cm-tnhaines: I think I have this channel on my autojoin, but I'm just too much on reddit ;)00:26
nhainescm-t: haha, fair enough. :)00:27
cm-tI will search for the documentation, I really want this webapps up asap, I can run it on emulator, but didnt read yet the permission docs00:27
nhainesYup, I did an API search before I replied  but didn't find anything on developer.ubuntu.com.00:28
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taiebottaiebot is really impressed by the stability of r269 shame that the dashboard does not reflect this. I was wondering if there should not be a user base dashboard for feedback on image for promotion. I would not mind to test apps following a pattern of instruction (taiebot cannot code) in order to double check dashboard and give valuable feedback to QA and developper.11:43
ogra_taiebot, we dont really look at non RTM images currently ... but testing feedback in #ubuntu-ci-eng would definitely appreciated  ... the dashboards mainly show issues with the automated tests, that doesnt necessarily mean the app is bad11:54
ogra_(often it is the infrastructure or the tests themselves that are to blame ... or changes in the test environment)11:55
taiebotogra_: I know thats why i think there should be a web-based site like the ubuntu-translation , where not only the image could be tested but every app available. For example there is now a lots of app that do not start due to apparmor changes on recent images and those need to be tested and reported to the  developper.12:19
Tassadarheh, Ubuntu has a stand on Czech LinuxDays convention in Prague, and they are using Nexus 5 to showcase ubuntu touch ^^13:19
nhainesTassadar: haha!  :D14:41
Z3Hi, I would like to know:  (1 - When will appear Ubuntu tablets) (2 - When will be available for install Ubuntu Touch RTM, or the first officially stable version, in nexus devices including tablets)15:57
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Z3Hi, is docking mode working in Ubuntu Touch RTM for Nexus 4?20:24
nhainesZ3: docking mode is not a thing that exists.20:57
Z3nhaines but it will exist in the final version? I read about it, "a mobile that is a full desktop pc when docked"20:58
Z3"full desktop convergence"20:59
nhainesZ3: Nope.  Maybe in Ubuntu 16.04 LTS.21:01
Z3nhaines ok, thank you ! :)21:02

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