Kilosmorning ThatGraemeGuy  and others06:00
inetproMaaz: define grrr08:20
Maazinetpro: I don't have a definition for that. Is it even a word?08:20
inetprogood mornings Kilos08:21
Kiloslol hi inetpro  08:21
inetproKilos: why imitating the growling sound of predatory animals?08:22
Kilosbecause of this disconnecting thing without showing08:22
Kilosand the need to replug modem08:22
inetprocold this morning08:23
Kilosno goog disconnect reconnect with nm , you have to physically unplug it08:23
Kilosya eina cold08:23
Kilosit an internal thing i think08:23
inetprodon't you use that router thingymagic?08:25
Kilosnope that has a auto disconnect thing that cups whenever im afk08:25
KilosMaaz  grr08:26
Maazgrrr is a growling sound normally made by  predatory animals, but , also used by angry humans at times08:26
Kilosstarngely enough the disconnecting is worse on kde08:28
Kilosmaybe its a sign to stick with unity hehe08:29
inetprosell a sheep and get a proper router man08:46
Kilosno man whats wrong with modem into pc?08:49
Kilosi even got a new usb extension for it08:49
Kilosso no bridge thing needed08:50
bushtech_Last time lightning nailed us the spike travelled alonf the lan cables, good enough reason for me to go wifi router08:50
bushtech_at least now it will only fry router08:51
bushtech_cant wait for it to happen08:51
Kilosmy only physiacl connection is power08:51
bushtech_crap huawei router08:52
Kilosmy router can work but its just that much more to worry about08:54
Kiloson 10.10 it worked fine with the dhcp thingie08:55
Kilosthe pro always said get a decent modem08:56
Kilosso i got one and battled to get it to work on 12.0408:56
Kiloson 14.04 it works so yay08:57
Kilosnow he wants me to buy a proper router08:57
inetproKilos: how are your sheep doing this year?08:58
Kilosgot 2 lambs that seem to be growing well, but well see what bugs get them08:59
Kiloshavent had luck with sheep since that time when they stole half of them08:59
inetprohmm... 08:59
Kilosewes are old now so only one is getting preggy08:59
inetproKilos: how old are they?09:06
Kiloswell one i brought up with me from natal09:13
Kilosso must be 10 or more09:13
Kilosi forget09:13
Kiloswe should eat them but then there are none walking around for inspectors to see then rates go up09:14
Kilosthose 7 they stole were all preggy ewes, just so someone had sheep for christmas09:15
Kilosthats maybe 3 years ago i think, so their lambs would be on their second lamb by now09:16
Kiloswe only got 3 ewes left now and one new lamb is a ewe09:17
bushtech_do they sleep in a building?09:17
Kilosin a steel kraal with roof overhead09:18
Kilossteel kinda mesh09:18
Kilosbut they broke into locked shed for all the copper they could find anyway09:19
Kilosnothing is safe09:19
bushtech_fraid not09:20
Kilosall welder cables and extensions gone09:20
bushtech_That's SA, sad to say09:21
bushtech_what helps, is if your security is better than neighbours09:22
Kilosbut the main thief broke into the wrong house near here and a nervous wife put 2 bullets through his head09:22
bushtech_give that woman a Bell's :)09:23
Kilosso we have had 3 years of piece09:23
Kilosor 209:24
bushtech_peace brother09:24
Kilosi used to have to check boundary fences everyday because he used to just cut shorcuts evry night09:24
Kilosoh ya that peace09:25
bushtech_put a continuity tester over one strand, then at least you can check without walking the fence every day09:26
Kilosnope man its doring draad09:27
Kilosand that bonnex fencing09:27
bushtech_doring draad conducts09:27
Kilosover 6 ft high around here where the kraal is too but that didnt stop them09:28
Kilosya but then you need insulators by all ysterpale and droppers09:28
Kilosotherwise the one upcut strand will still give a reading09:29
bushtech_yep, you're right09:30
Kilosi did electric fencing on a 2500 hectare farm near rustenburg09:33
Kilosused the same as used for elephants but they still worked their way in09:34
Kilosthey just short them out09:34
Kilossame as with car theft, half of them work with the firms that install all the security stuff so know the workarounds09:41
Kiloshi gremble  09:44
Kiloshaha inetpro  just saw this http://is.gd/xbw3yO09:55
Kilosiburts offering that with the same router as mine09:56
* inetpro tried it long ago09:59
inetpronot worth it09:59
inetproat least not here09:59
Kilosya man the point is its the same router10:00
inetproif their network was reliable and reception was good it would be a good deal10:03
Kiloseish more eskom price hikes next year10:03
Kilos12.4% up10:03
gremblehey Kilos 10:04
Kilosoops 12.7 %10:04
inetproall prices just keep going up but salaries stay low10:06
inetprodon't know how people survive10:06
Kilosmet moete10:06
inetprobrown bread was less than R3.00 in 2000 now in 2014 is above R10.0010:10
