akiva-thinkpadahayzen, does jounih ever come to irc?00:39
ahayzenakiva-thinkpad, yep sometimes00:39
akiva-thinkpadalright time to resize my partition00:56
akiva-thinkpadbe back in a bit00:56
vthompsonakiva-thinkpad, oh boy don't die on us!00:56
akiva-thinkpadvthompson, heh :P darn emulators are much larger than I could have imagined.00:57
akiva-thinkpadhopefully another ten gigs is enough01:39
akiva-thinkpadvthompson, do you know jounihs email?01:45
akiva-thinkpadthis is frustrating02:06
akiva-thinkpadahoneybun, do you know how to get the emulator to work02:06
akiva-thinkpadIn the Ubuntu SDK, open the Devices tab and its Device Actions sub tab (at the bottom)."02:06
akiva-thinkpadthere is no device actions sub tab at the bottom.02:07
ahoneybunakiva-thinkpad, I have not looked lately02:07
ahoneybunlet me check02:07
ahoneybunwell my device is a old one02:08
* akiva-thinkpad is filing a bug02:08
ahoneybunlooks like it might launch02:11
akiva-thinkpadah wait I read that wrong02:11
akiva-thinkpadahoneybun, hold on; I think that was me misreading something02:11
* ahoneybun updates his emulator and ubuntu-beginner on lp02:14
akiva-thinkpadnevermind; I wasnt misreading02:18
* akiva-thinkpad filed a bug02:18
* ahoneybun is a bit sleepy02:25
ahoneybunhey kurt_03:11
kurt_how are you03:12
ahoneybunpretty good03:13
* ahoneybun thinks Ubuntu Beginner is almost ready for release03:14
kurt_your second app?03:14
ahoneybunjust needs a icon03:15
ahoneybuncan't think of what it should be yet03:18
ahoneybunoh maybe like a book03:18
kurt_? thought it was done03:19
kurt_except the icon03:19
ahoneybunyea the icon would be a book03:19
kurt_what do you use to make the icon gimp?03:19
kurt_oh lol gottcha03:19
akiva-thinkpadits svg03:19
akiva-thinkpadso you would use a vector graphics application like inkscape03:20
akiva-thinkpadso it scales.03:20
ahoneybunI use gimp03:20
kurt_oh yea forgot gimp isnt vector03:20
ahoneybunmake it 512by51203:21
ahoneybunand then resize03:21
akiva-thinkpadahoneybun, thats the bad way of doing it.03:21
akiva-thinkpadbut easy :P03:21
kurt_thinkpad!!!!! didn't realize it was you!!03:21
* ahoneybun has not used inkscape03:21
akiva-thinkpadif you scale it; it will be pixelated.03:21
kurt_how are you doing03:21
akiva-thinkpadkurt_, eh?!03:21
akiva-thinkpadblanking out here03:21
kurt_haha been all over reddit lately03:22
kurt_i like the ubuntu touch redgur app alot03:22
akiva-thinkpadnow I feel terrible; because you were so nice to me, and yet I can't place where I know you.03:22
kurt_i have a buddie that works for the yello pages and he was explaining the whole vector image thing to me.03:22
kurt_you walked me through adding C++ to my QML three maybe four days ago03:23
akiva-thinkpadyah its pretty interesting.03:23
kurt_talked me up to you laptop died lol03:23
akiva-thinkpadokay lol03:23
akiva-thinkpadbad memory03:23
akiva-thinkpadyah :P03:23
akiva-thinkpadtbf, I have been doing all nighters lately03:24
kurt_so do I and I'm sure you have to help many on here03:24
akiva-thinkpadheh; my pleasure.03:24
kurt_I still havent got my app working, trying to port a sailfish qml example app to ubuntu touch, i added my .cpp and .h file and I can run everything the world tab stops working after i try to add anything to the world tab (using the extension able library + simple tabbed ui)03:26
kurt_mind looking at some pastebin shots?03:27
akiva-thinkpadyah I'm building a kit at the moment, so I have time until it finishes03:27
akiva-thinkpadkurt_, so sure03:28
kurt_oh ya just tell me when your busy again03:28
akiva-thinkpadkurt_, oh lol; it just finished; I'm busy again03:28
akiva-thinkpadtook like 30 minutes :P03:28
kurt_oh your fine but ill pick your brain when I can haha03:29
akiva-thinkpadpaste them anyways if they are small03:29
ahoneybunakiva-thinkpad, kurt_ http://imgur.com/QNPCDcy03:30
kurt_ha i really like it!03:31
kurt_simple and the ovals make the binding Nice!03:32
* ahoneybun needs to add translations tags to Ubuntu Beginner03:33
akiva-thinkpadahoneybun, btw; might want to check the style guidelines03:34
akiva-thinkpadthey probably have a section on icons03:34
akiva-thinkpadbut nice;clever design03:34
ahoneybunI see03:34
* ahoneybun google it and got a general idea03:34
ahoneybunnot as good as the one I saw03:35
akiva-thinkpadkurt_, what you can do also, is push this to a branch, so I can run it03:35
akiva-thinkpadkurt_, do you know how to do that yet?03:35
kurt_no but I can google it and get back to you when I find it out03:35
kurt_so you can keep building03:36
akiva-thinkpadkurt_, im building again03:36
