BonzoI believe it was wpa00:00
Bonzonot there now, just trying to get this working before I go back =p00:00
akkkuhmm, wpa or wpa2?00:00
Bonzoif I can make it work in the VMware I'm good with that.00:00
akkkucoz with wpa2 u can only brute force afaik00:00
Bonzojust wap00:00
akkkuso your f***ed00:00
akkkuwpa u can crack00:00
akkkutry cain00:01
daftykinskeep it family friendly thanks guys00:01
akkkui dunno there are so many distros now...00:01
akkkuhey daftykins what distro are u on?00:01
BonzoMaybe we should go create a channel to find help where no one else is. Maybe that would be productive daftykins ?00:01
BonzoI mean, thats what he suggested I do. I thought maybe he was offering legitimate help.00:02
akkkunot kicked yet...00:03
BonzoPretty sure he's just a troll =)00:03
Bonzoand oh lord, caine is italian lol00:04
akkkuok back to business00:04
akkkufuck yeah00:04
daftykinsigno818: 'Linux distribution'00:04
daftykinsi.e. Ubuntu, debian, etc00:04
akkkubut which one?00:04
akkkucoz for me most ubuntus were released to early00:05
rafase282Hello, I need help with syncing music to my android device00:05
rafase282I though the default music app in ubuntu would recognized my Oneplus one, but it doesnt00:05
akkkuMy name is ubuntu: How can I help you?00:05
rafase282Is there a way to copy my music other than manually coping the directories?00:05
daftykinsyou might be able to find a media player that supports synchronising some, but really file based is the easiest way00:06
CrazyM4nHow long does the ubuntu install take? I have like 20 minutes00:06
akkkustatus update00:06
Bonzolooking at caine =p00:06
daftykinsCrazyM4n: that can depend on far too many factors to answer reliably00:06
CrazyM4nOn a high end gaming computer00:06
Bonzohave a favorite multibootloader you like to use?00:07
CrazyM4nWith 2 SSDs to format00:07
ashley01I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask my question, because it involves both Ubuntu 14.04 and a game called OpenTTD (but the question is not about gameplay, it is performance related)00:07
WulframnCrazyM4n: depends, but twenty to thirty minutes sounds about right in my experience.00:07
rafase282I tried file base but some directories were the same other than the case sensitive and I had to check often and some wouldnt copy00:07
CrazyM4nSounds ok00:07
BonzoI've used so many without luck in the last day00:07
CrazyM4nWelp, here goes nothing00:07
WulframnCrazyM4n: How big are the drives?00:07
CrazyM4n256 GB each00:07
akkkuhey u sure your wifi supports promisc mode?00:07
CrazyM4nJust doing the one last look over00:08
akkkuwhats the chipset?00:08
CrazyM4nMaking sure I didn´t forget to back anything up00:08
WulframnCrazyM4n: I can't tell you for sure, but I'd gamble on at least thirty minutes.00:08
akkkucoz many do not00:08
akkkumost of them00:08
CrazyM4nAny good streaming software on ubuntu?00:08
CrazyM4nLike, for twitch.tv00:09
BonzoYou know I'm not even sure00:09
daftykinsCrazyM4n: just browse the software centre once you get there00:09
akkkuyeah u need promisc or your fucked00:09
Wulframn!gtfo | akkku00:09
ubottuakkku: The main Ubuntu channels require that you speak in calm, polite English. For other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList00:09
Bonzowhat is promisc?00:09
akkkukeep getting warnings00:09
akkkupromisciôus ode00:10
akkkulike to listen00:10
Bonzoyeah gotcha00:10
akkkuneed full access on the interface00:10
CrazyM4nIs all that pulseaudio buisness sorted out?00:10
akkkuand most shitty realtek do not00:10
Wulframnakkku: please calm yourself and stay on topic.00:10
daftykinsWulframn: careful, those two consider themselves above the rules.00:10
Wulframndaftykins: is that the color of it tonight? Who is the other?00:11
akkkuwe're talking about realtek mr blockwart00:11
CrazyM4nWell, I´m actually shutting down my computer to switch to ubuntu now. I´m actually pretty nervous00:11
akkkuno need to panic00:12
=== night-owl2 is now known as night-owl
WulframnHe'll be fine.00:12
akkkuyo bonzo whats up?00:12
akkkugot it working?00:12
BonzoIs talking about other people subjectively and in general trying to hinder their ability to reach a common goal also against the rules?00:13
BonzoIf so you are in total violation daftykins00:13
ashley01I have a problem with OpenTTD: when I expand the window: my performance starts to drop, especially at fullscreen. I have a Radeon 7950.00:14
WulframnBonzo: please remain on topic.00:14
ashley01I hope this is the right place to get help. I am using Ubuntu 14.0400:14
Wulframnashley01: this is the correct location.00:14
BonzoI'm trying to find my wireless card atm in bios...I think I'm gonna have to boot up windows to find it first.00:14
akkkuu did lspci and nothing?00:15
akkkuis it usb or pci?00:15
akkkulscpi -vv?00:15
Bonzoand haven't done that yet, gotta get back to vmware =p00:15
akkkufuck it00:15
Wulframn!language | akkku00:16
ubottuakkku: The main Ubuntu channels require that you speak in calm, polite English. For other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList00:16
akkkunormal it language :-)00:16
ashley01Wulframn: Can you help me with my problem at all?00:17
akkkui dont like vmware00:17
akkkui dont live oracle00:17
Wulframn!ask | ashley0100:17
ubottuashley01: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience00:17
akkkui dont like anything00:17
ashley01Wulframn: I did ask it, I dont know if you noticed though00:17
Bonzogrumpy cat00:17
Bonzoat anyrate00:17
Wulframnashley01: One moment while I scroll up00:17
BonzoI typed iscpi in terminal, doesn't recognize the cmmd00:18
akkkuwho is ashley?00:18
Wulframnashley01: which driver are you using?00:18
akkkuBonzo: lspci -vv00:18
akkkuthen copy/paste in here00:18
daftykinsashley01: you might as well repeat it, i didn't see it either00:18
ashley01I have a problem with OpenTTD: when I expand the window my performance starts to drop significantly.00:18
Bonzohere lazy bum ashley01> I have a problem with OpenTTD: when I expand the window: my performance starts to drop, especially at fullscreen. I have a Radeon 7950.00:19
CrazyM4nEverything seems to be in working order so far, except for the whole black screen instead of letting me try it00:19
akkkuyo bonzo buy a playstation!00:19
daftykins!nomodeset | CrazyM4n00:20
ubottuCrazyM4n: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter00:20
daftykinsashley01: which graphics driver are you using?00:20
ashley01I don't know how to check00:21
ashley01is there a command I can type into the terminal?00:21
CrazyM4nThanks for that, but after like 5 minutes of idling it loaded00:21
Wulframnashley01: System Settings > Additional Drivers00:21
daftykinsCrazyM4n: are you using USB or DVD?00:22
ashley01I don't have an option for 'additional drivers'00:22
akkkuBonzo: Radeons have crappy support00:22
CrazyM4nDVD like an idiot00:22
Bonzolol yes they do00:22
akkkufglrx sucks badly00:22
CrazyM4nAccidentally clicked the amazon button, froze the whole desktop00:22
daftykinsashley01: install pastebinit then run "pastebinit /var/log/Xorg.0.log"00:22
squintyasher1:  look in Software and Updates   there is a tab there00:22
Bonzohmmm vm isnt transfering my clip board now00:23
CrazyM4nDoes reisub work on the live boot? everything is frozen00:23
akkkuyou're fucked :-D00:23
ashley01oh ok, it is searching for additional drivers now00:23
ashley01"this device is using the recommended driver"00:23
daftykinswhich is...?00:23
CrazyM4nHopefully I didn't corrupt the DVD or something00:23
Wulframnashley01: Hang on, I'm logging into my computer. (I'm on my phone now)00:24
ashley01X.org X server00:24
ashley01I don't know what that means at all00:24
daftykinsit should mention something about radeon, fglrx...00:25
ashley01daftykins: it gives me 3 options, according to this I am using the open source option00:25
ashley01it does say AMD/ATI display driver wrapper (they all do)00:25
ashley01oh wait, they all don't say that00:25
ashley01but they say something similar to that00:26
akkkuBonzo: I'm in urgent need of some useless smalltalk:00:26
akkkuWhere are u from?00:26
Bonzosorry daughter distracting00:26
akkkuhow old is she?00:26
akkkufuck mine is 300:26
akkkulucky man!00:27
ashley01I am using the driver from xserver-xorg-video-ati, the other 2 (proprietary) are from fglrx and fglrx-updates00:27
Bonzolol I wish she was still 300:27
akkkusuper tiring at 300:27
Bonzobut then you have to deal with real issues00:27
akkkuwelll wait 10years00:27
akkkuthen we laugh00:28
daftykinsashley01: yep, so you can give either of the other two a go and see how you get on.00:28
Bonzoyou were wanting to know what chipset my wlan card was right?00:28
ashley01daftykins: do people often recommend the proprietary drivers over open source? I would have thought it would be better the other way around00:29
rredd4Bono askku just wait till they are teenagers. Enjoy them while they are young00:29
akkkuSo status checl: IRC Nazis any news? :-)00:29
rredd4I have a teen00:29
CrazyM4nJust to be 100% certain: Ubuntu works well with formatting SSDs correct?00:29
CrazyM4nI just don't want to screw anything over too bad ;)00:29
akkkuno alignment needed anymore00:30
akkkutime are over00:30
Bonzoreally? omg very nice lol00:30
daftykinsashley01: when graphics card companies don't work with developers on Linux, the cards tend to perform better with proprietary drivers.00:31
ashley01fair enough, I'll try out the proprietary ones00:31
Bonzothat lspci cmd gave me like pages of crap00:31
akkkuhen graphics card companies don't work with developers on Linux, the cards tend to perform better with proprietary drivers.00:31
akkkudaftykins: what do u mean?00:32
ashley01akkku, he was responding to me00:32
akkkui apologise00:32
ashley01you are forgiven my child00:32
CrazyM4nSo if I tell it to replace windows 7 with ubuntu00:32
CrazyM4nWill it install on the correct drive00:33
CrazyM4nWhere win7 used to be?00:33
daftykinsCrazyM4n: use 'something else' to do it manually if you're not sure00:33
ashley01CrazyM4n, you should get an option to install it alongside your current OS (1st option), an option to install it over and use up the whole drive (2nd option), and an option to do it all manually (3rd option)00:34
ashley01you get this with Ubuntu 14.0400:34
CrazyM4nI did the second00:34
ashley01same as me, I only use Ubuntu these days and I love it!00:35
ashley01minus the adware/spyware00:35
akkkuwhen its raining outside, the headphones are loud...00:35
daftykinsthere... isn't adware or spyware.00:36
ashley01I might use Debian one day when I get 'good' enough at using this00:36
ashley01sorry daftykins, but I don't like how they included the amazon stuff00:36
daftykinsit can be turned off00:36
ashley01I know, i did the whole fixubuntu.com script00:37
ashley01and disabled the online searching00:37
CrazyM4nThat was weird, I agree00:37
CrazyM4nWhy did they add bloatware?00:37
daftykinsyeah, weird choices, maybe they get funding from it. no idea.00:37
ashley01I suppose I shouldn't call it adware/spyware00:37
daftykinsashley01: it is inaccurate00:37
ashley01maybe it is best I call it bloatware00:37
ashley01or "uninstall-ware"00:37
ashley01practice your uninstalling skills!00:38
daftykinsi'd call it an undesirable feature00:38
ashley01but I love the OS nonetheless, I don't use windows anymore00:38
ashley01rredd4 knows what it's all about00:38
rredd4I do not like win doze.00:39
akkkunor do i00:39
ashley01btw daftkykins, thanks for helping me out (I don't know if this will work yet because it is taking a very long time to apply these new gpu drivers)00:39
akkkuno prob00:39
ashley01does this channel have some sort of reputation system where I can give you a point or something?00:39
guest28798The computer is not with me atm but I need a soln I can use when I get in front of it again. I have an HP Pavillion dv6000 (circa 2007) that I would like to install ubuntu 14 on.00:39
guest28798This --> http://askubuntu.com/questions/20112/synaptics-touchpad-problem-when-disabling-it-and-then-enabling-it <-- describes the problem somewhat (for me neither the touchpad nor the mouse work beginning at the screen where you choose to try or to install ubuntu).00:39
guest28798The soln shown at that link pertains to an earlier release of ubuntu and things have now moved to gsettings I hear. Can someone provide a soln that will work for ubuntu 14?00:39
guest28798sorry so much00:39
akkkubonzoooo tio estas ahi?00:40
guest28798I'm hoping that I can use a usb keyboard to get some input to do the install and to perform whatever soln needs be done to fix the problem.00:41
daftykinsashley01: nah, i survive on the warm fuzzy feelings alone. but for that you have to let me know the result! :)00:41
Bonzocheck pm akkku00:41
ashley01I will let you know, gonna be afk but I will stay in the channel while this installs00:41
CrazyM4nUbuntu feels like a cult00:42
CrazyM4nIt's funny00:42
daftykinsi can't think how you'd get that idea, but this channel isn't for your ideas to be shared, CrazyM4n00:42
CrazyM4nI was going to get to a point00:42
CrazyM4nAnd that is is that it's nice that there is so many resources that are specific to Ubuntu00:43
trip_has anyone successfully run AMD and Nvidia video cards at the same time? The drivers seem to be stepping all over each other00:49
daftykinsi would not even consider it worthy of an attempt :)00:49
daftykinstrip_: from what i understand they are far too conflicting, why are you trying?00:50
trip_i have extra cards, figured it would be an interesting experiment. Didn't realize how frustrating it would be00:51
daftykinsyeah, don't waste your time i'd say00:51
* HastaLavista is now away - Reason : Auto-Away after 1 minutes00:53
daftykinsHastaLavista: please disable that auto away message in this channel00:54
HastaLavistadaftykins : why?00:55
daftykinsbecause it's annoying00:55
guest28798Is there anyone here that can show me how to install ubuntu 14 on an hp dv6 from 2007? Neither the keyboard nor the mouse work starting right at the installation00:56
WodgeyDhi everybody. Can anyone help me with DRBL question please?00:58
guest28798I have to go eat - back in 30 or 40 min01:00
owen1how to tell ubuntu not to start a service on boot (using the terminal)?01:02
owen1(mongodb/postgres etc)01:02
ashley01daftykins: unfortunately I am still getting the performance drop when I expand the OpenTTD window01:04
CrazyM4n2 questions: How can I make my mouse sensitivity lower than the lowest01:04
CrazyM4nAnd 2: Why is dragging windows so laggy? Do I have to switch to KDE already? :P01:05
ashley01there are 2 proprietary drivers available for my radeon 7950: fglrx and fglrx-updates. I am using the former of the two.01:05
ashley01I am also using Unity, but I like this desktop manager and want to stick with it.01:06
daftykinsashley01: likely the composited desktop is hindering the performance.01:06
CrazyM4nOkay, so I'll get a new WM01:07
daftykinsashley01: you can install and run "glxgears" as a very basic performance metric to gauge between the drivers01:07
CrazyM4nerr, you're not talking to me, lol01:07
daftykinsthe names give it away01:07
daftykinsashley01: run it now, try the fglrx-updates and run it with that driver, then you could also revert and compare with 'radeon'01:07
CrazyM4nHow can I change the sound settings? I haven't used ubuntu in like a year :c01:07
CrazyM4nfound them01:08
daftykinsCrazyM4n: what's your graphics card?01:08
CrazyM4nIt's some nvidia card01:08
ashley01I will install the mesa-utils package (includes glxgears) and try it out01:08
CrazyM4nGTX 650 Ti I think01:08
CrazyM4nWhere do I get the drivers?01:08
daftykinsCrazyM4n: additional drivers01:09
daftykinsashley01: you can help CrazyM4n find the place? ;)01:09
CrazyM4ngot it01:10
CrazyM4nseirously though, how do I make the mouse sensitivity lower01:10
CrazyM4nis there a console command that I can stick in the x init file?01:11
CrazyM4nterminal, or whatever you call it01:11
ashley01oddly enough, glxgears isn't showing a significant change in FPS when I run OpenTTD in fullscreen, yet I can see the game is going slower than usual and mouse movement also slows down when the window is active01:11
daftykinsashley01: no the idea is just to run it in each of the drivers and compare the framerate it spits out01:11
daftykinsnot run the game at the same time01:12
AldrykAfter one of the regular updates to my 14.04 ubuntu, my session would no longer start. Anyone here might have run by the same problem?01:12
CrazyM4nhttp://askubuntu.com/questions/8506/decrease-mouse-sensitivity-below-the-standard-limit found it01:12
ashley01oh ok, I am getting approx 300 FPS with the proprietary drivers01:12
ashley01not 300 FPS01:12
ashley01300 in 5 seconds01:12
ashley0160 FPS01:12
daftykinssounds like vsync01:12
ashley01I am looking for an option to disable vsync in OpenTTD, it looks like it doesn't have one though01:15
ashley01what is the name of that bot in this channel that suggests channels?01:15
bitraten3hi, how can i list all installed packages, which are not in main?01:16
daftykinsashley01: it's not a bot in the channel, it's a network thing01:16
ubottualis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" . For more help or questions relating to alis, please join #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*01:16
daftykinsashley01: again, vsync won't affect your game, it'll affect glxgear's result01:16
ashley01oh ok01:16
daftykinsvertical sync is preventing the graphics card from pushing out more frames per second than your display's refresh rate01:17
daftykinse.g. 60Hz on an LCD = 60 frames per second, when vsync is on01:17
CrazyM4nWhere is the x.org file?01:17
daftykinsxorg.conf? it hasn't been used in years01:18
daftykinswhat are you trying to achieve?01:18
CrazyM4nIt hasn't?01:18
CrazyM4nBecause that's what I always used to use01:18
daftykinsyeah, everythings auto detect now01:18
CrazyM4nI just want to make my mouse slow down through a command on startup01:18
ashley01only 1 person in #openttd :(01:18
ashley01probably afk as well01:18
CrazyM4nIs there an sh script I can put that in?01:18
ashley01oops, ##openttd i mean, not sure why it has  2 #01:19
daftykinsCrazyM4n: you linked to the guide to do your mouse adjustment yourself, it tells all01:19
owen1is 'sudo update-rc.d -f mysql remove' the recommended way to stop a service from starting on boot?01:19
daftykinsashley01: that means it's unofficial01:19
CrazyM4nIt doesn't say where to put it01:19
CrazyM4nOther than xorg.conf01:19
daftykinsowen1: sounds right01:19
daftykinsCrazyM4n: i see the full path on the page :)01:19
owen1daftykins: thanks01:20
thoonaiheyho, some tip which actual compact digital camera I can use as webcam?01:20
CrazyM4nMe too, but I still don't know why we don't use xorg.conf anymore?01:20
daftykinspro tip - don't do new things with Linux if it's late night your time01:20
daftykinsthoonai: i'd be genuinely surprised if ANY camera can work like that01:20
daftykinsCrazyM4n: argh, because everything is auto detect as i just said!01:20
owen1daftykins: and how do i check what services are suppose to start on boot?01:20
daftykinsCrazyM4n: you can still create one, just don't try and put in any graphics driver settings etc.01:21
daftykinsowen1: no idea.01:21
CrazyM4ndaftykins: oh. it's too late for linux. and it's only 601:21
owen1daftykins: np. thanks01:21
CrazyM4nargh the case-sensitive directories01:22
cellopinhi guys, how can I add this using the software sources? http://launchpad.net/~hvr/+archive/ghc01:22
cellopinI'm not sure about the format of the ppa01:22
Rohan7tst rock01:23
Rohan7Morning peoples!01:23
CrazyM4nxorg.conf isn't what I want... I just want a sh file that runs on startup01:24
CrazyM4nIs that too much to ask? D:01:24
daftykinsCrazyM4n: it is when you're not clear about what you're after01:24
daftykins!ppa | cellopin01:24
ubottucellopin: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge01:24
cellopinnvm, its on #Adding this PPA to your system section :)01:24
CrazyM4nLiterally just that01:24
daftykinscellopin: heh ;)01:25
CrazyM4nI want to run xinput --set-prop 8 "Device Accel Constant Deceleration" 5 on startup01:25
CrazyM4nWhat's the easiest way to do that?01:25
ashley01I have just noticed the Ubuntu Software Centre has an older version of OpenTTD01:25
ashley01this might be the problem, might.01:26
_unreal_ppa's at your own risk, hehe sounds like a CIG warning. hehe01:26
daftykinsi don't have an answer for you, but there's nothing wrong with that xorg.conf method01:26
_unreal_ashley01, it does or your computer does?01:26
ubottuA !ppa can be added using a single command «  sudo add-apt-repository ppa:user/ppa-name » See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Ubuntu#Adding%20PPAs for more details01:26
daftykinsashley01: sincerely doubt it01:26
pavlosCrazyM4n, add it to /etc/rc.local01:27
damccullwhen i boot the usb drive to the installer or the 'try' option, i get a white rectangle in the top left of the screen and nothing else. it's about half the width and a third the height. how can i get past this?01:27
CrazyM4npavlos: thank you01:27
daftykins!nomodeset | damccull01:27
ubottudamccull: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter01:27
damccullwhere at daftykins?01:27
ashley01I have version 1.3.3 from USC. The OpenTTD website has version 1.4.3 for Ubuntu 14.0401:27
_unreal_ashley01, when is the last time you did a: sudo apt-get update                    sudo apt-get upgrade01:27
damccullthanks reading01:27
ashley01ubuntu updates automatically for me01:28
ashley01I've never done a manual update01:28
_unreal_try try01:28
daftykinsdamccull: what are you asking?01:28
_unreal_what is the worced that could happen? you keep your computer current LOL01:28
MagicSpudhello do this work? : http://askubuntu.com/questions/16700/how-can-i-change-my-own-user-id01:28
MagicSpudhey daftykins hello01:29
Rohan7I like to help people from time to time. Tonight i stood between 2 gangs and told them to shut the hell up and dont try to kill eachother. They listened and i like them all. But why did i have to do that ? ... I mean they arent idiots to begin with, right ? :)01:29
ashley01I have very slow internet! But I am running sudo apt-get install update anyway01:29
pavlosdamccull, etc/default/grub01:29
ashley01sudo apt-get update, i mean01:30
damccullhaha nomodeset works. thanks01:30
damccullwell so far01:30
ashley01i need to run "sudo apt-get upgrade" as well?01:30
daftykinsdamccull: you'll likely need to resolve graphics drivers once you install01:30
daftykinsashley01: yes01:30
daftykinsashley01: i actually prefer "sudo apt-get dist-upgrade"01:30
_unreal_ashley01, yes: sudo apt-get update             then     sudo apt-get upgrade01:30
damccullok now i have a bunch of U with a ^ over it covering the whole screen01:30
ashley01all done01:31
ashley01yup, USC still has version 1.3.301:31
ashley01an old version01:31
Rohan7Be well my friends. Because well, i Like Linux and i enjoy not beeing angry at all. Its so sweet.01:32
ashley01so I am guessing that to install OpenTTD 1.4.3 I have to do it from firefox because the ubuntu repository has 1.3.3?01:33
=== peter is now known as Guest52585
daftykinsashley01: updating a game is highly unlikely to have any impact on improving the performance with an old graphics card, in my opinion01:33
ashley01my graphics card isn't old01:33
daftykinsa 7xxx series is old, yes01:33
ashley01i will get you a link01:33
daftykinsi don't need one :)01:34
ashley01I did build this rig 3 years ago01:34
damccullhow do i fix the problem where after the boot splash my whole screen is covered with a U under a ^ repeated across the screen?01:34
ashley01but that card is still high end01:34
Rohan7I dont like people hitting eachother, but this MMA is somewhat cool from time to time. But... i think its not cool from time to time... get me on that i hope.01:34
daftykinsashley01: eh, it's old in hardware enthusiast terms anyway. but ok, not THAT old :P01:35
ashley01then again, I don't keep up with the latest hardware anymore01:36
ashley01I have no idea about new CPUs, GPUs, etc01:36
daftykinsashley01: anywho, AMD was a bad choice for Linux01:36
ashley01this was originally built for windows 7, but if I ever upgrade I will get nvidia01:37
ashley01but this rig will last plenty more years, I built it to last01:37
Rohan7AMD was no more a choise for Linux as intel was. Both companies wants to win and both did.01:37
ashley01i've only had 1 failed HDD so far01:37
ashley01i did go about overkill with 1050W PSU01:38
ashley01that is one thing i wont waste money on again01:38
Rohan7ashley01: i had to change my hd's every year when peole liked to download my software..01:38
ashley01if the PSU pops, everything else pops with it, so I made sure that I was never using close to 100% capacity01:38
ashley01what have you made rohan7?01:38
thoonaidaftykins: sorry my battery exited01:38
Rohan7It got expensive01:39
daftykinsthat's not how bad PSUs fail ;) but hardware is off topic really.01:39
AldrykCan someone help me get unity working again? I enter my password, it is accepted, but the unity panel doesn't load, and I can't continue.01:39
ashley01daftykins, I have been told this before01:39
daftykinsRohan7: no general chat in here thanks01:39
Rohan7ashley01: gadmintools01:39
thoonaidaftykins: yup, there are some cameras which are able to work as such, but I dont find actual working stuff atm01:39
ashley01I did make sure it was 80+ silver standard too01:39
Rohan7Im doing alot of things01:39
ashley01i think it also had 7 year warranty01:39
daftykinsas i said, off the hardware chat thanks01:40
Rohan7We cant meet ?01:40
Rohan7Or chat. Well, total dukage is at hand01:41
iskrenHello, I'm using netboot.tar.gz but want to swap out the kernel. Unfortunatelly I can't figure out how to build initramfs, that is for installer.01:41
Rohan7Hi nighty. Ill be cool.01:42
iskrenthe modules=netboot just changes the modules preloaded, not the structure of the initramfs which is everything the installer has01:42
IamTryingyum install openssl-devel pcre-devel - What is those two package name in Ubuntu 12.04 and 14.04 please?01:42
thoonaiDavy_Crockett: Oy!01:42
Rohan7I only have 50,000 plus megabits. Nothing to be worried about ;)01:42
daftykinsIamTrying: run "apt-get update" then "apt-cache search x" to search for 'x' so you can locate them yourself01:43
daftykins!ot | Rohan701:43
ubottuRohan7: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!01:43
Rohan7Plus i Like Linux peoples. Youre the best. Keep it up brothers and sisters!01:43
thoonaistill searching for cameras, which I can use as webcam01:44
Bashing-omAldryk: @ the login -> key combo crl+alt+F1 for a console, what returns from -> ls -al .Xauthority , ls -al .ICEauthority <- ?01:44
Rohan7thoonai: uvc driver cams are the best...01:44
IamTryin_got disconnected: daftykins: there are many openssl and pcre which one is almost the one i used in CentOS/RHEL? yum install openssl-devel pcre-devel01:45
thoonaiRohan7: is there a list of actual cameras which support this?01:45
IamTryin_apt-cache search openssl or pcre gives lots of result but not exactly saying if its openssl-devel or pcre-devel like with yum01:46
ashley01daftykins: when I want to remove software with "apt-get remove", is there any baggage left or should it remove all sub-software and anything (e.g. libs) that only this particular software relied on?01:46
Rohan7Hmm, ive got to bash Theo on the RSA Crap... my gowd they just made interactivity impossible01:46
daftykinsIamTrying: i am not a CentOS user, you're on your own i'm afraid.01:46
Rohan7Hideous evils .... Its all over the net01:46
daftykinsRohan7: stop ranting please, i've warned you01:47
daftykinsashley01: you can "apt-get purge" or "apt-get remove --purge" but beware this make remove any settings you made to the program01:47
Rohan7daftykins: Yes, ill talk to Theo instead. Im sorry for my ranting? .. be well my friend.01:48
