wheeeiis there any difference to run KDE on ubuntu to install kubuntu from the start?00:04
BigWigHello, I tried doing a dist-upgrade and it broke my install of plasma next00:10
BigWighere is what happens when I try and run plasmashell00:10
BigWigAny easy way to start clean without reinstalling the OS?00:11
mikerumy backlight suddenly stopped working00:13
mikeruwell kde's support for controlling it, it doesn't detect it anymore but I can change it via /sys/clas/backlight and that works00:14
mikeruhow do I debug it=00:14
BigWigI fixed it :)01:06
BigWigSomething wrong with sycoca01:06
BigWigCouldn't write to it for some reason01:06
BigWigWhat is syscoca?01:06
jalcineBigWig: it's how KDE shares core config01:52
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phoenixzTrying to install Kubuntu in a machine with an NVidia 7990 card, on graphics start I see only garbled white with crap screen.. I do have text mode. Can I somehow install Kubuntu in text only, then install the nvidia drivers?04:40
phoenixzor, alternatively, install the nvidia drivers in text only?04:41
phoenixzor, what drivers do I need to install for 7990 support? I see nvidia-173 for example, but I have no idea if thats the right one or not..04:46
lordievaderGood morning.08:19
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fknero irc.utchat.com09:14
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BluesKaj'Morning folks10:05
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serioux1Hello to everyone.13:41
serioux1I just install kubuntu 14 lts , i have made some changes but... i do not know to change login interface lightdm13:42
BluesKajserioux1, change lightdm, how and why?13:44
serioux1I have tryied to change background image of the login screen but after reset it was all white13:44
BluesKajlightdm is default13:44
serioux1i want to change the theme of lightdm13:44
serioux1or only background of login screen13:45
BluesKajserioux1, make sure the image is jpg13:46
serioux1ok it will take a moment13:46
serioux1you are right13:47
serioux1it was a png file13:48
serioux1thank you13:48
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M1keGood morning, is anyone familiar with Ubuntu-After-Install program?14:04
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BluesKajM1ke, ubuntu or kubuntu?14:47
M1keHey BluesKaj I am using Kubuntu14:53
M1keI will be back gotta re-boot14:53
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M1keOk BluesKaj I am back. Can you help me with After-Install14:58
BluesKajM1ke, so what are you trying to do after install, exactly?15:27
M1keI try running the program "After-Install" it is supposed to have a lot of the things that are missing (google chrome, flash, ect) I succesfully installed the program and when i try to run it it prompt me for a password but it never runs. I found the program here> http://www.unixmen.com/top-things-installing-ubuntu-14-0413-1013-0412-1012-04/ It is in section 2.15:32
M1keI would also like a desktop music player - maybe something like iheart or pandora, is there anything like that or kubuntu15:41
serioux1i am using amarok15:46
serioux1it is better to install any software from software center15:49
BluesKajM1ke, that after install is for ubuntu and  gtk apps and unity/gnome , not for kubuntu and KDE desktop, try this : http://www.binarytides.com/better-kubuntu-14-04/16:03
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Th3H4xorhow do i18:00
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Guest62151Hi, is it okay to ask a question about a strange behaviour of KDE, or should I just start a topic in kubuntuforums.net?18:45
Guest62151I mean here :)18:45
BluesKajGuest62151, yes just ask your question here.18:50
Guest62151I have Kubuntu 14.04.1 installed on two notebooks, and several virtualbox machines. On the first notebook, with nvidia graphics and properietary drivers, my problem (see later) does not appear.18:53
Guest62151On the other machines, so the other notebook with intel graphics, and all of my virtualbox vm's, there is a little annoyance:18:53
Guest62151When I resize windows, the windows' title's text's font start to bounce. By bouncing I mean that for specific characters the distance between each other increases/decreases.18:53
Guest62151Furthermore, because of this change in the character's distances, sometimes, when the window is sized "unproperly", certain fonts are way to close to each other, they are almost touching.18:55
BluesKajGuest62151, so the the vms aren't passthrus to the host's hardware/gpus I presume?19:01
Guest62151Hmm, I don't quite understand. I enabled 3D acceleration for the vm's, set 128 MB video ram, and installed guest additions in kubuntu.19:03
Guest62151That's all I did regarding gpu's19:03
