ahoneybunmhall119, ping02:01
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mihir_renatu, you around ?09:35
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Guest10286this is first time i lunch ubuntu-sdk10:56
TenLeftFingersThe step 'Building a Scope' from the docs here: http://developer.ubuntu.com/scopes/tutorials/scope-development-procedures/ is failing for me with error: 'No targets specified and no makefile found. Stop.'11:14
TenLeftFingersIs there a more up-to-date doc for using the SDK on 14.04.1?11:14
TenLeftFingersIn the logs I see this: "g++ version must be 4.9! -- Configuring incomplete, errors occurred!"11:16
ahoneybunTenLeftFingers, in the terminal run "sudo apt-cache policy g++"14:25
TenLeftFingersahoneybun: I get  Installed: 4:4.8.2-1ubuntu615:44
ahoneybunyea only 14.10 has 4.9 there might be a ppa for it not sure15:44
ahoneybunbut I use 14.10 for development15:45
TenLeftFingersGood to know ahoneybun, thanks. I'll try the PPA mentioned here first: http://askubuntu.com/questions/466651/how-do-i-use-the-latest-gcc-4-9-on-ubuntu-14-0415:45
mivoligomzanetti: hi17:36
mivoligomzanetti: I was thinking about the settings. I think, for the final version, we can put there only sound settings and replace settings icon with sound icon. The other settings would be available only for levelpacks creators. Maybe with some enabling option in your script. What you think?17:46
akivaahayzen kicking about?20:12
akivaor victor?20:13
akivaBah stupid wifi issues today20:16
akiva-thinkpadahayzen, oh hey21:32
akiva-thinkpadhows it going?21:32
ahayzenakiva-thinkpad, hey just got back from oggcamp21:32
akiva-thinkpadI am assuming vorbis?21:33
akiva-thinkpadand I'm assuming you are into media and stuff?21:33
ahayzenakiva-thinkpad, no it is an unconference event thing popey did a lecture on ubuntu phone :)21:33
ahayzenakiva-thinkpad, http://oggcamp.org/21:33
akiva-thinkpadahh wish someone would have told me about it21:34
akiva-thinkpadwould have totally been there21:34
ahayzenakiva-thinkpad, haha in oxford?21:34
ahayzenakiva-thinkpad, its on tomorrow as well but i'm probably gonna do work tomorrow21:34
akiva-thinkpadbah victor needs to be on irc >;[21:35
ahayzenhaha yeah then he would get even more messages from me aha21:37
akiva-thinkpadahayzen, i'm about to run out of battery21:39
akiva-thinkpadwill bb in a bit; for some reason, all the internet around here is failing21:39
akiva-thinkpadapple store21:39
akiva-thinkpadtim hortons21:39
akiva-thinkpadrichmond centre21:39
akiva-thinkpadahayzen, hey21:39
akiva-thinkpadcan you test this branch21:39
akiva-thinkpadme and vic are getting different outputs on it21:40
ahayzenakiva-thinkpad, ok which one?21:40
ahayzenvthompson, o/21:40
akiva-thinkpadvthompson, ah21:40
akiva-thinkpadvthompson, that is strange21:40
vthompsonwoah you guys are quick ;)21:40
ahayzenspeak of the devil ....21:40
akiva-thinkpadvthompson, you said it was on the device and the desktop21:40
vthompsonI figured I'd jump on rather than do the back and forth on LP21:40
akiva-thinkpaddo you mean the desktop emulator or the qmlscene?21:40
vthompsonNo, I actually just upgraded to 14.1021:41
vthompsonso qmlscene21:41
akiva-thinkpadvthompson, wierd21:41
akiva-thinkpadvery wierd21:41
vthompsonI was going to see if you did a bzr dif21:41
akiva-thinkpadim about to run out of batery21:41
ahayzenvthompson, i was gonna look at ur theming in a sec...i just got back in21:41
vthompsonor sorry, bzr status21:41
vthompsonmaybe you had some theming files not commited?21:41
akiva-thinkpadvthompson, that is what I get.21:42
vthompsonahayzen, I think it's a hack to be honest21:42
ahayzenvthompson, no i think i can do it correctly just gotta remember how21:42
vthompsonI'd rather we support theming as a whole so we might be able to tweak the component's behavior21:42
* ahayzen has some java coursework to check over first :/21:42
