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ShawnRballoons: I don't think I ever ran into that one.  this is hilarious.  Goes to show that you can't take april fool's jokes too foolishly14:47
ShawnRso, my 12.04 install is having some issues upgrading bash (it really needs to be completely redone, but I "ain't got time fo dat" right now)14:53
ShawnRare there any drawbacks to changing shell from bash to something else in the meantime?14:54
ShawnRlike, how dependant would scripts be to bash specifically?  sorry, I've not played much with changing shells, so I'm just kinda used to bash being on the system14:54
Nothing_MuchShawnR: I thought Bash was already fixed, dude15:51
ShawnRNothing_Much: it is, but it won't update on my server15:55
ShawnRmy server (home server) has teh issuez15:55
ShawnRsomething about mysql versions15:55
ShawnRso it won't even do a -f install15:56

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