerochiarojhodapp: sorry, got distracted, what's the channel i need to use for utopic-proposed ?15:27
jhodappnerochiaro, one sec15:31
jhodappnerochiaro, ubuntu-device-flash --channel=ubuntu-touch/devel-proposed15:32
cwaynewhy does online-accounts pester me whenever i boot now15:33
jhodappnerochiaro, that branch is missing my qtubuntu-media fix that makes video smooth again, so don't be surprised when video playback looks like crap15:33
nerochiarojhodapp: no worries, i'm only interested in the missing signals15:34
jhodappnerochiaro, ok cool, just a heads up :)15:34
jhodappAlbertA and I are trying to make these two branches in sync again15:34
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=== kickinz1|afk is now known as kickinz1
allyai_any ideas, cwayne ?15:36
cwayneallyai_: you trying to use nano? won't work over adb shell, either try phablet-shell instead, or vi instead15:36
nerochiarojhodapp: thanks15:37
allyai_yeah phablet-shell always gave me ssh-keygen: /home/mynamel/.ssh/known_hosts: No such file or directory15:37
allyai_what's vi?15:38
allyai_yeah, i was using nano15:38
ogra_allyai_, that is bug 136491315:39
ubot5bug 1364913 in phablet-tools (Ubuntu) "phablet-shell should touch ~/.ssh/known_hosts before trying to use it" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/136491315:39
ogra_just mkdir .ssh15:39
ogra_and then touch .ssh/known_hosts15:39
ogra_afterwards phablet-shell should just work15:39
ogra_(that is on your PC)15:40
kenvandinebarry, any eta on preparing system-image for landing?15:41
allyai_is what it gave me15:42
barrykenvandine: not yet.  i'm seeing some things in local testing that i need to investigate15:42
allyai_ogra_: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/8459463/15:43
kenvandinebarry, ok, maybe i'll go ahead with the current silo and we can do another landing with this15:43
ogra_allyai_, run: ssh-keygen15:44
ogra_and then try again15:44
barrykenvandine: i think that's a good plan15:45
kenvandineseb128, ^^^ a little delay there15:45
seb128kenvandine, k15:49
allyai_now when i do sudo stop ofono it says stop: unknown instance ogra_15:49
barrykenvandine, seb128 i'm seeing LP: #1341685 again in local tests15:50
ubot5Launchpad bug 1341685 in ubuntu-download-manager "When unconstrained, udm sometimes downloads files to wrong location" [Critical,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/134168515:50
ogra_alare you sure ofono is even running (i think you had stopped it before)15:51
allyai_im so forgetful xD15:52
allyai_yeah it was already stopped15:52
allyai_annnndd now it let me save. sweet.15:52
allyai_so just exit out and see if it works?15:52
allyai_that did it, thanks15:55
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rickspencer3bzoltan, so, now I can't run my app on the phone because I get a little dialog that says "please attach your device"15:59
rickspencer3on the device tab it says Device Status: Ready15:59
jgdxkenvandine, addressed your comment in [1] https://code.launchpad.net/~jonas-drange/ubuntu-system-settings/wifi-previous-network-forget-returns-wrong-fix-1370389/+merge/23611716:00
kenvandinejgdx, thx16:00
jgdxkenvandine, there is some lag between tap and ui updating, I may need some direction if we have to deal with that.16:00
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seb128mterry, hey16:02
mterryseb128, hi16:02
seb128mterry, did you see such errors before16:03
seb128"file:///usr/share/ubuntu/settings/wizard/ubuntu/settings/wizard/qml/main.qml: File not found"16:03
seb128when installing update uss, including the wizard, by dpkg -i16:03
mterryseb128, no...  is it common?16:03
kenvandinejgdx, maybe you can emit the changed signal in removeConnection?16:04
seb128mterry, for me yes :p16:04
kenvandinejgdx, is it just that the notification is slow to be emitted when remove it from the list?16:04
seb128mterry, I had it before, I wiped my device and now I tried to test your refresh-take-6 and hit that again16:05
mterryseb128, just when installing the .deb?  i'm curious what script we'd run during that16:05
kenvandinei guess emitting it yourself might not be a good idea until it is actually not in the list16:05
seb128mterry, yes, wget http://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/generic-mediumtests-builder-utopic-armhf/6409/artifact/work/output/*zip*/output.zip ; unzip output.zip; sudo dpkg -Io output/*.deb16:06
Glovehi ?16:06
jgdxkenvandine, dbus is slow in emitting Removed, yes.16:06
Glovecan u help me ? (i'm french)16:07
seb128mterry, that path looks wrong16:08
seb128mterry, the "ubuntu/settings/wizard" part is duplicated16:08
seb128mterry, I wonder if that's a bug in the changeset16:08
seb128185- view->setSource(QUrl(rootDir + "/qml/main.qml"));16:08
seb128186+ view->setSource(QUrl(rootDir + "/ubuntu/settings/wizard/qml/main.qml"));16:08