akiva-thinkpadkurt_, download bazaar explorer03:36
kurt_that would be so amazing and I didn't know we could do that lol03:36
kurt_any certain version or PPA03:36
kurt_or just out of the app store?03:36
akiva-thinkpadppas are a bit different03:37
akiva-thinkpadthat requires you to build a package03:37
kurt_sorry software center03:37
* ahoneybun started using bzr command line03:37
kurt_i thought they were just repos03:37
akiva-thinkpadyah you need to build a package for that sort of thing03:37
akiva-thinkpadmaybe some day03:37
akiva-thinkpadkurt_, do you have a launchpad page?03:38
kurt_I think I may ill check03:39
kurt_downloading bzr-explorer now03:39
akiva-thinkpadkurt_, cool03:39
akiva-thinkpadthis is scm; you need to learn this for programming03:39
ahoneybunkurt_, thanks for showing your code I forgot to at i18n.tr to my text!03:40
akiva-thinkpadit will be hard at first03:40
akiva-thinkpadand then it will be extremely useful03:40
kurt_ya its for internationalization isnt it03:40
kurt_im a bad speller haha03:40
kurt_okay my ubuntu one account connected with launch pad so im signed in now03:41
kurt_and your welcome most of the code was from the normal ubuntu example and I just tried to add a button that uses my C++ library03:43
kurt_so what is scm is bazzar for version control?03:44
noobdevhi guys03:45
noobdevhi im new at this03:48
noobdevso can i ask questions at here?03:48
akiva-thinkpadkurt_, good question03:49
akiva-thinkpadnoobdev, yes03:49
noobdevi know some python that i learned at codeacademy , studying basic java at my university03:49
noobdevis qml/js(js learned some at codeacademy too)03:49
akiva-thinkpadkurt_, make sure you say my name so I am notified when you say something to me :P03:50
akiva-thinkpadbleh; java :P03:50
noobdeveasy to understand? and where can i find some tutorials03:50
kurt_ah still getting the etiquette down akiva-thinkpad03:50
akiva-thinkpadnoobdev, qml is actually extremely intuitive. I think the best practice is from working with it03:50
noobdevLOL , well to me its really easy to make some little software with JOption like the most ui part03:50
akiva-thinkpadnoobdev, when you open the sdk03:51
noobdevyeah im reading the documentation at qt-project.org some tutorial to phones03:51
akiva-thinkpadnoobdev, you do have the sdk installed right?03:51
noobdevyep im writing this from it03:51
kurt_noobdev are you on ubuntu?03:51
akiva-thinkpadnoobdev, okay03:51
noobdevlinux mint03:51
akiva-thinkpadnoobdev, are you on ubuntu?03:51
akiva-thinkpadnoobdev, oh...03:51
kurt_okay haha same deal03:51
noobdevis that bad? XD03:52
* akiva-thinkpad thinks unity is better for programming, because of the hud03:52
akiva-thinkpad^ thats my oh comment03:52
akiva-thinkpadanyways, a lot of people like mint, I just think you can be more productive on unity03:52
akiva-thinkpadfor example03:52
akiva-thinkpadif you were on unity, I would have just told you to03:52
akiva-thinkpadpress left alt, type "showcase"03:53
akiva-thinkpadon mint... well now I have to find it...03:53
noobdevdamn it XD lol sorry03:53
akiva-thinkpadnoobdev, no prob03:53
akiva-thinkpadin your menu03:53
akiva-thinkpadgo to Tools>ubuntu>showcase gallery03:53
noobdevgot it03:54
akiva-thinkpadnoobdev, the hud allows you to execute menu commands through search, so its really useful that way03:54
noobdevwheres the search?03:55
noobdevtype to locate? ctrl+k03:55
akiva-thinkpadnoobdev, on unity :)03:55
akiva-thinkpadwhich is only on ubuntu.03:56
noobdevowww i understand now i think im going to install it, and i have a little trouble with my amd card well this is a laptop a6-3420 (6520g) + 6470m with private drivers i cant run the emulator03:56
akiva-thinkpadkurt_, anyways bazaar and launchpad allows you to host your code. Think of it as "Code" in the cloud03:57
noobdevi need radeon to run it03:57
akiva-thinkpadubuntu is probably your best bet for stability03:57
akiva-thinkpadgrab 14.10 though if you plan on developing. It will be a little less stable, but it will be easier to get software and that stuff03:57
noobdevbecause mir?03:58
akiva-thinkpadnoobdev, good question; nope :P03:58
kurt_thought of trying 14.10 and downloaded ubuntu next03:58
akiva-thinkpadjust because the libraries are the latest03:59
akiva-thinkpadconstantly being  updated.03:59
kurt_is ubuntu next going to be the eventual default04:00
kurt_with the universal code base for phones and comp04:00
akiva-thinkpadkurt_, Don't know; you should ask on askubuntu04:00
noobdevubuntu desktop next == ubuntu 14.10?04:00
kurt_its just a version of it04:00
