hyperairhmm, so i just managed to try ubuntu out with a displaylink monitor, and it looks like the screen doesn't refresh at all unless the cursor moves around in it08:30
hyperairthen it only refreshes the square in which the cursor is in08:30
hyperairooh setting refresh to 59.90 worked08:33
hyperairhow strange08:33
hyperairhmm, 60.1 works too08:35
mlankhorsthyperair: let me guess, usb displaylink with modesetting?13:42
hyperairmlankhorst: yeah13:52
mlankhorstusing which driver?13:52
hyperairmlankhorst: udlfb?14:23
mlankhorsthyperair: no i mean, are you on intel, nouveau or ati?14:28
mlankhorsthyperair: SNA?14:34

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