fomenko_or make my own distro00:00
fomenko_I dont know, but something must change in linux dependency problem00:01
fomenko_good night00:01
guest28798Hi. I was here yesterday and also #ubuntu both yesterday and right now. No one seems to be turning up for the problem I'm havintg and I desparately need a soln. I'm a comp sci majot about to look for a job in web dev and ubuntu is the only system I know well enought to do what I need (coding/code example to apply for jobs). Please, if anyone can help (I know this isn't a support channel but I'm stuck and I neeeeed a soln some-ho00:52
guest28798w). Please advise what do I do to find a soln. I cannot even install ubuntu w/ this problem what it is.00:52
guest28798comp sci major00:53
guest28798I have to go eat - back in 30 or 40 min01:00
infinityguest28798: It generally helps if you tell people what your problem is, rather than pleading for help but leaving out the details. :P01:23
guest28798Infinity, you still there?01:47
guest28798I'm on a borrowed computer chatting so may not be able to be on here very much longer. I have the hp pavillion dv6000 (circa 2007). Neither the keyboard nor the mouse work at all when I fire up the ubuntu 14 installation cd in it. I think I can plug in a usb keyboard and have some input to do the install but what do I do for a permanent fix so I can ultimately use the keyboard and mouse on the laptop?01:50
guest28798something in gsettings? I really don't know.01:50
guest28798Starting to fear I'll have to figure it out myself. Either no one know or noone cares. If I do, eventually, figure it out,01:55
guest28798If I do I'll post the soln so we all have one. This problem is all over the internet (in various forms) going back at least 7801:56
guest28798 7 years but no soln for current relases of ubuntu after it changed from using gnome settings to gsettings01:57
guest28798And what really is the reason for some problems I see that go on for years with no soln? Don't make sense. Gives a person the impresion that ubuntu just doesn't care about some things/peple/probs01:58
infinityGuest49899: I'm afraid I know nothing of old HP Pavillions, sorry.02:14
infinityErr, wrong "Guest".02:14
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LeartSHi guys! I'm not sure this is the right channel to ask: I proposed a backport of evince utopic to trust, now I'm trying to test it using backportpackage. I would like to build it *not* in a chroot, as that would mean downloading all of gnome etc. Is there a way to do this?16:39
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