Unit193http://paste.debian.net/hidden/564e8e96/ oh bah.04:04
skellatSpanish translation fail in building?04:07
Unit193Not fail, but problems/errors/etc yeah.04:09
ochosimorning folks08:03
ochosiknome: yeah, looks like that bug never got fixed. not sure why, i guess debian didn't pick it up and we forgot about it https://bugs.launchpad.net/gmb-shimmer/+bug/101915708:08
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1019157 in Shimmer for gmusicbrowser "Change default playback-order from "shuffle" to something more intuitive" [Undecided,New]08:08
ochosiwould make sense though to install our own gmbrc.default file via xubuntu-default-settings08:08
ochosiat least i hope that that'd be a possible route, otherwise i'd argue that everyone benefits from these defaults08:08
knomeochosi, right, but shipping it in x-d-s is not a solution for gmb-shimmer, it's a xubuntu solution09:27
knomebut sure, the effect for *us* is the same09:27
ochosifrankly, i'm not sure what gmb-shimmer even is anymore09:28
knomeme neither, but i think we should start to clear that idea in our heads09:32
knomenow did you already look at sp.org?09:32
ochosinope, was away all weekend and am rather buried in work09:32
knomei reviewed and refreshed all the project descriptions09:32
ochosithat looks nicer and more structured09:33
knomethere's something else as well i've been putting off until you're back09:33
ochosicould probably use some dash of color somewhere09:33
knomejust a sec09:33
knomewell, yeah, i plan to change the theme09:33
knomeit's just a placeholder for now09:33
knomeso, what do you think of this:09:35
knomeoh hmm09:38
knomei apologize, will take it elsewhere! :P09:39
bluesabrehm, new xffm/rodent release11:16
bluesabremight poke around with that tonight11:16
bluesabrebut, only here for a tiny bit11:16
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