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bipulHello anyone around?12:42
bipulI am looking for a some help regarding testdrive testing ISO images.12:47
bipulBluesKaj: My issue is , when i try to open testdrive from terminal, it takes me to QEMU by default. then when i try to install it, it shows me I am lacking 7.3 GB. as it needed at least 7.3 GB on a drive space to get install.  have download the ubuntu14.10 .iso file  via  testdrive12:53
bipulWhich leads to me unable to install Ubuntu 14.10 on QEMU.12:54
* bipul is really sorry for his poor english.12:55
bipulAnyone around?18:49
Nothing_Muchbipul: kinda maybe20:41
Nothing_Muchwhat's up?20:41
bipulhola Noskcaj20:41
bipulsorry Nothing_Much20:41
bipulNothing_Much, How 're you?20:42
Nothing_MuchI'm good, haven't been testing much sadly since I got a job and stuff20:42
bipulNothing_Much, Congratulation for the job.20:42
bipulNothing_Much, Actully I new to testing.20:43
Nothing_Muchbipul: nice, what have you been testing? :)20:44
bipulNothing_Much, iso images of ubuntu 14.1020:46
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