Kiloshi Squirm  nuvolari  inetpro  and you others too05:01
Kiloshi nlsthzn  05:01
Kiloshi 18VAA3TVP  05:36
Kilosis dit jy barry?05:37
18VAA3TVPMore Kilos ek dink so06:00
=== 18VAA3TVP is now known as bduk1
bduk1ish like nie die ding wat my sommer rename nie06:01
inetprogood morning06:47
ThatGraemeGuymorning peeps06:57
charlmorning all07:08
Kiloshi ThatGraemeGuy  charl  07:08
Kiloshi Spekko  07:09
ThatGraemeGuyhey charl07:09
charlhi Kilos, ThatGraemeGuy 07:09
charlMaaz: coffee on07:09
* Maaz washes some mugs07:09
Kilosohi inetpro  sorry busy negotiating with supplier for new drive07:09
charlhi inetpro 07:11
MaazCoffee's ready for charl!07:13
magespawngood morning all07:18
Maazmagespawn: By the way, superfly on freenode told me "tell magespawn we're good thanks" 3 days, 10 hours, 23 minutes and 18 seconds ago07:18
Kiloshi magespawn  07:18
Kilosthe bot remembers well07:18
magespawnhi Kilos07:18
Kilosoo yay no hey today, well done07:19
* Squirm yawns07:19
SquirmI want to go to sleep07:19
Squirmis work over?07:19
Kilosonly just started man07:19
magespawnhey is good, horses eat it07:19
Kilosoh last month for you hey07:20
SquirmKilos: it started 2 hours ago :/07:20
Kilosthats hay man07:20
magespawnfor some Squirm, others have just started07:20
Squirmthis time next month, I'll be in Cape Town07:20
magespawnKilos, close enough for a monday07:20
Squirmmagespawn: that's unfair :/07:20
Squirmbut my new office hours are from 08h30 - 17h0007:20
Squirmso I get to sleep a few minutes longer07:20
magespawnfairly normal07:20
Squirm(depending of distance to work :P)07:21
Squirmmagespawn: currently 07h30 - 16h3007:21
magespawnSquirm, indeed i am 07:00 till 16:0007:21
magespawnhi nlsthzn 07:22
magespawni like the early start and finish07:22
SquirmI struggle waking up early07:23
Kiloslate nights in the big city07:24
theblazehenhey guys08:22
Kiloshi theblazehen  08:22
Kiloshi drussell  hows things by you?08:33
Kiloshello melwik  08:34
drussellKilos: hey hey hey! Very good thanks yourself?08:34
Kilosgood ty drussell  08:34
charlhi drussell 08:40
drussellhiya charl 08:43
ThatGraemeGuySquirm: where did you get the job?08:49
SquirmThatGraemeGuy: YuppieChef, in Westlake09:52
Squirmbeen looking for accommodation close by09:52
Squirmhouse share09:52
ThatGraemeGuycool, congrats! :)09:54
charlcongratulations Squirm !09:59
SquirmThatGraemeGuy: let me know if you hear of anyone looking to share a house10:04
ThatGraemeGuymmmm that's a bit far outside my social circle :)10:04
Squirmyeah, had to ask10:13
ThatGraemeGuySquirm: not sure how much research you've done, but traffic in that area tends to be worse in the northbound direction in the mornings and vice-versa in the afternoons11:17
ThatGraemeGuyi.e. try and live somewhere north of your workplace to minimise traffic hassle if you aren't planning on using public transport11:17
SquirmThatGraemeGuy: that's the plan, though right now I just need somewhere to stay :/ Short term, maybe 1 month12:39
Squirmthen once I'm there, It'll be easier to look around12:39
superflythere's no public transport near to Westlake14:01
superflySquirm: anywhere in the Muizenberg/Lakeside/Kirstenhof/Tokai area is really close, and should take no more than about 15 minutes to get to work14:02
Squirmsuperfly: yeah, I've been looking. It's just hard with the budget I'm on :/14:04
ThatGraemeGuyhaha, yeah more proof that's out of my 'hood. I have no idea what the transport options are on that end of the world :)14:04
Squirmwaiting for something to crop up. hoping the new month will yield good results for November :)14:05
SquirmI check Gumtree a few times a day :/14:05
SquirmI should just check it once in the evening - I know. 14:05
superflySquirm: just a warning, *most* of the adverts on gumtree are from letting agents, which means you're looking to pay an "admin fee" to the agent of anything up from R500 (i think it's usually R1000 these days) 16:29