Pinkamena_Da long time ago I mistakenly installed a package which seems to make the login screen look like it is for a touch device01:48
IamTryin_Can anyone please tell me which one is the one like CentOS pcre-devel from this list of apt-cache http://paste.ubuntu.com/8489689/01:48
Pinkamena_Dit is all grey, another style. Everything still works when you log in01:49
Pinkamena_Ddoes anyone know what package this was so I can uninstall it?01:49
daftykins!find pcre-devel01:50
ubottuPackage/file pcre-devel does not exist in trusty01:50
ashley01just testing:01:51
daftykinsPinkamena_D: try checking your apt history.log01:51
ashley01!find openttd01:51
ubottuFound: openttd-opensfx, openttd, openttd-data, openttd-dbg, openttd-opengfx01:51
ashley01oh nice command :D01:51
daftykins!info openttd01:51
=== Trystam is now known as Tristam
ubottuopenttd (source: openttd): reimplementation of Transport Tycoon Deluxe with enhancements. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.3.3-1build1 (trusty), package size 1703 kB, installed size 5523 kB01:51
Pinkamena_Dits possible, but iirc it was sometime early 201301:51
daftykinsashley01: yeah when you're playing though, private message the bot.01:51
ashley01oh sorry mate01:51
Rohan7! Find ThoraxReg. Meine name Ist Thor.01:51
daftykinsso sick of trolls tonight01:51
daftykinsRohan7: get a life01:52
Rohan7Dont worry daft one. we need to adjust the worlds.01:52
Rohan7Ok ?01:52
IamTryin_i did: apt-get install libpcre3  and then $ root@s:/var/tmp/haproxy-1.5.4# make TARGET=linux2628 USE_PCRE=1 USE_OPENSSL=1 USE_ZLIB=1 USE_CRYPT_H=1 USE_LIBCRYPT=101:52
IamTryin_is it ok?01:52
guest28798Ok, lets try a different approach...  Perhaps someone can give at least a clue or a hint that I can use to figure the problem out myself...01:53
IamTryin_USE_PCRE=1 should use libpcre3 right?01:53
Pinkamena_Dit looks like this except it says ubuntu instead of fedora : http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/a/af/GDM_Fedora_20.png/330px-GDM_Fedora_20.png01:53
guest28798In ubuntu 14, what is responsible for the keyboard and mouse on a laptop? Would that be in gsettings?01:53
guest28798At least if I figure it out myself I'll go post the soln so then we'll all have one for the current release of ubuntu01:54
Pinkamena_Ddoes anyone know what that style / thing is called?01:54
Rohan7My Linux wimen say that you are correct plus they like you. // >Sweden01:55
daftykinsPinkamena_D: soundsd like you changed your login manager if that's what you mean01:55
ashley01daftykins: USC is failing to install this .deb file (latest version of OpenTTD), is there another way I can try to install it?01:55
daftykinsashley01: is it a .deb for ubuntu?01:56
Pinkamena_Dyes I guppose so01:56
ashley01yes, it said on the OpenTTD website it was for Ubuntu Trust 14.0401:56
Pinkamena_Dcan I get the regular type back?01:56
daftykinsashley01: and what's supposed to be going wrong? what does it say?01:56
IamTryin_!find openssl-devel01:56
ubottuPackage/file openssl-devel does not exist in trusty01:56
=== vemacs is now known as vemacs|ded
IamTryin_stupid boot, its libssl-dev01:57
IamTryin_!find pcre-devel01:57
Rohan7!i will smack Theo de rat if he doesnt like to interface...01:57
ubottuPackage/file pcre-devel does not exist in trusty01:57
ubottuRohan7: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)01:57
IamTryin_stupid boot, its pcre-devel  memorise it01:57
ashley01daftykins: "the installation or removal of a software package has failed"  http://paste.ubuntu.com/8489728/01:57
Rohan7ubottu: Sizzy ;)01:58
daftykinsashley01: sudo apt-get remove --purge openttd*01:59
daftykinsashley01: then try the download again01:59
guest28798still don't care I guess eh? 1612 is a lot of people to either not know or not care01:59
ashley01why did you include the asterisk?02:00
xangua!Patience | guest2879802:00
ubottuguest28798: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/02:00
AldrykBashing-Om: Sorry, was away. Both .Xauthority and .ICEauthority are owned by my user and have mode 60002:00
ashley01it has successfully installed, thanks for that :D02:01
daftykinsyou understand what went wrong?02:01
daftykinsthe * was to match all packages beginning openttd02:02
ashley01oh like a wildcard02:02
ashley01i see yes02:02
Rohan7@Vikingblood - The purest of all the lovely peoples. But we think that youre cute too.02:02
Bashing-omAldryk: Well, that is proper .. whow owns the /home <user> directory ? -> ls -al /home <- ?02:03
ashley01oh dear, openttd 1.4.3 has the same problem02:03
ashley01so this could definitely be due to poor drivers?02:03
daftykinsashley01: yep, graphics drivers and  running unity at the same time as trying to play a game imo02:04
daftykinsashley01: does the game not go full-full screen?02:05
Rohan7And as the king of all of our worlds id like to say the following: Be onto you as you have been onto them.02:05
ashley01it does02:05
ashley01ive tried maximising but not fullscreen02:05
ashley01i'll see if there is any difference, but i imagine it is just as slow as maximised02:05
ashley01once it has finished downloading music and sound files02:06
AldrykBashing-Om: Me02:06
ashley01Does Unity have an option to run it in a mode that is not heavy on using resources? That might work02:07
Rohan7Many of you are geniouses as i see it. Let us see what you can really do.02:07
Rohan7Present a target..02:07
Bashing-omAldryk: Humm .. then what results -> sudo service lightdm start <- ?02:08
Rohan7We are always with you.02:08
Rohan7.nl ... i cracked your game in under 3 minutes .. hack something... boored us.02:09
AldrykI restarted it, which logged my user out and got me back to the login screen.02:09
AldrykSame problem though.02:09
Rohan7But i like .nl peoples. They are generally very strict and cool02:10
Rohan7Be well, wimen and children alike ;)02:10
Rohan7So, is it ok if 7'th adjust the mordor retrospectively ?02:12
daftykinsRohan7: quit02:13
Bashing-omAldryk: Sorry, Geting above my skill set now . Maybe install 'dconf' and reset unity/compiz ???02:13
Rohan7Over land and sea, to valhalla ... Please be nice mr daft... No negativity.02:13
AldrykBashing-Om: I tried running dconf reset -f /org/compiz/02:14
Rohan7Its not bad in any way. Listen and like.02:16
Bashing-omAldryk: Good, and -> unity --reset-icons <- ?02:16
BasketballHow can i cast a dvd and volume from linux pc to my chromecast02:16
Rohan728'th ... AC DC... oh itll be so sweet :)02:16
Aldrykplugin opengl doesn't load..02:17
Rohan7Basketball: Run the url here and we will check it out02:17
BasketballRohan7, what url?02:17
daftykinsBasketball: pretty sure it's unsupported.02:18
Rohan7Basketball: Show us the url to what you wish to show02:18
BasketballRohan7, it is a dvd02:19
daftykinsBasketball: ignore the troll02:19
Basketballdaftykins, why am i a troll?02:19
Rohan7Basketball: ffmpeg stream it across the internet ?02:19
daftykinsBashing-om: no Rohan7 is, lol seriously.02:19
tommyfunwhat movie?02:19
mynarasI seem to have messed up unity a bit. When I maximize a window on one monitor, it moves to my other monitor02:20
mynarasany idea how to fix that?02:20
tommyfunwhich monitor is the primary?02:20
mynarasThe primary monitor is where the windows leave. It maximizes to a secondary monitor02:21
tommyfunI assume yer using Unity?02:22
Rohan7Naah, im ... well... am i :) ... well i dont like booring, but atleast i try to be sweet but all i get usually is "I love you darling" and then the girl has to go home in the morning... Anyone likes to party with Dolly parton ?02:22
Rohan7I like her02:22
Rohan7Holy crap jeebux... Gary, nominated for oscars and stuff. He seems somewhat ok to me. This trump person, who is this ?02:27
Rohan7We dont like religiongs if they cause wars. But i guess thats just us Swedes, the ones who invented wars i guess :)02:30
AldrykBashing-Om: Actually, I think its not unity. I seem to remember I had the same problem a couple of months ago, and it also prevented me to login to Gnome02:32
Rohan7Aldryk: Why is GNOME beeing so badly compiled on Ubuntu ?02:32
Rohan7If i start 'MC' ill expect MCedit to fire up but it doesnt. They seem to be doing that in a bad way and we may have to discard the people in that regard even tough we have some national things going on.02:34
AldrykI have no idea Rohan7, I'm just trying to get my system to work again :/02:34
AldrykI'm almost considering moving to Windows. gah.02:35
Bashing-omAldryk: IF you start a terminal from grub, wht results when you start lightdm .. assuming lightdm is the DM ?02:35
Rohan7Aldryk: Coolest thing youve said all day long, but i love you :)02:35
AldrykBashing-Om: How do I start the terminal from grub?02:36
daftykins!recovery | Aldryk02:36
ubottuAldryk: If your system fails to boot normally, it may be useful to boot it into recovery mode. For instructions, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecoveryMode02:36
Rohan7Aldryk: if youre on grub you anready have a terminal to play with... tabcompletion and all02:37
AldrykRohan7: Thanks, we all love you too. If my system works again, I'll be pouring love all over the place.02:37
Aldrykroyalaxe: It boots alright, I'm using it. Just the desktop manager won't start.02:37
royalaxereally? thats great :)02:37
Bashing-omAldryk: Boot to the grub menu, 'e' key for edit mode, arrow down and across to "quiet splash" and replace these terms with the term "text", ctl+x to continue the boot process.02:37
ashley01I think I see why USC has an older version of OpenTTD: I can't get music to work on the latest version, even if I do "timidity -iAD -Os"02:38
AldrykOk, though that means I should probably logon to IRC from some other machine..02:38
Rohan7I like everyone i chat with. I may try to teach you somethings but my intent is always Utmost good.02:39
Rohan7PS: i never destroy things mostly.. ;)02:40
=== devuser is now known as pepigno75
=== pepigno75 is now known as devuser
Rohan7!Rethinalcore, ! Adjacent, !Nice02:41
ubottuRohan7: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)02:41
Rohan7Xerox, we love you all :)02:42
ashley01this is such a mess02:42
Rohan7ashley01: Dont think, just love :)02:43
washuuMya everybody02:43
ashley01how is a newer version of a software package having more problems? it doesn't make sense to me02:43
daftykinswell it's not official.02:44
Rohan7Kahlua Washuu.02:44
ashley01you're right - it's an outsider02:44
daftykinsjust 'cause there's a package doesn't mean anyones tested it with ubuntu, they've just gone "oh hey this'll install"02:44
ashley01fair enough02:44
Rohan7Oriah... GIT here...02:45
ashley01I'll go back to the old cannonical-seal-of-approval version02:45
ashley01and see if I can solve this graphical problem in some way02:45
ashley01ive posted on #ati but it doesn't seem to be very active02:45
ashley01waiting for an answer since that is the channel for fglrx (proprietary ati drivers)02:45
Rohan7washuu: Perikles Ot et It Etoh..02:46
AldrykBashing-om: ok, booting ubuntu to grub02:46
daftykinsashley01: tried fglrx-updates yet?02:46
ashley01i forgot about that02:46
ashley01i will try in a moment02:46
daftykinsmake it so.02:46
washuuperijles the Greek? This is fir Linux );02:47
Rohan7Try to me nice to eachother now ya hear!02:47
Rohan7Or we will have to snak you good :)02:47
CrazyM4nSo, I may have accidentally replaced most of my packages with 32 bit versions02:48
CrazyM4nWhat do I do to get the old ones back? I haven't removed them with autoremove yet02:48
washuuI try to be nice and I'm sorry for my typos02:48
Rohan7washuu: do you also like tigers and cats ?02:49
Rohan7We like those02:49
=== mfisch` is now known as mfisch
washuuI like cats. I preger them to dogs. Dogs suck!02:50
Rohan7!We love you too02:50
ubottuRohan7: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)02:50
=== mfisch is now known as Guest84187
=== frecel_ is now known as frecel
ashley01i've got even bigger problems than i thought02:50
ashley01the music is no longer working on the old supported version02:50
daftykinsis that to do with that change you made?02:51
ashley01no, havent gone the gpu driver change yet02:51
Rohan7washuu: I like you washuu. Now lets see if anyone is beeing an ass. We dont like those.02:51
ashley01i purged openttd 1.4.302:51
ashley01reinstalled 1.3.302:51
RustyShacklefordis there a way to make alt+tab behave normally?02:52
washuudissing asses? Not so joyfuf...02:52
RustyShacklefordI'd rather not have to alt+grave to switch between instances of the same program02:52
Rohan70xDEADB33F ill always be there for you as well. Love this one.02:52
CrazyM4nSo I just reinstalled all of the original packages, and hopefully everything will ok in the end <302:53
AnonAnyone here02:54
Rohan7Let us know if anyone is beeing bad to you and we will kick your ass. Meanwhile we will be known as "Swedes" :)02:54
washuuI have no no02:54
tommyfunYou’re crazy, man.  but you’d probably not notice the difference02:54
ashley01I already have timidity installed (for playing MIDI files), but still no luck02:54
Rohan7we dont like injustices02:54
washuuproblems with my OS in the moment02:55
AldrykBashing-om: Once I'm in the grub command line, how do I get a terminal again?02:55
=== MrZodiac_ is now known as MrZodiac
washuuCTRL-F/ helps02:55
Rohan7ashley01: We still have those BBS running..02:55
Bashing-omAldryk: 'e' key for edit mode, arrow down and across to "quiet splash" and replace these terms with the term "text", ctl+x to continue  the boot process.02:55
AnonWhat wime zone do you guys use.  I have always used Lima because i did not see one near me before I got annoyed.   I could not find one close.\02:55
AnonCTRL+ALT +102:56
ashley01Rohan7: BBS for what?02:56
Bashing-omAldryk: grub menu, 'e' key for edit mode, arrow down and across to "quiet splash" and replace these terms with the term "text", ctl+x to continue  the boot process.02:56
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ashley01god damn netsplit02:56
tommyfunwhat just happened?02:56
AnonCtrl+ALT+f1 <- Exchange the f1 for f7 to get back02:56
Rohan7ashley01: wE LIKE COMPUTORS :)02:56
Rohan7Ok ?02:57
washuuAnother netsplit, jo?02:57
=== No_Mu is now known as Nothing_Much
Rohan7Ashley a girl or not ?02:57
ashley01no haha02:57
Rohan7Bot ?02:58
ashley01it is both a male and female name, but I am actually male02:58
tommyfunI hope you’re from england02:58
ashley01I'm from the UK, yes02:58
Rohan7Aww, fecked up gihangstah braud :)02:58
tommyfunwhat’s the difference between Will Smith and Scotland?02:59
tommyfunIndependence day02:59
logikos_I'm looking for a way to convert a bunch of mac fonts to .woff and .ttf for use in web02:59
=== Johnny is now known as Guest76560
tommyfunyeah, your english02:59
Rohan7thonggy ?03:00
tommyfunit’s like 4 am there03:00
Guest76560Hey There, I am trying to get ubuntu on my MacBook Pro 8-2, I followed some online tutorials and ended up ruining my MBR, I have done a fresh install of OS X now, does any one know of any good tutorials that will help my not make the same mistake again?03:00
Rohan7tommyfun: See Hardcore... like jumpstyle or hardcore styles ?03:01
ashley014 am for me03:01
AldrykBashing-Om: lightdm gives me a login screen, but the same problem occurs..03:01
Anonsudo chown/03:01
Anon^ Don't actually type that in you will regret it :P03:02
tommyfunWhat town, Ashley?03:02
somsip!mac | Guest7656003:02
ubottuGuest76560: For help on installing and using Ubuntu on a Mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages03:02
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!03:02
Guest76560thanks :)03:02
RustyShacklefordso I installed unity-tweak-tool. Apparantly the setting I need to set is "Flip through windows in the switcher"03:03
Rohan7All over the worlds: I like them all: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OJJ_zOeYV5s03:04
RustyShacklefordFor some reason I can't set it to Alt+tab03:04
Bashing-omAldryk: earlier did you -> sudo apt-get install dconf-tools <- to rest unity ?03:04
=== sins-_x is now known as sins-
AldrykBashing-om: yes03:04
ashley01RustyShackleford: isn't it set to Alt+Tab by default?03:04
Rohan7Thats from Bersica Italy. Very good showdown03:05
RustyShacklefordashley01, nope. The default is "Start switcher"03:05
RustyShacklefordI'm trying to set this up so that alt+tab will switch between instances of the same program too03:05
ashley01oh I see what you mean now03:05
ashley01mine is disabled too, but I can switch between windows03:05
ashley01do you have Alt+Tab for start switcher? that works for me03:06
=== Deepspeed` is now known as Deepspeed
ashley01oh sorry03:07
Bashing-omAldryk: And when you try to start lightdm from terminal, there are no errors reported ? to give us a hint of what the problem is ?03:07
ashley01re-read your replies03:07
RustyShacklefordashley01, yep. I tried disabling that, and I still can't set "flip through windows in the switcher"03:07
tommyfunRustyShackleford: what’s the output of echo $DESKTOP_SESSION03:08
ashley01RustyShackleford: just found this http://askubuntu.com/questions/168265/how-do-i-disable-or-change-the-alt-shortcut-to-switch-between-multiple-win . It claims there is a big in compiz that causes this.03:08
ashley01oh that is for Ubuntu 12.04, my bad. Not sure if it will still work03:08
RustyShacklefordyeah I saw that and thought the same thing03:09
RustyShacklefordi guess I could try it03:09
RustyShacklefordtommyfun, "ubuntu"03:09
AldrykBashing-om: ok, running it with -d, it seems like it starts the session and it quits immediately03:10
AldrykBashing-om: Err, no, that was the greeter03:10
Rohan7Swedes are the ones who invented intercontinental trade. We where also Vikings long before some others thought it was cool to say they where in fact the coolest peoples on earth ... We all know that my ancestors where ;)03:11
Bashing-omAldryk: I do not know, but, might try (RE-)installing the desk top ?03:11
AldrykBashing-om: Already reinstalled ubuntu-desktop03:12
AldrykBashing-om: And unity..03:12
phunyguyRohan7: it would be really great if you could stick to support in here.03:12
Rohan7What does it mean when your toe, next to the big toe is equal in length ? ... Youre a roman. And i like it03:12
Bashing-omAldryk: I am all out of ideas ... Anyone else ??03:13
daftykinsphunyguy: ty sir03:14
daftykinsthat was driving me spare.03:14
=== logikos_ is now known as logikos
AldrykBashing-om: Thanks, no worries, it certainly ran me out of ideas.03:14
AldrykI think last time I "fixed" that but reverting to earlier versions of some packages.03:15
RustyShacklefordwell i screwed around with compiz's settings03:15
RustyShacklefordnow it will ONLY switch between instances of a single program03:15
RustyShacklefordi suppose I can get used to the default way haha03:17
Bashing-omAldryk: One can always check the condition of package management -> sudo apt-get update , sudo apt-get upgrade , sudo apt-get -f install , sudo dpkg -C < - looking for errors.03:17
RustyShacklefordor pick a new DE. I dunno03:17
AldrykBashing-om: Actually, update of the packages is what got me into this trouble in the first place :/03:20
AldrykThats whats so annoying. Its the newest version of Intel Graphics drivers or newest opengl or something.03:21
trelanehow do I disable dhcpv6?  Its ignoring the option in network config03:22
Bashing-omAldryk: Well, updating will not get ya into trouble, but what you installed might ! .. Run the commands and let's see where the problem lies .03:22
AldrykBashing-om: ok, updating a bunch of packages..03:25
BuntuTechi have created a (fantasy) ubunut COA sticker03:25
BuntuTechi wonder if i can submit it to the ubununt art staff03:25
Bashing-omAldryk: Great .. leter rip .03:25
BuntuTechwhat is the name of the dev channels for here?03:26
AldrykBashing-om: ok, executed them all, got no errors03:27
AldrykBashing-om: Why are we expecting errors from apptitude though?03:27
Bashing-omAldryk: the -f switch is to try and "fix broken, dpkg -C  is "audit" .. No errors at all, then we are looking at a config issue. Can you log into the gust account and it is fuly functional ( as proof what we have here is a config issue) .03:29
AldrykNo, guest account gives me the same problem03:29
Bashing-omAldryk: Above my skill set,  anyone else with ideas ?03:31
CrazyM4nSo I built wine with some patches03:37
CrazyM4nBut it didn't work03:37
CrazyM4nAnd I can't uninstall it with apt-get purge wine03:37
CrazyM4nSo how should I go along uninstalling it?03:37
daftykinshah, enjoy03:37
daftykinsin ubuntu we use packages. you did your own thing... you're left with that :)03:37
CrazyM4nOkay, well seirously though, where are executables when you build it?03:38
CrazyM4nI can just delete the wine executable03:38
daftykinstry 'which wine'03:38
SchrodingersScatis make uninstall a thing?03:38
CrazyM4nCrap, forgot about make uninstall03:38
daftykinsdon't guess. you don't help anyone03:38
daftykinsoh it is XD03:38
CrazyM4nand yes, which wine also helped03:38
SchrodingersScatso the build completed, it just didn't work how you thought it would?03:39
CrazyM4nalso, it says "no rule to make target uninstall"03:39
CrazyM4nI'm in the folder with the source03:39
SchrodingersScatwelp, can try a which wine and see if that helps you at all, but like daftykins said you're kind of in your own territory03:40
CrazyM4nIf I just delete this wine executable03:41
CrazyM4nThen reinstall it from scratch03:41
CrazyM4nit should be a-ok03:41
daftykinsmight have to remove it from your path too03:41
CrazyM4nhow do I force a reinstall of a package?03:43
daftykinsapt-get install --reinstall package03:44
CrazyM4neh, still broken03:44
daftykinsdefine broken03:45
CrazyM4nIt's telling me that there is 7 packages not being updated03:45
CrazyM4nWhich I can't03:45
=== Schnabel- is now known as Schnabeltierchen
CrazyM4nI say "sudo apt-get purge wine*" and it shows me every package on my system03:46
CrazyM4nAnd I nearly pressed y03:46
CrazyM4ngot it; I had an old version of wine installed03:47
hipitihopI'm on an existing install of 12.04 and HDD has been installed on new mobo an Msi H971AC with HDA Intel, ALC892 adio hardware , I can't get audio over HMDI and through headphones etc it's all ver choppy and grabled sound. Am I bes tto upgrade to latest LTS or is tha tunlikely to help03:47
ki7mtOk, I may be having a senior moment here, but I thought package deps that are in the Recommends section are not installed by default, is that not the case?03:50
daftykinshipitihop: unlikely03:50
ki7mtAnd yes, I know about apt-get install --no-recommends .. but I need to limit that activity in the debian/control file.03:51
hipitihopdaftykins, thanks, I also am struggling with space so I would have to have had played with partitions to accomodate the upgrade... Any suggestions ? or am I up against a bit of a brick wall with audio over hdmi03:52
daftykinshipitihop: about the partitioning or?03:53
hipitihopdaftykins, to get the existing install to route audio via hdmi, the video is fine (btw this is a mythbuntu distro) aplay --list-pcms shows lots of options but none specifically say hdmi03:54
daftykinshipitihop: are you trying to say you want to hear HDMI audio and headphones audio at the same time? 'cause i don't even know if you can03:54
daftykinsaplay -l would be more relevant03:54
daftykinsbut i don't really trust these media respins03:55
hipitihopdaftykins, no, I simply want audio over hdmi, the box connects to my tv, video is fine03:55
hipitihopdaftykins, aplay -l gives card 1: Intel_1 [HDA Intel], device 0: ALC892 Analog [ALC892 Analog] & card 1: Intel_1 [HDA Intel], device 1: ALC892 Digital [ALC892 Digital]03:56
daftykinsyeah no idea then03:56
hipitihopdaftykins, aplay --list-pcms gives http://paste.ubuntu.com/8490245/03:58
daftykinshipitihop: kernel ver?03:59
hipitihopdaftykins, 3.2.0-69-generic03:59
daftykinsancient then04:00
daftykinsyou should boot a live session of mythbuntu and see if it works04:00
hipitihopdaftykins, Is it easy/possible to switch to later (latest) kernel on this ?04:01
daftykinsdo as i suggested04:01
hipitihopdaftykins, ok will go look for latest mythbuntu livecd thanks04:02
daftykinshipitihop: but that'll probably be on a different ubuntu version, that won't be a good test :D04:02
hipitihopdaftykins, sure, but if we can establish here is a mix that will work with my hardware then that is probably a useful datapoint ?04:04
daftykinswhichever way you want to go, sure04:04
daftykinsi'd have preferred to know if 12.04 works out of the box :>04:05
hipitihopdaftykins, shortest route for it to just work :-)04:05
hillaryHi all, after upgrading to ubuntu 14.04 LTS my laptop cannot display desktop icons.What do i do04:06
cfhowletthillary, check your screen display resolution settings04:07
hillaryHow do icheck now there is no where to click?04:07
hillarycfhowlett: i mean how doi go about it04:08
cfhowletthillary, settings > Display > ...04:09
hillarycfhowlett: ok let me check04:09
* hipitihop downloads latest 14.04.1 amd64 mythbuntu iso04:11
hillarycfhowlett: The screen is blank without any icon to click for settings. Only the label ubuntu 14.04 Lts is showing in the bottom04:16
cfhowletthillary, *that* is abnormal ... I'm on xubuntu so my environment is different.  Ask again in channel.  Someone will know04:17
hillaryAfter i upgraded from ubuntu 12.04 to lts to 14.04 lts my laptop screen cannot show any icon. It start well but it cannot load icons. How do i go about04:18
snadgei just download 2.2gb of ubuntu updates in 5 minutes :D ... hello 14.10!04:22
squintyhillary: just a quick thought as I am heading out here again...  might want to take a look at installing   unity-tweak-tools04:22
daftykinssnadge: 14.10 talk is in #ubuntu+1 thanks04:22
hillarysquinty: how do i do that?04:23
Terabytehi, other than bintray, does anybody know of any private deb repository providers?04:26
daftykinswe don't support PPAs and thus don't advise them04:26
x_roothello, i just did "sudo service lightdm --restart"04:28
x_rootis possible that any program is still running?04:28
x_rootor all of them were closed in the process?04:28
daftykinsall dead04:31
x_rootthanks daftykins04:38
phunyguydaftykins: we do support PPAs, if it is the way to get things done, and it is probably not good to speak for an entire channel.04:40
phunyguydaftykins: one thing to keep in mind is: we are not Canonical.  We are Ubuntu community support.  If YOU don't support PPAs, that is fine, but please stop speaking for the entire channel with that.04:41
daftykinsphunyguy: maybe helping the user is more of a priority than correcting me?04:42
phunyguymaybe correcting you now will help the user later.04:42
daftykinsdoubt it04:42
cfhowlettppa factoid "WARNING: PPAs are unsupported ..."04:43
phunyguydoes that specify the Ubuntu IRC community?04:43
phunyguyor Canonical?04:44
Terabytethanks phunyguy i wanted to say that but didn't want to be kicked.04:45
TerabyteThere is a difference between "support, endorsement, recommendation" and just telling somebody what's out there.04:45
Terabytei'm not looking for somebody to endorse anything, I'm just looking to know if there are any private deb repo providers out there. otherwise i'm going to have to build my own and I don't really want to do that.04:46
=== megabitdragon is now known as megabit|away
John_smithsonHello. Im new to IRC. may one of you show me around?04:59
SchrodingersScat!freenode | John_smithson04:59
ubottuJohn_smithson: freenode is the IRC network that you're on! - See http://freenode.net/faq.shtml - freenode has policies that govern how people should use the network which can be read at http://freenode.net/policy.shtml - The Ubuntu channels on freenode also have their own !Guidelines04:59
John_smithsonok thank you05:00
SchrodingersScatJohn_smithson: You're welcome!05:01
John_smithsonso....can i axis any "channel" through any "network"?05:02
SchrodingersScat!alis | John_smithson05:03
