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lordievaderGood morning.07:33
Antisoundhi guys. Has anyone of you tried the plasma5 daily live image from 10/03/14?11:20
soeenope :)11:24
soeeim using it on my work machine -.-11:25
Antisoundsoee: you're using 5.0.95 on your work machine?11:29
soeeAntisound: sure11:37
Antisoundsoee: how did you get it run?11:37
Antisoundif i boot it up kwin crashes everytime11:37
Antisoundindifferent if i upgrade from 5.0.2 or try it via live disk11:38
sgclarkI have a problem with my desktop that has an nvidia card, laptop upgrade is fine aside from a missing usb devices icon11:42
Antisoundsgclark: so you installed it via ppa or live disk?11:43
sgclarkboth of mine were upgrades via ppa11:43
Antisounddamn,... i can't understand why it doesn't work for me11:43
soeeAntisound: im on Plamsa 5 since 5.0.0, and just doing upgrades11:43
soeeim using in on my laption with nvidia + optimus11:44
Antisoundif got an amd a4 cpu it's an integrated gpu unit11:44
Antisoundi can't think thats a problem11:44
sgclarksoee: you using nvidia-331 driver?11:44
soeesgclark: the recommended one, 11:44
Antisoundsgclark: can you tell me what i'm doing wrong?11:45
sgclarkinteresting. 11:45
sgclarkAntisound: I have no idea what you did. Sorry : / 11:45
Antisoundjust updated via ppa ;-)11:46
soeeAntisound: you did fresh install ?11:46
Antisoundsoee: more than once ;-)11:46
sgclarkdid you have any held back packages?11:46
Antisoundsgclark: if i upgrade via full-upgrade no11:46
soeehow ? i suggest install 14.10 beta, than add next-ppa11:46
Antisoundsoee: maybe i should try this again11:47
Antisoundi upgraded from the live image 01/10/14 i think11:47
sgclarksoee: can you tell me if you have lightdm installed11:47
Antisoundsoee: but you mean the 14.10 plasma5 beta11:47
Antisoundsoee: or the "usual" 14.10 11:48
soeesgclark: this is default11:48
soeeAntisound: i did normal 14.10 install11:48
soeethan added plasma-next ppa and did full upgrade11:49
Antisoundsoee: but the normal 14.10 is with kde 4 or?11:49
soeesgclark: i tried several times sddm but it alwasy fails11:49
soeeAntisound: yes11:49
Antisoundsoee: so i try this11:49
sgclarksoee: ok that is my problem. thanks11:49
Antisoundsoee: can you tell me where the difference between apt-get dist-upgrade and apt full-upgrade is?11:51
BluesKajHiyas all11:52
AntisoundBluesKaj: hi!11:52
BluesKajhey Antisound11:53
BluesKajwell, the plasma 5 seems not too bad so far , no quicklaunch for the panel is disappointing tho 11:55
soeeBluesKaj: quicklaunch ?11:56
soeeAntisound: not sure :)11:56
AntisoundBluesKaj: you're using Plasma 5.1 Beta?11:56
Antisoundokay soee ;-)11:56
BluesKajsoee, there's a quicklaunch widget that one cab use for fav apps rather than the kmenu launcher11:57
sgclarkBluesKaj: I am working on kdeplasma-addons, not sure if it is ported yet, but should be soon11:59
BluesKajbut the favorites in the kmenu will suffice for now11:59
AntisoundBluesKaj: won't you reply me ;)12:00
BluesKajsgclark, good to hear, thanks12:00
soeeBluesKaj: you can alwayts pin your fav apps in task manager or icon task12:00
BluesKajthe quicklaunch uses small icons12:01
BluesKajAntisound,using  whatever plasma version is in the kubuntu next ppa12:03
AntisoundBluesKaj: so you updated via ppa too?12:03
BluesKajyes rather12:03
AntisoundBluesKaj: from which version you updated?12:04
BluesKajsuddenly very dark in herer , rainclouds passing over 12:04
Antisounddid you use a daily live image before?12:05
Antisoundsoee: i'm going to try the method you recommend me ;-)12:06
Antisoundttyl guys12:06
