ali1234seems like i'm not the only one who thinks that the difficulty is a bit wrong in borderlands 200:00
daftykinsit's a bit weird when some NPC is a higher level and you can't even make a dent00:00
ali1234apparently people who played 1 also had a similar conclusion00:01
ali1234it's not even "hard" - it just takes forever to kill anything00:02
ali1234i'm getting to the point where even normal grunts will take 4 headshots and keep going00:02
daftykinsyeah it was genuinely impossible on the xbox when me and friends got it00:07
ali1234i find the best tactic is fire pistol everything until it sets on fire, then run away and wait for them to burn to death00:10
ali1234repeat until everything is dead00:10
ali1234doesn't work on bosses though, they have too much hp00:10
ali1234for them, i lure them back to the entrance and then blast them with the car gun00:12
ali1234even that can take like 10 minutes of constant rocket launcher blasts before they go down00:12
daftykinswhy don't you just level up? :)00:17
ali1234because grinding is boring00:18
OERIASWe are oft to blame in this, - 'Tis too much proved - that with devotion's visage And pious action we do sugar o'er The devil himself05:22
daftykinsoh not you again :(05:25
OERIASdaftykins, you seem to have a problem with Shakespeare.05:38
OERIASHe was a gay man?05:39
daftykinshappy? i care not for someones joviality05:39
foobarryskeleton staff only this weekend as oggcamp is in town08:28
Myrttiour hotel room was a bit odd08:34
Myrttimaybe needs updating to the 21st century08:34
foobarryoxford for ya08:35
Myrttino power sockets by the bedside table08:35
foobarrytourists pay anyway08:35
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.09:16
brobostigonmoin Myrtti09:17
brobostigonis that finnish? because i am familier with the word from platt duutsch.09:18
foobarrya package arrived \o/09:20
brobostigonmoin popey09:36
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Azelphurand on todays hilarious news, a skiddie just tried to DDoS my service which is behind cloudflare.12:40
* Azelphur facepalms12:40
zmoylan-pithey have to start somewhere :-)12:46
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* DJones settles down to watch Jack Ryan, Shadow warrior..Amazing how Alec Baldwin has gotten 30 years younger tranformed into Christopher Pine, I guess thats what happens when you've got NCC1701 available to time travel18:24
* SuperEngineer settles down with takeaway... to watch Dr. Who at 8.3018:26
DJonesSuperEngineer: The takeaway will be cold by then18:29
SuperEngineerDJones: nope - it will be nice n warm in my tummy by then! :018:31
* penguin42 swears at adb18:40
daftykinspenguin42: uh-oh! what's it not doing? :)18:41
penguin42daftykins: Not talking to my phone18:41
daftykinsooh-err, dev mode on?18:41
penguin42daftykins: yep, little tick on the remote debug thing, I can su and get root from connectbot; and it was working last week; I can see it in the lsusb, I've got the udev rule, I can see the /sys/bus entry has perms and I've got the line in ~/.android/adb_usb.ini18:42
daftykinssounds like all bases covered!18:43
* penguin42 could draw a pentagon and place it in that18:44
SuperEngineer..or draw a rubbish bin & place it in that!18:45
penguin42SuperEngineer: Too nice a phone really for that18:46
penguin42ahha, it needs the 0x before the id in adb_usb19:09
penguin42I wish adb would have some diags - any would be good19:11
penguin42even with the env set it really doesn't help19:12
shaunohm, bbc2 is kinda odd right now.  this isn't how I remember bbc docus19:22
penguin42what's it on?19:22
shaunobut they seem to spend as much time showing you how they're hiding the cameras.  which is unusual19:23
shaunoI almost prefer it when she shots just seem impossible19:23
penguin42oh this one19:24
penguin42ok, that's weird19:24
penguin42shauno: There was a documentary a few weeks ago where they were doing international animal moves; and one of the sections was moving some Gentoo penguins from New Zealand to Birmingham; the Gentoo's really sound like old fashioned car horns - very much HONK!19:26
shaunopoor Gentoos :(19:27
shaunoI'd sound like a car horn if you relocated me to b'ham too19:27
penguin42well, yes19:27
marshmnanyone got a recommendation for a good Ubuntu laptop?22:11
marshmnmy shortlist is currently Lenovo Thinkpad 1440s or Dell XPS 1522:12
marshmnwould be interested in opinions of these, and other alternatives...22:12
daftykinsis that one of the Dells they sell with Ubuntu on?22:12
marshmnI believe they sell Ubuntu on the XPS 1322:14
marshmnbut I'm put off by the smaller screen size of that..22:14
marshmnTBH, it's also the biggest downside of the Thinkpad 1440s for me (screen is only 14")22:15
marshmnfinding a nice light 15" Linux laptop isn't so easy22:16
marshmnpeople at work have 15" Macbook Pros, and I suppose I'm trying to find the best Linux equivalent to that...22:16
marshmnbut it doesn't seem easy22:17
marshmnthe Dell XPS 15 looks pretty decent - I'm actually worried by whether the screen res is too high... is Linux ready for HiDPI yet (really)?22:17
penguin42marshmn: Which is the 1440 - I'm used to thinkpads starting with a letter and then 3 digits22:23
directhexmarshmn, you mean 440s?22:24
directhexT440s, even22:24
directhexi've used linux on T440s, and on other recent dells22:26

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