akiva-thinkpadahayzen, anyways I got to go find a plugin. ahayzen let me know what output you get from running that app21:42
ahayzenakiva-thinkpad, will do21:43
akiva-thinkpadahayzen, because me and vic are getting different outputs21:43
akiva-thinkpadbbl in 20 minutes or something21:43
vthompsonRight, akiva, maybe you can research theming for us?21:43
vthompsonSince right now I've separated that since I want us to do it somewhat correctly21:43
vthompsonahayzen, also, I don't think my fix for the progress bar is necessarily a hack, it's just not the full theme like I think we might want. If we could control the component so it's not so stupid all the time.. that'd be nice21:45
ahayzenvthompson, you use the style property21:45
vthompsonBut then the theming would probably be more code then our custom component is...21:45
vthompsonahayzen, you use the style property BUT you need to define a component21:46
ahayzenakiva-thinkpad, vthompson it looks like this for me https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3XynHVKfrvMaHhxaXY0ZlYyajg21:46
vthompsonahayzen, it ends up being similar to my theme hack... just you need to get the styleditem correct21:46
ahayzen^^ was akiva-thinkpad's mp21:46
vthompsonWhat's odd is that's what I remembered getting earlier... but now I do not21:47
ahayzenyey :/21:47
ahayzenvthompson, i'm just gonna do some java stuff and then i'll go over all the mps and get back to the column flow :)21:48
vthompsonahayzen, well let's wait on the progress bar fix... I want to make sure we do it right... Or I guess it's a small fix so I could add commentary to fix it later when we get a better method21:49
ahayzenvthompson, yeah i'll check it out later and see if i can figure out the 'correct' way21:49
vthompsonI'm OK with either, I just want to keep our trajectory as high as possible in case we don't find a better fix21:49
ahayzenvthompson, agreed21:50
vthompsonahayzen, akiva-thinkpad, I actually do still get the same as ahayzen. I had just started to try fixing Akiva's branch but instead I started fresh.21:53
ahayzenvthompson, hah21:53
vthompsonso I had uncommited changes... :/21:54
vthompsonahayzen, has anything came out of the daily standups about when we should expect designs for the views that will have ListViews? I think we're rather blocked on that--I can't think of anything to work on other than playlists... sigh22:05
ahayzenvthompson, hmmm jouni was supposed to do them for thurs/friday morning22:06
ahayzenvthompson, but i didn't see anyone on irc on friday22:06
ahayzenvthompson, playlists will use cardview22:06
vthompsonahayzen, I mean the playlist refresh/version update22:06
vthompsonalthough maybe the art fix won't need it... but I assume it will22:06
ahayzenvthompson, hmm? as in the fix for art?22:07
vthompsonahayzen, right22:07
ahayzenvthompson, that fix probably needs to be done in trunk and then 'forward' ported22:07
vthompsonahayzen, agreed if we do it soonish22:07
ahayzenvthompson, or whatever that would be called22:07
ahayzenvthompson, well i'm around all of the day tomorrow and tonight so time to start working on things :)22:08
vthompsontypically it's a back port or a reverse merge22:08
ahayzenvthompson, a backport would be from remix->trunk though? not trunk->remix ?22:08
vthompsonahayzen, yea, but given what we know about the UI I think your cards are the most important since they might be used in many places22:08
ahayzenvthompson, i'll try and sort them tonight..22:09
* ahayzen shakes fist at java22:09
vthompsonoh right, yea, that's just a regular 'merge' of sorts22:09
ahayzen"a horrible language"22:09
vthompsonahayzen, sadly I've been doing Java at my job the last month or so again... It's not so horrible as just not not not horrible22:10
vthompsonhaha, too many not's22:10
ahayzenhah lol22:11
* ahayzen hugs c/c++22:11
vthompsonahayzen, so I was thinking today of how or if we'd support desktop with a thicker or more robust toolbar22:12