Antisoundcan you tell me guys, when i'm going to update now, why the package plasma-desktop is held back?12:40
soeeinstall kubuntu-plasma5-desktop12:45
Antisoundsoee: i do the dist-upgrade now, and afterwards i install kubuntu-plasma5-desktop12:47
soeei think it should install it for you12:47
soeebut if not, install it12:47
soeeits a meta package i think that should install all required packages12:47
Antisoundwe'll c what happens after full-upgrade12:48
Antisoundi'll update you ;-)12:48
soeei remember that few monthe ago i had to force overwrite some pacjages that caused problems during ugrade12:52
soeehope they all work fine now12:52
soeebrb in a few minute12:53
Antisoundso... one last try14:13
Antisoundsoee: nothing worked... there were extreme dependency errors ;-)14:13
Antisoundi try with the plasma 5 beta 2 and update it via ppa14:14
soeewhat errors exacly ?14:14
soeeAntisound: also are you creating new home/user or keeping old one and tinatlling system 14:15
Antisounda specific library14:16
Antisounddon't know the name anymore14:16
Antisoundlibkf5 something,... afaik14:16
Antisoundkeeping old why?14:16
soeeas i said i remember i had to do force overwrite when installing it some time ago14:21
soeeAntisound: i used: sudo apt-get -o Dpkg::Options::="--force-overwrite" install PACKAGE_NAME_HERE14:21
Antisoundsoee: it wasn't possible for me to install it despite force 14:24
Antisoundsoee: whatever,... this is my last try... for now14:24
BluesKajAntisound, are you getting an error with this package, libkf5sysguard5-data_4%3a5.0.95-0ubuntu1~ubuntu14.10~ppa4_amd64.deb ?14:25
BluesKajAntisound, id so run,  sudo dpkg -i -–force-overwrite /var/cache/apt/archives/libkf5sysguard5-data_4%3a5.0.95-0ubuntu1~ubuntu14.10~ppa4_amd64.deb14:26
BluesKajif so14:27
AntisoundBluesKaj: you might be right could have been that package14:27
AntisoundBluesKaj: but doesn't matter anymore ... installed the beta 2 for 14.10 plasma 5 14:28
AntisoundBluesKaj: i try to update this version now14:28
Antisoundwe'll c if it will boot up 14:28
Antisoundthe update runs fluently till now14:31
soeehad a problem with it to14:33
soeejust did force overwrite14:34
BluesKajnow dist-upgrade14:37
AntisoundBluesKaj: now i've got another problem14:40
Antisound /var/cache/apt/archives/qml-module-org-kde-extensionplugin_5.2.0-0ubuntu1_amd64.deb14:40
AntisoundE: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)14:40
BluesKajAntisound, this ppa? https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ppa/+archive/ubuntu/next14:42
Antisound4 sure ;-)14:42
Antisounddamn is that an error which could kill my system?14:47
Antisoundokay i tried it once more with apt-get -f dist-upgrade14:49
Antisoundseems to be good14:49
soee-f ?14:51
Antisoundsoee: don't know why, but i think now it's working ;-)14:52
soeehope so :)14:52
Antisoundhell yeah... updated ended with no errors14:54
Antisoundgot to reboot14:54
Antisoundhope to ttyl ;-)14:54
soeeand how snow ?14:58
Antisoundhere i am, back again with 5.0.9514:58
* Antisound is satisfied ;-)14:59
Antisoundpretty interesting,... till kf5 i never have used kde 14:59
Antisoundbut since the new kicker i like it 15:00
Antisoundhmm looks pretty nice everything15:00
Antisoundi think the last times it didn't boot up the problem was because the dist-upgrade didn't worked correctly15:01
Antisoundthe only thing, correct me if i'm wrong,... the firefox has no native kde look or?15:02
soeedefine native15:07
soeegtk apps shoudl use similiar style that qt do15:07
Antisoundsoee: right15:13
Antisoundplasma is qt or?15:13
Antisoundand firefox is gtk or?15:13
Antisoundisn't it possible to let firefox look like a kde app?15:13
