lordievaderGood morning.08:19
BluesKaj'Morning folks10:05
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gandalfhi all, i was trying to install the kf5 packages on kubuntu 14.10 to test. following https://blogs.kde.org/2014/07/15/plasma-5-here-all-ready-eat-your-babies the install was smooth but now i don't see any option to log into a kde session at the login screen, just to ubuntu which i have also installed. any idea what could be wrong here?12:55
BluesKajgandalf, from the kubuntu next ppa?12:58
BluesKajdid you run dist-upgrade after the apt-upgrade?12:59
gandalfi did apt full-upgrade12:59
BluesKajtry dist-upgrade13:00
gandalfah, one package is on hold, "plasma-desktop". would that be the new or old version?13:00
gandalfkubuntu-plasma5-desktop is installed, though13:02
gandalfif i do sudo apt-get install plasma-desktop, i get notified that a couple kf5 packages will be removed, so that seems not to be right13:04
gandalf"startkde" is not found13:04
BluesKajgandalf, no you have the correct desktop already , don't fool with the plasma-desktop13:05
gandalfwhat is the new version of kde-workspace-bin?13:06
BluesKajgandalf, not sure, I reverted to plasma4 after trying 5 , it didn't do much for me13:09
gandalfbut you could start it at least?13:09
gandalfhmm strange13:10
BluesKajgandalf, can you startx from the VT/TTY?13:10
gandalfi am running an ubuntu session currently. when i start plasma-desktop from within that, i get parts of it - like the main control bar - but still in the old plasma4 style. it seems the old packages haven't been correctly replaced by the new ones13:13
gandalfa few things seem to be broken ... for example kubuntu-plasma5-meta is listed as "not found" ..13:17
gandalfok, after installing plasma-workspace manually i do get a "plasma" option at the login screen. after logging in i only get a black screen though. 13:33
gandalfi can start krunner but when i type "dolph.." it becomes unresponsive13:33
gandalfis there anybody out there running a more or less working plasma5 desktop on 14.10?13:35
Antisound_hi guys!17:28
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Antisoundare the ubuntu servers so slow today? have you made the same expirence?17:40
lordievaderGood evening.20:33

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