Squirmsuperfly: yeah :/ I'm looking for a place to stay temporarily. At least once I'm there it may be easier to find/view places.16:51
charlhi smile 17:30
smilehi! :)17:40
Kiloshaha coyote got him again17:49
Kilosohi superfly  cant remember if i greeted you today17:50
grembleo/ Sup yall17:50
Kiloshi gremble  17:50
charlnow it's not peer but it's coyote17:50
Kilosya haha17:50
charlhi gremble, superfly and everyone else i didn't greet yet :P17:50
charli can't keep up, i'm on 4 different irc networks each with different users17:51
gremblePsh. Need more coffee charl 17:51
smilelol ;)17:51
charlgremble: it's evening, time to wind down with jasmine tea !17:51
charltomorrow morning coffee for me again :P17:51
charlhave any of you people used bbs recently ?17:52
grembleBy jasmine tea you mean coke of the thigh from a hooker named jasmine?17:52
charlyou can access them via telnet these days, no need to dial in17:52
charlgremble: lol no that wasn't my idea :P17:52
charlsounds like an asian hooker17:52
charlthat also smells like the herb17:53
charltime for a massage :P17:53
Kilosi wonder if melwik  gonne greet some time or just lurk17:55
Kilosmelwik  ping17:56
Kilosis it a bot charl  17:57
charlthe host is a canadian data centre18:02
charlcould be a legitimate user using a canadian data centre as a vps/bnc or something18:02
charli also irc from a host in germany while i live in netherlands18:02
charlso that's not strange at all18:03
charlbut it could also be a bot indeed18:03
Kilosya but you dont just park off18:03
charlyeah precisely, strange18:03
charlwell some people do just idle so it's not entirely improbable18:03
charlbut it is a good suspect for being a bot18:03
Kilosthose bots from last year looked same18:04
Kilosname and ip18:04
charlyeah suspicious18:04
Kilosctcp ping it18:05
Kilosi dont have them buttons setup18:05
charlah it doesn't respond18:05
charlnah it's a bot all right18:05
Kilosinetpro  kill it18:06
Kilosnsa bot18:06
charlwho knows right, could be18:06
Kiloslooking for terrorists18:06
charlthey do consider irc to be used by terrorrists18:06
Kilosthey must go play somewhere else18:06
Kilosthe terrorist story is a blind18:07
charlyeah it's stupid18:07
charlhave to go pump my bicycle wheels18:07
charlthey are getting flat18:07
melwikinetpro: Pong18:13
inetprogood evening18:13
melwikinetpro: I have been running for 1 days, 18 hours, 21 minutes & 52 seconds18:13
Kiloshi inetpro  18:13
melwikinetpro: Wrong password18:14
Kilosi think it sneaked past the freenode peeps18:14
inetprocould be anyone man18:16
Kilosanyone like who?18:16
inetproany other user in here 18:17
Kilosthen its good manners to ask if they can leave a bot here18:17
superflyI wonder how to get "help" from it18:18
inetprosomehow suspect gwood started it18:18
Kiloswith difficulty18:18
Kiloswe need a greeter bot18:37
Kilosthat says no bots without permission18:37
Kilossuperfly  where is that guy that was going to sort out my greeter script for me18:44
Kiloshas he left?18:44
charlKilos: chanserv can do that for you18:48
Kilossort my greeter script?18:48
charloh i'm not sure if that's the case on freenode18:49
charlbut on most networks chanserv can do a on join notice18:49
charlyes type /msg chanserv help set entrymsg18:49
charlthen you don't need a greeter script18:50
Kilosthe pro will have to do that18:50
inetprocharl: like this?18:51
inetpro[ChanServ] Welcome to #ubuntu-za This channel is logged. Use of this channel implies acceptance of terms at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/TermsOfService18:51
superflyKilos: I don't know who you're talkign about18:52
charloh wait, there's already one set indeed18:52
Kilosoh i did that once on my channel18:52
superflyKilos: I remember you kept on talking to HawkiesZA, but he had nothing to do with it18:52
Kiloshe worked with you superfly  18:52
charli never notice it because it opens up in the server window18:52
charlfor me using irssi i mean 18:52