ubottuJohn_smithson: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" . For more help or questions relating to alis, please join #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*05:03
SchrodingersScatbut no, different networks would have other channels, your client may support multiple networks05:03
John_smithsonthis till defiantly take some time.05:04
SchrodingersScatpatience can get you a long way05:04
mehdi_hey guys how can i ssh to my pc from anywhere?05:27
ubottuA Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge05:28
eeeemehdi_: do you have sshd running?05:29
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!05:30
eeeesomsip: ? :D05:30
mehdi_eeee, u mean service sshd status?05:34
mehdi_eeee, i dont have ssh servive05:35
mehdi_eeee, sshd: unrecognized service05:36
daftykinsmehdi_: sudo apt-get install openssh-server05:36
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=== Guest5711 is now known as jack
dumbuserhi there,  I'd like to press a button and have all my external hard drives shared with my entire network.  I do not care about security and I do not want to use a text editor, i want a big dumb button that makes things work05:59
dumbuserI like that you can right click on things and hit "share",  except the part where that doesn't actually work.05:59
dumbusercurrently i share things with my wife using a thumb drive, she sits right next to me on a standard windows machine, so  thats a good sign that samba is terrible and should die a horrible death of a thousand agonising config edits06:03
phunyguydumbuser: http://kimbriggs.com/computers/computer-notes/linux-notes/samba-setup-guide-ubuntu.file  <---- no security06:04
eeeeubuntu - bringing family together :)06:05
=== rymate12- is now known as rymate1234
phunyguyalso http://archive09.linux.com/whatislinux/11862506:06
dumbuserthanks phynyguy,  problem being that requires all the shared files to be in the home directory.   I have 20 terrabytes to share and a 100gb home ssd06:06
phunyguythat most certainly does not have those requirements06:06
phunyguyyou can share folders from anywhere on the filesystem06:07
phunyguy(as long as you have administrator access, which is required, home folder or not)06:07
dumbuseryou're a good sort phunyguy06:07
phunyguyalso "big dumb buttons" get folks in trouble.06:08
dumbuseri do wonder why it needs all this text though,  i would have thought htiting share and saying to let anyone access it would have achieved that goal06:08
phunyguyI am not sure there.  I suspect that it is still avery new concept, but editing smb.conf and changing the security level will help you.06:09
phunyguya very*06:09
dumbusereh, that didn't actually work, still getting the same "you do not have permission"  error from windows side06:12
phunyguysorry, maybe someone else will come along soon that can help.  I have to go for now.  They can show you how to read some logs, and figure out wjy it won't work.  Just be patient.  Goodnight.06:14
eeeeare you pressing the guest access option?06:14
eeee( @ dumbuser )06:14
dumbuserurgh, patience.    i just want something that "just works" i have much better things to be doing than trying to reinvent the wheel each time i want to share a funny picture06:15
dumbuseryes, guest access06:15
phunyguyI suspect there could be an issue where a failed setup is getting in the way, like the windows side has a cached password somewhere and is forcefully trying to use it.06:16
dumbuseri know im being thick and ungrateful for a great product which is free, but i just don't get why it works out of the box in windows, and doesn't work in ubuntu.06:18
okchickenSomething strange just happened06:18
okchickenI installed Ubuntu Mate, everything worked great06:18
okchickenwent to reboot06:18
speaker1234I'm trying to set up Apache with wsgi but something's wrong and I cannot get a single log message out of Apache.06:18
dumbuserI don't think i have the time for this right now,  thanks for the help, im going to go back to doing more important things and just accept that networking is broken in ubuntu06:18
okchickennow my system doesn't recognize a boot loader and it won't start..06:18
okchickenI installed using UEFI and was booting in UEFI mode06:18
speaker1234okchicken, it's possible that your device name associations have shifted06:19
speaker1234in other words, what was sda1 is now something else06:19
speaker1234did you configurefstaqb with uuid?06:19
okchickenspeaker- I have no idea06:20
okchickenI did that standard install from a usb stick, encrypted my drive and home folder06:20
speaker1234postbin your fstab from that system06:20
okchickenspeaker - what would cause my device names to change?06:22
speaker1234it's a combination of the motherboard and udev06:23
speaker1234of course it changes only if there are multiple drives in the system06:24
=== xaaam is now known as OpalLotto
okchickenspeaker - I didn't seem to have this problem when I was running Mint 1706:24
=== OpalLotto is now known as xaaam
speaker1234it is no big deal. that is why uuid's were invented06:25
okchickenspeaker - ok, so how could i fix it so I can boot properly?06:28
okchickenI'm working off the live USB right now06:28
speaker1234what you have for discs?06:28
apk2crxto fix what ?06:28
speaker1234morning apk2crx06:29
okchickenapk2- I installed Ubuntu Mate, worked fine06:29
okchickenrebooted the computer, and now it won't boot!06:29
okchickenI installed with "UEFI" set in the motherboard06:29
apk2crxafternoon speaker123406:30
speaker1234okchicken, what do you have for discs in the system?06:30
okchickenspeaker - what do you mean? Which command should I run?06:30
apk2crxany error?06:30
speaker1234how hard drives do you have in the system?06:31
okchickenspeaker - only 106:31
speaker1234ok so it is not likely a drive number change problem06:31
speaker1234you probably just need to reinstall grub06:31
apk2crxYou should use a live system to reinstall grub06:32
okchickencan I run grub if I use UEFI?06:32
speaker1234 if you boot off of a live system, you should see an option to be off of the hard drive06:32
speaker1234yes you can06:33
okchickenspeaker - ok, which utility should i use to reinstall grub?06:33
okchickenthose instructions look like for legacy boot06:35
okchickenwould they work with uefi?06:35
speaker1234okchicken, https://www.google.com/search?q=uefi+ubuntu+14.04&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&aq=t&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&client=firefox-a&channel=sb06:38
speaker1234says mr google06:38
Grimlock1182is ther any editor for indicator in the panel to move from one place to another?06:38
Grimlock1182using ubuntu 14.0406:38
speaker1234could you try rewarding the question please06:38
speaker1234rewording the question Sorry, speech recognition error06:39
apk2crxit is very easy to make it in xubuntu.06:39
speaker1234apk2crx, how are you on Apache questions?06:41
kudocan someone help me to overcome "Could not validate source - Invalid argument" error when I'm trying to copy ubuntu.dmg to usb?06:42
mablueany one can give me his phone num and then i give it to amazon for sending pin?!06:42
apk2crxAny problem in apache?06:42
mabluemy country is not in  list06:42
utfans05_homeapk2crx: what issues are you having with it?06:42
mabluemy country is not in  list !any one can give me his phone num and then i give it to amazon for sending pin?!06:43
utfans05_homeoops, I ment speaker123406:43
apk2crxmablue,for what ?06:44
speaker1234I'm trying to configure my Apache server to work with wsgi. The main problem is I get nothing from the server, no response, no log messages no nothing. It's completely silent06:44
mablueapk2crx: for regist06:45
utfans05_homespeaker1234 Firewall opened?06:45
speaker1234 shouldn't be a problem because I'm ssh'ing in but let me check06:45
speaker1234okay IP tables were disabled06:46
utfans05_homeif the firewall is not opened for port 80 then you wont be able to connect.06:46
apk2crxmablue,my phone number is registered.06:46
utfans05_homeok, Is apache actually listening on port 80?     netstat -plant | grep 8006:46
mabluein aws.amazun.com?06:46
speaker1234okay it's only giving me IPv6.06:47
apk2crxYou can call to the Customer Service to solve it.06:48
speaker1234pstbinning the config06:48
mablueapk2crx: I should call to obama to solve it .im from iran06:49
utfans05_homespeaker1234:  that netstate line should have looked like this   tcp6       0      0 :::80                   :::*                    LISTEN      11379/apache206:49
speaker1234tcp6       0      0 :::80                   :::*                    LISTEN      6318/apache206:50
utfans05_homeyeah. that's right.06:51
utfans05_homeAre you using iptables or ufw for your firewall?06:51
mablueapk2crx: can u make an acount with your home number an give it pw for me?06:51
utfans05_homespeaker1234: PM me the ip of the server. I'd like to take a poke at it from the outside to see if I can get some hints.06:51
speaker1234not using any firewall and server is on VM on my laptop.06:52
utfans05_homeoh.... that makes things more intresting...06:52
utfans05_homeInside of the sever if you run    curl -liv localhost what does it return?06:53
mablueF**** evry thing is blocked for iran :D06:54
speaker1234returns what I expect it should. It shows a normal HTTP response complete with my index.html06:55
utfans05_homeok, So you are now trying to get it from outside the vm?06:55
speaker1234mablue, maybe you should try using a malware infected USB stick ;-)06:55
speaker1234utfans05_home, yes I am. It's the same place I'm sshing in from, the host OS06:56
utfans05_homeHrm, I'm not sure.06:56
utfans05_homeThat would have to do with how the OS and the VM talk.06:56
mabluespeaker1234: yeh i use if it need .what is this?06:57
speaker1234 06:57
utfans05_homemablue: it was a joke since all of iran's nuke refining got hacked due to a malware infected usb.06:58
speaker1234it's also joke based on the latest exploit with USB sticks06:58
speaker1234utfans05_home and I are too witty for our own good06:58
utfans05_home< prior Air Force Intel Analyst :P06:58
mablueutfans05_home: but its not true ! some thing is changed when u hear it from israil presedent...07:00
speaker1234< current wiseass and UI curmudgeon>07:00
netlarI seem to be missing the software updater, how can I get it back?07:01
=== Michael__ is now known as Guest94375
netlarIs that the GNOME update manager I see in synaptic?07:04
speaker1234I am such an idiot. Localhost is not localhost when you have two different local hosts. :-)07:04
utfans05_homeI was just thinking that.07:05
speaker1234In my defense, I have had a "mild" migraine for two days, went out on a nice date and then came home to email from my ex-wife.07:06
speaker1234so my mind wasn't exactly wasn't thinking aboutcomputers. And it's 3 AM again which means I should get to bed since tomorrow is tech support call with mom07:07
speaker1234I get to convert her husband's laptop over to Linux *yaaa* and I might even convert her machine to Linuso that my niece will stop messing with it07:08
speaker1234utfans05_home, thank you for being kind and not pointing out what a total idiot I was. :-) maybe I can return the favor someday07:09
speaker1234nite all.07:09
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mneuroI am using Ubuntu 14.04 with AMD proprietary drivers and I am unable to alt tab out of fullscreen games07:34
=== havanaanavah is now known as ___
=== ___ is now known as havanamint
netlarI have removed the evolution-indicator, but it still shows up under the mail notificatoin, how can I get it to stop showing up there07:43
netlarIs it safe just to remove evolution?07:47
OERIASConceal me what I am, and be my aid For such disguise as happily shall become The form of my intent07:48
jotikHi! The Ubuntu mini CD is signed with 437D05B5 (fingerprint 6302 39CC 130E 1A7F D81A  27B1 4097 6EAF 437D 05B5) and C0B21F32 (fingerprint 790B C727 7767 219C 42C8  6F93 3B4F E6AC C0B2 1F32). Are these valid keys?08:12
khayahi there I am a newbie here08:25
ilhamihow do I install Ruby and RubyGems ? :D08:31
ilhamisudo apt-get install ruby? :D08:31
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bosco__Hello, world!08:35
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joar1having some trouble with the gtx 980. How do I get drivers version > 340?08:54
=== horror is now known as eugem
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=== eugeno is now known as eugem
eeeejoar1: u mean > 304?08:55
joar1the highest version I see for 14.04, locally. is 33108:55
joar1eeee: no, 341 is the first with gtx 980 support AFACT08:56
* joar1 does not have a woking X session08:56
joar1[    2.219937] nvidia: probe of 0000:01:00.0 failed with error -108:56
joar1that's in my dmesg08:56
Aarunineed urgent help09:00
nestle33if i installed ubuntu with raid0 on /home but raid1 on /boot and / would that mean that if the raid0 crashes for /home that the OS would still boot and i could still get command line ?09:00
Aarunimy log folder in /var/log is eating up 60 GB space. Is it OK for the system to clear it all ?09:00
Aarunieeee: yes.09:00
eeeedu -sh /var/log09:01
eeeegives you 60gb?09:01
Aarunibut the GUI program "DISK USAGE ANALYZER" says /var/log is 60.4 GB09:02
eeeeok that might be due to "disk usage" vs actual size09:02
eeeeanyways it's pretty substantial09:02
Aarunieeee: OK to delete it all ?09:03
AaruniI've only got 2 GB left in my system09:03
eeeeno idea09:03
AaruniI'm just gonna go for it09:03
Aaruniits just logs.09:03
Aaruniwish me luck09:03
cucinaciao a tutti09:03
eeeeok, good luck09:03
AaruniI just did sudo rm -rvf /var/log09:04
Aaruniand now I have 5 GB free sapce09:04
eeeeAaruni: maybe something is taking the bulk of it? type du /var/log09:04
eeeeor do find /var/log -size +1G09:05
ilhamihow to install ruby?09:07
eeeeAaruni: wait, you say you did rm-rvf /var/log ? O.o09:08
eeeethere's actual useful stuff there09:09
bazhang!info ruby | ilhami09:10
ubottuilhami: ruby (source: ruby-defaults): Interpreter of object-oriented scripting language Ruby (default version). In component main, is optional. Version 1: (trusty), package size 5 kB, installed size 44 kB09:10
anonymous_wer hat bock mit mir und 12 anderen psn yu ddosen09:10
bazhanganonymous_, #ubuntu-de09:11
bazhangilhami, install it with the package manager,as everything else09:11
anonymous_wer hat bock psn yu ddosen09:11
bazhanganonymous_, stop with that, you wont get any help09:11
As4xkHi. I plan to setup software RAID 1 when installing 14.04. How do i get the bootloader and /boot (and everything else that is needed to boot) to be replicated to all disk so that no matter which disk dies, i can still boot the system?09:18
bazhang!raid > As4xk09:20
ubottuAs4xk, please see my private message09:20
ilhamihow do I install Ruby?09:31
nestle33if i installed ubuntu with raid0 on /home but raid1 on /boot and / would that mean that if the raid0 crashes for /home that the OS would still boot and i could still get command line ?09:32
bazhangilhami, I told you how to do that09:32
bazhangilhami, with the package manager09:32
ilhamibazhang, I didn't see it.09:32
ilhamibazhang, if I had seen it, why would I ask again? dude come on.09:32
bazhangilhami, with the package manager09:32
ilhamiI got my answer.09:32
ilhamibut I need to find the right package. is it the one called "ruby" ?09:33
Grimlock1182glxinfo | grep OpenGL09:42
Fudgeanyone good with networking? using a local network and having probs with bind909:44
bazhangFudge, try ##networking09:46
Fudgejust joined thanks09:46
bazhangFudge, there's a bind channel as well09:47
Fudgeoh thank smate09:47
bazhang /msg alis list *bind* to find it09:47
theguy312Hi, I got a directory mounted via bind and theres a  .directory file insied with icon name.  How to get nautilus display this one?09:47
bazhangcontrol h theguy31209:47
theguy312bazhang: No, I mean to display the icon rather than folder default icon09:48
theguy312bazhang: Not the .directory file itself09:48
bazhangtheguy312, right click properties ? whats the final goal here, please09:49
theguy312bazhang: To set icon, if a icon is set via gui it will reset after restart09:51
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cristian_cHow can I make working copy&paste in a *buntu virtual machine?09:59
cristian_cAny ideas?09:59
bazhangcristian_c, copy and paste what exactly10:00
cristian_ctext selection10:00
brokenbootI'm on ubuntu 14.04. After an update the system won't boot anymore. I used boot-repair to fix it, it boots again, but as soon as update-grub is run, it breaks the boot process again. The system craps out with busybox prompt, but won't accept keyboard input and I can't see what the error message was due to a pile of errors about tick source10:01
brokenbootit's worth pointing out that I am trying to boot with degraded raid1, and I have added bootdegraded=true to my kernel options10:02
Ice_StrikeEid Mubarak!10:03
Vivekananda_y510I accidentaly did a wrong move:  mv  a  b   but b was a directory but now no more10:03
Vivekananda_y510can I get it back10:03
abcdhi guys I'm reading some stuff about ssh and here https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH/OpenSSH/PortForwarding#Local_Port_Forwarding  it says that I have to use  ssh -L 8080:www.ubuntuforums.org:80 <host> to connect to ubuntuforums10:08
abcdwhat I don't get is where is the adress of the sshd?10:09
abcdit says that host is my laptop but if this is my laptop I just would connect to my local sshd???10:10
josiah14can people see this?  I want to make sure I'm properly connected - didn't get a confirmation after identifying with NickServ10:11
abcdat least me10:12
abcdor is the laptop not the machine I enter the ssh command?10:13
LinnakHi, I have 3 type of ubuntu in virtualbox. I installed a lot of apps on one of them and I'd like to install all of them on the other two. How can I do that the easiest way?10:13
josiah14abcd: thanks10:13
rom1504josiah14: you are connected but not identified10:13
rom1504oh maybe you are10:13
josiah14rom1504, it's weird, I run /msg NickServ identify <password> and then I just don't ever hear back from the server again like I do on the webchat10:15
josiah14is it an irssi thing?10:15
josiah14oh, interesting, it split of a private chat to tell me10:17
abcdLinnak, http://askubuntu.com/questions/159664/how-to-list-user-installed-applications-not-packages10:18
Linnakabcd: Thank. I've just found it10:18
xeonhey guys new to irc10:19
tomatillocristian_c: what version of vmware are you using?10:20
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tomatillocristian_c: assuming you're using vmware?10:20
michele_how to view the applications in linuxstartup?10:22
xeonneed help to start learning10:22
SvetlanaWhy does removing systemd-* in apt-get result in it saying that it would also uninstall gnome-session?  Gnome-session has nothing to do with startup tools in my view.10:23
cristian_ctomatillo, virtualbox10:25
tomatillocristian_c: have you installed the Guest Additions?10:26
cristian_ctomatillo, yes10:27
tomatillocristian_c: ok. power the vm off. then click the entry in the vm list in virtualbox and then click settings. in the settings click the Advanced tab. There should be a setting for Shared Clipboard, make sure it's selected as Bidirectional10:28
AlpyI know it is illegal but i downloaded a crack of matlab for linux, i tried to download it, but it tells me i can't10:29
abcdyou better download scilab ;)10:29
tomatillocristian_c: there is also a setting there for drag and drop, if you set that to bidirectional then you can drag/drop files between host/guest as well10:30
Alpyscilab does not compile my code10:30
ibelowanybody understand russian?10:30
cristian_ctomatillo, it's already bidirectional10:30
cristian_ctomatillo, copy and paste doesn't work10:31
Grimlock1182guys i need help, how to save jpg file in Gimp?10:32
ibelowGrimlock file - Export as10:32
Grimlock1182ibelow, thank you so much..10:33
tomatillocristian_c: what is your host OS? what version of ubuntu is the vm?10:34
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cristian_ctomatillo, lubuntu 14.04 and lubuntu 14.0410:35
tomatillocristian_c: ok. uninstall the Guest Additions in the vm. then open a terminal in the vm and run sudo apt-get install make gcc linux-headers-$(uname -r)10:37
tomatillocristian_c: then reboot the vm, reinstall Guest Additions and try it again10:37
cristian_ctomatillo, ah, ok10:38
cristian_ctomatillo, I've uninstalled them, but they exist yet10:43
cristian_csudo rm /etc/init.d/vbox*10:43
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bipulHello, I am unable to install any packahes via command line http://paste.ubuntu.com/8492011/10:44
abcdAlpy, looks like there is a trial version http://matlab.en.malavida.com/linux/  but sounds like you have to contact the distributor???10:45
michele_how to view th estartup applications?10:46
abcdAlpy, http://askubuntu.com/questions/78488/how-do-i-install-matlab10:47
abcdyou could also try to install it using wine (if you have a valid win version and a valid serailnumer/license of course)10:47
abcdor if you have the ressources virtualbox->win->matlab10:49
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AleksejsMHi, so after 6 months I decided to release-upgrade in hope that ubuntu programmers have finished "programming for dummies" courses10:54
bipulCan any one help me. I am unable to install any packages via terminal. http://paste.ubuntu.com/8492011/  Also I am getting this messages on my terminal whenever i try to update http://paste.ubuntu.com/8492051/10:54
AleksejsMBut they haven't, and wifi doesn't work again10:54
AleksejsMI'd like to know how it's possible, that wifi works even on install time on 12.04, but doesn't work at all on newer 13.1010:55
abcdbipul, maybe you need java, cause it says "java command not found" ???11:00
bipulabcd: But java is already being installed. And what installation has to do with java?11:01
abcdbipul, http://stackoverflow.com/questions/11237872/java-command-not-found11:04
azizLIGHTi need some help with nvidia graphics? i installed ppa xorg-edgers and used "additional drivers" to load the newest nvidia drivers from the ppa (340.32). latest driver for my geforcegtx  770. it loaded fine but i have flickering all the time randomly on parts of the screen11:05
azizLIGHTnewest drivers from nvidia itself is 340.46 though11:05
bipulabcd: Yes i have searched that issue, but it does not resolve my issue.11:06
abcdbipul, when you enter cat /etc/environment   do you get more than one line?11:11
abcdis there something containing java?11:11
abcdbipul, what does sudo update-alternatives --config java output?11:17
HadesWatch3rWhich file system is best for use with an  SSD, I've heard that BTRFS is very good with SSD's?11:17
ikoniajust use the default file system provided by ubuntu11:19
ikoniawhich is ext411:19
HadesWatch3rikonia thanks for the reply.11:20
Surendillvm is also an option11:20
ikonialvm is not a file system11:21
ikoniaso it's not an option for "what is the best file system"11:21
azizLIGHTwhat things do we need to do for an ssd11:21
ikoniaan SSD is just a disk11:21
bipulabcd: This is the output for " sudo update-alternatives --config java " http://paste.ubuntu.com/8492200/ Between I have shortouted my issue by commenting on 2 line inside /etc/environment I got to know from here https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/texinfo/+bug/131154811:21
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1311548 in texinfo (Ubuntu) "13.10 to 14.04: package install-info 5.2.0.dfsg.1-2 failed to install/upgrade: ErrorMessage: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 127" [Undecided,New]11:21
azizLIGHTdoesnt it need trim or whatever11:21
ikoniaazizLIGHT: it doesn't "need" trim, you can use trim if you want though, ubuntu should auto detect this now in the current distro11:21
azizLIGHTso how do i tell if i got it setup or not11:22
ikoniaazizLIGHT: you will see it  in the mount options11:22
azizLIGHTikonia: ahh but im using luks though11:22
ikoniathen you won't be using trim11:23
azizLIGHTso i hve a /dev/mapper in mount11:23
ikonia/dev/mapper is just a pointer to a device11:23
azizLIGHTisnt that bad11:23
ikoniayou will still see the options in "mount"11:23
azizLIGHTim using a luks partition... and then lvm insie the luks11:24
ikoniaright ?11:24
azizLIGHTwith lv for each mount point11:24
ikoniaso ?11:24
azizLIGHTbut i dont see /dev/sda6 (my luks partition) or any /dev/sda mounts besides /dev/sda2 (/boot/efi) and /dev/sda5 (/boot)11:25
ikoniaI don't see your point11:25
ikoniaso ?11:25
ikonialogical volumes and device mappers are still device files that you mount11:25
azizLIGHTi dont see /dev/sda* with trim anywhere11:26
ikoniaagain so what ?11:26
azizLIGHTi want trim11:26
azizLIGHTis it possible11:26
ikoniathen you need to confiugre luks to allow trim support11:27
ikoniawhich is not out of the box as it weakens encryption11:27
azizLIGHTits not recommended?11:27
ikoniaI didn't say that11:27
desperate_joehello everybody11:28
azizLIGHTis it difficult11:28
ikoniadepends on your abilities and knowledge11:28
ikoniabefore you do anything I'd ask myself an honest question "do I need encyption on this disk"11:28
ikoniathen move forward from there11:28
azizLIGHTi already got it all setup11:28
ikoniamost people I've found personally encypt disk without reason other than wrongly thinking they need encyption11:28
azizLIGHTthe encryption11:29
desperate_joelooking for a cross platform (ubuntu - android)to create a library including ebooks and real books11:29
ikoniaand with encrypting the disk, they make more problems for themselves11:29
azizLIGHTthe encryption setup wasnt too bad11:29
ikoniaI didn't say the setup was11:29
Zaitzevdesperate_joe: Calibre11:29
ikoniahowever it can create problems (such as you are finding now) later down the road11:29
azizLIGHTwhat other problems can happen11:29
desperate_joecalibre works on android?11:29
ikoniaazizLIGHT: this is research you should have done before encypting your disk11:30
Zaitzevdesperate_joe: That I don't know, I've used it on Windows and Ubuntu. Why would you create the library from android anyway? :)11:30
azizLIGHTyea most guides go over pros/cons but theyre not considering ssds, at least the guides i read11:30
ikoniaazizLIGHT: so again, I'd go back to the question of "do I really need encyption" then move forward from there11:31
desperate_joebecause i have 500+ books and i want to scan them and intigrate them in the program, knowing always when in a bookstore if i have that book or not11:31
ZaitzevAh, I see what you mean11:31
desperate_joei have 5000+ ebooks, and 500+ paper books, so the objective is to make 1 central database11:32
ikoniadesperate_joe: would you not do that in a web app ?11:32
ikoniathen reference the web site from the ubuntu or android device11:32
desperate_joedon't understand what you mean ikonia11:32
ZaitzevYou COULD read up on Calibre and see if it has any feature that allow you to do so. I know Calibre has a content server with which you can connect (and presumably by some magic use with a scanner)11:32
ZaitzevOH! And I just read on their page: Support for Android phones and tablets :)11:33
geirhaThere are already databases on the net that contains titles and images of books. You just need to plot in the ISBN number.11:33
Zaitzevcrap, nevermind. I assume that is just compatibility in terms of connecting to and syncing etc.11:34
Zaitzevgeirha: And with a scanner you can scan a barcode which transfers the ISBN into the text field on that search page11:34
markcwould anyone care to "sponsor" a bug report for me please?11:37
ikoniamarkc: sponsor ? you don't need to sponsor things11:37
markcthe "bug" is that roundcube should not depend on apache when nginx is already installed11:37
ikoniamarkc: just raise the bug,11:37
