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Myrttiwe was thinking about Friday06:08
Myrttiwould anyone be interested in a friendly boardgames moment instead of hitting the drink?06:09
Myrttiwe can bring a few games over.06:10
MyrttiTsuro and maybe Nuns on the Run, even though dsample thinks latter might be too complicated06:12
czajkowskiMyrtti: ohhh you at Oggcamp ?07:30
diploMorning all07:57
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JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Monday, and happy International Coffee Day! :-D08:30
foobarrycompiling bash from source for suse 10.1 :S08:34
JamesTaitI remember having to compile stuff from source.  I was using Slackware when I started, but it couldn't be called Slackware after a while, I'd recompiled pretty much everything.08:38
popeyMorning all.08:38
directhexcancelled my orange contract \o/08:39
foobarrygoing giffgaff?08:40
Myrtticzajkowski: yup08:41
popeyMyrtti: I'd be up for some games. I have "Cards agsinst Humanity" and "We didn't playtest this at all" which are both fun08:42
Myrttiwerewolf might be nice too, I've never played it. We were thinking of what games we'd want to have at the wedding last night and werewolf came to mind.08:43
Myrttithat and obviously boardgames08:43
foobarrythis game is fun http://www.amazon.co.uk/Saboteur-Path-Laying-Card-Game/dp/B000IQC4N2/ref=sr_1_8?ie=UTF8&qid=1411980286&sr=8-8&keywords=saboteur08:45
directhexrent a Guitar Hero rig!08:47
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.08:56
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foobarryi don't think there's a single person in teh office who isn't sick atm09:06
popeysam is off sick today09:11
popeybenefit of working from home, can look after them09:11
directhexi can't parent and work at the same time09:22
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popeysam is 809:40
popeyhe's mostly self sufficient09:40
foobarrymy boy has started calling playing on the tablet "tablet skills"09:41
foobarryin an attempt to make it sound more educational09:41
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foobarrythis is the effect of attending school for one whole week09:41
JamesTaitfoobarry, is it "skills", though, or "skillz"? :-P09:53
JamesTaitI feel there should be an eleven in there.09:54
JamesTaitMan, that looks sick!09:55
MartijnVdSI wonder what is asking for my password *after* login. Twice.09:55
MartijnVdSbecause it takes some kind of lock on input devices? and I think it's confusing compiz09:56
foobarryhe's 4 so skills hopefully10:04
dutchiere oggcamp board games: there is a v good board game cafe in ox (Myrtti popey czajkowski)10:14
dutchiecalled thirsty meeples10:15
Myrttireviews are a bit mixed atleast on Google10:17
dutchiei've not been myself but loads of friends have10:17
Myrttianyway, either way we're game(!) - we've got plenty of games we can bring so staying at the Oxford isn't impossible either if people prefer that way10:19
Myrttiapropos something, where do people buy their laserjet cartridges for home printers?10:25
foobarryamazon marketplace10:26
foobarrycheap copies10:26
foobarryor ebay10:26
foobarryneed to root my moto g. adverts are everywhere on my phone10:59
zmoylan-piwait till you get a smart watch :-)11:01
* brobostigon hugs his pebble.11:01
foobarrystroke pebble surely?11:03
Laneyskim it11:03
foobarryafter rooting you can't get OTA updates ?11:04
foobarryunlocking bootlader requires wiping the device??11:05
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brobostigonunlocking doesnt require wiping the device, unlocking DOES wipe the device.11:06
zmoylan-piprobably best that way, a nicked device gets wiped as they unlock it11:06
brobostigonit doesnt strickly wipe the device either, its just resets everything back to factory state.11:07
foobarryare there any adblockers that don't require root?11:08
ali1234yeah, adblock+11:08
foobarryi tried that and it failed to work at all11:08
ali1234then you didn't read the installation instructions11:08
ali1234you don't just install it11:08
ali1234you have to set it up as well11:09
ali1234it operates as a proxy11:09
ali1234so you have to configure android to use it11:09
foobarryah thanks,11:10
* brobostigon is watching george osborne patting himself on the back, for being an idiot.11:10
foobarryali1234: assume it works for all apps?11:11
foobarry(if you are using it)11:11
ali1234it works for all apps that use a proxy11:11
ali1234which is most apps11:11
ali1234all browsers obviously11:12
* awilkins got a provider-less MotoG for the offspring11:13
awilkinsNo ads!11:13
foobarryno ads?11:14
awilkinsOn the no-provider one, yes11:14
awilkinsPaid £130 for it (1st gen)11:14
foobarrywhat ads are you thinking of?11:14
* brobostigon walks up to the tv and pretends to poke osborne up his nose.11:14
zmoylan-piit's a bit feckin sad when you have to run adblock on a phone11:14
awilkinsWell, no inbuilt ads11:14
foobarryi am thinking of ads in browser and in apps like plume11:14
brobostigonyes, i have the 4g version of the 1st gen model, with cm11.11:14
awilkinsAds in apps that depend on ads for revenue, I expect so11:14
awilkinsTBH if you don't like ads in ad-supported apps... use another app.11:15
