Jeeves_MossI think that after upgrading Bind9 through the Ubuntu repos, it's broken something.  what would cause the server not to report when pinging a domain?  Some of the domains work, some do not.  All the configs are copied from known working ones00:10
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droidbusterI was upgrading my server from 10 whatever to 12.04 and somehow when i read the details on a version to replace i didnt exit the changelog in text editor. so i accidently exited the upgrade midway through. i am only able to login to recovery and all the commands i have tried result in telling me i need to run sudo dpkg --configure -a04:51
droidbuster however i get an error dpkg error unable to access dpkg status area Read only... wtf04:51
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lordievaderGood morning.08:19
ApplesInArraysI have a few extra computers here and I'm thinking of installing Ubuntu Server Edition 14.04LTS to one of them via USB08:33
ApplesInArraysI keep getting "Boot Error' after selecting the USB, though.08:33
lordievaderApplesInArrays: How did you create the live-usb?08:33
ApplesInArraysUniversal USB Installer08:33
ApplesInArraysThe USB works on the machine I'm using now, but not another one.08:34
lordievaderDoes it happen to be a UEFI machine?08:34
ApplesInArraysLet me see how I check08:35
ApplesInArraysI remember seeing EFI files when I ooted it on this computer.08:35
ApplesInArraysIt has a BIOS08:35
lordievaderHmm, try recreating the live-usb with unetbootin. That program usually works ;)08:36
ApplesInArraysI have that too08:37
ApplesInArraysI'll try again.08:37
ApplesInArraysI tried with ubuntu desktop and it didn't work.08:37
ApplesInArraysunetbootin doesn't have Ubuntu 14.04LTS as an option08:38
lordievaderApplesInArrays: Doesn't matter, you can give it any iso.08:38
ApplesInArraysGreat, thanks.08:38
ApplesInArraysAlso, could I develop with that machine and 'push' updates to my #digitalocean droplet?08:40
ApplesInArraysor would I update to it with netBeans, then once I'm happy, push that to my droplet?08:40
cfhowlettApplesInArrays, download 14.04 LTS .iso and then use unetbootin08:44
ApplesInArraysI've already tried that08:45
ApplesInArraysBoot Error08:45
ikoniathere must be more detail than "boot error"08:45
cfhowlettApplesInArrays, then your .iso is funky.  you DID md5sum, right?08:45
ApplesInArraysThere isn't.08:45
ApplesInArrayscfhowlett: yes08:45
ikoniathere is that error coming from08:45
ikoniawhat point in the boot process08:45
ApplesInArraysI tell BIOS to boot from USB, it says "Boot Error"08:46
ApplesInArraysThen it starts up windows after about 5 seconds.08:46
ikoniathat suggests there is no boot sector on the usb disk08:46
ikoniaso it skips it and moves to the next boot option08:46
ApplesInArraysI stick it in this machine, and it works.08:46
ikoniathat looks like a bios error08:46
ApplesInArraysI just played around with it for a while.08:46
cfhowlettApplesInArrays, usb's do go bad.  frequently.  md5sum the usb to verify08:48
ApplesInArraysI already have08:48
ApplesInArrayson the image08:48
ApplesInArraysand then I ran it on this machine08:48
ApplesInArraysAlright, never mind, I'll figure it out.08:49
cfhowlettApplesInArrays, ?  2 step verification: the .iso AND the usb after you burn the iso08:49
ApplesInArraysIf it doesn't work on the 1st machine, but works on the 2nd machine, could it be the USB?08:49
cfhowlettApplesInArrays, no if it works at all, it's not the USB causing issues08:50
ApplesInArraysThat's... what I was getting at.08:50
cfhowlettApplesInArrays, noted.  I missed that detail.  sorry.08:50
ed8I got a script run by apache that attempt to chown/chgrp a file but fail09:05
ed8 I'm running: chown mast:www-data /var/log/mast/mast-alban.log09:05
ed8'www-data' user is already in 'mast' group → uid=33(www-data) gid=33(www-data) groups=33(www-data),999(mast)09:06
ikoniathats nothing to do with changing ownerhip of a file, that's trying to add a user to a group it's already in09:06
ikoniais there a user called "mast"09:07
ed8ikonia: yep09:07
ed8ikonia: the error is on the chown (or chgrp) command09:07
ikoniaso apache (the user running apache) won't be able to change the owner, as the owner is mast, and apache is not running as the user mast09:08
ikoniathat error looks very badly wored09:08
ed8ikonia: so who can change ownership ? I though being in the source and target group would allow that09:09
ikoniathe owner/super user can change the owner09:09
lordievadered8: Owner and root.09:11
ed8ikonia: ok, then how can I create my file with a given ownership ?09:11
ikoniahow is the file getting created now ?09:11
ikoniawhat is it you're actually trying to do09:11
ikoniaas having a web server change things on the file system is very very very bad09:12
lordievaderikonia: +109:12
ed8ikonia: based on a template file, so using a 'cp template newfile'09:16
ikoniaed8: is the webserver doing that or an interactive user09:17
ed8ikonia: the webserver invoke a init script like: 'mast status'09:17
ikoniathat is a very very very bad idea09:17
ikoniaand not something I'd suggest you do09:17
ikoniayour webserver should not be controlling your system09:18
ed8ikonia: how would you do it then?09:18
ed8the project is to create a web interface for a init script09:18