ahayzenvthompson, jouni said tablet designs are coming later22:12
ahayzenvthompson, our focus is mobile ignore everything else aha....but yeah i agree as i've been building things i've been trying to think how they willl work on tablet/desktop22:12
vthompsonhm, so I guess we will try to ditch as much code as possible if it doesn't support RTM22:12
ahayzensomething like that22:13
vthompsonI'd like to know ahead of time what the music toolbar might be for a tablet... before we completely ditch what we have.22:13
ahayzenvthompson, well we can always rollback/view files at a version ... thats wht version control is for right :P22:14
vthompsonBut I think, or hope, design will say that it will be the same, but maybe have more buttons22:14
ahayzenok what should i do first...22:14
vthompsonahayzen, yea, just rather know as much before we ditch code22:14
ahayzenvthompson, this one first? https://code.launchpad.net/~vthompson/music-app/remix-now-playing-main-view/+merge/23699822:15
vthompsonahayzen, I'd assume so... unless there's something else?22:15
ahayzenvthompson, just checking so many branches aha ... i guess once we have the listview done there won't be any jumping?22:16
ahayzenvthompson, and they will all be the same height (which will solve loads of bugs)22:16
vthompsonahayzen, on a side note, I'd like any fix Akiva makes to be his own commit with his own merit. I'm not a fan of merges into my personal branches.22:16
ahayzenvthompson, yeah same22:16
ahayzenvthompson, so he should resubmit it against /remix with urs as a prerequisite22:17
vthompsonahayzen, actually, when you review my MP you'll note that I have the same question. I assume we might jump... but I personally would rather not22:17
ahayzenvthompson, thats wht i said it i saw ur comment ;)22:17
vthompsonahayzen, yea, I just hope it's not messy.22:17
ahayzenvthompson, i would rather that listview is literally a view with not messy things or varying heights22:18
ahayzenvthompson, so it actually works lol22:18
vthompsonahayzen, well, I assume it will be a fairly normal listview... no varying heights22:18
vthompsonbut we wait upon design22:18
ahayzenvthompson, yep22:18
vthompsonahayzen, I don't have a player that jumps in that view...22:19
ahayzenvthompson, they sometimes remember ur scroll position22:19
ahayzenvthompson, we should investigate statesaver i suppose as well22:20
vthompsonahayzen, hm, last I heard it was staying a crash only save22:20
vthompsonI might be wrong though, as I don't read all the emails22:20
ahayzenvthompson, yeah for when the app is closed due to OOM and then resumed22:21
ahayzenvthompson, that was my impression22:21
vthompsonahayzen, that brings up an interesting question that no ones mentioned to me... is confinement a RTM priority for us?22:21
ahayzenvthompson, i nearly managed to make the app confined22:22
ahayzenvthompson, there is a bug in content-hub that is preventing us moving otherwise i have a branch ready for trunk22:22
vthompsonahayzen, ok nice, I hadn't noticed22:23
ahayzenvthompson, bug 137308622:24
ubot5bug 1373086 in content-hub "Using contentItem.move(dir, filename) doesn't work under confinement" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/137308622:24
vthompsonahayzen, ah, sad22:24
ahayzenvthompson, otherwise this is the profile http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~andrew-hayzen/+junk/music-app-confinement-001/revision/63422:24
ahayzenvthompson, yeah soooo close :/22:25
vthompsonahayzen, read path ~/Music/Imported?22:25
ahayzenvthompson, yeah r/w22:25
vthompsonahayzen, hm, I guess22:25
ahayzenvthompson, so then it can check if the subdir exists?22:26
vthompsonahayzen, really they need a profile for content hub moving or something22:26
vthompsonahayzen, or multiple profiles22:26
ahayzenvthompson, well it should 'work' but it doesn't for some reason22:26