mterryseb128, yup.....  that might be a test error then in my branch16:08
Gloveubuntu touch is compatible with galaxy s3 ?16:09
seb128mterry, did you actually try to run the wizard through normal reboot/upstart job?16:09
mterryseb128, yeah16:10
seb128and it works for you?!16:10
mterryI thought...  Let me try again16:10
Gloveguys ?16:10
jgdx!devices | Glove16:11
ubot5Glove: You can find the full list of devices, official images, community images, and works in progress at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices16:11
Glovethanks ! but ubuntu touch it is stable ?16:11
mterryseb128, looking at this code again, there ain't no way I had that working right16:12
Glovebecause i ant to install ubuntu touch an dual boot..16:12
mterryseb128, my device tests must not have been using a rebuilt main.cpp16:12
seb128mterry, k, at least I'm not crazy ;-)16:13
seb128mterry, do you have a design document for the wizard somewhere so I can compare your version with it?16:20
mterryseb128, https://drive.google.com/a/canonical.com/folderview?id=0B8I8ZVKH-8SsM1QyMmhWbkpRLTg  (and added link to MP desc)16:21
seb128mterry, thanks16:21
mterryseb128, there are a couple textual differences but I believe in all cases the MP is right (after conferring with Design)16:21
seb128mterry, that gdoc has the old security panel?16:22
mterryLike 'Bug Reporting' doesn't have the third paragraph in MP16:22
mterryseb128, no it has new panel16:22
seb128mterry, like your have a detailed text of the 3 choices16:22
mterryseb128, oh huh16:22
seb128your implementation doesn't match that16:22
seb128the design has a combo with  3 choices and inline explanations16:22
seb128your has16:22
seb128<b>option</b> - descriptions16:22
seb128before the combo16:23
mterryseb128, ugh16:23
=== guillermo is now known as Guest80071
mterryseb128, they updated a couple of the screens and didn't tell me16:23
seb128or am I overlooking something?16:23
seb128mterry, oh, ok :-/16:23
mterryseb128, I need to do another pass to make sure I'm in compliance  :-/16:23
seb128mterry, ok, put as needsfixing, sorry about that16:25
mterryseb128, no worries, I'll update when I've fixed16:25
seb128mterry, I'm going to try to wait less for trying the changes next time, the invalid path has bitten me and I though it was a local issue for a while16:25
mterryseb128, yeah I'm sorry about that16:26
seb128no worry!16:26
mterryI did all my testing on the device (so I thought)16:26
tedchrisccoulson, Hey, so it seems that I can't adjust the oom values of the oxide-renderer16:28
tedchrisccoulson, It seems that the oom_score_adj file is root/root16:28
tedchrisccoulson, Why is that?16:28
chrisccoulsonted, because they're started by the sandbox, which is setuid root16:29
tedchrisccoulson, Stop it!16:29
tedchrisccoulson, I think we want U8 to be able to adjust those values, no?16:29
tedHey, we could just make unity8 setuid root!16:30
* ted solves *all* the problems16:30
tedHeh, we could have a UnityShellShock.16:31
* mdeslaur slaps tad16:32
* mdeslaur also slaps ted16:32
* ted feels sorry for tad16:32
rickspencer3lool, may I assume that one can use PositionSource in qml to get a current position?16:33
rickspencer3I can't see what I am doing wrong16:34
tedIt interestingly seems like some parts of /proc switch over to phablet, but not all.16:34
loolrickspencer3: yes that's right16:35
loolrickspencer3: maybe compare with https://bazaar.launchpad.net/~yohanboniface/osmtouch/trunk/view/head:/OSMTouch.qml16:35
* rickspencer3 looks16:35
rickspencer3lool, I wonder if I need to tell QtCreator that I want to give the app location permission?16:36
rickspencer3I don't see how to do that when I am just running the app16:36
loolrickspencer3: hmm I dont see any specific perm there: https://bazaar.launchpad.net/~yohanboniface/osmtouch/trunk/view/head:/manifest.json16:37
loolrickspencer3: the permission should be requested when you call into it16:37
PipinHeelllo! it is possible to install ubuntu phone , not in terminal ?16:37
loolrickspencer3: if you see no prompt at all, then I guess you're not even going into qtpositioning16:38
rickspencer3lool, I don't see a prompt, no16:38
rickspencer3but, also, it looks like this project is using the 14.04 framework16:38
rickspencer3and I can't see where in QtCreator to tell it to use the 14.10 framework16:38
loolosm is using ubuntu-sdk-14.04-qml-dev116:38
rickspencer3lool, well, my kit is 14.10, but I delcared 14.04-qml-dev116:39
tedchrisccoulson, So can the sandbox move it all over to the phablet user when dropping perms?16:39
loolrickspencer3: that should work16:39
rickspencer3which QtCreator says is deprecated16:39
loolrickspencer3: how does your positionsource look liek? is onPositionChanged ever called?16:40
rickspencer3lool, no, it never gets called16:40
rickspencer3but it looks like I have some errors in my manifest16:40