desperate_joei've been looking in google play, and there's calibre cloud and calibre sync11:38
markcikonia: how? if you mean by using apport I don't have it or python installed on my servers11:38
nevermoreraven2um what does google play have to do with ubuntu?11:38
ikoniamarkc: is this bug for ubuntu or debian11:38
nevermoreraven2that's offtopic guys11:38
desperate_joei'm looking into a program that can be used in both11:39
Zaitzevdesperate_joe: I assume those are related to the management of the books themselves, but they might have a search function. Either way, Calibre is one of the best book management software out there, imo.11:39
markcikonia: I have no idea, I went to install roundcube and it depends on apache when I already have nginx installed, that to me seems like a bug11:39
ZaitzevI've used Calibre to edit and sync with my ipad - I too have a ton of ebooks :p11:39
ikoniamarkc: are you installing it on ubuntu or debian11:39
markcikonia: ubuntu 14.04 and 14.1011:40
desperate_joe@zaitev: how did it work on your ipad? what did you download? calibre cloud or sync?11:40
ikoniamarkc: ok, so log a bug in launchpad.net against the package11:40
nevermoreraven2ubuntu 14.10 is out?11:40
Zaitzevdesperate_joe: Nothing, I upload books from the pc software right onto the ipad11:40
ikonianevermoreraven2: not yet11:40
desperate_joeand can you use your program on the ipad to scan and add paper books?11:41
Zaitzevdesperate_joe: No no, I don't have any app on the ipad11:41
markcikonia: thanks, I guess I have to sign up for yet another account... that's why I was hoping someone already familiar with launchpad would "sponsor" this bug11:42
desperate_joeok, i see11:42
ikoniamarkc: no-one will or should log bugs for you - it's your bug/your problem you need to take ownership of it11:42
Razzeeyyguys what's wrong with ubuntu input method since like ubuntu 13.10? when I'm on russian layout some apps like stop reacting to keys so as if they now recieve a text-wise keypress itself not a keycode or something... that wasn't happening before till recent ubuntu releases I believe it has something to do with input method11:42
Zaitzevdesperate_joe: I have ebooks added to Calibre that I have edited (metadata, filenames etc), then uploaded to the ipad. I'm just reading them on the ipad. You would have to look into the android apps and see if they provide what you seek :)11:43
markcikonia: hard to believe it only affects me, anyone runnign nginx will have the same problem... maybe nginx is not that popular with ubuntu folks... anyway, point taken11:43
desperate_joei understand... do you think it is possbile what i want? an integrated library?11:44
markcikonia: up till now I've always avoided the issue by installing roundcube from upstream, this time I thought I would at least alert someone11:45
Zaitzevdesperate_joe: Calibre being so advanced and feature rich, I can only assume.11:45
markcikonia: thanks for your help11:45
nevermoreraven2what happened to gobuntu?11:47
GPenguinhello, is there a dedicated channel for ufw related questions?11:49
pinwhat ?11:49
pingpenguin.. where are you come from11:49
somsip!ot | pin11:50
ubottupin: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!11:50
desperate_joe@zaitzev: installed both calibre and calibre sync, but i can't seem to make a connection, and the sync is really only to access your ebooks on a wireless device11:52
ubottuUbuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has built-in firewall capabilities. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | GUI frontends such as gufw and ufw-kde also exist. | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo11:52
BluesKajHiyas all11:52
desperate_joeso it is really lacking the option to insert paper books11:53
GPenguini assume the silence means it is okay to ask ufw related questions here11:53
GPenguinis it possible to mix ufw with iptables rules (e.g. from fail2ban)?11:53
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chalcedonyGPenguin, hi :)11:55
Rohan_14Hello I am working on a simple management project it requires to upload file from user but i dont want to store their uploaded files on my main server is there another cheap option for that thnks11:58
GPenguinwhat about DNS? i see in no example how you handle DNS when you block incoming11:58
somsipGPenguin: is this essentially a ufw question of a Fail2Ban question?12:00
GPenguini ask if the fail2ban rules work when you use ufw12:01
ikoniaGPenguin: that makes no sense12:01
ikoniafail2ban rules work when they pattern match12:02
ikoniaif you are blocking access, they will never hit the service to hit the logs to pattern match12:02
GPenguinikonia: could you refrain from making offensive comments?12:02
ikoniaGPenguin: there is nothing offensive in what I said12:02
GPenguinif you fail to grasp the sense it does not mean i make no sense12:02
GPenguinnow cut it off12:02
ikoniaGPenguin: no, what you ask doesn't make sense12:02
GPenguinlet others help who care12:02
ikoniaas fail2ban depends on pattern matching logs12:03
ikoniaif you are blocking access to a service it will not hit the logs so fail2ban can't pattern match12:03
GPenguinit uses iptables and i want to know if ufw interfers with other programs that use iptables direclty12:03
ikoniaGPenguin: fail2ban doesn't interact with ufw - it interacts with fail2ban12:03
ikoniasorry it iptbles directly12:03
ikoniaso it won't cause a problem12:03
GPenguintesting my nerves again. alright. anybody else?12:04
ikoniaufw is just "fronting" iptables12:04
ikoniaso iptables is still the netfilter firewall, so it wo'nt cause a problem12:04
GPenguinwhy the whole drama instead of posting that last line?12:04
ikoniathere is no drama12:04
GPenguinshove your ego to the door and keep it out12:04
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miawhi there12:14
miawwell i have a question  , How to permanently delete the guest account from ubuntu login ???12:14
miawHelp please i folowed this http://askubuntu.com/questions/451526/removing-guest-session-at-login-in-ubuntu-14-04 but after rebooting i keep getting black screen and it says lightdm failed to load12:19
miawI am using Lubuntu !12:19
Ben64miaw: what exactly did you do12:20
miaw<Ben64> i fixed it by undoing what i did from  the recovery mode , but can you plaese showme the right way to remove the guest account permanantly , thanks *12:21
desperate_joehow to scan barcode with webcam in ubuntu and make a database?12:22
ActionParsnipmiaw: you can hide the entry in lightdm12:22
ikoniadesperate_joe: that's a pretty big quetion12:22
ikoniadesperate_joe: thats more about application development12:22
ikoniadesperate_joe: thats not a one stop answer12:22
desperate_joei think it is more as in connecting maybe 2 existing programs?12:23
miaw<ActionParsnip>  can you explain more or give me a link where i can follow steps  thanks12:23
ActionParsnipmiaw: http://www.puppychau.com/archives/13012:23
ActionParsnipmiaw: how long did that take me to find?12:23
ikoniadesperate_joe: right, so they have to be aware of each other, you need to find hte program first before asking "how to do it"12:23
desperate_joemaybe first question: can i scan barcodes with webcam in ubuntu and which program to use?12:23
ikoniadesperate_joe: scan is just a photo12:23
ikoniadesperate_joe: so "yes"12:23
ActionParsnipmiaw: searched the web, like...1 minute tops....12:24
pavlosdesperate_joe, https://apps.ubuntu.com/cat/applications/precise/zbar-tools/12:26
miaw<ActionParsnip> link isn working  i already followed this http://askubuntu.com/questions/451526/removing-guest-session-at-login-in-ubuntu-14-04 but didnt work12:26
ActionParsnip!info zbar-tools | desperate_joe12:26
ubottudesperate_joe: zbar-tools (source: zbar): bar code scanner and decoder (utilities). In component universe, is optional. Version 0.10+doc-9build1 (trusty), package size 22 kB, installed size 93 kB12:26
ActionParsnipmiaw: did you log off to test12:26
miawActionParsnip> I rebooted and then i couldnt  login12:27
ActionParsnipmiaw: http://www.tejasbarot.com/2014/04/24/hide-disable-guest-remote-login-on-ubuntu-14-04-lts-trusty-tahr/#axzz3FB85leoY12:27
miaw<ActionParsnip> I didnt log of i rebooted , could that be the cause12:28
ActionParsnipmiaw: what is the output of: car /etc/issue12:28
ActionParsnipmiaw: reboot will work too, lightdm reloads and rereads the config12:28
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ActionParsnipmiaw: http://www.tejasbarot.com/2014/04/24/hide-disable-guest-remote-login-on-ubuntu-14-04-lts-trusty-tahr/#axzz3FB85leoY12:30
desperate_joezbar does not work... it just opens the cam, and works like a cam12:30
miaw<ActionParsnip> it asks for a  passphrase12:30
ActionParsnipdesperate_joe: did you read how to use it?12:30
ActionParsnipmiaw: yes, thats your login password for sudo to work....12:30
desperate_joeyou use it in a terminal, and it makes a picture of what you are holding in front of the cam12:31
ActionParsnipmiaw: http://www.webupd8.org/2014/08/lightdm-how-to-disable-user-list-or.html12:31
ActionParsnipdesperate_joe: it also decodes things according to the web, did you read he man page or guides online?12:31
desperate_joethere is a list of commands in the terminal12:32
miaw<ActionParsnip>  ok i"ll try those link thanks12:32
pavlosdesperate_joe, did you read the man page for zbarcam ?12:34
desperate_joei used the commands as appeared in the terminal12:35
ActionParsnipdesperate_joe: http://fitzcarraldoblog.wordpress.com/2012/10/05/installing-and-using-zbar-in-linux-to-scan-bar-codes-with-your-webcam/12:35
ActionParsnipdesperate_joe: if you research an application rather than trying to guess you will succeed more.12:35
elohimswaggerHello, I'm having issues untarring a tar.gz file with both tar xvzf and gunzip. Verbose output shows the files in the tar but these do not exist in the dir as they should be.12:35
elohimswaggerAny help? Thanks!12:36
elohimswaggerAny ideas? Anyone?12:38
ikoniaelohimswagger: please show me the output of the command "ls -la filename.tar.gz"12:39
elohimswaggerThat will prove problematic. I'm attempting this on an isolated machine and communicating here on a separate device.12:40
elohimswaggerI will give relevant output that seems useful. Uno momento.12:41
ikoniaelohimswagger: give me the full exact output - or not at all12:41
elohimswaggerSorry, I will attempt as expediently as possible.12:41
ikoniaelohimswagger: there is no rush12:42
ActionParsnipelohimswagger: install unp and use unp on the file, unp will extract nearly anything12:42
ikoniaelohimswagger: (use a pastebin if it's a few lines long output)12:42
ahmetnasılsın devrım12:43
* ActionParsnip reckons unp should be installed by default12:44
elohimswaggerAlso problematic. The regarded machine is not networked. I'm running forensic analysis on it.12:44
elohimswaggerOtherwise I would.12:44
BluesKajActionParsnip, agreed , luv unp12:45
g0thwhere can I find collections of usable images?12:47
g0thlike walls/etc12:48
g0thhuge collection12:48
bipulI am looking for a some help regarding testdrive testing ISO images.12:48
g0thfor a game12:48
ActionParsnipg0th: google image search.....12:48
OerHekshttp://opengameart.org/ and tons of websites more12:49
g0thI think sprites is the name12:50
g0ththanks OerHeks12:50
delphussalut à tous12:53
cfhowlett!f | delphus,12:53
cfhowlett!fr | delphus,12:53
ubottudelphus,: Nous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.12:53
demahum12I'm trying to change default workspace. I have found this: http://askubuntu.com/questions/410419/how-to-set-the-default-workspace Can anyone help me how to do these things from the first answer?13:11
ActionParsnipdemahum12: what is the output of: cat /etc/issue13:11
demahum12ActionParsnip, Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS \n \l13:12
freonwhat is the right way to install  virtualbox in ubuntu , and to get the same features the the windows virsion like USB support ???13:13
ActionParsnipfreon: sudo apt-get install virtualbox-ose13:14
ActionParsnipdemahum12: do you mean the default workspace per application, or the one that shows after logon?13:15
freon<ActionParsnip; and which one work better vb or vmware workstation .. ??13:15
demahum12ActionParsnip, as the question from the link says, the one that shows after logon.13:15
OerHeksUSB is an option in virtualbox13:15
ActionParsnipfreon: the question is nonsensical13:15
ActionParsnipfreon: meither is better than th other. If one was, nobody would use he inferior product and die out13:16
ActionParsnipfreon: both systems have advantages so both exist13:16
freonActionParsnip> does virtualbox-ose support usb ?13:16
steve__Looking for help with Ubuntu and Java with my Firefox.  Java and Flash worked.  It doesn't anymore without me changing anything13:17
ActionParsnipfreon: yes13:17
steve__Anyone wanna help?13:18
ActionParsnipsteve__: does it show ok in https://www.java.com/en/download/installed.jsp13:18
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freon <ActionParsnip> thanks : )13:18
cfhowlettsteve__, USB supported on virtualbox-4.313:18
cfhowlettsteve__, eeks! sorry @ freon13:19
ActionParsnipsteve__: what is the output of: java -version; cat /etc/issue13:19
steve__ActionParsnip, I'm going to do a pastebin with what "java -version" gives me brb13:19
ActionParsnipfreon: your "which is better" question makes as much sense as "which is better, coke or pepsi?"13:19
steve__ActionParsnip, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/8492785/13:20
ActionParsnipfreon: neither is "better", people have different requirements and tastes, so both are fine13:20
ActionParsnipsteve__: and the output of: cat /etc/issue13:20
steve__ActionParsnip, Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS \n \l13:20
ActionParsnipsteve__: the webupd713:21
ActionParsnipsteve__: the webupd8 ppa lets you install oracle java easily, use tab and enter to accept the license13:21
steve__ActionParsnip, That "Ubuntu 14.04.1 ..." thing is what cat /etc/issue give me13:21
ActionParsnipsteve__: plus it will be enabled in your browser for you :)13:22
AteistHi, who can help me? I have a problem with USB scancode reader, and I'm new in linux.13:22
steve__ActionParsnip, Where do I find that webupd7 or webupd8 ppa ?13:22
steve__Ateist, What is the question?13:23
ActionParsnipsteve__: its webupd8, you'll find it easily online....13:23
steve__Ateist, Because all I find in your post is a declaration that there is a problem13:23
AteistYes, it scans not full barcode, everytime one number is missing.13:23
AteistIn windows everythink is OK, but in different ubuntu versions same problem.13:23
AteistFor example: I get 5449172 instead of 5449147213:23
Ateistor I get 885697000016 instead of 885697600001613:23
ActionParsnipAteist: is the an option you can add to the command to tweak its behaviour?13:24
AteistIt can be programmed using printed barcodes. And it is allready configured as we want it to work.13:25
AteistNo any application or command.13:26
Ateiston same PC (2 different PC-s) under windows everythink is OK13:27
houserockrAteist: I could imagine that drivers for such devices need to be calibrated. maybe you need to do that for the linux driver, too.13:27
ActionParsnipAteist: it must be or you wouldn't get the functionality13:27
ActionParsnipAteist: I suggest you report a bug13:27
AteistI'm new in linux, how can i  calibrate a driver?13:28
houserockrAteist: what device are we talking about?13:28
Ateistcypherlab 107013:29
Ateistcipherlab 107013:29
steve__ActionParsnip, I think I did the right thing about webipd8, but it doesn't work.  Should I have added ppa somewhere in the repo setup?13:31
houserockrAteist: I couldn't even find linux support on the manufacturer's website13:31
houserockrAteist: how did you perform a scan?13:32
AteistI open leafpad, and try to scan a coca-colas barcode usind the device.13:33
=== jd is now known as Guest69735
ilhamiyour OS is giving me problems13:34
ilhamireally big problems13:34
Guest69735where is the default folder for sharing file via bluetooth?  I sent some images from  my phone and not sure where they went13:34
houserockrAteist: have you seen https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BarcodeReaders ?13:35
ilhamican anyone assist me ?13:35
cfhowlettilhami, that resounding silence is us waiting for you to state the actual issue so we might be able to assist.  ms. cleo has the night off, so be comprehensive in your description.13:35
ilhamiI am trying to install ruby and rubygems but encounters errors all the time.13:36
ilhamiIt won't let me install rubygems.13:36
cfhowlettilhami, "errors" = ???13:37
ilhami2 sec.13:37
cfhowlett!paste | ilhami13:37
ubottuilhami: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.13:37
ilhami:D don't worry . I got it.13:37
Ateisthouserockr: Idid, I tried sudo modprobe usbkbd, But no success13:37
ilhamiMy goal is to install jekyll btw.13:37
cfhowlett!info jekyll13:38
ubottujekyll (source: jekyll): Simple, blog aware, static site generator. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.11.2-1 (trusty), package size 30 kB, installed size 190 kB13:38
ilhamiyeah I tried that.. didn't work. Let me try again. :)13:38
ianorlinif I have / on an ssd and /home on an hdd and I run sudo fstrim / does that end up running fstrim on my hdd?13:39
ilhami2 sec.13:39
ActionParsnipianorlin: trim wont work on platter based drives13:39
cfhowlettilhami, from terminal: sudo apt-get install jekyll                     and report issues13:39
houserockrAteist: I just read that usbkbd is deprecated13:40
ilhamisame error cfhowlett13:40
houserockrAteist: if you do a lsusb on the console, do you see the device?13:40
cfhowlettilhami, OK, try this: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade13:41
ianorlinbut will running fstrim on / in this setup damage anything or it will just ignore that there is a platter at /home13:41
cfhowlettilhami, followed up jekyll installation13:41
jotikHi! The Ubuntu mini CD is signed with 437D05B5 (fingerprint 6302 39CC 130E 1A7F D81A 27B1 4097 6EAF 437D 05B5) and C0B21F32 (fingerprint 790B C727 7767 219C 42C8 6F93 3B4F E6AC C0B2 1F32). Are these official Ubuntu GPG keys?13:41
AteistI did dmesg | grep usb13:41
steve__ActionParsnip, Same problem.  Here's a pastebin to help. http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/8492868/13:42
Ateistand got vendorid:0745, deviceid:000013:42
ilhamicfhowlett, same problem.13:42
cfhowlettilhami, ... grrr13:43
ActionParsnipsteve__: what is the output of: cat -n /etc/apt/sources.list13:43
ilhamiErrors were encountered while processing: rubygems E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)13:43
mgolischilhami: you installed ruby manualy or something?13:43
Ateistlsusb answer:   bus002, device003: Id 0745: 0000 Syntech information co; ltd13:43
ilhamimgolisch, I tried but it didn't work. :D13:43
ActionParsnip!find gem1.813:43
ubottuPackage/file gem1.8 does not exist in trusty13:44
steve__ActionParsnip, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/8492882/13:44
ilhamihaha  I messed something up for sure :D13:44
ActionParsnipilhami: what is the output of: ls /usr/bin/gem*13:44
ilhamiI will be back in 5-10 minutes. I am sorry guys. I will hurry.13:44
ActionParsnipsteve__: why are you adding lines manually to sources.list? Remove those lines dude13:45
steve__ActionParsnip, Which lines?  I am a bit of a nOOb at this13:45
ActionParsnipsteve__:  the last 2 lines you added for webupd8, didnt you?13:46
steve__ActionParsnip, I thought you suggested that I add webupd8 to solve my java and flash problems13:47
ActionParsnipsteve__: then you are pro enough to know what you did, so "bit of a nOOb" doesnt mean anything here, that PPA is also for themes. Did you even read what you added!?13:47
steve__I thought that I had copied what I had read when I looked for webupd813:48
ActionParsnipsteve__: delete the lines you added then save the new file and follow this guide13:48
ActionParsnipsteve__: http://www.webupd8.org/2012/01/install-oracle-java-jdk-7-in-ubuntu-via.html13:48
ActionParsnipsteve__: its 3 commands, done. Lots of guides have this easy solution. Use TAB and ENTER to accept the licemse13:50
steve__ActionParsnip, Wish me luck.  I think I did a bad thing when I removed java with the intention to re-install it ... before I came to the room.  Brb once I get around to following your instructions13:51
ilhamiActionParsnip, /usr/bin/gem1.9.113:52
ActionParsnipilhami: ok, run: sudo ln -s /usr/bin/gem1.9.1 /usr/bin/gem1.813:54
ActionParsnipilhami: then retry13:54
ilhamiI think that actually worked :D13:55
ilhamiwhat a genius haha13:55
ilhamilet me see if jekyll works now.13:55
ActionParsnipilhami: if it works, please report a bug stating that a symlink is needed13:57
ilhamiActionParsnip, when I run this command: "jekyll new myblog"  I get this error.13:57
ilhamiI am following the guidelines on their site btw.13:57
rebsso ive now spent like 3 hours trying to get an internal drive to automount on startup. am i being daft and there is some really easy way to do this? whenever i edit fstab i get mounting errors on startup, but if i let automount do its thing, the disk works just doesnt autoload on startup13:59
=== Guest-5367 is now known as zealotnagah
ActionParsnipilhami: not something I use, maybe the symlink isn't enough of a fix. Are there any bugs reported. If not please report one14:00
ianorlinthis is why you make a backup of fstab before editing it so you can restore from backups14:00
rebsits only one line i changed...14:01
rebsi had recently formattted the drive i was starting from square one14:01
yahyaacan anyone suggest a very good easy to use backup utility for kubuntu or Ubuntu!14:02
ilhamiActionParsnip, I think the version of jekyll I have is old.14:03
Wulframnrebs: what kind of drive is it and let's see a paste of that fstab for starters.14:03
azizLIGHTwhen will CVE-2014-6277 be patch14:03
ubottuGNU Bash through 4.3 bash43-026 does not properly parse function definitions in the values of environment variables, which allows remote attackers to execute arbitrary code or cause a denial of service (uninitialized memory access, and untrusted-pointer read and write operations) via a crafted environment, as demonstrated by vectors involving the ForceCommand feature in OpenSSH... (http://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2014-6277)14:03
aaruni|osxsupport for OSX | Ubuntu dual boot also provided here?14:03
ActionParsnipilhami: maybe, but the one from the repos should work with the other packages14:04
Wulframnaaruni|osx: for the ubuntu part, yes14:04
aaruni|osxWulframn: can I just get a new partition, install Ubuntu precise along with OSX, and expect it to mutli-boot properly?14:05
rebsits a newly formatted / patrtitioned ext4 drive Wulframn :  /dev/sdb1 /media/data ext4 defaults 0 114:05
Wulframnaaruni|osx: they need their own, separate positions. If you install ubuntu after OSX it should dual boot smoothly.14:06
ilhamiActionParsnip, I have version 0.11.2.. there is version 2.4.014:06
OerHeksazizLIGHT, http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-security/cve/2014/CVE-2014-6277.html "we don't consider this to be14:06
OerHeksmdeslaur> a critical issue requiring immediate attention."14:06
ubottuGNU Bash through 4.3 bash43-026 does not properly parse function definitions in the values of environment variables, which allows remote attackers to execute arbitrary code or cause a denial of service (uninitialized memory access, and untrusted-pointer read and write operations) via a crafted environment, as demonstrated by vectors involving the ForceCommand feature in OpenSSH... (http://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2014-6277)14:06
aaruni|osxWulframn: no need for anything like rEFIt ?14:07
azizLIGHTOerHeks: thanks for looking that up14:07
ActionParsnipilhami: may be able to find a PPA14:07
ActionParsnip!ppa | ilhami14:07
ubottuilhami: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge14:07
Wulframnaaruni|osx: I don't use OSX so I am uncertain. I'll double check what resources I can and you can always ask the room in general in the meantime.14:07
ActionParsnipilhami: I suggest you report a bug if the version in the repo is dead14:08
aaruni|osxActionParsnip: have any idea on my issue?14:08
ilhamiActionParsnip, never reported a bug before.. haha I will also need to learn that.14:08
ActionParsnipaaruni|osx: I don't use Apple garbage, sorry14:08
nevermoreraven2no talloc stackframe at ../source3/param/loadparm.c:4864, leaking memory14:09
ActionParsnipilhami: ubuntu-bug packagename14:09
nevermoreraven2how do I solve that problem??? ^^^14:09
nevermoreraven2no talloc stackframe at ../source3/param/loadparm.c:4864, leaking memory14:09
jotikHi! The Ubuntu mini CD is signed with 437D05B5 (fingerprint 6302 39CC 130E 1A7F D81A 27B1 4097 6EAF 437D 05B5) and C0B21F32 (fingerprint 790B C727 7767 219C 42C8 6F93 3B4F E6AC C0B2 1F32). Are these official Ubuntu GPG keys?14:09
nevermoreraven2no talloc stackframe at ../source3/param/loadparm.c:4864, leaking memory14:09
Wulframnaaruni|osx: it's not personal. :-P14:09
nevermoreraven2how do I solve that problem??? ^^^14:09
OerHeksaaruni|osx, maybe the mactelpages are any help https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages  i do not use mac either14:09
ActionParsnip!hashes | jotik14:09
ubottujotik: See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuHashes for the md5sums of all downloadable Ubuntu releases14:09
aaruni|osxWulframn: I have a similar reaction to mac. Setting up buntu and OSX for sister.14:10
ActionParsnipaaruni|osx: could use virtualbox14:10
aaruni|osxOerHeks: Some pages say to use rEFIt, some don't14:10
aaruni|osxhence the confusion14:10
jotikActionParsnip: no info there about mini ISO nor GPG signatures.14:10
aaruni|osxActionParsnip: on 2GB ram in today's world?14:11
ilhamiActionParsnip, should I update this manually then?14:11
ActionParsnipaaruni|osx: sure, use Lubuntu. My VM at work uses about 256Mb14:11
aaruni|osxActionParsnip: but not OSX. Ram usage is always at 1.99GB14:12
ActionParsnipaaruni|osx: sounds like a great OS, yikes14:12
Wulframnaaruni|osx: seriously?14:12
aaruni|osxWulframn: yes. its too bloaty14:12
ActionParsnipaaruni|osx: could install ubuntu to usb and boot that when you want to use ubuntu, shove it in14:13
Wulframnthat's a great idea14:13
OerHeksjotik, md5sums are here https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD14:13
Wulframnthen the OSX behemoth isn't chugging all the RAM14:14
GlycanHi, I'm trying to recover file and hopefully fix a Lubuntu system. I try to boot Knoppix off a flash key and it fails saying: "/init: line 975: mount: not found" twice, then "/init: exec: line 1033: /sbin/init: Input/output error". What chan should I go to?14:14
OerHeksans SHA114:14
aaruni|osxActionParsnip: not phor me, mate14:14
aaruni|osxits for nub sister14:14
jotikOerHeks: ok, but GPG the keys?14:16
confusedDevlooking for someone willing to guide a confused software dev through the world of wireless networking in linux (setting up home pc with a (NETGEAR) wnda3100 => ubuntu 14.4 (tahr) I have ndis and installed drivers...issue is with signal strength 0 / power light off on the wireless adapter pls pm if you can help14:16
ActionParsnipaaruni|osx: isnt MacOS doing what is needed?14:16
ActionParsnipGlycan: recover what file?14:16
OerHeksjotic those keys are not GPG are they ?14:17
aaruni|osxActionParsnip: she likes Ubuntu from my ubuntu box. and OSX is too resource hungry14:17
GlycanActionParsnip: my music library, my notes, my projects...14:17
Glycans/file/my files/g14:18
ActionParsnipGlycan: is there not a backup?14:18
Glycannot an external one, no14:18
Glycanwell, not for certain things, anyway14:18