ahayzenvthompson, and no denials anywhere ... IIRC kenvandine found it was doing something strange22:27
ahayzenvthompson, like ms2 sees the file and then the file doesn't appear but the folder structure is created?! lol22:27
vthompsonahayzen, so another thing I was thinking needed to be discussed at the standups. Right now our app in trunk is *kinda* agnostic to different sizes... however what we are doing now is almost very screen size dependent... is any one running remix on the RTM devices?22:28
ahayzenvthompson, popey ? and there will be other folk "testing the app heavily"22:29
vthompsonahayzen, testing prior to our switch?22:29
ahayzenvthompson, and i was told all devices are 40GU width from jouni but i wasn't sure if that is true aha22:29
vthompsonahayzen, ha22:30
vthompsonahayzen, all mockups are 40GU and you'll like it that way22:30
vthompsonor else22:30
ahayzenvthompson, i assume they'll be testing before switch22:30
ahayzenhehe yeah22:30
ahayzenresolution independence \o/22:30
vthompsonahayzen, we did so much work in that area before, but now we are conforming strictly to 1 aspect in a design that is inaccurate and we are verifying on a Nexus 4 which is NOT the target size22:31
ahayzenvthompson, eh :/22:32
vthompsonI just think we need to make sure that these designs are kosher on both devices... which does need some resolution independence22:32
ahayzenvthompson, i'll poke popey to try it on monday and provide screenies22:33
akiva-thinkpadahayzen, vthompson ping22:33
akiva-thinkpadso what is the verdict?22:33
ahayzenakiva-thinkpad, o/22:33
ahayzenverdict is we got sidetracked in our conversation as most of our conversations do vthompson ;)22:34
vthompsonYour branch looked the same to me as ahayzen... I just had started fixing it and had uncomitted changes22:34
ahayzenakiva-thinkpad, looked like this for me https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3XynHVKfrvMaHhxaXY0ZlYyajg/edit22:34
vthompsonahayzen, hey that was very relevant to our development22:34
akiva-thinkpadokay its good to merge then?22:34
ahayzenvthompson, i know ;) ... unlike our usual discussions on hangouts aha22:35
vthompsonSo akiva-thinkpad, you're trying to fit the size of your app in the desktop to that of the design, and in turn to the device22:35
vthompsonthat is not a valid assumption22:35
vthompsonFIrst off you can not assume that they are the same just by lining them up due to how grid units work22:36
vthompsonYou might have better luck building an emulator in the IDE and running that way... otherwise you really can't assume things will work22:36
ahayzenwe need it to scale across devices sizes really22:37
akiva-thinkpadvthompson, yep; but I am still confused22:37
akiva-thinkpadis my patch fine or not?22:37
vthompsonahayzen, yes, I agree 100%, but maybe not for this first go as much... I just think there is so much to do there22:38
ahayzenvthompson, agreed22:38
vthompsonakiva-thinkpad, your patch is too tall for the device and it can't go in as is22:38
akiva-thinkpadvthompson, ah; okay. I did go by the specifications22:39
ahayzenwe suspect the spec is incorrect...22:39
akiva-thinkpadso to that; I say the specifications are slightly off then.22:39
akiva-thinkpadwhich is fine22:39
akiva-thinkpadwhat do we want to shrink?22:39
akiva-thinkpadthe blurred effect?22:39
akiva-thinkpador the spacing?22:39
vthompsonakiva-thinkpad, ahayzen, the spec is incorrect and it is not valid to just line up screenshots and assume that is equivalent22:40
ahayzenvthompson, i'm checking ur mp now22:40
akiva-thinkpadvthompson, yep fair enough; how many gu's do we need to shrink the image by?22:41
vthompsonbut mostly, the fact that the spec is incorrect is a moot point with regard to simply lining up different views on your desktop... that is not a good indicator that things will work22:41
vthompsonakiva-thinkpad, I think you need to either figure out a way to repicate some sort of realistic device or take a more data driven task22:42
