daftykinsakkku and Bonzo - deliberately flaunting the rules and staying off topic00:27
daftykinswould appreciate some assistance, assuming the rules are still relevant00:27
valoriebut what chan, etc.?01:06
phunyguymost likely #ubuntu if it is daftykins01:10
* valorie has no ops there01:10
daftykinsanyone active?02:17
* phunyguy glances up03:09
phunyguyI guess I could pay attention to #ubuntu03:09
phunyguy@duration 64342 24h03:20
ubottu64342 will be removed after 1 day.03:20
daftykinsmore spam messages05:37
daftykins<ezcribi> show gratis (solo hooy) --> http://s422803032.mialojamiento.es/22/05:37
bazhang<Ice_Strike> Eid Mubarak!10:05
bazhangis it ramadan or something?10:05
bazhang<Svetlana> Why does removing systemd-* in apt-get result in it saying that it would also uninstall gnome-session?  Gnome-session has nothing to do with startup tools in my view.10:24
bazhangsystemd is installed now?10:24
tsimpsonsome of it is installed for compatibility reasons, it's not running as PID 1 though10:46
bazhangtsimpson, was that standard? or you did this in addition to a regular install10:47
bazhangalthough being on KDE would paint something other10:48
tsimpsonit's standard10:48
tsimpson!info systemd-services10:48
ubottusystemd-services (source: systemd): systemd runtime services. In component main, is standard. Version 204-5ubuntu20.7 (trusty), package size 193 kB, installed size 958 kB (Only available for linux-any)10:48
tsimpsonfor example10:48
bazhangah  ok10:49
GPenguinany comments are more that welcome: http://pastebin.com/NMEwDjMZ12:27
ikoniaGPenguin: yes that log is fakes12:28
ikoniathe public log is available also12:28
ubottuOfficial channel logs can be found at http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ . LoCo channels are now logged there too.12:28
ikoniaI suggest you use the official logs without the fake content12:29
ikoniayou're missing lines out and you've added fantasy lines in12:29
GPenguinikonia: you are beyond what our society calls real and sane12:30
GPenguinget help.12:30
ikoniaok, thanks12:30
ikoniathat is the unedited log12:30
ikoniait includes the lines you missed out, and shows the lines you added12:30
GPenguinautism 105%12:31
GPenguincongrats on that brain12:31
ikoniaso either address this using the real logs or leave the channel please12:31
ikoniano more silly name calling or autism comments12:31
GPenguinor what? or we both publish our versions of the reality on the web, on twitter, on blogs, etc.?12:32
ikoniago for it12:32
ikoniathat doesn't get you unbanned12:32
ikoniaor whatever it is you want12:32
GPenguinlets see how many autist brothers we trigger with this12:32
c0mrade__I would like to invite some Linux fans into my newly created IRC server, if someone is interested in configuring an IRC server and a centos 5 server over ssh I can give sudo access, this is for education and collaboration purposes.17:39
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ubottuct_ called the ops in #ubuntu ()17:56
phunyguyc0mrade__: that is not the purpose of this channel.  Please don't do that here, and kindly /part18:34
DJonesc0mrade__: As it appears you don't have an Ubuntu ops relevant query, could you please /part the channel18:37
c0mrade__I can't.18:49
bazhangc0mrade__, /part18:49
c0mrade__Can I stay?18:51
bazhangc0mrade__, please dont idle here18:52
DJonesc0mrade__: no, please see the channel topic18:57
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ubottububbasaures called the ops in #ubuntu (usbmodderz)21:04
ubottuusbmodderz called the ops in #ubuntu (bubbasaures)21:05
ubottuOerHeks called the ops in #ubuntu ()21:24
ubottumehcookie called the ops in #ubuntu ()21:24
ubottumehcookie called the ops in #ubuntu (OerHEks)21:24
ubottumehcookie called the ops in #ubuntu (Oerheks)21:24
ubottumehcookie called the ops in #ubuntu (ashley01)21:24
phunyguy#ubuntu is +r for now.  silly spam from web chat21:46
phunyguyok -r is set.23:52

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