kurt_just like server is a different version04:01
noobdevbut its based on 14.10 rigth?04:01
kurt_14.10 was the first time i heard of ubuntu-next04:02
kurt_ive been using ubuntu since 10.0404:02
kurt_akiva-thinkpad, so host the code then get back with you?04:03
akiva-thinkpadkurt_, yep04:03
akiva-thinkpadjust cd into your project folder04:04
akiva-thinkpadand go04:04
akiva-thinkpador rather open it with bzr explorer04:04
akiva-thinkpadcommit the changes you made04:04
akiva-thinkpadand then push it to a project page that you created from the website.04:04
kurt_command not found04:05
kurt_do i need anything besides bzr-explorer04:05
akiva-thinkpadsorry ignore the terminal04:06
akiva-thinkpadjust open it from the dash04:06
kurt_oh haha04:06
akiva-thinkpadmy bad04:06
akiva-thinkpadI'm a bit scatter brained at the moment.04:06
kurt_virtual repository?04:07
kurt_tried to open it and it said its not already a branch and i see no add button04:07
kurt_oh start new project04:08
kurt_lol found it04:08
akiva-thinkpadkurt_, okay04:08
kurt_little scattered myself04:08
akiva-thinkpadalternatively when you create a new project on the sdk, you can choose bzr as a backend04:08
kurt_start as shared repository or plain branch04:09
noobdevi remember that i readed some at google something about 14.10 its going to be the last six month release and from here to the future it will be rolling release like archlinux04:13
kurt_akiva-thinkpad, started a feature branch think the program is still thinking04:14
akiva-thinkpadnoobdev, mmmmm havn't heard that04:15
akiva-thinkpadi've heard it tossed around04:15
akiva-thinkpadbut nothing in stone04:15
akiva-thinkpadkurt_, mmmmm don't know04:15
kurt_i think it may be stuck04:15
noobdevso theres going to be more 6 month release?04:15
* akiva-thinkpad wishes he had his full faculties with him.04:15
akiva-thinkpadnoobdev, i believe so.04:15
kurt_okay im at a screen that says trunk04:16
akiva-thinkpadso trunk is where you want to be04:16
akiva-thinkpadits what you have authority to upload to04:16
akiva-thinkpadnow its easy04:16
akiva-thinkpadsee the lp: address?04:17
akiva-thinkpadshould be at the top04:17
akiva-thinkpador when you click code04:17
akiva-thinkpadit should say04:17
kurt_i see no code or files do I add them04:18
kurt_i pointed it to the folder with the project files in it04:18
akiva-thinkpadyes, from bzr, but not using the website.04:18
noobdevdamn i have a situation in here look at this http://imgur.com/YBWeXMQ04:18
kurt_ya im in the app i just didnt know i had to add the files after pointing the folder one sec04:19
akiva-thinkpadkurt_, heres an example04:19
noobdevi just solve it never mind04:19
akiva-thinkpadnoobdev, glad I could help :p04:19
noobdevwas just alt and click04:20
noobdevwell akiva-thinkpad which videocard u have?04:20
akiva-thinkpadnoobdev, I always go with intel these days04:20
akiva-thinkpadnoobdev, more responsive; better with battery life; not a jerk to the linux kernel team.04:21
noobdevwow i found a python file at test04:21
kurt_akiva-thinkpad i dont see that in bzr-explorer just looks like the site04:22
noobdevare u on ubuuntu 14.04?04:22
akiva-thinkpadnoobdev, 14.1004:22
akiva-thinkpadfinal beta04:22
akiva-thinkpadkurt_, download shutter.04:23
akiva-thinkpadand take a screenshot of the desktop, and in the hud, type "export"04:23
akiva-thinkpadit will upload it to the web (choose imgur if you can)04:23
akiva-thinkpadand then I can see; its easy and quick to use04:24
kurt_i think i got it04:24
kurt_i added the files to thr trunk folder it added04:24
kurt_got this error bzr: ERROR: Unable to determine your name.04:24
kurt_Please, set your name with the 'whoami' command.04:24
kurt_E.g. bzr whoami "Your Name <name@example.com>"04:24
akiva-thinkpadkurt_, yah go to the preferences04:24
akiva-thinkpador do that in in the terminal04:24
kurt_i logged in with my ubuntu credintials04:25
akiva-thinkpadoh btw, you need an ssh key04:25
noobdevNo executable specified. at running some short tutorial04:25
kurt_like fingerprint04:25
akiva-thinkpadthis prevents me from uploading to your branch under your name.04:25
kurt_do I need to commit now?04:27
kurt_or get the ssh key?04:27
kurt_I have used ssh alot at home but never needed a key04:27
akiva-thinkpadkurt_, go to your user page04:27
akiva-thinkpadon launchpad04:27
akiva-thinkpadand add an ssh key04:27
akiva-thinkpadit will tell you how to do it.04:27
akiva-thinkpadnoobdev, whats your issue?04:28
noobdevwhen i run the app with ctrl r it show me no executable specified04:29
akiva-thinkpadnoobdev, in the sdk?04:30