akiva-thinkpadvthompson, perhaps a way to correct this on qml scene is to change the height and width of the mainscene22:42
vthompsonakiva-thinkpad, well, we still want the desktop to be a bit different... in the end22:42
ahayzenvthompson, are we doing the blue in the second mp? so i ignore that for lp:~vthompson/music-app/remix-now-playing-main-view22:42
vthompsonthat's also not an effort that's worth the time22:42
vthompsonahayzen, yea22:43
ahayzenvthompson, cool22:43
vthompsonakiva-thinkpad, I'm trying to help you pick out a task. What sort of programming do you enjoy?22:44
akiva-thinkpadvthompson, Anything new;22:45
vthompsonWe will have other coding to do. Some of it will be testing code in python... you can drive that from the desktop22:45
akiva-thinkpadvthompson, so you need a test written in python; that sort of thing?22:46
vthompsonWe also have vast functions in Javascript (QML's evil shadow) that will need MANY simplifications. ahayzen is sadistic enough to take some of this, but we could find something for ou22:46
vthompsonakiva-thinkpad, we may need new tests... we also need tests to be changed based on how the UI has changed22:47
akiva-thinkpadvthompson, I'm not picky, but thanks for asking.22:47
ahayzenme ... sadistic?22:47
vthompsonahayzen, you like pain, or, rather, seem too. :P22:47
ahayzenvthompson, i like making things faster/simpler/easier to read/less lines22:48
vthompsonahayzen, has Jouni talked about search at all?22:48
ahayzenvthompson, and it depends what u define pain .... jenkins however...22:48
ahayzenvthompson, i'm not sure why that is assigned to him22:48
ahayzenvthompson, i thought that was my WI ?22:49
ahayzenvthompson, as we are just blocked by that UITK bug22:49
vthompsonahayzen, right I saw that too22:49
akiva-thinkpadvthompson, just to be clear; will you merge my branch, or do you need me to adjust it, or will you adjust it, or what?22:49
akiva-thinkpadI'd just like to get that out of the way.22:49
vthompsonahayzen, I just meant has Jouni indicated that search is a feature we will need22:49
ahayzenvthompson, he agreed with our plan to implement when i initially asked22:50
ahayzenvthompson, but guess we can check...that is of lower importance anyway22:50
ahayzenvthompson, now playing/card view is much higher22:50
vthompsonakiva-thinkpad, I'm not sure what in your branch we'd want to merge. Could you look at what code improvements you'd like to merge over either my MP or the remix branch? There's too much in your branch that makes the app not work22:50
vthompsonahayzen, yes, very yes. true++22:51
ahayzenvthompson, tbh i'm thinking of merging urs (assuming it don't find anything bad)....and then any future things can be done in new mps against remix...eg the colour of the bar22:52
vthompsonakiva-thinkpad, you don't need to keep branches around for a long time. Feel free to make one and just delete it and start from trunk/remix22:52
ahayzenvthompson, and once that now playing lands...i can go through and strip out MusicToolbar :)22:52
akiva-thinkpadvthompson, -_- huh... I don't think thats true22:52
akiva-thinkpadall it is is the height22:52
akiva-thinkpadand I followed the spec22:53
akiva-thinkpadergo, all you need to do is adjust the height22:53
vthompsonOk, let's not rehash this.22:53
vthompsonThe design can not be verified by comparing screenshots resized to your liking22:53
akiva-thinkpadLook that is fine22:54
akiva-thinkpadI know the spec is off22:54
vthompsonI can not accept your current sizes and I am unwilling, sorry, to help you resize them given that they've been fixed22:54
vthompsonThat is why I suggest if you have other coding fixes that you request a MP against the music-app/remix branch22:55
akiva-thinkpadThat is frustrating; I spent a lot of time on that.22:55
vthompsonCan you build an emulator? That might help22:55
akiva-thinkpadI am.22:55