rickspencer3but I can't see where to fix them anymore16:40
loolrickspencer3: ah16:40
lool                Component.onCompleted: {16:40
lool                    src.update();16:40
rickspencer3lool, I get this useful error: Json Parse Error: illegal value16:41
loolrickspencer3: hmm I'll pass on this one16:41
rickspencer3lool, my code looks right, tbh16:41
rickspencer3lool, yeah, I need to solve the IDE problems first :(16:41
JoshStroblre-setting up Ubuntu Touch on my Nexus 5, should I roll with ubuntu-rtm/devel-proposed or ubuntu-rtm/devel channel?16:41
rickspencer3popey, any idea where I fix my manifest file in QtCreator these days?16:42
chrisccoulsonted, the sandbox shouldn't be changing the permissions of anything in /proc - that's kernel stuff. And it couldn't do that anyway - it drops privileges before exec'ing the zygote (which is what spawns renderers)16:43
popeyrickspencer3: good question!16:43
JoshStroblubuntu-rtm/devel-proposed it is then16:43
popeyrickspencer3: I don't know where that went16:44
popeyzbenjamin: bzoltan2 ^16:44
tedchrisccoulson, So perhaps I'm thinking of it wrong, but what I want is to be able to have U8 adjust the OOM Score. Who should be changing that to be managed by phablet?16:45
bzoltan2rickspencer3:  hi, what is wrong?16:45
tedchrisccoulson, We can't do it in U8 because we're not root.16:45
rickspencer3bzoltan2 so, I am trying to make location work in my app16:45
rickspencer3so, I want to make sure that my package is valid16:45
rickspencer31. 'ubuntu-sdk-14.04-qml-dev1' is deprecated. Please use a newer framework16:45
rickspencer3I am using a 14.10 kit, but I guess I created the project with an older framework16:46
rickspencer3I can't see how to fix that16:46
rickspencer32. it looks like the click reviewer tools are hitting an error16:47
bzoltan2rickspencer3:  In the SDK the template apps come with the ubuntu-sdk-14.10-dev2, so I would go with that.16:48
rickspencer3bzoltan2, well, I created this project previously16:49
rickspencer3and I don't see where to update it16:49
bzoltan2rickspencer3:  let me see16:49
zbenjaminrickspencer3: it is a old project?16:50
rickspencer3zbenjamin, yes16:50
rickspencer3well, for some value of "old"16:50
bzoltan2rickspencer3: It is in the manifest.json16:50
rickspencer3bzoltan2, so I have to open the manifest.json file from outside the project and edit it?16:50
bzoltan2rickspencer3: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~rick-rickspencer3/+junk/GetThereDC/view/head:/manifest.json as start please change it to dev216:50
=== gatox_lunch is now known as gatox
tedchrisccoulson, Hmm, seems that root can't do it either.16:51
zbenjaminrickspencer3: to see your manifest and apparmor file you can add this to your qmlproject http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/8459928/16:51
bzoltan2rickspencer3:  In my QtCreator I could just click on the manifest.json and change the value16:51
zbenjaminrickspencer3: and the same for the apparmor file16:51
rickspencer3neither of those files appear for me16:51
rickspencer3I suppose I have to turn off filtering?16:51
bzoltan2zbenjamin:  I have branched rickspencer3's project and deleted the .user16:52
rickspencer3anyway, I changed it in gedit16:52
zbenjaminbzoltan2: ah can you add the manifest.json to the project, and rename the apparmor file to .apparmor16:52
rickspencer3now I just have the error that I put in pastebin16:53
rickspencer3zbenjamin, bzoltan2 where do I edit the requested permissions these days?16:53
=== niemeyer_ is now known as niemeyer
bzoltan2rickspencer3:  the [appname].apparmor file can be edited in the project. There is a visual editor for that.16:54
rickspencer3bzoltan2, I don't seem to have such a file16:55
rickspencer3I have GetThereDC.json that has policy groups in it, though16:55
bzoltan2rickspencer3: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~rick-rickspencer3/+junk/GetThereDC/view/head:/GetThereDC.json16:55
bzoltan2rickspencer3:  that is exactly it16:55
bzoltan2rickspencer3:  I think you need the "location" there16:56
rickspencer3trying it16:56
rickspencer3I want to eliminate all the errors in the project itself so I can focus on the code16:56
rickspencer3bzoltan2, what version of Ubuntu.Components should I be importing?16:57
bzoltan2rickspencer3:  1.116:58
zbenjaminrickspencer3: thats what i had to change: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/8459977/16:58
bzoltan2rickspencer3:  and I would import the  QtLocation 5.316:59
bzoltan2zbenjamin:  and the location you would need in the apparmor.json17:00
zbenjaminbzoltan2: ok17:00
rickspencer3bzoltan2, zbenjamin I don't have apparmor.json17:01
bzoltan2rickspencer3:  it is called GetThereDC.json in your project17:01
rickspencer3so, I added location to the list17:02
