mwhudsonfrobware: no, but the lab mustangs being on old firmware means i'm using images with old kernels for the moment00:42
WodgeyDHi everybody. Can anyone help me with DRBL question?00:56
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morenoh150anyone know how to nuke lvm from my machine?04:44
morenoh150just want to reinstall ubuntu without it04:44
morenoh150but the install wizard doesn't seem to be able to handle it04:44
morenoh150ended up trying 'use entire disk' hopefully it nukes lvm04:47
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Logos01morenoh150: It should.04:54
Logos01If nothing else you can just relable the drive with fdisk.04:54
morenoh150yeah I was just hoping I could set up partitions. But when I was on the screen nothing seemed to work for deleting the lvm stuff05:02
Logos01morenoh150: Yeah, if you chose "use whole disk" it will blank out the existing partitions.05:07
Logos01But why would you *WANT* to not use LVM?05:07
morenoh150it a headache. surprised you like it05:11
morenoh150wanted to learn more about it and was told it could help me with my raid config. But it's endless deadends when anything goes wrong05:12
morenoh150just gonna do rsync with a cron job to backup my data05:12
Logos01LVM is a vital part of any linux admin's toolkit.05:14
Logos01It's also essential to any conventional Linux server setup.05:14
Logos01A) It permits online filesystem growth05:14
Logos01B) It permits arbitrary names of your block devices.05:15
morenoh150okay I reinstalled ubuntu by wiping my first drive. How do I wipe the second from the terminal?05:15
Logos01C) It's the core underpinning for almost all clustered storage solutions.05:15
Logos01D) It's basically essential to STIG-DISA filesystem architecture compliance.05:15
Logos01(Which has to do with adjusting the mount options for various directories of the operating system to ensure least privilege for any given file/event is maintained.)05:16
Logos01I would never use it for RAID setups though. *that* is a headache.05:16
morenoh150right. and that was the only reason I even explored it05:17
morenoh150ah I see fdisk is for formating from the terminal05:20
Logos01morenoh150: Yeah, if you just use "use full disk" that'll clear out that disk drive for you.05:20
Logos01morenoh150: One caveat to the RAID thing.  If all you're doing is JBOD then yeah I'd use LVM for that.05:20
morenoh150Logos01: I even abandoned the raid idea. was told that rsync+cron would do essentially the same thing (data backups)05:21
Logos01... RAID ... for ... backups ...05:22
* Logos01 sighs05:22
Logos01I'm not meaning to be snarky, I apologize.05:23
morenoh150well redundancy in my case. I just wanted some buffer against hardware failure. If I backup to the second disk that should be good enough05:23
Logos01What release of Ubuntu are you using? Also, what application is this for?05:24
morenoh150just installed the latest desktop version. It my home server that I expose a personal web apps and irc bots05:25
morenoh150plus I want to use it as a samba server to backup my laptop data05:25
Logos01Latest meaning 14.1005:25
morenoh150err no 14.04.105:25
morenoh150close enough05:25
cfhowlett_Logos01, 14.10 is beta.  you break it, you fix it.05:26
Logos01cfhowlett_: I'm not even on 14.04 everywhere yet.05:26
cfhowlett_Logos01, PLUS: 9 month support cycle.  14.04 has 5 years ...05:26
cfhowlett_Logos01, noted05:26
Logos01cfhowlett_: He said "latest desktop version". I was getting clarification as to what he meant.05:26
morenoh150exploring docker too05:26
Logos01cfhowlett_: Yeah, my first Ubuntu version was 7.04.05:27
Logos01Wasn't my first *linux* version.05:27
cfhowlett_Logos01, so ubuntu ... so brown ... so circle of friends ...05:27
Logos01The way it was meant to be.05:27
Logos01morenoh150: So yeah, for your purposes may I suggest using a server build instead?05:29
Logos01morenoh150: Suppelementally -- you're going to go through a lot of headache as you learn the mentality and thinking behind the tools used and how they work.05:30
Logos01morenoh150: But it's worth the headache.05:30
Logos01(With regards to LVM and so on)05:30
Logos01... also, if you're ready for a REAL headache you could always go ZFSonLinux as rootfs.05:31
* Logos01 may and or may do that on all the things.05:31