Guest62151I also noticed, that with nvidia's proprieatary drivers the font handling is different. For example, the same size values produce much larger fonts (compared to nouveau).19:04
alvinGuest62151: That is correct, but not in all cases. Take a look at the Option "UseEdidDpi" "False" setting in xorg.conf20:00
alvinThen set the DPI manually. I prefer nouvea, to get it right, but there are reasons too to use the proprietary driver.20:00
Guest62151alvin: AFAIK, we don't need xorg.conf's anymore.20:01
Guest62151Should I generate one?20:01
alvinYes, except when using the proprietary driver.20:01
alvinYes, but you can use a very small one. Just for those settings20:01
18VAA6ERIanyone knows where the quassel profile folder is saved in kubuntu? i can't find it under .kde/share/apps20:01
alvinOnly a Section "Monitor"20:01
Guest62151alvin: The proprietary drivered system works perfectly.20:02
Guest62151alvin: I have this problem with the intel integrated based notebook, and all of my virtualbox vms.20:02
alvinI have no experience with virtualbox and less with 3D acecleration in virtualbox. As far as I know it could be the method virtualbox uses to render the screen. (Isn't that RDP?) For qemu based virtual machines that's spice or VNC. That protocol might also be the cause of the distortion20:04
18VAA6ERIanyone knows where the quassel profile folder is saved in kubuntu? i can't find it under .kde/share/apps20:08
18VAA6ERIanyone knows where the quassel profile folder is saved in kubuntu? i can't find it under .kde/share/apps20:17
18VAA6ERIfound it20:19
lordievaderGood evening.20:33
lordievaderHey TheFakeazneD525, how are you?20:34
TheFakeazneD525I am good20:34
TheFakeazneD525so apparently rekonq is being maintained20:35
TheFakeazneD525and ported20:35
lordievaderTheFakeazneD525: Congratulations ;)20:38
TheFakeazneD525but not by me :c20:38
man-wooflanguage support incomplete, additional packs required... this comes up every time but when i click it nothing happens20:57
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dolomitehello, does kubuntu automagically enable fstrim for SSDs?21:36
dolomiteI have not configured it to run yet it runs every time I boot21:36
man-woofubuntu does it weekly21:36
dolomiteI don't have the discard option set in fstab, just noatime,nodiratime21:37
dolomiteit really lags my machine and I'd prefer to designate it as a cron job so it would only run monthly21:39
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valoriewhat can we help you with, Moogly2012?23:09
* valorie observes that here, it's 201423:10
Moogly2012trying to figure out where a certain folder is in Kubuntu23:10
Moogly2012I installed a KDE program called 'AMOR' not sure if you're familiar with it23:10
Moogly2012and I can't seem to locate the folder where it keeps it's files23:10
valorie!info amor23:11
ubottuamor (source: amor): desktop companion. In component universe, is optional. Version 4:4.13.3-0ubuntu0.1 (trusty), package size 189 kB, installed size 584 kB23:11
valorieno, I've not heard of it23:11
valorienice name, though23:11
Moogly2012"Amusing Misuse of Resources23:11
valorieis it targeted at kubuntu (KDE) or ubuntu unity?23:11
TheFakeazneD525its a KDE thing23:12
Moogly2012yeah, it's a kde package23:12
Moogly2012it's part of "KDE Toys" apparently as well23:13
valorieif it is a KDE application, most likely it will be found in ~/.kde/share/apps somewhere23:13
valorieor configs right there23:13
valorievery occasionally you'll find something in ~/.local or ~/.config instead, but those are usually non-KDE applications23:14
Moogly2012yeah everything I found pointed to that dir, but when I went there, the folder "amor" wasn't in there23:14
Moogly2012I'll check .local23:14
Moogly2012oh I think I found it23:16
TheFakeazneD525speaking of misusing resources... there was this "steampunk" plasmoid for KDE... scripted with JS23:16
valoriethere might not be a folder23:16
TheFakeazneD525took a few hundred megs of ram :c23:16
valoriecould be just an rc file or two23:16
Moogly2012@ the steampunk plasmoid23:17
valorieTheFakeazneD525 likes to gum up hir system23:18
Moogly2012I found the folder, apparently Dolphin has decent searching capabilities haha23:18
valorieoh, it does23:18
TheFakeazneD525valorie: speaking of, will x/kscreensavers be ported to Wayland?23:18
valoriesometimes takes awhile23:18
Moogly2012now I just gotta terminal in cause I don't have access to these files23:18
TheFakeazneD525or would it work under XWayland23:18
valorieTheFakeazneD525: that I do not know23:19
valoriei know there is work on the screen locker23:19
Moogly2012apparently there's a /usr/share/kde4/apps/ folder23:19
Moogly2012it's no wonder I couldn't find it23:19
valoriebut screensavers, no idea23:19
Moogly2012thanks for the help guys :)23:20