akiva-thinkpadwhat kind of app?04:30
akiva-thinkpadqml; okay04:30
akiva-thinkpadhow did you create the application?04:30
noobdevfile new project04:30
noobdevubuntu ui the first one04:31
noobdevand http://developer.ubuntu.com/apps/qml/tutorial/building_your_first_qml_app/04:31
akiva-thinkpadare you on ubuntu?04:31
noobdevjust copy and paste of the first part , im at mint04:31
akiva-thinkpaddon't bother with this tutorial; just create a template application04:32
akiva-thinkpadi mean, bother with it, but only after you got a template running04:32
akiva-thinkpadthe templates should run out of the box04:32
akiva-thinkpadif its not running, then you have to set your build and run environments04:32
akiva-thinkpadwhich can be tough if you don't know what you are doing04:32
noobdevwhat template application mean?04:32
akiva-thinkpadnoobdev, i'll show you, sec04:33
kurt_akiva-thinkpad, i have a public key added04:34
akiva-thinkpadnoobdev, http://imgur.com/Y0xYraJ04:34
akiva-thinkpadkurt_, okay it should work now04:35
akiva-thinkpadit will ask you for the password you gave it04:35
akiva-thinkpadso don't confuse it your system password (assuming its different)04:35
akiva-thinkpadkurt_, have you committed the changes?04:35
noobdevi just did that and still the same i cant run the default example04:36
kurt_it says no changes selected04:36
akiva-thinkpadkurt_, did you add files to the project?04:37
akiva-thinkpadi'll post a screenie what it should look like04:37
kurt_commited rev104:37
kurt_I'm excited now!!!! lol04:38
kurt_im going to download shutter as well04:38
akiva-thinkpadkurt_, so after you commit04:38
akiva-thinkpadthen you push to your branch or trunk04:38
akiva-thinkpadtrunk as in tree trunk04:38
akiva-thinkpadand branch as in, stemming from that trunk04:39
kurt_okay thats done04:40
akiva-thinkpadkurt_, you push it ?04:40
akiva-thinkpadkurt_, in fire fox, I suggest you add these bookmarks: http://imgur.com/WRtFRvm04:41
akiva-thinkpadmakes it easy to visit04:41
kurt_book mark the branches?04:42
kurt_but i dont see my code under the code section04:45
akiva-thinkpadkurt_, hmmm maybe that only shows up for branches04:45
akiva-thinkpadnot trunks04:45
akiva-thinkpadkurt_, anyways heres how to make a branch04:46
akiva-thinkpadinstead of pushing to lp:my-app04:46
akiva-thinkpadpush to lp:~myusername/my-app/my-branch-name04:46
noobdevbye im leaving to sleep and need to think if i need to finish my dual boot and make a hdd entire instalation with ubuntu 14.1004:46
kurt_do i just make a branch name04:47
noobdevthanks akiva , and the last question for today are u using just ubuntu and zero dual boot at ur main pc?04:48
kurt_says it cant find the project but im useing the same name04:52
akiva-thinkpadkurt_, whats your project page?04:54
kurt_on launchpad04:55
akiva-thinkpadill branch to you04:56
akiva-thinkpadso you can see how it works.04:56
kurt_akiva-thinkpad, so I start the project on launchpad the use bzr-explorer to transfer it to launchpad04:58
akiva-thinkpadcreate new project on launchpad04:59
akiva-thinkpadsorry if I was unclear, again; scatterbrained04:59
kurt_akiva-thinkpad, https://launchpad.net/4track05:06
akiva-thinkpadkurt_, ah okay05:06
akiva-thinkpadyou need to push to lp:4Track05:06
akiva-thinkpadkurt_, oh first configure this though05:07
akiva-thinkpadit should be on the right hand side05:07
kurt_configure what?05:08
kurt_on launchpad?05:08
kurt_ah i see configuration process on the launchpad site on the right hand side05:09
* akiva-thinkpad buys steeped tea05:10
akiva-thinkpadfeels slightly better05:10
kurt_akiva-thinkpad, push didnt like lp:4Track05:13
kurt_said invaild url05:13
akiva-thinkpadkurt_, have you configured it yet?05:13
kurt_oh ya do i configure the bug tracker and everything or just certian things05:14
akiva-thinkpadset everything to launchpa05:14
kurt_You can push the branch directly to Launchpad with the command:bzr push lp:~ignitiongtown/4track/trunk  tried this05:18
akiva-thinkpadbzr push lp:lp:~ignitiongtown/4track/trunk05:19
akiva-thinkpadbzr push lp:~ignitiongtown/4track/trunk05:19
akiva-thinkpadheh; i am learning a few things here :P05:19
akiva-thinkpadI feel bad for giving you some bad advice05:19
akiva-thinkpadah swell05:19
akiva-thinkpadscatter brained05:19
akiva-thinkpadthat is my excuse05:20
kurt_all cool05:20
kurt_thanks for the step by step help lol05:21
akiva-thinkpadit could have been better05:21
akiva-thinkpadas said; its hard at first05:21
akiva-thinkpadbut it becomes easy05:21
kurt_says location is a repository05:21