Symmetriainet heh be bankful you dont love in Kenya if you think things are expensive in za10:11
Symmetriasalaries here are typically lower, and prices are typically way way way higher 10:12
Symmetria(put it this way, if Im wanting to shop for a lot of clothes and other items, its cheaper for me to fly to south africa with 2 large empty suitcases, fill them up and fly back)10:12
inetprothat's crazy10:13
Symmetriaheh, there are two types of food in kenya in terms of cost, your kinda staple items (chicken, beef, goat) and bread and milk, that stuff isn't that bad10:13
Symmetriabut if you want anything considered a "luxury" good luck, a tub of icecream here costs 1200 kenya shillings 10:13
Symmetriawhich is about 150 bux for 2 litres of ice cream10:14
Symmetriawant a cocktail in a bar? cost you anywhere from R65 - R100 for a cocktail10:14
Symmetriaand haha, rent prices and property prices in kenya make parts of capetown look cheap 10:15
Symmetriaby rent here for the house I stay in costs R38k ZAR a month, and believe me, I aint at the very high end of the market, thats kinda, mid to high end range 10:16
Symmetriawanna buy in a good area? you're looking at a starting price of around 8 to 10 million ZAR10:16
inetprowhat's the price of bread?10:16
Symmetriahrm, probably about 100 - 150 shillings (so between 13 and 20 bux dependant on where)10:17
Symmetriaif my fiance and I go shopping for groceries which typically last 3 to 4 weeks, we're looking at a minimum of around 4 thousand rand 10:18
inetproobviously what you earn is not what the average guy on the street earns10:20
SymmetriaI have no idea how people who are clearing after tax anywhere under around 30 thousand rand a month survive here 10:20
Symmetriano, nowhere close, and I have no idea how they make ends meet 10:20
Symmetriaheh my electricity bill alone last month came to 2.7k ZAR10:21
inetpro Cost of Living in Kenya http://www.numbeo.com/cost-of-living/country_result.jsp?country=Kenya10:22
SymmetriaMeal for 2, Mid-range Restaurant, Three-course2,000.00 KSh <=== hahahaha what fucking resturant is that :P maybe outside of Nairobi10:23
Symmetriabut sure as hell not in nairobi10:23
Symmetriaheh those prices may reflect nakuru or diani or lamu10:24
Symmetriabut they sure as hell do not reflect Nairobi at all10:24
Symmetria1 Pair of Jeans (Levis 501 Or Similar)3,128.82 KSh <=== and that is crap, I bought a pair of levi's here the other day, they cost 8k not 3.1k ;p10:24
SymmetriaApartment (3 bedrooms) in City Centre89,535.29 KSh <=== and no way in hell are you finding a 3 bedroom apartment in nairobi city centre for that, triple that maybe, you'll get that kinda price at the coast or in other towns, but NOT in nairobi10:25
inetproselect your city10:25
inetprointeresting database10:26
Symmetriayeah but those prices for nairobi when I looked also dont reflect much reality 10:27
SymmetriaApartment (3 bedrooms) in City Centre100,864.29 KSh10:27
Symmetriayou MAY be able to get something for that 10:27
Symmetriabut it aint gonna be anything special10:27
Symmetriaand even that, convert that to rands10:28
Symmetriathats 13k a month for an apartment10:28
Symmetriamy rent for a 3 bedroom apartment in capetown was like, half that in rondebosch ;p10:28
inetproI see you can edit and add your own pricing10:29
Symmetriaheh, look at the properly buy prices though there10:30
Symmetriaprice per square meter to buy = 14.5k a square meter10:31
Symmetriaan average 3 bedroom apartment is what, 50 squares?10:31
Symmetriaso 725 thousand for a 3 bedroom (tiny) apartment10:31
Symmetriaheh inetpro10:34
Symmetrialook at this:10:34
Symmetriadivide by 8 to get approximate rand price10:35
Symmetriaso 50 to 60 bux for a burger10:35
Symmetriasingle rack of ribs in a resturant (and you need 2 racks to be full) costs you R105, so double that if you want a decent meal10:36
inetpronot far off from here10:36
ThatGraemeGuymy local is R95 for a full rack that you can finish if you're really hungry and skip starters10:37
inetproyou can't even get a burger in a restaurant below R60 these days10:37
ThatGraemeGuydepends where you go, place around the corner from me has burger specials on monday and tuesday, R50 for 2 burgers with chips, and they're decent burgers too10:38
* inetpro hungry now10:40
Symmetriaheh I had an engagement party the other day10:40
Symmetriaand because the girlfriend does events etc for a living, we had the thing catered for a heavily discounted price10:41
Symmetriastill cost R5500 for the food for 30 people10:41
Symmetria(no booze)10:41
Symmetriathe only advantage of kenya is that in terms of internet access10:44
Symmetriawe're so far ahead of za here its not even a joke10:44
Symmetriawe're launching 40meg completely uncapped for under a thousand zar a month10:44
charlSymmetria: south africa is something you want to compare to in any case11:20
