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hjdAny opinions on whether to reopen bug 965272 or if I should simply file a new bug?14:48
ubot5bug 965272 in uncrustify (Ubuntu) "Update to current version needed" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/96527214:48
da3m0n22hello, anybody could review this bug please? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/cryptsetup/+bug/127326115:22
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1273261 in cryptsetup (Ubuntu) "Cryptsetup error during boot: /scripts/local-top/cryptroot: line 1: can't open /dev/mapper/ubuntu--vg-root: no such file" [Undecided,Confirmed]15:22
da3m0n22after being confirmed, we fell into this issue too, and i'm unable to fix that, if anybody knows workaround, it isn't posted there15:23
da3m0n22and i haven't found it either15:23
penguin42da3m0n22: Does it dump you at an initramfs prompt?15:24
da3m0n22penguin42: nope, it dumps core15:25
penguin42da3m0n22: What do you actually mean by dumps core?15:26
da3m0n22kernel panic, with core dumped error message15:27
penguin42da3m0n22: Can you get a capture of that - photo ?15:27
penguin42da3m0n22: I'm wondering what dumped; it sounds like init perhaps15:28
da3m0n22penguin42: yes, it's init dumped, showing lines of "plymouth-upstart-bridge--started terminated with status 6", "error.c:219 Assertion failed in _nih_error_raise_system: errno > 0"15:29
da3m0n22and "Error whie reading from descriptor: Bad file descriptor"15:29
da3m0n22penguin42: see images, https://plus.google.com/photos/115401880503838928078/albums/6066739816541481313?banner=pwa15:30
da3m0n22first is core dump, it's scrolled too far down, if i append "recovery" into boot params, it won't scroll so far15:31
da3m0n22second appears to be the same issue as in linked bug15:31
da3m0n22azur is volume group, root is partition15:32
da3m0n22penguin42: ^15:32
da3m0n22it's root filesystem, encrypted, which is game stopper for now15:33
penguin42da3m0n22: I've marked that bug 'high' - are you sure it's the same bug though15:33
da3m0n22it appears from second image15:33
penguin42da3m0n22: Their initial report doesn't mention the cores15:33
da3m0n22penguin42: honestly, it may be another issue than which we are facing15:34
penguin42da3m0n22: Can you post yours as a new bug, and file it against plymouth15:35
penguin42da3m0n22: Mention that other bug in the message, and tell us the bug number and I'll also mark it high15:36
da3m0n22penguin42: i'll do, thanks15:37
penguin42da3m0n22: The thing is anything that causes the decryption/lvm setup to fail will probably get you a similar error about not finding the /dev entry - but those abort's are better diagnosis for a particular cause15:37
da3m0n22penguin42: from what you see, do you think there is something which could be done now?15:37
da3m0n22i've been into rescue, volume mounts correctly, tried update-initramfs which didn't helped15:37
penguin42da3m0n22: It's hard; most of the time when these thing screw up they drop you to an initramfs and you can manually recover, but it looks like that's crashing15:38
penguin42da3m0n22: I'd try disabling the graphical boot15:38
da3m0n22yup, i've tried to add sh/ash into scripts/cryptsetup but that only screwes up the booting screen15:38
penguin42da3m0n22: See if you can remove plymouth?15:38
da3m0n22penguin42: i could probably, will test in a minute15:39
da3m0n22penguin42: oh, actually this lead me to this, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/lxc/+bug/129428415:43
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1296459 in apparmor (Ubuntu) "duplicate for #1294284 Upgrade from 2.8.0-0ubuntu38 to 2.8.95~2430-0ubuntu2 breaks LXC containers" [Critical,Fix released]15:43
da3m0n22we also have 14.04 box15:43
da3m0n22is it possible for AppArmor to interfere in initrd creation ?15:45
penguin42A screwed up AppArmor could break anything - but I've not seen it break initrd15:45
penguin42da3m0n22: Just checking, your /boot isn't full is it?15:46
* penguin42 gets confused between High: 'For example if the system fails to boot' and Critical: 'Renders the system temporarily or permanently unusable'15:47
penguin42but I tend to leave critical to bugs that actually corrupt data or emit smoke15:47
da3m0n22penguin42: /boot is 68% full, leaving 146M free15:48
penguin42da3m0n22: OK, probably not that; I often see /boot get full during updates and cause complete chaos creating the initramfs15:49
da3m0n22also, aptitude from recovery reports segfault15:49
penguin42that's also not good; I'm wondering if you've got any other problems15:50
da3m0n22penguin42: me too, colleague who suffers from this issue is trying to remove the plymouth/apparmor15:51
penguin42da3m0n22: I'd advise against removing any of the apparmor stuff15:51
da3m0n22penguin42: even with backups?15:52
penguin42da3m0n22: It just sounds like it'll create more pain15:53
da3m0n22penguin42: plymouth is not easy to be removed, some conflicts appear with xorg, nvidia and udev15:56
penguin42hmm ok15:56

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