GlycanNormally booting my Lubuntu system says something about I/O errors, falls into fsck, which raises a bunch more errors that I do not understand "failed command: READ DMA.... error: { UNC }", ending with "fsck / [275] terminated with status 4"14:18
jotikOerHeks: I need to know what are the proper keys used to sign http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/trusty/main/installer-amd64/current/images/SHA256SUMS.gpg and the like. These seem to use different keys than used for normal Ubuntu releases.14:19
sesCan anyone help?14:19
=== ses is now known as Guest81363
Guest81363I reseted my MBR how can i now again boot into Linux. Im dual bootin with ubunut and win714:20
ilhami"never ever make install as root" why?14:20
jotikses: Maybe. Please just ask your question.14:20
Glycan~Can, uh, someone help me or at leas ttell me where to go?14:20
jotikGlycan: SATA disks with cables? Faulty cable perhaps?14:21
Guest81363Im not geetin the boot options.Im not gettin Grub anymore.14:21
jotikGuest81363: booting directly to Windows now?14:21
Glycanjotik: huh? this is just a kinda old laptop14:22
Guest81363Yes im bootin directly to WIN now. Thing is i couldnt boot to win7 and reseted the boot with TOOL DISK. Now i dont get grub.14:22
jotikGlycan: Such errors usually mean a faulty hard drive or cable or the like.14:22
jotiksry all, got to run now.14:23
Guest81363Can anyone help about that?14:23
Glycanyeah, I'm assuming I screwed up my HDD somehow. I was kinda hoping someone would explain how to get fsck to run properly enough to fix whatever the problem is14:24
ActionParsnipGlycan: why not?14:24
ActionParsnipGlycan: what if the drive IDE or moror failed, where is your data?14:24
ActionParsnipGlycan: cant be very important14:24
ActionParsnipGlycan: think about it...for once14:24
ActionParsnipGlycan: heres what you are basically asking "I didnt think to backup my data and now I need you guys to dig me out of this easily avoidable situation. A usb hdd of a few hundred gigabytes cost pennies but I didnt bother. Can you please help"14:24
ActionParsnipGlycan: boot the the ubunu livecd an mount your partition then copy data to an exteenal storage. You now have a backup. Reinstall the OS and restore the backup14:24
ActionParsnipGuest81363: you can reinstall Grub to the MBR from Ubuntu live Cd14:24
Alpyokay i am getting this error message on the terminal ' Unterminated quoted string' on the terminal, how i solve it?14:24
Guest81363With what Guest 813.14:24
ActionParsnipGlycan: use liveCd. Bit easier14:24
Alpy*how do i solve it?14:24
ActionParsnipAlpy: is it when you first launch the terminal?14:25
unopasteActionParsnip you have been muted for 60 seconds as it looks like you are pasting lots of lines into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com and paste just the URL of your data here when you are unmuted14:25
OerHeksjotic i think you look at the wrong place for gpg/md5sum14:26
OerHeksjotic https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD and compare it with the output of md5sum mini.iso14:26
ActionParsnipGlycan: once you have restored the data to the new install every now and then, make another copy of the same data and any new data in the same location.  If the data changes a lot do this every few days. If it changes rarely do it once a week14:26
GlycanActionParsnip: all of my actually critical stuff is online anyway; this is out of nostaliga. A live USB doesn't work. Booting in recovery mode, I can not mount the partition. I cannot boot into a live USB to reinstall. I would also really like to fix that computer.14:26
AlpyActionParsnip no. I have this .iso file that i mounted using fuseiso. When i ran the install file in it gives me that error message.14:27
ActionParsnipAlpy: oh god not wubi14:27
ActionParsnipAlpy: wubi has not been developed for 2 years and is abandoned14:27
AlpyActionParsnip what is wubi?14:28
ActionParsnipGlycan: liveCD will allow you to fsck the partition which may resolve the issue14:28
cfhowlettAlpy, wubi is the wu tang clan of ubuntu14:28
GlycanWhy would a liveCD would if a live USB doesn't?14:28
GlycanAlpy: as far as I remember it's a way to install ubuntu into a partition directly from windows14:29
AlpyI'll be honest, i am trying to install Matlab a cracked matlab14:29
ActionParsnipAlpy: when you run the installer in Windows for Ubuntu, its a dead application called Wubi. You don't need fuseiso or anything like that, you need unetbootin to make a bootable USB device or to burn the image to CD14:29
cfhowlettAlpy, on help for piracy = ask elsewhere14:29
Alpycfhowlett okay, but where?14:30
cfhowlettAlpy, no idea14:30
AlpyThanks anyways14:30
ActionParsnipGlycan: the usb and cd methods are the same difference.  Lunux sees them as  file systems, the physical media is moot14:30
energies23423anyone here familiar with disabling UEFI on a Windows 8 PC so I can install Ubuntu and have GRUB load up?14:31
loahello, i have file /usr/share/alsa/pulse-alsa.conf , which contains code which i don't need in my installation i need something like this in .asoundrc http://pastebin.com/z03igJak how i can get this work? What is right way? I need remove that file or what?14:31
ActionParsnipGlycan: the fact your system wont boot cd or usb implies there is a larger issue than the install. Did you try resetting your bios to defaults14:31
loaNow i just renamed that file, but i am interest if that file will reappear after system upgrade for example?14:32
ActionParsnipGlycan: if you wanted to reinstall any OS it wont be possible, even if you wanted to wipe all data and reinstall14:32
ActionParsniploa: searh for it in packages.ubuntu.com14:33
Alpyokay, i give up piracy. Are there any alternatives to matlab?14:33
ubottuMATLAB is a high-level language and interactive environment that enables you to perform computationally intensive tasks. More info and install instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MATLAB14:33
cfhowlettAlpy, there was one listed on the ossalt site - wait 114:34
ActionParsnipAlpy: not sure, could just buy matlab....14:34
loaActionParsnip, it is pulseaudio package. so?14:34
GlycanIt pretty clearly says that there are errors on the hard drive, but fsck fails to fix them. How is this releated the BIOS?14:34
GlycanAnd yes, I've realized that14:34
cfhowlettAlpy, "octave"14:34
ActionParsnipGlycan: the bios boots the chosen device with he hardware settings, so it releates. Its worth a try....14:35
Alpycfhowlett i tried to work with octave, it doesn't let me compile some stuff14:35
GlycanUm, I missed a message if anyone was writing to me14:35
cfhowlettAlpy, xcos14:35
ActionParsnipGlycan: the bios boots the chosen device with the settings in the bios setting how things work. Its worth a go14:35
cfhowlettAlpy, read the suggestions in http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=70076714:36
meadhikariHi guys, I installed tightvncserver how do I allow multiple user login, please help14:36
cfhowlettAlpy, old link, I know.  sorry14:37
cfhowlettAlpy, http://www.wseas.us/e-library/conferences/2012/Vouliagmeni/EDUCIT/EDUCIT-19.pdf14:37
GlycanActionParsnip: the boot progress successfully gets past GRUB and everything. If there was a problem with the BIOS settings that wouldn't of worked...14:37
ActionParsnipmeadhikari: what are they connecting to do?14:37
ActionParsnipGlycan: then why can ypu not boot usb?14:37
meadhikariActionParsnip, xfce4, currently only root can connect but I want other user to be able to go to their own desktop14:38
ActionParsnipmeadhikari: are the clients Linux based or Windows?14:39
meadhikariActionParsnip, Linux based using vncviewer14:39
GlycanI can boot it - I get past the unetbootin bootloader and see the Knoppix startup screen and all - it just doesn't work past that14:39
cfhowlettGlycan, knoppix?  what the hey?14:39
ActionParsnipmeadhikari: ok and what would the users doing when they get connected to the server?14:40
meadhikariActionParsnip, their own session14:40
ActionParsnipGlycan: tried the Ubuntu liveCD?14:40
ActionParsnipmeadhikari: yes, what will they do in that session?14:40
Glycancfhowlett: a specicially live system that I like a lot...14:40
meadhikariActionParsnip, They would use the GUI14:40
cfhowlettGlycan, no problem but .. you'd be happier and get support in knoppix channels. not supported here.14:41
ActionParsnipmeadhikari: yes to achieve what? Web browse? Manage files?14:41
meadhikariActionParsnip, yes their own individual x session14:41
ActionParsnipmeadhikari: you arent answering he question14:42
meadhikariActionParsnip, I found a json like config for each user but where would I write that I am really confused, Please help14:42
Glycancfhowlett: knoppix chans are completely dead, but this isn't about knoppix not working, this is about not getting into an lubuntu install and fsck not working. Knoppix is a tool I've tried to solve this problem14:42
ActionParsnipmeadhikari: im after the specific hings they will do once they get connected via vnc14:42
cfhowlettGlycan, noted14:42
ActionParsnipGlycan: does the ubuntu livecd boot ok?14:42
meadhikariActionParsnip, I currently have no idea on what they would be using apart from normal GUI stuffs14:42
ActionParsnipmeadhikari: they have thinhs on their client systems, surely?14:43
meadhikariActionParsnip, why would what gui app they use matter, I am confused14:43
GlycanI've never had an ubuntu livecd14:43
GlycanI don't really have CDs14:43
ActionParsnipGlycan: then how did you install ubuntu?14:43
helpMehello guys!14:43
helpMegood morning!14:43
=== helpMe is now known as Guest7623
Guest7623need help14:44
Guest7623i have ubuntu 14.04 precise14:44
Guest7623w/ unity14:44
ashley01Is daftykins here? I managed to fix my problem earlier!14:44
meadhikariActionParsnip, I was looking for some config so that each user could login to their own x-session with ip:<different number>14:44
GlycanActionParsnip: usb14:44
=== hal is now known as Guest92531
Guest7623and i'm trying to set up a VPN connection14:44
ActionParsnipmeadhikari: because people use vnc for all sorts of stupid crap and when they actually tell me what they are doing there is usually a faster and more secure option to what they are using vnc to achieve14:44
ActionParsnipGlycan: ok does the ubuntu livenusb boot ok?14:45
Guest7623but the input fields are greyed out14:45
astroduckHi! I was trying to zip a folder without compression using `zip -r -0 foo.zop foo` but du gives different size for the zip and the folder (https://dpaste.de/At4A). Why's that so?14:45
Guest7623and i've searched the web14:45
Guest7623and it seems its a pretty common issue14:45
meadhikariActionParsnip, in this case I really need as I don't know the application but just assigned to do it14:45
Guest7623anyone familiar w/ this problem14:45
Guest7623or can help me14:45
GlycanNo idea, I guess I'll go try to find one14:45
Guest7623been at it for couple of days already14:45
ActionParsnipmeadhikari: you can use ssh with x forwarding. If you configure ssh keys you can have a shortcut to run: ssh user@server firefox14:46
meadhikariActionParsnip, I found a json like config file where u write config for each user with different port number but where would i write that. Please help14:46
ActionParsnipmeaning: the GUI will show on the client but be running on the server,  just like how citrix works14:46
ashley01ok guys, I managed to solve a graphical problem I had with OpenTTD by completely disabling vsync. But now I am still stuck with another problem to do with the game's music not playing.14:46
Guest7623help with network manager14:46
ActionParsnipGuest7367: what is wrong with network manager14:47
Guest7623for one14:47
ashley01the game uses MIDI files for music and I have timidity installed14:47
ActionParsnipashley01: I believe you need the files from the original game14:47
Guest7623i don't get the network icon on the top bar14:47
Guest7623and also14:47
Guest7623when i try to set up14:47
Guest7623a vpn connection14:47
Guest7623the fields are greyed out14:47
ashley01ActionParsnip: there are alternatives: openmsx and modern motion14:47
ActionParsnipGuest7623: please press entee less, you are scrolling the channel14:47
ashley01I have downloaded the files but they are not being played14:47
Guest7623im sorry, could you explain, don't know what you mean14:48
ActionParsnipashley01: did you put them in the right folder and are they readable by all14:48
ashley01the game does it for me because it has a 'download content' option ingame14:48
ActionParsnipGuest7623: this isnt IM. Imagine if everyone hammered enter after every other word. It wold make the channel unusab14:49
Guest7623ooh, ok sorry guys14:49
meadhikariActionParsnip, using vnc is my requirement currently :( you have any idea about json config14:49
ActionParsnipashley01: I thought it would be from the original game files, its how I did it14:49
ActionParsnipmeadhikari: its a horrible solution. No idea sorry14:50
ActionParsnipmeadhikari: if users want a central file server you can use sftp in openssh-server and connect (securely) to their data via SFTP14:50
ashley01ActionParsnip: the odd thing is, OpenMSX was working with this game when I installed version 1.3.3, then I tried out 1.4.3 and realised the music didn't work so I went back to 1.3.3 and the music still doesn't work!14:50
ashley01I did try the purge option with apt-get too, but still no luck14:50
rbanffyHi follks. I need to get the installed package list and the dependencies each package requires. Is there a Python lib to do that?14:51
=== luc4_ is now known as luc4
ashley01I also had a huge problem yesterday where the performance would drop when I expanded the window, but I managed to fix that earlier14:51
meadhikariActionParsnip, actually the project is some jenkins stuff where they need to implement a vnc server where multiple user can connect to their own x-session14:51
loaActionParsnip, can you please help me with pulse? how i can disable that file in right way?14:51
ActionParsnipGuest7623: if you press ALT+F2 and run: nm-applet , does it run ok?14:51
meadhikariActionParsnip, is setting up a vnc server where multiple user can connect horrible idea?14:52
astroduckhelp? anyone?14:52
ActionParsnipLoa: my sound troubleshooting is poor. Never had an issue with it14:52
ActionParsnipmeadhikari: imho its not very graceful14:52
=== kevin is now known as Guest32748
meadhikariActionParsnip, Thanks a lot for your time :)14:52
ActionParsnipmeadhikari: surely the client systems have web browser functionality...?14:53
loaActionParsnip, but i think you skilled in package managment under ubuntu, how do you think if pulseaudio package will be update, it will install again that file?14:54
g_rmzI have a problem installing Ubuntu, can someone help me please?14:54
ActionParsnipLoa: search http://packages.ubuntu.com if it is part of a package then it will be reinstated with updates, otherwise no :)14:55
ashley01anyone know of a channel in freenode where I can ask about sound/MIDI related problems14:55
ashley01unfortunately there is no one in #timidity14:55
ActionParsnipmeadhikari: wont they have a web browser installed on their systems, to use that?14:55
meadhikariActionParsnip, I am in a position where I can not question that but just implement it :(14:56
ashley01I FIXED IT!14:58
ActionParsnipmeadhikari: I see, are there YouTube guides for it maybe?14:59
rasteroidi have two different bluetooth keyboards, one old and one new, and using trusty i get keys repeating even when i'm not using the keyboard. any thoughts?14:59
ashley01I FIXED BOTH OF THEM!14:59
ActionParsnipashley01: wtg!14:59
ashley01graphics problem was fixed by disabling vsync, music problem fixed by making a false->true change in a cfg file14:59
=== dustin86 is now known as dustin
DylanWhat was the server where people are able to upload pictures to show them to everyone here?15:00
DylanI want to be able to show a picture to ask my question.15:01
ashley01an image file equivalent of paste.ubuntu.com (text file)?15:02
ashley01im not sure but would be interested myself15:02
DylanI got help here before and someone told me to post images to a certain server in order to help me with my question.15:02
DylanOh well, I guess I can use my own server. Just a minute.15:03
Dylanimgur! Thank you!15:03
ashley01oh i thought you meant something that requires no sign-in15:03
DylanI just upgraded to 14.04 and my "Run Program" program has a really small space to see my programs in. Anyone know how to fix that?15:04
Dylan"Run Application", excuse me.15:04
g_rmzmy installation freeze everytime when the DVD image is loading, someome have the same problem?15:05
eeeeDylan: try to press the arrow on the left15:05
Dylaneeee: Made it worse15:05
eeeepress it again15:06
Dylansame problem.15:06
ashley01it's a known bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-panel/+bug/137494515:06
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1374945 in gnome-panel (Ubuntu Trusty) "Known applications list box is very small" [Undecided,Fix committed]15:06
Dylanashley: Thank you. Let's see if I can get it working here....15:07
Dylanashley: When I use this patch, do I just run the .sh file?15:08
Dylanashley: I apologize in advance, my Linux knowledge and understanding is like patchwork.15:09
ashley01same here, i know a few things here and there15:09
DylanSo should I just run the .sh file in the patch?15:09
ashley01hang on i'll check it myself15:09
ashley01is that the only file in there?15:10
DylanNo there's a ton of'em.15:10
ashley01check the README file15:10
ashley01ye, your best bet is to check that README file because i dont have a clue15:11
OerHeksread the HACKING :-P15:12
DylanHm. The Readme says to open an INSTALL file, but I'm not seeing one.15:13
DylanOof, this is getting complicated.15:14
DylanAlright, so the first thing it's tell me to do is run "./autogen.sh", and when I do in the terminal it's telling me to install gnome-common first.15:16
DylanAm I going about this the wrong way or do I need gnome-common?15:16
OerHeksNormally i would say yes, install gnome-common but i have no idea what patch you are using15:18
DylanThis patch: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-panel/+bug/137494515:18
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1374945 in gnome-panel (Ubuntu Trusty) "Known applications list box is very small" [Undecided,Fix committed]15:18
=== ahem is now known as zealotnagah
=== marklite is now known as markelite
OerHeksehm, for trusty it is applied in the proposed repo15:20
DylanRepo means?15:20
OerHeksrepository, open softwarecenter> top panel > edit > sources15:20
OerHeksoh forget that, that is for unity15:21
DylanYea I'm using Gnome. Could never get comfortable with Unity.15:21
OerHeksjust open softwarecenter > etc > sources15:21
OerHeksand then 3th tab updates15:22
DylanI'm there now.15:23
Dylan"Pre-released updates"?15:23
cfhowlettDylan, = beta15:23
DylanRight, but is that the one I want?15:24
cfhowlettDylan, it's beta.  you break it, you fix it.15:24
=== daniele is now known as Guest68900
OerHeksthat is where that fix is applied, so up to you. also 14.10 is fixed15:25
pthagnarhello. is there a canonical way in ubuntu to run missed cron jobs / do them asynchronously a la https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/cron#Asynchronous_job_processing15:25
DylanIs 14.10 released already?15:26
ubottuYes, it's out! Download at http://www.ubuntu.com/download | Release announcement at https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-announce/2014-April/000182.html15:26
Real_ZeanI've a problem with ubuntu15:27
pthagnar[i.e. this should run at 00:01 every day but if the computer is switched off then, at the next opportunity]15:27
Real_ZeanI've boutgh and chromebook15:27
Real_Zeantotaly remove chromeos15:27
Real_Zeanand install ubuntu15:27
Real_ZeanNow all works well excepts my touchpad15:28
Real_Zeanhow fix it?15:28
OerHeksReal_Zean, what chromebook exactly?15:28
kudoWhy ubuntu 14.04.1 is "no mountable file systems"?15:28
Real_Zean(I've Toshiba Chromebook cb35-a3120)15:28
Real_Zeanthe fisrt toshiba chromebook15:28
demahum12I'm trying to change default workspace. I have found this: http://askubuntu.com/questions/410419/how-to-set-the-default-workspace Can anyone help me how to do these things from the first answer?15:29
tsrZean, can you see the touchpad if you run  this in the terminal: cat /proc/bus/input/devices15:30
Real_ZeanI've test many fix for the acer chromebookbut doesnt't work for me15:30
Real_Zeanmany many things :D15:31
Real_ZeanI copy on the paste15:31
kudoWhy ubuntu 14.04.1 is "no mountable file systems"?15:33
Real_Zeanmy touchpad worked well with chromeos15:33
Real_Zean(I've removed because I don't like it)15:33
Real_Zean(I can't see Touchpad, Synaptics, or Mouse -> my touchpad isn't supported?)15:34
cfhowlettReal_Zean, I see no touchpad listed.  entirely possible it's unsupported15:34
Real_Zeanon Archlinux there are a chromebook linux kernel15:34
Real_Zeannot in ubuntu?15:35
tsrOk, well you could try another mouse, if that works, it's probably an incompatibility with your hardware15:35
Real_Zean(worl well with another mouse)15:35
Real_Zeanhttps://aur.archlinux.org/packages/?O=0&K=linux-chromebook for archlinux15:35
OerHeksReal_Zean, heh, it will work when kernel 3.17rc1 comes out ( in 14,10 i think) https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/1296534 see last comments15:35
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1296534 in linux (Ubuntu) "Touchpad of Toshiba CB30 not detected or working at all" [Medium,Triaged]15:35
OerHeksaffects cb30 and cb3515:35
Real_ZeanI've cb3515:36
Real_Zeanso cool15:36
Real_ZeanI migrate to 14.10 :D15:36
cfhowlettReal_Zean, wait for the release15:36
OerHeks2 more weeks ...15:36
Real_Zeanunstable? I know..15:36
szxhi guys, I'm running an upgrade to ubuntu 14.10 and it appears to be stuck at "Replacing config file ...", what should I do?15:38
cfhowlettszx, it's beta...unsupported here.  ask #ubuntu+1 *OR* wait for the release15:39
OerHeksszx, join #ubuntu+1 # for support untill release15:39
phixWhy isn;'t webmin in repo for?  Is there something beter ?15:40
ikonia phix we've been over the webmin thing 10,0000 times15:41
cfhowlett!webmin | phix15:41
ubottuphix: webmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system.15:41
ikoniaphix: /join #debian15:41
demahum12I'm trying to change default workspace. I have found this: http://askubuntu.com/questions/410419/how-to-set-the-default-workspace Can anyone help me how to do these things from the first answer?15:42
cfhowlettAcronymous, ask your support question15:42
phixikonia: I wasn't here when you went over it15:42
phixikonia: I am here now so refresh me15:42
ikoniaphix: you've been in this channel many times15:42
ikoniayou're not new.15:42
phixikonia: Correct, but this is the first time I have heard about webmin15:43
phixikonia: Any similar tools available?  I want to allow clients to restart certian services if they hang (as they tend to do in Ubuntu)15:43
ikonianone that I would recommend15:43
phix(Asterisl for example)15:43
phixoh, should I use fastCGI and django?  of suPHP?15:44
phixof = or15:44
ikoniashould you use ??15:44
ikoniathis is for paying clients ??? you should have an idea of what YOU should use15:44
ikoniaif you're putting clients on this stuff, you should not be randomly/blindly asking what to use15:44
phixikonia: Well I used ot use webmin but apparantly that isn't supported any more15:48
phixso I am asking what the replacement is15:49
ikoniathere isn't a direct replacement15:49
ikoniaas the concept is falwed15:49
samthewildoneis there a way to disable the top left corner from opening the dashboard ?15:49
cfhowlettphix, webmin has been unsupported for ... 3 years I believe?  but the ##linux or #ubuntu-server channels would likely have some recommended alternatives15:49
samthewildoneusing UbuntuGnome15:49
phixNo one in their right mind would pull a package and not offer a replacement, I mean when debian / ubuntu threw away exim they didn't stop providing a MTU, they replaced it with postfix15:50
ikoniaphix: yes they would15:50
ikoniaphix: people in their right mind would pull a broken product and not use a direct replacement if the concept is falwed15:50
phixikonia: The concept is flawed??  allowing non-technically people the ability to restart services?15:51
ikoniaphix: yes15:51
ikoniabased on how wide the configurations of distros is15:51
phixikonia: Have you tried to teach a 60 year old how to use SSH?15:51
ikoniaand the rolling security15:51
ikoniaphix: I'm not interested in that15:51
ikoniaI'm interested in the reality of the product being a flaw, so it's dead15:51
phixikonia: but 60 year olds still work for companies that have servers, would you rather they use Microsoft or Ubuntu?15:52
ikoniaphix: I don't care what they use15:52
ikoniaphix: they use what's best for them15:52
phixso you don't care about usability?15:52
ikoniaphix: I suggest you focus on finding a solution for your problem15:52
ikoniaphix: I didn't say that at all15:52
phixThe whole point of computers if to be an asset / a tool to humans, how can it be that if not everyone can use them?15:53
ikoniaphix: don't disagree at all15:53
phixso what if webmin had it's issues, it was useful for low technical users, before pulling useful packages ubuntu should have a replacement before hand15:54
ikoniano they shouldn't15:54
ikoniaif the concept is flawed -15:54
ikoniathey pull an at risk product15:54
phixUseability is a falwed concept?15:54
ikoniaor if a replacement does'nt exist15:54
cfhowlettphix, webmin was NOT an ubuntu product!  and alternatives exist.  ask #ubuntu-server or ##linux15:54
ikoniajob done15:54
ikoniawebmin is nothing to do with ubuntu15:55
ikoniaI'm sure there are different clones of webmin, but if they are as bad, they won't get into the distro15:55
phixcfhowlett: I asked for alternatives and I got no response except going somewhere else, how is that helpful/15:55
ikoniaphix: there are different options, just none I'd recommend, as they all are as bad as each other15:55
phixWhat is wrong with them?15:55
leartsHi guys! anyone here than can help me understand backportpackage, pbuild, PPA?15:56
cfhowlettphix, so you didn't even inquire of the other channels ...15:56
phixcfhowlett: I am going there now, but really this channel can handle it15:56
=== learts is now known as LeartS
ikoniaphix: search the repos for other options, there maybe one there you like (keep in mind the universe/multiverse and their support status)15:56
phixikonia: ok15:57
cfhowlettlearts, backport is a package that works really well in a later release, e.g. 14.10 and someone kindly works it up for earlier releases e.g. 14.0415:57
phixikonia: You are being slightly helpful now15:57
cfhowlett!ppa > learts15:57
ubottulearts, please see my private message15:57
cfhowlettlearts I've no idea about pbuild15:58
LeartScfhowlett: I know that, I proposed a backport (using the command line tool of which I don't remember the name) and now I'm trying to build the backported package to test it.15:58
cfhowlettLeartS, then I misunderstood the question ... sorry15:59
Carl_What is the command to edit the ports "listening" on ubuntu 14.04?16:00
ikoniaufw ?16:00
bastidrazorports only listen if a service is running on it16:00
Carl_I'm running a vncserver and need to have port 5900 listening. How would I do that?16:01
EriC^^Carl_: check the config files of the vncserver16:02
ikoniaCarl_: use the ufw interface to open 5900 and when you start vnc server it will start to listen16:02
EriC^^Carl_: i think 5900 is the default port16:03
=== Lexikahn is now known as Zirkon
mynarasany ideas on how to set unity to use two X Screens?16:05
=== Caroga_afk is now known as Caroga
=== Zirkon is now known as Lexikahn
mekhamii'm having problems installing mysql, removing mysql, basically doing anything with apt-get causes the mysql config script to run even though it's not installed...16:12