bzoltan2rickspencer3: I had problems with using the 5.0 and 5.2 QtLocation, so I suggest to try out  to import QtLocation 5.317:04
rickspencer3I got prompted for a location, so that's a start!17:04
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rickspencer3bzoltan2, yes, I updated all that17:04
rickspencer3I think it's working now17:04
zbenjaminawesome :)17:05
bzoltan2rickspencer3:  cool :) keep it rocking17:08
dbarthrickspencer3: btw, you can verify that your app can be given access or not, at the user choice, in system settings > privacy > location access17:32
dbarthrickspencer3: your app should be listed with name and icon properly displayed; otherwise, file a bug agaisnt uss and assign me17:32
rickspencer3thanks dbarth17:42
popeyted: can you please explain how we are expected to fix bug 1374474 ?18:10
ubot5bug 1374474 in Ubuntu File Manager App "Files don't open in external applications due to url-dispatcher change" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/137447418:10
popey(preferably as comments on that bug)18:10
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barrykenvandine: i have a source package/branch ready for the train.  should i add it to an existing silo or create a new one?18:23
kenvandinebarry, you can add it to line 1618:24
barrykenvandine: ack18:24
barrykenvandine: added.  please review the row and reconfig18:28
kenvandinebarry, will do18:28
deiuHi! Is there a bug affect contacts sync with google?18:37
deiuActually, my phone doesn't seem to sync at all with google18:37
nhainessil2100: hey, congrats on the promotion!18:38
nhainesI assume this means that r3 is ready for RTM?  :)18:39
* nhaines spent a lot of time in /r/ubuntu last week explaining what ubuntu-rtm/14.09 meant. -_-18:39
tedpopey, Or perhaps over here :-)18:39
dobeynhaines: "these are not the channels you are looking for" ?18:40
tedpopey, The person you actually want is kenvandine. I think he explained in a meeting.18:40
nhaines"But it *says* RTM!"18:40
dobeywhat are the "rules" for string/UI changes in ubuntu-rtm?18:41
dobeydo we even have such freezes?18:41
dobeymzanetti: are you reviewing https://code.launchpad.net/~paulliu/unity8/previewattribute20140918/+merge/236127 ? or should i ping someone else to do that?18:45
dpmdobey, unfortunately, there is no string freeze, but still it's nice if the developers send a heads up to the ubuntu-translators list18:46
popeynhaines: it doesn't help we're abusing the term "RTM"18:52
popeyted: yes, sorry.18:52
tedpopey, Cool, np.18:53
deiuAnyone else having issues with google sync?18:55
dobeydeiu: if you have not found an existing bug report, and not already filed one, it is probably best to do so18:57
deiudobey: I'm working through the reports now18:58
ahoneybunpopey, I can't build my click package19:01
popeyahoneybun: wassup?19:06
ahoneybunpopey, it talks about click_review19:07
ahoneybunoh I see some updates19:07
deiuWould enabling the dev mode also allow me to connect to it using adb? (already running ubuntu on the phone)19:08
ahoneybunpopey, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/8460764/19:08
deiuRight now it doesn't show in the devices list19:08
ahoneybunyea deiu19:08
deiuchecking the box doesn't seem to do anything for now19:08
ahoneybundeveloper mode lets you do that19:08
popeyahoneybun: thats strange19:10
popeyahoneybun: you on 14.04?19:10
ahoneybunpopey, there are some updates to apparmor so it might fix it19:10
ahoneybunno utopic19:10
ahoneybunI have a app almost ready popey :)19:10
* ahoneybun reboots19:12
=== dandrader|afk is now known as dandrader
dobeyi'm getting a similar issue with click-review-tools on 14.04, from the sdk ppa19:18
dobeyi was seeing losts of UnicodeDecodeError (i think)19:19
deiuahoneybun: still no luck getting through my phone using adb19:19
ahoneybunadb shell does not work>19:19
deius/getting through/getting through to19:19
deiudevice not found19:20
dobeydeiu: open the terminal app on the phone and verify that adb is running19:20
deiudobey: in a sec, rebooting now after some updates19:20
deiuI got sync to work meanwhile19:21
deiunot the contacts though19:21
ahoneybundeiu, we are getting those same errors in #ubuntu-app-devel (not for what your doing though)19:23
ahoneybunjust packaging19:23
deiuwhat errors?19:24
dobeyahoneybun: you mean the UnicodeDecodeError? and me, not deiu?19:24
ahoneybundobey, deiu http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/8460764/19:24
ahoneybunyea you dobey19:25
deiureboot seems to have fixed my adb issues19:25
dobeyahoneybun: yes, click-review gives me UnicodeDecodeError when building a click package19:25
* ahoneybun has 3 pastebin open19:25
ahoneybundobey, in the other channel they say they have a fix19:26
ahoneybunI think it is being uploaded now19:26
ahoneybunor soon19:26
deiuwas the default `phablet` pass changed to something else?19:27