Kilosthe python greeter script remember18:52
charlwhat do you want to do with it ?18:53
inetprosuperfly: he is super paranoid?18:53
Kilosit needs cleaning up it makes mistakes and greets everyone not just newcomers18:53
charloh, now i see what you want to do18:53
smilebye :)18:54
Kilosit must remember all nicks not welcome someone again if he comes back in 30 mins time18:54
charlciao smile !18:54
smilegood night :)18:54
Kilosslepp tight smile  18:54
Kilossleep as well18:54
charlKilos: that's a hard one because people sometimes change ip and they sometimes change nick18:54
Kilosthen it can greet again18:54
charlyou have to save a list of already greeted nicks then18:55
Kiloslike if i tell it to join this channel it greets everyone here 1 by 118:55
charlkeep a text file or something18:55
charlah that's no good18:55
Kilosi actually forgot all about that for a year or more now18:56
superflycharl: or an sqlite db18:59
Kilossuperfly  think back, i asked you one day how you were getting on with the script and you said he would do it as you were too busy19:00
Kilosmaybe it was hawkeyes okey i forgewt19:00
Kilosforget too19:00
Kilosnot paranoid inetpro  just think the nsa should keep their noses out of everyones busines19:01
Kilosespecially here these days its infringing on our human rights19:02
inetproKilos: hmm.. surprise, surprise, we're in a public space here19:02
Kilosif it is important to them they can ask for permission to leave a bot here not just do it19:02
Kilosits normall decent behaviour to ask for permission not just do as you like19:03
Kilosthey dont own this channel19:03
inetprowell neither does anyone of us19:04
Kilosyes but this is 19:04
* Kilos forgets his nick19:05
Kilosand highvoltage was it?19:05
inetproyou can't exactly make the rules for who can enter a public shopping centre can you?19:05
Kiloshis channel and he knows us19:05
Kilosif you read when i started i said it should be the decent way to join a channel and greet19:06
Kilosif its a bot like smile left here for a day or so thats fine, he asked first19:07
Kilosinetpro  why do you think freenode peeps worked to block all those bots last year, doesnt the shopping centre rule work there too19:12
inetprouh, show me the rulebook?19:13
Kiloslol what rule book? for shopping centres?19:13
Kilostheir rule is allow everyone because we make money from them19:14
inetprothe freenode rule book man19:14
Kiloswhy did the guys ban all those bots19:15
Kilosblock/ban whatever19:15
inetprowho is 'the guys' and when/how did they do it?19:16
Kiloslast year freenode ops peeps worked for days to get those bot banned19:16
Kilosyou forgot19:17
inetproif you suspect that this melwik bot is malicious please feel free to speak to freenode staffers so they can check it out19:18
inetprothey have better ways of checking than anyone of us has19:19
Kiloshow does one find out if a bot is maliscious19:19
inetproso far I don't see how it has negatively affected anyone19:19
Kilosi dont mind asking19:19
Kilosthose other bots also just lurked but freenode thought it was best to basn them19:20
Kilosnow im the criminal19:20
inetproall I am saying is that you better behave yourself in this public space19:21
inetproanyone for that matter19:22
inetpro"This channel is logged."19:23
inetproeven google can find what you say19:23
Kilosmy nose is clean19:23
inetprothe nsa doesn't even have to plant a bot19:24
Kilosbut they have19:24
Kilosall over the internet19:24
* inetpro gives up19:24
inetprogwood: welcome back19:34
gwoodhi inetpro19:34
inetprogwood: did you by any chance start the melwik bot in this channel?19:35
Kiloshi gwood  19:35
gwoodinetpro, yes, sorry i am just playing with some library for logging, should i not use one here?19:36
inetproKilos: you see I was right :-)19:36
Kilosjust ask gwood  so we know19:36
Kilosyes inetpro  well done19:37
inetprogwood: Kilos was worried it's the nsa spying on him19:37