=== Caroga is now known as Caroga_afk
mekhamierrors like this: http://dpaste.com/1MHAEQJ16:13
Boscophow can i have a continuous cat, so see appended lines of a file as soon as they are appended by some process?16:14
arrrghhhhey guys.  I'd like to install a newer version of gnucash than available from the repo's - I built a .deb file, installed it... but an update knocked it back to the older version.  How can I get the package to 'stick' to the newer version?16:15
tomatilloBoscop: tail -f yourfile16:15
d0lph1n98mekhami: have you tried dpkg --configure mysql-server?16:15
mekhamierror - dependency problems - leaving unconfigured16:16
azizLIGHThow do i snap window left half of screen using keyboard shortcut like in windows you press win+left arrow key16:16
ikoniamekhami: do you have any PPA's confiugred or 3rd party packages installed16:16
rypervenchemekhami: You may not be removing all of the packages that mysql installed, such as mysql-common and mysql-libs.16:17
mekhamiikonia, i don't really know16:17
mekhamiikonia, i'm sure i do for something or other16:17
ikoniamekhami: I suspect that's causing a conflict16:18
ikoniamekhami: I'd suggest apt-get purge mysql-server16:18
mekhamii tried that16:18
ikoniamekhami: then apt-get install mysql-server and pastebin the errors you get16:18
mekhamiikonia, when i do purge, it runs mysql-server's init script16:18
ikoniait should continue beyond that though16:18
mekhamiit goes from removing mysql-server ... to setting up mysql-server ... to failed16:19
ikoniamekhami: please use a pastebin and show the output exactly from apt-get purge mysql-server16:19
ikoniamekhami: lets tidy up, apt-get autoremove16:22
ikoniamekhami: move /etc/init.d/mysql /etc/init.d/mysql.save16:23
d0lph1n98mekhami: sudo apt-get purge --remove mysql-server*16:23
d0lph1n98mekhami: do you stop the mysqld already?16:23
d0lph1n98mekhami: sudo service mysql stop16:23
ikoniamekhami: then apt-get purge mysql-server16:23
ikoniad0lph1n98: ?16:23
d0lph1n98mekhami: have you stop the mysql server?16:23
ikoniad0lph1n98: it's not confiugred16:23
mekhamidoing apt-get purge --remove mysql-server* seemed to work16:24
ikoniamekhami: great16:25
ckildegaardHow is everyone today?16:25
mekhamithanks for the help dudes.16:25
d0lph1n98mekhami: done16:26
michele_if i want to put an executable program (extracted from a tar) in the applications of ubuntu how to do?16:26
yecril71plI cannot mark text in Launchpad16:27
yecril71plI cannot paste text into Launchpad16:27
BluesKajyecril71pl, are you a member?16:30
yecril71plIt depends how you define being a member.16:30
yecril71plI have an account and I have accepted the community guidelines or whatever it is called.16:31
BluesKajyecril71pl, got a launchpad acct? ...is that defined enough?16:31
netlarI am getting the occasational freeze when I boot. The keyboard or mouse will not respond and I have to just turn the machine off and start over. How can I check what the problem is?16:31
* yecril71pl has a Launchpad account.16:31
loais there way to run some commands after upgrade?16:32
BluesKajyou hsve to be logged in yecril71pl16:32
loawant remove one file which is in package which can be updated in future16:32
yecril71plBluesKaj: I am logged in16:32
BluesKajloa, depends on the file16:33
loaBluesKaj, /usr/share/alsa/pulse-alsa.conf16:33
BluesKajyecril71pl, try ctl+c  to copy, then ctl+v to paste16:34
yecril71plBluesKaj: does not work16:34
ckildegaardnetlar: Are these USB peripherals?16:34
BluesKajloa, what do you want that file to do in the future?16:35
netlarckildegaard: Just my wireless printer16:35
BluesKajyecril71pl, where are you trying to paste, in the search field?16:36
netlarckildegaard: But nothing connected via usb16:36
yecril71plI cannot mark text in webapp-container16:36
* yecril71pl trying to paste in the search field16:36
ckildegaardnetlar: so are the keyboard and mouse connected by USB?16:36
netlarckildegaard: No, they are connected with a wireless dongle from logitech16:37
ckildegaardHmm...okay. But that dongle plugs in somewhere to give the wireless interface to your computer, right?16:38
netlarckildegaard: Yes, sorry, it is plugged into a usb port16:38
ckildegaardnetlar: Okay, first suggestion is to simply try another USB port when it happens. It's probably unlikely, but it could be an issue with that port.16:39
ckildegaardIf it still doesn't work when you plug it in to a different port, you've eliminated that as an issue.16:40
netlarckildegaard: It is funny, I was on 13.04 I had to use a utility called Solaar to get the wireless keyboard and mouse to work16:40
netlarckildegaard: But when I installed 14.04 as a clean install, did not need that utility anymore, guess ubuntu/linux added sorry for that16:41
ckildegaardnetlar: Yeah, it's possible some drivers were updated or something like that.16:42
netlarckildegaard: Well, I will try using different port next time it does this16:42
ckildegaardnetlar: Yeah, sorry I don't have any better suggestions. Though that will be a good step to take to eliminate a hardware issue. You have to learn to be systematic about your troubleshooting :)16:43
Basketballhey anyone here good with rtcwake16:43
JokesOnYou77Hi all.  I'm logged into a remote machine via ssh and trying to push to a remote.  But when I try to push I get an auth error and it doesn't ask for my ssh key password.  How can I get it to prompt me for my key password?  Also, it works fine when I do it physically from that machine.16:44
JokesOnYou77Basketball, I've used it before a while ago, what's the issue?16:44
ikoniaJokesOnYou77: "push" ?16:44
netlarckildegaard: I did a apt-get autoclean, autoremove and clean, that seemed to clear up the issue, but thought it may be coincidence16:44
JokesOnYou77Sorry, should have clarified.  Pushing to git.16:45
BasketballJokesOnYou77,  i have rtcwake set up in a cronjob so that it sleeps at midnight and is supposed to wake at 6 am16:45
Basketballit sleeps at midnight but never wakes up16:45
ckildegaardnetlar: Yeah, could be coincidence, but I'd say just keep seeing how it goes.16:45
Basketballwhen i manually wake it the time on the top bar still says 12 am16:45
ikoniaJokesOnYou77: so that sounds like the git server is not configured for keys or your private key is not in the right place on your client16:45
netlarckildegaard: ok, thanks16:45
JokesOnYou77ikonia, but it works fine when I do the same thing from that machine in person (not ssh).  I think that gnome is caching my credentials somehow and that is conflicting with it16:46
ikoniaJokesOnYou77: I don't htink thats the case16:47
ikoniaJokesOnYou77: check the location of your private key - that would be my first check16:47
ikoniaJokesOnYou77: gnome uses gnome-keyring so it's possible it's not checking your key files in real time for the working session16:47
loaBluesKaj, it contains data that i don't like, it screw my own configuration in .asoundrc16:48
quatroxBasketball: I think you are running into the issue that the CLOCK_MONOTONIC stops while your computer is sleeping16:48
JokesOnYou77Basketball, What time does your bios have?  And is it in UTC?16:48
BasketballJokesOnYou77, how do i check16:48
JokesOnYou77ikonia, I think that's what's happening.  And my keys are all in ~/.ssh/16:48
ikoniaJokesOnYou77: check the location, name and permissions of your public key16:49
BluesKajloa, ok I haven't used .asoundrc for a few yrs16:50
loaBluesKaj, anyway it does not matter. i just need some help to get rid of that file.16:50
loaBluesKaj, what it is right way delete that file?16:51
JokesOnYou77ikonia, my private key is in ~/.ssh and is owned by me and -rw  and my .pub is owned by me (both are also my group)  and is -rw and a+r16:51
BluesKajloa rm -rf path to file16:51
ikoniaJokesOnYou77: private key should not be writeable16:51
JokesOnYou77not by owner?16:51
ikoniaJokesOnYou77: actually - it's fine, my mistake16:52
loaBluesKaj, but what about upgrade? are not it appear again?16:52
JokesOnYou77ikonia, I'm still thinking it's gnome.  Because I have no problem when I'm sitting at that machine16:52
BluesKajloa, which ubuntu versionare you using?16:52
ikoniaJokesOnYou77: why do you think it's gnome ?16:53
demahum12I'm trying to change default workspace. I have found this: http://askubuntu.com/questions/410419/how-to-set-the-default-workspace Can anyone help me how to do these things from the first answer?16:53
ikoniaJokesOnYou77: gnome has nothing to do with you on the ssh environment16:53
loaBluesKaj, ubuntu 14.0416:53
JokesOnYou77ikonia, because the thing that changes between local use and ssh is access to gnome.  It works fine when I'm at that machine.16:53
BluesKajok is your audio chip an intel hda, loa ?16:53
ikoniaJokesOnYou77: who runs the git server you are trying to connect to ?16:53
loaBluesKaj, i can't get that thing. Producer is realtek i think.16:54
axisysesc key does not work on this new laptop running ubuntu trusty 64bit desktop.. so far did not find anything in google that addressed this issue.. any suggestion?16:55
JokesOnYou77ikonia, well this one is github.  But again, it works fine when I do the exact same command when sitting at the machine in question.  To me, that implies that my environment is set up correctly or it wouldn't work at all16:55
ikoniaJokesOnYou77: I agree, but that doesn't suggest gnome is a "problem"16:55
loaBluesKaj, https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/25725476/screenshot-2014.10.04-20%3A55%3A14.png16:55
ikoniaJokesOnYou77: it either auths on keys or it doesn't auth on keys16:55
BluesKajrun aplay -l in the terminal. loa16:55
loaBluesKaj, already done, lol.16:55
ikoniaJokesOnYou77: and as the only thing gnome can do is cache your key password, that has no impact on if the machine takes/rejects keys16:55
JokesOnYou77ikonia, but can it auth on keys when I'm in a non-gui session (ssh)?16:56
loaBluesKaj, but why it do matter?16:56
ikoniaJokesOnYou77: it won't try to as you're not using the desktop16:56
loaBlueShark, i just don't like that autoinstalled file.16:56
JokesOnYou77ikonia, I think the keyring may be preventing the key password prompt from showing up16:56
ikoniaJokesOnYou77: github doesn't care about your desktop, it just keys about valid key/password16:56
yecril71plBug #137748016:56
ubottubug 1377480 in webbrowser-app (Ubuntu) "no way to selected text in Launchpad" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/137748016:56
ikoniadoesn't care where it comes from16:56
ikoniaJokesOnYou77: that seems unlikley16:57
JokesOnYou77ikonia, ok, but I'm not getting propted for a key password as I should be16:57
ikoniaJokesOnYou77: doesn't mean it's impossible16:57
BlueSharkloa: Did you mean to highlight someone else?16:57
BlueSharkOh, yeah. You meant B l u e s K a j instead16:57
BluesKajloa, why are you using .asoundrc ?16:58
JokesOnYou77ikonia, the archwiki has a section that I think may address this, could you take a look with me and see if you think it applies here? https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/GNOME_Keyring#SSH_Keys16:59
JokesOnYou77ikonia, Section: Gnome Keyring dialog and SSH16:59
ikoniaJokesOnYou77: that's interesting, be interesting to try it16:59
=== xXImuHaxoRXx is now known as ItsSaturdaySmoke
ikoniaJokesOnYou77: I don't think that's the problem however it would be interesting to know for sure17:00
JokesOnYou77ikonia, I have a lead!  While in ssh, if I $ ssh-add -L  I get "Could not open a connection to your authentication agent."  Looks like a clue to me17:01
ikoniaJokesOnYou77: so it is trying to talk to the keyring daemon17:01
ikoniaJokesOnYou77: and that would make sense as that's not configured in the shell by default17:01
JokesOnYou77ikonia, I think this is the smoking gun, so to speak.  I'm going to give the Arch wiki instructions a shot17:02
ikoniaJokesOnYou77: certainly looks that way17:02
yecril71plgdb is unable to attach to my process; what gives?17:03
yecril71pl/proc/sys/kernel/yama/ptrace_scope is 1; I do not know what it means17:03
loaBlueShark, sorry for that.17:04
BlueSharkNo worries :)17:04
gndlphey if I want to use find to search starting at / and recurse all the directories looking for a file what would be the easiest syntax?17:04
BluesKajloa by default ubuntu no longer uses .asoundrc afaik and any issues you have with your audio instead of guessing what the problem might be , just  tell us what is happening or not happening with your audio.17:04
trismyecril71pl: read /etc/sysctl.d/10-ptrace.conf17:04
loaBluesKaj, i have mixed setup alsa + pulseaudio using dmix, it works well except i need to remove that file.17:04
loaBluesKaj, i use such setup becouse of sound problems in wine. I want it to use alsa directly.17:05
yecril71plSo it happens I need to run the program under gdb myself.17:05
loaBluesKaj, and ubuntu can use .asoudrc i checked this.17:06
alipoor90Hi, how I can setup a pptp connection with iproute2?17:06
loaBluesKaj, you can check this file /usr/share/alsa/alsa.conf17:06
BluesKajok loa , but i dunno much about audio in wine either , sorry .,..maybe someone else can help you\17:07
_yesacHi, I am trying to get a panel applet to work with gnome-session-flashback. What version of gnome is included? gnome-panel -v doesn't return the expected output17:07
loaBluesKaj, =/ i am not talking about sound anymore. i just interest how i can protect my system from appearing that file again.17:08
loaBluesKaj, looks like i found another one, here it is /usr/share/alsa/alsa.conf.d/pulse.conf17:09
volkovHey, yo!17:09
alipoor90Hi, how I can setup a pptp connection with iproute2?17:09
xangua_yesac: gnome317:10
LeartS_yesac: apt-cache show gnome-panel17:10
volkovHow are you this evening?17:10
=== ubyx is now known as haha353
_yesacxangua and LeartS Thank you both17:12
JokesOnYou77ikonia, So I got it to work.  Unfortunately I have no idea if the archwiki fix helped becasue it looks like it's a problem with byobu/screen :P17:12
_yesacit's gnome 3.817:12
=== marklite is now known as markelite
xanguasounds like you are using a no supported/no security updates release _yesac17:13
=== alessandro is now known as Guest54431
=== zeus is now known as Guest21119
yecril71plWhere is webapp-container-dbg?17:15
_yesacxangua, it's what comes with 14.04 desktop17:15
xanguaok then you are fine17:16
skirlethey all does anyone know why i would be having an issue importing a .eps into inscape? i am losing all my color. i am importing a gold vector and it's importing black? thanks!17:16
mguyskirlet: http://www.inkscapeforum.com/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=79717:17
=== vemacs|ded is now known as vemacs
volkovHey, how re you feel this evening?17:20
xangua!ot | volkov17:21
ubottuvolkov: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!17:21
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=== Tokyo is now known as Zachary_DuBois
bmxscott1993do any one know why when i install ubuntu on a sd card it work but when i install tails linux it do not as well kali linux do the same thing and says isolinux.bin missing or corrupt but not when i install ubuntu17:26
cfhowlettbmxscott1993, this is ubuntu support.  ubuntu works for so ... use it.  for tails, kali, etc, ask them for support as they are not supported in the ubuntu channel.17:27
gndlp"/alias hideadd eval set activity_hide_targets $activity_hide_targets $-"17:27
gndlp"/alias hideclear set -c activity_hide_targets"17:27
gndlp"/alias hidelevels.clear set -c activity_hide_level"17:27
gndlp"/alias hidelevels.set set activity_hide_level parts joins quits nicks modes"17:27
gndlp"/alias hidelist set activity_hide_targets"17:27
bmxscott1993ok thank for the heads up17:27
trismyecril71pl: http://ddebs.ubuntu.com/pool/main/w/webbrowser-app/17:30
trismyecril71pl: most symbols for packages which do not have -dbg packages in debian are on ddebs17:30
stefan__hi all, my ubuntu sound volume is way too loud. I can barely slide the volume till around 10% an it's already really loud. Ideally I want my max volume to be what my current 10%....something like fixing the dB gain from 0 to 100% to new values. Anybody know how I could do that?17:30
=== Caroga_afk is now known as Caroga
flaburganI need some help to install a printer17:33
flaburganit's a Canon pixma MG355017:34
flaburganthe printer is found and displayed with a green check17:34
flaburganso it looks everything is fine17:34
flaburganbut when I try to print something, nothing happens17:34
flaburganubuntu 12.04 64 bits17:35
flaburganI installed the drivers here: http://www.canon-europe.com/Support/Consumer_Products/products/Fax__Multifunctionals/InkJet/PIXMA_MG_series/PIXMA_MG3550.aspx?type=download&language=FR&os=Linux17:35
flaburganbut nothing changed17:35
flaburganthe scanner works with scangearmp17:35
trismstefan__: I have a pair of headphones like that, in pavucontrol I can control them separately and set them rather low, then just use the volume indicator as normal17:36
stefan__trism, ye I tried, but it's still too loud even at 5% or so.....no idea why but its REALLY loud :(17:37
EriC^^ct_: hello17:38
EriC^^nm, u?17:38
ct_ur using ubuntu ?17:38
ct_i didn't find alot of apps17:39
EriC^^ct_: did you enable the universe repository?17:39
ct_how to do that and no i didn't17:40
EriC^^dash > software & updates17:40
ct_ubuntu softwares sys ?17:41
EriC^^there's the universe repository, and the multiverse one (which has copyright restricted ones)17:41
cfhowlettand partners17:41
ct_in the universal acces ?17:42
EriC^^ct_: no go to the software center, press edit in the global menu, and then software sources17:42
EriC^^or open the dash and type software, and press on software & updates17:42
ct_i did updated the software17:43
Cyber_AkumaDoes the latest Ubuntu ISO contain memtest86 or memtest86+?17:43
ct_u have tiemviewer ?17:44
cfhowlettCyber_Akuma, it does17:44
EriC^^ct_: it has the software sources17:44
ct_do u have tiemviewer ?17:45
ct_so u can controll my computer and fix it17:45
ct_u can download it17:45
nathanisakhello world17:45
krasnayarskI just found out about jfbterm. Has anyone here got experience with it? Will it run without X?17:46
EriC^^ct_: it's very easy to select the repos17:46
ct_I did updated the software17:47
ct_i just didn't find some apps17:47
ZeroDividedhi, I'm having trouble mounting a directory17:47
EriC^^ct_: that has the options concerning software and updates17:47
ZeroDividedKeep getting ane error mount.nfs mount point /mnt/server does not exist17:48
EriC^^ct_: which updates to check for, when to tell you about it etc.17:48
ZeroDividedbut it is definently there17:48
ct_aaah yes !!17:48
ct_what are some Compilers in C programming17:48
EriC^^it should already be installed17:48
EriC^^type gcc --version in a terminal17:49
EriC^^ZeroDivided: what is the command you're using?17:49
=== mnepton is now known as mneptok
EriC^^no problem17:50
ZeroDividedsudo mount SERVER:/path/of/share /mnt/server17:51
EriC^^ZeroDivided: are you sure mount handles SERVER: ? shouldn't you be using sshfs or something?17:51
ZeroDividedIts actuall an IP address17:52
ZeroDividedso mount /mnt/server17:52
ZeroDividedIts an nfs share on an Ubuntu VM17:52
irrelephantHi all. I installed ubuntu-gnome 14.04.1 to a usb flash drive. Is it possible to enable this drive to boot on EFI systems as well as Legacy BIOS?17:53
ubottuUEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI17:54
EriC^^irrelephant: just change the bios to efi or legacy17:54
stefan__Is it possible to set max pulse volume to something like -40dB instead of 0dB?17:54
ZeroDividedSo tried adding this to my fstab17:54
ZeroDivided192.168.1.249:/home/stephen /mnt/server rw,hard,intr 0017:54
ZeroDividedsudo mount -a17:54
ZeroDividedsame error17:54
ZeroDividedmount: mount point /mnt/server does not exist17:55
ct_what are some  website to study C Programing with exercices etc ? plz17:55
rypervencheZeroDivided: What version of nfs are you using? Also, what does "showmount -e" show you?17:55
rypervencheZeroDivided: And does the directory /mnt/server exist?17:55
ZeroDividedyes it exists17:56
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang17:56
IdleOnect_: yes?17:56
ct_just testing17:56
ct_what are some  website to study C Programing with exercices etc ? plz17:56
ZeroDividedstephen@stephen-desktop:/mnt/server$ showmount -e
ZeroDividedExport list for
IdleOne!msgthebot > ct_17:56
ubottuct_, please see my private message17:56
ZeroDividedIt shows /home/stephen17:57
ZeroDividedand /home17:57
ZeroDividedon the client17:57
ct_IdleOne are u human or a boot ?17:57
rypervencheZeroDivided: Ok good, so it's exporting correctly. Can you show us the output of "stat /mnt/server" please?17:57
IdleOnect_: last time I checked, half and half17:57
* Zaitzev wears IdleOne on his left foot17:58
ZeroDividedrypervenche no such file or directory17:58
Zaitzevsorry, had to say it :)17:58
ct_IdleOne ok :)17:58
rypervencheZeroDivided: Then /mnt/server does not exist :)17:58
ZeroDivided /mnt/server17:58
anon99999I have a computer that I accidentally formatted the partitions on, now I want to recover the partitions using an Ubuntu live usb, which commands should I run from bash?17:58
rypervencheZeroDivided: You can still be in a directory that no longer exists.17:58
rypervencheZeroDivided: type "cd; cd /mnt/server"17:58
ct_Someone answer me : what are some  website to study C Programing with exercices etc ? plz17:59
ct_6 dd17:59
cfhowlettct_, ask in #ubuntu-offtopic or ##c17:59
rypervencheZeroDivided: Then "mkdir /mnt/server" then try the mount command again :)17:59
EriC^^ct_: i'll redirect you to ##c , but with a word of caution, tread carefully17:59
ZeroDividedok its mounted17:59
irrelephantI need to make my ubuntu installation bootable on a UEFI-only machine as well as a Legacy BIOS-only machine. Any hints on what to look for / where to look to make this happen?17:59
EriC^^i once saw somebody get butchered for capitalizing Hey Guys!17:59
ZeroDividedi'm creatign directories on the server ... so thats working18:00
ct_EriC^^ idk the commands to join18:00
ZeroDividedI've got it now. Thanks!18:00
IdleOnect_: http://www.cprogramming.com/ Keep in mind this channel is not a one stop shop for any and all support questions. We do Ubuntu support.18:00
rypervencheEriC^^: Ha! They are .....case-sensitive....18:00
ct_IdleOne Thank you18:00
ubottuct_: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».18:00
rypervencheZeroDivided: :)18:01
razieliyoxdg-open seems bugged somehow18:02
razieliyoit just doesn't work with anything18:02
ct_EriC^^ how to join rooms ? here18:02
IdleOne/join #room-name18:02
razieliyodoes anyone know for a replacement for it?18:03
ct_should my name be registered ?18:03
EriC^^ct_: yeah, /nickserv register <password> <email>18:04
ct_my name is already registred :/18:05
=== ct_ is now known as CX
=== CX is now known as JasonCX
EriC^^/nickserv info <nickname> will tell you if it's registered or not18:06
=== JasonCX is now known as JasonCX6843
JasonCX6843ok i register this one :D :)18:06
=== KeithLG_ is now known as KeithGS
alipoor90What is best file level backup solution? I heard tar has some limitations and may corrupt file names etc, do this is true?18:24
pico1it is curious. 1700 people  and nobody talks18:24
DJonespico1: Why is that curious? Its a support channel, all that says is that people don't have support issues18:25
rypervenchealipoor90: I have had the best success with rsync.18:25
cfhowlettpico1, social channels exist.  this isn't one.18:25
rypervenchealipoor90: rsync with hardlinks that is, so I can have two months worth of backups on my backup drives.18:26
pico1I was wrong channel18:27
pico1bye guys18:27
demahum12I'm trying to change default workspace. I have found this: http://askubuntu.com/questions/410419/how-to-set-the-default-workspace Can anyone help me how to do these things from the first answer?18:28
bmxscott1993ok this is my problem i using ask ubuntu to help aswell this is the like to the problem i am having http://askubuntu.com/questions/532233/need-help-install-iso-to-a-sd-card-usb-work-with-ubuntu-but-not-kali-or-tails18:28
cfhowlettbmxscott1993, this is not the kali/tails support channel.  we don't support kail/tails.18:31
bmxscott1993i know but it about using ubuntu to mount the iso18:33
bmxscott1993as a live os18:33
yecril71plWhat should I install to get /build/buildd/webbrowser-app-0.23+14.04.20140428/src/app/browserapplication.cpp18:37
ikoniayecril71pl: that path has no relevence to an ubuntu package18:37
ikoniayecril71pl: that's a C file18:37
ikoniafrom some 3rd party app18:37
yecril71plWhat should I install to see source code under gdb?18:37
demahum12I'm trying to change default workspace. I have found this: http://askubuntu.com/questions/410419/how-to-set-the-default-workspace Can anyone help me how to do these things from the first answer?18:38
yecril71plThe 3rd party app is actually webapp-container, from Ubuntu.18:38
trismyecril71pl: apt-get source webbrowser-app; then use the dir command in gdb to set the path18:38
ubuntu-user-2498how can I display a record of what the script utility recorded without all the extranious characters such that it's actually readable?18:38
trismyecril71pl: unfortunately our symbols don't include source so you have to fiddle around with dir usually18:38
cfhowlettyecril71pl, then it should be in ubuntu repos and searchable in packages18:39
cfhowlett!info webapp-container18:40
ubottuwebapp-container (source: webbrowser-app): Ubuntu web applications container. In component main, is optional. Version 0.23+14.04.20140428-0ubuntu1 (trusty), package size 31 kB, installed size 160 kB18:40
EriC^^demahum12: just use wmctrl to switch to the workspace, add it to ~/.profile18:41
yecril71pltrism: what is the right dir command to gdb?18:41
demahum12EriC^^, Woah... that's kind a too much to do from once. :D18:41
yecril71plThe path /build/buildd is absolute18:41
demahum12EriC^^, How do you mean, use wmctrl?18:41
EriC^^demahum12: wmctrl is a program that allows you to switch workspaces via the terminal18:43
trismyecril71pl: yes, that is the directory on the buildd, that doesn't help us, you need to download the source (however you want, with bzr or apt-get source webbrowser-app), then add the path to that source with dir18:44
demahum12EriC^^, so what exactly to do?18:44
EriC^^so lets say the command to switch to workspace 1 is wmctrl -o 1,1 , or something , add that line to ~/.profile18:44
yecril71pltrism: I have the source in $HOME18:44
=== alberto is now known as Guest63130
trismyecril71pl: so if I downloaded the source to /home/trism/webbrowser-app then I would add: dir /home/trism/webbrowser-app/src/app18:45
EriC^^( it will run after you login )18:45
EriC^^demahum12: sudo apt-get install wmctrl18:45
trismyecril71pl: although cwd is also searched so if you just cd to the directory with the source file it should work as well18:45
demahum12EriC^^, Done it.18:45
EriC^^ok now type man wmctrl18:45
demahum12EriC^^, then?18:45
EriC^^( i dont have it installed so you'll have to put the command together )18:45
yecril71pltrism: thanks :-)18:46
EriC^^check the options18:46
trismyecril71pl: likewise if you rebuild the package, the path to the source will be correct in the binary so you shouldn't have to change anything18:46
demahum12EriC^^, which option do I look for?18:46
EriC^^changing the workspace18:46
EriC^^you can use "/" followed by a string to search the manual, press "n" to go to the next occurance18:47
EriC^^like /change18:47
demahum12EriC^^, I could not find worspace(s) in options. Search for workspace and workspaces gives no pattern found.18:49
EriC^^ok, hold on18:49
EriC^^how many workspaces do you have18:50
demahum12EriC^^, haha.. 25 .D18:50
EriC^^ok so that's 5x5 ?18:50
demahum12EriC^^, exactly.18:50
EriC^^which one do you want to go to?18:50
demahum12EriC^^, I want 13th to be default, the center.18:51
EriC^^try wmctrl -o 3,318:51
