xnoxochosi: did you rename your wallpaper (default) and didn't update gsettings schema?14:36
ochosihey xnox14:37
ochosino, we didn't update the wallpaper name from 14.04 to 14.1014:37
* xnox realiases that keyboard stopped typing because out of battery14:40
* xnox changes batteries14:40
xnoxochosi: horum =( i'll poke into it then.14:40
ochosixnox: thanks, that'd be great14:41
ochosibluesabre and me already looked into it, but i couldn't find any relevant changes in ubiquity so far14:41
ochosithe wallpaper code seems to have staid the same pretty much, and the xubuntu wallpaper is in the same place (the symlink, that is)14:41
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