valorieunless they are a security problem, in which case they will NOT be ported, or supported23:20
valorienot a guy, but you are welcome23:20
Moogly2012guys and gal23:20
valoriethere are women on the internet, contrary to myth!23:21
Moogly2012better yet, thank you valorie :)23:21
Moogly2012well people still say "guys" as a gender neutral term though23:21
valorieeven grandmas like me23:21
valorieMoogly2012: they do, but it does not feel inclusive to me23:21
Moogly2012even on TV when girls say bye to groups of girls they say "see you guys later"23:21
valorieI like including everyone23:21
Moogly2012I'll be sure to keep it in mind then :D23:22
BuntuTechhi valorie23:22
valoriegreets, BuntuTech23:22
BuntuTechvalorie, what is your favorite linux distro?23:23
valoriekubuntu, of course!23:24
valorieI've been using it for around 10 years23:25
BuntuTechi was trying to use for a few weeks but its sooo slow23:25
BuntuTechand  i couldnt find stuff easy23:25
valoriewhat are you using now?23:25
Moogly2012crap LOL23:25
valoriethis isn't religion; people can use what they like23:25
BuntuTechwell atm im in my w8 machine but my favorie VM distro is ubuntu23:25
valorieeveryone has different likes and tasts23:26
BuntuTechi liked the way kubuntu looked initially but it was soooo slow23:26
Moogly2012yeah it needs a graphics card at least23:26
Moogly2012although you could disable all the special eye candy effects I think23:26
Moogly2012earlier I was using SliTaz, which runs on about 100MB of your ram,23:27
Moogly2012was interesting23:27
BuntuTechwell i have an i7 quad core 8 thread 12 gb ram anda gtx 645 with a gig of gddr5 ram dedicated23:27
BuntuTechstate of the art23:27
BuntuTechican run a half dozen vm's play the most graphical intense game chat and do skype screen sharing and its not even breathin heavy23:28
BuntuTechall at the same time23:29
Moogly2012yeah but if you don't have the graphics drivers installed23:29
Moogly2012it wont matter23:29
BuntuTechahh hah23:29
valorieI've never found it slow, but I am running on my son's 'old' gaming machine23:29
valorieSysinfo for 'valorie-HP-Pavilion-dv7-Notebook-PC': Running inside KDE 4.14.1 on Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS, Trusty Tahr powered by Linux 3.13.0-36-generic, CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3610QM CPU @ 2.30GHz at 1200-2301/2301 MHz, RAM: 7106/7884 MB, Storage: 344/784 GB, 328 procs, 61.39h up23:29
BuntuTechi dont think i added any drivers23:29
Moogly2012I have a great machine myself, but without the graphics driver installed23:29
Moogly2012my machine slows down big time23:29
valorieI have pretty much stock everything except I have the neon5 session also23:30
BuntuTechbut even tmy built in graphics is a powerhouse23:30
BuntuTechHD 460023:30
BuntuTechit run anything too23:30
valorieplus I seed all the *buntu torrents23:31
valorieso this machine is doing a lot23:31
BuntuTechi wonder why they cant make it run fast?23:31
valorieruns fast for me....23:31
valoriethe only slow machine is my 5yo netbook with an atom processor23:31
valorieeverything is slow there23:31
BuntuTechomg yeah23:32
valoriegonna replace that this next year23:32
valorieI can't bear how slow 'tis23:32
BuntuTechyeah i'd like to slap the man who invented those with a dead salmon23:32
BuntuTechive worked on a few of them23:33
Moogly2012oh I finally got it working hah23:33
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valorieit was fine for traveling23:33
BuntuTechyou could run lubuntu on it23:33
valoriebut everything else has gotten faster, and it is almost literally stuck in the past23:33
BuntuTechor puppy23:33
valorienope, KDE or nothing for me23:34
valoriethinking of a chromebook with Kubuntu on it23:34
valoriecheap, fast23:34
BuntuTechima unity lover23:34
BuntuTechfrom the day i 1st saw her'23:35
BuntuTechthose icons and that launcher23:35
TheFakeazneD525omg I think I just found a bug in KWin23:36
BuntuTechvalorie, was kubuntu your 1st?23:37
BuntuTechsometimes i think your 1st is always your favorite...23:38
valorieno, I started with Mandrake23:38
valoriethen gentoo (don't recall the desktop choice)23:38
valorieprobably KDE23:38
BuntuTechhow does one evn do that..when i 1st googled "free os" BUNtu was all over it23:38
valoriethen kubuntu23:39
Moogly2012gentoo is kind of whatever you want23:39
valoriewell, I started using linux on the desktop back in ..... 2002 or so23:39
Moogly2012there is no default gentoo desktop lol23:39
BuntuTechid like to create a distro23:39
valorienot many choices back then23:39
Moogly2012if you want to create one you gotta learn plenty of C23:39
valoriewe should take this to #kubuntu-offtopic23:39
Moogly2012or take something like TinyCore or SliTaz and expand on it23:40

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