kurt_i must have messed something up05:21
* akiva-thinkpad is joining your team05:21
akiva-thinkpadso I can push05:21
kurt_*needs all the help he can get05:22
akiva-thinkpadkurt_, create a team for this app :P05:22
kurt_i saw that but cant find it now05:23
kurt_found it i think05:25
kurt_its active and no auth for approval05:28
kurt_akiv-thinkpad,  https://launchpad.net/~4track05:28
akiva-thinkpadkurt_, done.05:30
akiva-thinkpadkurt_, http://i.imgur.com/ouKjyVc.png05:31
kurt_do you need permissions05:32
akiva-thinkpadnope; open team :P05:32
kurt_oh so that could end up a bad thing......if i dont know the people?05:32
kurt_akiva-thinkpad, what do I do now05:33
akiva-thinkpadah its coming back to me now05:34
akiva-thinkpadso step 105:34
akiva-thinkpadpush branch to launchpad under your name05:34
akiva-thinkpadstep 205:34
akiva-thinkpadset that branch that you pushed as the project trunk05:34
akiva-thinkpadgo to the main page for the project05:34
akiva-thinkpadkurt_, wait05:35
akiva-thinkpadyou still havnt finished configuring it :P05:36
akiva-thinkpadLaunchpad does not know where 4Track hosts its code.05:36
akiva-thinkpadbtw I named it trunk, but its not actually trunk :P05:36
kurt_akiva-thinkpad, tried but cant find a branch to push when I type 4Track in05:38
akiva-thinkpadkurt_, great05:39
akiva-thinkpadwhat you need to do is feed it an lp address05:39
kurt_zr push lp:~ignitiongtown/4track/trunk05:40
kurt_bzr: ERROR: Not a branch: "/home/kurt/SDK Files/audiorecorder/.bzr/branch/": location is a repository.05:40
akiva-thinkpadkurt_, give it this lp:~akiva/4track/trunk05:41
akiva-thinkpadkurt_, btw05:41
akiva-thinkpadif you want to download that branch05:41
akiva-thinkpadbzr branch lp:~akiva/4track/trunk05:41
akiva-thinkpadin a command line05:41
kurt_kurt@Crapbook:~/SDK Files/audiorecorder$ bzr push lp:~akiva/4track/trunk05:42
kurt_bzr: ERROR: Not a branch: "/home/kurt/SDK Files/audiorecorder/.bzr/branch/": location is a repository.05:42
kurt_do I need to download it first lol05:42
akiva-thinkpadcrap book?05:42
akiva-thinkpadwhat a gag05:42
kurt_downloading now05:43
akiva-thinkpadkurt_, no05:43
akiva-thinkpadbzr branch lp:~akiva/4track/trunk05:43
akiva-thinkpadthats how you download it05:43
akiva-thinkpadpushing to it, well you can't because its mine!!05:43
akiva-thinkpadwe need to set the project branch :P05:43
akiva-thinkpadand to do that you need to configure the project page on launchpad.net05:44
kurt_thats all i have left to config05:44
kurt_is the project branch05:44
akiva-thinkpadand it shows a dialoge with a magnifying glass?05:44
* akiva-thinkpad should create his own and figure out how to do it05:45
kurt_i have shutter now05:45
kurt_why does it say location is a repository?05:46
kurt_i get the same erro as before05:46
akiva-thinkpadokay lets be clear; you are on a website right05:47
akiva-thinkpadthis error is coming from there?05:47
akiva-thinkpadkurt_, ah we might as well grab team viewer05:47
akiva-thinkpadever used that05:47
* akiva-thinkpad finishes his tea, and becomes super focussed05:47
kurt_i have used hamachi in windows05:49
kurt_helping with an exactimate install lol05:49
kurt_what 4Tracks project ID05:49
akiva-thinkpadlp:4tracks I presume05:50
kurt_https://help.launchpad.net/Code/UploadingABranch i tried following this05:51
akiva-thinkpadkurt_, okay prepare to be helped05:51
kurt_haha I am already farther than I would have been05:51
kurt_sorry i cant pick it up faster really haha05:53
akiva-thinkpadkurt_, no prob05:53
akiva-thinkpadokay sec05:54
kurt_i almost got it then got this error05:57
kurt_bzr: ERROR: Permission denied: "/~ignitiongtown/4track/trunk ": : Invalid branch name &#x27;trunk &#x27;. Branch names must start with a number or letter.  The characters +, -, _, . and @ are also allowed after the first character.05:57
akiva-thinkpadkurt_, http://i.imgur.com/IzdG7bE.png05:58
kurt_the ssh key was used when trying to branch05:58
akiva-thinkpadkurt_, did you add an extra space in it?05:59
akiva-thinkpaddoesnt accept spaces05:59
kurt_It worked!!!06:00
kurt_i had white space06:00
kurt_bzr: ERROR: Permission denied: "/~ignitiongtown/4track/trunk ": : Invalid branch name &#x27;trunk &#x27;. Branch names must start with a number or letter.  The characters +, -, _, . and @ are also allowed after the first character.06:00
kurt_Run command: bzr branch trunk lp:~ignitiongtown/4track/trunk --bind --revision 1 --use-existing-dir06:00
kurt_Branched 1 revision.06:00
kurt_bzr: ERROR: To use this feature you must upgrade your branch at bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ignitiongtown/4track/trunk/.06:00
