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harmwharlowja_at_home: seems CERN is interested in RDO for el6, just like Y!17:50
harlowja_at_homehmmmm, RDO17:50
harlowja_at_homei'm not sure RH wants to further RDO for el6 though ;)17:51
harlowja_at_homeel7 is the future, ha17:51
harmwlol yes17:52
harmwbut I want just Juno, not an upgrade to centos7 as well :p17:52
harmwnot yet17:52
harlowja_at_homeya, well wait till juno is released in like 2 weeks, lol17:52
harmwthere is a topic on the RDO ML about this17:52
harlowja_at_homeonce y! starts to get juno running (without RDO) i'll have the packages that u can use17:53
harlowja_at_home*without RDO17:53
harmwand how whould they differ from RDO?17:53
harlowja_at_homedo u have a link to the RDO ML?17:53
harmwhttps://www.redhat.com/archives/rdo-list/2014-September/msg00122.html 17:53
harlowja_at_homeharmw, packages are built from upstream, so in reality they don't differ much,  https://github.com/stackforge/anvil builds them automatically, code is all there and stuff if u want to use it17:54
harlowja_at_homespecs @ https://github.com/stackforge/anvil/tree/master/conf/templates/packaging/specs17:54
harmwand those specs do the same stuff RDO does?17:55
harlowja_at_homepretty much17:55
harmw'pretty much' :p17:55
harmwyou already got that stuff packaged somewhere?17:55
harlowja_at_homeget a VM, and it will pop out the packages for u ;)17:56
harlowja_at_homeit generates the packages, lol17:56
harmwI'm not particularly interested in building a crapload of Juno packages by myself :P17:56
harlowja_at_homeya, i can probably get them published somewhere when i/others get anvil working for juno17:56
harlowja_at_homethose spec files probably need some tweaking for juno17:57
harmwye, they look old :p17:57
harlowja_at_homebut the idea for anvil is that it sucks down git repos, analyzes there python requirements, fills out those spec files, finds and downloads dependencies, builds those all into rpms17:57
harlowja_at_home*builds those into source rpms17:57
harlowja_at_homeand then has a further stage to convert all that into rpms17:58
harmwjust like rpmbuild handles my perl dependencies (sometimes wrong or competely unwanted) 17:58
harlowja_at_homehey, u can change anvil at least ;)17:58
harlowja_at_homei even made terminal recordsing @ http://anvil.readthedocs.org/en/latest/topics/examples.html17:59
harlowja_at_homea while ago, haha17:59
harlowja_at_homeu can watch it17:59
harlowja_at_home*super exciting*17:59
harmwsuperdupercool :P18:00
harlowja_at_homeya, showterm.io was neat when i found it18:01
harlowja_at_homealthough the viewer is still somewhat buggy18:02
harlowja_at_homestill doesn't always scroll right18:02
harmwso what if I wanted to build me some el65 packages for Juno RC118:02
harmwha no18:02
harlowja_at_homefirst watch http://showterm.io/12c29e87094f128d945fa/ 18:03
harlowja_at_homebut anyway, u can try anvil18:03
harlowja_at_homeand give ./smithy a --origin option18:03
harlowja_at_homeand make an origin file for https://github.com/stackforge/anvil/tree/master/conf/origins for juno rc118:03
harlowja_at_homeand see how it goes18:04
harmwwhat's it doing with passwords in that 'movie' ?18:04
harmwand this stuff doesn't require root, right?18:04
harlowja_at_homebuilding rpms does18:05
harmwwasn't that squashed ages ago?18:05
harlowja_at_homefor when say later if anvil installs say mysql, it will need root to, and a password18:06
harmwcould be wrong on that though18:06
harmwah ok18:06
harmwmakes sense18:06
harlowja_at_homemaybe, i haven't tried turning it off in a while18:06
harmwyou happen to know if epel6 contains all requirements?18:07
harlowja_at_homenot likely18:07
harmwregarding python versions and stuff18:07
harlowja_at_homeanvil will scan epel for requirements so that it doesn't have to build them18:07
harlowja_at_homeit usually doesn't find them all there18:07
harlowja_at_homeseems to always be some missing, lol18:07