akiva-thinkpadAnd its fine for you to ask that22:56
akiva-thinkpadI did not know that the spec was off, and for you to just reject the branch and go fix it yourself, is slightly rude.22:56
akiva-thinkpadanyways, I will drop the topic, but I am sure you can understand why I am slightly annoyed.22:56
vthompsonakiva-thinkpad, yes, and I apologized previously. You fixed the errors in my MP while I was at work.22:57
vthompsonThe way the workflow works is that you fix an issue and submit a merge proposal against the target branch, or remix in this case22:58
akiva-thinkpadvthompson, okay fair enough.22:58
vthompsonIn the corporate world people actively avoid duplication of effort, but here it's harder to avoid this when outside people submit work and request feedback22:59
akiva-thinkpadvthompson, so to everything in the future, just submit to remix?22:59
vthompsonYes, that is preferred22:59
akiva-thinkpadvthompson, okay thanks.22:59
vthompsonUntil remix becomes trunk22:59
akiva-thinkpadvthompson, and with that, I officially drop everything;22:59
vthompsonHonestly, if you propose to merge into my branch I reserve the right to be as cruel as possible ;P23:00
akiva-thinkpadvthompson, so delete the branch, or resubmit it?23:00
vthompsonakiva-thinkpad, so you had other code fixes or deletion of components?23:01
akiva-thinkpadvthompson, basically.23:01
akiva-thinkpadas the merge states; about 50 lines were removed23:01
vthompsonakiva-thinkpad, so if you submit it against remix it will also see that you are trying to resize things and update that as well... so your MP will still be incorrect23:02
vthompsonakiva-thinkpad, can you simply do a branch of remix and copy the fixes that are code deletions? That way you could avoid the resizing issues you can't solve23:02
akiva-thinkpadI'll just grab you resizes and apply it to mine.23:03
akiva-thinkpadI mean; there can't be all that much you did.23:03
akiva-thinkpadit was either the background, spacing, icon size, or stuff like that.23:03
* akiva-thinkpad checks23:04
akiva-thinkpadvthompson, what about this; what if I edit that page thus the spacing adjusts with the height?23:05
akiva-thinkpadvthompson, that will help avoid issues in the future; its not neccessarily guaranteed... i think... that every ubuntu phone will have the same vertical dimensions23:06
akiva-thinkpadvthompson, what do you think?23:06
akiva-thinkpadIn this case, I can just spec it so every component uses a certain percent of y23:07
vthompsonakiva-thinkpad, so, I'm not 100% sure all devices will have the same vertical dimensions23:08
vthompsonwe'll be tweaking the resolution related issues as we go, so far as I can see23:09
akiva-thinkpadvthompson, I am assuming landscape will be disabled?23:09
vthompsonRight now one the device we do not change orientation.23:10
akiva-thinkpadokay; figured as much.23:10
akiva-thinkpadokay when my emulator finishes, I'll see if I can do something like this.23:10
akiva-thinkpadvthompson, so what I did, is just had the playbuttons anchored to the bottom, and I left the blurred image unchanged.23:22
akiva-thinkpadso it should now even work in landscape :)23:22
vthompsonakiva-thinkpad, OK, so I think we'll be merging the initial drop of the now playing into the remix branch23:23
akiva-thinkpadvthompson, sounds good23:23
vthompsonakiva-thinkpad, so you'll want to do a MP of what your fixes are into the remix branch23:23
akiva-thinkpadsounds good :)23:24
akiva-thinkpadi'll delete the other branch then23:24
akiva-thinkpadthen submit this.23:24
vthompsonakiva-thinkpad, so what you'll need to do if you want to step up what you have so that it has anything delivered into remix is do a "bzr merge lp:music-app/remix" to pull in remix23:24
akiva-thinkpadvthompson, yes I know; let me know when remix is at a good state to do that; I presume you are still patching things together.23:25

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