akiva-thinkpadkurt_, erm06:01
akiva-thinkpadkurt_, branch is for taking code that is up on launchpad06:01
akiva-thinkpaddo you actually have code on launchpad yet?06:01
akiva-thinkpadso replace ingintiongtown06:01
akiva-thinkpadbecause that is my branch06:02
akiva-thinkpadit was pushed under my name06:02
akiva-thinkpadif you push06:02
akiva-thinkpadyou push it under your name06:02
kurt_well i tried your link it didnt work but found this ~akiva/4track/trunk06:03
kurt_should i link that06:03
kurt_for the last image you sent me06:04
akiva-thinkpadlink that; yah06:04
akiva-thinkpadthat is the branch that is uploaded06:04
kurt_the code is up it seems06:06
akiva-thinkpadkurt_, getting the hang of it yet :P06:07
akiva-thinkpadI swear it gets less painful!06:07
akiva-thinkpadyou got to believe me!06:07
kurt_thats what I yell my dad about learning linux06:08
kurt_so i belive you cause I would want to use nothing els after I got the hang of it06:08
akiva-thinkpadI just refuse my family tech support on their windows machines06:08
akiva-thinkpadthey come around slowly06:08
kurt_hes been installing a ubuntu media server with me on the phone haha06:08
akiva-thinkpadoh wow; that must of been fun :P06:09
kurt_I support whatever if i have to06:09
akiva-thinkpadkurt_, heh, I charge through the nose if I have to touch windows06:09
kurt_ya I told him to wait and ill install it and he can mantain it but he wanted to dive in haha06:09
kurt_Is that you app you branched to 4Track looks way complex haha06:10
kurt_and quick question have you ever tried gentoo06:11
akiva-thinkpadkurt_, long time ago06:12
akiva-thinkpadkurt_, I have a good site for that06:12
akiva-thinkpadkurt_, http://fun.irq.dk/funroll-loops.org/06:13
akiva-thinkpadWelcome, this page is dedicated to the Linux Community's greatest ambassadors, Gentoo users. Like the annoying teenager next door with a 90hp import sporting a 6 foot tall bolt-on wing, Gentoo users are proof that society is best served by roving gangs of armed vigilantes, dishing out swift, cold justice with baseball bats to those ******** ricer bastards.06:13
kurt_haha i went to it06:17
kurt_i thought it would be a good learning experince06:17
kurt_it seems pretty ridiculous06:18
kurt_im trying to get my Linux+06:18
kurt_but any how does my code show up on launchpad for you?06:19
akiva-thinkpadlet me check06:20
kurt_im gonna have to show that site to some buddies haha06:20
akiva-thinkpadkurt_, heh06:21
akiva-thinkpadokay go to your code place06:21
akiva-thinkpadnow click06:21
akiva-thinkpad"propose for merging06:21
kurt_then what06:21
akiva-thinkpadset your target branch. The default one is right there06:22
akiva-thinkpadso add description06:22
kurt_and thats it?06:22
akiva-thinkpadand a commit message06:22
akiva-thinkpadand just go propose merge06:22
akiva-thinkpadokay doke06:23
akiva-thinkpadnow go here06:24
akiva-thinkpadthats the trunks place06:24
akiva-thinkpadshould say06:24
akiva-thinkpad1 branch proposed for merging into this one06:24
akiva-thinkpadclick that06:24
akiva-thinkpadnow it says06:25
akiva-thinkpad"to merge this branch, bzr merge lp:lp:~ignitiongtown/4track/trunk06:26
kurt_in command line06:26
akiva-thinkpadthink so06:27
kurt_says no working tree existences06:27
akiva-thinkpadlemme try it06:27
kurt_its my folder06:28
kurt_it has space06:28
akiva-thinkpadso you got it to work?06:29
kurt_let me re name it will that affect anything else06:29
kurt_nevermind still didnt work06:29
kurt_kurt@Crapbook:~/SDK Files/audiorecorder$ bzr merge lp:~ignitiongtown/4track/trunk06:30
kurt_bzr: ERROR: No WorkingTree exists for "file:///home/kurt/SDKFiles/audiorecorder/.bzr/checkout/".06:30
* akiva-thinkpad never remembered this being so confusing06:31
kurt_okay I got it06:31
kurt_i was in the directory i changed the name of06:31
kurt_to i changed out of it and back in06:31
kurt_so it should have worked06:32
akiva-thinkpadwell for what its worth; I am having trouble with the bloody emulator06:33
akiva-thinkpadI still can't get it to freaking work06:33
akiva-thinkpadits so UNCLEAR06:34
kurt_i changed it to merged but i think thats just a status06:36
* akiva-thinkpad yells at emulator 06:37
kurt_what emulator the ubuntu touch one?06:37
kurt_its never worked for me06:38
akiva-thinkpadi can get it to run06:38
akiva-thinkpadbut running an app on it is so damn difficult and vague06:38
kurt_i think its working now06:46
akiva-thinkpadhate... emulators... so damn much06:47
kurt_do you not have a N406:49
akiva-thinkpadkurt_, I don't even have a phone06:50
