holsteinOvenWerks: i have both.. upright and electric fretless.. as well as a fretted electric01:26
holsteini use flatwound strings on most everything.. but, it really just depends on what you are going for01:29
OvenWerksholstein: I had heard that round wound damages fretless fingerboards03:09
holsteini mean, maybe.. but, strings in general do03:09
OvenWerksAH, just noisy then03:10
holsteinmetal on wood eventually grooves it up03:10
holsteinno way around it really, though, you could try the tape wound ones03:10
holsteini have black tape-wound ones that are kind of nice03:10
holsteinbut, you might want something brighter03:10
OvenWerksHow do they sound?03:10
holsteinOvenWerks: i like them03:10
holsteinnot a lot of sustain, though..03:11
OvenWerksI'll have to experiment.03:11
holsteinyeah.. really just depends03:11
holsteinbut, i wouldnt be scared to try flats03:11
holsteini think round wounds are probably more versatile03:12
holsteini feel i could roll the town down and fake flats a bit on round wounds.. but, not the other way around03:12
OvenWerksI can imagine. I pulled my fretless apart to try to get a better connection of ground to the bridge, when I put it back together my open E is very quiet.03:12
holsteinroll the tone down*03:12
holsteinhmm.. could be a simple damaged string03:12
holsteincould be something in the nut03:13
OvenWerksI have been using half rounds, feel like flat wounds but brighter.03:13
holsteinif its literallly just the open E03:13
OvenWerksI think my bridge is now a little ower and the string is "buzzing"03:13
holsteinyou can stick something under there and test03:14
OvenWerksThe rest of the string is fine.03:14
holsteinif its at the bridge, you'll usually have it on more notes03:14
holsteinif its just open, its usually at the nut03:14
OvenWerksThat makes sense03:14
OvenWerks I don't use the low F much, I will be taking it apart again anyway... I want to sheild the pu hole and the control hole03:16
holsteinits a good idea to get all that clean as possible03:16
OvenWerksI will wait till I put it together again to play with the nut.03:16
OvenWerksBut I will if I have to. I do use the open E in lots of things03:17
OvenWerksIt is funny, that playing with a leader that plays guitar we don't play much in F... if it was a keyboard player, it would be different.03:19
holsteinyeah. you want it to be even as possible03:19
holsteinyeah.. i work with folks that just play where ever03:20
OvenWerksDifferent style.03:20
OvenWerksWhen I took the frets out, the nut was too high, I lowered it very slowely, trying for about a frets thickness down. Made a huge difference03:21
holsteini bet.. couple 16th's of an inch maybe03:22
OvenWerksI may have had it low enough that it was ok till I changed strings03:22
OvenWerksBut right now I am playing in a place that has floresent lamps and it buzzes. I want to try shielding all the wiring and see if that makes it better at least03:24
holsteincant hurt03:25
OvenWerksrolling the tone off hides the buzz, but also hides the top half of my G string03:25
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Guest13809help in to spanish or english08:12
Guest13809hola :D08:13
Guest13809aparesco en una pantalla gigante *-*08:14
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Guest13809me ayudan?08:15
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qwerqwer1234psuerte en la vida08:15
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qwerqwer1234pnigeriia good08:16
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Manuelubuntufrikis hijos de put08:17
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Yeel96necesito ayuda urgente08:19
guest420quien quiere ajuda?08:20
guest420mejor para mi08:20
Yeel96esta desertico08:21
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guest420que pasa ubuntu08:23
guest420nesesito ajuda para ssh08:23
Guest41710no ayuda para novatos08:24
guest420klk hermanos08:25
guest420algun bitch por aqui08:25
ubottuEn la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.08:31
cladoI want to force one of my 3 installed soundcards as device 0. How can I do it in ubuntustudio 14.04.108:42
zequenceclado: Don't. I assume this is for starting jack with the right device?09:18
zequenceUse the name, instead of the number, after hw:09:18
zequenceFor example..09:19
zequencecat /proc/asound/cards09:19
zequence 0 [PCH            ]: HDA-Intel - HDA Intel PCH09:19
zequence                      HDA Intel PCH at 0xf1600000 irq 4309:19
zequenceInstead of hw:0, do hw:PCH (in my case)09:19
cladoI will try that zequence thank you for helping09:24
cladoI want to load patches for an sblive soundcard with ld10k1 command but I get an error that I do not have such card09:25
cladowich is not true09:26
zequenceclado: Don't forget "hw:"09:27
zequenceWhat do mean by patch?09:27
cladoThat soundcard allows you to load a soundfont for the sythesizer included in the card09:28
cladoI have to reboot the computer to see if the solution worked. Thank you09:30
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cladohow should I edit my /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf so my emu10k1 stays as sound device 0? Here are the contents of my alsa-base.conf http://codebin.org/view/44920d6b12:54
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