demahum12EriC^^, strange. It moves me to the first one whatever I type after -o (3,3 or 6,6) the same.18:52
DigiDemonWeird...couldn't get connected via weechat18:53
DigiDemonOk...wow do I need some help18:53
DigiDemonMy production box died this morning18:53
DigiDemonIt was 12.018:53
EriC^^demahum12: ok, it says the window manager may ignore the request in the man page18:53
DigiDemonMy dev box is 1418:53
DigiDemonAnd is now in use18:53
DigiDemonMy biggest issue is postfix and dovecot18:54
demahum12EriC^^, that means that...?18:54
DigiDemonPostfix says the message got deliverd, but dovecot doesn't see any messages18:54
EriC^^demahum12: the syntax is wmctrl - o x,y (where x,y is the offset from the top left corner of the array of 5x5 )18:54
DigiDemon12.0 it was running sweet18:54
demahum12EriC^^, I understand, but it doesn't work?18:54
DigiDemonAfter upgrade, no workie18:54
EriC^^demahum12: try wmctrl -d18:55
EriC^^that should list the desktops18:55
demahum12EriC^^, It does: 0  * DG: 6830x3840  VP: 1366,768  WA: 57,24 1309x744  N/A18:55
=== christoph is now known as Guest51311
guest1177aRegarding ubuntu 14 and laptops - does acpi have anything to do with the mouse or keyboard on a laptop?18:57
EriC^^demahum12: you can use wmctrl -s <workspace name>18:58
demahum12EriC^^, and workspace name will be the number of it?18:58
guest1177aOr, better yet, can anyone list all the things in ubuntu 14 that would affect the mouse and keyboard on a laptop?18:58
EriC^^demahum12: it seems we got the syntax wrong18:59
EriC^^first it starts from 0,0 not 1,118:59
EriC^^second it seems all wack18:59
demahum12EriC^^, ok, that's not problem18:59
DigiDemonNothing eh?19:00
demahum12EriC^^, Hhahhahahhaa... it's definitely more than wack :D19:00
EriC^^lol :D19:01
jalcineEriC^^: starting from 0 is a common computer practice19:01
EriC^^jalcine: yeah i know but they said it's the offset from the top left19:01
EriC^^jalcine: that's not what's wack about it, check the link if interested19:02
=== Caroga is now known as Caroga_afk
EriC^^demahum12: anyways19:06
demahum12EriC^^, hah19:06
demahum12EriC^^, I tried19:06
demahum12EriC^^, to do all these things19:06
MattiasIn Ubuntu/Gnome settings -> network, when you create an openvpn connection and then turn it on, how can I do that if I'm not in gnome and use i3? How can I verify openvpn is running correctly in i3?19:06
EriC^^yours is 6830x384019:06
demahum12EriC^^, to split both of these by 2519:06
demahum12EriC^^, and then to try19:06
demahum12EriC^^, but nothing again. It moves me to the first.19:06
EriC^^so that's 6830 / 5 = 1366 , 3840 / 5 = 76819:07
demahum12EriC^^, oh19:07
demahum12EriC^^, I tried 6830 / 2519:07
demahum12EriC^^, I'll try your version now.19:08
EriC^^you want wmctrl -o 2732,153619:08
demahum12EriC^^, whoaaa... It works! :D19:09
EriC^^ok, add that line to ~/.profile19:09
=== Hobbyboy|Sleep is now known as Hobbyboy
ashley01Does anyone know how to set custom vsync options in CCC? I want to set Firefox to use vsync but I don't want OpenTTD to use it.19:10
demahum12EriC^^, Where exactly in this file?19:11
demahum12EriC^^, At the end?19:11
daftykinsashley01: what solved your issue in the end?19:12
demahum12EriC^^, done it.19:12
demahum12EriC^^, to restart?19:12
EriC^^ok, cool19:12
EriC^^try to log out and log in19:12
demahum12EriC^^, without restarting?19:12
ashley01I turned off vsync in CCC for all applications and now I can run OpenTTD in a maximised window without performance issues (but not fullscreen)19:12
ashley01However I get some screen-tearing (if that is what it is called) in Firefox now when I scroll up/down.19:13
ashley01..and the music issue I solved by editing one of OpenTTD's cfg files.19:14
daftykinsdoesn't make sense for vsync to slow down a game, but there's AMD for you19:14
ashley01yup x)19:14
demahum12EriC^^, done it.19:15
demahum12EriC^^, Again on the first. :(19:15
EriC^^demahum12: try to add it to the startup applications19:16
EriC^^( dash > startup )19:16
demahum12EriC^^, that would work. :D19:16
demahum12EriC^^, Done it. To restart or to just logout again?19:17
EriC^^just logout19:17
ashley01I might have fixed it now19:17
ashley01yep, looks fixed. CCC is weird19:18
EriC^^any luck?19:18
demahum12EriC^^, strange. The wokspace window showed on login, but nothing happened, I'm on my first again.19:19
EriC^^demahum12: yeah i tried the brightness for someone once and it would set then reset19:19
EriC^^that's why i suggested ~/.profile first19:20
demahum12EriC^^, any ideas why profile version doesn't work?19:20
ashley01when people say  ~/  do they mean /home ? I see that quite a lot.19:20
EriC^^demahum12: you could try to add a sleep to it19:20
demahum12EriC^^, maybe I've done it in a bad way.19:20
demahum12ashley01, this was to me? :D19:21
ashley01anyone really!19:21
EriC^^i've no idea why, i think startup should start after ~/.profile19:21
trismashley01: ~ actually expands to /home/username in the shell, try typing: echo ~; in the terminal19:21
EriC^^demahum12: i dont think you've written it wrongly19:21
EriC^^demahum12: if it sets this resets then you've written it correctly19:21
ashley01oh i see now x)19:21
daftykinsashley01: ~ = /home/currentuser/19:21
daftykinsoops too slow19:21
EriC^^demahum12: you could try to add a sleep before, like sleep 10 , then the command19:22
EriC^^demahum12: maybe it wouldn't be reset, and maybe the workspace program would have loaded19:22
EriC^^if it works, then you could fine tune it so it loads shortly after logging in19:22
demahum12EriC^^, haha... is this python? Do I need to import time? XD or just sleep 10?19:22
EriC^^no just sleep 1019:23
ashley01I just tested out the echo function by typing echo " and it has brought me to a > prompt19:23
demahum12EriC^^, I guess before this command? :D19:23
david38400I need help please with Open Office. I am using ubuntu 14.04 and trying to do some calculations. I need to copy a format and reuse it but it doesnt let me copy. Any offers??19:23
ashley01I know I can exit by CTRL+C but I am wondering what that prompt is19:24
demahum12EriC^^, Done it. I will do the logout now.19:24
demahum12EriC^^, GOOD BLESS YOU! :D19:25
demahum12EriC^^, GOD*19:25
demahum12EriC^^, I'll just try to delete this sleep line just to convince myself that's it. :D19:26
EriC^^ok, give it a shot19:26
Ray_7880Why I can't download Links2?19:27
EriC^^!info links219:28
ubottulinks2 (source: links2): Web browser running in both graphics and text mode. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.8-1ubuntu1 (trusty), package size 1989 kB, installed size 3007 kB19:28
EriC^^Ray_7880: do you have the universe repo enabled?19:28
trismashley01: when you added the ", the shell expects you to finish it with another ", so it keeps reading until you finish it19:28
demahum12EriC^^, I've deleted all lines that we've added to .profile19:28
trismashley01: if you want to echo a literal " you need to escape it: echo \"19:28
ashley01thanks, understood :D19:28
demahum12EriC^^, It's definitely this startup application.19:29
Ray_7880I'm new to linux so I don't have many things. Can you explain?19:29
shroomduketinycore live cd boots but i can't see the gui , it works on one computer but not other19:29
demahum12EriC^^, I wonder why it didn't work the first time.19:29
EriC^^demahum12: startup worked? no sleep?19:29
demahum12EriC^^, startup worked for two times already and I've deleted all the lines I've added to .profile19:30
demahum12EriC^^, haha..19:30
EriC^^i'm also curious about startup19:30
demahum12EriC^^, definitely...problem is solved. :D19:30
EriC^^yeah :)19:30
demahum12EriC^^, thanks, thanks a lot. :D19:30
david38400No help with the calculations guys???19:30
EriC^^no problem19:30
demahum12EriC^^, I'm going to add this solution to http://askubuntu.com/questions/410419/how-to-set-the-default-workspace :D19:31
EriC^^ok, cool19:31
ubuntu-user-2498can someone help get sound working.  seems my soudcard has disappeared.19:31
shroomdukewhat are you coppying to & from david38400019:32
jatincan I ask elementary OS here?19:32
daftykins!elementary | jatin19:33
ubottujatin: Elementary OS is an Ubuntu derivative which is supported in their IRC channel #elementary on irc.freenode.net - http://elementaryos.org/ for more information on this distribution.19:33
jatinya but no one is answering there19:34
shroomdukeI feel your pain jatin19:34
daftykinssorry, doesn't change the rules.19:34
DJonesjatin: Just be patient, we can't help with Elementary19:34
shroomdukerules is rules19:35
jatinokey, thanx19:35
ubottuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution19:37
megalodenHey guys? I'm looking for device regarding partitioning resizing.19:38
=== elky_ is now known as elky
EriC^^megaloden: gparted19:39
yecril71plIt seems webapp-container uses its own clipboard that it does not share19:40
yecril71pland it cannot find text on the current page19:40
=== zippy is now known as Guest52873
john_doe_jr1When using the dd command what does the bs (block size) option do?19:41
yecril71plwhich makes me wonder why it is advertised as a replacement for sites viewed in a Web browser19:41
yecril71plseems retarded19:41
yecril71plLaunchpad client prints a lot of stuff to the console when started in a console19:43
daftykinsjohn_doe_jr1: specify what block sizes to issue IO commands in, afaik19:44
yecril71plit prints so much of it that it actually becomes irresponsive19:44
john_doe_jr1daftykins: what does block size mean though?19:44
daftykinsjohn_doe_jr1: you understand that hard disks are block devices, yeah? they store data in 512byte or 4KB blocks19:45
daftykinsjohn_doe_jr1: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dd_%28Unix%29#Block_size19:46
john_doe_jr1daftykins: right…so if I say 'dd if=~/myfile.iso of=dev/disks1 bs=1' ….A block size of 1 means what?19:46
daftykinsjohn_doe_jr1: well that's a mistake, you're increasing overhead there. read my last link, it should be pretty obvious after that19:47
MickeySoFineHI All19:49
MickeySoFineI'm thinking of buying a new laptop with windows 8 pre-installed, can I install Ubuntu on it without any hassle?19:49
john_doe_jr1daftykins: hey so you can use the dd command to write zeros to a file right?19:49
soeehow can i preview open single fiel from zip ?19:50
daftykinsjohn_doe_jr1: to a file? what are you trying to achieve?19:50
daftykinsMickeySoFine: it's not 100% guaranteed but if you look up the model online you might get some indication of what may not work19:50
MickeySoFinesoee, open it in archive managers and right click to select a program to read it19:51
MickeySoFinedaftykins, so what the general advice when buying? are there ways to get up to date hardware without win 8 installed?19:52
daftykinsMickeySoFine: you could buy from one of the companies that sells Linux systems direct19:53
pavlosjohn_doe_jr, dd if=/dev/zero of=bob bs=1000 count=119:53
MickeySoFinedaftykins, any based in the UK?19:53
daftykinsno idea19:54
john_doe_jr1daftykins: well, here's my problem…I have a mac that has OS X Lion on it…it's a SSD…I downloaded the Mavericks Installer from the app store but when I attempt to install it can not find my SSD drive…it's a non-standard SSD…What I was going to do is create a Mavericks recovery partition  and boot to it to reinstall the software19:54
john_doe_jr1daftykins: I was going to use the dd command to create a Mavericks recovery partition19:54
ashley01MickeySoFine: it is much more fun (and sometimes cheaper) to build your own system19:54
ashley01I built mine about 3 years ago and the only problem I had was 1 failed HDD19:55
ashley01oh, and it is a good learning experience too19:55
daftykinsjohn_doe_jr1: #1 that's not ubuntu support, #2 do you not have a USB flash drive?19:55
MickeySoFineashley01, I dont fancy building a laptop :)19:55
ashley01you ALWAYS bump into problems and have to fix them19:55
ashley01oh a laptop, fair enough x)19:55
john_doe_jr1daftykins: I realize this isn't mac room but mac room does not know how to use the dd command19:56
daftykinsMickeySoFine: Dell might still do that XPS 13 developer edition thing with ubuntu19:56
john_doe_jr1daftykins: yes I have a USB flash drive19:56
daftykinsjohn_doe_jr1: then why aren't you using disk utility to make it up as a Mavericks installer?19:56
daftykinsthe flash drive then becomes the mavericks recovery drive.19:57
john_doe_jr1daftykins: I created the mavericks recovery drive using a USB but it does not recovery my SSD drive for some reason19:57
john_doe_jr1daftykins: I can't install Mavericks if it does not show my SSD drive to install it do19:58
daftykinsok well that's an Apple support issue19:58
john_doe_jr1daftykins: well, I'm out of warranty….what would be your opinion about why the external USB Mavericks installer doesn't show the USB drive?20:00
daftykinsjohn_doe_jr1: i don't own macs so i'm not sure, but as i said this is #ubuntu - totally off topic conversation for here i'm afraid.20:01
SusningRunning 14.04 and Chrome 37... How do I get the GTK Theme to apply for Chrome as for other parts of the system?20:01
john_doe_jr1daftykins: alright no problem20:01
daftykinsjohn_doe_jr1: maybe yours is an unsupported model that they dropped?20:02
john_doe_jr1daftykins: that is what I'm a afraid of20:02
daftykinsjohn_doe_jr1: what model is it?20:02
daftykinsor year and month20:02
SusningBoth Ubuntu and Chrome is 64-bit.20:02
john_doe_jr1daftykins: 17-inch, Early 2011 MacBook Pro20:03
john_doe_jr1daftykins: it's a really great laptop..and it has SSD…I just can not upgrade it to Mavericks…it annoying b/c I need to run Xcode and Xcode requires Mavericks20:04
Bashing-omjohn_doe_jr1: Maybe, is the Mac booting "fast start" such that the small SSD is actually a raid disk, and to use it conventionally the raid meta data needs to be removed ?? just a thought .20:04
daftykinsjohn_doe_jr1: boot the USB flash drive then run disk utility20:04
trismSusning: probably no easy way to do it, since chrome 35 gtk isn't rendering the widgets, chrome does it itself20:05
wind0any ideas why my system's fan would speed up significantly while running lubuntu desktop?  task manager shows xchat 1%, others commands pop up for 2-5% from time to time but nothing extreme... yet soon after boot the fan (slowly) begins to speed up and stops at approx 50% of the highest speed i've heard... WinXP does nothing similar (i'm trying to replace WinXP on this old XPS400)20:06
Susningtrism: i was affraid of something like that. so there is'nt any alternative arround getting Chrome to look different?20:06
=== brunost_ is now known as brunost
daftykinswind0: see if it's failing to speedstep the processor, is it intel?20:07
daftykinswind0: open a terminal and run: watch -n 0.1 `cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep -i mhz'20:07
john_doe_jr1Bashing-om: how would I determine if my mac is booting fast start?20:08
wind0daftykins: yes intel, pentium D20:08
wind0will try the watch cmd20:08
Bashing-omjohn_doe_jr1: Out of my league - no direct experience with Mac - in years .20:08
daftykinswind0: you should be able to see whether the system lets the processor clock itself down or whether it remains running at top speed20:08
New_Kali_Useranyone able to help with some setup issues im having in kali since its based on ubuntu now ?20:09
New_Kali_User1st my audio sounds like crap all crackling in vlc but the system audio sounds fine20:09
New_Kali_User2nd my wifi is connecting but slow as a snail in kali but fine in windows but cant seem to get online for nothing in kali with it20:09
daftykinswe don't support kali20:09
New_Kali_Usershould the issues not be the same since its based off ubuntu20:09
daftykinsjohn_doe_jr1: would definitely be interested to know if disk utility from the USB boot session sees the SSD20:09
daftykinsNew_Kali_User: no, sorry20:09
john_doe_jr1daftykins: well, I'm going to try it again…I'm going to reboot and then I'll let you know…be back in like 5 minutes20:10
daftykinsNew_Kali_User: #kali-linux is their channel20:10
New_Kali_Useryea no one active right now so thought id try here20:10
daftykinsjohn_doe_jr1: can you not come online from another device whilst doing so?20:10
daftykinsNew_Kali_User: ok, you must stick to there and be patient then i'm afraid20:11
john_doe_jr1daftykins: I have another computer but I'd have to find it …I'll try to find it20:11
Susningtrism: I think I found what I need: http://frai7ty.deviantart.com/art/Numix-for-Chrome-36229313420:11
New_Kali_Useryup yup no worries im googlin about using wicd just gotta get a offline package since i cant get my net working20:11
wind0daftykins: looks like cpu is remaining at full speed, two cpus at 2793.214 MHz20:12
New_Kali_Userok whats the best irc client for linux ? konversation ?20:12
daftykinswind0: that's definitely not good, pop back into Windows and grab cpu-z from cpuid.org(i think?) and compare what it idles down to20:13
bubbasauresNew_Kali_User, How would one determine the best?20:13
daftykinsthere is no best, use what works.20:13
New_Kali_Userlol true enough havent used linux in a long time so out of date20:14
wind0daftykins: maybe this helps explain why i'm having trouble keeping l/x/ubuntu running on this system but xp is ok20:14
trismSusning: excellent, hope it works20:14
Susningtrism it did :)20:15
Susningtrism at least knowing that the gtk-theme was not the solution pointed me in the right direction ;)20:15
john_doe_jr1daftykins: alright..didn't show the SSD drive…I even did a diskutil -list ..20:16
daftykinswind0: john_doe_jr1 can you tell me what mac channel you were in, so we can take this somewhere more relevant?20:16
daftykinsoops wind0 sorry for the fail highlight20:16
john_doe_jr1daftykins: I was in #mac20:17
john_doe_jr1daftykins: I'm logged into that channel at work so I can't get into the channel right now though20:17
daftykinswind0: i'd also compare from a TTY, with "sudo service lightdm stop" to rule out X20:17
daftykinsjohn_doe_jr1: ##mac yeah?20:18
bpromptNew_Kali_User:     konversation, quassel, kvirc, iirsx, xchat, pick your poison, I prefer xchat20:18
=== BrandonS is now known as BrandonB
rizalhello guys, i have problems when i try to remaster ubuntu 14.04 with chroot. the problems come when i build the iso image and then try in virtualbox, when i try the iso image, the login screen cannot show, the ubuntu stuck in plymount, thx :)20:19
FreewheelinFranki want to delete archives in my boot directory, whats the command?20:20
EriC^^FreewheelinFrank: you want to get rid of old kernels?20:20
daftykinsFreewheelinFrank: 'archives' you mean older kernels?20:20
rizali followed this tutorial https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization20:20
daftykinsEriC^^: your ticket (:20:20
EriC^^daftykins: :)20:20
Wolf__ubuntu is crzy20:20
FreewheelinFrankdaftykins yes20:20
EriC^^FreewheelinFrank: type dpkg -l | grep linux-image20:20
EriC^^and paste the result in paste.ubuntu.com20:21
john_doe_jr1daftykins: pretty show this is the problem: http://www.wexoo.net/20131109/fixed-osx-mavericks-wont-recognise-intel-ssd20:21
wind0daftykins, I'll give the TTY test a try before switching back to XP.  is there a way to restart X and resume apps (xchat) that are running after stopping it ?20:21
rizalany body in here could help me?, please20:22
daftykinswind0: nah, upon stopping it all programs will force quit20:22
EriC^^FreewheelinFrank: link please?20:23
rizalhello guys, i have problems when i try to remaster ubuntu 14.04 with chroot. the problems come when i build the iso image and then try in virtualbox, when i try the iso image, the login screen cannot show, the ubuntu stuck in plymount, thx :)20:23
rizali followed this tutorial https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization20:23
rizalany body in here could help me?, please20:23
daftykinsjohn_doe_jr1: and you have this intel SSD? you should be running latest firmware regardless, but as i said i would rather take this conversation somewhere else20:23
EriC^^FreewheelinFrank: what exactly did you type?20:24
EriC^^FreewheelinFrank: i think you missed the "|" between dpkg -l and grep20:24
john_doe_jr1daftykins: I know..I wish I could get into the ##mac but it requires a registered user20:24
FreewheelinFrankEric>dpkg -l grep linux-image20:24
EriC^^type dpkg -l | grep linux-image20:24
bpromptFreewheelinFrank:   don't forget the pipe, pun intended /me ducks20:25
daftykinsjohn_doe_jr1: err, so auth with nickserv? :)20:25
FreewheelinFrankEric>ive had this problem for a while. \boot is only 200 MB20:26
john_doe_jr1daftykins: how do I do that?20:26
daftykinsjohn_doe_jr1: join #freenode and ask there20:26
EriC^^FreewheelinFrank: you typed type this time :P20:26
DJones!register | john_doe_jr120:27
ubottujohn_doe_jr1: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode20:27
EriC^^FreewheelinFrank: are you using pastebinit ?20:27
FreewheelinFrankEric>ah right looking for right key20:27
EriC^^just, wow.20:30
Wind02daftykins: no change in cpu freqs after stopx... alt+ctrl+f7 results in a black screen... is 'ps -a' enough to check if X is fully shutdown?20:30
FreewheelinFrankEric>Im running 4.1420:30
daftykinsWind02: it no longer being on F7 is plenty, obviously fire up again with "sudo service lightdm start"20:31
daftykinsEriC^^: hehe that's a lorra kernels20:31
FreewheelinFrankdaftykins>I'm collecting em20:31
daftykinsFreewheelinFrank: gotta catch 'em all!20:31
EriC^^FreewheelinFrank: type for i in 12 13 14 15 17 18 20 22 23 24; do sudo apt-get purge -y linux-image-3.11.0-$i-generic; done20:31
EriC^^FreewheelinFrank: type for i in 30 31; do sudo apt-get purge -y linux-image-3.13.0-$i-generic; done20:32
EriC^^and send whoever invented the for loop in bash an email20:32
daftykinsi like that one, i think i'd have wildcard removed linux-image-3.11*20:33
yecril71plBug #137751320:33
ubottubug 1377513 in webbrowser-app (Ubuntu) "avalanche of messages from Launchpad on standard error" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/137751320:33
EriC^^daftykins: you can't in apt-get20:33
daftykinsEriC^^: really? could've sworn i'd done it before20:33
daftykinsi've got nothing to test that out with i don't think20:33
hillaryAm missing icons in the top right corner of ubuntu 14.04 like shutdown icon20:34
FreewheelinFrankEric>kinda stuck, do I exist now?20:34
FreewheelinFrankEric>kinda stuck, do I exit now?20:34
hillaryHow do i enable them20:35
EriC^^what do you mean stuck20:35
EriC^^did you type for ....... done?20:35
FreewheelinFrankEric>probably typed wrong, i dont see my cursor, just the '>'20:35
=== dmitry is now known as Guest96516
EriC^^what's the exact command you typed?20:37
Ben64FreewheelinFrank: why not copy+paste?20:38
FreewheelinFrankEric>ok it seems to be executing now20:38
FreewheelinFrankEric>i didnt include 'done'20:39
As4xkHi. I have a FreeBSD instance in qemu-kvm on Ubuntu 14.04. While resilvering a zpool disk in the FreeBSD one of the disks got an error (according to zpool status). I used smartctl in the host to test the drive, but it didn't find any errors. Can anyone help me understand the output from dmesg? http://paste.ubuntu.com/8495292/20:39
hillaryagain every time i bootup my ubuntu 14.04 i have to go ctrl+alt+f2 then run startx command in order for the desktop icons to show up. what am missing?20:39
=== Dawn_ is now known as Rarity
EriC^^FreewheelinFrank: are you sure?20:39
EriC^^hillary: lightdm?20:40
FreewheelinFrankEric>the second one just started..hold on20:40
OerHekshillary, really ? as 14.04 uses lightdm, it should be start lightdm20:40
Ben64hillary: you should never do startx, that can mess stuff up20:40
FreewheelinFrankEric>list got shorter, will see if update will run20:41
FreewheelinFrankEric>130MB free wow20:42
EriC^^that's nothing20:43
EriC^^each one should free about 200 or so20:43
FreewheelinFrankEric>i was following old notes when I partitioned, and gave it only 200 MB.20:43
EriC^^type df -h20:44
hillaryso i do start lightdm?20:45
FreewheelinFrankEric>its kinda messy...http://paste.ubuntu.com/8495338/20:45
Ben64hillary: it should start automatically20:45
EriC^^hillary: try to reinstall it, sudo apt-get install --reinstall lightdm20:45
sheapI'm running a preseed which installs a custom package that has an init script. when the package is installed it gives me this error: http://paste.fedoraproject.org/139225/20:47
sheapit's running "update-rc.d menuinit.sh start 2 . stop 0 6 ." and the start/stop are defined in the script itself20:48
sheapjust for some reason update-rc.d is ignoring my arguments I give it... whether it is from the package or from running everything manually20:48
daftykinssheap: is it a debian package as opposed to an ubuntu one?20:51
sheapdaftykins: it's a package I made20:51
bdonnahue1can anyone help me install ardour. the software center does not have the install button for the package20:51
hillaryhow do iget missing right icons in ubuntu 14.0420:52
daftykinssheap: i was under the impression ubuntu doesn't use runlevels conventionally20:52
daftykinshillary: you've had suggestions given, try them20:52
sheapwell it's still possible to use init scripts with upstart, it's just that update-rc.d is ignoring me20:52
hillaryi mean the icon for shutting down volume  icon calender etc20:52
OerHeksbdonnahue1, sure it does20:53
mgolischbdonnahue1: i think you have to pay for compiled/packaged versions20:53
OerHeks!info ardour20:53
ubottuardour (source: ardour): digital audio workstation (graphical gtk2 interface). In component universe, is optional. Version 1:2.8.16+git20131003-1 (trusty), package size 3334 kB, installed size 14052 kB20:53
mgolischbdonnahue1: you can grab the sourcecode from their website though20:53
OerHeksbdonnahue1, enable universe repo if not enabled in softwaresources20:53
bdonnahue1OerHeks: thanks i see that source. ill try to figure out how to enable20:54
morsnowskibdonnahue1: there are two packages in my list one is dead but the other works great20:54
bdonnahue1which one worked?20:55
morsnowskithe other one20:55
bdonnahue1i ran add-apt-repository universe20:56
SusningThis will sound quite anal but I have a question. In the left upper corner the name of the active application is shown, like for me now: "XChat IRC". If I move the mouse cursor over the menu I get options, XChat, View etc (depending on which program that is active). My question is: Can I change the distance between the application name and the menu options? Like in most cases the application name is overlapping the menu options whichs is no20:56
Susningt looking very good. Anyone knows?20:56
bdonnahue1and it sait the distribution component is already enables20:57
bdonnahue1but then in software center there is still no install button20:57
mgolischprobably because there is just a source package20:57
morsnowskion 14.04 there is a really nice install button for it20:58
OerHeksmaybe you need to select the package first to see the install button20:59
morsnowskithat you have to do for all packages21:00
bdonnahue1selecting the package does not help21:01
morsnowskidid you click both packages?21:02
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morsnowskibdonnahue1: http://postimg.org/image/sg6l3laix/21:04
DeLoreanI'm trying to follow this wiki (http://wiki.xbmc.org/index.php?title=HOW-TO:Suspend_and_wake_in_Ubuntu) to allow my wireless keyboard to wake my sleeping laptop (Ubuntu 14.04). Everything shows as enabled under USB when I type "cat /proc/acpi/wakeup". What am I doing wrong?21:04
bubbasaures!ops  usb21:04
bubbasaures!ops | usbmodderz21:04
ubottuusbmodderz: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang21:04
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usbmodderz!ops | bubbasaures21:05
ubottububbasaures: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang21:05
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bubbasauresusbmodderz, lEGIT OR NOT IT IS SPAM HERE.21:05