soeeand how it looks now ?15:20
Antisoundit looks like a foreign object ;-)15:25
soeeGo system Settings - > Application look15:26
soeethe GTK section and be sure GTK2 have qtcurve set15:26
BluesKajhmm, very few widgets actually work 15:26
Antisoundsoee: there was orion choosen15:27
soeeuse qtcurve :D15:27
AntisoundWAAAAAAAAAAAY better soee ;-)15:27
Antisoundthx :)15:27
Antisoundoh my gosh,. .it was so ugly before 15:28
Antisoundsoee: tell me why is the default setting this ugly thing :D15:28
soeeno idea :)15:28
soeethisi smy gtk settings: http://wstaw.org/m/2014/10/04/qtcurve_gtk.png15:29
soeeRiddell: the qtcurve isn't set by default for gtk2 apps ?15:30
Antisoundsoee: whats your native language?15:30
soeeAntisound: Polish15:30
Antisoundlooks simliar ;-)15:30
soeea bit :)15:30
Antisoundso we're "nearly" neighbours ;-)15:31
* Antisound is german15:31
Antisoundsoee: you made my day with these settings change15:31
soeeim glad Plasma5 works for you :)15:32
Antisoundsoee: yeah thx,... everything is fine now, for me too :)15:33
Antisoundwould have been sad if beta 1 wouldn't have worked for me15:33
Antisoundnow i can everything suit to my needs15:35
Antisoundsoee: maybe you can help me with one last information... or anybody else... why doesn't muon discover show packages like wine e.g.15:37
soeeoh no idea, im not using muon discover15:38
Antisoundgenerally many packages which are installable via apt aren't installable via muon15:38
AntisoundBluesKaj: do you know maybe?15:38
Antisoundthat makes no sence for me,... WHO uses muon... i've often heard for now,.. i'm not using muon15:39
Antisoundstrange :D 15:39
soeewell im using muon, not muon discover15:40
Antisoundmuon = muon discover? !?15:40
Antisoundi thought...15:40
Antisoundsoee: what's muon ?15:41
soeegnome hae synaptic, kde have muon15:41
soeeunity has this Application Center or how do they call it15:41
soeeKubuntu kave Muon Discover15:42
Antisoundsoee: that makes sence ;-)15:42
Antisoundso i've got to ask Riddell... 15:42
soeeI think that shadeslayer or apachelogger is responsible for muon discover, but im not 100% sure15:44
Antisoundmaybe one of these guys will responde if they read ;-)15:45
AntisoundYou can install the "Muon Package Manager" to have that "all packages" experience. By design, Muon Discover is a end-user (i.e., not an expert user) level application, like an "app store" thing. If what you want is a more direct GUI front-end to apt-get / aptitude-search, then what you want is the Muon Package Manager. Install with:15:46
Antisoundthats what i found in an bug reporting ;-)15:46
Antisoundplasmshell crashed15:53
Antisoundomg, quassel is such a shitty software18:30
Antisoundnot even dcc is provided...18:31
BluesKajI'm sure it does Antisound , you just have to look for it18:31
BluesKajdunno i don't use it :)18:32
BluesKajused once or twice for a few mins, but I didn't like the layout 18:33
Antisoundwhat you say now BluesKaj ;-)18:33
AntisoundBluesKaj: recommend a better irc client18:33
BluesKajAntisound, wow , wasn't aware, that's surprising , no dcc18:34
Antisoundunbelivable since 7 years planed ;-)18:35
Antisoundunbelivable since 7 years planed ;-)18:35
Antisoundsry lag18:35
BluesKajbeen using konversation so long I can't remember when I started using it18:35
Antisoundi'M trying it 18:36
Antisound_re with konversation18:38
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soee+1 for konversation18:51
Peace-konversation +1 http://wstaw.org/m/2014/10/04/plasma-desktopMd2491.png18:52
kubuntu_user_296Hi. How do I file a bug against the Kubuntu Installer?19:51

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