ogra_there is no password at all19:27
ogra_(and you need to set one before you can even enable developer mode19:27
deiuI was never prompted for one19:28
ogra_the welcome wizard surelyhas promoted you19:28
deiuI really don't recall it doing so19:29
deiumaybe I can reset it?19:29
ahoneybundeiu, it asks for a passphase or pin to have developer mode on19:29
dobeyit's the same password you use to unlock the phone19:29
ogra_well, the developer mode switch in the UI is disabled if you dont have a password set19:29
deiuoh ok19:29
deiuso it's the PIN19:29
deiuOK, so I'm using a PIN but the shell won't accept it as a valid pass for sudo19:30
deiushould I switch from PIN to pass?19:30
ahoneybunnow I'm not sure about sudo or su19:30
ogra_you should just use your PIN for sudo :)19:30
ahoneybunthat did not work for me ogra_19:30
deiuit's not working :S19:30
ogra_works here all the time19:30
deiuok, it worked19:31
* ogra_ onyl uses PINs on all his devices19:31
ogra_on the low level there is no difference between PIN or password19:31
ogra_they are both just entries in eth same password database19:31
dobeywould be nice if PIN just showed a stylized number entry on the unlock screen, rather tha a text field and the on screen keyboard19:32
deiuIs there something I need to enable before using apt-get?  (W: Not using locking for read only lock file /var/lib/dpkg/lock)19:33
FishsceneI know you guys have probably heard this quite a bit, but I wanted to congratulate everyone on all their hard work leading to the Ubuntu-Touch RTM. :)19:33
deiuE: Unable to write to /var/cache/apt/19:33
dobeydeiu: / is read-only, so you need to enable write mode, yes19:34
deiuI did: `touch /userdata/.writable_image`19:34
deiushould I reboot?19:34
ogra_deiu, you can make the device writable and use apt, but note that you lose all support for upgrades this way19:34
deiuuh oh19:34
ogra_and you should use phablet-config to make the device writable19:35
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deiuwhat if I want to install ssh?19:35
deiucan I use apt-get update later to update packages?19:35
ogra_ssh is installed19:35
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ogra_you can enabled it with: android-gadget-service enable ssh19:36
dobeydeiu: using apt-get will fill up / very fast19:36
ogra_(as a normal user)19:36
ogra_dobey, even if it wouldnt, packages are not upgradeable safely19:36
deiuhmm, no pass auth19:36
deiussh keys?19:37
ogra_use phablet-shell once.... that copies your key19:37
deiusweet, thanks! :)19:37
deiuI love it19:39
dobeyhmm, phablet-shell copied the wrong key over; and why did it generate a new one without a passphrase?19:43
nhainesdobey: for your convenience.19:43
dobeynhaines: copying my github public key to the authorized_keys is hardly convenient :P19:44
nhainesThink of all the time you saved not doing that yourself.  :)19:45
nhainesHey, I reset my phone and lost most of the scopes.19:54
nhainesI don't have to reflash r3, do I?19:55
dobeyoh sweet19:55
MoPacHello.I'm wondering what provision for call recording there is in Touch now that it's into RTM.19:57
nhainesIt's not into RTM.19:57
nhainesAnd there is no possibility of call recording.19:57
MoPacCould I clarify what *has* been finalized for RTM (i.e., the news stories?).19:59
MoPacAnd is the lack of call recording built into the system, so it is not even possible to write an app to do it?19:59
popeyMoPac: the news reports are wrong ☻19:59
popey(many of them anyway)19:59
vikneshis it possible to install ubuntu touch other than the supported devices ??20:01
popey!devices | viknesh20:02
ubot5viknesh: You can find the full list of devices, official images, community images, and works in progress at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices20:02
MoPacnhaines: (Sorry, should I have MTd you in last question). Is call recording somehow fundamentally blocked by the OS, or is there just no current app to do it?20:03
popeythe latter20:03
vikneshpopey: i saw it , i have a old lg optimus L7 , it isn't supported . i want to try it20:04
popeyactually it might not be possible yet, jhodapp probably knows the answer to that better20:04
dobeyalso the app lifecycle might make it difficult to write an app that isn't part of the core system, to support it20:04
jhodapppopey, sup?20:04
dobeyviknesh: then you will have to port it, assuming the hardware is good enough to run it20:05
popeyjhodapp: call recording...20:05
jhodapppopey, no support for that yet20:05
MoPacSad; it would probably be a dealbreaker for me if I couldn't do it. It's been very important to some of the work I've done. Wodnering if it's a structural issue that makes it particularly difficult?20:05
vikneshdobey: any guide on how to port it20:05
jhodapppopey, the only audio recording supported today is for video recording in the camer-app20:05