gwoodlol, yeah, by talking to me now, you have now been branded a terrorist ;)19:38
inetprogwood: ai!19:38
inetprogwood: like he said, nothing wrong with asking19:39
Kilosgwood  we had a couple of weeks last year with many bots just joining19:39
Kilosmaliscious ones19:39
inetproalmost had to start banning this bot from another planet19:40
Kilosfreenode had to fight to block them19:40
Kilossorry inetpro  19:40
inetproKilos: no harm done19:41
Kilosgwood  did you come right with the network setup you have there19:41
gwoodoh, is there a nice irc terminal based client i can use to stay logged in from a remote server?19:41
Kilosiirc works from server methinks19:42
Kilosi dunno about weechat19:42
gwoodKilos: not really, the problem seems to hard. I'm planniing to try it sometime with a debian distro laptop19:42
Kilosthe lappy uses wifi right?19:43
inetprogwood: even irssi does the trick19:43
Kilosand you use fone to make a hotspot19:43
Kiloseish i meant that inetpro  19:43
gwoodKilos: yes19:43
Kilosand the landlords wifi is to weak to reach you?19:44
Kiloswhat about a wifi extender19:44
gwoodinetpro: thanks, i'll try use irssi to stay logged onto this channel remotely, then i won't need the bot19:44
inetprogwood: but quassel works best for me19:44
inetprojust set up quasselcore on your remote server and then login to your own core with quasselclient19:45
gwoodKilos: i want to learn how to setup a pi as a hotspot for fun, I just need to get a better wifi dongle19:45
gwoodinetpro: cool quassel looks quite nice, will definately look into that, thanks19:46
inetproquasselclient even works on windows... and you also get quasseldroid for your mobile 19:47
Kiloswb gremble  19:48
grembleI will probably be kicked of momentarily again. :/ 19:49
grembleFor some reason my connection with freenode is wonky19:49
=== root is now known as Guest28846
Kilosanyway night all. sleep tight20:08
=== Guest28846 is now known as gwood
inetprogwood: eish, I really hope that you didn't connect to irc with the root account!? 20:26
inetprothat's looking for trouble 20:27
gwoodinetpro: no, i was careful to logout20:31
gwoodi've got to be careful with the server i'm using, lots of attempts have been made to hack it20:32
gwoodwhat do you guys think of that big bash bug20:33
gwoodi've tested all my machines and they were all vulnerable, still need to test my phone somehow :/20:34
grembleDoes Android come with bash?20:40
gwoodgremble: if you running a jailbroken Android or iOS you might be vulnerable20:42
gwoodgremble: it might affect other devices, i'm not too sure20:45
gwoodreading up on it now, it might even affect routers :(20:46
grembleWell, if it runs bash it is affected20:49
* gremble shrugs20:49
=== user____ is now known as gwood
gwoodinetpro: oh poo, i was logged in as root, thought i made sure i was out21:04
charlgwood: your bot doesn't respond to a ctcp version request21:05
charlgwood: that alone can get you banned from some places21:06
charlgwood: irssi or weechat are both two very good terminal based irc clients21:07
charlgwood: a lot of people (including myself) run it inside a terminal multiplexer like screen, tmux or byobu21:07
charlgwood: i would personally recommend byobu, it's a layer around tmux and it works really great21:07
gremblehaha I remember a guy that had a bot in irssi that would echo things you sent him.21:08
gwoodcharl: oh, sounds like a bug for https://github.com/Ueland/VikingBot21:08
gremble$BOT_NAME :(){:|:&};:21:08
grembleIt was fun21:08
gremble$BOT_NAME /exec :(){:|:&};:21:09
gwoodlol trying to hack my bot21:10
grembleThats actually a forkbomb. Not the shellshock vulnerability21:10
grembleVery old21:11
charlgwood: and at least get some reverse dns there man :)21:13
charljust kidding, now i'm just nitpicking21:13
tumbleweedme wonders if it's a bug for https://github.com/stefanor/bashbot :P21:24

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