AnonAnyone here02:53
belkinsaDid Anon say anything why they were here?18:17
skellatI don't know18:17
skellatI'd have to go back and look at the log over on irclogs.ubuntu.com18:17
belkinsaI see, and eh, some people don't understand how IRC works.18:17
skellatHow's the life down south in Greater Cincinnati?18:19
belkinsaIt's fine but still no catches of possible Ubuntu folks.18:19
skellatUbuntu is too high up on Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs for many people in Ashtabula County18:23
skellatIt was not fun listening to candidates speaking out and stating that it would be safer to live anywhere else in the country (roughly 91% of it) than here since  we've got this murder problem lately.18:24

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