vikneshdobey: and it has 512 mb ram , will that be enough20:06
jhodappMoPac, just not supported yet, we'll get there but there were much higher priority things to implement first20:06
MoPacjhodapp: Thanks for that detail. I'd had a conversation some time ago where I got the impression that there might have been a policy decision to not support it for legal reasons; glad that's not hte case20:07
jhodappMoPac, np20:08
MoPacjhodapp: I know that asking about timelines is treacherous nigh-impossible, but on the priority list, is it a  "maybe next spring" kind of thing or a "maybe ina  few years" kind of thing?20:08
dobeyi'm sure there are plenty of not legal things you can do with a phone, beyond wiretapping20:08
jhodappMoPac, not sure yet, it's not on my shortlist yet but that doesn't mean it won't be soon20:09
MoPacdobey: Yes, definitely. There are lots of good reasons to record calls and situations where it's perfectly fine, depending on the jurisdiction. The Comcast customer service viral videos probably helped with that. But I know that a year or so ago, some app or Os developers had been very skittish20:10
jhodappMoPac, if you want to take a stab at trying to implement it, I'd be happy to point you where I'd start20:10
MoPacCompanies don't want to get it wrong like GM did ( http://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2014/09/new-corvettes-valet-recording-tech-could-be-a-felony-in-12-states/ )20:11
MoPacjhodapp: I doubt I have anything like the coding competence to even try, but thanks for the offer. My long-term dream would be to have a filter on the recording app that enabled it for a custom list of callers/recipients based on rules. E.g., auto-enable when other number is a US area code in a one-party consent state20:12
jhodappMoPac, you planning on doing some detective work? :)20:13
jhodappMoPac, remind me not to move to one of those states, and if I currently am, it's time to move ;)20:13
MoPacPretty soon after figuring out how to record calls on my android phone, I ended up with at least two people doing illegal things on the line, and I was but a lowly grad student without even Comcast to kick around20:15
MoPacjhodapp: Most states are one-party http://www.vegress.com/index.php/can-i-record-calls-in-my-state20:15
jhodappMoPac, hmm yeah, time to move20:16
dobeylol. that ars article on the vette is a bit facetious20:19
nhainesMoPac: the ubuntu-rtm/14.09 branch name just means it's getting extra careful testing above and beyond the devel branch because the RTM image is going to be built from it eventually.  :)20:23
BenzoX_Hi everybody, i have a maybe stupid question for you (tried google but gave me wrong answer everytime). I get ubuntu touch running on Mako (N4) and wonder what is the default sudo password ?20:24
nhainesBenzoX_: there is none.20:24
nhainesOnce you set up a PIN or password for screen locking, then you can use that for sudo.  :)20:24
dobeyBenzoX_: it's whatever password you use to unlock the phone20:24
BenzoX_oh, great :D20:25
BenzoX_thank you20:25
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BenzoX_hum, can't make internal sdcard working under multirom (i mounted it and can see it in terminal, but even with linking it to symlink somewhere i can't access it with file explorer)20:53
FishsceneI'm finding all kinds of news about an RTM release, but nothing supporting that it hasn't been released. Could someone point me to the correct information or maybe update the MoTD?20:54
BenzoX_has been released in rtm channel20:56
nhainesFishscene: there is no RTM release.  The news reports are lying.20:57
nhainesBenzoX_: it has not.20:57
BenzoX_damn, i get confused with all these channel and names, sorry.20:59
nhainesubuntu-rtm/14.09 is where they're developing an RTM release.  It's not going to be ready for a while.21:00
BenzoX_okay, thanks for the info21:02
Fishscenenhaines: Aha. So where would it go when it is actually Released to Manufacturing? I'm not entirely sure what the development process is, but I can honestly see the confusion being generated from placing pre-RTM stuff in an RTM location.21:02
nhainesFishscene: it goes to the manufacturers.21:02
FishsceneWould it just be sync'd with the 14.10 cycle and be available in those repo's?21:02
nhainesRTM is behind 14.10.21:03
nhainesThings land in utopic and then very slowly start to filter into ubuntu-rtm/14.09 after much more stringent testing.21:04
FishsceneGotchya. Are there plans to sync it up eventually with the normal Ubuntu release cycle? Or will all this be cleared up as it gets closer to a full release? :)21:05
nhainesI don't think there are any plans to sync it up with the normal release cycle because you can't just reinstall a phone if an update breaks everything.21:07
nhaines(Well, *you* might be able to, but the average person can't.)21:07
