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LinDolhi all06:07
darkxsthi LinDol06:08
LinDoldarkxst, thank you for your greeting06:09
darkxstricotz, hey, we probably need to ship a modified /etc/gnome/defaults.list to deal with the renaming of desktop files06:11
darkxstany thoughts on the best way to do this? ubuntu ships it in desktop-file-utils (but there is no new upstream version of this, so might be a pain keeping updated) , debian in gnome-session (perhps this better and we can override with alternatives or something?06:13
ricotzdarkxst, hi, yeah fixing those seems pretty needed, using dpkg-divert would suffice here if that is allowed for etc-files06:23
darkxstricotz, debian seems to: http://codesearch.debian.net/search?q=dpkg-divert.*etc+path%3Adebian%2F06:30
darkxstLaneys codesearch index is horribly broken, but it also gets a few hits*etc+path%3Adebian%2F06:31
ricotzdarkxst, ok, seems to be at least used by other packages already ;), so it should be legit06:51
darkxstok will update defaults.list in gnome-session and do that06:53
ricotzdarkxst, alright06:58
Noskcajdarkxst, thanks. Should it be packageset, desktop-extra, or gnome3 ppa that i apply for?07:07
darkxstNoskcaj, desktop-extra and gnome3 ppa would be a good start, as I commented07:12
NoskcajAre both of those through the developer membership board?07:13
darkxstDMB doesn't handle gnome3 ppa, that is ricotz and I07:13
darkxstdesktop-extra is DMB07:15
Noskcajso... upload rights plz?07:15
NoskcajOr would you like soe sort of "proper" application07:16
darkxstNoskcaj, I am ok with it, but you do need to make sure you get the versioning right etc,07:17
Noskcajyep, will do07:17
NoskcajThe versioning is just ~utopic1 for changes and -0ubuntu1~utopic1 for new releases, isn't it?07:20
darkxstNoskcaj, and if anything the "proper" application here, would just keep doing more packaging for the ppa ;) ricotz might like to see a bit more of your work? not sure if has reviewed much of it?07:21
Noskcajok. Since the freezes are pretty much done for ubuntu, and debian's got 3.14, i've got plenty of time for PPAs from now (unless xfce 4.12 suddenly drops)07:23
NoskcajAnd yeah, he's not seen too much07:24
darkxstNoskcaj, changes are (ubuntu+1)~utopic but we try to avoid that as its a pain to maintain07:26
darkxstnew upstream realeases will be (debian)~utopic for syncs and (debian)-0ubuntu1~utopic for merges07:26
darkxst(debian)-0ubuntu1~utopic for merges07:27
darkxst(debian)ubuntu1~utopic for merges even07:27
darkxstNoskcaj, there is plenty to do ;) rest of 3.14 needs merging from debian for gnome3-staging, rest of 3.12 for gnome3 ppa07:44
ricotzNoskcaj, hi, darkxst is right, i actually haven't seen much of your doing yet, and i currently only remember the bad examples which even made it into the ubuntu archive :\07:54
Noskcajok, i'll work on the PPA stuff this week then, although i think i have some school stuff i was meant to do during the holidays :)07:55
ricotzNoskcaj, you can put things in a dedicated ppa of yours and have it build-depend on gnome3-staging07:56
ricotzso you can point us to a successful built package07:57
NoskcajWill do07:57
ricotzin case of actual merges07:57
darkxstricotz, do you have > 1 monitor?08:34
darkxstI am getting OSD08:34
darkxstOSD's on all my monitors ;(08:34
darkxstvolume, brightness etc08:34
ricotzdarkxst, just one monitor here08:59
darkxstricotz, seems intentional from the git logs09:53
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darkxstNoskcaj, did you make a branch for updated slideshow?11:17
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Noskcajdarkxst, yeah19:31
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