harmwhehe, but if that happens anvil will build it itself?18:07
harlowja_at_homeor try to 18:08
harmwsounds like anvil is holy grail18:08
harlowja_at_homedepends if it works for u18:09
harmwok, so the movie says packaging blabla18:09
harmwbut that is not rpmbuild, right?18:09
harlowja_at_homethats a source rpmbuild build18:09
harlowja_at_homewhich doesn't require root18:09
harmwah ok18:09
harlowja_at_homethe non-source-rpm (build stage) requires root18:09
harlowja_at_homeah one reason it requires root to build18:10
harlowja_at_home'Installing build requirements'18:11
harlowja_at_homethat one won't work so well without root ;)18:11
harmwmakes sense :)18:11
harlowja_at_homeso ya, anvil builds its own RDO in a way :-P18:11
harmwwell my bigest concern with packaging by myself is keeping it updated is also something I need to do, by myself18:12
harmwand that sucks18:12
harlowja_at_homeya, well for just local testing and stuff, it should be fine18:13
harlowja_at_homeif u don't have resources to keep on running anvil and stuff, then ya, go with RDO18:13
harmwyea well18:14
harlowja_at_homealthough y! and godaddy (which have been using anvil) aren't running against trunk openstack, so we sometimes hit anvil issues when moving to the next release, aka, binaries move around or some crap18:14
harmwwell I'm not neccesarily after trunk18:15
harmwstable is fine :p18:15
harlowja_at_homeya, i don't think stable is juno yet though ;)18:15
harlowja_at_homeso u are in a transitionary period, lol18:15
harmwI guess it'll take another 10 yrs for openstack to reach a true stable point :>18:15
harlowja_at_home1000 years18:17
harmwhm, or I could just start reading about this inplace centos6>7 upgrade path18:18
harlowja_at_homeor that18:19
harmwhm hm, well that actually sounds like a plan18:20
harlowja_at_homelet me know how it goes18:21
harmwit'll nuke my designate setup, probably18:21
harlowja_at_homeya, thats the part i'm worried about, epseciall when u have alot of hypervisors on el6 (like yahoo does)18:22
harlowja_at_homenot so good to nuke hypervisors18:22
harmwdesignate isn't the hypervisor18:22
harlowja_at_home*that sort breaks the inplace upgrade, haha18:22
harmwits openstack-designate, which I'm running in this centos6 vm I'm targetting for an upgrade :p18:22
harmwand I built the rpm myself, so ditched systemd18:23
harmwok, lets just see what happens :)18:24
harlowja_at_homegood luck18:24
harlowja_at_homehmmm https://www.redhat.com/archives/rdo-list/2014-September/msg00128.html18:28
harlowja_at_homei know perry18:28
harlowja_at_homesucks for people using RDO :(18:29
harlowja_at_home* https://www.redhat.com/archives/rdo-list/2014-September/msg00133.html18:29
harlowja_at_homethey know about anvil to... argggggg18:29
harlowja_at_home*at least some of that team knows about anvil18:30
harlowja_at_homestuff like 'We'd love to have people outside of the Red Hat engineering team doing some of the packaging work that we lack either the time or the priority to do. ' when anvil does exactly this confuse me :-P18:30
harlowja_at_homemaybe i should get on that ML and post, anvil...18:31
harmwwell, yes18:31
harlowja_at_homelets see if i can do that18:33
harlowja_at_homethey'll probably get all pissed at me, why would people pay for RDO then haha18:33
harmwbut isn't RDO the free countrpart of rhel openstack? I never realy got that :p18:34
harlowja_at_homehmmm, not sure, anything associated with RH makes me think of $$18:34
harlowja_at_homei guess i've been in to many of there meetings which end up becoming, use RH product XYZ at yahoo :-P18:35
harmwI only know of CentOS :p18:36
harmwthough that's about to change, since new $job uses RHEL18:36
harmwand AIX :>18:36
harmwok, running # preupg -s CentOS6_718:40
harlowja_at_homeya, i'm debating on whether i want to send mail to rdo list about anvil18:44
harmwjust go for it :>18:44
harlowja_at_homehmmm, maybe18:46
harlowja_at_homebb, i'll think about it, ha18:47

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