knosysIs there a list of keyboard shortcuts for Xubuntu OS? I am trying to find that information in Xubuntu.org00:04
knosysooh i see its allmost all with Super00:05
garrieWhat's the off topic version of the room?00:25
knomegarrie, it's creatively called #xubuntu-offtopic00:26
David-Agarrie: when you log into this room, there should be a Topic message presented to you. In that, there should be the name of the offtopic channel. Can you see it?00:26
garrieDavid-A, aye.00:27
knosysHello guys, after installing restricted extras package, Gstreamer application still doesnt recognize m4a files in Directories. I also rebooted just in case.00:38
knosysI have been looking for info , but it looks that i did the right steps, so im a bit lost, can anyone help with this?00:39
knosyshttp://paste.ubuntu.com/8489418/   there is all packages related to 'gstreamer' i can found installed00:40
knosysi just installed xubuntu-restricted-extras00:40
anthonyme12Anyone have time for a xubuntu n00b question?00:41
knosysanthonyme12 ask00:43
anthonyme12I'm brand new to xubuntu..dumped windows 7 pro and installed xfce (think that's what it's called). Everything looks great except for one thing. The "lock" screen doesn't seem to match the resolution of the desktop. I'm using a widescreen dell monitor.00:49
anthonyme12In other words, the lock screen shows a sizable blank/black border around the left and bottom. I took a cell phone image if that would be helpful at all.00:50
anthonyme12Forgive me if this is something that I should simply google search for. I tried to do so and wasn't coming up with much.00:51
anthonyme12Just tossed the pic on postimage for reference: http://s30.postimg.org/xah13uu01/100214_4.jpg00:53
holsteinanthonyme12: i say,just relax and enjoy the defaults01:30
holsteinanthonyme12: think about how long you have used windows without messing with the resolution on the lock screen.. or, how long you used it without adjusting the resolution on anything01:31
xanguaIt looks right to me01:32
xanguaYou can change light dm theme and make it look like ubuntu touch alike01:32
anthonyme12I didn't jump into support chat (volunteer or not) hoping that someone would tell me to "just relax". I figured someone would have insights as to how this gets changed. You're right..no biggie.01:39
holsteinanthonyme12: lol.. im not intending to be abrasive, i promise. im literally suggesting you give this OS as much time and patience as you did the one you come from that you are more familiar with01:40
xangua Yes you can change light dm theme01:40
holsteinanthonyme12: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LightDM01:40
anthonyme12Sorry...guess I'm new to this realm and it's frustrating that I've been a tech support guy with windows for almost 8 years now but I come to xubuntu and I have to kinda/sorta relearn everything.01:41
holsteinanthonyme12: no. you will completely need to re-learn.. but for the most part, since its all open, *anything* is possible01:42
anthonyme12That's what I'm looking forward to here. Thus far everything about the new desktop is really nice - I'm liking it. I'll investigate the link above.01:43
holsteinanthonyme12: also, when i was migrating, i found it helpful to experiment with the live environment, and with a virtual installation in virtualbox.. you can save snapshots in vbox, and really change/break things and easily revert01:46
anthonyme12looking at the lightdm.conf file to investigate the format of the file itself. I don't see anything dealing with the "greeter" resolution...will keep snooping around :)01:49
holsteinanthonyme12: could also be as simple as using the appropriate nvidia driver.. if that fits your scenario01:51
anthonyme12holstein: That's a good suggestion. I have multiple laptops so I basically left my "daily driver" as is and used a Lenovo T400 with an 128GB SSD and 6GB RAM as the xubuntu machine...booted from USB and performed a format/clean install.01:52
anthonyme12holstein: also good call on the driver...I'll have a look into that as well.01:53
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_ynkhello. I have a problem upgrading from 13.10 to 14.0413:40
cfhowlett!eolupgrade | _ynk13:40
ubottu_ynk: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades13:40
cfhowlett_ynk, 13.10 is end of life. normal upgrade disabled.13:40
_ynkcfhowlett: what do you mean? you suggest wiping and reinstalling?13:41
_ynkwell look, I've almost had everything upgraded perfectly.... just this issue that is bothering me, perhaps you can help with it. let me explain first13:41
_ynkforget it I'll try to handle it myself sry for coming to ask here13:42
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xubuntu185que diferencias tenemos con Ubuntu??16:04
baizon!es | xubuntu18516:05
ubottuxubuntu185: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.16:05
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Yoosiare there any good themes available for xfce like numix?18:56
cfhowlettYoosi, www.xfce-look.org18:57
Yoosithanks cfhowlett. are there any you recommend?18:58
cfhowlettYoosi, I like the ubuntustudio theme.  search for "numix" and you'll see lots of choices18:59
Yoosithanks cfhowlett19:03
cfhowlettYoosi, happy2help19:03
xanguaI like the ambiance and radiance theme :P19:29
Churuya-sanI just switched from Debian. Why does Hibernate not work in Xubuntu 14.04.1?21:34
knomeit is disabled by default21:35
Churuya-sanWhy? What's the rationale behind that?21:35
knomebecause it's not working for everybody without problems21:38
knomethose we need it and know that it works can enable it21:38
Churuya-sanAh I see. Well I will test it.21:39
Churuya-sanWorks fine :)21:40
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knomeChuruya-san, well, enjoy21:41
Churuya-sanAlso, why is bluetooth support so shitty?21:43
knomeplease remember this is a family-friendly channel...21:43
Churuya-sanAh, sorry. Why is bluetooth support so terrible?21:44
knomei don't use bluetooth much myself, so i can't judge that... maybe bluetooth support is bad in general in linux?21:44
Churuya-sanPerhaps. Bluez/blueman keep crashing or something.21:45
knomefiling bugs ultimately helps, but there's no instant gratification thre..21:46
Churuya-sanPeople were talking about the bug back in 200421:46
knomeyes... sometimes fixing bugs takes years.21:50
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xubuntu96wdoes anyone know how to install xubuntu to an IBM xSeries 225 type 8647?>22:41
ethermonkare you having a particular issue?22:42
xubuntu96wwell, i'm trying to boot from usb as i have no spare discs to burn22:42
xubuntu96wbut i've no clue how to tell it to do that22:43
xubuntu96wthe only linux it's booted has been knoppix 6.222:44
Churuya-sanCool! I got my bluetooth apple keyboard working :)23:47
Churuya-sanit's so nice23:47

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