dobeynhaines: not everything lands in utopic first21:07
FishsceneThat makes sense. Thanks for clearing all that up. I'm not sure how long the RTM will take to get ready, but it *might* be worthwhile for a blurb to be written and linked to that explains the release cycle and then maybe link to it from here. That way, inquisitive and confused people like me can just reference that. :)21:10
nhainesI get the impression that any actual details about the release cycle are embargoed.21:10
nhainesBut the problem with the news articles is that Ubuntu and Canonical spent a month saying "we're going to create an ubuntu-rtm branch where we can start landing extra tested phone images without impacting utopic development" and once it happened news sites started posting "omg it's RTM!"21:12
nhainesSo there's not a lot anyone can do to ward against journalists inventing facts.  :)21:12
dobeyshould have called the distro ubuntu-touch21:13
dobeyso the channel could be ubuntu-touch/ubuntu-touch/14.09-proposed21:13
dobeyalso, 14.09 not a great choice, as 09 is no more after tomorrow :)21:13
ogra_dobey, well ...21:13
ogra_09 was a plan21:13
nhainesI assumed the intention was to break the phone away from the Ubuntu release cycle.21:14
ogra_right, but to kill rtm after the phones go on sale and merge back into 15.0421:14
ogra_the actual intention of RTM was to branch far later (like during utopic release week) and simply allow to move forward on top of 14.1021:15
ogra_so that while you prepare for manufaturers you dont have an unstable moving base21:16
nhainesThat was a lot closer to what I was expecting to happen.  :)21:16
ogra_due to the fact that this is the first time we do something like RTM we branched earlier though21:16
ogra_so issues with the branching and merging back could be caught etc21:17
nhainesogra_: the phone really is looking very robust now.  The last month has been spectacular.21:18
nhainesNow if only the issues which affect me, personally, are addressed, it'll be perfect.  ;)21:19
ogra_if only we had not sneak breakage in here and there every now and then :)21:19
nhainesI'm still pretty concerned about the fact that apps are sandboxed so they can't touch any of the freedesktop folders, which just seems insane to me.21:19
nhainesBut I have some hope that maybe this will be addressed by the time convergence is being worked on.21:20
nhainesAlso I want the bootsplash to match desktop Ubuntu.  ;)21:23
deiuis  there a way to get a clean "desktop" instead of the default apps screen?21:25
nhainesActually, if I were Ubuntu (and I am) I would find a way to at least preload the dialer (which I'm not) because having to wait 5 seconds to make a phone call is going to cause the phone to fail in the marketplace.21:27
nhainesMaybe I should file a bug.  :)21:27
genii5 seconds is a long time when you need to call 9-1-121:28
deiuscrew 91121:28
deiu5 sec is a long time when you need to call _anyone_21:28
nhainesYeah.  Everybody knows the *real* number is 9-1-2.21:28
SturmFlutnhaines: Everybody knows the *real* number is 0118 999 881 99 9119 725321:30
nhainesActually, the lack of a minesweeper clone is going to cause the phone to fail in the marketplace.21:34
nhainesIt's almost enough for me to want to learn javascript.21:34
SturmFlutnhaines: Who needs Minesweeper when there's a Tower Defence clone21:34
popeynhaines: pre-loading specific apps has been discussed21:35
popeyother things are looked at including qml pre-compiling and load-and-fork similar to the way android does it with zygote21:36
dobeynhaines: i'm pretty sure there's a qml minesweeper implementation somewhere already that could easily be packaged up21:36
dobeynhaines: also, why do you need direct access to xdg folders?21:38
nhainesdobey: word processor.21:39
dobeynhaines: also, why do you need direct access to xdg folders?21:39
SturmFlutpopey: I have a suggestion for the UUPC. Remember http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2011/05/mark-shuttleworth-delivers-uds-keynote-address-sets-goal-for-200-million-ubuntu-users-in-4-years ? There are only six months left until May, 201521:39
nhainesIf I can't save a document, I can't use an SDK app for any serious work.  Phone, tablet, or desktop.  :)21:40
dobeynhaines: why can't you save a document into your app's folders?21:40
dobeynhaines: and why can't you export it via contenthub?21:41
nhainesBecause they're not accessible from MTP and Canonical killed Ubuntu One file syncing, so there's no way to get it off the phone automatically.21:41
nhainesYou tell me who would use LibreOffice if you couldn't directly edit files, you had to import them, save them, and then export them later.21:42
popeynhaines: there is a minesweeper21:42
dobeywhy would you have to import them and then export them later?21:42
