BuntuTechhi lubu techs03:24
DevRandom``Greetings lxdians12:59
DevRandom``how do i zoom the desktop like windows 8  "winkey" and + combo13:00
DevRandom``or is there an app to provide desktop zoom effects to enlarge the view ?13:04
DevRandom``<using a cheap projector to view picture on my wall in low-resolution13:07
delphushi all13:08
AteistHi, who can help me? I have a problem with USB scancode reader, and I'm new in linux.13:12
DevRandom``usb scancode...mmm sounds like trouble....13:15
AteistYes, it scans not full bar code, everytime one number is missing.13:16
Ateistsorry for my poor english :)13:17
AteistIn windows everythink is OK, but in different ubuntu versions same problem.13:18
AteistFor example: I get 5449172 instead of 5449147213:19
Ateistor I get 885697000016 instead of 885697600001613:20
DevRandom``best to google the brand/model + ubuntu   (or check the ID using lsub in terminal and searching that.  Must be some know-how on the forums...sorry my browser went kaput13:26
pibarnas_hi folks. lxappearance-obconf stopped working. Its tab even even aren't shown in lxappearance. Any ideas?13:27
AteistThanks for advice, but that didn't help13:28
DevRandom``Atiest...random stab:  could be a driver bug or a driver option that needs setting, or sometimes a udev rule that isn't set right...13:30
DevRandom``use lsmod and modinfo to figure out what driver it uses13:30
AteistOk, 1 min13:31
DevRandom``then maybe trouble shoot it. ??13:31
DevRandom``Ateist:  maybe this:   dmesg | grep usb13:34
Ateist1 min, I'll try13:35
Ateistdmesg gave my  Idvendor:0745, but Idvendor:000013:38
AteistSorry id product:000013:39
testdrAteist: you may try question about this hardware in normal ubuntu-channels like: #ubuntu or for your language13:43
AteistI there also :)13:44
ilhamiAnybody here?14:23
TheSchafno, everyone bombed14:25
DevRandom`Ateist:   https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BarcodeReaders14:28
DevRandom`Wonder if minicom or any serial terminal would test/read from it.14:30
GlycanHi, I'm trying to recover file and hopefully fix a Lubuntu system. I try to boot Knoppix off a flash key and it fails saying: "/init: line 975: mount: not found" twice, then "/init: exec: line 1033: /sbin/init: Input/output error". What chan should I go to?14:35
GlycanNormally booting my Lubuntu system says something about I/O errors, falls into fsck, which raises a bunch more errors that I do not understand "failed command: READ DMA.... error: { UNC }", ending with "fsck / [275] terminated with status 4"14:35
testdrGlycan: why Knoppix? Does the Ubuntu-Live-System (from Installation) not work?14:47
Boscopin uxterm or xterm i can't paste the clipboard. how can i enable it? (what's the diff between the two xterms)15:02
Glycantestdr: mearly because I prefer knoppix in general15:32
SlitHi! When would lxqt be default on Lubuntu?15:43
wxlphillw: i don't know why my mobile quoted the message at the end when i replied inline. or maybe i forgot to delete it all. no worries.17:21
phillwI left it in hold, owing to the earlier email about etiquette :)17:23
wxlphillw: i killed it17:26
phillwI left it for you.. I think the other one is of similar ilk.17:27
wxli think you'll find it's not there17:27
wxlalso i love how after noticing the email you top post on a 2nd level quote :)17:27
phillwI quote via gmail... so go complain to them17:28
wxlso do i17:28
phillwreply to...17:29
wxli do too17:29
phillwso, that is what it gets17:29
phillwpray tell where :)17:33
wxlclick the ellipsis, edit to your liking, reply where you want17:33
phillwkk, I'll do some editing in future :)17:34
phillwI read that Julien has been back in touch about the bug on reporting bugs you flagged up.17:35
wxlknown bug that i couldnt' find17:36
wxlthe sourceforge bug has had some interesting discussions17:36
wxli'm convinced that lxsession handles logging poorly17:36
phillwwell, the boss is aware... nothing more that we mere mortals can do :)17:37
wxlwell perhaps not17:37
wxli just don't have time to dig deep into it :(17:37
phillwis there a qtsession suite out yet?17:37
wxlnot a working one that i'm aware of17:37
wxldo you have a link to the bug where we couldn't get to the gui?17:38
phillwhe'll have to allocate some time if it is lxsession as lubuntu needs to roll back fixes17:38
phillwwhat, on update?17:39
phillwin 14.10?17:39
wxlwell it was a problem with beta2 too17:39
phillwwxl: this one? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nvidia-graphics-drivers/+bug/136391917:40
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1363919 in nvidia-graphics-drivers (Ubuntu) "no GUI with nvdia-304.123 on Lubuntu 14.10 beta1" [Undecided,New]17:40
wxli don't think so17:40
* wxl cries17:40
wxlit affected all flavors17:40
wxli used the wrong link on the release notes17:40
