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mikeruhey my backlight stopped working like 5 days ago and I don't remember doing anything to it00:25
mikeruwell actually the backlight works and I can control it via /sys/class/backlight but KDE is not detecting it anymore00:25
penguin42sounds like you should submit a bug but I'm not sure what against - perhaps plasma00:32
mikeruI'm not sure either00:34
mikeruI don't know if it is a KDE bug00:34
mikeruor xrandr00:34
mikerufrom looking around the net I should see a backlight property on xrandr --props but I don't00:35
penguin42I'm not sure what to test it with on xrandr, but if /sys/class/backlight works I'm guessing it's not the kernel00:35
mikerudef not the kernel00:36
mikerutho I'm not sure what's not working00:36
mikerugoing to ask on #kde how to debug its backlight support00:37
snadgethe latest catalyst doesnt work on utopic ?03:14
snadgei know this isn't the place to discuss that.. but, maybe someone knows why.. just using the provided ones for now03:15
snadgeusually someone posts on a blog about it.. nothing for fglrx 14.301.1001 and utopic03:20
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lordievaderGood morning.08:19
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BluesKaj'Morning folks10:05
murlidharhow do i upgrade now ?16:12
BluesKajmurlidhar, which release are you using?16:13
murlidhardon't remember but something like update -d is to be done i think16:16
blockyif i want a fresh 14.10 install should i use a snapshot iso or a stable one and upgrade16:17
BluesKajmurlidhar , first upgrade 14.04, sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade , then to upgrade to 14.10, sudo do-release-upgrade -d16:17
murlidharokies ty BluesKaj :)16:18
BluesKajblocky, http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/16:19
blockyis unetbootin still the preferred way to make a bootable usb drive?16:55
penguin42blocky: Apparently not for uefi17:26
blockypenguin42: don't think i have uefi17:26
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markus__hey guys, i am currently on Ubuntu 14.10 with LXDE, i have plugged in a second monitor, everything works just fine except one thing. The second monitor seems to be the primary one, all notifications are popping up there, including the shutdown menu. I there a way to get the notifications and stuff pop up at the first monitor?19:51
bubbasauresmarkus__, What did you initially install LXDE has no 14.1019:54
markus__I installed lxde from the ubuntu software center, or to be correctly i installed Xubuntu 14.10 and installed lxde after that via the software center19:56
bubbasaureslook in displays of the initial for a mirror button, LXDE I wouldimagine it is a config,might be displays there as well.19:56
bubbasauresmarkus__, Your aware this is a development and is not a LTS?19:58
markus__yes i know, but i runs quiet good and i am pretty sure that it isnt a "Ubuntu 14.10" problem.19:59
lordievaderGood evening.20:33
winternightHihi... quick question. When I close my laptop lid, my computer goes to sleep setting either "lock screen" or "turn off display" in the XFCE power manager. I am using an external monitor, keyboard, and mouse. Am I missing a setting, or is there something I can change to stop this behavior?23:47
winternightIdeally, I'd like it to do *nothing* when the lid is closed and the computer is on AC.23:47

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