nhainespopey: it has a bad name, then, because it doesn't show up in the app store.  But that's good news.  :)21:42
nhainesdobey: because programs can't access ~/Documents21:43
popeyits not in the store21:43
nhainespopey: then it's dead to me.21:43
nhainesActually, where is it?21:43
popeynhaines: http://popey.mooo.com/screenshots/device-2013-05-31-112909.png21:44
nhainesLooks good to me.21:44
popeynhaines: https://launchpad.net/minesweeper-touch21:44
popeyoh, just realised who made it21:44
dobeynhaines: what has that got to do with exporting and importing?21:44
popeysame guy who made cool old term21:45
nhainespopey: that's another point in its favor.  :)21:45
popeynhaines: feel free to offer to help update it and make a click ☻21:45
dobeynhaines: why can't libreoffice just save to and read from google drive, dropbox, whatever? :)21:45
nhainesdobey: you just said the solution to not being able to access xdg folders was to import and export via ContentHub.  :P21:45
nhainespopey: I might.  ;)21:46
popeyDOOOO IIIIT!21:46
nhainesdobey: no reason whatsoever, because the OS doesn't prevent it.21:46
dobeynhaines: so your problem isn't xdg folder access, it's that contenthub doesn't expose documents over mtp?21:47
SturmFlutEvery time I re-flash one of my Ubuntu Touch devices I ask myself why I have to provide an Ubuntu One login just to install apps and get updates.21:48
dobeybut it does21:48
nhainesdobey: my problem is that having to create multiple copies of a document just to work on it is fundamentally broken.21:48
dobeyso i don't see a problem :)21:48
dobeynhaines: you don't have to create multiple copies of it21:48
nhainesdobey: contenthub provides direct read and write access to a file?21:50
dobeyor the camera app is cheating21:51
nhainespopey: I'm not really sure why I expected 'bzr branch lp:minesweeper-touch' to tabcomplete.21:52
nhainesdobey: The camera can't access ~/Pictures either, which is also pretty silly.21:52
dobeynhaines: yet, when i take a picture, it is in ~/Pictures/21:53
nhainesNot when I take a picture.21:53
nhainesIt's in ~/Pictures/ubuntu-camera now, or something like that.21:53
dobeywell yes21:53
deiuhmm, the camera app just hangs21:53
dobeyit's in ~/Pictures/com.ubuntu.camera/21:53
deiuwhat's the process name for the camera?21:53
nhainesAlso, they're resized down to something tiny, which is also a big problem.  But that's something else.  :P21:53
deiuany ideas?21:56
deiuI don't know which process to look for21:56
nhainesdeiu: 'ps aux | grep camera' is where I'd start.21:57
dobeydeiu: hrmm, yeah, i wonder why it's only 1080x1920 px21:57
tedmterry, Following up, was it easy? :-)21:57
mterryted, got distracted by stuff.  But halfway through making change.  Unity8 code isn't super set up to make it easy, but I can adjust the code21:57
FishsceneWell hey, Thanks guys for clearing up the RTM confusion. I wasn't aware that Canonical had made that announcement at all. :S And thanks for all the hard work!21:58
mterryted, will continue working on it21:58
tedmterry, Cool, do you think you'd have something I could play with to test my branches?21:58
mterryted, not yet21:58
deiunhaines: thanks21:58
mterryted, but will drop you an email21:58
tedmterry, Cool, thanks!21:58
nhainesdobey: I indiscriminately blame contenthub.  ;)21:59
dobeynhaines: anyway, file bugs for these things :)22:00
nhainesdobey: I got the distinct impression they were all wontfix.  :)  Except the camera thing which I only realized last week and was waiting for a new rtm image to confirm.22:00
dobeynhaines: eh, file bugs anyway. bug reports is a better place to argue out whether something is wontfix or not, and how they should be fixed if not.22:03
nhainesdobey: can do.22:04
nhainesIt's not like my complaining about "restart" in a bug didn't get that put back in for now.  :)22:04
dobeywell, honestly, restart is a bit weird to have on a phone.22:05
dobeybut it is convenient when developing22:06
nhainesMaybe it should be tied to developer mode then.22:07
* deiu heading home now22:07
nhainesOoh!  I have another bug report!22:07
deiuThanks again for all your help, guys! Wonderful job! :)22:08
dakeryo dobey22:11
dobeyhi daker22:12
dakerstore scope ui bug, open the scope, long tape on any app to get the preview22:13
dobeywhat is the bug?22:13
dakerhit the back button again, notice that the scope will have the ellipsis layout22:14
dobeyellipsis layout?22:14
dobeysounds like a unity8 bug22:14
dobeydaker: file a bug :)22:15
dakerdobey: ok22:15
dakerdobey: i would really love to see the old way of displaying the rating using 5 stars instead of a number22:34
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cjwatsonrsalveti: Any idea how I might debug the x86 emulator being stuck on a black screen at boot?  unity8 doesn't seem to be getting as far as starting.23:18

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