charlit's one of the worst connected countries in the semi-developed world11:21
nlsthznuncle Kilos ... BIG game later...12:58
Kilosyip nlsthzn  and im watching cheetahs/wp atm12:59
Kilosdid the sharks play yesterday nl?13:00
nlsthznah k... 13:00
Kilosnlsthzn  13:00
nlsthznyes they played lions13:00
nlsthznI am vanging gees here on my lonesome 13:01
Kilosi didnt even look13:01
nlsthznthe sharks just won... not sure of score13:01
Kilosjust won is good enough for me13:01
Kilosty for thet info13:01
nlsthznbulls smashed puma's so I am happy13:01
nlsthznhope duan is fit to play...13:01
Kilosoh havent they announced yet on his condition13:02
Kilosbeen talk of it all week in the news13:02
Kilosbut final decide is just before match i spose13:02
nlsthznas far as I can see13:03
nlsthznwe need thor :)13:03
Kiloswe need something13:04
Kiloshavent beaten them for a long time now13:04
Kilosi go fetch sheep so i can park in game time13:05
nlsthznk, :)13:06
nlsthznone song I am trying to get and it seems I will have to buy a six disc set to get it >.< - tata tata haka haka by leon schuster13:08
nlsthznhttp://gadling.com/2013/09/10/australian-pig-steals-beer :D14:16
nlsthznKilos, this refs mom was a man15:30
nlsthzncomments uncle Kilos ?15:50
Kilosat least we ahead at half time15:58
nlsthznspeechless uncle Kilos ?15:58
nlsthznah there you are :D15:58
Kilosmy boet is just leaving, last visit, tomorrow flys to dubai15:58
nlsthznat least ahead... I have a good feeling about this game... ellis park last 20 always in our favour15:58
nlsthzntell boet his timing sucks15:58
Kilosbut we are playing much better nlsthzn  16:00
nlsthznyup :D16:00
Kilosi didnt understans some of the refs decision but ya16:00
Kilostara is jumping for joy16:01
Kilosoh my16:06
Kilosboks are alive today16:06
Kilospale toe16:15
Kilosduan doing well nlsthzn  16:15
nlsthznbokke! :d16:23
nlsthznthis fkn reff16:25
nlsthznand tmo16:25
nlsthznI dunno16:40
Kilossomething has gone wrong with the changes16:40
Kilossomeone not pulling his weight16:41
Kilosgreat kick16:54
Kilosvery tense ending16:55
Kilosat last16:57
charlhi smile 17:05
smilehi :)17:05
charland good evening to everyone17:05
smilesince when does chatzilla support notifications? :o17:05
nlsthzncan't believe we faded at the end...17:05
nlsthznthat is what cost the aussies last week-end17:05
nlsthznsince the bokke won17:05
charlsmile: do you like house music17:05
Kiloshi charl  smile  17:06
charlhi Kilos :)17:06
smilecharl: not particulary :p17:06
charlate a great pasta tonight, italian durum wheat pasta with basil pesto, rucola, olive oil and hemp seed17:07
charli should do this more often17:07
charlsmile: is house also popular in belgium as it is in NL ?17:08
charlit's the only good music that ever came out of NL, traditional dutch music is HORRIBLY bad17:08
charlcringeworthy at best17:08
smileI don't think it is over here, charl :p17:08
charlah interesting17:08
charlwhat do belgians listen to ?17:09
smilehttp://q-music.be/ or http://mnm.be/ or http://www.stubru.be/ ;)17:10
charlok i need to listen to it17:10
charlbtw, i've been to antwerpen again last week17:10
smilewithout notice? :o17:11
charlyeah it was impromptu17:11
charlit's been almost two years17:11
charlbut i ate really good waffles17:11
* smile is jealous now17:11
charli also went to the waffle factory and had a three cheeses waffle17:11
smilewhich factory? :p17:11
charllemme get the link17:11
charli had the "3 fromages" i think17:13
charlthere is a big church with a tall tower and it was right next to it17:14
smilenice, nice ;)17:16
charlare you going to any conferences the coming season ? fosdem / 21c3 etc?17:25
charl*31c3 i mean17:27
smilecharl: nope :p17:31
charli really do want to go to fosdem17:33
charli'm thinking of 31c3 too because it's close for me17:33
charlhamburg is about 2 hours on the train i think17:33
charlnah it's a bit longer i see, 3 hours17:36
smilebrussels! :p17:45
smilewhen is fosdem :p17:46
nlsthznwatching a wedding being live streamed :p17:46
charlsmile: yeah it's close for you, it's february sometime18:24
charli want to try and organise it with my work where more of us go18:24
charlit's a free event, train tickets are not that expensive18:24
charlit's just the issue of a hotel, unless we do a classic "bliksembezoek" and do it in a day18:24
charlleave early morning and come back on the train in the evening18:24
smilecharl: I want to be at fosdem if I can, but I don't know yet18:24
smilefebruary is a long time :p18:24
charlbut then we can only do the one or the other day, not both probably18:24
charlah 31 january and 1 february18:25
charlsaturday and sunday18:25
smileDon't know yet about exams :p18:32
Kilosnight all. sleep tight18:34
smilebye! :)18:47

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