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]Spectre[hi holstein18:52
]Spectre[todos bien ? :)18:52
holsteini only speak english..18:53
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]Spectre[holstein, I also :)18:54
zy3pD]Spectre[, tienes una pregunta?18:54
]Spectre[hi zy3pD  ;)18:54
]Spectre[falo em italiano e portugues18:54
zy3pDhi ]Spectre[18:54
]Spectre[nao espanhol :PPP18:54
]Spectre[mas entendo18:55
]Spectre[no zy3pD  :)18:55
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]Spectre[ahahah :PPPPPPPPPP18:57
]Spectre[prefiro falar em ingles18:57
holstein]Spectre[: how can we volunteer support for you, in english, friend?18:57
holstein]Spectre[: if you need another language, please see the above links.. thanks18:58
]Spectre[english is good18:58
]Spectre[thanks :)18:58
zy3pDand really nobody will call this talk offtopic18:59
]Spectre[que estranho19:03
holstein]Spectre[: friend, please let us know if you have a support question, and a volunteer will do their best to assist.. its not that english "is good", its that this is an english speaking channel. please refer to the links i gave if you need other languages.. thanks19:05
]Spectre[just joking holstein19:05
holstein!ot | ]Spectre[19:06
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zy3pDcome on ubottu tovalu?19:14
markus__hey guys, i am currently on Ubuntu 14.10 with LXDE, i have plugged in a second monitor, everything works just fine except one thing. The second monitor seems to be the primary one, all notifications are popping up there, including the shutdown menu. I there a way to get the notifications and stuff pop up at the first monitor?19:47
ubottuUbuntu 14.10 (Utopic Unicorn) is the next development release of Ubuntu due for release in October 2014. Support in #ubuntu+1. For more info, see the announcement at http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/136319:50
holsteinthough, you may find some "dual head" management for LXDE or lubuntu relevant..19:51
markus__ok i will try my luck there, thanks for the hint, but i guess this isnt only a "ubuntu 14.10" thing. I remember a couple of years ago i had the same "problem" with lxde and dual monitors19:53
zy3pDis 14.10 already based on gt?19:53
ianorlinit is still based on gtk+19:54
zy3pDand when will come the change? 15.04?19:54
phillwzy3pD: it is planned19:55
phillwzy3pD: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu/Testing/14.1019:56
phillwmarkus__: lubuntu offers basic dual screen support, if you want further control then grab https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/MultiDisplay19:58
phillwzy3pD: you're more than welcome19:59
markus__i already read that phillw, but thats just the "basic stuff", dont solve my problem20:01
phillwmarkus__: xrandr is script driven... arandr is an app that does more, but obviously needs more resources. lubuntu can, by default, mirror a screen and xrandr can be adjusted to do things... But.... arandr does make it easier20:02
phillwmarkus__: what is the problem?20:02
ianorlinmarkus if you swtich where the displays are positioined does it change20:02
ianorlinhe wants the panel on the other monitor20:02
testdrmarkus: do you have nvidia-graka-chipset and proprietary-driver?20:03
markus__Basicly i did this: xrandr --output LVDS1 --auto --primary --output VGA1 --auto --right-of LVDS1, but the shutdown menu and every other notification still throws up at the second monitor20:03
markus__i have a integrated intel card in my notebook20:04
phillwmarkus__: has that wiki page not answered your question?20:20
markus__no phillw, that page just shows how to setup dual monitor, but it dont show what to do if i all notifications thrown up on the second monitor20:22
testdrmarkus__: what is your monitor setup? One screen over both - laptop-monitor on left and extern monitor on right?20:22
testdrmarkus:did you check the openbox settings? Like "new windows on screen with active mouse" up to special selsected screen? Or set some part of x11-screen for not using as automatic place for new windows etc.?20:25
markus__my laptop-monitor is the main screen and on the right of it the extended desktop, so that i just have to move the mouse to the right to use the space on the second monitor20:25
testdrmarkus__: have you ever changed the openbox settings?20:29
markus__i dont think so, at least i did not see a setting like that20:31
testdrmarkus__: check menu --> settings(einstellungen) --> openbox configmanager (openbox konfiguration manager)20:32
markus__oh dude so simple, i didnt even knew that there was an openbox configmanager. There is a option "new windows place to" and it was set to all monitors, now i changed it to "primary monitor" and it works fine instantly20:34
testdrmarkus__: da sind noch mehr dinge zum rumspielen/konfigurieren20:35
silverlionhey endlich mal deutsche Lubuntianer :D20:36
markus__ja cool, wusste garnicht das lxde so einen manager hat. Bin mir auch ziemlich sicher in meiner google suche nichts davon gelesen zu haben. Danke testdr20:37
testdrmarkus__: up to now the basic windowmanager for LXDE is openbox - there are a lot of infos for it and it is not necessary to use LXDE (but this ist the default configuration for usage).20:38
testdri like this page about the comparison of linux/unix windowmanagers:  http://l3net.wordpress.com/2013/04/09/a-memory-comparison-of-light-linux-desktops-part-2/20:39
markus__oh yes there are a lot environments, even E17. I have installed E19 but to me it has a couple too much bugs for daily use20:43
silverlionI'm running the basic LXDE Version on my Laptop but Lubuntu Default version on the Desktop20:44
markus__alright, thanks for the help testdr, i leave now. Have a nice day20:49
* ianorlin wonders if others would find my way to make a keyboard shortcut for multimonitor be useful using openbox and should be added to the wiki21:03
BuntuTechgood afternoon lubuntu technicians21:03
BuntuTechianorlin, could u make it so that lubuntu has a typical right click change wallpaper feature?21:05
ianorlinit does if you don't use the openbox menu21:06
ianorlinalso what do you mean by typical21:06
ianorlinor are you talking about changing wallpapers on multi monitors21:06
raviousspeaking of multi monitors.. i've been using ARandR to set my configuration, but I have to apply it at every boot.. anyone know how to make the change persistent?21:10
testdrravious: check: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution    different ways to activate the settings in .xprofile, or systemwide in xorg.conf21:13
raviousty, i'll look into it.21:14
ianorlinravious I think I know an easier way if you have arandr installed21:14
testdrravious: you can even use a shell-script if you dont want to do it automatically -- you have to run it by hand to enable the settings you want and did write down21:15
ianorlinfirst there is a command line tool that comes with arnadr called unxrandr that will give oyu the command after you set it up21:15
ianorlinalso there is an entry in default apps for lxsession for an xrandr commaond that if you use lxde can just put in that21:15
raviousI've got the layout i need saved in ~/.screenlayout21:16
raviousits an sh file21:16

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