Neff_everyone here is from michigan?01:04
gamerchick02yeah most of us are, but some are in other places...01:10
gamerchick02some have moved. :)01:14
* greg-g looks around01:17
gamerchick02greg-g you're still in CA, yes?01:18
gamerchick02unless i'm wrong01:18
greg-gin Petaluma, which is about 40 miles north of SF01:18
gamerchick02ah yes01:18
gamerchick02but you're still a Michigander at heart.01:18
gamerchick02we'll keep ya01:18
greg-gnorthwoods, really01:19
greg-gI'll take MN, WI, or MI01:19
cmaloneyt ls router03:19
mrgoodcatupdate your bash again http://www.ubuntu.com/usn/usn-2364-1/13:04
bookiebothttp://goo.gl/jgzzjG - USN-2364-1: Bash vulnerabilities | Ubuntu13:04
cmaloneyAnd lovely.13:14
cmaloney @sil: tempted to make a shellshock worm which only attacks those with zsh installed, just to marginally decrease the world's wrongly-smug quotient14:10
mrgoodcatwell it would only work if webservers used zsh as their default shell14:11
mrgoodcatwhich seems really unlikely14:11
cmaloneySo basically we'd have complete ownership over bookie. ;)14:13
mrgoodcatdoes anybody know if it's possible to upgrade the kernel without rebooting? somebody who i generally consider pretty knowledgeable is saying he has 432 days of uptime but uname -r is saying his kernel is updated14:15
cmaloneyI think we mentioned this at the past CHC. I've always associated kernel upgrade w/ reboot14:26
cmaloneyGoogle search turned up ksplice.14:26
cmaloneyas well as kgraft and kpatch14:27
cmaloneySO it appears possible14:27
cmaloneyThough I'm of a mind that a reboot every now and again is a "good thing"TM14:28
cmaloneyIf nothing else it cleans out the cruft.14:28
cmaloneyAlso turning off the power for 10 secods to drain out the capacitors for memory14:28
cmaloneyand give your power supplies a nice jolt to let them know it's time to fail14:29
brousch_mrgoodcat: I think you, can but it involves some really deep voodoo14:34
bookiebothttp://goo.gl/AaNbO - Never Reboot Linux for Linux Security Updates | Ksplice14:35
brousch_Or paying Oracle, it seems14:35
mrgoodcathe says he isn't using any magic things14:35
mrgoodcathe thinks you just don't need to reboot after a kernel update14:36
brousch_So he's installing the new kernel but still running on the original14:36
mrgoodcatyea afaict14:36
mrgoodcatbut he's on debian wheezy so the kernel version number isn't bumping on security updates. so i can't tell which package he is running14:36
mrgoodcatthe kernel he booted with has the same version number as the current package version14:37
mrgoodcatso uname -r doesn't help14:37
cmaloneymrgoodcat: I think Arch has the magic voodoo baked in14:45
cmaloneybut unaware of Debian packaging it14:45
cmaloneymrgoodcat: or rather unaware of Debian shipping with it by default14:46
cmaloneytry searching for ksplice, kpatch, or kgraft in the packages list14:47
cmaloneyIt appears that ksplice is packaged for Ubuntu14:48
cmaloneyHah, I was thinking earlier that I should listen to some Ozric Tentacles this morinng14:52
cmaloneyput the Squeezebox on random album shuffle and this came up:14:53
cmaloney.np squeekyhoho14:53
bookiebotsqueekyhoho's current track - Cat DNA by Ozric Tentacles on Become The Other14:53
cmaloneyActually it's Spice Doubt14:53
mrgoodcatarch does not have the voodoo baked in. i just had to reboot my server this morning to get the new kernel running15:02
jrwrendebian and ubuntu don't use bash as their default shell. they use dash. It doesn't lessen the impact of shellshock.15:21
jrwrenor maybe it does lessen it, but it is still scary.15:21
mrgoodcatit is still scary15:22
mrgoodcatalso, some services may explicitly use bash as their default shell in /etc/passwd15:22
jrwrenMay, but don't by default AFAIK15:22
jrwrenhrm, seems the postgres account does.15:22
mrgoodcatnginx too iirc15:23
jrwrenmrgoodcat: i have nginx installed. it doesn't install a special account.18:02
jrwrenmrgoodcat: it uses www-data, just like apache.18:02
jrwrenmrgoodcat: nginx MIGHT be vulnerable if a cgi uses /bin/bash, just like apache.18:03
jrwrenhttp://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2351881/Inside-Americas-worst-hotel-The-stomach-churning-reviews-guests-stayed-legendary-Detroit-dump-shut-down.html   admit I've been in a room, but not slept.18:03
bookiebothttp://goo.gl/hDnxZ - Inside America's worst hotel: The stomach-churning reviews from guests who stayed at legendary Detroit dump before it shut down | Daily Mail Online18:03
cmaloneyI think I need someone to watch my butt because it feels like I'm dragging it behind me19:16
cmaloneyI don't want to accidentally lose it.19:17
_stink_you used to be able to put an ad for that on craigslist19:18
_stink_no pun intended19:18
_stink_no it's a bad joke about adult services.19:19
_stink_ColonelPanic001: please laugh19:19
* ColonelPanic001 bills _stink_ for services rendered19:20
cmaloneyI think I'm going to bill _stink_ for mental images rendered.19:36
_stink_mail returned: recipient not at this address19:37
cmaloneyI sent a bitcoin bill19:38
=== mulka_ is now known as mulka
cmaloneyI think I'm going to stop subscribing to This Week in Tech21:10
cmaloneythe last episode where Baratunde and the guy who wrote "Hatching Twitter" talked over Steve Gibson made me mad.21:11
cmaloneyI think the words "what is the practical application of ..." should be a signal to anyone that they're being an idiotic pundit.21:12
mrgoodcatosx just updated bash22:35
mrgoodcatway to be on your game apple22:35
mrgoodcatanybody heard of vipe?22:52
cmaloneymrgoodcat: That means that someone out there is still using XServe. :)23:05
mrgoodcatwhat do you mean?23:05
cmaloneyApple updating bash. :)23:05
bookiebothttp://goo.gl/XuXRDG - Xserve - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia23:06
mrgoodcatright i get that, why does apple updating bash have anything to do with xserve though?23:07
mrgoodcatclients are affected too23:07
cmaloneyI'm just messing23:07
mrgoodcatbecause DHCP clients are vulnerable if i'm understanding properly23:07
cmaloneyOnly on evil networks23:07
mrgoodcatwell 'evil' is assumed when talking about vulns23:09
brousch_I think you can still run xserve in a VM on OSX23:10
mrgoodcatWMU still uses XServe23:11
mrgoodcati had to administer it23:11

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