* akiva-thinkpad lives in poverty06:50
akiva-thinkpadbut I'm happy06:50
akiva-thinkpada developer was bugging me to use the emulator to test06:50
kurt_I can help testing if that's possible06:52
akiva-thinkpadnice fellow06:54
akiva-thinkpadno I need to figure this out06:54
akiva-thinkpadbloody rubbish06:54
akiva-thinkpadeveryone else has an easy time06:54
akiva-thinkpadwhy me?06:54
kurt_it still didnt merge either lolo07:01
akiva-thinkpadI think I may have solved my error07:02
kurt_well thas good07:02
kurt_im gonna re submit07:03
akiva-thinkpadkurt_, good luck my friend07:04
kurt_haha thanks a million07:04
akiva-thinkpad;_;  some day we will get over this hurdle, and become champions07:05
akiva-thinkpadcarry on my friend; don't let it defeat us!07:05
kurt_oh you have to accept it since your the reviewer07:07
kurt_or can i delete it and make me the reviewer?07:07
akiva-thinkpadkurt_, done07:11
kurt_sweet so you can see my code now?07:13
akiva-thinkpadyep; says its merged07:14
kurt_well it you get any down time and can see what I messed up that would be awsome07:15
akiva-thinkpadkurt_, well you merged into my branch, its prob not gonna function07:21
akiva-thinkpadI literally set the music app as the trunk07:21
kurt_oh crap07:25
kurt_i didnt think i could mess any of your stuff up07:25
kurt_can i unmerge it?07:25
akiva-thinkpadoh don't worry07:26
akiva-thinkpadyou didnt touch my stuff07:26
akiva-thinkpadI just tossed the code into that project07:26
kurt_i figured i couldnt07:26
kurt_any way for me to fix it?07:27
akiva-thinkpaddownload the trunk, delete all my code?07:27
akiva-thinkpadtheres probably a better way07:28
akiva-thinkpadin fact I'm sure there is07:28
akiva-thinkpadjust revert07:28
akiva-thinkpadnever done that myself07:28
akiva-thinkpadbut you can07:28
kurt_ill look up how07:29
kurt_bzr revert -r -207:30
* akiva-thinkpad checks his emulator07:30
kurt_im back07:46
akiva-thinkpadkurt_, welcome back07:46
kurt_I may just go to bed and work with it tomorrow its 4:00 am here lol07:52
akiva-thinkpaddon't blame you07:52
kurt_should i just delete all the code from there and just try to add mine with bazzar?07:53
akiva-thinkpadprobably would be best07:55
kurt_is ubuntu your main distro?07:57
akiva-thinkpadkurt_, love it07:58
kurt_i cant find the stupid trash can to delete a branch08:15
akiva-thinkpadkurt_, do me a favour08:16
akiva-thinkpadopen up a terminal08:16
akiva-thinkpadand type intlt, then press tab08:16
akiva-thinkpadI want to know if intltool is installed for you08:16
akiva-thinkpadafter that08:16
akiva-thinkpadtry and run intltool08:16
akiva-thinkpadtell me what it says08:16
kurt_no but i can install08:16
akiva-thinkpadyes sudo apt-get install it08:16
akiva-thinkpadits tiny08:17
akiva-thinkpadfor some reason though I can't run it.08:17
kurt_it still wont run after its installed08:18
akiva-thinkpadim getting08:19
akiva-thinkpadintltool: command not found08:19
akiva-thinkpadis that the same as you?08:19
kurt_No command 'intltool' found, did you mean:08:21
kurt_ Command 'inteltool' from package 'inteltool' (universe)08:21
kurt_intltool: command not found08:21
kurt_same erro before and after install08:22
akiva-thinkpadits something else08:22
akiva-thinkpadthats the one I need; my mistake08:22
akiva-thinkpadbut now I still can't figure out why this wont build08:22
kurt_im going to bed lol good night08:25
akiva-thinkpadrubbish piece of junk; what the heck is "cat:" doing as the name of my emulator08:46
akiva-thinkpadwhat happened to my other emulators08:47
akiva-thinkpadwhy can't I delete "cat:"?08:47
mzanettiogra_: hey, I think you might need to update the webapp container for your games10:49
ogra_not only my games :)10:50
mzanettiogra_: they don't work in your webapps, but work fine if visiting the softgames site with the browser10:50
ogra_all my apps need some love, i just didnt have time for it yet10:50
mzanettiogra_: besides they show the header nowadays, you can disable that10:50
akiva-thinkpadnik90, ping11:22
akiva-thinkpadCan someone help me with this?11:24
akiva-thinkpadI am trying to run the music app on the emulator11:24
akiva-thinkpadbut blah; this is stopping me.11:25
joehannescheers guys?14:48
joehannesany advice on the following: HTML5 or QML?! (if feasible I prefer HTML5 since I am web dev)14:48
joehannesand: is such an app then DESKTOP + TABLET + PHONE ??? or is desktop separate?14:49
ahoneybunjoehannes, should be all of them15:00
joehannesahoneybun ... thx, and what about HTML5 ... is it ready yet?15:01
ahoneybunI have not used HTML5 yet but it is in the SDK so I would think it is ready15:02