ikoniaI have no idea what you are doing/why you are doing what you are doing, so it's impossible to say09:18
ikoniathats a bad project and not something I'm interested in09:19
ed8ikonia: what do you suggest to improve security ?09:20
ikonianot using a web interface09:20
ed8ikonia: as that's the goal of the project, this is not possible.09:22
ApplesInArraysI could use Vagrant on my Windows machine and Ubuntu machine to make sure everything's identical?09:22
ikoniaed8: thats fine, as I said it's not something I want to be part of/assist with09:22
ikoniaApplesInArrays: not sure what value that would be09:22
ApplesInArraysI will have a local server for dev, then copy files to main droplet for production.09:23
ApplesInArraysRight now production=development, and I think this is not the best way to go about it.09:23
ikoniano idea what you're on about09:23
ApplesInArraysOh, ok.09:23
ApplesInArraysNot sure what you mean.09:24
lordievaderApplesInArrays: NFS share? If it is a dev environment it should not matter that things break.09:24
ed8ikonia: ok, thanks09:25
ApplesInArrayslordievader: then I need to copy things to production09:26
ApplesInArraysI'd like to make sure it works there09:26
lordievaderApplesInArrays: Of coure you need to copy/push things to production. That is not a test environment...09:26
lordievaderAnd to make sure it works you have your dev environment.09:27
ApplesInArraysand if it works in completely different environments, I wouldn't expect identical behavior all of the time.09:27
ApplesInArraysSo I'm trying to figure out if Vagrant could set up the same environment for testing before pushing.09:28
lordievaderThat is why you try to keep your dev environment identical to the production environment.09:28
ApplesInArraysWhich is why I'm asking if Vagrant can do it.09:28
ApplesInArraysI don't know if I can spell it out any simpler.09:29
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ed8why does 'cp --preserve=mode,ownership /etc/mast/template /etc/mast/alban' doesn't preserve ownership ?09:36
ed8the file 'template' has the following permissions: -rwxrwx--- 1 mast www-data 1.5K Sep 23 21:26 template09:36
ed8and the script is run by 'www-data'09:36
ed8s/script/cp command/09:36
ed8I was expecting to have 'mast' ownership preserved. Do I missed something?09:39
lordievadered8: The file is owned by mast?09:40
ed8lordievader: yep09:41
* lordievader doesn't see the problem09:41
ed8lordievader: new file is own by www-data:www-data instead of mast:www-data09:42
lordievaderAh, you didn't say that ;)09:42
ed8and 'www-data' user is in 'mast' group, so again I expected this to be enough09:43
lordievadered8: Likely because www-data is not mast, and therefore cannot change the ownership to mast without root rights.09:45
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ghostfirehi all, what is the best way to have a program launch when the server starts ?12:32
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zzxcHey guys, Apache is giving me a message saying I have message saying "(98)Address already in use: AH00072: make_sock: could not bind to address [::]:80". I've checked and nothing is bound to port 80 right now.16:47
zzxcThis is a new install. Anyone have any ideas?16:48
ikoniait means something is listening on port 8016:51
zzxcI've check with both nc -l 80 and netstat -ltnp | grep ':80' neither returned anything.16:53
ikoniathat's not a check16:54
zzxcHow do you mean?16:55
ikoniait will use the service name16:55
ikoniaport 80 will have a definition in /etc/services so will never show up in netstat16:55
zzxcAhhhhh alright. And that actually might be the issue. I have two entires in /etc/services for port 80.16:57
zzxcActually scrapt that. one is tcp the other is udp.16:57
ikonia/etc/servies doesn't do anything16:57
ikoniaother than map ports to names16:57
ikoniawhat is the name of the service in /etc/services for port 8016:58
zzxc"http>>>>80/tcp>>>>www>>># WorldWideWeb HTTP" and "http>>>>80/udp>>>>>>>># HyperText Transfer Protocol"16:59
ikoniazzxc: pastebin the output of the following command please "netstat -a | grep LIST"16:59
zzxcikonia: K one second.16:59
zzxcikonia, Here you go: http://pastebin.com/MEJFJ4Er17:01
ikoniazzxc: looks like you have it listening on ipv617:02
ikoniawhich ties in with the [::]:80 error you pasted17:03
zzxcikonia: Oh http-alt. I missed that.17:03
tafa2ufw is misbehaving for some reason17:04
tafa2ive done this a million times.... but today apparently is a no go... how do I allow 53/tcp to ip on eth0?17:04
zzxcikonia: Awesome thats some progress. Let me see if I can find out where to disable ip6.17:05
tafa2does anyone know how to forward pptpd packes to a local dns server?18:22
tafa2is there a firewall that allows connections for a specific process?19:38
tafa2does that I mean I could do it using ufw19:39
bekksDepends on what exactly you want to do.19:39
lordievaderGood evening.20:33
RoyKlordievader: evening21:10
lordievaderHey RoyK, how are you doing?21:11
RoyKlordievader: stomach full of good food, relaxing21:14
lordievaderSounds good ;)21:15
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tafa2would anyone be able to help with this? http://serverfault.com/questions/633715/configure-ufw-pptpd-and-dnsmasq-on-the-same-server22:47
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