wxlsheesh https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/lightdm/+bug/137165117:44
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1371651 in plymouth (Ubuntu) "Daily does not boot into graphical interface after installation" [Critical,Fix released]17:44
phillwwxl: an email that should link to the archives has been forwarded to you.17:49
wxlphillw: that was the one i was looking for above17:49
phillwwxl: I've not any complaints...17:50
Boscopin uxterm or xterm i can't paste the clipboard. how can i enable it? (what's the diff between the two xterms)17:52
phillwBoscop: use Accessories --> LXTerminal17:53
phillwBoscop: those two are from core install. They are on the list to be removed at install, but low priority17:54
wxlBoscop: you might try shift-insert or middle click, as those are the standard x way of doing things17:54
Boscopphillw: i just installed the minimal version. so just apt-get install lxterminal?17:55
wxlBoscop: if you want to go that route, yes18:05
Boscopwxl: what's the diff between uxterm and xterm?18:06
phillwBoscop: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/Documentation/MinimalInstall#Full_install.2C_minimal_install_or_core_install18:07
wxl!info uxterm18:09
ubottuPackage uxterm does not exist in trusty18:09
wxlBoscop: uxterm supports unicode.18:10
phillwone some of my VM's with KVM it still has issues with standard lxterminal, so I use UXTerm to get a good stable terminal session within the GUI18:11
Boscopah thx18:12
Boscopwxl, phillw: but xterm seems to use a different clipboard than firefox?18:23
wxlBoscop: have you used linux before?18:23
wxlok then hopefully you know there are three clipboards, right?18:23
Boscopbut i can't paste in firefox what i copied in xterm18:23
wxlwell there ya go :)18:24
Boscopwhat is the third?18:24
wxlwell the third rarely gets used so we can kind of ignore that18:24
wxlbut there ARE three18:24
wxltry going to firefox and using shift-insert18:24
ianorlinalso shift+insert is the same clipboard as the middle mouse button right?18:26
Boscopi tried that18:26
wxlneither worked?18:26
Boscophm, it doesn't even seem to copy stuff18:27
wxlif it didn't work, you probably didn't copy right from uxterm18:27
Boscopbefore, it auto copied stuff that i selected18:27
Boscopbut not anymore18:27
Boscophow to copy?18:27
wxlhm that is quite strange18:27
wxlit should18:27
wxl(btw all of these problems are SO MUCH EASIER with lxterminal)18:27
wxlyou could try ^c or shift^c18:28
wxlbut select should done it18:28
Boscopyeah, i installed it now18:29
ol_dude67what command is it to check my video for the right driver. i know its ati. just not sure which chip.21:15
ol_dude67hey i know, ask google. duh.21:16
testdrol_dude67: check the output of lspci or use the tool hardinfo21:18
ol_dude67got it.now should i have a specific driver for a hd 4200?21:22
ianorlinol_dude67: intel hd420021:26
ianorlinthe intel open source one is used by default and is used by that21:26
ol_dude67better question, sorry been awhile since last using lubuntu.21:28
ol_dude67docs on getting vga and hdmi to play together better?21:29
ol_dude67with that driver on fresh install.21:29
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Julie7Hi! I installed Lubuntu for a family member before he went back home. Now he calls me and tells me that his computer shuts down every 90 minute (or so) with a loud "beeping sound" right before it happens. What could/would cause this?23:26
BuntuTechck power settings23:33
Julie7BuntuTech: What?23:33
BuntuTechhi julie23:34
Julie7BuntuTech: Hi.23:34
Julie7What do you mean?23:34
BuntuTechnvm i dont think there is a power setting in any OS that would do that23:35
Julie7BuntuTech: :(23:35
BuntuTechmy 1st thought is hardware problem23:35
Julie7BuntuTech: Oh, no.23:36
BuntuTechfor example-heat could cause that23:38
BuntuTechcomputers will shut down if they get too hot23:40
BuntuTechis it a laptop or desktop?23:40
BuntuTechmy gaming laptop started doing that too me a couple years ago when i was playing a particular game that used to work the livin heck out of my graphics card-i installed freee temerature monitor and sure enough my laptop was going over 180 degrees F...graphics card was even hotter-so i took off the back covers and blew t our with air-a srprising plume of dust came out. next-i bought a laptop cooler and placed it under my laptop-especially when23:45
BuntuTechi played that game. luckily all my fans were till working and to this day that laptop is fine. i literally vaccuum it regularly and occasionaly take of the back covers and blow it out again. temps are normal now.23:45
BuntuTechbut honeslty it could be other issues too...im no expert23:46
BuntuTechmight ask in the hardware channel too23:46

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