awilkinsThe app landscape makes me uneasy these days11:15
awilkinsI find it hard to trust apps, particularly the ones that ask for a smorgasbord of permissions11:16
awilkinsI liked my N900 better because I knew most of the apps were FOSS11:16
foobarryawilkins: paid £9011:16
awilkinsThe official Twitter app crossed the line of "creepy" fairly recently11:16
zmoylan-piat least with symbian i could deny an access to certain things always or ask every time.  and that was in 200511:17
ali1234i treat my tablet as entirely compromised and i don't install apps on my phone11:17
awilkinsYeah, I feel like that11:18
zmoylan-pii gave up smartphones to get a feature phone a nokia asha 201 and keep a 7" tablet mostly for playing media11:18
awilkinsI don't let the offspring install apps on her phone until she can justify to me each permission it wants11:18
directhexi cancelled my contract earlier today, i have 30 days to get a replacement11:19
awilkinsI like GiffGaff, but YMMV11:20
foobarryandroid has multi user accounts now11:20
foobarryi allow restricted apps for my son11:20
* zmoylan-pi in ireland uses tescos for phone, last of the prepay services11:20
awilkinsIs Ireland going all 1984 about phone prepay service?11:21
zmoylan-piall the rest have moved to 'rolling contracts' so your credit disappears if not used11:21
zmoylan-piafter 15-30 days11:21
zmoylan-piwhereas i have made €5 of credit last 6 months :-)11:21
zmoylan-pii'm sure as buggery not spending €5 ever 2 weeks11:22
zmoylan-piit's the phone companies compensating after eu made them reduce roaming charges i'm guessing11:25
directhexawilkins: three is my only option.11:26
foobarrydoes anyone encrypt their android?11:26
directhexfoobarry: windows phone 8 has a nice 2-user implementation for kids. the lock screen can be swiped onto "kids' corner" which has a different PIN, and only pre-selected apps are usable11:26
zmoylan-pii don't put anything on it i wouldn't use on public terminal11:27
foobarrytinfoil hats ahoy11:29
directhexhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w-0TEJMJOhk ?11:30
foobarryali1234: seems i have to configuire proxy for every wifi network i connect to11:34
foobarrywonder how much this slows down the phone/eats battery11:34
ali1234root your phone then?11:34
foobarrylooks likely11:35
foobarrythis is really slow11:36
popeyfoobarry: android doesn't do multi-user very well.11:37
popeyat xda dev con over the weekend I played with some 'new' high end phones. oppo and one plus were nice, but huge11:38
foobarrypopey: for my use case, it seems ok, which is "make a 4yr old rstricted apps mode"11:38
ali1234why is gstreamer so bad?11:39
Myrttiis there an English word for metal items that don't become magnetised? I assume that's the metal detection technology used at airports11:39
foobarrynonferrous metal11:39
awilkinsOh, the opposite of that11:39
ali1234metal detectors use radio waves11:39
awilkinsThat will detect even nonferrous metals I think11:40
awilkinsShould detect anything conductive11:40
awilkinsMaybe a cloak lined with graphene would shield you ...11:40
Myrttiwhy doesn't it pick engagement rings and such, then?11:41
Myrttior is there a critical mass for those11:41
MartijnVdSdepends on the sensitivity of the sensor?11:41
ali1234as i understand it the metal detector is a tuned antenna receiving a fixed frequency signal. the presence of a conductor within the detctor changes the natural frequency of the system, "detuning it" and setting off the detector11:42
Myrttiso I've got it like this now in the packing list, then11:45
MyrttiJewellery, watches etc. you plan to wear \footnote{Place your watch and other non-essential jewellery into your coat pocket before the airport security check}11:45
MartijnVdSAre you writing a "My first flight" HOWTO?11:47
awilkinsProbably a document worth updating11:49
awilkinsMy first flight was sometime in the upswing curve of paranoia11:49
awilkinsBut I think it's swung a lot higher since then11:49
MyrttiMartijnVdS: some people probably haven't flown that much, some have.11:50
MyrttiMartijnVdS: it's just that me and dsample have flown so much in comparison to those who have flown a little.11:50
Myrttithere's some tips and tricks that you learn in that11:51
awilkinsDidn't fly until my 4th decade on earth. Have about 2 or 3 return flights under belt11:51
awilkinsNot overly enthusiastic about adding to that number11:51
awilkinsEnjoyed the little Brazilian turboprop more than the big gets11:51
awilkinsOoh, 'buntuFone is RTM11:54
Myrttihad to fiddle with LaTeX margins a bit because I forgot the printer has it's own numbers...11:54
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diddledanawilkins: rtm? nice12:34
foobarryi haven't flown in nearly 10 yrs12:35
diddledanI haven't flown12:36
foobarrydiddledan: wins12:36
diddledanwell I say haven't - I did when I was little and beyond my memory point12:36
foobarryor decision making12:36
MartijnVdSyour memory event horizon?12:37
foobarrydiddledan: are you based in the states?12:43
foobarryhmm.. one of the dans is12:44
diddledanI'm in amazingstoke12:44
diddledanor doughnut city12:44
MartijnVdSBasingstoke. One of the few English place names I know. Thanks, H2G212:45