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lordievaderGood morning.07:33
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strixUKlast january, i tried to set up ubuntu 13.10 on a box with root on LVM on md RAID1.  it installed okay, but wouldn't boot, apparently because 'vgchange -a' got invoked before the md devices were ready.  hacking the udev scripts to add a 'sleep 1' before the 'vgchange -a' solved the problem, but it's an awfully hackish solution (and not one likely to survive a kernel upgrade unless i mess with initramfs-tools)14:52
strixUKyesterday, i completely reinstalled with ubuntu 14.04.1, and much the same problem happened.  it expressed slightly differently (same error from the lvm mapper, followed by 'no such user root/group disk' from mdadm.  (there was also some odd message at boot from grub about diskfilter writes, but it didn't seem to actually be a problem)14:54
strixUKis there a better solution than adding 'sleep's into udev scripts?14:54
strixUKshould i perhaps file a bug with canonical?14:54
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jrwrenstrixUK: definitely file a bug in launchpad. I wish you had last January.15:08
strixUKjrwren: okay, i'll work on it.  yes, i should have filed a bug, but things got busy with other server work.15:14
strixUK(and this box is a toy for me to learn about xen)15:14
jrwrenstrixUK: I hear ya :)15:15
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phixhi, what are some webmin alternatives?15:56
ikoniaa google search will show some15:57
ikoniathen you can see if they have packages supported by ubuntu15:57
ikoniamake sure you check the support status of the repos they come from15:57
phixI see15:58
pmatulisphix: investigate zentyal, either the ISO or its individual packages17:16
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aandyhi guys. any easy way to make a pc speaker BEEP? i have a cronjob which, under a condition, should beep/alert18:00
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DigiAngelAfternoon all19:03
DigiAngelAnyone up and alive?19:04
DigiAngelReally need some help...production server died, trying to get dev box up19:04
tewardDigiAngel: patience.19:22
tewardDigiAngel: you also haven't made any actual questions.19:22
tewardother than "anyone here"?19:22
tewardthe better thing to do is to actually ask your REAL question19:23
DigiAngelPostfix and dovecot were working great with 1219:27
DigiAngelAfter upgrade19:27
DigiAngelPostfix says the mail was delivered, but dovecot says no messages19:28
DigiAngelIf I set /etc/dovecot/conf.d/10-mail.conf to use mail_location = maildir:~/Maildir19:28
DigiAngelDovecot segfaults Oct  4 13:25:01 gateway kernel: [18495.299750] pop3[18142]: segfault at 30 ip b77107f4 sp bfb528dc error 4 in libdovecot-storage.so.0.0.0[b764f000+10c000]19:29
hackeronhey, is there a command to check how much ram is being used by the kernel for the network receive/transmit buffers?20:46
qman__I'm having some trouble setting up an ubuntu server as a domain member (samba 4), I followed this: https://wiki.samba.org/index.php/Setup_a_Samba_AD_Member_Server20:47
qman__I got everything set up, wbinfo -u and wbinfo -g work, but id, getent don't20:47
qman__I installed libnss-winbind and libpam-winbind, and configured nsswitch.conf, but that doesn't seem to work for some reason20:47
qman__figured it out, needed backend = rid instead of backend = ad in the smb.conf21:05
phixpmatulis: cheers22:32
phixpmatulis: hmmm it is a distro, I am after an app for Ubuntu22:33
No_one_at_allHi, I have a question. We're running an ubuntu server with several large mysql DBs, and we're migrating to a new server. The new server has 32 GB of RAM (same as the old). I'm partitioning the drive right now, and I'm not sure how much swap space to give it. The old one had a 20GB (!) partition, but is currently using 4MB of that.23:03
No_one_at_allWhat size should I use? I've researched it slightly, but I'm seeing conflicting stuff.23:03
ikoniaNo_one_at_all: no more than 4GB23:03
ikoniaNo_one_at_all: base it on how your machine is setup and the legacy use from the old machine23:03
No_one_at_allikonia: ok. I don't recall ever seeing it use even 1GB, but I haven't really been keeping tabs23:04

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