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jtaylorhm I though adt failures of rdepends prevent proposed migration14:39
jtayloror doesn'T that apply to main breaking universe?14:40
ScottKThat shouldn't make a difference, AIUI.15:05
ScottKjtaylor: What's the example?15:05
jtaylorbroken by pillow15:06
ScottKDefinitely looks like scipy results weren't considered in migration.15:13
ScottKscipy hadn't been run yet.  It didn't get run until today.15:15
ScottKSo the question is how come pillow didn't trigger ADT for scipy.15:15
ScottKjtaylor: I'd ask pitti that question on Monday.15:15
jtaylorit did trigger it and it failed15:16
jtayloror something triggered it at least15:16
ScottKAccording to the ADT hisotry, it triggered on 10/4.15:16
ScottKPillow migrated on 10/3.15:16
ScottKSo the test run that might have prevented migration never ran..15:17
jtaylorI guess its to slow15:21
jtayloran hour adt test is a little much15:21
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