ahoneybunI've been using QML15:02
joehanneshmmm, the docs say something like qml is further developed than html5 integration, that's why I'm asking ...15:02
joehanneshmmm ...15:02
joehanneswhat's your experiences on QML ... ?15:02
joehannesI think I'll give HTML5 at least a try15:03
ahoneybunjoehannes, I have 1 app in the store in QML and working on another one15:10
joehannesahoneybun ... tell me, which one, curious, wann try15:19
ahoneybunhttp://imgur.com/a/brLcG also I'm working on this15:19
ahoneybunnot released but the code is on lp15:19
joehannesdude ... is it all about how to prevent and counterstrive? the samesexmarriage thing? is it a christian advisory app on how to educate and raise to avoid certain difficulties????15:22
joehannesyour advisory dictionary on how to avoid gayness and preserve a certain sense of how the human was meant to be and designed by an all-emmanent God cannot be found in my version of the appstore I'm afraid15:24
ahoneybunum no it tells you what states it is legal in and which it is not legal15:25
joehannesahh ... k ... so a dictionary on current state of mental wickedness of society, that's ok IMHO *gg*15:26
joehannesanyway, enuff opinionated, hihihi ... can't find it in the app store15:26
ahoneybunsearch same or love that works15:27
joehannescan't find it on the app store, what's the keywords?? haha, if I look for marriage I get "Stealth Bastard Deluxe" ... if that doesn't tell it all *lol*15:28
joehannesdo I need to adapt my app store settings or something? is it 14.10 only? can't find it15:29
joehannesok, ... same gave too many results ... I didn't scroll through all of em ... but love didn't come up with it15:32
joehannesno, sorted same search result by name, not in there15:33
joehannesoh, the other one's a handbook15:35
joehannesahoneybun ... say, is all of the core apps gonna look like this new ubuntu design thing? with 14.10?15:35
ahoneybuna bit yea15:36
joehannescool, why not15:36
joehannesmore usable on touch devices ... maybe even useful to have a touchscreen on your laptop then15:37
kurt_I still have all my files in the same spot but I cant open the whole project to run it?18:08
kurt_what happend can I just drag them one at a time(not that I want to) put the dang project wont open.........18:09
kurt_put = but18:09
joehannes_hey guys! Anyone tried to use a framework like angular to dev a html5 app for ubuntu yet?18:34
ahoneybunahayzen, ping22:15
ahayzen_ahoneybun, pong22:53
ahoneybunahayzen_, http://imgur.com/a/brLcG#QNPCDcy22:53
ahayzen_ahoneybun, awesome :)22:54
ahoneybunthanks I kinda like it22:54
ahayzen_ahoneybun, it looks nice :)22:54
ahoneybunthanks :)22:55
ahoneybunI think it is almost ready22:55
akiva-thinkpadahayzen_, I swear I spent 14 hours trying to get an emulator to work with the sdk, to no avail23:36
ahayzen_akiva-thinkpad, :/23:36
* akiva-thinkpad is going to reinstall a third time.23:36
ahayzen_akiva-thinkpad, i don't use the emulator never had much success23:36
akiva-thinkpadyah I just can't get it to build on the device.23:36
akiva-thinkpadahayzen_, i feel better not being alone23:37
ahayzen_akiva-thinkpad, hah i feel ur pain23:37
akiva-thinkpadI wonder if I should learn cmake...?23:37
akiva-thinkpadnik90 I know from checking the logs had a similar issue as I. you there nik90 ?23:38
ahayzen_akiva-thinkpad, xchat says he is away23:39
akiva-thinkpadahayzen_, where does it say that? (i'm on hex)23:39
akiva-thinkpadis it just greyed out?23:40
ahayzen_akiva-thinkpad, his name is greyed out23:40
akiva-thinkpadahayzen_, ah cool; didn't know that23:40
* ahayzen_ assumes that means away23:40
akiva-thinkpad!cookie | ahayzen_23:40
ubot5ahayzen_: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!23:40
* ahayzen_ eats cookie nom nom nom23:40
akiva-thinkpadahayzen_, oh pro tip; never run qtcreator as sudo. It deletes a bunch of config files and recreates them with sudo privileges. :P23:42
* akiva-thinkpad was trying everything to get that emulator to work.23:42
ahayzen_akiva-thinkpad, haha omg23:42
* ahoneybun notes that23:47
nik90akiva-thinkpad:  hey I am sleeping and replying from my mobile here..23:49
nik90akiva-thinkpad: can you send me an email with the details of the issue that you face23:50
nik90akiva-thinkpad: I can then take a look in the morning (about 8 hrs from now)23:50
ahayzen_eh why is "QtQuick.Controls.Styles" not installed on device :/23:54
* ahayzen_ wonders how to theme a slider23:54
ahayzen_ah i see how the SDK is doing it...23:56

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