foobarryguildford, islington12:45
MartijnVdSfoobarry: yes those too. Though Islington I also know from Neverwhere :)12:45
foobarryand fenchurch st station12:46
MartijnVdSyeah bot that one comes up waaay later12:47
MartijnVdSthe Basingstoke roundabout is in the first episode of the radio thing :)12:47
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brobostigonanyone know of a way, to push something like a pushover message, to android, when a process and or service dies on my ubuntu/debian server?13:22
brobostigonso i write alittle python script, that monitors said process, and calls something like ppine to send me an email, when said process is no longer running?13:25
Azelphurbrobostigon: I MADE THIS FOR YOU https://github.com/azelphur/pyPushBullet13:25
Azelphurwell I didn't really, but it suits your use case exactly.13:25
ali1234hot cool aid reference?13:25
Azelphurali1234: yes :P13:25
brobostigonthank you Azelphur13:25
ali1234you could also use nagios13:26
ali1234if you can figure out how13:26
Azelphurbrobostigon: not pushover but PushBullet which is similar (just free) and it's a python lib or command line tool13:26
ali1234why is pushbullet better than sending an email?13:27
brobostigonAzelphur: i see, let me work out how to work with it.13:27
Azelphurali1234: has nicer OS integration (you can push links and stuff) and you can do delivery/read confirmation and other such fun things13:28
ali1234does it show incoming calls on linux desktop?13:28
Azelphurand you can trigger tasker actions from pushbullet too13:28
Azelphurali1234: huh?13:28
ali1234does that work on linux?13:28
Azelphuroh, that's cool, no it doesn't do that, however you could write something like that using my library and tasker.13:29
Azelphurali1234: but there is stuff that does that already on Linux13:29
ali1234yeah, for KDE13:29
Azelphurnope, for all platforms13:29
ali1234i want to see an indicator message telling me who is calling me without having to go and get my phone13:29
brobostigonit seems, i had pushbullet already bookmarked in the play store.13:30
Azelphurbrobostigon: yea, pushbullet is very nice API wise13:31
brobostigonAzelphur: cool, i must have looked at it before. it looks interesting, yes.13:32
Azelphurlemme know if you have any problems with it :)13:32
brobostigoni will, :)13:33
Azelphurbrobostigon: if you have tasker it can trigger on pushbullet messages too, I have my phone ring rather than just play a notification tone on certain events13:34
brobostigoni do have tasker, yes. ah, cool. :)13:35
foobarrytrying to call the council. i think they all went home15:13
popey4pm, sounds plausible15:14
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daftykinsthat reminds me, i was going to call the gov. today16:22
daftykinsthe States of Guernsey that is (:16:22
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diddledandaftykins: do you have a white house on the island? :-p16:57
diddledanand does the queen live there?16:57
diddledanspeaking of the queen. I'm still waiting for the invite to an intimate candlelight supper with the queen.16:59
daftykinsdid you request one?17:00
diddledansomeone of my stature doesn't stoop to such lows as requesting things.17:01
daftykinsyay my bigv VPS is up to date17:02
daftykinsjust handled a post-wedding rename on a wordpress site also17:02
diddledanI'm working on a governmental communications platform update17:03
diddledanstupid shellshock17:04
diddledanwhoever invented computer security should be shot17:05
diddledannono, security. it's the keeping things secure that takes all the effort17:05
diddledanI'd much rather just let the haxx0rs at it and not care two hoots17:06
diddledanbut that's not the "secure" way of working17:06
daftykinshave you banished gentoo from whence it came, yet?17:06
diddledansome eejit sat in an office someplace decided that haxx0rs getting into our systems is inherently a bad idea and thus formed "information security practices"17:07
diddledanI wish17:07
diddledanit wouldn't be a problem if we weren't running gentoo :-p17:07
diddledanthis channel's namesake has a funky "unattended upgrades" package which we can leave in the background and magically not care about patching ever again17:09
daftykinsbigcalm: it was yourself with an 840 EVO SSD, no? http://anandtech.com/show/8570/firmware-update-to-fix-the-samsung-ssd-840-evo-read-performance-bug-coming-on-october-15th17:33
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diddledanpatchy bashy22:30
diddledanthis is going to drag on22:30
diddledanand on22:30
daftykinsdiddledan: is there yet another one :(23:55
diddledandaftykins: haven't finished the first patch-cycle yet :-p23:56
daftykinsoh of your org?23:56
diddledanstill got another 9 gentoo to go23:57
daftykinsis this down to how awkward it is to be able to fiddle?23:58
diddledanno, it's more down to the fact that the gentoo systems we run are woefully outdated23:59
diddledanthey haven't been properly maintained23:59
daftykinsis it not still a case of being able to just 'emerge bash' or whatever the gentoo speak is?23:59
daftykinsor can it not change on its' own 0o23:59

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