daftykinsDeLorean: have you also asked us in #xbmc ? :) might get an answer.21:05
usbmodderzFree PS3 USB MODZ WITH FREE GAMES FOR PS3 https://www.mediafire.com/?bvfoxnvm6s0ufma21:05
usbmodderzyour mum21:05
morsnowskican somebody kick this idiot?21:05
ashley01what on earth is all this spam?21:05
DeLoreandaftykins: Awesome, I haven't... I'll try that first :)21:05
daftykinsashley01: best to just ignore it when the drama llama visits #ubuntu21:05
ashley01and why on earth are they advertising ps3 mods with 'free' games?21:06
ashley01very unusual spam21:06
Sonderbladewhere has all the packages for ubuntu 11.04 gone? my sources.list doesn't work at all anymore21:06
morsnowskiSonderblade: is that still supported?21:07
mgolischprobably moved to archive21:07
Sonderblademorsnowski: no, but i didn't except the package archives to disappear all of a sudden21:08
mgolischthey move stuff to archive.ubuntu.com21:08
morsnowski:) happened to me too21:08
mgolischfor unsupported versions21:08
EriC^^Sonderblade: mgolisch it moves to old-releases.ubuntu.com21:08
Sonderblademy sources are pointing at archive: http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/natty/main/binary-amd64/Packages21:08
Sonderbladenothing there21:09
EriC^^Sonderblade: type sudo sed -i -e 's/archive.ubuntu.com\|security.ubuntu.com/old-releases.ubuntu.com/g' /etc/apt/sources.list21:09
EriC^^Sonderblade: or sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list , and replace archive.ubuntu.com with old-releases.ubuntu.com21:10
morsnowskithere seems to be some work going on in the archives21:11
OerHeksSonderblade, not all over sudden.21:11
OerHeksSonderblade, do you have not been watching your machine since oktober 2012?21:12
SonderbladeEriC^^: thanks21:12
ashley01I am wondering, when I play a game like OpenTTD, is it using Timidity to play the MIDI files? And if so, would that mean Timidity is at fault if MIDI files are not played correctly (e.g. instruments being missed out)?21:12
OerHeksthe oldrelases trick does not make you safe. no bash update etc21:13
OerHeksashley01, no timidity standard here.21:14
SonderbladeOerHeks: it's one of my vps servers, so even if i wanted to (which i absolutely does not!) i couldn't keep up with ubuntus release schedule21:14
daftykinsSonderblade: you've been briefed on running EOL releases, presumably? and how unwise it is?21:15
OerHeksSonderblade, that does not explain "all over sudden"21:15
EriC^^daftykins: sorry for the late reply, just tried it, linux-image-3.11* would work, it would try to remove all the packages in the cache matching it, so it's ok for removing kernels, i think someone told me it didn't work for him once, i think what we did was linux-image-3.13.0*generic and that apt-get complains about21:16
morsnowskiif you look into the archive folder you'll find a list of packages that are currently being moved21:16
Sonderbladedaftykins: it's slowly dawning upon me that ubuntu is not a good server os21:16
Sonderbladedaftykins: the ubuntu 11.04 image is the one offered by the hosting provider, it's not something i can control21:16
daftykinsSonderblade: no it's great, you just didn't pick an LTS release which is how it's meant to be done.21:16
morsnowskiSonderblade: then your provider might not be the best21:17
* OerHeks would drop that provider21:17
daftykinsSonderblade: you need to use a long term support edition for it to last several years and not get stuck in upgrade hell all the time21:17
daftykinsEriC^^: ah that makes sense, perhaps it can't pattern match when an ending is added. :) thanks for checking21:17
ashley01OerHeks: do you mean no talking about Timidity here? not sure what you meant21:17
OerHeksashley01, just saying timidity is not installed standard21:18
ashley01it is for me (14.04)21:18
ashley01oh actually, i dont know if it is21:18
ashley01i just happen to have it without manually installing it21:18
daftykins!info timidity21:18
ubottutimidity (source: timidity): Software sound renderer (MIDI sequencer, MOD player). In component universe, is optional. Version 2.13.2-40.2 (trusty), package size 598 kB, installed size 1424 kB21:18
daftykinsour survey says - no, optionally installed :)21:19
ashley01ah ok21:19
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OerHeks!spam | mehcookie21:23
ubottumehcookie: Please don't spam21:23
mehcookieDownload USB Games for ps3 here! https://www.mediafire.com/?bvfoxnvm21:23
mehcookie!spam | ubottu21:23
mehcookie!troll | ubottu21:23
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OerHekswe wait for your kline mehcookie21:23
ashley01i dont understand why he is advertising that21:23
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daftykinsashley01: like i said, acknowledging them fuels their actions21:23
ashley01oh sorry mate21:24
mehcookie!troll | bubbasaures21:24
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ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang21:24
mehcookie!ops | OerHEks21:24
ubottuOerHEks: please see above21:24
mehcookie!ops | Oerheks21:24
ubottuOerheks: please see above21:24
mehcookie!ops | ashley0121:24
ubottuashley01: please see above21:24
mehcookieDownload USB Games for ps3 here! https://www.mediafire.com/?bvfoxnvm6s0ufma21:24
ashley01what is he doing with my name?21:24
EriC^^heh, thanks mehcookie that's awesome that ubottu can say see above if you miss highlighting someone21:25
EriC^^!cookie | mehcookie21:25
ubottumehcookie: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!21:25
=== quem_ is now known as quem
ashley01!cookie daftykins21:25
morsnowskiEriC^^: don't feed him after dark !21:25
ashley01!cookie | daftykins21:25
ubottudaftykins: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!21:25
=== ouabde_r is now known as Zyrink
daftykinsas it happens i have a packet of cookies right now too 8D21:27
ashley01why did I have to use '|' inbetween the command and name?21:27
EriC^^ashley01: it is a reference to piping a command in bash, it tells ubottu to direct the factoid to the nickname you give21:28
ashley01so I am telling the command to accept all arguments after the '|' ?21:29
EriC^^what? no21:29
ashley01is the cookie command defined as something like this: cookie(input_string)21:30
EriC^^it's more like an option here21:31
ashley01!cookie | daftykins EriC^^21:31
ubottudaftykins EriC^^: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!21:31
ashley01oh it accepted that as a whole string21:31
* EriC^^ is liking you a bit21:31
ashley01!cookie | daftykins, EriC^^21:31
ubottudaftykins, EriC^^: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!21:31
ashley01ah ok I see21:32
=== spn is now known as Beamboom_
EriC^^so space parses it21:32
EriC^^the kicker is >21:32
EriC^^!cookie > ashley0121:32
ubottuashley01, please see my private message21:32
ashley01oh nice :D21:32
ashley01!cookie | !ops21:32
ubottu!ops: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!21:32
EriC^^btw ubottu  has a nice "feature"21:33
EriC^^check this21:33
ubottu<EriC^^> wants you to know: Package Can-you-see-this does not exist in trusty21:33
EriC^^did you see anything?21:33
ashley01i see it x)21:33
EriC^^yeah, somebody should fix that :P21:33
ashley01!cookie > ubottu21:34
ubottuashley01, please see my private message21:34
ashley01i remember ages ago in some irc chat room, cant remember which one: somebody made a bot that would output the first paragraph of a wikipedia page. So I edited a wikipedia page to contain a long string of capital letters (another bot kicked you out for typing in all caps) and got the bot kicked by another x)21:35
EriC^^ashley01: i was curious about getting ubottu to op someone21:36
EriC^^like you can get him to /msg nickserv21:36
EriC^^or chanserv21:36
ashley01does ubottu have admin privileges itself?21:36
EriC^^yeah he does21:36
ashley01that's a time bomb21:37
ashley01i dont know much about irc commands though so i am useless x)21:37
OerHeksashley01, no it is not. http://ubottu.com/21:38
EriC^^try this21:38
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NicklebackDownload USB Games for ps3 here! https://www.mediafire.com/?bvfoxnvm6s0ufma21:38
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NicklebackDownload USB Games for ps3 here! https://www.mediafire.com/?bvfoxnvm6s0ufma21:38
NicklebackDownload USB Games for ps3 here! https://www.mediafire.com/?bvfoxnvm6s0ufma21:38
NicklebackDownload USB Games for ps3 here! https://www.mediafire.com/?bvfoxnvm6s0ufma21:38
NicklebackDownload USB Games for ps3 here! https://www.mediafire.com/?bvfoxnvm6s0ufma21:38
phunyguyCan we stick to ubuntu support? ubottu questions can go in #ubuntu-irc21:38
NicklebackDownload USB Games for ps3 here! https://www.mediafire.com/?bvfoxnvm6s0ufma21:38
EriC^^!cookie | /msg chanserv op #ubuntu ashley0121:38
NicklebackDownload USB Games for ps3 here! https://www.mediafire.com/?bvfoxnvm6s0ufma21:38
ubottu/msg chanserv op #ubuntu ashley01: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!21:38
NicklebackDownload USB Games for ps3 here! https://www.mediafire.com/?bvfoxnvm6s0ufma21:38
unopasteNickleback you have been muted for 60 seconds as it looks like you are pasting lots of lines into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com and paste just the URL of your data here when you are unmuted21:38
unopasteNickleback you have been muted for 60 seconds as it looks like you are pasting lots of lines into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com and paste just the URL of your data here when you are unmuted21:38
EriC^^ah, ubottu actually wrote /msg21:39
ashley01it accepts everything after | as a whole string21:39
ashley01!cookie | "21:39
ubottu": Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!21:39
Logan_EriC^^: please stop trying to exploit the bot21:40
phunyguyOK, ashley01, and EriC^^ please stick to Ubuntu support, or take this conversation to #ubuntu-irc21:40
ashley01sorry, i will stop21:40
phunyguyand yes, please stop trying to exploit the bot21:40
Logan_you can play with the bot in #ubuntu-bots21:41
ashley01!cookie > phunyguy21:41
ubottuphunyguy, please see my private message21:41
Logan_ashley01: doing that doesn't help21:41
samthewildoneis there a terminal command in which I can get some info on a file ?21:41
ashley01im just messing21:41
ashley01i'll stick to the rules21:41
samthewildoneexample, I have a image and want to know its resolution and size before I convert it.21:41
EriC^^samthewildone: file <filename> , or info <filename>21:41
samthewildoneEriC^^, I did info but,21:42
Janebarret!ops ashley0121:42
JanebarretDownload USB Games for ps3 here! https://www.mediafire.com/?bvfoxnvm6s0ufma21:42
JanebarretDownload USB Games for ps3 here! https://www.mediafire.com/?bvfoxnvm6s0ufma21:42
JanebarretDownload USB Games for ps3 here! https://www.mediafire.com/?bvfoxnvm6s0ufma21:42
JanebarretDownload USB Games for ps3 here! https://www.mediafire.com/?bvfoxnvm6s0ufma21:42
JanebarretDownload USB Games for ps3 here! https://www.mediafire.com/?bvfoxnvm6s0ufma21:42
unopasteJanebarret you have been muted for 60 seconds as it looks like you are pasting lots of lines into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com and paste just the URL of your data here when you are unmuted21:42
ashley01phunyguy: why did that person type "!ops ashley01"?21:42
samthewildoneEriC^^, thanks, though info did something completely different.21:43
phunyguythere, that should hold off the spam for a bit.  If you don't have a registered nickname, please get one now, or you won't be able to rejoin until this is removed21:44
ubottuInformation about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode21:44
ashley01why did that person type !ops and then my name?21:45
ikoniaashley01: don't worry about it21:45
phunyguyashley01: they are trolling.  Just ignore it.21:45
daftykinswierd thing is i kinda want a PS3 now :/21:46
morsnowskimission accomplished then, how about telling the bot to kick everyone using "ps3"21:49
phunyguywe handled it.  Please move on.21:49
catalyst_Has anyone experienced any trouble with the latest Nvidia drivers (340.46, not in repos)? Just wondering if its safe to install from nvidia21:50
ashley01you could install a linux distro on PS2 long ago and they even had software to emulate a global LAN21:50
daftykins!nvidia | catalyst_21:51
ubottucatalyst_: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto21:51
ikoniacatalyst_: why would you use packages from outside the repo ?21:51
daftykinsah that wasn't really what i was hoping for, apologies21:51
ikoniacatalyst_: especially for something as criticl as your display21:51
ilhamianyone who can assist me improving the performance of my elementaryOS VM?21:51
catalyst_ikonia: they are more up-to-date21:51
ikoniacatalyst_: in what way more up to date apart from a bigger version number21:51
ikoniailhami: not this channel - sorry21:52
OerHeksnope ilhami elementary is not ubuntu.21:52
ilhamiit is Ubuntu based :D21:52
catalyst_ikonia: Performance improvements21:52
ikonia!elementary > ilhami21:52
ubottuilhami, please see my private message21:52
ikoniacatalyst_: sorry, I don't believe that21:52
OerHeksilhami, elementary has its own issues21:52
ikoniacatalyst_: certainly not something you'll see with the named eye21:52
ikoniacatalyst_: you'll then remove support from the package manager for you display, not something I'd recommend unless you are %101 confident with what you are doing21:52
catalyst_ikonia: This is why I was asking if it was safe21:55
catalyst_so thanks21:55
catalyst_Well then, what would be the diff. between the drivers-331-updates package as supposed to the regular one?21:57
ikoniacatalyst_: this is why I asked you21:58
ashley01I'm wondering this as well because I use fglrx instead of fglrx-updates21:58
ikoniacatalyst_: if you don't know the differences - why are you looking to upgrade them21:58
catalyst_Why are you being rude? Im just comming back to linux today from years of being away and just want to get things working21:59
catalyst_Ill ask elsewhere21:59
ikoniacatalyst_: I'm not being rude21:59
ikoniacatalyst_: I'm asking why you are looking to change/update software when you don't know the difference between the two products21:59
ikoniait's not an unreasonable question21:59
ikoniaask elsewhere though if you're not comfortable being asked a polite question22:00
OerHeksreleasenotes are on the package page https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/trusty/amd64/nvidia-331/331.38-0ubuntu7.122:00
=== root_____ is now known as gradeA
monkershello, my nas is totally flaking out, the raid array isnt available and neither is the LVM array.  Getting a lot of nasty I/O errors on boot and on console (media errors).  Could someone help me determine which drives are bad and how to recover without borking everything?  I'm in over my head...  >_<22:45
daftykinsmonkers: sure, what ubuntu are you typing from?22:46
monkers... --- ...22:46
EriC^^i think that's eol22:47
monkersim on my PC, its a win machine22:47
daftykinsmonkers: so the NAS is a PC that runs ubuntu...?22:47
monkersits an intel board with a bunch of harddrives, a custom job22:47
daftykinsis the OS on a separate disk, or part of the array?22:48
monkersYah, the OS is on it's own drive.  then I have a raid array with 2 HD's.  and an LVM array with like... 4 harddrives i think.22:48
daftykinsok install smartmontools and pastebinit then run "sudo smartctl -a /dev/sdX | pastebinit" for each disk that's a RAID member22:48
daftykinsand share the links here22:48
monkersok bad news... whenever i try to apt-get or even touch something in my home dir, "cannot touch 'kitty':read-only file system"22:49
monkers(this was not a r/o file system before)22:50
daftykinsok boot live media of 12.04 or 14.04 and do as above.22:50
monkersok like on a usb right?22:50
daftykinsmonkers: preferably, yeah22:51
daftykinsDVD is just painful these days22:51
monkersfor sure22:51
ObrienDaveDVD-RW works much better for me. horrible luck with USB22:52
monkersi'm a dvd drive short anyway22:53
ObrienDaveah, say no more ;)22:53
monkersi hope its just the main drive thats mucked up :(22:54
daftykinsthe above should point out some aspects pretty easily22:54
daftykinsare they in warranty?22:55
monkersok, all the errors on the console are listed for 'ata3.00'22:55
monkersi doubt it22:55
ObrienDavewell, off to work. good day all22:55
monkerssee ya22:55
daftykinsObrienDave: take care22:56
daftykinsmonkers: ok, you could find out which /dev ata3 is from reading dmesg then22:56
daftykinsonce you get the live session up22:56
monkersyah console is being overtaken by media error messages22:56
daftykinsSSH in perhaps22:57
docmurI have three disks in an LVM configuration, they are stored as /dev/dm0 - 2.  I also have the physical partiions listed in /dev/ as sda, sdb and sdc.  I wanted to schedual a disk check with tune2fs for next reboot, should i assign the check to the logical volumes dm# or sd#?22:57
monkersdaftykins - yesterday i could ping but not ssh, today after reboot no ping or ssh22:58
ikoniadocmur: neither22:58
ikoniadocmur: you check the LV's22:58
ikonianot the physical devices22:58
daftykinsmonkers: it'll be different from the live session though22:58
monkersah ya22:58
abcdhi all, has someone used remmina + ssh ?22:59
docmurhmmm okay, how would I do that then, I think something is corrupt on one of the volumes22:59
daftykins!details | abcd22:59
ubottuabcd: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)22:59
monkersAnyone know if the lvm or raid partitions rely on anything on the main OS drive that could not be reconfigured manually?22:59
abcdI want to connect over vnc and ssh to a remote machine23:00
TheBlokeHi all. I'm running KUbuntu 14.10 64bit (upgraded from 14.04). I've installed the Android SDK, and added various packages via the SDK Manager. But I can't run some of the binaries, e.g. adb, fastboot. When I try to execute them, it just says 'file not found'. I ran 'file adb' and I see it's a 32bit binary - so I'm thinking I'm missing some kind of 32bit support package I need to run 32bit executables? I can't see anything23:00
TheBlokeimmediately suitable in Synaptic or Muon23:00
ikoniamonkers: the partitions are on the disk/stored in the partition table23:00
ikoniamonkers: as in on the physical devices23:00
abcdusing x11vnc on remote machine and remmina as client23:00
monkersikonia - ok cool23:00
monkersok bios sees all the harddrives still23:01
=== alphad_ is now known as alphad
trismTheBloke: yeah you'll need at least libc6:i386 or you get that weird file not found message23:02
daftykinsmonkers: just give me a highlight once you've got the pastebin URLs23:03
daftykinsabcd: remmina is an RDP client, there'd be no need for VNC...23:04
daftykinsor does it do VNC too 0o23:04
daftykinsyeah so you want SSH tunneling23:04
TheBloketrism: Awesome, thank you!  Installing libc6:i386 changed 'file not found' to a missing libstdc++6 error, and installing that for i386 as well enabled me to run adb.  Thanks!23:05
_unreal_I installed 14.04lts on an older system of mine to be used as a server. I have VNC setup on it. I'd like to make the system into a read only OS residing on a compact flash card. how would I go about doing that?23:08
daftykins_unreal_: that wouldn't be wise, it'll need updates.23:09
_unreal_I and planning on setting it up as an intranet only system23:10
daftykins_unreal_: even offline things need security updates. maybe consider using a stable release of debian that doesn't need updates so regularly23:11
veryhappyhey guys, how can it be that tinywm doesn't start when i logged in, xfwm4 is not listen in kde and crashes when i try to start it over my terminal and that i couldn't even click any command except "exit" in blackbox with something happening? the only thing that matters right now is that i get tinywm to run and i'd perhaps also impressed if xfwm4 would also be listed in kdm and run. help...23:15
veryhappy...appreciated ;) thank you23:15
Sawhi, quick question: is there a way to make a window untouchable(by keyboard) ?23:15
EriC^^Saw: untouchable, as in always on top?23:20
SawEriC^^ - kind of. I use vlc with always on top + always on visible workspace, but when moving to different workspace, it gets the focus. I don't want that.23:21
SawI don't need it to ever get focus(keyboard focus, that is)23:21
EriC^^so remove the always on visible workspace23:22
SawEriC^^ - but then it won't be always on visible workspace.. I want it to be visible in every workspace..23:22
EriC^^i've no experience with using workspaces23:23
EriC^^but alt+space will give you the minimize/always on top options23:23
EriC^^like alt + space + n will minimize23:23
monkersdaftykins - i have it ready to run but not sure which /dev drives are the raid ones23:24
daftykinsmonkers: 'sudo fdisk -l'23:24
daftykinsmatched sizes, no?23:24
monkersthank you, got em, sdb1 and sdd123:25
ashley01When I resize a window I am getting performance drops (in Unity), does anyone know what could be causing this?23:27
monkersdaftykins - reading through the smartctrl outputs, i can tell that all drives appear to be in good health except my OS drive \o/23:27
ashley01It seems to only be with gedit23:28
daftykinsmonkers: and that comes up as ata3? 0o23:28
ashley01Terminal and XChat work fine23:28
monkersdaftykins - yah that is ata3. i cant get apt-get install ssh-server to work on the 14. livecd23:28
daftykinsit's openssh-server no?23:28
daftykins!info openssh-server23:28
ubottuopenssh-server (source: openssh): secure shell (SSH) server, for secure access from remote machines. In component main, is optional. Version 1:6.6p1-2ubuntu2 (trusty), package size 316 kB, installed size 991 kB23:28
monkersits saying "openssh-server : Depends: openssh-client (=1;6.6p1-2ubuntu1) but 1:6.6p1-2ubuntu2 is to be installed - You have held broken packages23:30
EriC^^sudo apt-get install -f , maybe?23:31
daftykinsseems a bit odd on a live session23:32
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_unreal_daftykins, it only needs updates if its getting online23:32
daftykins_unreal_: that's rubbish23:32
monkersstill barkin at me23:32
_unreal_rubbish you say23:33
EriC^^!info openssh-client23:34
ubottuopenssh-client (source: openssh): secure shell (SSH) client, for secure access to remote machines. In component main, is standard. Version 1:6.6p1-2ubuntu2 (trusty), package size 564 kB, installed size 3776 kB23:34
EriC^^that's odd, i get ubuntu1 here23:34
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EriC^^monkers: try to sudo apt-get update23:34
_unreal_wierd, ok file:///run/media/laptop/FOSS_EL/content0/detector/flash_passthru.html     I cant get this site to come up in firefox. and I have flash 11.2 installed23:37
monkersEric^^ yah there it goes23:37
ashley01ah rhythmbox, forever crashing for making a playlist23:37
Julie7Hi! How do I force Firefox (or any software) to ONLY use my VPN connection in Ubuntu 14.04?23:37
monkersdaftykins - ok got it - http://pastebin.com/CD5xSirj23:40
daftykinsmonkers: omw a maxtor23:40
daftykinsmonkers: yep that thing is now a paperweight23:41
* monkers digs around for new harddrive23:41
monkersok i found a 500gig... maybe overkill but it'll do.  :D23:44
ashley01When I resize Terminal: everything is smooth. When I resize gedit: it is not-so-smooth. Anyone know the reason why?23:44
Julie7Hi! How do I force Firefox (or any software) to ONLY use my VPN connection in Ubuntu 14.04?23:45
monkersjulie7 - thats more a matter of routing, i would think23:46
Julie7monkers: Is that a hard thing to do?23:46
daftykinsJulie7: did you disable your system changing the default gateway to the VPN endpoint?23:47
Julie7daftykins: I haven't made the switch, yet. I'm afraid to install Ubuntu as long as I don't know how to do this.23:48
daftykinsJulie7: where are you testing from then?23:48
Julie7daftykins: I was hoping for a simple guide or something. I can't do any testing right now. :(23:49
daftykinsJulie7: why not?23:49
daftykinsyou understand live sessions, yes?23:49
daftykinsor installing beside windows23:50
Julie7Because I only have one computer, and that one is running Windows (throws up).23:50
Julie7daftykins: Yes, I know ABOUT doing it that way.23:50
daftykinsso how come you don't test it that way?23:51
monkersJulie7 - is this somethin you are already doing in windows?23:51
Julie7daftykins: Because I was still hoping for a more simple way. I'm not a very technical person. :(23:51
Julie7daftykins: It feels as if I'm the first person that ever wants to do this.23:52
Julie7monkers: Yes!23:52
Julie7I know how to do it in Windows.23:52
monkershow do you do it in windows?23:52
EriC^^Julie7: this might be of help23:52
daftykinsJulie7: no, and i don't mean any offence here, you just don't seem to understand how VPN connections work23:52
Julie7monkers: My home network is private, my OpenVPN connection is public. I block the software in my firewall settings to only use my public network (OpenVPN).23:53
Julie7EriC^^: Thanks!23:53
Julie7daftykins: I guess not.23:53
daftykinsthat is a very odd way of doing things23:53
Julie7daftykins: But it works! As soon as my OpenVPN connection gets disconnected, everything shuts down and refuse to respond.23:54
daftykinsjust because something works, doesn't mean it's necessarily a good idea23:54
Julie7I know.23:54
monkersseems clever to me lol23:54
daftykinsso you maintain your VPN session permanently, just for the occasional browser switch?23:54
veryhappyguys any ideas yet?23:54
daftykinsi.e. you're connected to the VPN when you're not even using it?23:54
monkersJulie7 - do you want the whole network to stop if the VPN goes down?23:55
monkerslike not just firefox23:55
monkersbut other internet programs23:55
Julie7monkers: Yes, please.23:55
Julie7daftykins: I've routed all my programs to only use my OpenVPN connection. As soon as it disconnects, I can't connect to the Internet.23:55
monkersJulie7 could static route the default to the vpn gateway and remove the normal static out to the internet right?23:55
Julie7monkers: Uhm, I'm not sure. :o23:56
daftykinsJulie7: the default behaviour of establishing a VPN connection with network-manager on Ubuntu is to direct all traffic via it. there will be no need to configure firefox23:56
monkersdaftykins - so how does she prevent internet access if the VPN is not established?23:57
Julie7daftykins: But what happens if it disconnects while I'm browsing using Firefox and don't notice it? Will it just go back to my default connection?23:57
daftykinsdisable DNS23:57
daftykinsthis is where your testing would come in handy ;)23:58
monkersjulie - what you need to do is configure a single route, to your VPN peer IP.  then have NO default route listed.  when the vpn is established, a default route will be added to the routing table, when it goes down, you will again only be able to route to/access the VPN peer IP (to re-establish your vpn)23:58
daftykinsi'm sure if someone who uses VPNs on a regular basis is around, they can comment... but i personally don't. i'd do it via disabling local DNS though23:58
monkersso you need to find and delete your default route, and add a single route to your vpn host IP23:59
EriC^^i found this too, it mentions DNS as well23:59
will_hey guys, I just installed ubuntu 14.04 and was hoping someone could help me out with a (should be simple) issue.  when logging in I set the default gui to gnome 3 instead of ubuntu.  after logging in I had on my top bar something I could click that had a bunch of options in it.  one being "big font" or something and it was turned on.  I turned it off just to see the effect and now I don't have thing I used to turn the "big font" off wi23:59
daftykinsyay \o/23:59
monkersRemove the route for your default gateway.23:59
monkersAdd a route to the remote ip of your vpn through the ip and interface that you previously used as default gateway23:59

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